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Dapsters and Pasters talking past each other?

forrestcat: “Do PASters and Dapsters actually actually acknowledge each other’s existence, coz almost all their conversations or trolling online do not involve PAS and DAP in a single sentence.”

Comment originally @ 2013/04/16 at 9:56 pm

Bendera DAP1

janji demokrasi wanita Cina pakai lilitan kepala PAS


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31 thoughts on “Dapsters and Pasters talking past each other?

  1. They’re two sides of the same coin. Connected by a common goal but divided by fundamental principles. Kinda like friends with benefits; mutual orgasm which sometimes is faked just to keep the other party’s pride intact but no emotional connection whatsoever.

    As for MCA symbiosis with BN, they’re like the friends with benefits sans the orgasmic pleasure due to their erectile distinction issues. In short, they’re just there for the ride, no meaningful contribution whatsoever.

    Star & MCA? Parasitic without a doubt. Give them 60 million annually which you make many times over through taking the mickey of MCA daily. Sound business model that.

    1. re: “Give them 60 million annually which you make many times over through taking the mickey of MCA daily.”

      Now that you put it this way, their business model (how they please their customers) might be something we could explore.

      I’ve been looking at their perfidy as the paper giving the booster shots to the rocket.

      But you might have something there.

      1. You know them rocket boosters? Once the fuel is depleted, you dump them in a hurry. Star probably knows they are on borrowed time, being able to capitalize on MCA’s inability to perform in bed, I mean on the political arena here in Malaysia.

        Once MCA is wiped out, who else can they make fun off? I don’t think they approach stabbing between the shoulder blades of say Perkasa with as much relish.

      2. Btw, do check out Frankie D’Cruz’s column in the Malay Mail today. He’s taking umbrage that OTK was not nominated to defend Pandan. He was particularly scathing with MCA’s Mr Sexy saying;

        “Let me make clear that I’ve scant respect for a party president who’s not doing battle in GE13.”

        Apparently not available online yet.

        1. re: “Let me make clear that I’ve scant respect for a party president who’s not doing battle in GE13.”

          That’s his opinion.

          Sonia Gandhi is one example of a party prez who doesn’t do elections. There are merits to this arrangement.

          In CSL’s case, it’s the correct decision b’cos the Dapsters are Mordor orcs who cannot entertain any policy and governance issues even if CSL were to bring it up intelligently (like he did on the Penang Port as commission chairman in his debate 2.0 with LGE).

          If CSL were to run in the elections, the DAP and Dapsters will daily screech and taunt “porn star”, and it’s not beyond them to make personal attacks on Mrs CSL. In the past they did. Even recently during the Rainbow issue, Betty Chew dragged Mrs CSL into the imbroglio. Just like how the Dapsters mock and scorn my mother just to attack me.

          1. Frankie has always been a pompous bastard IMO. His spirited defence of politics preached from pulpits just shows his arrogance & ignorance. All the awards means naught when you write & push your ideologies like a bully.

            1. re: “His spirited defence of politics preached from pulpits”

              Can pls share the link(s)?

          2. FFC/Helen,

            I don’t normally read MM but I did just a couple a days ago when I was given a free copy on a flight (LOL!). I read one of Frankie’s columns and there was a footnote at the bottom on how he was demoted at the Star due to a complaint from Chua Tee Yong over some unflattering article. So I guess Frankie boy is now consumed by vengeance over CSL and MCA over this incident.

            Helen since you were from the Star, have you heard of this incident? I am not sure if his articles carry the same footnote but it was on the Monday edition.

            1. No, I haven’t heard.

              But Teh Eng Hock was promoted despite tweeting with Hu-hu-hu-Hannah about “Big Mama” Rosmah.

          3. Helen, the footnote of Freddie’s column can be found in the on-line version as well.


            This article, written by The Malay Mail editor-at large, is published under the Reporter’s Diary in honour of the MCA president’s son, Datuk Chua Tee Yong, who together with The Star newspaper downgraded Frankie D’Cruz to a reporter in a scathing response to a supposed discreditable report about the young man.



            Such claim is hard to believe knowing the Star’s pathetic record in punishing the Dapsters among its journalists.

    2. PASster being mindless Islamists will assume DAPSters are like Ottoman Dhimmis or Janissaries that will become foot soldiers for their cause for Heaven and virgin Houris…. hence they generally ignore the aspirations of DAP hence youe see Western educated PASters in Facebook squawking Islamic state and hand chopping laws to go to heaven.

      DAPster meanwhile believe PASter are sheep or cows.. that is all.

      1. FC, we already have the the Millet system in M’sia, just need to fine tune it without a political baggage, no need for Ottoman empire to dictate, nor BN/PR but how the people like you and me can dictate for one other in Malaysia in the present scenario.

      1. I lived with ISMA and PAS minded people in my student years, I was not very religious but I know and proud to be a Muslim, Malay and Malaysian at the same time but Paster minded people once they notice you are not pious arab gila level will ignore you and look down on you in a condescending level, I believe many Malays in their uni years faced such situations, but thankfully there are many free spirited Malays and Malaysians of other races to hang out with and learn with.

        To me, I want a country that stabil and peaceful where my future children can live and grow up peacefully as I did, never mind I have to drive lousy Proton cars and not rich as long I can live comfortably without anyone imposing ridiculous stuff on my life.

        To me PAS will introduce an alien heavy handed Salafist brand of Islam which Muslims in South East Asia are able to do without for centuries that will make free spirited and moderate Malays flee just as many liberal and smart Iranians are fleeing Iran from their Ayatollah dictators while DAP to me will bring in interracial animosity between two major races with significant sphere of influences which as many forumers here say, make the Chinese and Malay youth treat each other as enemies. We do not need both.

        True BN has it flaws, but at least Najib and his team has a good plan how to make Malaysia better. Many Malaysian fail to see that his ETP and GTP are very good blueprint on how to improve Malaysia in many aspects such as corruption, education and investments that will benefit everyone. I would like to give the current BN govt chance to walk the talk and its sad that the astute Chinese in DAP are against it.

        I do not see any concrete plans by DAP nor PAS in how to make Malaysia better other than ‘destroying’ UMNO/BN, introduce 8th Century archaic Islamic laws and maintaining a dynastic political structure.

        1. I will share my varsity experience. The Chinese undergraduates band together and “conspire” to help each other. It was quite a sight, trying to perpetuate a siege mentality. A classic example would be the mentor-mentee arrangements, plus circulation and sharing of notes and past examination questions that come with interesting strings attached, i.e. don’t share them with “others”.

          First of all, I was merely trying to be polite when I refused to join them, considering the insult on my intelligence when they think I needed their “help”. Oh, some of them are just naive or nice, but I know a racist when I see one.

          1. Ohh how I can vote to that….Yes naive as it can be for me to state it, both pas and dap will always say one thing and do the other. And we people like us will always be the second to their people and family.

    3. I must say the men of PKR and Pas are real men. they are “kuat” you know what I mean. they have the videos to prove it, unlike the men of DAP. that’s why I agreed with CSL when he said that Pas is the real Taiko, Big Brother of Pakatan. but the Chinese supporting, voting for the DAP, they didn’t know what CSL was trying to tell them. now even when they watch the videos of the men of PKR and Pas doing the deed, they will say this is political conspiracies.

      speaking of Johor, as to your question, I must say that the PAP of Singapore is also very similar to the DAP of Malaysia. but you have to have patience to read what I m going tell you, what I’ve heard from Singaporeans living in Malaysia.

      the PAP, you see, they too believe in something called First. in Malaysian political speak, this First is best exemplified by the DAP’s Malaysian First scam. in Singapore, this First that Singaporeans have been complaining about these past few years is Immigrant First. you see, nowadays, Singaporeans have become foreigners in their own country.

      why ? their jobs have been taken away by foreigners. everywhere you go in Singapore, foreigners are the ones workings at jobs that keep Singapore’s economy humming, from the highly paid professionals to the lowly paid menial workers. this of course raises the social tensions between Singaporeans and immigrants. you feel the tensions everywhere. the clearest sign is when you board the MRT trains.

      not only that, now Singaporeans have to contend with the fact that foreigners will soon become their landlords. how come ? well, foreigners are the biggest buyers of property in Singapore. the prices of property are going up, like crazy nowadays. since most Singaporeans can’t afford to buy these property, their next best option is to rent.

      but what makes Singaporeans so mad these days, especially the men, principally Chinese Singaporean men, is that even Singaporean women are shunning them. their own women complain about Singaporean men being not up to the mark. whereas white men, according to Singaporean women, are open minded, have deep pockets, and good in the sack, the Singaporean men are…………………….
      you know what I mean…………..

      so that brings us back to what I said regarding PKR and Pas menfolk as real men. like the white men in Singapore, they have the means to prove that they are real men, whereas, the men of the DAP, they are………………………….
      okay I m sure you know what I m trying to tell you.

  2. Kes your enemy is my friend la nie & yesterday enemy is today’s friend follow up by dont worry about tomorrow, yang penting kerusi dapat dulu~

  3. eh, not related but you can (suggestion only) also track how many 1Malaysia dinners out there before election.

    wow, wish i was living in penang, got free beer somemore. very cleverlah the najib, 1malaysia branding, doesn’t link back to bn or umno, gerakan, or even mca (your favourite party ;p)

    semua pun boleh pakai 1malaysia brand, tr1ma, pr1ma, br1m, sampa1 m1num b1r… best!

    1. Previously they had the Mega Dinners which were clearly MCA functions along with the presentation of cheques to Chinese schools.

      These ones in the current round which are branded 1Msia sampa1 m1num b1r might be a BN thingy but would the Muslims turn out. Looking at the beer served, some of Muslims might be was-was on whether the food is halal.

  4. Wake up people. DAP is all about Christian politics. All their leaders are evangelical. Just as PAS is about the Caliphate. All their leaders are fundamentalists.

    Enjoy this current wayang kulit, and pay the price later when they fight.

    1. Mac, isn’t the Erdogan faction gaining ground in PAS as one after another of the PAS leaders from its fundamentalists section falls by the wayside? At this rate, YB Mat Sabu may be heading their Syura Council soon … Thus, rather than a PAS-DAP battle, I would say a PAS implosion will first happen resulting in the fundamentalist faction leaving PAS and forming a splinter party – as they say, history repeats …

      1. You know ISMA right? ISMA’s tone is sooo 1980s said PAS supporters who admire Erdogan’s approach. Other opined that ISMA is using PAS’s 1980-1990s approach.

        The implosion is already happening – ISMA is the manifestation of this IMO.

        1. ISMA ni only the cult leader is different….just an organization led by a bunch of power craze people using religion for power..

        2. Yes, I know of ISMA and that there are also other newly established Islamic-based groups – however, to me, this is not an implosion but rather a bleeding, at best.

          It is still too early in the day to say whether ISMA or any of these other groups will be able to make an impact on the Malaysian political landscape – regardless, their emergence is a welcome development as PAS can no longer claim that it is the only politically-inclined organisation representing Muslims in Malaysia.

      2. Fundamentalist ke.. mat sabu ka.. sama sama tak ble pakai… otak pikir nak pi hotel nak bukak SPENDA BESAR layan nafsu serakah….

  5. i wonder why one dap supporter did’nt know Mat Sabu and pas supporter didn’t knew about Hasan Ali…there a story was hide by their leaders?

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