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Punca BN hilang sokongan di kawasan bandar

Oleh Malay Princess

Masalahnya… ialah PERSEPSI (perception), yang dah banyak kali disebut dalam banyak blog. Politik ialah tentang persepsi ataupun tanggapan. Walaupun YB MCA kerja kuat di peringkat DUN tetapi parti MCA keseluruhannya dilihat sebagai lesu dan lemah dalam menangkis serangan DAP yang ganas.

Kerja kuat patut diiklankan. DAP memang pandai mengiklankan diri mereka, membina jenama parti mereka sebagai satu jenama yang terkini dan segar berbanding MCA yang hidup segan mati tak mahu.


Antara Umno, PKR dan PAS jurang di antara mereka dalam pelbagai taktik dan strategi bolehlah dikatakan sama tara.

Siapa agaknya yang jadi konsultan & penasihat kepada strategi dan taktik MCA dan DAP yang macam langit dengan bumi ni?

Dua-dua Cina based party (walaupun DAP mendakwa parti berbilang bangsa). Tapi atur gerak serangan mereka sangat-sangat berbeza.

Melainkan seperti yang disyak wasangka umum, MCA dan DAP sebenarnya ada persetujuan bersama yang tidak tertulis untuk to let one of the party to win for the survival of Chinese in Malaysia.

Komen pada asalnya @ 2013/04/11 at 3:47 pm in reply to mat

Para pengarang The Jerusubang Star dan Hannah Yeoh

Sebanyak 24 peratus pembaca The Star terdiri daripada orang India.

Hannah Yeoh church election

Pengarang meja Metro Star ialah Frederick Fernandez (penganut Kristian keturunan India) yang bahagiannya mempunyai 27 orang pemberita yang membuat liputan berita kawasan bandar dan Subang Jaya.

Bekas pengarang kanan Metro Star ialah Brian Martin (penganut Kristian keturunan India) yang sudah dinaik pangkat menjadi pengarang eksekutif akhbar tersebut.

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali mengajukan beberapa soalan kepada para pastor dan paderi yang menyalah-gunakan gereja mereka untuk tujuan berpolitik — BACA SINI.

Sujesh Pavithran (tweet bawah) ialah pengarang kanan The Star.


By Calvin Sankaran

Read the 3rd last para… He [Sujesh Pavithran] casually admitted of being [] close to Hannah to the extent of inviting her to his house for a gathering. I wonder how many of the Star’s reporters are personally close to DAP leaders.

I bet that most of these Star [reporters] don’t even know the names of the MCA leaders. No wonder the DAP leaders are treated like heroes while the MCA ones are portrayed at zeroes.

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/12 at 4:19 pm


By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

4 months after being elected an assemblywoman, Hannah already got an “entourage ” a’ah? Talk about developing a cult personality.

FF Calvin’s comment (excerpt) originally @ 2013/04/12 at 4:29 pm in reply to Calvin Sankaran


TITLE:          BN vs PR : Which is the Better Choice ?

DATE:           12 April 2013 (today)

TIME:            8.30pm- 11.30pm

VENUE:       Hokkien Association, Klang

This debate will be 8 rounds on topics Political Stability, Vernacular Education, Racism and National Unity, Economy, Corruption, Democracy, Rights and Freedom and Manifesto / Budget / Policy / Ideology.

700 seats will be allocated for pro DAP Supporters and 700 for pro MCA Supporters (1,400 seating capacity).

Hopefully the debate will be uploaded to YouTube so that we can watch.

Shen Yee Aun debating Chong Zhemin is an event which The Star‘s Internet TV should have taken the initiative to live stream. But then it being the gunting that it is …

Well in any case, let’s see if this MCA Junior (26 years old) vs DAP Junior (28 years old) debate gets any coverage in The Scissors tomorrow.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

46 thoughts on “Punca BN hilang sokongan di kawasan bandar

  1. Two things;

    First – Why on earth Chong Zhemin took his BSc in UTAR anyway? Why didn’t he leave the country to take his first degree? After all, UTAR was the end product of MCA’s struggle for the Chinese community no?

    Second – Don’t you just LOVE these evangelical Christian cults? The Catholic church as far as I know do not move the dates for solemnities or feast days. Neither do they cancel Sunday mass for whatever reasons. The only concession they might do would be to move the time slot of mass to another time slot the SAME day.

    Can Hannah or any DAP supporting evangelistas please enlighten me where within the 10 commandments states that an election can take precedence over the Sabbath? You can’t spend an hour for God but you can invoke God’s name in your speech, tweets & every day communications makes you an instrument of God’s message of righteousness is it?

    Here’s another bible quote for Hannah & her cult followers;

    You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your heart. For what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God. Luke 16: 15

    1. True. Very ironical that the DAP speaker cari makan at an MCA institution, being a lecturer at Utar.

      Like that how not for the MCA to collapse?

      1. Helen,

        For that reason I tend to believe what Dr Hassan ali said . that both DAP and MCA has an “undersanding”

    2. FFC,

      I attended the debate today and met SYA and few other online buddies at the debate. .It was lively and say quite a challenge for Chong Zhemin. . BN and its supporters was there in full force but so was DAP supporters which early on SYA mentioned was 99% chinese. .So much for the multiracial argument of theirs. . . Anyway i do hope gets uploaded and boy oh boy what a debate it was. . .

      Btw Chong Zhemin is a lecturer in UTAR a DAP declared Shame On You institution. . He asked that part to be edited out so ppl wouldn’t know he was a lecturer there. . But surprisingly as soon as it ended the UBAH supporters cleared out the place in like what 10 minutes!!. . Must have been afraid of us BN guys I presume. . Hahaha. .

      1. Just goes on to show how hypocrisy runs in the veins of Dapsters, from the top all the way to the bottom.

        For a moment there I was imagining Megan spitting out pea soup in the famous scene from the movie The Exorcist played by Linda Blair. That’s what it is actually. These Dapsters are possessed by an evil so rotten that you need to call a priest to exorcise it. I’m sure Catholics could appreciate the seriousness of the execution of an exorcism rite.

        Going back to the exorcism analogy, can you imagine SYA, Tunku Abdul Aziz etc who had “exorcised” the demons within that is DAP spitting out pea soup & spewing foul words ala Linda Blair? No, I can’t either.

        They are so empowered by the whiff of power given them by a segment of the people in ’08 that they’re willing to do anything, promise everything to satisfy this bloodlust that’s festering within.

        Sure as hell doesn’t help that Star is fuelling the charcoal with lighter fluid

        1. re: ” These Dapsters are possessed by an evil so rotten that you need to call a priest to exorcise it.”

          ROTFL. Very original and the first that I’ve heard it expressed that way. Please allow me to reproduce the line sometime, somewhere in the future.

          On a side note,

          Methinks the cartoons are really too sweetheart nice to even depict the Dapsters – whom like you say, and I agree – require exorcism. The ABU post with the black clenched fist is menacing enough tho’.

          1. Cannot tahan la Helen. Went down @ 7 to collect my newspaper but still wasn’t there yet. I normally get it before 6. When the delivery guy came, I happened to be downstairs, he apologized saying he was out late campaigning for PR.

            I wasn’t in the mood so I said the newspaper should still be delivered early especially on weekdays otherwise I’d be off to work by the time it arrived.

            He seemed offended & said that I probably support UMNO, not BN, he said UMNO. Then he launched into a passionate speech about how things will change under DAP & PR. Again he said DAP & PR, not PAS or PKR & PR.

            Finally he asked me what I wanted on the morning after the election which he said DAP will deliver if we vote them into Putrajaya. I answered I wanted my papers in the box before six & I want that everyday.

            He seemed lost for words as Hr stood there still when I entered the elevator.

            As for quoting the possession of a soul by DAP, go ahead. As a repartee for Hannah Montana, I mean Yeoh & her bible quoting posse of an entourage, here’s the bible verses for today which I leave to her to look up; Matt 8: 28 – 32.

            Evil comes in many shapes & form, even in the guise of the pure & righteous.

            1. re: “Finally he asked me what I wanted on the morning after the election which he said DAP will deliver if we vote them into Putrajaya. I answered I wanted my papers in the box before six & I want that everyday.”

              Hahaha. So it IS shaping up to be DAP vs Umno. The Chinese should let that sink in.

              A minority (comprising the Douglas Tan types) that can’t even take a summer camp three-month national service without whinging bent on challenging a majority who are physically tough specimens and make up the army and police. Like Raja Petra said, “gila”.

        2. FFC,

          Yup hypocrisy does run high within the Dapsters. . I liked how SYA asked the critical questions and how Chong merely skirted round the questions. . Talk about corruption Chong said we will get the funding for the manifesto by stopping corruption. . Fine but question is how you are gonna stop it? What is the mechanism, How do you identify??

          The debate was no more than a ceramah ala LKS & LGE style. . After all Chong is like LKS Godson being invited and all to give ceramah. .

          Of all the questions. .I think the best that describes DAP is the use of cyberpoopers.

          1. What’s new about them la bro?

            You ask them questions, they evade it by beating round the bush so many times that you’ve forgotten the question long before they stop talking. It’s like the whirling dervishes of Morocco which I was fortunate to see once. They were just going round & round & round that you’re so mesmerized by the sight of it all you just wanted to give them all your money when the hat was passed round at the end of the performance. But I digress.

            If you persist with your line of questioning, bombarding them with probing queries, they’ll pass you on to the coalition’s nominal leader to be “probed”… :p

          2. *apparently he said cyberpoopers don’t exist bcoz DAP doesn’t have money BUT it is UMNO who is full of cyberpoopers instead. But yet if you are in FB or in any blog it is crawling to the gills with Pakatoon cyberpoopers with DAP’s poopers being the most aggresive, uncouth and downright disgusting of them all. . .

            And as RPK said in one of his latest postings. . He got so many comments under so many names. . But he traced the IP address and guess where it originated from if not Level 28, Komtar. . So much for the argument of this cyberpoopers not existing. . .Hahahaha

            I’m pretty sure Helen you already figured out as much abt them in one of your previous postings right?. . Hahaha

            No money to pay for poopers konon. . .

  2. What strategy r u talking about? umNO is the one who done all the strategy, even for MIC. Why umNO works very hard to capture all the component-party supporters? Bcoz MCA do nothing. They just goyang kaki, bulan2 ambil gaji, janji boleh lepas tengkuk sendiri maaa. Plz stop extract and re-extract everything and stop publish all these BS article lah. You don’t even know what u said u goddamn coward oppurtunist.

  3. Part 1
    I reject that it’s a perception issue In my view, a power.This is not a racist diatribe, this is a a brief general synopsis of a new political reality.

    Back in the Sarawak State polls of 2006, a perceptible shift happened in Malaysian Chinese politics that cascaded into a torrent in 2008 and probably a tsunami in 2013. The shift imperceptible to many in 2006 but the most discerning was a move away from government support amongst the Chinese. To put it simply, the Chinese vote will NOT support the Barisan no matter what reforms are instituted. In fact, they are not concerned in the least for reforms. They want power, period.

    The shift has resulted in the emergence of a new unstabling dynamic in local politics. This dynamic demands the reconfiguration of the Malaysian nation state which by default means the rejection of the 1957 Social Contract and by consequence much of the 1957 Constitution as well as the concomitant economic framework, the NEP which essentially is predicated on provisions of Article 153.

    The MCA were and are aware of this shift but consider it a blessing in disguise and thus have silently assented to it which automatically implies political seppuku and irrelevance within the National coalition. The new dynamics that realists have to live with is either

    A.a fractious and combustible national polity divided along ethnic lines
    B. a Chinese dominated Malay puppet regime guided as Malaysian Malaysia

    The Chinese would have obviously preferred B (see below) but that is an electoral near impossibility, so lets focus on A.

    While A is pretty obvious, it’s ramifications are clear: a regression back to pre1957 wherein the dominant Malay and Chinese forces have to negotiate a fresh Social Compact. In this scenario, the Malays to be represented by UMNO and the Chinese by the DAP. It would essentially require major concessions on UMNO’s part. What any such negotiation amounts to is actually, a ‘missing link” event in Malaysia’s historicity.

    Missing link? You see, in the post GE13 scenario, UMNO would stand for the Malays while DAP would be a resurrection of the CPM. The Chinese consider the MCA usurped the CPM’s role by affiliating itself with Alliance in 1948. They strongly feel that in its collegial role in the Alliance, the MCA had sold out on Chinese rights in exchange for citizenship. They stress that while citizenship is welcome, it was never the ultimate goal for it was rather an expected fait accompli. To put it simply, the ultimate goal pursued by the CPM was power and by default automatic citizenship, not a negotiated one as the MCA did. Had not the British stood up to the CPM, that would have been the end result. They would have defeated and subjugated the Malays and Tanah Melayu would have been theirs and forever framed in their Sinocentric epistemology. It was the twist of treachery that thwarted their dreams and GE13 allows them to rewind space and time back to 1948, to recreate the very scenario in which they can settle unsettled scores.

    Unfortunately, real politik dictates they cannot have it ALL NOW via military victory( unless with foreign intervention). For one there is the well equipped Malay army and police force to contend with. For another, there is demographics, the shrinkage in numbers imply that a minority is always susceptible to be overwhelmed by majority wrath. And of course, there is no more an armed CPM and neither is there a constitutional vacuum nor is colonisation still in effect.

    Warrior 231

  4. Part 2

    So the only way out is through forced, confrontational negotiations. GE13 offers the opportunity of effecting that socio-political cleavage, of neatly placing the Malays on one side of the divide and the Chinese on the other so that it is no longer collegial ala UMNO-MCA pre 57. It is the resurrection of the old UMNO –CPM divide. And being in an adversarial rather than a collegial negotiating position is, to Chinese, calculations more amenable to wrangling concessions Iike removal of ART 153, dumping the NEP etc. And that is the collective Chinese polity’s bet now, something the MCA are as much attuned with as is the DAP and something they have given their blessings for.

    Post script: some general observations

    1.B is the likely product of a partial split in Malay political unity( anything between 35 to 49 %) allied to DAP hegemony over 90% of the Chinese electorate. In such a scenario, the ‘puppeteer effect” will kick in, meaning that the continued political ascendancy of the Malays is effectively hollowed by Chinese diktats. In other words, nominal Malay political supremacy subsumed by real Chinese political dominance. B is essentially the desired outcome. It is a resurrection of the old AMCJA alliance of Muslim religious extremists and liberal leftists allied to the dominant CPM. Remember back then a fledgling PAS had only scattered, support of the Malays while the Malay left and parti Negara were somewhat stronger.

    AMCJA’s modern mirror image is PAKATAN, the same amalgam of PAS, liberal/leftist Malays in PKR and of course DAP, our contemporary version of the CPM. Essentially, it is Sinocentric by the very dominance asserted by the CPM/DAP and given that dominance the attainment of Chinese supremacy is easier. .

    ***But having been on the ground and having conducted a comprehensive survey of over 11k voters in the Malay heartland, I would say that A is the more likely scenario.

    2. Having outlined A ,it would be interesting to see whether a major concession like dumping the NEP is effected on the grounds of national unity. BRIM payouts by default implies adoption of a needs based paradigm, allocations for Indian economic upliftment imply a shift to reasserting the NEP’s core principles while by itself instituting an added equity allocation system. Given these subtle manouvres, what is there to stop the jettisoning of the 30% equity apportionment provisions? One could argue that the Indian allocation by itself is a reaffirmation of the NEP…….but what if the DAP demand otherwise?

    I hope for the sake of the national GINI, giving up the NEP wouldn’t be the case for data from the US conclusively show that when pro-affirmative measures are removed income inequality rises to the detriment of social harmony. But there is nothing to stop Najib venturing down this pathway on the grounds of national unity. After all, such a move patently offers him the loophole to circumvent opposition from within UMNO. In other words, in pleasing the DAP( Chinese) for the sake of unity, he also gets to removing that policy albatross from his neck and his “presidential” distancing from UMNO would give him added space to effect that concession more easily wouldn’t it? And would it be farfetched to state whether seceding territory, like Penang for instance, would be one way out of the quandary??? One wonders……………..

    Warrior 231

    1. Terima kasih atas pencerahan. Ianya membuat saya mengulakaji semula sejarah yang lepas. Dari pemahaman saya, landskap politik kini nampaknya berpatah balik kebelakang/di kitar semula ketika usaha pembangunan negara kita sedang dijalankan. Tetapi ini tidak menghairankan kerana iklim politik seluruh dunia sendiri mengalami perkara yang sama atas faktor perubahan sosioekonomi global khususnya negara kuasa besar dunia. Cuma yang agak membimbangkan adalah campurtangan kuasa asing (kepentingan untuk negara lain) serta perubahan dasar yang ketara sekiranya berlaku perubahan formasi bagi pakatan pemerintah di negara ini kelak. Apa-apa pun, kena tunggu selepas 5 Mei nanti.

  5. Corrections

    1. In my view, a power should read:

    ” In my view, it is a reassertion of Chinese power.

    2. that a minority is always susceptible to be overwhelmed by majority wrath. shoud read:

    that a minority’s dream is always susceptible to be overwhelmed by majority wrath.

  6. Off topic : The latest Video

    This is another take to “the why now” questions related to this video raised by them doubters:

    1. On Wednesday, PAS announced the candidacy of certain pro-Anwar faction leaders. The common consensus is that two prominent ones have been sent for political execution by their conservative enemies. I am talking about the ones in PutraJ and the one in Pulai.

    The brewing schism within the conservative, ularmak (note : as a Muslim, I reject PAS leaders as ulamaks rather they are snakes : ularmak) wing in PAS with their pro-Anwar liberal faction officially broke out with the announcements. The conservative faction reckon the only way they can regain control over the party’s agenda is by placing the liberals in unwinnable constituencies thus ensuring the liberals demise ahead of the next party polls.

    The Liberal fightback is this video, for it is making a direct strike at an important personality of the ularmak faction.

    Alternatively, this video has been released by the PKR who want to save their pro-Anwar allies in PAS.

    Either way, it has put the ularmak on the back foot. The president cannot and will not call a meeting on this as it would kill off his staunch ally and thus by default compromise and render his( president’s) position untenable. While all eyes are on the video’s content, many forget to look at the date of the release, especially its timing after Wednesday 9 April.

    It is very simple and clever to put the blame on the hated enemy but discerning people know its entirely and equally plausible that it is either an internal party faction’s hit or a PKR job to save pro-Anwar allies. Either plausibilities merely affirm and verify the contents.

    Warrior 231

  7. Helen,

    on that question on the CT just hang on a second and let me fully recall the question amd answer to that. . It was quite a doozy. . Hahaha

      1. Helen,

        Here it goes as I can remember. . Sorry abit late been abit of a hectic and busy day. .Spending it now with my DAP family. . Hehehe

        Question was
        – We always hear that the opposition employs cybertroopers who patrol the cyberspace who bullies, degrades and threatens people who disagree with the opposition. Is this true? ( sorry not 100% accurate its as i can remember here and there)

        Chong reply
        – it is a lie that DAP employs cybertroopers as DAP doesn’t have the kind of money that UMNO has. It is UMNO who is using cybertroopers.

        SYA reply

        1. Thanks.

          I copypaste something from Syed Akbar Ali’s blog which makes an appropriate response to Chong Zhemin.

          So their entire structure from the top all the way down to the bottom starts telling lies to support their lying and philandering leaders.

          The wife says ‘Its not my husband in that video’.
          The daughter says ‘Its not my father in that video’.
          The entire party says ‘Its not our leader in that video’.
          The tok imam says ‘That is not our leader in that video’.
          The makmum (mosque congregation) says ‘That is not our leader’.
          The bull-shitul-am says ‘If you say that is our leader you will go to hell’.

        2. SYA reply
          – we all know the story of a young girl who did a homemade video talking about the detergent and why we don’t need to change. Is it right that she be threatned with rape, murder and being beaten? Even RPK himself talked about this cybertroopers from Level 28 of Komtar and how he was attacked from so many comments and from so many names but yet when he traced the IP adress it all came from Komtar all those comments came from just one source. . . So is this not proof that cybertroopers exist?

          Like i said not 100% accurate as i was a lil preocupied that day. . .

          1. Thanks for the transcription. I hope SYA takes up the cybertrooper issue further. The Star is a backstabber for promoting the Dapster-gangster personalities.

            To add one more passenger to the trooper bus, we had here one ‘mohd aziz’, ‘ravin’, ‘normal malaysia’ and a fake ‘puak pakatan pembohong’ (impersonator) all coming from the same IP address.

            He had previously claimed he was living in Subang Jaya and that he had paid RM150 to attend the Hannah Yeoh fundraising dinner.

  8. Warrior 231, good to see you back, maybe the sabbatical was much needed.

    Sure we are debating the Malay-Sino quest for power in Malaysia. The arrangement is “Quid pro quo” layman term, you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” All the scratching was convenient back in the days, but today with a need for material enhancement, passion becomes a stumbling block.

    Enhancement does not quiver for the well fed youngsters in Malaysia when fallacy of passion is imbibed into them for political agenda. These youngsters need to revisit history.

    Imagine if top notch elderly statesmen in DAP who can send their children for boarding schools in S’pore and Australia in the 80 & 90, so what is so unfair about Malaysia or BN for Malaysians even for those in the opposition.

    If at all, the only community that got the short end of the bargain is the M’sian Indians from the estates who were left to rot thanks to BN’s coalition partners nor any visible voice from the opposition over 51 years until HINDRAF arose.

    Although politically and economically the Malay -Sino had capitalized but on a passion basis, the M’sian Indians have created the tsunami in 2008 that none other could do. The passion invoked by M’sian Indians are not political but a reasoning which is free and unshackled for the the typical hula hoop we circle around.

    Logic is a strict liability sphere based on the knowledge but reasoning is the wisdom when you are passionate in your cause. Logic is Malay-Sino that we are capitulated to, reasoning is why HINDRAF arose.

  9. DAP memang pandai mengiklankan diri mereka, membina jenama parti mereka sebagai satu jenama yang terkini… – MalayPrincess

    Totally agree with this. DAP is very good in marketing; they really have a lot of very good marketing experts in their party who probably have sold ice to eskimo in their previous life. Like one Lousy Lawyer has commented in a previous post here, let’s give credit where credit is due, hahaha.

    I wondered if MCA is merely a follower in this area when they come up with Panda soft toys called Wen Wen (DAP has its own Ubah soft toys). Heck DAP even have its own online store selling their own party’s stuffs (like baseball cap, t-shirts, books, etc), LOL. Only last weekend, I went to a mall in Penang and I saw DAP setup a booth with a large monopoly board game and huge dices which play on the current political issues.

    1. FYI: followed up with another comment addressed to you and me (copypasted below):

      “I am unsure as to what have I done to deserve such degrading and humiliating treatment in the form of this blog post. I deeply regret your actions, dear Helen.

      “With regards to your incessant attacks on such persons like Hannah Yeoh and Douglas Tan, I strongly believe that they are unwarranted. It is about time you stop these attacks.”

      Originally @ 2013/04/11 at 4:33 am

      1. Sorry yeah!! I just can’t resist it. What is this lousy lawyer talking about? Friend you are in a public forum, deal with it or ship out. You decide to take the plunge, deal with it.

        Who is Hannah Yeoh and Douglas Tan? are they your buddies. Never heard of them. Maybe I am a dumb Malaysian for what have they contributed? Is this tangible or intangible, let me know then maybe I will pay some attention to them.

        The only tangible movement I can think of is HINDRAF for fellow Malaysians, please do educate me if someone have done better than them to claim as a stakeholder for the betterment of fellow Malaysians. Please don’t tell me of politics of the day as I am not interested as no politics made me who I am for the humanity for a fellow being in Malaysia.

        1. What is this lousy lawyer talking about? – MalaysianInNewYork

          He/ She was asking me to give credit to Doug, a 26 years old LGE fanboy for drafting his own political speech. I complained that his maiden political speech in Ipoh was ridden with same old stuffs that I have been hearing for the past 5 years.

          PS: Wait a minute, I’m starting to think if LL is….. ok, I don’t want to postulate liao, else I’ll get marked in cyberspace since Helen’s blog here is becoming a duri dalam daging with DAP folks. Internet is getting way too dangerous already *shake head in disbelief*

      2. Degrading and humiliating; these are rather strong words to a rather tamed blog post. Maybe it’s Helen’s screen capture of his/ her comment. Maybe…

  10. DAP memang pandai mengiklankan diri mereka, membina jenama parti mereka sebagai satu jenama yang terkini… – MalayPrincess

    kenyataannya, kepandaian DAP membina dan mempromosi jenama mereka hanya dengan mengunakan prisip 3C dan bukannya prinsip 3A.

    Prinsip 3A ialah prinsip-prinsip ‘3 (three) Actualities’, yang digunapakai mempastikan tindakan yang tepat berdasarkan Actual Place, Actual Condition dan Actual Facts.

    Manakala prinsip 3C yang digunapakai oleh DAP tidak lain hanyalah Convince, Confuse and Con.

    Mengikut susunannya, CEO saya dahulu (seorang Jepun) cukup marah apabila ada staffnya cuba meyakinkan beliau (convince) tentang sesuatu projek tetapi beliau dapati beliau telah dikelirukan (he gets confused) dengan fakta-fakta yang direka dan juga tidak tepat. Kemarahan beliau sampai ke tahap maksimum apabila setelah beliau dikelirukan, akhirnya selepas beberapa lama beliau dapati dirinya telah tertipu (he got Con)!

    Mengikut perkiraan puak-puak Pakatan prinsip 3C ini amat efektif untuk sampai ke puncak kuasa di Putrajaya. Malang bagi rakyat Malaysia kerana ketiga-tiga ahli dalam Pakatan ini mengamalkan prinsip yang sama pada waktu ini dan dijangka akan teruskannya sampai bila-bila…….

          1. It doesn’t do me any good to know. It is the BN war room that should internalize this info.

          2. the BN war room knows about this, but in the spirit of friendship, they keep quiet. they jaga air muka MCA.

            yet the MCA, they don’t know about this. that’s why they continue to let The Star to stab BN. even now, when Umno wants to contest in Kuantan, the MCA people protest. they say Kuantan is an MCA seat. this is bonkers. MCA has no chance of winning in Kuantan. if an Umno candidate were to contest in Kuantan, the chances of BN getting the seat back is higher.

            but the MCA people, they sama saja dengan The Star. maybe after the GE, Umno will tell MCA straight in the face to do something about The Star but by then, it may be too little too late.

            1. The Star reporters are empowering the pro-DAP little helpers who in turn are ganging up like the Red Guards on a rampage.

              e.g. Bersih. Who believes that it is non-partisan?

              The slant in some of the Star articles is so obviously pro-oppo although in other articles, it is compelled to carry BN propaganda such as the bodek Najib pieces.

              My theory is that the paper’s blantant pro-BN propaganda – being carried out in the run-up to the polling day – is uneffective. However its subtle indoctrination steadily and consistently carried out over the last 5 years is more able to seep into the subconscious.

              Look at the outcome! If 90 percent of Chinese support the opposition, one has to seek the reasons for it. I agree that it is in part Umno’s fault (just like everything in the country is) but BN is allowing MCA to get off scot-free without auditing the MCA’s own share of the blame.

  11. maybe this is off topic, regarding the video sex of Mustafa Ali, i blogwalking and found this interesting link,

    it was DAP who started the trend of using sex and anything related to sex to topple down the enemy.

    way back in 1988 when Karpal Singh successfully forced DP Vijandran resigning from Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat and eventually vanished for good from politics.

    later, Tokong Guan Eng & Mat Sabu follow the same tactics.

    but now, they spin the history & again successfully incepted the perception that it was UMNO & BN’s dirty work. we can read clearly from hansard Parliament statement.

    I’m a curious person, whatever information i read, i will find more info. before this i never heard of DP Vijandran thing, but now I do. i try to be as fair as I could to myself by reading and listening to both coalitions.

    DAP is a party made of sex, slander and without dignity. DAP managed to fool Chinese youngsters who blind of history, lazy to do homework and research, to believe whatever shit they were fed into mouth.

    1. kesimpulannya; dalam masa DAP bijak menjenamakan partinya sebagai parti yang kononnya segar bugar lagi popular, DAP juga bijak menjahanamkan imej parti lawan (character assasination) dengan meracun minda penyokong yang percaya buta tuli (sama geng dengan penyokong PAS kan).

      kerja kotor lagi bijak ini telah dijalankan sejak puluhan tahun lagi tetapi tiada siapa yang perasan, sehinggalah UMNO akhirnya dicop dan dijenamakan sebagai parti lucah dan sukakan seks walaupun DAP yang memulakan aliran dan taktik kejam ini.

      Kak Helen, patut bongkar sejarah DAP yang satu ini.

      1. I came across the comment below in Syed Akbar Ali’s blog that says it all.

        Curi copy-paste:

        Anonymous said…

        to say it is not Mustafa Ali in the video while the evidence is being presented to you, while accusing it is the work of UMNO with ZERO EVIDENCE.

        Saturday, April 13, 2013 4:28:00 AM

        DAP and their operatives are character assassinating with impunity. And The Star gives these DAP people rocket boosts.

  12. I beg to differ from Warrior 231. The DAP is a Trojan horse created by Lee Kuan Yew to be activated as required. This is the reason why Lim Kit Siang was a political gypsy wandering around doing nothing for the Chinese, Malays, Indians and all for 44 long years.

    The Trojan horse has now been activated to grab power by support of the extremist very rich PKR and very religious PAS and turn our beloved Malaysia into a vassal state controlled by Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore, – a one street town controlling the home of the proud Malays on behalf of whom or for itself is yet to be seen and save Singapore from being a 21st century Sparta.

    If the Opposition loses, the writing on the wall for Singapore is obvious – a failed state. This is the real politik. Let the proud Malays and Bumiputras rally around the BN together with the Chinese, Indians and all to continue our long journey of progress and freedom for ourselves and our children and our children’s children. You can see the desperation from the news emanating out of Singapore.

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