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Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home

Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote yesterday in his column titled ‘The question of cowardice‘,

“The problem is: they [the critics] disparage me for refusing to return to Malaysia.”

“However, if I do return to Malaysia and nothing happens, they will say I have made a deal with Umno.”

“And if I return to Malaysia and I get arrested, they will say that it is merely wayang to stop people from saying I have made a deal with Umno.”

Pakatan supporters are such


Actually what Raja Petra has described is a classic case of kiasu-ism among his detractors, where they damn you if you do and they damn you if you don’t.

We’ve heard the kind of stories that the Dapsters have told with regard to Waytha Moorthy’s return after his political asylum in London. So that’s already a prototype template on how adroitly they can spin their conspiracy theories.


And then there is the 48-hour ultimatum issued to Waytha to “renounce BN” which was published in Haris Ibrahim’s blog. Well, the 48 hours are up. So how are they planning to “act against” Hindraf to make good their threat?

The only person thus far who seems to be making an effort to rein them in (‘them’ referring to the oppo supporters who are perpetually flying into berserk rages) is Dr Mahathir.

It’s not at all surprising that DAPSubangJaya should retweet a call to “charge Dr M for sedition”. Siapa yang Super CyberBully dia yang makan cili.



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12 thoughts on “Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home

      1. oops sorry. in the DAP it is the opposite. the women are more powerful. take for instance Hannah Yeoh. she’s married to an Indian yet her firstborn, as written in the birth cert, the child is identified as Chinese.

        1. hahahaha….! can’t stopme of laughing for the 2 jokes from BigCat Ai and TIJ!!!

          to add…her second child identification is Cindian, InChi? LOL!

          1. The Star just interviewed her a couple of days ago. How come the Star reporter don’t wanna ask?

          2. Helen why are you asking the obvious ? The Star reporter asking Hannah that question will elicit a response from Hannah that reads :

            you work for Umno ? for MCA ? for BN ? you are racist ! racist !

            1. Hahaha. But The Star‘s parent company is indeed the MCA investment arm. And secondly, the Star reporters and editors are Hannah’s bff’s. The editors even invite her to their homes.

          3. Helen, you should know by now the relationship between DAP, MCA and The Star. The Star is the wife of MCA but the wife is having an affair with DAP. the funny thing is, the 2 shameless people i.e The Star and DAP, they are doing it openly.

            I think this is what Hannah means when she said exalt the righteous. its okay if they are the ones doing it, but if its BN then she will say these people are shameless, corrupt.

          4. Star more interested to highlight the Easter play at Calvary Convention Centre, a spanking new building complex built at a cost of RM200 million.

            What struck me was the following para;

            As part of the run-up to the event, the church had held an event titled “Operation Saturation”, whereby over 300 volunteers participated in distributing handbills and leaflets to homes within five kms of the convention centre.

            And one wonders why the raid on DUMC happened… These evangelicalsare giving all the other Christian denominations a bad name. And the Star is are in cahoots with them seeing how much coverage they gave to the church before & after the event.

            1. re: “These evangelicalsare giving all the other Christian denominations a bad name.”

              It’s true what you say. The Dapster gangster behaviour is creating a backlash against the Chinese community in general.

              And the evangelistas and their Prosperity Gospel, who are not representative of the long tradition of Christian scholarship, are giving the wrong impression to the non-Christians esp. Malays that the Christian religion is a faith yang buat suka-suka ikut hati.

              The public images that are widespread are the DUMC-Dream Center pop singing and dancing, the stage show dressing (like the City Harvest Church’s pop singer wife) and the televangelist showmanship of bible-thumping.

    1. Thanks for the info!

      All the more reason the MCA is complicit and must be held culpable.

      Enough is enough. Really, really fed-up of MCA attitude.

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