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Blog Kit Siang menggelar Dr M sebagai “Kutty” (updated)

Sekiranya Lim Kit Siang benar-benar berjiwa Malaysian Malaysia, kenapa pula hendak diungkitkan susur-galur mantan perdana menteri kita?

Bukankah konsep Malaysian First DAP sendiri yang menegaskan bahawa di Malaysia ada Bangsa Malaysia sahaja?

Manakala istilah bangsa India (“Indian”) merujuk hanya kepada penduduk di negara India (dan sekiranya dipanjangkan hujah maka “Chinese”/bangsa Cina hanya mereka yang tinggal di People’s Republic of China).

Tweet DAPSubangJaya pula mahukan Dr Mahathir dikenakan tindakan di bawah Akta Hasutan.

Kenapa juga The Star berkeras enggan mengkhabarkan kepada pembaca serta khalayak ramai apa bangsa anak kedua Hannah Yeoh mengikut butiran surat beranaknya?


Rencana di blog Che Det bertajuk ‘Gelang Patah‘ (11 April 2013).

Screenshot bawah


Since Benny Loh objects to his cartoon being screenshot on both BigCat and my page, I’ve removed it. You can view it at the LKS blog. — 12.45am, April 13


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54 thoughts on “Blog Kit Siang menggelar Dr M sebagai “Kutty” (updated)

    1. Excuse me, I protest on behalf of kittydom. We kitties do not want to be associated with that particular Jurassic period politician.

      But seriously, the irony of the whole thing, sort of says a lot about the state of mind of whole legions of Rocketeers CTs.

  1. How biaDAP! But what do we expect from them anyway?

    They can’t truly rebut what Tun M said coz their do play up racial issues (and now religion issues) so they have to resort to name calling to divert the attention.

  2. And when the Chinese are branded pendatangs, he sounds the clarion call of victimization & racism.

    LKS is like a kutu, one that just seems to come.back to the scalp just when you thought you’ve seen the last of it. Nothing serious, just a little itch causing enough irritation but nit enough to warrant medical attention.

    Check out the caricature too. At least Tun uses jeans. Kutu seems to be using leather or snake skin pants. Nak stand out in the crowd & stay relevant lah katakan.

    1. re: “And when the Chinese are branded pendatangs, he sounds the clarion call of victimization & racism”

      Thanks. Your comment provides a stark clarity when you look at it that way.

  3. Rightttt, coming from a Tongsan man, calling Mahathir, Kutty is so rich!

    “It almost certainly wasn’t like this when Lim Kit Siang’s parents left Dongshan which he, with deeply-rooted Anglophile prejudices, had described to Nut Graph as ‘poor, backward‘ as if Batu Pahat where he was born in 1941, or Petaling Jaya then, was rich and advanced. Reflected in a trait handed down to his son Guan Eng, Kit Siang has a conceited streak fed by an ill-education and a father who probably spent more time with his pigs than with the children.” – excerpt from Shuzheng.

    People in glass house shouldn’t throw stone!

  4. Frank, brilliant idea *lol*

    kutty vs kitty,

    to make it cuter, can also add “kitty sissy” singkatan daripada Kit Siang. manja sikit olololololo…

    tapi wajah Tun M lebih manis walaupun tak senyum. berbanding kitty yang so creepyyyyyyyyyyyyy bila sengih nampak gigi kuning berkarat.

    oh ya ada tengok gambar budak kecik Cina menangis meraung palingkan muka bila Tokong nak dekat dengan dia (tak pasti dia nak salam atau nak cium, cuit2 budak tu).

    orang kata, budak2 kecil boleh nampak benda-benda halus sebab mereka suci bersih tak ada dosa.

    mungkin boleh buat ujikaji, sama ada budak-budak lagi suka kutty yang manis atau kitty yang creepy?

  5. The rough and tumble world of Malaysian Politics is all over the Blogs. Since Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was out of power, the Opposition set him up as an easy target.

    The thousands of the most foul words which have been hurled at him made him look the most hated man in the Universe next to Hitler. But we all know that this is not so. And this back-fired by arousing him to put spine into the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties to the chagrin of the Opposition.

    Remember the cliche ‘ Let sleeping Docs lie ‘ ! And now someone wants to take him to court amongst the huge mountain o of curses heaped upon him !

    1. re: ” Let sleeping Docs lie ”


      But I think the Thousands-of-Foul-Words culture point to something very wrong with the people cursing and swearing non-stop.

      And yet nobody – certainly not The Star – which has cornered the oppo readership market has pointed this out.

  6. bila kita bercakap tentang memberi ‘gelaran’ kepada orang, teringat saya masa kecik-kecik dulu.

    panggillan ‘kutty’ kepada golongan ‘mamak’ adalah terlalu biasa.
    jadi kalau Tun M dipanggil dengan panggilan ‘kutty’ saya fikir Tun takkan marah walau pun mungkin Kit Siang harap itu akan menaikkan kemarahan Tun.
    oleh kerana ‘Frank’ sudah balas dengan ‘Kitty’….saya fikir nak tambah sikit…..’Apek Kitty’….sebab Kitty ni dah tua………hehehe

  7. As law abiding adults, we the responsible citizens of this beloved and beautiful country and Nation in which we only walk through once and not twice, must take all our irresponsible and careless talk with a big pinch of salt, knowing full well the whole charade is a Punch and Judy show or a magic show with thick smoke and faulty mirrors !

  8. Kit Siang is old already…org kata, satu kaki dah masuk kubur dah. He should use whatever time left with his family. Tak fed up ke? Kita tengok muka dia pun dah fed up.

    Suka mengata org rasis, but calling others ‘kutty’, black metallic, etc boleh pulak.

    Remember the late SB Sharkawi Baharuddin? He is watching and waiting for you…

  9. Apakah sumbangan Kit Siang kepada negara sepanjang pembabitannya dalam politik? Saya hanya dapat kaitkan dia dengan perangai suka menghasut dan menggalak orang Cina supaya membenci kerajaan dan orang Melayu. Bangsa kaki gaduh, itu sebab air muka dia sangat buruk dan keruh.

  10. I have been a independent observer of politics on both sides of the Causeway since October 1951. The mis-timing by the politicians were by the great man, Dato Onn Jaafar, the confrontational PAP politics in Malaysia, the withdrawal of MCA on 13 May 1969, the B UMNO Team, the DSAI and his wooden kitchen cabinet – I thought he was going to be PM and then, everything became history. And now we have LKS and his proposed Suit. I think this is ill-advised and weaken his cause if he has any. It is a question of timing. As Sherlock Holmes said.’ It is elementary, my dear Watson. It is a question of timing !’

  11. Jesus must be keeping Dr M live long enough to witness himself the downfall of BN in GE13 before he make his Maker.

    1. are you gonna blame jesus later when BN didn’t fall in GE13? What kind of fucking acid are you on, i want some!

      1. Sabar tuan. jangan kita gunakan perkataan yg menyamakan kita dgn mereka. simpan sabar dan lepaskan masa mengundi nanti.

      2. It is kind of syok to see Dr M got his corrupted empire undone by Pakatan before his own eyes. This is one thing good for Malaysian to enjoy.

        1. Lets enjoy ourselves.. but please don’t blame Jesus if you doesn’t feel any ‘syok’ on the result..

    2. Thou shalt not use thy Lord’s name in vain.

      Then again what do I know? You & your kind are the heirs to the kingdom of God. Jesus did come to save righteous ones like you & Hannah et al. As for us sinners, we’ve standing reservations for the hottest place in hell is Paul Tan is to be believed.

      Hypocrites are like a pin. They’re pointing one way but headed the opposite direction. Go figure.

      1. Jesus got his own plan. Jesus is non partisan. He will not take side but he will punish those who rape their own rakyat for their own pocket. This is why He allows the political tsunami in 2008 and continue to allow the wind of change.

        1. All hail you & Hannah. For you all know the will of God.

          You know what’s the biggest problem with Christianity? Zealots who shoves their interpretation of the bible down the throats of others, extolling their righteousness. They pick on the verses that agree to their agenda & parrot it over & over again. At the same time, verses that condemn their very acts are conveniently overlooked.

          You & your kind may be able to hoodwink mere mortals. But God don’t suffer fools gladly. You think thieves are more sinful than liars or those who manipulates God’s name for personal, selfish & worldly gain?

          While we’re talking about God punishing sinners, what do you think God will think about Sunday service cancelled due to an election? Kosher fatwa? Or flawed fatwa?

          Your righteous kind make me sick. Sinful as I may be, I won’t hammer another nail onto the cross with Jesus’s hands on it for the express reason of gaining withering & temporary power.

          Memento mori – Remember you’re mortal.

          1. That’s better than those Muslim Jihadist who kill innocent people indiscriminately in the name of Allah.

          2. There you go being judgmental again. Brilliant!

            More so when you’re taking the moral high ground of righteousness. At least I acknowledge my sinfulness & don’t claim to be privy to God’s will.

            Here’s the bible quote for the day;

            ” And now this three remain: faith, hope & love. But the greatest of this is love.” 1 Corinthians 13: 13

            And since it is Sunday, here’s your bonus bible quote:

            ” When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, ” Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone at her” ” John 8: 7

            Just wondering, how many people died in the name of Christianity throughout the ages? Maybe you can start by reading about Jacques de Molay, the last grandmaster of the Knights Templar & his subsequent curse.

            Beware when you speak ill in God’s name. Judgment may not have to wait the end of your mortality.

          3. Don’t worry, I won’t be judged till Dr M being judged. He is far more evil than common people like us.

          4. Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you (drumrolls) GOD!!!!

            “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mark 13: 32

          5. Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you (drumrolls…..) GOD!!!! In person, live & exclusive on Helen’s blog!!!!

            “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mark 13: 32

          6. Dear Fakin,

            You are wasting your time. I’ve crossed paths with religionists before. Once you have someone who is privy to divine intervention, there is really no point arguing with them. I mean, there is no need for reason to bridge faith when Malaysian clearly has the almighty in his/her corner.

            I don’t think these people need to vote. Why bother? Jesus got it all worked out what.

          7. Hahahaha. God’s masterplan is to turn Malaysia into the new Christian centre of the universe post GE, maybe not the 13th, maybe the 14th or 15th or…

            I know how futile it is. Akin to the saying mencurah air ke daun keladi. But, I just enjoy pummeling those driven by the Holy Spirit with the very bible verses they use to preach their gospel of “love PR style”.

            Nothing gives me satisfaction more than when they go scurrying away into the darkness like rats or resort to overused cuss words just to have the last word in.

        2. Wow.

          This kind of posts corroborate what this blog’s Jerusubang articles have been saying this whole time.

          i always thought it’s suspicious and funny why the hell are PAS religious extremists allied with this kind of people.

          Too bad I don’t think any PAS types ever find their way here. Would like a discussion between you two.

    3. You could be right Mr Malaysian. But there is a problem here. Your Jesus is certainly not Christians’ Jesus. Coz, Christians’ Jesus hates the Pakatan, the DAP and the Oppositions so much that after 12 GEs Christians’ Jesus did not bother to give them even a single victory for a change. HE must be very very biased and unfair to you. Many suspect HE was paid by BN and Perikatan.

      On the other hand Allah swt was very biased to Tun Mahathir, by allowing him to witness BN and Perikatan’s stronghold over 56 years. Allah swt know best. Man proposes God disposes.

      GE13? We are not God to know beforehand who will win. Are you?

      By the way, what religion is your Jesus?

  12. got sms from a friend…forwarded a link from Singapore will give special off day to Malaysian Chinese from 2nd-6th May so they can balik kampung to cast vote.

    Also special allowance for petrol will be given and PAP (Kuan Euuuu) will campaign for ‘Kitty Sissy’ in Gelang Patah to ensure her (his) victory.

    One of big tycoon from Singapore will contribute 7 buses to transport those who don’t have vehicle.

  13. Helen,
    Kutty is the name I gave to the title. Is it degrading?

    5. Laptop | April 13, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Impudent Benny Loh. Can’t put a check on himself from name calling.
    Please-lah don’t say I call you “laptop” whatyever it means I don’t want to know.

  14. For Malaysian. 52 fellows thought I would die first. They all died before me. The youngest was only 39 ! Have no evil thoughts about others demise !

    1. No offence, I like political cartoons a lot, especially satire, pun and incisive caricatures. It is not the likeness that counts, but the ability to distill, like what Zunar has achieved.

      You can call Mahathir Kutty, and I think calling LKS Kitty is far less racist than what you implied, maybe just speciest.

        1. Helen,

          I know Zunar. He can draw picture of Tun Dr Mahathir resembling “pig’s head”.

          “siapa le mak bapa dia’.

          1. I’m aware that Zunar’s targets are always the BN.

            However, as a political cartoonist, his talent is par excellence.

            I may have mentioned before that I used to draw cartoons/caricatures which were published in the NST and Star. However mine were not political as obviously both mainstream papers back then constrained unlike Malaysiakini.

            I do indeed salute Zunar. He’s arguably the best political cartoonist that this country has ever produced.

          2. Shamsul, why do you always get personal. So who cares if he is a Mamak? Why do you take everything personal? let it be a mamak, or otherwise, but don’t you think we need to get ride of this if you want to think like a Malaysian.

            Shamsul, grow up, you being a mamak is no relevance for fellow Malaysians as we like to think as a Malaysians rather than worrying about your own insecurity to ensure your mamak survival. No offense meant Shamsul, take it with a pinch of salt.

  15. MalaysianInnewYork,

    “shamsul, why do you always get personal…”

    Malays call it “kurang ajar”. In northern area like in my hometown Kulim, Kedah, “seperti orang tiada mak bapa” is a statement to a person is “biadap”.

    And Zunar falls in that cateogary. No if , no but. As malay/Muslim has disdain with pigs, depicting Tun with pig’s head is plain “biadap”.

    It is not about me. It is about me criticizing Zunar who is “melampaui batas’.

    And you in typical snobbish manner, fails to comprehend my writing. I was not mentioning about “mamak”. it is not me who seems to have phobia on mamak.

    It is DAP that hates “mamak ” so much. Hence, they insinuate “mamak” with remarks like “kuty”. It is odne in insinuating remark. to them “mamak” is “low class among reason because of darker complexion. That i know.

    But you give a valid comment on mamak. Only to the wrong person. You should advise DAP instead. Not me.

    1. I do apologize if I have offended you, none meant. It does not matter what a Malaysian is when a Malaysian can be for what is truthful and genuine in their approach besides how it has to be as and when it serves them. Nothing personal here but our ability to work in cohesion for what is fair and just for our fellow Malaysians irrespective of the origin without an agenda.

      1. I don’t think that you offended shamsul at all but I think you bark at the wrong building..

      2. malaysianinNewYork,

        Are you aware that none in my writing that I insinuate ‘mamak’. For the sake of ‘humanity'(the phrase you tend to use), could you please read thoroughly and you would realise that Helen was just describing DAP’s racist attitude in insulting Dr Mahathir

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