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Why the Bangsar Malaysia army not praising Ghani ‘beyond race’?

By Calvin Sankaran

I commend Melayu Lama for his superb and sharp write-up. I concur with his views.

Melayu Lama’s article articulates what many middle-age Malays friends of mine feel as well. Many of them were unhappy about Umno and wanted the party to reform and change. They had positive views of Pakatan (pre-2008) and more than willing to engage with the non Muslims on sensitive religious issues and discuss in a reasonable manner. They understand and sympathize some of the frustration that we non bumis face.

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

However they were shocked by the kurang ajar behavior of the Chinese Pakatoons post-2008. What angered them most is that these supporters’ extreme hate of the Malay race and labeling them as racist, corrupt and cruel race.

The ironic thing that like in the Grimm’s fairy tale of the Emperor Wears No Cloth, our alternative media and the army of Pakatoons are silent on the single most important aspect of DAP’s strategy – If they are truly multiracial, why are they only contesting in Chinese majority seats?


LKS is calling Tun as a racist. It is ironic since he’s more qualified to be called as one as he (LKS) stands in a Chinese-majority seat in Gelang Patah. I’m puzzled why our Bangsa Malaysia army is not praising Umno and Ghani for standing in Gelang Patah and doing away with racial politics by betting on his appeal among all races instead of depending on ethnic support like LKS??

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/16 at 8:52 pm

Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

By Melayu Lama

Very kind of you Sir. Thank you but I am just voicing out what so many Malays seem afraid to do for fear of being branded a racist if not an all out pas labeled apostate. The Malays, Chinese and Indians need not fear the backlash of trolls knocking on doors calling them racists when the trolls are obviously much, much worse racists themselves.

TwitterhannahyeohWickedness of UMNO-BN

The opened floodgates were really very much the handy work of the sleepy administration of 2003-2009 which did nothing to stop things from spiraling out of control then. The effects of which are present until today.

But in all my years, never have I ever seen this kind of holier-than-thou we-can-do-no-wrong kind of racism in Malaysia. dap needs to be nipped in the bud and pas too for making religious zombies out of thinking Malays.


Melayu Lama’s comment originally @ 2013/04/16 at 11:31 pm in reply to Calvin Sankaran

Screenshots of the Hannah Yeoh tweets inserted by this blogger


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24 thoughts on “Why the Bangsar Malaysia army not praising Ghani ‘beyond race’?

  1. The Bangsar Malaysia will decide on what is right and whats right is what they think is right. And there is no two ways about that.

  2. Helen,

    No. “bangsar’ Malaysians will not praise Ghani.

    Ghani actually had ‘penetrated’ their “defence’. In crude language, Ghani had alreadly launched the preemptive strike. Kit siang will need to ‘tone” down the racist attitude that for as long as anyone knows is synonimous with him and DAP.

  3. They have lost all sense of right and wrong and conveniently make up new (and changeable) set of right and wrong standards of their own.

    What I can’t stand the most is the double standards practiced. If they do something and get caught, it’s ok, it was an honest mistake or worse still a conspiracy by Umno and BN, but if others do it they are corrupt. Do you think those kind of people will make a good government?

    I have seen throughout my life, a number of BN politicians sacked, charged (some convicted and some acquitted) and some even punished. To date, pakatan has not owned up to even ONE of their flaws. Most of which are self inflicted bungles that are a reflection of their own inability to govern even at the state level.

    What can we expect from a bunch who was all the time opposing then suddenly became the elected state governments of five then later four states?

    If they are the champions of justice I say this country is doomed. Goalposts can change without prior notice. If they are the champions of fairness, equality and meritocracy I say this country is doomed. Goalposts can change without prior notice.

    In all honesty, I really think that deep down inside pakatan supporters, chinese dap supporters especially, are nothing more than true blue racists out to take over and boss the Malays, Indians and non-conforming Chinese around.

    They are going all out pulling no stops as this is their make it or break it election. And like how pas pak lebais conveniently take only bits and pieces of an entire verse to skew points their way, pakatan’s election phrase is a reflection of that. It is not “ini kali lah”. It is more like “ini kali saja lah yang ada peluang pun”. But as usual they only use the bits that suit them.

      1. I enjoyed that…especially when stuttering DAPsters defending their manic inconsistencies.

  4. Here is something that caught my eye:

    The irony of ironies. UCSI, which, is known to bear undue influence on government agencies through its Barisan Nasional political connections (and its Blue Ocean hype) now wants to expose fake degrees among BN candidates. One should actually check the amount of police reports lodged by and against UCSI over the past 20 years.

    Its top brass would frequently boast of their connections to BN personalities, particularly Dr Mahathir. Now, that the old man’s influence is waning, it wants “change.”

    I think the political analyst quoted in the article, Ong Kian Ming, had also produced some “top-notch” analyses about the Sulu crisis and the inability of BN to protect the nation.


    Who is Ong Kian Ming and UCSI trying to fool with their “clean guy” evangelism?

  5. What I meant above was that Peter Ng would not allow any DAP ceramahs in any Sedaya College (now UCSI) hall.


    In fact, one wonders how UCSI even got its “university” recognition in the first place. Perhaps, Ong Kian Ming can enlighten us.

    1. Many fake degrees were bough by Jerusubang types..u yhi i these speak a little bit English pandai sgt ke…….two managers in my office, the DAPster kind kantoi with fake degrees..but stupidly…HR got away with it.

  6. Prior to 2008 most Malay are either agreed with the government policy then or they don’t, in choosing their representative, part from being tolerance they already accept that Chinese and Indian are part of their daily environment that they have to live with.

    However things are could be different after 2008 on seeing their tolerance and acceptance was never been taken well, instead they are being labelled as raciest and Islam had been mocked as well as their heritage and their Sultan had been questions.

    The eagerness of PKR lead coalition to overthrow the BN government then, resorting them to play on any issue that they can think off which in the process touching sensitive issue and credibility of Malay leadership are being mocked and questions.

    The birth of Hindraf and their demand ,not to forget the never ending demands of Dou Zong with opposition politician running around in madness telling that nothing is good about the Malay.

    This resulted to the birth of PERASA because the Malay feels their position has been challenged.

    Should Malay be blamed if they are raciest now?

    1. Perkasa’s birth was due to an ineffective Pemuda Umno. As far back as I can remember, Pemuda had always been the aggressive side of Umno, sometimes even autonomous to a certain extent. After 2004, After 2000, and even worse after 2004, Pemuda was reduced to being a tamed pussycat. Hence the birth of an external force, which unfortunately like dap, dhong zong and hindraf also went out of control as well

  7. an FB friend of mine has taken to referring to “Bangsar Malays” as “Bangsat Malays”. i think it is a more apt name for that group of perasan bagus malays.

  8. Abdul Ghani is in his mid 60s. By the next GE, he will be almost 70. This is a man who should be made a federal minister, and a more important portfolio than his Youth and Sports position he once held in 1993. Almost 20 years ago Abdul Ghani came up with Rakan Muda, perhaps it is time to see how many bright people in UMNO were overlooked to pave way for sleepyhead and Najib.

    If Abdul Ghani slays Kit Siang, I hope he will be given a major post in the cabinet, at least Finance Ministry or Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education. He certainly has the caliber. Kalah pun kena bagi dia Senator. He put Johor on the world map. Between him and Muhyiddin, the two ex-Johor Menteri Besars, I like Ghani better. Alas, state and federal politics…

    1. hi ihns, i’m in agreement with you about Ghani.

      in fact if he slays LKS, i think he should be made Home Minister. that ministry so needs someone who is not afraid to make hard decisions but who can make them with quiet dignity.

      i heard that that the arrogant and indiscriminate [uncouth even] Nazri may be given the post if he wins. probably because najib’s advisers see his belligerence and lack of self-control as courage and strength. this would be the wrong choice on many levels, lack of dignity being the first.

      1. I am not familiar with the rest of the UMNO crop, but I think you are right about Nazri. A Ghani and Prof. Jamilah has done so much in their respective domains, and he can take up any post from Home Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Education / Higher Education Ministry or Finance Ministry.

        I am actually fascinated with two pair of brothers, Shahrir Samad (UMNO) and Khalid Samad (PAS) [both men of vision and integrity], and Teng Chang Khim (DAP) and Teng Chang Yeow (Gerakan) [their uncle Teng Boon Soon’s MCA]. Perhaps Waytha and Uthaya aspire along the same line, but I think Shahrir, Khalid, Chang Khim and Chang Yeow are gems and invaluable asset to their respective parties. I hope they all will get their chance under the sun.

          1. He isn’t that popular with some Malays too, generally the fallout from Iskandar. Heard the new Sultan doesn’t get along with him.

            1. All these local factor – i.e. Umno Johor, Iskandar fallout vis-a-vis local Malays, and the palace – may enable LKS to pip AGO to cross the finishing line first.

  9. bercakap tentang Bangsar Malaysia, kebanyakan mereka adalah kelas pertengahan dan atas, bangsawan dan orang elit yang mungkin bercakap bahasa Inggeris di rumah, sama ada Cina, India dan Melayu.

    saya cuma musykil kenapa kebanyakan generasi ke-2 dan ke-3 orang Melayu yang fasih berbahasa Inggeris ini enggan dikaitkan dengan Melayu, kerajaan, UMNO dan NEP. malah ramai yang menentang dasar DEB dan menggesa ia dihapuskan kerana merasakan Melayu tak perlu dibantu lagi.

    apa yang mereka terlupa ialah generasi pertama/kedua Melayu fasih berbahasa Inggeris iaitu ibubapa atau datuk nenek mereka mendapat manfaat melalui dasar-dasar kerajaan inilah terutamanya DEB.

    tanpa DEB, ibubapa atau datuknenek mereka yang sudah kaya raya, menjawat jawatan agensi swasta & kerajaan, dihantar ke luar negara tak akan dapat menikmati semua itu. dan generasi ke-2 & ke-3 ini tak akan dapat mewarisi kemewahan yang dikecapi. memang itu hasil kerja keras ibubapa/datuknenek mereka belajar atau bekerja bersungguh-sungguh.

    tapi tanpa dasar kerajaan, tak mungkin ibubapa/datuknenek generasi ke-2 & ke-3 ini boleh ke luar negara dgn duit sendiri, masuk UiTM atau UM, dihantar berkhidmat di dalam & luar negeri, mampu membuka dan meluaskan perniagaan? tanpa dasar kerajaan, ibubapa & datuknenek tak dapat mencari rezeki dengan aman dan membayar yuran pengajian di universiti. itu pun masih ramai anak orang kaya yang tak malu ambil biasiswa.

    sama juga generasi 2 & 3 orang Cina dan India yang menikmati kesenangan hasil usaha generasi terdahulu mereka, ia berlaku kerana DASAR KERAJAAN yang menguntungkan semua pihak walaupun ‘affirmative action’ ditekankan untuk orang Melayu.

    orang Cina dan India mungkin lupa kerana dirasuk hantu DAP. tapi bagaimana pula dengan orang2 Melayu yang kononnya berdikari, liberal dan berfikiran terbuka? adakah kacang lupakan kulit?

    1. malay Princess,

      One young Malay graduated from a UK university proudly told me that his parents sponsored his education in UK.

      He told me that even without DEB, Malays too can send their children to study in UK that costs so much. I smiled at him. Then i asked him what does his father do for a living. He replied that his father holds a very senior post in Petronas.

      I asked him where did his father had his degree. He replied in UK. Again, I asked him, who sponsored his father then? was it his grandfather?

      He stumbled. Then he replied that his father was given a scholarship that is possible due to DEB.

      I told him that had not the very govt that he demonises now sponsored his father back then, his father would not have gotten a senior post in Petronas. And the father would not be able to sponsor him.

      This boy is bright, quite good looking . but a bit cocky too. He is not stupid. But he is young. He simply fails to see that DEB opens a whole new world for Malays.

      He fails to realise that everywhere it is natural for a govt will naturally offers help to the people of its race. Nothing to be embarrased about it. If help not given, I doubt his father could afford expensive tuition fee in UK.

      What a tragedy that after helping ourselves “milking” the benefit of DEB, then confidently looks down on a method that is proven to help.

      DEB exists in other countries under different names. Called it “affirmative action”, or other means but it serves its purpose.

      Shielded from harsh reality due to power in hand, many malay young profesionals are blind to the fact that the opportunities are available due to power in UMNO. These opportunities will not be available if UMNO no longer in power replaced by DAP.

      1. re: “He fails to realise that everywhere it is natural for a govt will naturally offers help to the people of its race.”


        It is natural for any govt to help its citizens according to their NEED. In some cases, this need overlaps with race (like with the aboriginal people of Australia, for example).

        Your young friend is correct to believe/say that as a son of a Petronas manager, he does not qualify under the ‘need’ criterion. However I would agree with you that his father is an NEP beneficiary, and the second and third generations should not diss the hand that fed their father and grandfather.

        Nonetheless, if we still go along your track of a govt helping by RACE, then are you saying (merit aside) that,

        the future grandchildren of a Petronas senior manager should similarly be sponsored to study in the UK on account of his RACE b’cos that’s his racial privilege (despite having a Petronas senior manager grandfather and a father who’s also highly educated and well paid),

        and that this Malay racial privilege should go on in perpetuity?

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