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DAP of today like PAP of 1965

Recommended that MCA folks read this too!

Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang have been fighting each other for half a century already. Both their political careers began in earnest during the same era.

In 1964, Dr M became a first-time MP when he won the Kota Star Selatan (Kedah) Parliamentary seat. In 1966, Kit Siang was DAP national organizing secretary.

Below are excerpts of Dr M’s speech to Parliament on 26 May 1965 (three months prior to Singapore’s expulsion) and his subsequent exchanges with opposition MPs Tan Chee Khoon and S. P. Seenivasagam.


Hansard @

26 May 1965

(pages 77-82)

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: “They know very well that racialism can lead to inter-racial conflagration which will only end with the disintegration of Malaysia.”

“It is a peculiarity of this country that those who openly accept the fact of racial division are the people less prone to racialist politics. The Alliance is based on racialism where its party structure is concerned, but its decisions are the results of mutual ‘give-and-take’ amongst its constituents and no longer represents a purely racialist stand-point.

“On the other hand, the so-called non-communal parties are the most communal and racialist in their attitudes. Basically, they are pure Chinese chauvinists, or they derive inspirations from a common dislike for the Malays.

“Let us take the Socialist Front. Ostensibly this is not a communal party. This is a party based on class ideology where the people of all races who subscribe to socialist thinking are supposed to be equal within the party. But does the party fight for the establishment of socialist ideas in Malaysia? No.

“What does the Socialist Front, and in particular the Labour Party of Malaya, demand? Not socialised medicine , not nationalisation, but Chinese should be the official language of Malaysia, that Malays should be deprived of their so-called privileges, that the Chinese Nanyang University should he recognised, that the Chinese Schools should be accorded the same treatment as the national schools, that we should favour Communist China, that we should be friendly with China’s good friend, Indonesia. The whole appeal, Mr Speaker, Sir, is to Chinese chauvinism, to Chinese communal sentiments.

“At times this will escalate to blatant anti-Malay offensive. Despite obvious evidence to the contrary, the Malays were pictured to the Chinese as a privileged super-race who gets everything, leaving nothing at all for the Chinese. The result of all this is that the Socialist Front of today is almost purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by .. .

Dr Tan Chee Khoon: Mr Speaker, Sir, on a point of clarification – Does the Honourable Member for Kota Star Selatan realise that almost all the top Malay leaders of the Socialist Front are behind bars?

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: Mr Speaker, Sir, I realise that, but I know that there are stooges in every party. (Laughter). May I continue, Mr Speaker, Sir?

Mr Speaker: Yes.

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: Mr Speaker, Sir, the result of all this is that the Socialist Front is almost and I repeat almost, not completely purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by people whose only reason for associating with . .

Interruption by the Honorable Member for Menglembu, S. P. Seenivasagam.

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: “Sir, the result of all this is that the Socialist Front of today is almost purely a Chinese organisation, led and supported by people whose only reason for coming together is their desire to propagate a “Chinese uber-Alles” ideology as against a Malaysian nationalism of the so-called communal Alliance Party.

“It is significant that at the Socialist Front demonstration in Kuala Lumpur in February this year, almost all the demonstrators were school children — school boys and school girls still in the uniforms of Chinese schools. It is significant that the posters, banners and placards were in Chinese. It is also significant that the swearing at the Policemen during that demonstration was also in Chinese.


“The Socialist Front claims to be non-communal, but in actual practice it is extremely communal and bases its appeal entirely on Chinese communalism. Anything and everything that appeals to purely Chinese sentiments is exploited by the Socialist Front to gain support.

“But, Mr Speaker, Sir, if the Socialist Front is communal, the P.A.P. is even more so. It is more sophisticated and more discerning and more able to use the non-communal label. However, behind the veneer of non-communalism is the most rabid form of communalism yet practised in Malaysia.

“The P.A.P. has challenged anyone who can prove that it is communal.  […]  The differences between the P.A.P. and the Socialist Front is not the degree of socialism that each professes but that the Socialist Front is merely pro-Chinese and communist orientated, while the P .A.P. is pro-Chinese, communist orientated , and positively anti- Malay.  […]

“When the. P.A.P. first made overtures to the Central Government on the common market and merger, the UMNO was never attacked. The Malayan Chinese Association was all the time the target of the People’s Action Party. The United Malay National Organisation could do no wrong. Indeed, the leaders have never failed to say out aloud that they have nothing against the UMNO or the Malays, but on the other hand the M.C.A. was pictured to the Malays as a weak, corrupt Kuomintang orientated Chinese chauvinist party.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, it was pointed out again and again to the UMNO how much better it would be for the Alliance to get rid of this Chinese racialist party and accept the P.A.P. in its place. The P.A.P., it was emphasised, was non-racial, well organised, strong and Malaysian in outlook.

“There is no doubt that a few UMNO stalwarts must have wavered, but the top leaders repeatedly insisted in public that the UMNO will stand by the M.C.A., come what may. How wise this was, was shown by the result of the election of 1964. The M.C.A. was far from weak. That it was not rabidly communal was shown by the fact that one candidate in a predominantly Chinese constituency was a Malay, who won with a thumping majority over a Chinese. He was jokingly called the only Malay M.C.A. candidate.

“Now, Sir, having failed to woo the Malays with its so called non-communal anti-M.C.A. policy, the P.A.P. has now switched tactics. The M.C.A. must be destroyed. To do this, the P.A.P. decided to expose its true self. It has revealed its Chinese communalist stand and it has played up every communal issue. Worse, it has decided to reveal that it is not merely pro-Chinese but anti-Malay as well.”  […]


Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad: “When it is examined carefully, it will be found that the P.A.P. has retained a hold mainly over matters which will affect the Chinese and their chauvinist ideas. National language is one of those things which tend to create disaffection among China-orientated Chinese. Playing to chauvinist ideas , the P.A.P. retained multi-lingualism, while paying lip-service to the national language. The target date for accepting the National language is ignored by the P.A.P.”  […]

“In some police stations, Chinese is the official language, and statements are taken in Chinese. The impression this creates among non-Singapore Malaysians is that they are in China rather than in Malaysia.  […]

“Indeed, at election time, the whole machinery of the P.A.P. is concentrated in utilising Chinese racialist sentiments to the full.  […]

But, Sir, Mr Lee [Kuan Yew] pointed out that the Chinese of Sabah form only 25 per cent of the population. Being a minority the Chinese could never be the Government, or the dominant race. It is only by putting up a non-communal front as the P.A.P. is doing that the Chinese can manipulate the other races into accepting Chinese leaders. It follows, therefore, that if the Chinese want Chinese leaders to run this country, they must organise like the P.A.P. talk non-communal and facilitate Chinese communalism.”

***  ***  ***

The identical political vocabulary of PAP-1965 and the current DAP is spooky, huh?

“Ultra of ultras”

Below is what Lim Kit Siang really thinks of Dr Mahathir Mohamad:

Lim Kit Siang (limkitsiang) on Twitter 2013-04-14 19-08-54

Twitter limkitsiang Racist 2the core - ultra of ultras

DAPSubangJaya (DAPsubangjaya) on Twitter 2013-04-14 17-45-01

Angels vs Devils

Kit Siang will proceed with suing Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

See also response by a follower to Kit Siang’s tweet.

A Tokong fan (screenshot below) tagged Kit Siang in his tweet about the “Racist Devil Dr M” as compared to the DAP Angel YAB @cmlimguaneng”.

Below: Parody logo featured in Sakmongkol’s blog.


Twitter limkitsiang AG Gani Patail given opportunity

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today:

  • Informed the public that Segambut caretaker MP Lim Lip Eng had lodged a police report this morning against Dr M on allegations of sedition and criminal defamation
  • Rebuts Dr M and insists that “I (LKS) had never uttered such scurrilous lies and falsehoods in my 47 years in politics”
  • Instead claims that LKS upholds “political beliefs fostering greater inter-racial co-operation to build a united Malaysian nation”
  • LKS had “given Mahathir two opportunities to withdraw and apologise for his chauvinistic and seditious blog”
  • But “the former Prime Minister had been totally unmoved and unrepentant”

Since Kit Siang has in turn made very serious allegations against the ex-premier, Dr M can actually counter sue.

Nonetheless it must be noted that the Tun has never displayed the same litigation happy tendency as the “I sue, sue, sue … you see what I do to you” Lim family.

Priming Dapsters to expect the “dirtiest election”

Kit Siang expects the BN to “make the 13th General Elections the dirtiest in the the nation’s history”.

Some Pakatan politicians like to “simply accuse”.

hannahyeohBrace urself for more dirty tricks

hannahyeohBrace urself for more dirty

Who is guilty of defamation?

Fahmi Fadzil, who is Nurul Izzah’s political secretary, had made world headlines in June 2011 with his unusual punishment imposed by the court.

Fahmi had to tweet his apology to the plaintiff 100 times after being found guilty of defamation.

Fahmi FadzilThe Washington Post 2013-04-14 17-55-45

Twitter fahmi_fadzil100 I've DEFAMED Blu Inc

Apologising activist gains 1,000 followers

And The Star glamourizes him (see screenshot of the paper’s report above). The Star‘s act of glamourizing Fahmi is nothing to be surprised at as in Fahmi’s Twitter buddy-buddy network are paper’s favourite Twitter personalities — @hannahyeoh and @bongkersz.

Pakatan’s Gen Y

The young DAP leaders are currently even more of chameleons than the PAP described by Dr Mahathir in 1965.

When Dr M said in the mid-60s that “those who openly accept the fact of racial division are the people less prone to racialist politics”, he was most correct. And it still holds true.

Dr M also said: “On the other hand, the so-called non-communal parties are the most communal and racialist in their attitudes.”

Even the PAP methods pointed out by Dr M in 1965 are being assiduously recycled today. “It [replace PAP with DAP] is more sophisticated and more discerning and more able to use the non-communal label. However, behind the veneer of non-communalism is the most rabid form of communalism yet practised in Malaysia.”

Replace the PAP of 1965 with the present day DAP again, and you get the following:

“When the DAP first made overtures to the Malay polity post-tsunami 2008, PAS was never attacked. The MCA was all the time the target of the DAP. PAS could do no wrong. Indeed, the DAP leaders have never failed to say out aloud that they have nothing against the Muslims or the Malays, but on the other hand the MCA was pictured to the Malays as a weak, corrupt, Chinese chauvinist party.”

The redux – how much the new DAP is like the old PAP – is practically eerie!

As well as the DAP regurgitating the same PAP wool-over-the-eyes: In 1965, it was “Chinese … form only 25 percent of the population. Being a minority, the Chinese could never be the Government or the dominant race.”

Today the plaintive refrain becomes “Christians form only 9 percent of the population. Being a minority, the Christians could never be able to make Malaysia a Christian state, or Christianity the dominant religion.

And look how the DAP 2.0 is rehashing the same political rhetoric, blame game and appeal to raw emotions. The Evangelista Bintang Tiga have got the SOP and the script down pat.

In 1965, race politics was predominant. For 2013, the politics have expanded to include the religious element too.

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40 thoughts on “DAP of today like PAP of 1965

  1. Nothing gets them more worked up than when they imagine they’re being persecuted for being in the minority race and religion wise. Everything is kosher in their quest for the holy grail that is Putrajaya.

    Makes me wish we’re living in medieval times. Back then, when you stand & fight for something, you don your armor, pick up your shield, lance & sword to do so. Bet these modern day lions would be mere kittens back then.

    As for DAP & PAP parallels, you can never stay at the top forever for being elitists. Sooner or later, the might of the majority will topple the edifice you built in your own honor. History is littered with lessons not learned.

  2. Helen, tolong google translate to BM. Biar Mangkuk2 dalam PAS dan PKR boleh masuk kepala mereka.

    How can an 88 yr old man can have the same opinion of an “entity” (PAP/DAP) for 48 years, and he was/is right all this time?

    1. :)

      PAP-DAP carry the same DNA.

      The recessive ‘chameleon’ gene has surfaced after the 2008 trigger.

  3. i know i should be sleeping right now…my body is tired but my mind is not, and i keep blogwalking as usual. until i found this link…

    just copy paste from RPK; well-written to explain non-Malay behaviour when it comes to racism.

    this is what RPK wrote;

    “So you see, when Malays threaten the non-Malays, the Malays — such as I and those in PAS — come forward and openly declare our non-racist stand. We openly declare that we shall protect the non-Malays. But when the non-Malays make racist statements, the other non-Malays either keep very silent and not whack their fellow Chinese and Indians or they add more fuel to the fire.

    “So, yes, maybe just a handful of Chinese and Indians make racist statements and it is not fair to whack all non-Malays for what just a handful of people do. But silence is consent. Even if you do not add fuel to the fire by joining the anti-Malay (or anti-Islam) chorus, even if you just keep quiet, that is still bad, as pastor Martin Niemöller demonstrated.”

    MCA does nothing to back up UMNO/Malay when DAPsters bashing UMNO/Malay. same goes to DAP keep silent when MCA whack PAS/Malay.

    but Malay, beria-ia ‘hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong’ willing to fight flesh and blood for their counterpart. Who are the real racist here???

    the rest can be accessed here.

    good night.
    hope tomorrow’s candidacy list will bring me some smile.

    1. saya percaya MCA zaman dahulu tidak se’racist’ MCA zaman sekarang. tapi MCA zaman sekarang telah berubah kerana dirasuk roh syaitan DAP yang mewarisi saka belaan PAP dari tahun 1965.

      hope UMNO’s keris can kill the satan of DAP and get rid bad spirit from MCA (because I think MCA is the victim, unconscious when DAP zombie spirit take over MCA’s weak body).

      PAS mandrem is no longer effective coz they break the rules, no money, no power, no woman, no spender…. opppsss…

      not sure if people can understand…

      p/s: saka is inherited ghost/spirit from ancestor to its descendant.
      okay selamat malam.

      1. re: “saka is inherited ghost/spirit from ancestor”

        Thanks for the interesting info. Urm, the word “pusaka”?

        1. I like how you like to learn from the readers about stuff.

          Being in a country with different cultures, we all have lots of stuff we can learn from each other.

          For example, I think you wrote something about doves and Christianity a while back, i don’t think a lot of Malays know that.

          PAS people need to learn as well, it’s hilarious seeing serban wearing leaders of PAS, an extremist islamic party posing with fingers crossed, I wonder who in Pakatan tricked them to do that.

          Though seriously speaking, I wish Malaysians won’t believe in that superstitious thing anymore. Okay to know about though.

        2. I think ‘pusaka’ means heirloom, or inheritance.

          like tanah pusaka datuk nenekku – the land inherited from my ancestors.. etc.

          1. Dunno. Was wondering about etymology, i.e. origin of words and their roots.

            Like how “evil” is contained in the word “devil”, heh-heh-heh.

    2. Sorry to ask.. are you 20++ or 30++?

      Remind me of my only daughter (20).. sangat memahami isu semasa dan lancang berbicara.. although sometimes I feel she too outspoken..

  4. Well, Bersih asked for indelible ink and they got it. That makes us on par with Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tchad, Tunisia, Uganda, Venezuela, Zimbabwe – all great examples of modern democracy. Of course, I heard that there is a lot of talk about whether the ink should be applied AFTER ballots are cast instead of BEFORE getting the ballots, especially by Uncle Kee. I share a law in India explaining why dumb people should stop making themselves look stupider:


    Inspection of voter’s left forefinger and application of indelible ink before Issue of ballot paper.
    Application of ink at Fresh Poll
    Application of indelible ink when elector has no left forefinger
    Signature/thumb impression of elector before issue of ballot paper

    Inspection of voter’s left forefinger and application of indelible ink before issue of ballot paper.

    1.1 As soon as may be after the identity of an elector has been verified by the first Polling Officer and if there is no challenge as to the elector’s identity, his left forefinger will be marked with indelible ink by the second polling officer in the manner described in Chapter V. If any elector refuses to allow his left forefinger to be inspected or marked in accordance with instruction or has already such a mark on his left forefinger or does any act with a view to removing the ink, he shall not be supplied with any ballot paper or allowed to vote.

    1.2 In case it is noticed that an elector has applied any oily or greasy substance on his finger in order to neutralise the indelible ink mark to be put on his finger, such oily or greasy substance should be removed by the polling officer with the help of a piece of cloth or rug before putting indelible ink mark on the finger of that elector.

    1.3 Previously such indelible ink mark was put on the elector’s left forefinger after obtaining his signature/thumb impression on the counterfoil of the ballot paper. Under the revised instructions of the Commission, such mark is now required to be made before obtaining the signature/thumb impression of the elector, so that by the time the elector leaves the polling station after casting his vote, there is sufficient time gap for the indelible ink to dry up and develop a distinct indelible mark.

    1.4 Further, before the elector leaves the polling station, his left forefinger should again be checked by the last polling officer and if the elector has removed the ink or the ink mark is indistinct his left forefinger should again be marked with indelible ink.

    In our case, we need no thumbprints. All this talk of applying the ink AFTER voting the ballots enable voters to refuse being marked. Enough bullshit-lah, Uncle Kee!

      1. My biggest gripe is not with the BEFORE or AFTER option. That is always debatable. My gripe with the likes of Bersih and Tindakan Malaysia is that while the former demanded indelible ink, the latter demonised EC for using the very same thing.

        Yes, majority of third world countries prefer the option of DIPPING into an ink after voting, but if the concern is only smudges, quick dry options and MARKING can be done. Casting aspersion on a process and technology that YOU demanded smacked of malice intentions right from the beginning.

        Everything is a conspiracy to people like Uncle Niamah and Uncle Kee. If EC had said that indelible ink applied after voting, the same people will argue that people could avoid being marked at the exit point.

        Logistically, is it better to apply the ink when you are checking for smudges (sekaligus), OR hire another person to do it at the exit point – classic dilemma of making it easier for the staff or easier for the client.

        Remember, next time you grumble about the indelible ink, remember to thank Bersih for this.

  5. Then we see hope that in next 50 years, Malaysia will be as developed as Singapore, as strong as Singapore where no race is left behind and Malaysia will become one of the richest in the world. Rich not in the sense of finacial but academic, development, low corruption, efficiency and even militarily.

    1. No race is left behind in Singapore? You must be living in a far away la-la land.

      Wake up and smell the kopi-o, man!

      1. Those Malays in Singapore are so well ahead and they buy up properties and live like King in JB because of the strong dollar. Ask any of them to give up Singaporean citizenship, no way.

        1. If they are singaporean malay they should buy property in singapore man. Why live like a king in JB? JB is malaysia dude… No race left behind??? Funny guy. Funny guy

      1. You might find this interesting – the concept of politcal ministry in churches.


        9. What would be areas of equipping and support from the church which you think would help you be a better agent of change?

        I believe starting a “political ministry” or rebranding it as “community work project” would appeal to the churches as what we do in this ministry is to engage society in totality. In the last few months I have ministered to society more then in my 25 years as a Christian. If you are interested to know more on how you can help, I encourage you to come and see me.


  6. DAP dan PAP adalah bagai langit dan bumi. Cita cita mungkin hampir sama tetapi tahap pemikiran mereka sangat jauh apatah lagi membandingkan Lee Kuan Yew dengan si Kitty Siang ni.

  7. I wonder if any Malaysians foresaw during that time what’s going to happen in Indonesia 4 months later.
    Come to think of it, konfrontasi was still going on at that time too.

  8. my dad says the same thing (he actually experienced May 13 incident) – that PAP and DAP are essentially the same.

    It’s the hypocrisy that kills me inside – the front that fights for a united, raceless Malaysia, but preaches a chauvinist agenda from a different pulpit. I’d rather face a monster that says it’s out to get you than an angel that says I’ll save you but meant to throw you into a hellpit – because ‘it’ll be for your own good’.

  9. Yes ! I was there in the Dewan Rakyat in 1964-1965 when the heated debates by the confrontational PAP took place. Yes ! I was there at the Sulaiman Court, KL and other places in 1964 when the PAP held their rallies. Yes ! I was there in Foch Avenue ( Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok ), Imbi Road, etc. KL when those intimidating demonstrations by the Opposition took place. Yes ! I was right in the middle of the riots of May 13 1969 !

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is right !

  10. I was there when the MCA withdrew from the Alliance in a pique
    at 2.30 p.m. 13th May 1969 after heavy losses at the polls. The MCA rejoined the Alliance at 10 p.m. that night after many deaths and injuries to the Rakyat had taken place since 5 p.m.

    Please learn from history, fellow Malaysians !

    1. They will call you a Perkasa-Umno-MCA/Gerakan stooge scaremongering the Chinese from voting DAP, and issuing threats. They will also ask, “How much are you paid?”

      They will add that you’ve sold your soul to the devil by becoming a BN stooge to say these things, and then they’ll round off by assuring you that you’re destined for hell.

  11. They got the wrong fella. And I am not telling a lie, Probably only fella in Malaysia who can show them the 10 fingers ! Nothing but the truth.

  12. those dapsters goons will never learn… they complaint about everything spit rubbish here and there yet they talk about malaysian malaysia.. are they for real? sheesh.. what I foresee is they are all hypocrites rotten to their cores…

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