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Kit Siang is from Mars, Hadi is from the moon

In what language do Lim Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi Awang communicate with each other?

What is the national language of the Pakatan Malaysian First country?

Malaysian Chinese Association 2013-04-18 15-40-19

BN, as we know, is laissezfaire when it comes to Article 152 of the Federal Constitution.

Therefore nobody would think that the BN/government is realistically forcing anyone to abandon English, Mandarin or any of the other languages spoken in Malaysia.

However the DAP has been pushing its ‘one Malaysian race’ sloganeering, particularly through The Star to an audience of 5.63 million.

They (DAP and The Star) are signalling that Malaysians must henceforth be Anak Bangsa Malaysia or risk being labelled “racist”.

Does the DAP’s one ‘Malaysian’ race mean there is however no need for one common language?

By the way, what in the world does the Bangsa Malaysia (DAP’s version) possess as a unifying factor?

The Firsters even go to the extent of saying that Indians are only found in India whereas all citizens here are to be referred to as Malaysian only and nothing else.

The Pakatan efforts in trying to square the circle has led us now to this: Hadi Awang decrying as nonsense the idea of “1 nation, 1 language” (see screenshot above).


Since Lim Kit Siang and his son are the Malaysian First prophets, may we ask what they understand by the word ‘Malaysian’?

Which is not to say that the populations of other multiracial countries are necessarily monolingual but at least they do have a common tongue.

Do Malaysians have a lingua franca?


And although Hannah Yeoh is always on the mind of The Star (she is again mentioned today), the newspaper has adamantly refused to ask the incumbent Jerusubang DAP state assemblyman what is the race of her second child.

Why does the MCA-owned paper resolutely refuse to ask Hannah Yeoh this when it is so willing to give her positive space in other matters?

* Mars was the Roman God of War; Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also the names of Roman gods.


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48 thoughts on “Kit Siang is from Mars, Hadi is from the moon

  1. Saya ingat pada tahun 2009, Abdul Hadi bersama A. Samad Said menyertai perarakan anti-PPSMI. Saya menghargai itu semua. Dan salah satu sebab saya membaca blog ini kerana pendirian Helen sendiri tentang bahasa Melayu.

    Walau pun saya risau nasib bahasa Melayu, tapi saya lihat ada baiknya kedua-dua pihak pro-bahasa Melayu ada dalam kerajaan dan tindakan Pak Samad menyertai Bersih adalah “smart”,

    Saya tahu ahli politik akan buat apa saja untuk mendapatkan undi. Jadi kepada rakyat kita kena memanfaatkan mereka ini untuk mencapai hasrat.
    Tengok begitu pandainya Hindraf?

    1. English adalah bahasa ilmu semasa dunia. Lebih baik maths dan sciences di ajar dalam bahasa Inggris supaya anak2 tak rasa janggal dgn Inggris. BM tetap utuh dgn 6 -7 mata pelajaran lain di peringkat SPM.

      Samad Said ini orang yg gagal lalu merajuk dan marah. [edited] Cuba fikir, mana logiknya, Ambiga yg 100% pro Inggris, boleh sesampan dgn ASSaid!

      Nanti hari mengundi, cuba lihat puak-puak dan juak-juak Bersih ini ada ke atau tidak turut mengundi! Saya pasti ramai antara mereka tidak…. Samalah mcm puak anti-Lynas yang bangang tu, kata puasa tapi makan nasi kandar bungkus

  2. There is a huge gap in communication. When hadi mentioned “hudud” right after the pas general assembly kit siang though hadi was asking “who dude? for pm. me or anwar?”

    1. Even before GE, PASters are speaking Hudud right, left and center, as if PAS can implement it if PR win GE13.

  3. Without the clearance from the ROS, we might find LKS stranded. A political party completely and absolutely controlled by its leadership which is the DAP since 44 long years ago. blundered in its most important CEC Elections just before the ulitmate battle of the 13th General Elections. As I said before its brilliance is just duller than the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed policies in Singapore. Now, the DAP is between a rock and a hard place. And 2 wrongs do not make a white. With so many votes in favour of the DAP leadership, where is the fear of losing ? When a mistake was discovered, it would have been the most beautiful opportunity for fresh elections and the blue-eyed boys would not have been embarassed. Akan Datang.

  4. The Swiss have three main languages:
    1. German
    2. French
    3. Italian

    The Swiss identify themselves with their language. For example “he’s Swiss-German” meaning he’s a Swiss national of the German speaking (race).

    Now, compare that with the racists at dap that defend and even promote vernacular schools. How hypocritical are they demanding for a “malaysian malaysia” when they can’t even speak the lingo of the majority?

    So, if you defend the SJK(C) and by extension defending a separate lingo you should then by called a Malaysian (dap) chinese like how the German speaking Swiss are Swiss-Germans?

    No such thing as “(dap styled) bangsa malaysia”. A very lopsided Malays must give up everything and we (dap racists) give up nothing demand

    1. Tuan Melayu Lama,

      One of the defense (that I heard) of DAP among the Malay who support DAP is it’s UMNO’s fault that DAP hate Malay.

      DAP is said to actually referring to corrupt, power hungry Malay in UMNO. Well may be it’s true, but generalization is never OK when the one doing it is a public figure with influence.

      Some demand proof that LKS ever generalize when bashing Malay.

      Can anyone help me on this. Video with translation will be good.

      1. Just Google youtube for parliament proceedings. I have seen kit siang even politicizing and making racial the dates of the Umno general assembly with Deepavali celebrations.

        He said something to the effect of “MIC pengecut, MIC hamba abdi kepada Umno” to former Teluk Kemang MP and Deputy Health Minister at the time S. Sothinathan. That’s just one example.

        They are in parliament to debate on legislation, not skew off topic and raise racial off-topic matters in a bid to sensationalize themselves. Sothi was at the time giving a verbal reply to the question of the validity of Medical Degrees conferred by the Krimea State University in Ukraine where many, it seems, among Malaysians went to send their children for further study because the fees were cheaper and the entry requirements more relaxed. Anyway, that is kit siang and dap for you

  5. Dear Dapster,

    Wah, when it comes to race, nation and language you want it to be ONE. But why when it comes to FAITH & RELIGION, you want to have more than ONE God?

    You already have 3 Gods (Holy Spirit, Jesus & Father)…why still want to claim Allah? Why must need FOUR GODS instead of Trinity?

    If you can answer, maybe people can accept your demand on 1 NATION, 1 LANGUAGE.

    Hypocrite and greedy.

    To Dapster, ONE & ONLY is specific for Allah. Other than Allah is MULTI & PLURAL…understand???

    1. Allah creates many races in the world for mankind to get to know each other, to learn about other cultures, to love each other, to learn to live together despite all differences, as one of evident of His Greatness.

      world would be dull and boring if there’s only ONE species exist. All white… all black…. all man… all woman… all animals… all speak in English only… or Arabic only… or Mandarin only, aren’t you bored?

      everyday you eat bak kut teh and only drink tea, can endure?

      don’t eat steak, lamb chop, lobster, McD, don’t drink coke, coffee, juice, stick to ONE only okay!

      even Tom Cruise proudly mentioned his Irish blood during an interview although he is a big star in US. President Obama also not shame admitting his Kenyan root.

      in US, they still have Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Asian to fill in for race when it comes to domestic/internal affairs. only international passport they fill in as US citizen. in UK, they still proud with their own English, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

      Singapore? do they already abolish ethnicity in forms? I don’t think so…

    2. The Dapsters reject “one language”.

      One language is not to be viewed in absolutist terms (i.e. not that just b’cos we have a national language, all other languages are discouraged).

      However if there is to be one language to unite the country, that language without doubt has to be BM.

      But the Dapsters are incapable of endorsing Article 152. MCA the same.

      1. I am in the opinion that the issue of vernacular school is not language. The issue is separation of race in primary school.

        Different languages can still be learn in ‘National School’.

  6. Do Malaysians have a lingua franca? – Helen

    Well, personally I’ll always try to start a conversation in Malay with Malay folks that I interact with (be it office colleagues, fast food cashiers, government staffs, etc).

    This is my auto behavior even though I’m sometimes replied in English. All the meetings in my company are conducted in English. If it’s talking to non-Malays or Chinese, the language will switch to English or Chinese. So in a day, my mouth is alternating between English-Mandarin-Malay-Cantonese. Interestingly , Praba Ganesan wrote some time ago that our government cabinet actually hold their meetings predominantly in English.

    1. Your auto behaviour is one of the reasons you read my blog.

      The language filter, most thankfully, encourages the Dapsters to disengage from here. Plus the fact that they’re outnumbered in the Comments section, so my blog is one of the places where they cannot muster the mob numbers to bully.

      Hence I don’t have put up with too many Dapster commenters, heh-heh.

      I should endeavour to keep more of my postings in BM. But in these weeks running up to polling day, the pace is too hectic. And I write much faster in English.

    2. Lousy engineer,

      yup. and it is called “Bahasa Melayu’.

      Part of the reason why Bahasa Melayu not accorded respect befitting the official status is the “could not care less’ attitude of malay officials too.

      So, we have luxury condominium named “St Petersburg”, Valencia among others. And what is it with us that we happily using indonesian terms when we have words in Malay.

      Example “mantan”. We have “bekas’ to denote Tun Dr Mahathir as former prime minister. And why must we have ‘sutradara’ when there is “pengarah”. Parkir is indonesian term when there is a local word ‘Tempat letak kereta’. Usai replaced Sesudah in malay.

      1. re: “Parkir is indonesian term when there is a local word ‘Tempat letak kereta’.”

        TLK = 3 words wor. Parkir is only one word mah.

        1. mr.shamsul,
          yang Precint dekat Putrajaya tu camno???
          buat sakit hati bila tengok papan tanda.

          DBP is lazy…minister was sleeping & makan gaji buta
          just for example,

          instead direct translation, we have our own words
          meteorologi = kajicuaca
          terminologi = istilah
          komunikasi = perhubungan
          transformasi = perubahan
          detektif = mata-mata

          i think they use formula, whatever words end with ‘y’ can be translated directly with ‘i’…that’s why our generation now screw up, whether BM or BI. plus dialect & sms lingo, make it worse.

          i admit BM is not as practical as English & Chinese, but that’s what makes BM is beautiful. can you see how creative some words in Malay?

          website = laman sesawang
          mouse pad = tetikus

          i think it’s okay if we adapt some Indonesian words into BM, it’s part of the language. sort of sub-language to enrich the vocabulary (kosa kata or perbendaharaan kata). same like garfu, almari from Portuguese, guru, karma, from Sanskrit, countless words from Arabic. we just don’t want random & direct translation which is clueless and meaningless.

          hope future minister responsible for this will do better job.

          1. (1) I think BM should adopt from bahasa Indonesia to expand.

            (2) Some words are quite smartly coined, like pawagam (panggung wayang gambar) or kudeta. BM/B.Indon creative juga.

          2. I think the struggle between purists and foreign borrowing is a long standing issue. DBP has long fought the battle on a few fronts, especially with the UM modernists. Anyone familiar with the development of the Malay language should realize that we are besieged on all sides.

            If MABBIM couldn’t do it, I doubt DBP could. It is not about the Ministers, or whether it should be called bajet or belanjawan. It is the status of the national language being eroded on many fronts, even from the homes of Melayu barus.

          3. Malay princes,

            Itulah masalah kita. Kita ambil mudah. Malah terlalu mudah dalam segala hal.

            Sudah ada perkataan Melayu. Contoh Keluarga(famili), lapang(senggang), bekas(mantan), mutu(kualiti), jumlah(amaun), Tak perlu “sutradara’. tak kena mengena dengan anak dara atau kain sutera. Orang yang arah filiem dipanggil “Pengarah”.

            Kenapa mesti berjiwa hamba? Contoh berjiwa hamba ialah bila hanya kulit putih dipandang cantik, tampan, hebat. Maka dalam iklan tak nampak le muka India walaupun ramai tampan, cantik

            Nama pun mesti letak nama “Mat Salleh’ baru “glamour’. Tak main le nama ‘Seri kencana’, ‘Seri bayu’. Mesti letak “alpine”, “Diamond Creek”.

            Tak main le raikan Raja dan sultan sendiri. Tapi jadi histeria lihat Kate Middleton yang tak ada langsung jasa pada Malaysia.

            Tak “syok” le beri peluang pada penyanyi tempatan. Tapi berebut beri layanan 5 bintang untuk penyanyi Indonesia. Dan Dr Seri Rais buat apa sampai siaran TV penuh dengan cerita Indonesia. Tidur ke?

            Jika orang Melayu yang ada kuasa tak rasa apa apa lihat iklan yang tunjukkan kulit hitam sebagai kegagalan, janganlah terperanjat esok anak cucu kita rasa lebih baik Malaysia diperintah orang putih (sebab dirasakan mereka lebih hebat).

          4. But all those words are in the kamus Dewan, means that it’s already a part of Bahasa Melayu, including “mantan”, “sutradara” and “parkir”.

            I beg to differ with mantan and sutradara tho, I think we deem it as Indonesian words because they’re the one’s always using it. But if we check with kamus dewan, a lot of “Indonesian” words are actually in it. Eg:

            1) Beda= beza
            2) gampang= easy
            3) tukik= menjunam
            4) pensiun= pension
            5) culas=malas

            And many others. I now even don’t know if a word belongs exclusively to Indo or Malaysia now. We can treat them as synonyms. English has many synonyms for a word, same case with Malay. So whether mantan or bekas, no problem there

          5. Minta maaf saya kurang bersetuju dengan pandangan anda.

            Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Malaysia sebelum AI tukar against the wishes of many) tidak pernah meminjam daripada Sanskrit,

            Bahasa Melayu sekarang adalah Bahasa Sanskrit alaf baru. Dalam sepuluh perkataan dalam Bahasa Melayu, 6-7 merupakan perkataan Sanskrit. Penutur Sanskrit tidak pupus, mereka adalah umat Melayu itu sendiri.

            Sanskrit merupakan satu bahasa yang sebutannya terdapat mantera.

      2. Shamsul, I’m always in learning mode when it comes to BM. I occasionally learn them from a Malay colleague (unfortunately she left my company already). Sometimes there are words or phrases that fascinate me like poyo, haram jadah, etc :)

        1. Lousy Engineer.

          Each language has its beauty. Malay language and sayings has full load of words that allow Malays to give “cutting’ remarks while the speaker able to say it with smile.

          “meroyan”. Why is it I always think of Nizar every time the words appear.

          “loyar buruk” often reminds me of Mohamad sabu. Now I try so hard to think at least one of his contribution (positive of course). But until today I have yet to find one.

          I asked my mother in law how people can stand with Mohd Sabu’s antic. She replied only Allah SWT knows. Precisely, I cant stand his joke or antics.

          1. there’s one Malay word used widely in English…which is
            “AMOK/AMUK”…to describe uncontrollable behaviour or rage…

            usually, people run “amok” when the person has lost the patience, after enduring some unfavourable circumstances for long time.

            people don’t run amok out of nothing or suddenly, it must have reasons behind it. like volcano, erupt after it no longer can keep its lava heat or pressure.

            Dapster should remember this word carefully.
            Malay don’t have to run amok physically, it can be physcologically too…

          2. Dalam hal ini Elijah benar kerana rakyat Indonesia banyak menggunakan perkataan mantan dan sutradara, walaupun dua perkataan ini dan banyak lagi sebenarnya are never exclusively Indonesian.

            Kita ada sejarah bersama. Sutradara sendiri bermaksud pendukung naskah, sutra, ada yang merujuk kepada kitab weda dsbnya, dara merupakan pendukung atau pembawa. sutra juga membawa maksud sesuatu yang halus seperti pekerjaan yang berseni.

            neraka, bumi, dosa, pahala, petala, dewa, maha, mani, bhasa malah banyak lagi merupakan Sanskrit yang sekarang ownership dipegang oleh orang India, the republic walaupun, Orang Tamil, Gujerati, Benggali, Marathi, Malayali tidak pernah bertutur bahasa Sanskrit sehinggalah ke hari ini walaupun bahasa mereka ada meminjam bahasa Sanskrit terutamanya dalam ajaran agama Hindu (bukan Sanata Dharma). Sememangnya masyarakat India, the republic hanya akan menggunakan bahasa Sanskrit dengan meluas apabila belajar agama dan apabila mengucapkan mantra (doa).

            Begitu juga dengan agama Buddha, penutur bahasa Melayu yang fasih boleh mempelajari nilai-nilai agama Buddha dengan mudah contohnya, samsara, nirwana, dharma, bhiksu, thangkas, malah banyak lagi.

            Perkataan seri kencana bayu juga merupakan contoh bahasa Sanskrit

            Helen Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu tidak perlu pinjam bahasa Indonesia sememangnya telah wujud kerjasama dalam MABBIM yang selalu bertukar-tukar pandangan tentang sesebuah perkataan dan maksudnya.

    3. Tahukah anda, kenderaan jabatan kerajaan ada yang mengisi minyak menggunakan Shell berbanding Petronas. Samalah juga dengan bahasa. Presentation/mesyuarat yang dijalankan oleh ahli-ahli perubatan/farmasi atau sesetengah badan kerajaan juga menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris. Ianya “diharuskan” dalam situasi bagi memudahkan sesuatu urusan serta mengikut budi bicara semasa. Kan orang Malaysia ni bertolak ansur…

  7. Salah satu sebab mengapa saya turut memberi komen di sini adalah keterbukaan pemilik blog ini membenarkan penggunaan BM.

    Secara peribadi, saya tidak percaya DAP akan memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan. Sungguhpun terdapat ahli politik mereka yang mendapat A untuk BM mereka ketika SPM atau apa-apa peperiksaan, mereka hanyalah belajar BM untuk lulus cemerlang sahaja. Bukan untuk dipraktikkan dan jauh sekali untuk memartabatkan BM.

    Untuk panduan penyokong DAP, Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa perantaraan kepada rumpun Melayu yang terbahagi kepada pelbagai etnik. Orang bugis, jawa, kampar, banjar, minang, kedah, perak, kelantan dsb mempunyai dialek tersendiri. Jadi adakah pecahan rumpun etnik ini ingin disatukan di bawah Bahasa Inggeris?

    Ini sebahagian ucapan orang kuat Hannah yang pernah dikongsikan dalam topik yang lepas :

    [We speak about Malaysian Malaysia, but we need more concrete steps to achieve this… A simple example would be to have more of our DAP meetings in Bahasa Malaysia. If this is not possible, have it in English, the neutral language. We should try to avoid using certain exclusive languages that only certain communities understand.]

    “certain exclusive languages that only certain communities understand” – Dalam erti kata lain, kalau boleh jangan guna lansung bahasa Malaysia. Maknanya ramai masyarakat Malaysia yang masih tidak mampu untuk memahami bahasa kebangsaan sendiri.

    Kalau multiracial yang didambakan mereka adalah mengikut cara Singapura.. maaflah ye… kerana singa hanya pandai berpura-pura. Kalau tak, masakan Aaron Aziz sendiri mengangkut sanak saudaranya mencari makan di bumi Malaysia.

    Mengapa masih terdapat iklan-iklan pekerjaan yang diiklankan di ruangan Classified dan tepi-tepi jalan yang memerlukan seseorang itu fasih bertutur/menguasai bahasa Mandarin? Adakah itu meritokrasi?

    Walaupun petikan ucapan di atas datangnya dari sebahagian kecil kelompok DAP, tetapi secara kasarnya saya melihat komunikasi di antara mereka tidak peduli lansung tentang BM yang dikatakan condong kepada ras tertentu serta dianggap tidak bersifat universal/neutral.

    Mereka megah menyatakan mereka orang MALAYsia. Apalah gunanya perkataan MALAY itu hanya sebahagian perkataan pada nama negara sahaja sedangkan rakyatnya mengikut acuan negara lain.

    Sekiranya BM tidak bersifat kebangsaan dengan cubaan meletakkan bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa utama, adalah lebih baik kita menukar sahaja nama Malaysia kepada nama lain yang bersifat majmuk seperti kehendak DAP atau mana-mana parti sekutu dengannya.

    Untuk makluman pemimpin DAP, Malaysia bukan hanya untuk penduduk di bandar sahaja, ia meliputi keseluruhan muka bumi yang ada di Malaysia ini termasuk di kampung-kampung dan di dalam hutan. Jangan hanya menggunakan bahasa Melayu/dialek semata-mata semasa berkempen.

    Oh ya, Ng Suee Lim gerenti menang di Sekinchan kerana orang-orang Melayu khususnya Jawa begitu “salute” dengan kemahiran bahasa Jawanya serta bermain dengan petikan hadith/al-quran.

    1. re: “”certain exclusive languages that only certain communities understand”

      Saya rasa Edward Ling sebenarnya merujuk kepada hanyu (bahasa Cina/Mandarin) kerana bos-nya mengaku diri ‘banana’.

    2. Lim tat

      re : Mengapa masih terdapat iklan-iklan pekerjaan yang diiklankan di ruangan Classified dan tepi-tepi jalan yang memerlukan seseorang itu fasih bertutur/menguasai bahasa Mandarin? Adakah itu meritokrasi?

      soalan yang selalu di tanya dan DAPster tidak akan menjawapnya. It’s fair to them even it’s unfair to others.

  8. Now hear this. It is alleged that the ROS does not recognise the CEC DAP.

    And the brilliance of the DAP leadership which is duller than the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed policies, has advised its membership to fly the Islamic banner of PAS with its Moon on Islamic green field.. Ok.

    What a sight of all these Singaporean Chinese chauvinists and the young and brash Christians of Subang Jaya marching onto War behind this wonderful Islamic green and white banner of PAS.

    I am utterly confused and can only suggest that a Royal Commission should be formed to sort out this DAP mess of their own making. And they want to rule over us when they could not even count a few hundred votes with the fingers of their hands and as alleged, not 7, not 70, but 700 Indian members were left out.

    This state of affairs must not sully the good name of our Malaysian style of democracy and make us look bad to the outside World by a party which claims to be whiter than white.

    All those Rockets which have been fired should now be retrieved because it is illegal. And as the DAP is a carbon copy of the PAP, I am sure they would comply.

    And now, the Singaporean Chinese chauvinists and the young and brash Christians of Subang Jaya in their own pragmatic way really show, ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay based.’ by waving this wonderful Islamic white and green flag of PAS !

      1. Apa kecohnya dengan sistem dua parti ini? Rafizi kelihatan obses dengan sistem dua parti. Sistem dua parti seakan kedengaran di mana-mana.

        1. In reply to AK47 dalam isu CEC DAP, ianya bukanlah cerita besar tentang sistem 2 parti. Tidak kira samada DAP itu tidak diiktiraf oleh ROS atau mahu bertanding atas tiket mana sekalipun waima parti bebas, semua maklum calon-calon DAP dan penyokongnya adalah sebahagian PR.

          Perlembagaan tidak menghalang mereka bertanding dan sekiranya mereka menang, mereka masih boleh bekerjasama bersama PKR & PAS untuk menubuhkan kerajaan samada di negeri mahupun persekutuan. Cuma mereka terpaksalah menebalkan muka setebal kulit tapak kaki kalau bertanding guna logo bulan.

          Sebenarnya sistem 2 parti di Malaysia belumpun wujud secara rasminya kerana keengganan ketiga-tiga parti di dalam PR disatukan bawah 1 logo. Tidur sama bantal, mimpi lain-lain. Yang menyatakan PR itu adalah 1 parti gabungan tunggal hanyalah mereka yang syok sendiri saja. Sampai sekarang pun bertanding guna logo parti masing-masing

          1. Jika PAS mahu bersatu dengan satu logo dalam PR – mereka nanti kena berkompromi dalam hal hudud – jadi sama dengan UMNO dalam BN pula. Mana boleh jadi!

            Apapun, semua adalah mungkin dalam politik. Pihak modernis dalam PAS mungkin boleh beri rasional mengapa Hudud perlu diketepikan dahulu tanpa kedengaran seperti UMNO.

            Pihak dalam DAP pula boleh beri rasional kepada ahli mengapa tak perlu vokal dalam isu hudud tanpa kedengaran seperti MCA.

            PASters selalu menyatakan bahawa mereka ingin mendakwah non-muslim dalam PR terutamanya dari DAP. Walaupun saya agak skeptikal, namun saya memberikan mereka peluang untuk membuktikannya – adakah mereka benar-benar melakukan atau setakat menyedapkan hati kami yang mempunyai rasa sangsi terhadap DAP.

        2. agen-agen Wallstreet (mungkin bos rafizi) di seluruh dunia sememangnya mahukan ini berlaku. Sistem dua partilah yang telah menjahanamkan hak rakyat Amerika Syarikat sehingga menjadikan mereka hamba kepada Wallstreet.

          Suara ketiga, atau sistem berpolitik yang sedia ada di Malaysia terbaik kerana terdapat banyak persatuan dan gagasan dan bukan dua.

          Jika dua seperti Republican dan Democratic, akan memudahkan hidden hands untuk memainkan peranannya dengan hanya membeli kedua-dua kumpulan ini, seperti yang sedang berlaku di Amerika Syarikat sekarang ini.

        3. your’re right mfma. 2 party is not a solution. and what so funny when we so fix with two parties, the west pronounce that the best and the biggest dmcrtc is in India. More than 20 parties (I only the big one not the smaller parties count) ever exist in one country. hmmm.

  9. The Singaporean Chinese chauvinists, the hard core Chinese and the evangelstic young brash Christians of Subang Jaya may now have their dreams come true. They the DAP supporters may now march to battle, the ultimate battle. under the wonderful Islamic white and green banner of their comrade PAS.

    And as for all those Rockets which have been fired, under the Laws it is illegal. I suggest the merry band of these Chinese spend sometime retrieving these spent Rockets before the final battle according to the Laws – no one including the DAP is above the Laws.

    The dateline is mid-night 19 April 2013. The leadership of DAP should blame themselves and resign forthwith for this gross blunder.

    1. I’m worried that this will only backfire BN, well lets see and hopefully it won’t.

      Personally I won’t banned, simply because I know how low the PR politicians can be, they will play victim like always

      get ready for the highest abuse of these words, teraniaya, UMNO zalim, salah guna kuasa, menindas, bersekongkol dengan UMNO, tidak telus, tidak indipenden, DAP tidak rasis, DAP tidak anti Islam, Anugerah Tuhan etc

  10. The Swiss have 4 languages. German, Italian, French and Romansch which dated from the lost Roman legions who bedded down in the high Alps.

  11. The ROS and the EC must follow the Laws of the land. The DAP or anyone else is not above the Rule of the Laws. In this instance, the ROS and the EC must be like Caesar’s wife, beyond reproach. I am confident both of them will respond to the occasion.

    DAP do not blame others. Fortunately, this time round, the blunders of the smart DAP leadership are for all to see via the media. They shot themselves in the feet many times over. And DAP could have slain the BN dinosaur in 2008 quite easily. But definitely not now, no warrior will fight a battle by arousing his enemies first !

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