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When will BN audit the MCA?

Star report today on cyber bullies targeting Michelle Yeoh (see screenshot below).

Must the MCA need to be reminded that its own stab-in-the-back scissors is the biggest coddler of the DAP SuperCyber Bully?

The Star iPad, the tablet version of the paper, had provided DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming a 5-hour airing over one interview session., The Star‘s online television carried an interview with Ong this week.

The Star Editor was a noisy cheerleader to Ong’s election bid.


Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

The Star Editor echoed Ong in dissing Utusan.

The Star Editor amplified Ong in tweeting that the “Best hope for MCA is 4 BN to lose power(see screenshot of tweet, below).

Not only does The Star promote the DAP evangelistas, it is the biggest fan of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

And at the same time, the paper’s own staff belong to the DAP SuperCyber Bully network as well as make use of the newpaper’s pages to harass DAP opponents as well as to spin stories in the DAP 2.0 evanglistas’s favour.



Tweet above: “@imokman @hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully”

So what kind of joke is it when The Star today publishes a story about movie star Michelle Yeoh being targetted by the Cyber Red Guards?

Hullo, check your own building Menara Star first to see how many cyber bullies your company is harbouring?

What about your ex-Star National Union of Journalist chairman who tweeted that Rosmah Mansor is the “biggest mama” of them all, and greeted with a “hu hu hu” response from Hannah Yeoh? That’s not cyber bullying, ah?

Don’t forget that The Star gave the said reporter a promotion after the Twitter episode.




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5 thoughts on “When will BN audit the MCA?

  1. Let us hope the oversight by the MCA on their Star newspaper which is controlled by the Board and Wong Chun Wai, by allowing the supporters of the DAP to run riot and the many complaints in reference to this masked activity and by doing business with the Singapore Government, is not a faux pas similar to the withdrawal of the MCA from the Alliance at 2.30 p.m. 13 May 1969.

    1. had stopped buying thestar years ago, too chinese centric, reading thesun instead, not that its any different, but at least its free and I don’t have to pay to get insulted like always!!

  2. now these people…..they have really gone berserk. even a movie star, an international movie star, can’t escape their wrath. what kind of people are these Cyber Red Guards ? their parents didn’t teach them manners ? are these people a people without culture ? uncouth ?

    speaking of The Star, for those who still buy this Rocket Tabloid, I hereby urge you all to stop buying this paper. its a waste of money and an insult. stop buying the paper.

  3. Helen – I can assure you that UMNO has been watching the STAR for some time, and UMNO is now following your blog closely. :)

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