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Melayu Lama blogger gives best reason why Umno must take DAP head on

I just read something in a blog called ‘Reflections by Melayu Lama‘ written by this blogger (see caricature below). It was posted yesterday in his blog under the title ‘When playing with fire just isn’t enough’. I hope you will read it too. — Helen Ang


Umno engaging PAS and PKR is clearly a waste of time. They’re not the ones determining the course for Pakatan and nor are they wearing the pants in that trio. As lead party in BN, Umno needs to face and take on DAP as the lead of the other side.

By Melayu Lama

Post-WWII, right after the axis forces were defeated, locals with an axe to grind in Holland started rounding up pro-German wartime supporters and in some cases people who didn’t help the resistance forces (not necessarily supporters of the nazis nor were they opposers of the resistance, they were just people who didn’t want to get involved or were too scared) and started torturing them in camps. They were worse than the nazis until eventually Allied Forces arrived at axis forces vacated territories and found those despicable camps of the dutch torturing their own. They tortured their own people worse than even the invading nazis themselves.

Pakatan has way too much of an axe to grind and from the look of things, the law, constitution, religious boundaries are all crossed in the name of so-called bigger justice which is to bring down the BN. But if laws are broken, cheating occurs, lies are spread, acts of violence are supported as a means to an end where do we draw the line? If they have all those means at their disposal as a tool to wrestle power do you think they won’t keep those tools to maintain power? pakatan rules by mob and thugs and when we let lawlessness prevail in anyway for whatever circumstances we are no better than thugs ourselves. They have an axe to grind and they will chop off heads, even if it is illegal to do so they will conveniently make it legal. That will be the end of civilization as we know it. They are preaching way too much hate and they must be stopped!

The kind of hate towards the Malays dap people have in their eyes is akin to the hate hitler had towards the Jews. No kidding. Everything is Umno’s and by extension the Malays’ fault. dap is preaching so much hate and saying it’s alright to commit wrongs just to get Umno (the Malays) out of power. No sense of right or wrong. People like that will literally plunder and kill since laws and morals are meaningless to them. Even kaffir countries have moral boundaries that cannot be crossed what more Malaysia and yet they are saying morals are of no question. Morals are the basis of a person’s character. If they are immoral personally, what more professionally?

You can see that many are supporting a particular side based on tonnes of hate. Racists? Of course, kick us bloody Malays out right? Common sense is certainly missing. A lot of those lopsided, “we can do no wrong” type of postings everywhere. Hypothetically, their idols can rob banks and kill bank security guards in the process right in front of them and their (missing sense of) logic will tell them it’s ok because the bank has something to do with BN and the guards are relatives of Umno members. They’re mad.

[to read the rest of the article, please go HERE].


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66 thoughts on “Melayu Lama blogger gives best reason why Umno must take DAP head on

  1. Helen,

    I cannot deny that what ‘Melayu Lama’ had said is totally correct to me.

    The only thing that made the differences is that Melayu Lama wrote it well and I really appreciate the way he bring it up.
    Thanks for this posting.

    Anyway, since there are quite strong support to the opposition especially DAP, Melayu Lama voice is nowhere to be heard among the mass of Melayu Baru that chant ‘UBAH’ and works as ABU.

    And the Melayu Baru were actually government agencies staff which includes teachers, SUK staffs and other agencies. Their attitude were so ‘taksub’ into believing the government were corrupted and their pro-oppo characteristics were clearly voiced out thru the social media to the ‘rakyat’…..

    A simple request to them to leave their job since they were not pro-BN will be answerd plainly that government and political party (BN) is different. They dare say that their salary were not paid by BN but the rakyat. They forego the basis of BN forming government agencies to manage the country and with that they were employed and being paid salary to do their job. They forego that many out there were pro-BN who were unemployed and still waiting to be called-up for an interview by respective agencies.

    I wonder if Tun Dr M statement of ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’ were actually directing to them because I’ve served private companies before and anyone who argue with the boss will be asked to leave or dismissed! Can they accept if the same policy applies?

    1. re: “anyone who argue with the boss will be asked to leave or dismissed!”

      Hence obviously the boss of The Star is not the MCA lah. A ticking off by CSL for The Star failing to cover his roadshow in Sepang is like water off a duck’s back.

      Instead of disciplinary action for the Rosmah tweets, the reporter got promoted.


    2. How dare you insult the honor of our civil service. Being anti-BN or pro-BN is irrelevant in the civil service. What is important is that one conducts one’s duties professionally. Are you saying that they are sabotaging government operations? If so, then that is a serious accusation, and you better have the proof to back it up.

      Btw there is more sabotaging going in BN anyways, if not then why would their leaders fault it for performing poorly in 2008? How dare you ask them to leave their jobs. They are right in saying that their salaries are being paid by the rakyat (taxpayers) and not BN. Has BN as a political coalition contributed their own funds in paying their salaries? If not then civil servants are right to believe that it is the rakyat, not BN that has paid their salaries.

      Civil servants must be politically neutral. The weakest organisations are those made of pathetic yes men. Would you rather our civil service was like the Soviet bureaucracy of old, have officers hand picked by BN and mindlessly follow orders. I thought BN was aiming to create a work environment beyond just blindly following orders.

      And if pro-BN candidates can’t be called up, it just shows their lack of quality. Our civil service is aiming for that, not yes men. Civil servants can have opinions, they are people and not robots. In the UK, its generally accepted that senior civil servants politically are more pro-conservative. So when there is a labour government, they should get rid of them and bring in pro-labour people?

      1. They must be neutral? most of them, aren’t. Some or most of them while away the hour, bickering about politic. btw, the governemnt of the day is their boss. So, they have to implement the programmes designed, till and when another if any party takes over.

    3. “I wonder if Tun Dr M statement of ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’ were actually directing to them ” (lousy English)

      Why the Malays tinggalkan UMNO adalah kerana UMNO gagal untuk memperjuangkan hak asasi orang Melayu di Malaysia. Orang Melayu adalah native Tanah Melayu tetapi kepimpinan UMNO telah memajukan Malaysian Malaysia konon atas dasar meritokrasi. Hanya melayu yang pandai dan cekap konon akan dibantu oleh UMNO.

      Dan mereka yang “cekap” ini kebetulan adalah menantu Ketua Wanita, anak Presiden UMNO, abang, adik and so on.

      Tidak ada apa yang dilupakan oleh orang Melayu. Mereka masih menuntut hak mereka. Y.Bhg. Tun Dr. M bercakap sebagai anak seorang Tamil dari Kerala yang ingat Melayu perlu berterimakasih kepada dia.

      Tuntutan orang melayu jauh berbeza dari yang difikirkan oleh Y.Bhg. Tun. Dr. M. yang memikirkan 20% untuk orang Melayu sudah memadai kerana sebelum merdeka mereka cuma ada 1%!!!

      Walhal orang Melayu berjuang untuk kemerdekaan menghalau Kristian British dari Tanah Melayu untuk mengambil balik 110% Tanah Melayu!!

      Dengan kepimpinan Malaysian Malaysia ini maka orang Melayu mula rasa tersisih dari UMNO sehingga menubuhkan parti baru PKR. Walaupun disebabkan isu sodomi tetapi PKR ini merupakan ruang bagi orang Melayu yang tersisih dari UMNO untuk bersuara dan mendapat kuasa.

      Negeri Kedah, sendiri jatuh kepada PAS sedangkan Y.Bhg. Tun Dr.M berasal dari sana! Bukan kah ini memalukan? Begitu juga PPinang negeri asal Pak Lah jatuh ketangan DAP.

      Tetapi kita lihat orang2 Cina dan India menjadi bilionair sehingga mampu membeli kelab bola di England. Liga bola Melayu sendiri tak maju-maju. Kepimpinan UMNO Melayu yang tak sedar diri mereka tersisih dari Melayu tidak merasa segan malah bangga sehingga menyalahkan orang melayu yang memilih mereka kerana tidak meniru gaya orang cina berniaga. Menipu, merasuah pemimpin UMNO dan Ketua Jabatan Melayu dsb seperti yang disaran berulangkali oleh Muhyidin dan Mahathir.

      Pemimpin UmNO dibuai bisnes Cina hingga timbul tiada sebab bagi Melayu untuk mengundi Bn atau UMNO lagi. Melayu telah berdikari dan ketiadaan Y.Bhg. Tun Dr.M tidak dirasai.

      Tidak, melayu tidak mudah lupa. Kini Melayu perlu meleraikan segala rompakan dan salah guan kuasa yang dilakukan oleh Y.Bhg. Tun. Dr. M.

      “anyone who argue with the boss will be asked to leave or dismissed! Can they accept if the same policy applies?”

      This is the laughable mentality of the self appointed autocrats of UMNO. UMNO is not the boss of the Malays. UMNO is the servant of the Malays. The fact that the Malays feel alienated from UMNO is because UMNO leaders were incompetent and complacent. How can you dismiss government servants..hoi bodoh. BN dont pay their salary. BN cannot dismiss them , they are govern by the PSC. Memang you all orang Melayu lama ni terencat akal..muahaha. Tak faham. Awak dilantik oleh orang Melayu untuk jaga orang Melayu. Bila awak lupa daratan orang Melayu akan buang awak. bukan awak buang orang Melayu.

      geleng kepala… padanlah Melayu lari dari UMNO..

      Kerajaan Melayu adalah hak semua individu Melayu bukan keluarga Najib atau Pak Lah atau Husin Onn. Faham.. Pemimpin UMNO adalah hamba orang Melayu yang menjalankan amanah orang Melayu bukan Kesultanan Melayu baru.

      1. Hoi ko le could you address others like that?
        It is my belief, you are the one who is bodoh. I sense a lot of inconsistency in your write-up.

      2. ‘Y.Bhg. Tun Dr. M bercakap sebagai anak seorang Tamil dari Kerala yang ingat Melayu perlu berterimakasih kepada dia.’

        Here we go again! What else is news?? Zairil mengaku Melayu, korang terima aje bulat2??! Pelik la geng ABUed nih!

  2. TftaYe, UMNO is so sensitive when cina DAP call them racist. I agree with this article.

  3. The DAP is the weak link in the triumvirate of 3 with its cupboard full of political skeletons which they cannot hide. Not only DAP was founded by the Singaporean Lee Kuan Yew, the DAP for 44 long years did nothing to help the Chinese, Malays, Bumiputras, Indians and all. The DAP shouted, ‘ Malaysia for Malaysians ‘ for 44 long years and now agreed to be the 3rd class member to a extremist trio, one of which is very rich and the other very pious, but both with Malay leadership. Now the DAP shouts through their spokesman, ‘ Malaysian Politics is Malay based.’

    I never thought the DAP would KOW-TOW to the Malays. Who told them to is anyone’s educated guess ?

    1. It’s a form of investment don’t you think? Swallow some pride for greater mileage later.

      I really hope it’s not true tho.

      If I didn’t stumble upon this blog, Satd’s, another brick in wall and several others, I might have already swallowed their hook, line and sinker.

    2. the DAP is not the weak link. the weak link is PKR. going after the weakest link is a mistake simply because the weakest link will by itself self-destruct, like what is now happening with PKR.

      Umno must go after the DAP. that’s the only way to defeat Pakatan.

  4. I wonder, will Najib win if he contests in DAP’s territories like Cheras or Bintang?

      1. Betul to Moya. He has been working hard on the ground. One of the brighter candidates in this GE. Young people connect with him. I’ve once attended a function which he presided. His enthusiasm is infectious. He has a bright future. Bonus point awarded by my missus: He’s good looking too.

      2. I hope his change is genuine, and not just a ruse to cover up his shortcomings, which were really poisonous in 2008.

  5. Melayu Lama has articulated for me exactly what I observe in the behaviour of the opp supporters (and I include Bersih) post-2008 GE.

    They have crossed the line too many times. Before this I’ve never heard of the msian govt being described as “racist”. If you are on the net a lot (like me) and read all the comments you certainly “sakit hati”.

    The “Umnoputra” jibe for instance. I wonder if it is not a coded term for all Malays (though they will say we meant only the Umno politicians)? This has been going for a long time that in recent months even blogger RPK can’t stomach it any longer. Now he’s busy telling off his own “racist” readers.

    Yes, mark you, sakit hati will be with us when we mark the X on the ballot paper.

  6. Dear Helen, what scares me is that now the hate campaign is rubbing off on me … but the other way, I look at all chinese with suspicious eyes now … after all 90% supports DAP kan! … apa dah dan apa nak jadi dengan the harmony that mak bapak kita pupuk.

    1. Concur that their berserk behaviour is frightening. They will stop at nothing to win the battles (like Gelang Patah, Kluang or the other seats that DAP can wrest from the MCA)

      but in the process, they’ve already lost the war.

      Not just you but the Indians (except the English-speaking Christian ones) look askance at the Chinese.

      But in gaining the almost complete level of Chinese 80%, 85%, 90% (?), they’ve alienated any reasonable person of other races who are non-Chinese (with the exception of English-speaking Christian Indians).

      Quite naturally the rest of the M’sian population will equate the “Chinese party” DAP to the Chinese community in the country and consequently Chinese = DAP.

      1. Well said and observed. I think the nation will grow more distrustful and divisive after the GE. The extreme rhetoric and anti Malay position taken by DAP (using coded words like ethnic equality, meritocracy, umnoputra, racists, mamaks, etc) have struck a deep wedge between the Malays and the Chinese.

        They have enboldened the Chinese and the Christians to the extent where they behave as though they are the masters of the land, just like in 1969. I feel, smell 1969 all over again.

        As I had observed, what is more frightening is that they have immersed this same spirit of extreme hate toward the Malays and the govt in their children. I am shocked to see teenage chinese friends of my own kids uttering or posting messages of hate. These kids have the same low view of the Malay race and consider them as their enemies. It is frightening to think where all these going to end up….

        1. Touche,meanwhile we have disullusioned lembu Malays who think they can set up a caliphate and die martyrs beating umno thru their unholy alliance with believers of 3 in 1 Allah in DAP and the PAS with its cult personalities bordering on blasphemies.

          On a every day basis, i see acquaintances that ironically spoonfed from mrsm to overseas universities mumbling about Islam caliphate bla bla bla by beating UMNO,….ini kalilah ?… these are the Malays who will lose big under Pakatan,normal Malays can cope with less,these Islamists Malays who benefitted the most,western educated yet have Islamist convictions and ingrates/selfish hopes to turn Malaysia into a bridge to heaven and virgin houris by burning multicultural Malaysia into another hopeless Iran that Saudi Arabia would seem more tolerant.

          Yet they talk as if DAP are willing conduits to their utopia…..they are in for a very wet blanket when they wake up…ini kalilah mampus?

          Do PASters and Dapsters actually actually acknowledge each other’s existence,coz almost all their conversations or trolling online do not involve Pas and Dap in a single sentence.

          1. LOL, brilliantly observed ! Looking at all these fake camaraderie between the PAStors and Dappies remind me of the unholy axis between Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s communists. They signed a treaty of non aggression just before the WW2 despite being bitter ideological enemies. It wasn’t long before they turned on each other and killled millions.

            This PAS-DAP fling will be over on the 6th May when they finally find out that the political tsunami of 08 has long gone. When PAS gets thrashed and DAP holds most seat, it will dawn upon the Mullah of DAP’s real game plan. And when the conservative faction within PAS blame their leaders for the loss due to the unholy marriage to DAP. That’s when this marriage will start to unravel.

      2. Salam Helen, if the chinese hate the malays, then it will give the reason for the malays to hate the chinese….! Then, if this happens (which I think is happening now !), it is not good for all of us, really not good..! There is a saying, that if there are two parties at war, there should be a third party to preach peace to both of them. Hope to be one of them !

    2. Hi Helen… i agree with Sharifah.

      It has rub off on me and my family too, plus in laws too. Now, we buy malaysian chinese last, if possible, not at all. We eat in muslims or indian stalls or restaurants, buy bumi or indian products only.

      just like how we boycotted mcD, we are now boycotting anything related to Malaysian Chinese. Adapting Tun M’s ‘buy British last’ to ‘buy malaysian Chinese last, or not at all’.

      I know it is not a muhibbah thing to do, but why should my money go to the DAP, which I know it will go to as banyak org Cina donate kepada campaign DAP? Why should i ‘help’ or ‘contribute’ to a group of people who wants to see me and my race annihilated, as DAP claims more than 80% of the chinese support them and their quest to teach UMNO, i.e. Malays, a lesson?

      And i get sakit hati more as a lot of DAPsters think since i kahwin org bukan Malaysia, i tak kuat agama and very liberal. So, they kutuk UMNO and the government plus the Malays and Islam like mad, and think that I am liberal and an anglophile like them, so i must agree with them. So, the sakit hati dah reached tahap maximum already.

    3. Sememangnya menakutkan.. sindrom syak wasangka antara melayu dan cina ini sudah menular ke tempat saya (Johor).

      Mungkin ada hikmah nya bila api dalam sekam direalisasikan sebagai apa yang menyala. Kita ada Bomba untuk memadamkan nya atau pun kita ada RAMD untuk menanam api itu dan puncanya ke dalam tanah..

  7. i shall echo that.. My no orangputih name Indian friends wholeheartedly believe that should DAP (PR) win, they will be further alienated. It seems the Kg Buah Pala incident is still haunting them. To them, they’re much more comfortable with a Malay government – i assume it’s the communication factor and how laid back malays are with them plus the hinduism culture thats sort of adapted by the malays since parameswara la (methinks). The culture part is a bit suprising to me, personally but i see some point there since some adat melayu is so similar with the indians.

    1. …’the hinduism culture thats sort of adapted by the malays since parameswara’ is actually never the same with hinduism today. Parameswara practiced sanata dharma-a straight path to God. sanata dharma or ‘hinduism’ then if you must, was different in essence. Even the biggest Siva temple in the world, the Angkor Wat and numerous hindu temples in Bali was different aesthetically from any hindu temple in Malaysia now, because the line of believe was different.

      Another grave mistake was to think that anything Indian, a good example would be hinduism, was originated from India, the republic, of which the malays in this part of the world, parameswara included, has succesfully adopted and made their own. This was not the case. ‘India’ then, if we must call it India, just like the western scholars did, was much bigger than India, the republic. Thus ‘Indian historical culture and practices’ may ultimately be different from the culture and practices of Indians, from the republic of India today.

      The shared history between the malays, the singhalese, the tamils, the kiraatis, the bengalis, the mon, the siamese etc, must be carefully scrutinized in order for us to better understand the similarity in some adat melayu with the rest of these people, the indians included, of which why perhaps the unspoken understanding among these two group in Malaysia, I think.

  8. They now want to bring that brand of racism national instead of leaving it concentrated in dap stronghold areas.

    Johorians have always been practical if not pragmatic at the polls but that was before kit siang and his divisive racist approach to vote canvasing showed it’s ugly face in Johor. This is the acid test to see what the sentiments are. Sarawak has shown that the dap inclined chinese, when under the influence or under pressure from (which ever way one wants to see it) the dap will turn horribly racist when dangled the fruits of “this is our only chance to reign supreme over the Malays” by the dap.

    Sounds very Aryan-ish a-la Hitler of kit siang but that is the tactic used

      1. Most welcome Helen. I was a bit surprised to find the article’s readership jump like ten times higher than the usual stats until someone told on Facebook that I had the honour of being featured in Helen Ang’s blog.

        Chin Huat’s article really zooms in on the race factor without even trying to hide that fact.

        BN has in the past, not only in Johor but elsewhere too, practiced a sharing formula of sorts. Malays, Chinese, Indians or whatever race have on record contested for seats where the majority constituents were not of the candidate’s race. A gesture that pakatan, and dap especially, keep referring to as some kind of token seats. In reality, it just shows the spirit of cooperativeness within the BN itself. No doubt pakatan under ex-Umno and BN number two anwar copied the similar strategy, the voters should ask themselves on what basis were they voting for dap or pas if they were Malay and Chinese respectively? Was it a spirit of cooperation or just plain hatred in the ABU (asalkan bukan umno sense).

        One would be inclined to think that pakatan can put up a two headed 13 foot python with ultiple forked tongues as a candidate and their supporters would still vote it not out of the spirit of cooperation but just out of plain hatred, That is really dangerous. dap is playing with flame throwers for sure

        1. The honour is mine. Yours was a effective piece of writing looking at the number of Facebook pick-ups it got from my blog page.

          About which coalition is really more race-inclusive, see track record below:


          Electorate (2004): Malay 51%, Indian 28%, Chinese 21%

          In the 2004 GE, MIC’s Datuk Sivalingam won the seat. His death gave rise to a by-election in 2007.

          BN put up an Indian K. Parthiban while PKR put up a Malay (Khalid Ibrahim).

          The above is one example of the inability/reluctance of PKR to give way to a minority candidate, unlike BN. And now Khalid is abandoning Ijok in the 2013 GE. Where is his commitment to the constituency?


          Electorate (2008): Malay 54%, Chinese 27%, Indian 19%

          In 2004, it was an MIC-held seat.

          In 2008, PKR managed to wrest the seat.

          In 2010, there was that famous by-election to Zaid Ibrahim vs P. Kamalanathan. Again PKR opted for a Malay candidate while BN placed its confidence in MIC.


          2000 electoral rolls: Malays 45%, Chinese 34%, Indians 20%

          Contested in 2000 by MIC’s Anthonysamy against Keadilan’s Saifudin Nasution. Saifudin won the kedah state seat but in 2008 skipped off to Machang in Kelantan.

          (1) The Pakatan pollies are like Kit Siang, rolling stones.

          (2) In all three cases above, BN “give chance” to their Indian candidates in the areas with 20-30% Indians (quite a lot compared to their national average) and PKR consistently failed to do so.

          (3) The Pakatan Beyond Race is mere lip service.

          1. I agree Helen, pakatan is very much racial in it’s fielding of candidates.


            I wrote about it four years ago and asked why the Bukit Selambau vacated seat along with the state exco position which was held by an Indian in pkr also replaced by another Indian in pkr. Similarly, if the spririt of dap’s cooperation in pakatan is so strong why not field teresa kok in Putrajaya instead of husam? Their rhetorics of being race-free is just lip service. End of the day they are more racial than BN. Why else whould emperor kit siang want Gelang Patah?

            1. Thanks. Will browse though your archives. Expect to find a treasure trove. Oh goody! :D

  9. I commend Melayu Lama for his superb and sharp write-up. I concur with his views.

    Melayu Lama’s article articulates what many middle-age Malays friends of mine feel as well. Many of them were unhappy about UMNO and wanted the party to reform and change. They had positive views of Pakatan (pre-2008) and more than willing to engage with the non Muslims on sensitive religious issues and discuss in a reasonable manner. They understand and sympathize some of the frustration that we non bumis face.

    However they were shocked by the kurang ajar behavior of the Chinese Pakatoons post-2008. What angered them most is that these supporters’ extreme hate of the Malay race and labeling them as racist, corrupt and cruel race.

    The ironic thing that like in the Grimm’s fairy tale of the Emperor Wears No Cloth, our alternative media and the army of Pakatoons are silent on the single most important aspect of DAP’s strategy – If they are truly multiracial, why are they only contesting in Chinese majority seats?

    LKS is calling Tun as a racist. It is ironic since he’s more qualified to be called as one as he (LKS) stands in a Chinese-majority seat in Gelang Patah. I m puzzled why our Bangsa Malaysia army is not praising UMNO and Ghani for standing in Gelang Patah and doing away with racial politics by betting on his appeal among all races instead of depending on ethnic support like LKS??

    1. re: “Bangsa Malaysia army is not praising UMNO and Ghani for standing in Gelang Patah”

      Bingo! If it was the other way around, the whole cyber army would be out making a song and dance of their Beyond Race tune

        1. Already LKS has been instigating orang cina johor to be angry at MCA for allowing UMNO to have Ghani in Gelang Patah, how racist is that?!

          BN has been all along beyond race, this is perhaps another shining example which should make moderate Malaysians proud.

        2. totally agree with you CK. when i first read about such a possibility at either Annie’s or BigCat/Tinsel’s blog, i actually goosepimpled abit – it felt like we’re about to see a checkmate/all or nothing move enter frame. bet LKS/DAP/PR didn’t see that. :)

      1. To me, should the Gelang Patah chinese really support the Dapsters beyond race tune, they should vote Ghani and not LKS….otherwise, the Gelang Patah chinese are then RACIST!

        What do you think?

    2. Very kind of you Sir. Thank you but I am just voicing out what so many Malays seem afraid to do for fear of being branded a racist if not an all out pas labeled apostate. The Malays, Chinese and Indians need not fear the backlash of trolls knocking on their doors calling them racists when the trolls are obviously much, much worse racists themselves.

      The opened floodgates were really very much the handy work of the sleepy administration of 2003-2009 which did nothing to stop things from spiraling out of control then. The effects of which are present until today.

      But in all my years, never have I ever seen this kind of holier-than-thou we-can-do-no-wrong kind of racism in Malaysia. dap needs to be nipped in the bud and pas too for making religious zombies out of thinking Malays

      1. Dulu aku (maaf ye, guna bahasa kasar) macam Melayu biasa, cukup berlapik kalau cakap ngan bangsa lain. Aku tak pandang duit dorang, tapi hormat. Biasa laa kan.

        Tapi sekarang aku dah tak peduli sangat dah. Cakap macam biasa, tapi kalau berlagak memang aku dah tak bagi muka. Terutama sekali bangsa ultra kiasu.

        Nak kita cantas tunasnya? Agak susah, aku rasa. Aku berkecimpung dalam bisnes, dan ramai orang ultra kiasu ni perasan dorang pandai sangat bisnes. Padahal yang pandai satu dua kerat jek, yang lain sama bengap jek ngan bangsa2 lain.

        Pada aku, dorang nyer perasan konon dorang hebat dalam bisnes dah menular ke politik. So kalau dorang kalah dalam PRU13 nih, macam mana laa dorang nak gostan balik sifat perasan tuh. So kalau dorang takleh nak gostan, dorang nak pi mana, dan nak buat apa?

        Tapi yang buat aku sedih, sebenarnya kalau dorang takde perasaan sifat bangga dan sombong ni, aku boleh kamceng sungguh ngan orang ultra kiasu nih. Sungguh kamceng.

        Tapi, apa nak kata. Dah dorang nak aku merempat kat tanah tok nenek aku sendiri kan?

        1. Actually, many of the ultra kiasu dapster types are ignorant. They claim government does not assist them, sideline them and all that yet when we ask if they’ve applied for this or that micro credit, business loan or other government assistance schemes they turn around and ask “where? how to apply? got such thing?”.

          That’s what happens when all they read are rocket, harakah, sk, tmi and the rest of the pakatan spinning organs. Satu habuk pun depa tak tau. And when other Malays or even their own Chinese are successful with some government startup assistance, the dapster types quickly turn around and call them cronies.

          My relative runs a factory and tried to apply for Miti pioneer status back in the mid 90’s but was beaten to it by a Chinese competitor. Why? The other guy was smart enough to join Martrade, Smidec and all other assisting government departments and saw that that industry did not have a pioneer and applied first.

          If he had read harakah, rocket ans sk sure haram takkan tau punya. When have those kit siang, anwar and nik aziz news portals ever reported anything good about any BN government initiative? All they do is just highlight the bad for public bashing. Tak productive langsung

  10. malangnya, apabila orang Cina seperti sis Helen yang pastinya lebih faham dan arif dengan semangat serta fikiran masyarakat Cina cuba menerangkan perkara yang sebenar tentang perkauman melampau yang ditonjolkan oleh DAP, masih ramai orang Melayu yang percaya bulat-bulat dengan lakonan mantap parti tersebut.

    kalau orang Cina termakan dakyah DAP, saya fahamlah sebab ia didorong oleh semangat perkauman mereka dan untuk kelangsungan hidup. tetapi Melayu yang menyanjungi DAP dan menyatakan DAP membela Islam dan Melayu sangatlah tidak difahami.

    ini termasuklah para ilmuan Islam yang rasanya tahap keilmuan Islam mereka lebih tinggi berbanding orang awam seperti saya boleh terpedaya dengan kepura-puraan DAP dari segi percakapan dan perlakuan.

    hanya kerana Tokong naik kapal terbang kelas ekonomi, makanya segala dakyah perkauman dan salah guna kuasa dia boleh dimaafkan?

    hanya kerana DAP masuk masjid dan bagi sebiji limau setiap seorang, maka tidak mengapa bagi orang PAS menghina mengeji orang UMNO?

    hanya kerana satu pujian DAP kepada Islam & pandai memetik ayat suci al-Quran dalam satu ceramah sahaja, boleh membasuh segala penghinaan dan caci cerca DAP terhadap Allah, Islam dan Melayu yang terkumpul selama ini?

    sepatutnya orang2 PAS yang kononnya lebih alim, lebih tinggi ilmu agamanya daripada orang2 UMNO boleh membuat keputusan waras serta bijak, menilai adakah DAP pilihan terbaik kerjasama mereka?

    mana lebih baik antara DAP dengan MCA? sudah semestinya MCA yang lebih toleransi tetapi PAS kerana tamak haloba dan dendam yang tidak sudah-sudah kepada UMNO, rela membuang segala ilmu pengetahuan agama dan rela dipergunakan oleh DAP.

    UMNO rasuah mungkin kerana ramai pimpinan UMNO tak banyak ilmu agama (sila berguru dengan guru mursyid).
    tapi PAS, rasuah dan skandal seks kerana terlebih sangat ilmu agama? jangan sampai gila isim.

    p/s: please anyone explain gila isim in English *o*

    1. Malay Princess,

      PAS has a “wild card’ that is islam. As such when a person looks like Mustafa Ali (or really it was him) in uncompromising position, the response is quite muted.

      And suddenly PAS will come up with verses about the “sin” on “fitnah”. But of course, the same principle was not used on Najib when they slandered him on Altantuya’s murder.

      ON ANOTHER TOPIC, I salute UMNO for fielding Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah. Initially I thought it was a bad idea. But later, I began to think otherwise. Ghani Othman vs Kit Siang will take off the steam from Kit Siang’s endeavour to finish off MCA.

      If Kit Siang is too “gung ho”, he will alienated Malay voters completely. Besides, it will put the battle into centre stage. The Chinese will have to make a choice that is difficult. Reject Ghani and they will make whatever Malays thinks that they (Chinese) thinking about Chinese only as true.

      But more importantly, Ghani competing in Gelang Patah will hit PAS the hardest. Supporting DAP will make PAS looks like traitor among Malays.

      As for UMNO, going into Chinese majority areas serves 2 strategies. It is a diplomatic way of telling MCA that it (MCA) is not indispensable.

      But above all, it shows character. To meet Kit Siang in his “comfort zone’. Now onwards, people will start saying “If UMNO dares to stand in Chinese areas, why cant DAP stand in Malay areas?”

      1. re: “If UMNO dares to stand in Chinese areas, why cant DAP stand in Malay areas?”

        DAP-PKR-PAS have to divvy up the seats between themselves.

        Historically PAS has won the Malay pekat areas. In this regard, they’re the twin of DAP which has won in the Cina pekat areas.

        DAP can stand in Malay areas but this seat arrangement will have to get PAS’s agreement. Under present circumstances, a Malay seat given to DAP is a ‘sure lose’ proposition that deprives PAS of a good-chance-to-win shot.

        Comparing Ghani standing in Gelang Patah (not likely to win) with DAP standing in a Malay area (sure to lose) shows that BN is the coalition with better race accommodation credentials than Pakatan even tho’ the latter thumps its chest about Beyond Race.

        1. Actually, anyone who’s into RPGs such as Diablo and Fallout would find the race-based electoral fights in Malaysia really intriguing.

          You have a tank in the form of Ghani who is ready to go in and absorb the hits from the aggro (LKS) even though he knows he might not win. But it really is a team effort, so although the aggro might do off the tank, the wins of the other blue teams in adjacent areas could nullify the aggro’s victory.

          Throw in the fact that the tank could be resurrected with the aura and status of a champ willing to take one for the team, the aggro, already way past his prime and not so as rich with supporters as he had thought, would really have scored only a pyrrhic victory.

          And that is as delicious a thought as shooting off-screen randomly and scoring a dead hit on Diablo himself.

          1. Of course he would, but at what cost?

            I’m not so active in commenting nowdays. It seems that other people are doing a much better job of it than me.

            So I’m just watching the dynamics in motion and seeing human nature at work. Nothing much to report. Everything is about power. But how power is being played out on the meta level, it is personally very intriguing.

            For example, should PR fail to take putrajaya by a large margin, then the ultra kiasus would not only have exposed themselves, but their holdings as well. With Malays now more educated and in a better position to direct their resources as they choose, how would they retaliate against the Chinese? How would the Chinese accept the loss?

            I am not bloodthirsty, mind you, but when someone has bet the farm on a horse with a bad knee, they tend to be aggressive and need some solid pacifying. So what will see the week after election day?

      1. CS, nobody is useless or want to useless, this a typical swiping statement without any substance. If anybody has been useless is your beloved MIC leaders who had allowed the Indian to deteriorate to the state they are for which we needed HINDRAF to rise to shed the truth and reality. I can’t stand such self righteous Malaysian. Sound so much like DAP

    1. Not really, this is one on an individual basis just like this [YouTube]. It is good for Malaysian Indians to speak out so the rest of us can also understand their problems that is seems not visible or ignored. This is the reality for regular Malaysian Indian, nor me or you. Thanks for taking the trouble to at least look up into issues that involves Malaysian Indians as a Malaysian.

      1. nobody is useless :-) …because he’s unheard before doesn’t mean his blog is a waste…lots of “well-known” people fill their blog with garbage.

        he writes based on his experience as an ordinary Indian guy. many other blogs by Indian no longer active or simply boring to read.

        one more is Uthaya Sankar, I provided his blog link before. same as this macha, he’s pro opposition but interesting is he writes in Bahasa Melayu.

        Calvin, why don’t you start a blog? we lack of Indian bloggers who can write issues on Indian community. we will support you too!

        1. Thank you Malay Princess and that is the spirit. Today 73% of the innovators in America for Science & Technology is made of Indians on their background with the corporate veil under Google, Microsoft, TCS, WIPRO, IBM, Satyam etc. Why do we in Malaysia reject such talents when we have inbred talents in Malaysia. Do we nurture them or neglect them because what is politically convenient for the betterment of Malaysia? Everybody needs a chance for how they can contribute rather than plying with a hidden agenda when it can only serve us personally.

          An issue is not the problem, but identifying the issue is when we are able to digest the issue beyond who says it, who talks about. Truth and reality does not need resurfacing, it is always there like the sun and moon but only when we are ready to accept it without an agenda for our fellow folks.

        2. Thanks MalayPrincess. I do have a blog but I am hardly active as this is a time-consuming activity. Talking about Indian bloggers or NGOs, I m sorry that I have very low opinion of them. It is my personal principle that talk is cheap and not action matters. We have too many talkers and too little doers. That’s the problem with the world today.

          1. so what u gonna do about it?

            just sit, watch & sometimes comment on other blog(s), post status on FB (if applicable) to release your anger? we all can continue condemn other people’s work. but what’s our contribution to our community?

            i’m not bragging but i just would like to share with you & others. me too pissed off with NGOs & political parties in my hometown.

            i joined several NGOs but after sometimes too many politicking so i left. one NGO i love to volunteer but i think, i better contribute to place & people where i belong.

            now, i’m in the middle of setting up one small project for children in my hometown. i’m still working so every Friday I will go back there to coordinate things. hope everything will turn okay.

            change starts from intention & ideas, later developed as words, written and spoken and finally translated into actions.

            many Indian NGOs and bloggers are useless, so you just gonna be one of them, being useless for just condemning or think to do something necessary?


  11. Jeneral (B) Zaini ought to stand toe-to-toe against LKS and say ”Lu, KOMUNIS, DIAM!”

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