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MCA does nothing to back up Umno when Dapsters bash Malays

By Malay Princess

I know I should be sleeping right now… my body is tired but my mind is not, and I keep blogwalking as usual. Until I found this link…

Just copypaste from RPK; well-written to explain non-Malay behaviour when it comes to racism.

This is what RPK wrote:

“So you see, when Malays threaten the non-Malays, the Malays — such as I and those in PAS — come forward and openly declare our non-racist stand. We openly declare that we shall protect the non-Malays. But when the non-Malays make racist statements, the other non-Malays either keep very silent and not whack their fellow Chinese and Indians or they add more fuel to the fire.

“So, yes, maybe just a handful of Chinese and Indians make racist statements and it is not fair to whack all non-Malays for what just a handful of people do. But silence is consent. Even if you do not add fuel to the fire by joining the anti-Malay (or anti-Islam) chorus, even if you just keep quiet, that is still bad, as pastor Martin Niemöller demonstrated.”

MCA does nothing to back up Umno/Malay when DAPsters bashing Umno/Malay. Same goes to DAP keep silent when MCA whack PAS/Malay.

But Malay, beria-ia ‘hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong’ willing to fight flesh and blood for their counterpart. Who are the real racist here???

Malay Princess’s comment originally @ 2013/04/15 at 1:09 am

Malaysian Chinese Association 2013-04-16 05-46-02


By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

The Star’s political activism is well & truly running today (12 April).

Page 14 – Full page dedicated to DAP with all 5 articles mentioning DAP.

@imokman said PR “stand a pretty good chance” of making a breakthrough in Johor among others. One would think LGE must be a really nice fella for giving, I mean promising RM600 to cabbies the way the report was written. If that ain’t vote buying, but BR1M is, then obviously someone need to point out the obvious to the oblivious Star reporters & editors.

Page 18 – Gan Ping Sieu’s retort (which I would say was mildly “wow”-ing me & left me impressed, though not terribly so) against Mujahid Yusof Rawa in a forum was relegated to the bottom of the page – blink & you miss it.

Page 33 – Wong Sai Wan’s column; “Worse still will be the one who tries to fight back by sabotaging the person chosen to succeed him.”

“Such sabotage contributed to the poor showing of Barisan in 2008.” Coming from him, the obvious hypocrisy is even more hilarious.

Star 2

Page 2 – “But I we clamp down on them, then there’s no freedom of speech.” said (Jeff) Ooi, the first Malaysian blogger to be elected into Parliament.” Despite the hypocrisy, the writer & editor refused to seize on the obvious.

Page 3 – “According to Shen (Yee Aun) (who claims to have inside knowledge on how DAP cybertroopers operate)…”

IMO, looks like the writer is trying to put SYA down or sow seeds of doubts among readers on his cred.


Page 8 – Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who btw still have a full head of greying hair, deflecting speculations that balding @imokman would be replacing him in Kepong. I think the Lims wanna get rid of Dr Tan who I believe is not always keen to toe to the line drawn by the party.

The unseen scissors is getting sharper & sharper with each passing day it seems.

FF Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/12 at 9:27 am

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43 thoughts on “MCA does nothing to back up Umno when Dapsters bash Malays

  1. The full Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith arising from the many complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  2. Dream on, the Star is controlled by MCA. Judging from MCA candidate list, it looks like Chua CD is going after his opponent within the party more than putting winnable candidate in GE.

    1. you obviously have no idea about what you are talking about. and judging by your comment, you obviously have no clue whatsoever the difference between ownership and control. but its okay. I know Dapsters have difficulties in comprehension. let me take you to school, or rather to an English language class.

      in business parlor, ownership means :

      the ultimate and exclusive right conferred by a lawful claim or title, and subject to certain restrictions to enjoy, occupy, possess, rent, sell, use, give away, or even destroy an item of property.

      in this case, the The Star as MCA’s property is beyond any doubt.

      but this is where the difference between ownership and control comes to mind.

      control means :

      the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.

      which if applied as a verb denotes :

      the power to determine the behavior or supervise the running of behavior.

      here it is obvious that The MCA has no control over The Star. just reading the news churned out by the daily and you’ll see that the people writing the stuff we read in The Star have an obsessive tendency to focus squarely on the people of the DAP especially the evangelists and their activities.

      now boy, class is dismissed. you can now report back to your supervisor at Komtar the lesson you’ve learned in this English language class.

      I was hoping that with GE closing in, Komtar would send troopers of respectable quality. I m disappointed, utterly disappointed.

      1. Please la, if MCA have no control on the Star then they won’t have journalist prostitude like Joceline Tan.

          1. so malaysian… are you prostitute for Hannah Yeoh? how much you get paid? pleaselahh have better taste. at least Joceline is much hotter than your fat ass idol. she has good body & pretty face.

            this is comment from my guy friend, he’s an Indian & strong PR/DAP supporter. but as a guy, he also condemn Hannah Yeoh hahahah…what he said, huh… round face, straight body… no appetite hahaha…

            the only sensical thing Star do is keeping Joceline as one of the journalist. not only great mind, great articles, great body & face also. please please list down what so great about your Hannah Yeoh?

          2. MP, Hannah is Anugerah Tuhan mk 2.0 in case you don’t know. That’s what makes her great in size as a hippo & just as graceful.

            As for typo, that’s what happens when you use pirated software. We saw what happened with Excel & Words before for the CEC vote tabulation & the tunnel project costs. That’s how they cut operating costs in Komtar, resort to pirated software instead of original. If they had used original software, Bill Gates would be served with an RM100 million suit by now.

        1. Malaysian,

          after I took you to school, gave you a lesson in English, all you can come up with is this, calling Joceline Tan names ? come on ! is this all you can come up with ? I pity Komtar. they should hire a better trooper. you ?

          1. eja prostitute pun tak reti…he spelled with ‘d’…longkang punya cybertrooper…

          2. Sorry la, bagi chance cari makan. RM1000 per post what. Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua.

          3. bagi chance ? orang macam awak layak ke ? kalau nak cari makan, dengan keupayaan awak ni, pergi lah kat kawasan pembangkang. awak ni buat, bawa malu saja datang kat sini. tapi saya faham, orang macam awak dan tuan awak dah terdesak. dah habis isu. sekarang awak dan tuan awak hanya setakat buat tuduhan tak berasas. kan nama samaran awak dan tuan awak “Fitnah”.

        2. Obviously, you can’t stand the truths written by Joceline in her articles about your KOMTAR’s boss and his biaDAP party in the Star.

  3. I dun blame the many stupid Malays especially holier than thou Isma and Pas type talk down on their own kind for not being too arab.. Malay are too humble… we should brag our virtues once awhile when apt.

  4. If MCA owns the STAR but allows it to be the mouthpiece of DAP, PKR and PAS, do not be surprise if all the candidates from MCA chosen by BN to contest in PRU13 will all lose especially in the Malay majority constituencies.

  5. Yesterday’s news – MCA Gelang Patah members stopped their preparation work for the GE until PM announced the BN candidate for Gelang Patah Parliament seat

    Like that also can one, argh?.

    1. Ya lor. Still BN candidate, what. If MIC or Umno or Gerakan, still the MCA machinery should help in Gelang Patah for the BN guy whoever he may be, what.

      Where is the MCA esprit de corps?

      1. I m more concerned about what they will “do”. the 5th Column of BN and yet again, Umno, in the spirit of camaraderie, has chosen to remain silent over this.

        1. The media can be very damaging.

          The KuLi ‘cross’ Sabah tengkolok is case in point. However the culprit on that occasion was the other side of the fence. Nonetheless the catastrophic fallout testifies to the power of the media.

          I read somewhere (can’t vouch whether it’s true story or false) that the media reported that a candidate had passed away. He hadn’t really died but he lost voters who taught that the news was genuine. In a way it’s a wickedly funny election story.

    2. Memang terjadi ugutan dari MCA Gelang Patah ni..namun apalah nak dihairankan ugutan dari mayat hidup ni..

      Pengundi Gelang Patah beruntung kerana terpilih untuk menentukan corak hubungan melayu-cina di masa hadapan.

      Parlimen saya (JB) pun agak kritikal kerana pengundi Cina hampir 43%.. Jika bukan Shahrir mungkin berat juga. Kita tunggu juga apa pendirian 43% pengundi Cina ini.

      1. re: “Pengundi Gelang Patah beruntung kerana terpilih untuk menentukan corak hubungan melayu-cina di masa hadapan.”

        Saya menyetujui pandangan bahawa pemilihan di Gelang Patah berciri pungutan suara terhadap masa depan hubungan Melayu-Cina.

        Atas implikasi inilah maka saya menganggap persaingan di Johor yang paling panas mahupun BN tidak tergugat kedudukannya di negeri kubu Umno kecuali di kawasan-kawasan bandar majoriti Cina.

        1. Johor okay lah. keadaan kat sana sebenarnya tak begitu panas. seperti sedia maklum, cuma kat kawasan-kawasan majoriti Cina saja yang panas.

          inilah niat, kerja jahat The Star. sebab Johor di katakan “panas” sebab kakitangan The Star lah. siang hari, malam, sepanjang hari buat “laporan” kononnya Johor ni battleground state.

          yang baca The Star ni dah di perdayakan. tapi saya tak hairan pun. The Star ni, sabotaj BN dan memperdayakan para pembaca.

          1. Mungkin kah pengundi di Johor tak terbawa bawa dek ombak tsunami kerana mendapat “first hand look” akibat memberi kuasa mutlak pentadbiran kepada parti PAP di Singapura?

    1. more like a horde of zombies. remember those zombie movies of the 1970s and 1980s ?

  6. malaysian,

    only rm1000 per post? very stingyla your boss…
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      1. Ok la with your encouragement I will go on for the sake of rakyat. Unfortunately for those who blindly support BN crooks’s corruption, there is no better word other than prostitute.

        1. fool ‘malaysian’.. in da end ur kind patronize real prostitutes behind ur wife just like you prostitute ur tak laku unintelligence body of arguments behind your pseudoname.

          Even if you want to pretend to be a stupid troll, do it properly, if not, not worth the pittance Komtar paid u.

  7. As my favourite American President, Harry S. Truman once said, ‘ The buck stops at my desk !’ So, the President of the MCA should sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai arising from the many complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government, and replace them with his own people.

  8. By the way, anyone look at the number of parliamentary seats that MCA going to contest in? According to MCA website, they’re going to contest in 37 parliamentary seats, up from 31 seats back in 2008 (based on Wikipedia numbers). The number of seats to contest actually increases? I didn’t bother to look at DUN seats , too lazy to count.

    Same with Gerakan, they contested 10 parliamentary seats in 2008 (again Wikipedia number), but now they’re allocated 11 seats.

    Total number of seats up for grab still 222.

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