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GE13: Chinese too loud, Malays too quiet

There is a big silent majority out there. And there is a noisy Bangsar minority who are loudly heard in the usual watering holes as well as in The Star.

The MCA-owned newspaper has been assiduously promoting “colour blindness” among its readers ever since the tsunami (see screenshot below).

Star promoting DAP line

n_08starESUThe Star rewards people who parrot the DAP ‘Malaysian First’ line — see Star article screenshot above.

The runner-up in the Star-English public speaking competition two years ago was Ong Kar Jin (see photo right). Reporting on the contest that it organized, the paper said that Kar Jin’s speech “shed light on why we are ‘indoctrined’ to be racist”.

In his speech, the college student had said: “The only way to overcome racism is to erase it from our hearts and minds, to finally become colour blind.”

Among the panel of judges for the above Star speech-making contest was Kee Thuan Chye, whose book ‘No more bullshit’ was launched by Lim Guan Eng (photo below) in April last year.

The Penang chief minister also launched Kee’s sequel ‘Ask for no bullshit, get some more!’ last month (second photo below).


Lim Guan Eng and Kee Thuan Chye (March 2013)

The Star encouraging DAP Firsters

Ask: Where is The Star situated ideologically? In its previous Merdeka Day special, the paper gave a prominent airing to Hannah Yeoh’s ‘Look past race‘ mantra.’

Puteri Umno, Beliawanis MCA and Puteri MIC are nowhere to be seen in the paper’s pages, its ownership by the MCA notwithstanding.

The Star gave a prize to budding ideologue Ong Kar Jin two years ago for his speech on how Malaysians are indoctrinated to become racists.

Today Kar Jin has an article out in Loyar Burok — the website of a political grouping that declares itself to be “non-partisan“.

In an article titled ‘Moving Past the Issue of Race‘ (Loyar Burok, 17 April 2013), Ong Kar Jin – who won The Star public speaking 2011 prize – wrote what sounds like paragraphs straight out from the DAP handbook:

Race-based political parties like Umno, MCA and MIC survive because of simple economics: where there is a demand, there will be a supply. These parties are both the cause and effect of our divisions: they are borne out of our own tendencies to divide ourselves and exploit them by emphasizing how we are different.

“Race based parties imply that only Chinese can help Chinese best, only Malays will properly serve the interests of Malays, ad infinitum. By being explicitly race-based parties, they state they are their race first and Malaysian second. Insert quotes/ policies here. The result has been a vicious cycle of spiraling communalism, of fear mongering and hate-inciting.”

Ong Kar Jin, The Star prize winner, holds the race politics of MCA and Umno responsible for “fear mongering and hate-inciting”.

This sort of canard about the BN is not challenged by The Star. Instead views like those spouted by Kar Jin are the views that are fostered in The Star and endlessly featured in its pages.

The Star allows the DAP SuperCyber Bully network nesting in its bosom to propagate this line of thought to its 5.63 million-strong audience.

Ong Kar Jin further opined in his article, “For perhaps the first time in the history of the nation, Malaysians have a viable alternative to race-based politics in Pakatan Rakyat”.

He believes that DAP is at heart a party based on ideology and not race, adding “In the past 4 years, we have seen a trend towards genuine multiracialism in these parties. DAP has Dr Ariffin Omar as vice chairman and Zairil Khir Johari as Asst. National Publicity Secretary”.

The Star milieu is the milieu of the Ong Kar Jins. That’s why the Ong Kar Jin-type of voices are so loud. They are amplified to reach millions of readers and listeners through the various non-Malay media which the Bangsar cabal controls.

And they are the young generation, first-time voters who number more than 3 million. It is the MCA’s own media machinery which has sharpened the knife that will deal the Chinese party its killer blow in its back in the coming election.

I have no doubt how the young Chinese, even those in Johor, will vote. I’m only wondering about the young Malay vote which has been comparatively silent.


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66 thoughts on “GE13: Chinese too loud, Malays too quiet

    1. Malays are quiet because they just want to send the Chinese back to China and the Indians back to Mumbai.

      Melayu generasi baru dah sedar penipuan yang dibuat oleh Mahathir anak orang India yang ingin menghapuskan bangsa Melayu dari Malaysia. [edited]

      Melayu mula sedar ini Tanah Melayu. Cina nak melalak mcm manapun tidak akan menghilangkan kedaulatan Tanah Melayu. Penganut ugama Krisitan yang dibawa oleh penjajah Eropah untuk memerangi Kesultanan Melayu adalah musuh Melayu dan tidak boleh diterima sebagai penduduk Tanah Melayu.

      Sejarah menunjukan Krisitan telah memerangi Tanah Melayu dan mengambil kekayaan Timah dan getah dan minyak untuk negara mereka.

      Ilusi bahwa Cina adalah diterima oleh orang Melayu hanya dilakukan oleh NST dan pemimpin melayu yang dapat habuan dari bisnes cina.

      Guru-guru Melayu, askar melayu, polis dan sebagainya adalah majoriti melayu yang tak akan berdiam diri sementara Cina dan India mengaut lesen menjadi bilionair di Tanah Melayu.

      That is why the Malays are quiet.

  1. The Star hedging their bets? Trying to win over both sides although it has of late show need to support dap more than MCA. Don’t need this kind of lalang around

    1. When i read the article above, my impression is that as i fdap is suggesting for our race to be abolished. No more chinese, no more malays, no more indians and no more natives. We all will be known as malaysian. Correct me if I am wrong.

      1. you think they’ll really run with that? as in take action in erasing our racial identity? if that’s the really the case they won’t try so hard to defend vernacular schools, but instead integrate everyone in a single school system.

  2. for DAPSTER, color blind is only one color…which is WHITE.

    although Chinese DAP are not as white as the white White (Mat Salleh), although they are more to Banana’s white (the fruit, after we peel off the yellow skin of banana) they believe they are part of the White hahaha…(perasan lettewwww…).

    ‘we are white, regardless the shades,…, claimed Hannah Yeoh and the gang’

    from wikipedia,
    “colors often considered “shades of white” may include, among others, cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, and vanilla.

    hemmm…which shade these DAPSTERs fall into? Tokong maybe eggshell, Kitty Sissy we give vanilla? okey tak?

    explained why there is almost none DAP leaders from Indian community, be it lady or man highlighted extensively in TheSTAR.

    why? they are afraid of black coloured people? will overshadow their weak whiteness?

    they can deny, but people not blind like them to judge their racism. due to the perasan white, one of its leader rather choose Chinese than Indian for the race of her baby (ies?).

    i prefer black color, though many might favour white.

    though white often associated with pureness, cleanliness (kononnya), but easy to get stained on it. for me, white is a weak color & many dislike wearing white, takut nampak gemuk…fattttttyyyy…

    black is mysterious, strong and make me look slimmer :-)

    meanwhile, tanned is healthy color, Asian busy to be white, White Mat Salleh pulak berebut-rebut nak jadi tanned…

  3. Adoih, Malays can’t communicate and read in English, stick to BH and UM.

    Star and Sun are (c)overtly being used to spread DAP views.

    So what does that make the MCA, covert DAP supporters?

  4. Perhaps most are just waiting to make noise? No need to make any noise now, just keep it inside. I remember many things that happened not too long ago: the Malays were less noisy then. But they somehow came together and spoke their mind. You remember Helen?

    I was a university student then. Everything is still clear in my mind: the noisy, abusive campaign speeches, the taunts and whatnots. Even this morning, at the market, someone brazenly came up and told me not to be afraid to change, to wash away the ‘sh.t’, the Malay sh.t I suppose. I just smiled. That’s me, typical Melayu. We can only smile now.

    1. I’m not old enough to experience May 13 first-hand but when I saw the anti-Lynas demo by Wong Tack’s people in the heart of old KL, it rang a deja vu of the archival photos of the 1969 demos.

    2. Semasa musim pilihanraya semua cerita pasal najis dikeluarkan. Dahulu ketika saya masih menuntut (pada waktu tersebut saya menyokong gerakan Barisan Alternatif walaupun belum layak mengundi), saya ingat lagi Shahnon Ahmad pernah mengeluarkan buku Sh*t @ Puk*M*k @ PM (1999).

      Saya cuba untuk membaca buku tersebut, namun tidak menghabiskannya. Pertama, bahasa sasteranya bukan genre yang sesuai untuk saya kerana saya bukanlah di dalam aliran sastera. Kedua bahasa jijik yang digunapakai adalah amat memualkan dari seorang Sasterawan Negara walaupun ianya dikatakan sebagai sebuah demokrasi dalam berkarya sehinggakan ianya sendiri tidak membawa beliau kemana-mana sepanjang bergelumang dengan najis politik.

      Pada saya, ianya umpama demokrasi ala barat di mana “nude painting” di agung-agungkan sebagai kebebasan berkarya untuk menghargai seni tubuh badan manusia sedangkan sebilangan artis pelbagai agama berdebat mempertikaikan ianya sebuah seni lukis @ bentuk pornografi.

      sedikit petikan dari novel tersebut :

      Kehidupan kita di muka bumi ini masih ada batas sempadan. Kita sering di ajar semasa di sekolah tentang do & don’ts. Tetapi apa yang berlaku pada hari ini, ahli-ahli politik telah melangkaui batas-batas ini. Apa yang dapat dilihat pada senario di Malaysia hari ini mengingatkan saya tentang perihal kanak-kanak. Seorang budak lelaki A mencubit peha budak lelaki B dan kemudiannya dibalas balik oleh budak lelaki B. Kemudian budak lelaki A menangis dahulu dengan sepenuh emosi untuk menarik perhatian ibu/guru dan akhirnya budak lelaki B dituduh memulakan kekacauan lalu dihukum.

      Sekiranya tiada kebakaran, mengapa perlu ditekan butang kecemasan untuk menimbulkan rasa panik. Sekiranya rakyat ingin disedarkan supaya menjadi buta terhadap warna kulit, jangan pula akhirnya pemimpin mereka sendiri yang buta celik kepada sekeliling. Buta celik ini terlalu bahaya. Ianya lebih buta dari orang yang buta semulajadi.

      Teringat saya pada lirik lagu Ramlah Ram – “Gurindam Seloka”

      Biar buta penglihatan
      Jangan buta hati dan fikiran
      Biar pun miskin hina
      Jangan papa adat dan bahasa
      Berhelang helang buana
      Jangan lupa saudara tetangga
      Bila hujung di jumpa
      Jangan pula pangkal kau lupa

      Harumnya bunga rampai
      Oleh kerna ramuan yang pandai
      Indahnya sang pelangi
      Tapi sayang tiada bererti
      Hidup dalam dunia
      Banyak ceritanya
      Selagi bernyawa
      Ada saja kerenahnya
      Yang indah hanyalah bahasa
      Disebut dibaca
      Gurindam serta seloka
      Namun kenyataan hidup masih tetap sama
      Tidak kira walau di mana
      Tepuk dada tanya selera
      Amalan biasa.

      Tengok Uncle yang cakap dia 1 Malaysia di dalam video ni, tapi dia kasi sh*t pada seseorang. [YouTube]

  5. we malay will vote and we will make our stand clear….and than people will see what we want them to se. Tears to come a lot of people will wonder what has happen….You’ll see

    1. I think the Malay vote will generally return to BN.

      However the young, urban Malay voters are a question mark. As well as the Isma-types — dunno which way they’ll sway.

      1. Isma is trying to have themselves a Morsi type of authoritarian rule here. Don’t think they’ll go far in this election. They’ll be contesting something like 20 seats. Be mindful of them too. Another pas type that worships their own set of ulamaks

        1. Well I’m one of the urban voter. A lot of people talk about a bad things of the other side but they showing a bad attitude of their side.

          In the end I judge them with what they do, not what they say they do. A lot of things happen during this 5 years. Some already showing that we cannot trust them anymore. I’m one of the people who vote for ‘try us’ or should I say ‘trust us’ but in the end I feel trouble when a dynamic Malaysia becoming a distrusted Malaysia.

          Some will say I sway to other side but what happen to me make me realize when you playing politic too long it will create an unrest among people. Now we cannot even spoke a joke about other people race or call them by their race because we afraid someone will mis-understand and said you racist.

          How do they explain to other people when what ever they said the other side doing, now has happen to their side?

          You know what I wonder more: If you in goverment what ever misconduct your doing it a death to your career but if you an opposition you can get away with anything. What’s going on????

          1. Hi Sarah. Can you please speak English? I can’t seem to understand what you’re saying. I see you’re a product of our government. You trying to pilfer some space in the world wide web and some precious time of readers with nonsensical and non-existent vocab for that matter, as a a matter of fact, is entirely and utterly illogical. Ambiguous does not even enter the picture here. Please, speak English. Or, speak your own language, Malay.

          2. Micaela, u go sod off, her views matter more than your grammar perfect with no substance reply.

            With your gramnar you can at best get cleaner jobs at an office building in Europe and Australia.

          3. LOL..another grammar nazi..ada kerja kosong, pelakon #OhMyEnglish! Aku pun PJ La Sallian gak, ex-classmate aku Niki Cheong kerja The Star dulu. Guan Eng sekolah rendah belakang sekolah aku. Peduli apa kalau aku tak guna English kat sini.

          4. dear micaela, sorry if my English rub you wrongly. Maybe my English is not so perfect as you are but at least I still can give my two cent worth of opinions. May be it not worth nothing to you as it is two cent but it really important to me. Thank you for your feedback and may god bless you….

          5. Sarah, I’m not saying that you’re not right or your views don’t count, please don’t get me wrong. I am actually a grammar Nazi and I was trying to make a point. My point is, perhaps you could use Malay instead? (It is your first language right?) Because to get your 2-cents worth across, it’d be much reader-friendly that way. God bless you too!

            So forrrestcat, what substance are you talking about? I’m not being all political here. My ‘substance’ is about language. Judging by your english, you could be a cleaner too!

        2. Dear micaela,

          Yes, my first language is a Malay. And that why I want to excel in English as well. My take to solve this problem are by reading and writting and speaking a lot of English as much as I can. If people don’t understand me they can ask, right. That way it create a two way communication and it can help me out in my “to get better in English” quest.

          When you wrote “I am actually a grammar Nazi and I was trying to make a point. My point is, perhaps you could use Malay instead? (It is your first language right?) Because to get your 2-cents worth across, it’d be much reader-friendly that way”, to me, like you belittle me just because my grammar is all around the place, people like me have no right to used English at all. Maybe you don’t mean it but the way you put it, it like you come from this elite group who only you can use English and anyone who still don’t or can master it doesn’t deserved to use it.

          And by the way, check the last sentence please. Grammar is one things, and the sentence structure is the others it also important.

  6. Helen,

    Malays can communicate and write in English, pronto.

    Most of the pro government bloggers and alternative media users are self finance, unlike the Komtar Troopers (DAP) or the Selangor troopers (PKR) or Perak cuyber trooper (during Nizar 11 month regime) -they can boast RM 3000 monthly for writing nonsense garbage. Selangor disbursed RM 2 million for cyberwarfare

    Most of my encounter with these so called Pro Pakatan cyber trooper were one way, true they are LOUD but once we counter their claims with facts they dissapear. Back to the self finance blogger, facebooker and twitters, we need to keep our day job and can only come to the alternative media once our project is over or when we are out of the company premises (some companies have the policy of no facebooking and twittering during office hours that need to abide too)

    Try writing in The Star- the paper requires you to disclose your home address and phone number…thus silence the critics.

    Malays I believe will be the silent majority and back the pesent government- this had happened in 2000 during Tun M premiership

    1. re: “Most of the pro government bloggers and alternative media users are self finance, unlike the Komtar Troopers (DAP) or the Selangor troopers (PKR) or Perak cyber trooper”

      Yes. Everything that they themselves do, they accuse their opponents of doing. They’re a very sick people.

  7. PITY those who think he is smart winnning in public speaking organized by a MCA dog tabloid.. btw.. there are as many Malay debaters and public speakers in the Piala Perdana Menteri… but DAPsters create a sense of superiority by highlighting silly achievements, can these Jerusubang actually compete with the mainstream heads on… yes.. but it’d be challenging.

    1. Actually, I’m a straight – A student, complete with many other achievements. My friends and I (all straight A’s, head prefects, head librarians, head of councils, complete with diamond-encrusted CVs), acknowledge Kar Jin as a smart, humble guy. So yes, I personally know him and he really walks the talk.

      1. Just wondering, does having a “diamond encrusted CV” qualifies you all as good judges of character?

        I’m not saying Kar Jin is anything other than who you say he is. I’m just wondering why the need to have to pontificate your “achievements” in school to qualify your character reference as right & true?

        The best student back in my time from St Joseph’s Kuching reports to our average classmate today. He was a bilingual national level debater, national reserve sportsman, straight A student etc etc etc. I’d say his CV is not only diamond encrusted, it is platinum plated as well.

        1. Your good command of English belays your understanding of the language. I said, he is smart and humble. These words do not imply he is right or wrong. In case you still don’t understand what I’m saying, ‘achievements’ to certify that he is indeed a smart boy. As simple as that.

          1. “Actually, I’m a straight – A student, complete with many other achievements.”

            Perhaps you could enlighten us as to why this sentence is relevant in your comment whose subject is your friend.

            “My friends and I (all straight A’s, head prefects, head librarians, head of councils, complete with diamond-encrusted CVs), acknowledge Kar Jin as a smart, humble guy. ”

            So straight A students acknowledging the virtues of your acquaintance rubberstamps it as the truth? If say, a less endowed person academically, acknowledges the same, would it make the attestation less valid?

            “In case you still don’t understand what I’m saying, ‘achievements’ to certify that he is indeed a smart boy.”

            If we are talking about your acquaintance, then why are you writing about your diamond encrusted CVs? Smart academically don’t mean you’ll make it in the world. More importantly, diamond encrusted CVs or not don’t give you a divine right to be right all the time.

            I’d like to say I’ve taken more salt than you have rice but I won’t. That’s ridiculous anyway as I’d probably die of some high blood pressure related disease if I consume two plates of salt daily.

            But here’s a free bit of advice. Bring your attitude into the real world out there & you’ll be battered to bits before you know it.

            As for my understanding of English, try polishing yours up. As I’ve said, if your straight As add nothing to the topic at hand, writing ’bout it puts you across as a show-off who wants to flaunt her superiority intellectually to those whom she’s trying to convince with an unconvincing argument.

            Have a good weekend. Enjoy life while you’re young missy. And if having the last word is important for ya, go right on ahead. I’m sure my huge ego can take that.

          2. Faking’ Fake Calvin….

            Let micaela be. I understand you and what’s more, I know it easier to get straight A in examination like her, but in real world, well…..

            Maybe she right. She know that her friend is a smart boy. And if she want to judge people with that achievement that it up to her.

            For us who known better, can just wish her god speed and be careful. This world not revolve around straight A examination. I wish you all the best micaela. Just a word of advise, be careful, because the best liar and backstabber also come from straight A student. Why??? I think you can answer that for me…

          3. Omg. You still don’t understand. I’m incredulous! Let me try and get this across to you, I wasn’t assessing his moral standing, his virtues, his behaviour, his background. I’m saying he is indeed a smart boy. People with capabilities (diamond-encrusted CVs) have acknowledged his intelligence and capabilities. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

            This has got nothing to do with the real world whatsoever. In the real world, it takes all kinds to make it (obviously) but this real-world issue is not the point here. I’m just saying that he is smart, to correct those who think otherwise.

            And Sarah, I don’t get you. Why would I understand back-stabbing and being a liar? What are you trying to imply? Again, this world revolves not around straight A’s but by lots of other things, blessings and luck included. Perhaps I should add that knowing him personally (not just his credentials), I’ve spoken to him and seen him in ‘action’ and can tell that he is smart. End of story.

          4. Dear micaela,
            I throw you a few bone just to read what your action will be. And after a few post, my reading was, you sure get sensitive when people put you on the spot.

            Ref to your “And Sarah, I don’t get you. Why would I understand back-stabbing and being a liar? What are you trying to imply? Again, this world revolves not around straight A’s but by lots of other things, blessings and luck included. Perhaps I should add that knowing him personally (not just his credentials), I’ve spoken to him and seen him in ‘action’ and can tell that he is smart”.

            Please read my statement again. What I write was “ Maybe she right. She know that her friend is a smart boy. And if she want to judge people with that achievement that it up to her”. I mean it literally. You know your friend more than I do, so that is your take on him. No hidden agenda there. It’s your opinions and you alone can vouch for it.

            And the third para is a reminder for others, and please don’t mis understand me again by taking it deeper than it should be. When I wrote “For us who known better, can just wish her god speed and be careful. This world not revolve around straight A examination” It’s a reminder for others that you are who you are. That just it

            And I’ve end it with ”I wish you all the best micaela. Just a word of advise, be careful, because the best liar and backstabber also come from straight A student. Why??? I think you can answer that for me…” not implying that you understand about back-stabbing and being a liar, just a reminder to you that the word best back-stabber and world best liar, a lot of them come from this intelligent group. I got the impression that you read a lot so you know the stories, right? Again no hidden agenda’s here. I mean it literally. It just a word of advised. You can take it or leave it. And I’m not implying in what so ever that your friend or you is a backstabber or a liar – just to make sure you understand me correctly this time around.

  8. Snipe snipe snipe. Don’t you ever have anything constructive to add? Let people vote on policies rather than constantly sneaking in your political agenda?

  9. Melayu such as myself is not keen on sharing feed on my fb because i want to jaga hati – ‘takkan sebab politik, kita nak bermasam muka, bergaduh and end years of friendship’: that’s me la, not sure about others.

    My non malay & even malay friends can share whatever they want, i don’t mind but i laughed behind their backs over their hypocrisy la (these friends work for govt agencies, GLCs, local uni & some even benefitted lots from the current gomen) but i always make sure i do a research on what’s being shared..

    but I admit I am biased towards BN due to Tun M (the changes on Msian landscape & development set by Tun is overwhelming). plus i am old school – i believe in being bersyukur.

    1. No, I think we can still engage in FB, the key and most pertinent thing you said was “i always make sure i do a research on what’s being shared”.

      Fakta berdiri di atas kakinya sendiri. They usually just slink away in silence when the error is pointed out, like Malaysian Government Securities being rated CC- kononnya. Pembohongan maha besar dan bodoh tu.

      1. Absolutely! dapsters tend to avoid that which they cannot debunk and probably label you a racist behind your back. But pas and pkr Malays are a different story altogether. They jump in head first. I once had a discussion turned debate turned ugly with din merican’s wife on FB and let’s just say that when she failed to “convert” us to the pakatan way she just burnt all the bridges and unfriended/blocked all who disagreed with her. I believe as the election draws closer her friend’s list is getting shorter

        1. I am in PR – circle is very small, to avoid confrontation and unnecessary hassle, I just bear and grin.. I did try once but was outnumbered when the whole pack shows up out of the woodwork plus the born-again moslems. So, I just let them meroyan and syok sendiri among themselves.

        2. I’ve no illusions about BN politicians, especially the collusion between the ruling elites and big business. But to call the band of PR politicians as saints… well, that’s like believing in Santa Claus.

          1. Agreed. BN actually have a lot of cleaning-up to do. Not easy at all considering time-frame of them being in power.

            Sad think is, PR from top to bottom didn’t claim higher moral ground.

            I am very stress towards PAS (I have soft spot for them). They seems to forward whatever info they got from DAP or PKR without critical research.

            In Islam that I understood, every news cannot be forwarded without first being verified (49:6) if not it is justified for us to be branded as liar(i).

            The other behaviour is to refuse to give credit where credit is due.

            I haven’t voice my frustration to PAS so far, but I feel that PAS wasn’t granted victory from Allah s.w.t. because they didn’t deserve it yet.

            (i) Cukuplah seseorang itu dikatakan pendusta bila ia menceritakan semua yang dia telah dengar.-Riwayat imam Muslim-

  10. Have you been to a Chinese coffee shop, to the pork market or seen Chinese play mahjong recently? Lets not even start about CNY gatherings. They’ve always been boisterous & loud, nary a thought for others. Not all, but most anyway.

    So why should they be different in the political arena?

    1. The Star is giving them the megaphone to amplify their noisiness as well as the bully pulpit to harass the oppo critics.

      Their loudness is stab – a thousand cuts daily – in the MCA back.

      1. The silver lining for MCA is that with every cut, the thousandth cut is one cut closer. Death would be blessed & merciful release for them, one would think.

        Then CSL can go back to playing doctor as the other dinosaurs contemplate life as has beens. They can take a leaf from GPS’s book. Admitting shame is step one in the healing process. The faster you heal, the faster you get to the ladder leading to the cushy executive chairs in the boardroom in Menara Star.

      2. Helen,

        It is just the nature of Malays not to be “so insistent’. partly due to the fact that they are ‘umat nabi Muhammad SAW’. In crude language , it means “tak payah jadi keras hati sangat’.

        Which explain why for example no action taken against states ruled by PR eventhough they endorsed the toppling of a legitimate Federal govt (failed sept 16)

        In other countries, that act will be deemed as treason. In other countries, it will result in “army trucks crossing Penang Bridge and literally drag Guan eng and entire state officials who conspire”..

        What many Non Malays fail to realise is that Malays too know what they are up too. No offense, Helen, Malays short of saying it already give up on genuine partnership with Chinese.

          1. Helen,

            Perak coup is what I called “checkmate”. It was what i called Najib telling Anwar that the latter has no qualm using the very method Anwar would have used.

            Sept 16 led to Perak’s change of government.

  11. Mungkin MCA mempunyai agenda tersendiri disebalik tabir yang kita semua tak tahu? Let DAP do the offensive since they are known to be loud and noisy anyway. If DAP wins, probably they will join DAP. If DAP lose, can still go back the BN coalition. Why go to war if someboy else can do it for you?

  12. Sorry for veering a little….Does anyone else here think the Pakatan’s war cry for 13GE of “Ini Kalilah” sounds very Ah Beng-ish ? I found it grammatically incorrect and awkward.

    1. CS, everytime they mention “Ini kalilah”, our reply ” Pergi mampos lah”

    2. Spot on! The gramatically correct sentence construction would have been “Kali ini lah”. It really makes one think who is really the boss of the three and who is leading the charge on their end. With all the literary laureates no less than the great A. Samad Said himself, one would be surprised to see that he did not make even an attempt to correct that grammatical error. Or perhaps he is more than aware who the boss is over at pakatan?

      I actually commented on someone else’s FB posting the same thoughts and was replied “if they added a meh, lor, maa or woo to it then it would be a total give away as to which party coined it and why the rest just simply follow”.

      Try it out:
      1. “Ini kali meh”
      2. “Ini kali lor”
      3. “Ini kali maa”
      4. “Ini kali woo”

      You’re right, very dap kind of ah beng-ish

      1. I actually prefer the ring of ‘Ini kali lah’ to ‘Kali ini lah’.

        So I’m a cap naga, heheheheh.

          1. hahaha… he need to jaga hati his good frined in Pakatan., otherwise, no untung to him.

  13. There is another big debate going on in the social media over Zulkifli Nordin. The Pakatoons are going berserk over Zul since they claim he uttered racist words. In fact the infamous Tasleem (of the NIAT and numerous other NGOs) has even started a campaign against him. ‘

    I don’t condone Zul but the hypocrisy is that when Nga or Azmin make racists comments we don’t see FB groups mushrooming and NGOs protesting or Dapsters flooding my timeline with ridiculous photoshopped banners hentam-ing the culprit.

    1. re: “The Pakatoons are going berserk over Zul”

      They go berserk over everything everywhere. They really need a separate planet of their own. Migration to outer space should be encouraged for their lot.

    2. Zul Nordin sudah minta maaf.. Apa reaksi PR dengan ugutan Anwar untuk senyapkan loceng kuil Hindu?

  14. Just read that TBH’s sister Lee Lan, the drama queen, has been shortlisted by DAP as a potential candidate. Yet another example of DAP using race card to win votes.

    1. DAP also got the teenager who stepped on Najib’s photo to star in their Gangnam-style Ubah music video parody.

    2. Sudah-sudahlah Lee Lan. Menangis banyak-banyak nanti boleh jadi Kassim Selamat. Soo Wincci selalu cakap “redha saja”. Tapi kalau Soo Wincci jadi candidate, saya sokong dia..hehehe

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