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Guan Eng’s candidate says Sinchew editor ‘like a dog’

Hew Kuan Yau, the DAP election publicity chief, is hugely popular with Chinese audiences just like how Mat Sabu is with the Malay grassroots audience.

Hew – photo below – has a lot of supporters on the ground.


No news in The Star

Hew has also been embroiled in a number of controversies before. In one, he accused reporters of “compensated dating” with the BN.

MCA Youth secretary-general Chai Kim Sen had slammed Hew for his derogatory remarks against journalists.

But as usual, bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star, and the MCA-owned newspaper did not carry the 9 Feb 2012 press statement by the MCA Youth sec-gen (see screenshots below).

Does Guan Eng agree with Hew Kuan Yau

Star Hew Kuan Yau

The Star ignores MCA Youth

By now, we’re aware how much fawning tribute The Star pays daily to the DAP 2.0 evangelistas, to Jerusubang and to Anak Bangsar Malaysia, and how the paper spins, such as in its story on the ABU vigilante threat.

MCA Youth is quite correct to challenge: “Does Guan Eng agree with Hew Kuan Yau insult that reporters are akin to ‘prostitutes’?”

After all, it is the DAP sec-gen who appointed Hew to spearhead the publicity campaign for the party’s GE13 bid.

Furthermore, Hew is Guan Eng’s preferred candidate for the Parliament seat of Labis, picked over the head of the Johor DAP local nominees (see screenshot below).

In conclusion, Hew is someone who has been given Guan Eng’s endorsement.

Najib apologized for Ahmad Ismail’s “pendatang” remark

The DAP invariably hold Najib Razak to be ultimately responsible for every slight made by a Malay against the Chinese community.

Each time any Malay individual from the establishment makes an unpalatable comment or does something unsavoury (e.g. Malay school principals Siti Inshah Mansor and Ungku Aznan Ungku Ismail), Umno is blamed. And Najib is held to account.

Najib apologized for a Penang Umno division chief who had called the non-Malays “pendatang”. And even then, the PM’s apology did not satisfy Lim Kit Siang (see screenshot below).

If the buck stops with the party president for a remark made by an Umno division head, why should it not then be the same for the outrageous behaviour of the notorious DAP election publicity chief-cum-Guan Eng’s personal choice Parliamentary candidate?

Thus MCA Youth was quite correct to point this out. But the media owned by his party deliberately buried Chai Kim Sen’s press statement since bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star.

“Running dog”

Most recently, the Chinese newspaper Sinchew complained in an editorial (9 April 2013) that Hew had publicly pronounced the paper’s deputy editor-in-chief Tay Tian Yan to be “like a dog” to Najib. The DAP election publicity chief is disgruntled with Tay’s favourable coverage of the PM.

This tactic of name-calling is imparted to Dapsters from the very top DAP Evangelista Bintang Tiga leadership themselves.

So is the S.O.P. of slandering. The DAP parody of Psy smash hit Gangnam Style features a segment on Rosmah Mansor’s purported diamond ring. The ‘Ubah’ music video is produced by the DAP and directed by party publicity chief Tony Pua.

Therefore, the slander of Rosmah is actually being perpetuated by the top echelon leaders themselves. And by The Star too.

Read ‘Tweet “Big Mama” oleh jentera media MCA


See ‘Hannah Yeoh continues to bully Joceline Tan‘ and ‘Joceline Tan must hire bodyguards now


The “dog” insult by Hew Kuan Yau on the Sinchew editor is one of a piece with the concerted smear campaigns that are part and parcel of the DAP Politics of Hate.

This line of attack — such as the “prostitute” and “running dog” slurs thrown by the DAP election publicity chief — permeates the entire DAP edifice from top to bottom.

Below are screenshots of three comments left in my blog.

The first is by ‘Godfather’, a hardcore DAP supporter whom you can see regularly appearing in the Lim Kit Siang blog Commens section.


Evangelista Bintang Tiga

“Running dog” – the demeaning epithet regularly spat out by both the CTs (Communist Terrorist, Cyber Trooper) – has been passed on to the ordinary Chinese DAP supporter. Their taunting and jeering is everywhere in the social media of Facebook and Twitter.

The sheer volume of hate that is being poured out cannot be from paid troopers alone. When a young Chinese woman uploaded her home-made video supporting the BN brand (the Detergent ad) on her Facebook, the rape/death threats and insults directed at her came in the thousands.

This name-calling of “prostitute” and “whore” is an act of specifying targets for lynch mobbing.



To analyse the pathology of the typical Dapster, please look at the comment above calling me a “running dog”.

(1) I’m called an “MCA bitch” by the commenter. Regular readers of this blog know that I’m critical of the MCA. Therefore to imply that I’m a running bitch for the MCA is way off mark. (See screenshot below as to who the Dapsters learn their “simply accuse” strategy from.)

(2) My parents are castigated for bringing a “piece of shit” into the world. I’ve come across other mockery of my mother elsewhere in the ultra Chinaman blog. These people who drag our innocent mothers into the fray are unable to recognise any boundaries of decency.

(3) The label “like running dogs for the Japs” is exactly in the vein of the accusation slapped on the Sinchew editor by the DAP election publicity chief.

It is also the ‘justification’ used by the Bintang Tiga during WWII and the Emergency when they slaughtered those Chinese who refused to side with the communist terrorists.

Tweet by Subang Jaya MCA Youth chief to Hannah Yeoh

THINK! How did it reach 90 percent?

Now look at the comment below. This one is very recent.

The remaining 10 percent left of Chinese who refuse to knuckle down to the Bintang Tiga Evangelista harassment are those of us able to withstand tremendous peer pressure from the Dapster horde and their mob mentality.

Screenshot: This comment comes from an e-mail address — ‘’.

hanya orang Cina akan cukup bijak

Not everyone wants to confront the Dapsters and be subject to further and endless aggravated intimidation.

Cikgu Simon of Taman Kaya, Ipoh for example, was even forced to move out of his own home due to the DAP real-life bullies. And remember how The Star in its reports on the bullying case sided with the DAP branch leaders and badmouthed the senior citizen victim instead?

Even the MCA office bearers do not have a platform in The Star. MCA’s own Beliawanis girls do not have any outlet in The Star (remember the “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully” complaint which The Star ignored?)

DAP has been able to get 90 percent of the Chinese under its thumb for various reasons and one of them is The Star. (Sujesh Pavithran – tweet screenshot below – is a Star senior editor)


From the Twitter handles involved in the series of tweets screenshot below, you can see the connection between the DAP (@imokman), the Dapsters promoted by The Star and the newspaper’s reporters.

@bongkersz was The Star online programme moderator for The Star Twitter live session with Hannah Yeoh.

How did the Dapsters attain such a chokehold on social media and cyberspace? The answer is that over the last five years and more, they have given a huge rocket boost by The Star which has an audience of 5.63 million.

Twitter bongkersz Helen screen capture this!

Twitter klubbkiddkl @bongkersz @vangeyzel @chunwai09

Twitter saroki19 @bongkersz i wish Helen Ang 2013-04-09 03-03-35

Twitter saroki19 @PhilipGolingai alamak


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

64 thoughts on “Guan Eng’s candidate says Sinchew editor ‘like a dog’

  1. The whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith for all the complaints that they are pro-DAP and for doing business with the Singapore Government. A saying once quoted by Lee Kuan Yew, ‘ Who pays the piper, plays the song ‘!

    1. No one’s in the Star is going to get sacked. The rest of the MCA are in the game, too. Their so-called alligience to BN is merely a facade.

      UMNO is being fucked big time by the MCA in this great Chinese blueprint to wrest away power from the Malays. No, the MCA is not being betrayed by the STAR. The UMNO, nay the whole Malay populace is being hoodwinked by the Chinese, including by the MCA.

    2. Commonlah, I dont about this cina man, but Mat Sabu is not popular with the Malay grass roots.

      He is more popular among the old Malay chicken […]

      The rest of this comment is edited — Helen

  2. Helen,

    I know that nowadays DAP reigns supreme among Chinese community. But I am not so sure about the percentage 90%. It may or may not be an exxageration.

    I notice there is a lot of difference when it comes to treatments of politicians on basis whether they are from BN or PR. Ahmad Ismail, UMNO Bahagian Chief Bukit Bendera was suspended for saying the truth: that Chinese and Indians of colonial era were immigrants.

    Chinese are offended. But compared to insulting remark by Perak DAP (I cant remember the racist guy name) who said “Hitam Metalik” and worse still “haramjadah”, implying Dr Zambri was concerned out of wedlock. A mere one paragraph was deemed enough by DAP.

    It is a matter of perception only. Malay attitude of not protesting (simply not to create a scene) or not replying was deemed as admitting guilt. It did not create uproar in Malay community when 3 Chinese youths threw objects at a “surau”.

    But Chinese “went berserk” as if their Community was persecuted when a church was torched.

  3. Not to worry about the vulgarities, the obscenities, the insults, the curses, etc. This only illustrates that the Opposition has no facts to bolster their legitimacy and their right to rule over us.

    The only group which resorted to this sort of intimidation was the Brown Shirts of Hitler in 1931 which gave rise to the descendants who now support the Opposition.

    What irony ! Irony has come full circle ! Let us hope these guys or gals who lounge around the salons of New York, London or Paris view this raucous behaviour by their proteges.

    1. AK47,

      So far, the sentiment of PR fans among the Muslim that I observed is that DAP have superior governing skill than UMNO/ BN counterpart, more honest and less corrupt (if not corruption free).

      What is your view on this?

  4. Star ingnores MCA Youth..whole board of Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith…Najeeb oredi ignores Chua Soi Lek…..whole board of UMNO dan Najeeb should be sacked forthwith…..kahkahkah..

  5. hmmm…let me try commenting like them using vulgar words.

    all DAPsters cybertroopers who coming here are…suckers, lickers, horse jockey (coz I can bet most of them are guys or men) to fat ugly pimpled round like pumpkin face Hannah Yeoh.

    how much you get paid by that FATTTTTTTTTTTTT Hannah Yeoh to come here eh to polish her bam bam ass pussy hahahah opppssss???

    all of you DAPster guys must be fantasizing to be cared, kissed, romancing so unattractive HY eh???? yuck…disgusting pyscho DAPster male whores.

    got so much leisure time eh attack here and there? your sex life must be so dull that wife or girlfriend ignore you, make you so crave looking for someone to be the target of your pathetic self behind of the computer?

    i know i know, while all of you the DAPsters cybertrooper typing hatred comments attacking DAP & PR opponents, you passionately look at photos of Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Teoh, Teo Nie Ching, Teresa Kok and doing something else xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your other hand….how depressing hahahha…yuck i wanna puke!

    1. what I feel after I click ‘publish’ button for my comment?
      I feel unease and as bad as the target which are the DAPsters.

      you must have deep hatred to the core of your sick soul to be able to label other people with all those kind disrespectful words.

      it’s a reflection of their (DAPster) sad tortured struggle trying to convince the whole world or at least this tiny Malaysia that their fight is noble and sacred.

      how can a noble fight in the name of God can be justified with all cursing words? ahhh…DAP learnt something from PAS, that once upon a time defended God also can curse….

      1. It’s a good experiment for you, my dear.

        Sometimes the Malay readers are reluctant to believe that what they read published online are real sentiments, i.e. the Malays tend to think that the profanities strewn everywhere is merely bravado.

        The excuse given is that because the Dapsters feel safe behind the cloak of anonymity, so they feel free to simply taruh — boleh cakap besar.

        But the truth of the matter is that they (Dapsters /Jerusubangites) really have to think like that in their head to be able to talk like that (with that kind of vocabulary). And to type out those thoughts and aim them straight at their targets with the intention of causing maximum damage.

        As a comparison, for example, I’d not be able to imitate a hardcore PAS supporter b’cos their mental mode is outside my frame of thinking — I do not possess the PAS Islamic vocabulary despite my fairly good command of BM.

        So with the Dapsters, their expression online is what they REALLY are thinking. And how they behave in real life.

        One cannot split the personality into two and say that the online vulgarities are Mr Dapster Hyde but offline the persona is Dr DAP Jekyll.

        They are one and the same. There is no dichotomy.

        Over the last several years, I’ve seen firsthand what they’re capable of doing. The “Helen Ang Abdullah” masquerade is one example.

        Ask the weaker minorities – such as the Penang mamaks and the Hindraf Indians – who are at the receiving end of the Dapster whiplash, and you’ll get so many testimonies as to how the Chinese supremacists treat others.

        And yet they dare turn around and accuse Malay supremacists, Malay racists, Hindraf racists, bigots, and all the other vile allegations they throw at others. (Screenshot below, a Chinese commenter in Malaysiakini)


        All their viciousness in cyberspace is not auto-generated. Every line of attack that they choose is a deliberate decision. Like the tweet below that rubs salt into CSL’s wound.


        1. wa si penang lang, wa paham sangat apa yang helen cakap, try sell the cina penang anything, except nasi lemak or satay la maybe they will buy from a malay makcik, otherwise jangan harap…

          teng lang mana bagi business sama hon na and at one time they boycotted nasi kandar because the bukit bendera guy pendatang statement, for them he is a mamak and thus they feel the need to boycott mamak and saying things like mamak business won’t see they day if the cina penang stop makan nasi kandar, (similar to malaysia won’t be economically successful should no cina going around doing busines, mantra, BTW is this prevalent among the chinese malaysian, helen?)

          they we’re so angry by his remark..but my malay ear can still hear malai-si-a once in a while on my favourite chulia street..

      2. Actually when I read your attempt, I was going to ask “It wasn’t easy, right?”

        It is not easy to work up that kind of vitriol that we see in some comments, honestly. It is not for a lack of vocabulary, but the malice is something we cannot replicate or get across.

        So maybe whoever the cybertroopers are, they are a breed unto themselves, like the people in Taman Kaya who hounded Mr. Simon.

        1. smile *o*,

          i don’t know whether DAPster cybertrooper deserve ‘buat jahat dibalas baik’ treatment. because always we being nice and alway have ‘never mind’ attitude, they think we are coward and not capable in doing what they have been doing.

          it depends….maybe if I have more leisure time after this, I will take my experiment to the new level? Twitter maybe :P

  6. Masuk kandang kambing mengembek.
    Masuk kandang kerbau menguak.
    Masuk kandang harimau lari.
    Masuk kandang anjing, kalau orang Islam kena samak.
    Masuk kandang DAP ________?

        1. Merujuk kepada link diberikan, didalam pakatan politik/perniagaan tidak ada sesuatu yang mustahil.

          Seperti yang saya selalu sebutkan semuanya atas kepentingan yang dilihat dari sudut yang positif. Pokok pangkalnya rundingan. Barulah dunia akan tahu bezanya permainan politik di Malaysia.

          Cuma saya tidak pasti bagaimana penerimaan masyarakat terutamanya sebilangan ahli-ahli Umno yang taksub kepada partinya. Apakah mereka benar-benar bersedia menerima parti yang dikatakan sebagai musuh mereka sejak 1969? Apakah kemudiannya pula berlaku perpecahan besar-besaran ke atas UMNO sebagai protes itu tidak dipastikan kerana ianya belum berlaku.

          Dan belum dibayangkan bagaimana hubungan istimewa Malaysia-Singapura sekiranya DAP menyertai BN. Tetapi secara pandangan peribadi, saya seolah-olah disuntik anastetik membaca idea penyertaan ini :D

          1. Politics is the art of the possible.

            Yang tidak setuju akan keluar Umno, umpamanya para ulama breakaway yang membentuk parti PAS.

            Apa agaknya pendirian Dr M dalam scenario yang dipercakapkan ini? Saya rasa TDM lah yang mempunyai kata pemutus.

          2. Most UMNO members would welcome UMNO working together with PAS – the issue is on the side of PAS as most of their members have been so indoctrinated on by their leaders that UMNO is the enemy as UMNO AIS unIslamic that they could not accept even the idea of even working together with UMNO.

            On the UMNO – DAP working together in BN or iny other platform or coalition, am afraid the idea is repulsive to most Malays in that UMNO runs the risk of losing the support of all Malays sans the UMNO diehards …

            1. Okay, I know it’s just a typo but I can’t resist: When you typed Umno Ais, were you thinking of Milo Ais? hahaha

          3. Hanya sekadar berkongsi menyambung perbincangan pendek ini.

            Mustahil DAP menjadi Barisan Nasional?


            Mungkin pada Dapster, utusan ni sampah dan topik seperti ini mengarut, tapi apa yang dikupas oleh Tan Sri Nordin Kardi adalah sekadar rujukan dari pandangan peribadi beliau.

            Saya tidak pasti samada penyokong-penyokong taksub mereka pernah memikirkan tentang perkara ini. Apa-apapun masa telah berlalu, hari ini penamaan calon akan berjalan. Kita tunggu saja apa yang berlaku.

      1. Helen,

        Not that it is impossible. But will Najib ever willing to embrace the wrath of UMNO members and more importantly Malay community by accepting racist DAP.

        PAS makes its biggest blunder by associating with DAP, the very party viewed as anti Malay. Call it “strategic partnership” or Arabic term “tahalul siyasi” to make it more islamic but the move never go down well with Malay Muslim community.

        In crude term, PAS becomes an ally of the very party that is waging war (literally) with Malay and whatever associated with it, mainly Islam..

        So, UMNO may be well advised not to commit another “political harakiri’. UMNO must realise this. And also an NGO, PERKASA< can swifly change to full fledge political party if Malays feel betrayed by UMNO.

        1. re: “Perkasa can swiftly change to full fledged political party if Malays feel betrayed by Umno”

          Thanks for the reminder. I’ll bear this in mind in my future writings.

          1. helen,

            as I said earlier, UMNO , though it occupies the prominent place among Malays, it is not indispensable. should Malay feel that UMNO compromise Malay interests, they can throw UMNO out. Make no mistake on that.

            PERKASA is actually a reminder to UMNO that the latter should not underestimate the Malays.

        2. shamsul anuar,

          It’s tahaluf (f instead of l). Tahalul is something related to performing Hajj if I’m not mistaken.

          Muslim who are the supporter of PR has been shown about the incompatibility of DAP and PAS. So far, one of the line of defence against this is that MCA is the same. CSL remark about hudud often-time cited.

          Another line of defence related to above is that associating with DAP is a bigger priority (awlawiyyat) than asserting the Islamic state concept. It is more important to cleanse Malaysia from corruption and injustice perpetrated by BN-led government at this point in time.

          What is your view on this? (i’d like to hear from everyone also).

          1. Mfma,

            Who among non Muslims would want to believe in Islamic law if they view PAS as the manifestation of islam itself.

            Instead of appoaching say MCA, PAS insults MCA at every opportunity. I never heard PAS reaching to MCA discussing on “hudud” or invites MCA or NGOs for briefing on Islam.

            I remembered once Dr Mahathir challenged PAS to show its blueprint on Islamic state. Fazil Noor < "kelam kabut" by saying that in no time it will be ready. I was having the impression that judging from PAS insistence on Islamic law, PAS would immediately show its paperwork the minute it was challenged. Then I realised PAS only talked on islam without having any research on how to implement the Islamic principle.

            BN like any other govt is not perfect. And it never claim it is corruption free. But in all sincerity I do believe it does deliver .

            As for associating with DAP in order to "cleanse" Malaysia from corruption, do tell me what good it serve us if Malays lose their only bargaining chip(political dominance) and replaced by the "yahudi " of "nusantara". With political power gone (and gone with the wind), all things that matters to malay/Muslim community will soon be replaced.

            Tradition of 'Raja raja melayu" that serve as reminder of proof that this was initially Malay land would be the first to go. suddenly all senior post(General, Ketua polis, Governors) would be filled and filled by non Malay only. and why must islam be the official religion?

            The truth is DAP too hates PAS. But PAS serves as a "willing slave" to unseat UMNO. Again I say it. . Had not for UMNO,, malay would be defenseless.

            Just like Arabs who had taken "yahudi" lightly while they were under Ottoman rule.

            1. PAS did produce an Islamic state document in 2003 signed by Tuan Guru Hadi Awang.

      2. Nothing is impossible but if happen, I will withdraw my support to BN. Sorry to say but touching DAP is just like touching pig.

  7. Who’s the dog here actually? Someone who fancies himself as a superhero out to earn the approval of his master in Komtar? How different is that with a canine who follows the instructions in order to please its’ owner? Notice how those who dissent would be thrown to the dogs to be savaged to the point that the dissenters’ political careers were ended ruthlessly, sentiments ignored.

    As for prostitution, both men & women sell their bodies for reasons best known to themselves. As for political prostitution, some would sell their dignity, principles & even their souls to satiate their thirst for power. Familiar much?

    As for Hannah, who is suppose monitors this blog, and all those born again, enlightened, bible quotes spewing evangelists, here’s something for ya to ponder about as your wander aimlessly for the next 35 years seeking the Promised Land;

    Whoever says he is in the light and despises his brother is still in darkness – 1 John 2: 9

    So much for being born again in the light eh Hannah?

  8. in reply to shamshul anuar, the racist name is david nga kor ming. he is perak dap secretary. his cousin datuk ngeh koo ham, who is also perak dap chairman, had tweeted indians could be bought with beer, saree and mutton curry recently.

    1. Anti racist,

      Thanks for the info. On another angle, I must admit that malay’s mind boggling attitude of tolerating nonsense contribute partly to DAP’s anti Malay attitude.

      Malay leaders simply behave in a way that reflects the very attitude of Malay community that really is destructive. They let DAP get away with provocative remarks so many times.

      They simply refuse to be harsh, say to this useless David Nga (again thanks, anti racist for the info) for making a very rude statement on Dr Zambri. Cant they stop until DAP is forced to suspend David Nga? It is not a wishful thinking. It can be done.


      1. re: “until DAP is forced to suspend David Nga?”

        It is wishful thinking. It will not be done.

      2. In a way, I feel that ChedeTDM’s sometime ‘crude’ and ‘rash’ way towards his political ‘enemy’ among Chinese is what the doctor ordered.

        I read somewhere before, ChedeTDM was queried by Australian journalist that he discriminate minorities in Malaysia. His answer was (more or less): “You can say that because your country don’t have many Chinese”. At that time I thought to myself that this statement is racist and over the top. However, looking at what transpired now (as being pointed by Helen) shows me that he knew what he’s talking about.

        1. re: “You can say that because your country don’t have many Chinese”.

          The numbers: Not enough to take over even tho’ the CTs tried during the armed insurgency. But still too many as to be an insignificant minority.

          Pop. current = 1/4. However, as registered voters = 30 percent.

          1. I read that part within an interview with an ex-bar council member. A mamak from Pulau Pinang (forgot his name). The way he framed ChedeTDM answer was to support the idea that the Chinese community in Malaysia don’t know what they want.

            1. :) The Chinese community in Malaysia “easily confused” by salesmen (and saleswomen) peddling Holy Water.

              These Holy Water peddlers are saying that ‘Indians’ refer strictly only to nationality and therefore Indians can only be found in India (her citizens).

              By the same token of argument, those drinking the Holy Water that they have bought lock, stock and barrel in Jerusubang (the manufaturing centre) insist that every Malaysian is race colourless and must be Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Anyone who is not SABM is to them a “racist!!!”

              Therefore going by their argument, there is no such thing as “Chinese” living in Malaysia. We are all Bangsa Malaysia, and Bangsa Malaysia only. Nothing else.

              re: TDM’s remark that the Chinese community in Malaysia don’t know what they want

              The Chinese community in Malaysia under the influence of DAP 2.0 Evangelista Bintang Tiga are beginning to lose even the realisation that they are Chinese.

  9. Raja Petra: “No way. Malaysians bunch of cowards. Nak comment kat internet pun tak berani reveal real name.” (Even when they want to comment on the internet they’re not brave enough to reveal their real names.) – Excerpt from interview by The Mole.

    Are we just a bunch of cowards?

  10. I love your linking of Cyber Troopers with Communist Terrorists. The link goes far deeper than the shared abbrevation – CT.

    BTW, you might be interested to know that the Star reporter Sujesh also stays in the epicenter of evangalism in Malaysia – SJ.

        1. Those that keep harping on “no matter your race or religion” are the ones most hung up.

          1. Read the 3rd last para…He casually admitted of being a close to Hannah to the extent of inviting her to his house for a gathering. I wonder how many of the Star’s reporters are personally close to DAP leaders. I bet that most of these Star reports don’t even know the names of the MCA leaders. No wonder the DAP leaders are treated like heroes while the MCA ones are portrayed at zeroes.

        2. 4 months after being elected an assemblywoman, Hannah already got an “entourage ” a’ah? Talk about developing a cult personality.

          Here’s a song DAP’s CEC & elected reps should (or maybe they already are) sing behind close doors;

          I sell the things you need to be
          I’m the smiling face on your TV
          I’m the cult of personality
          I exploit you, still you love me
          I tell you one and one makes three
          I’m the cult of personality
          Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
          I’m the cult of personality
          The cult of personality
          The cult of personality

          You gave me fortune
          You gave me fame
          You gave me power in your god’s name
          I’m every person you need to be

          Cult of Personality – Living Colours.

  11. The Star’s political activism is well & truly running today.

    Page 14 – Full page dedicated to DAP with all 5 articles mentioning DAP. @imokman said PR “stand a pretty good chance” of making a breakthrough in Johor among others. One would think LGE must be a really nice fella for giving, I mean promising RM600 to cabbies the way the report was written. If that ain’t vote buying, but BR1M is, then obviously someone need to point out the obvious to the oblivious Star reporters & editors.

    Page 18 – GPS’s retort (which I would say was mildly “wow”-ing me & left me impressed, though not terribly so) against Mujahid Yusof Rawa in a forum was relegated to the bottom of the page – blink & you miss it.

    Page 33 – Wong Sai Wan’s column; “Worse still will be the one who tries to fight back by sabotaging the person chosen to succeed him.” “Such sabotage contributed to the poor showing of Barisan in 2008.” Coming from him, the obvious hypocrisy is even more hilarious.

    Star 2
    Page 2 – “But I we clamp down on them, then there’s no freedom of speech.” said (Jeff) Ooi, the first Malaysian blogger to be elected into Parliament.” Despite the hypocrisy, the writer & editor refused to seize on the obvious.

    Page 3 – “According to Shen (Yee Aun) (who claims to have inside knowledge on how DAP cybertroopers operate)…” IMO, looks like the writer is trying to put SYA down or sow seeds of doubts among readers on his cred.

    StarMetro, Page 8 – Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who btw still have a full head of greying hair, deflecting speculations that balding @imokman would be replacing him in Kepong. I think the Lims wanna get rid of Dr Tan who I believe is not always keen to toe to the line drawn by the party.

    The unseen scissors is getting sharper & sharper with each passing day it seems.

    1. Thanks. Will put up. You’re right about “refused to seize on the obvious”. Like in sepak takraw, banyak bola tanggung, but The Star refuses (the recent Haris ABU coverage is case in point).

      1. Bola tanggung tak nak rejam. Dah tertonggeng kata orang pejam. Alahai si labu MCA

        1. Pejam = blind. I was thinking kejam as in heartless, cruel which are traits typical of DAP charlatans & their obedient goons, but was auto corrected.

  12. Majoriti sahabat cina saya di Johor Bahru menentang sikap keterlaluan DAP. Mereka menyatakan ada perbezaan sifat ketara antara Cina Buddha dan Cina Kristian.

    Mereka cuba meyakinkan saya bahawa Cina Johor akan kekalkan keistimewaan hubungan Melayu-Cina di Johor.

    Saya harap saya silap tetapi saya yakin keadaan sudah berubah. Jawapan akan kita lihat pada pilihanraya nanti.

    1. re: “ada perbezaan sifat ketara antara Cina Buddha dan Cina Kristian”

      Memang benar … dengan Kristian evangelis “lahir semula” macam si Hannah yang masuk Kristian pada usia 19 tahun.

  13. The Superman thinks he’s really Super. what do I think ? I think, in a sense, he is really super. as in Super Rude, Super Crass, Super Crude, Super Foul. the man has no upbringing whatsoever. I wonder who’s the biological parents of this Superman.

    most Malaysians are not familiar with this type of people, but I can tell you this folks. if you go to Taiwan, you will see this type of people. after all, if you look at the campaigning methods of PR, they look like exact copies as those employed by political parties in Taiwan.

    with the date of the GE now fixed, we can expect mayhem come May 5, once PR lost the GE. and these thugs, gangsters, whatever we call them, we can expect them to march to the streets. they can never accept defeat.

    its not in the nature of these people, honestly, for them to admit they’re in the wrong.

    5 years of their thuggery, on May 5, we must say ENOUGH ! our votes matters. this is not only about helping the BN to win the GE. it is true that we must vote for the BN so that they can continue to lead our nation. more than anything, this is about saving our nation from being thrown into the abyss.

    1. re: “they can never accept defeat”

      Kiasu lah

      re: “it’s not in the nature of these people, honestly, for them to admit they’re in the wrong”

      Kiasu lah

  14. shamshul anuar, DAP leadership will not touch the two powerful cousins.

    Example, there were documents to prove that david was involved in asking a tailoring contract be given to his wife’s company, although he was refered to the party disciplinary committee, nothing comes out from it. he still continues to spew racists statements which are carried in chinese newspapers. he also tweet racist statements in chinese…

    to me, the 2 cousins are bunch of hypocrites

  15. Fakin’ Fake Calvin – looks like its true eh? The Star is owned by Chinese, run by indians and support opposition…

    1. More specifically DAP. They’re not exactly bosom buddies with PKR & definitely not PAS. They probably feel comforted, safe & satisfies resting their thick heads on the ample bosom of Their Lady of SJ…

    2. If you don’t mind can I correct this, The star is manipulated by Anglophile Chinese, with the anglophile Indian roadrunners and supports anything anglophile like the newbie Anglophile DAP.

      Nothing personal against Anglophile, but it is apparent. The agenda is not a Malaysian state but what Anglophile needs to dictate wherever their reign.

      You want example, just look into South Sudan see link

  16. The Star is a totally BN supporting newpaper. Just compare the overwhelming amount of news and space given to the BN.

    I read The Star, including the “op-eds” of Chun Wai, Joceline, Baradan, Mergawati etc. A few easily uninteresting piece on Simon who? doesn’t make it a pro DAP paperla.

    Look at the childish behaviour of the Star when it came to issues that impacted non-Malays and non-Muslims in Kedah, The Star chickened out.

    Every Malaysian agrees that there is no impartial media in the country. Even bloggers who started off as impartial have now become partisan.

    In the pro-BN media, the Star is an tool for different purpose, the NST for different. You can see some issues that are made into a mountain in one of those papers but not mentioned in the other vice-versa.

    1. re: “Look at the childish behaviour of the Star when it came to issues that impacted non-Malays and non-Muslims in Kedah, The Star chickened out.”

      Exactly like the DAP lor! Kedah is ruled by Pakatan. DAP is PAS’s power-sharing partner both in the state and at federal level. MCA has no influence on the Kedah MB nor Azizan’s exco.

      When non-Malays and non-Muslims were impacted by the various PAS fatwas and policies in Kedah, the DAP is deafeningly silent.

      I recommend you follow the Twitter of Tan Keng Liang. He’s the Kedah Gerakan Youth chief. He’s very much on the ball regarding these issues that you raise.

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