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Time to teach MCA a lesson

Bear in mind that the MCA has direct control over The Star. Former MCA Minister Tan Sri Fong Chan Onn is the Star Media Group chairman.

See photo below: Dr Chua is standing beside Star Media Group chief editor Wong Chun Wai, Star senior managers and Star deputy chairman Datuk Vincent Lee (the one who revealed that the “combined Star Media Group, which included its four radio stations, reached over 5.63 million adults” (see report in MCA website, here).

Yesterday’s report (screenshot above) informs us that The Star is disbursing RM20 million to some lucky applicants. To ‘whom’ exactly, pray tell? The report was not forthcoming with the details.

The Star owns four radio stations – Red fm, 988, Suria fm and Capital fm – broadcasting in Mandarin, Malay and English.

Not too long ago, The Star acquired a majority stake in the Red Tomato, a Chinese weekly publication.


FinalRateCard2012.pdf 2013-04-17 22-23-38

The Star digital version comprises the Star Online, and also its e-paper complimentary for its print subscribers, in addition to Star iPad on the tablet and over 20 Internet portals — The Daily Chilli, mStar, Kuali, Star Property, etc.

The Star has a television channel available over Astro as well as its online television and iSnap, which is an application that is interactive with articles and advertisements (see chart below).

The Star’s youth section R.AGE recently won three gold medal Marketing Excellence awards and boasts “a strong online community of young followers through its engaging use of web and social media”.

These legions of young followers of The Star will, without a shadow of a doubt cast, their vote for the opposition. See my yesterday’s posting.

Star FinalRateCard2012

The Star Metro – headed by Frederick Fernandez and before him by Brian Martin —  is the pullout which had once featured Hannah Yeoh and her Jerusubangites almost daily. The Metro Central alone section claims a readership of one million over the period of July 2010 to June 2011.

The Star is a media business empire that keeps expanding and expanding.

Please note that Dr Chua said The Star gave MCA “a dividend” of RM60 million per annum (referring to 2008 figure, thus the amount is likely much bigger today). The conglomerate’s profits are many, many times more since RM60 million is only the dividend.


Don’t you think it’s plenty funny?

The MCA is owner of this gargantuan media empire that stretches its tentacles across every medium there is (print, online, broadcast, social media) and in the three major languages.

Hence it utterly defies common sense as to how the owner of the country’s biggest media conglomerate can be suffering from the worst bad press as a political party. Something really stinks to high heaven in this remarkably strange set-up where the MCA’s (undeserved) sordid reputation is a terrible drag on the BN electoral chances in the upcoming GE13 do-or-die battle.

Not only is the so-called media machinery belonging to the MCA not actively helping the BN election efforts, it is instead undermining the BN campaign in the most subtle ways.

Furthermore, The Star is clearly an enabler of the DAP SuperCyber Bully network that badmouths the ruling party and its supporters.

Who is Dr Chua kidding?

See ‘Chua: Teach DAP a lesson‘ (The Star, 14 Jan 2013). But it is really the MCA that needs to be taught a lesson.

The article, written by a Star news editor no less, reads as below (excerpts):

(1) “IPOH: It’s time for the Chinese to teach DAP a lesson for instigating the community to fight against each other, said Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.”

No, it is the 90 percent Chinese supporters of the opposition who want to Seek and Destroy the 10 percent Chinese who are inclined to the establishment.

(2) The MCA president complained that “DAP managed to convince the Chinese that they had no choice but to support the Opposition”.

And the MCA-owned paper did its part in dutifully helping to convince the said Chinese.

(3) “In Kedah and Kelantan, Dr Chua said DAP had been keeping mum over the issue of non-Muslims having Islamic laws imposed on them, from those concerning food, attire, music and business to social activities.”

The Star made no discernible impact in publicizing those issues either.

(4) Dr Chua complained that “DAP would brush aside the issue, dismissing them as petty and an ‘old tune’ by the MCA”.

Quite correct. That is certainly the impression that anyone would get from reading The Star.

(5) “Is it a small matter having our rights and freedom as non-Muslims eroded gradually?” he asked.

Has the MCA-owned newspaper ever tried to convince the Chinese electorate otherwise?

(6) “Dr Chua said DAP owed the Chinese an answer to all these negative developments as it had convinced them to support the Opposition.”

It is the MCA that owes BN supporters an answer on how the disease has reached this terminal stage whereby 90 percent of the Chinese community are pro-DAP. (One obvious reason is that the MCA-owned newspaper has successfully persuaded the Chinese that the opposition is the better deal.)

(7) “Dr Chua urged MCA members to explain to [the public] the rationale in supporting Barisan Nasional.”

Nobody reading The Star can grasp much rationale left for continuing to back the BN.

If they could, the BN would not have already lost 90 percent of the Chinese voters, a substantial percentage of young voters and most of the Indian, English-speaking professional and middle class — whom account for The Star’s 5.63 million-strong audience.
Hannah Yeoh article
Hannah Yeoh’s article

Everyone fed up of MCA double dealers

The MCA is wholly complicit and culpable in its massive loss of support over the last five years. Not only has MCA hemorrhaged its own political arteries, it has bled the BN of young and urban support.

Given that the MCA, through its Scissors in the Fold, has been continuously backstabbing the coalition, it’s really too rich for Dr Chua to call for DAP to be taught a lesson.

I’m certain that it is the MCA that will be taught a costly lesson in the coming election by Malay and Indian pro-establishment voters.

Chua Teach DAP a lesson-StoryThe Star Online 2013-04-13 09-37-35

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When will BN audit the MCA?


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51 thoughts on “Time to teach MCA a lesson

  1. MCA not having the balls to say anything lest the goose laying the golden egg for the party decides to stop doing so. They seem to forget the fundamental issue; they own the damned goose!

    Considering that they contribute some 60 million to the party’s coffers, that wouldn’t be surprising. But consider that the Star’s revenues for 2012 was approximately RM1.08 billion & nett profits of RM208 million meaning the Star is not just a cash cow, it is also cash rich.

    Could this be the reason MCA’s head honchos remained silent despite the subtle & not so subtle attacks on their party? Are they just waiting for the opportunity to partake in the rich feast that is The Star Publications Bhd perhaps in the capacity as a board member? Are they angling for a chance to dip their fingers into the tub of gooey, delicious & sweet honey even if it means funeral dirge for the party?

    If that’s the case, they deserve to be wiped out this GE. If their lack of apparent control over the group is purely down to indifference, they deserve the same fate no less. Either way, the death knell looms large for the party.

    1. they are preparing for life post GE13 when, if everything goes according to plan, they will be sent packing by voters. with their political power gone, or rather what’s left of the said political power, they are reinventing themselves as a business conglomerate focusing exclusively on mass media. that’s where the money is.

      and don’t be surprised if, the day after GE13, May 6, you will hear talk of the Chinese tycoons’ party contemplating the possibility of joining the opposition to form a united Chinese Front against the Malay led government. strange things have happened before. be prepared.

      1. And if that comes to pass they figure the other minorities will join in their crusade? They’d figure they can get the Indians or bumiputeras of Sabah & Sarawak to fight their war for them?

        As much as they hate the Malays & look down upon others, they need to be mindful of the fact that they’re not on everyone’s favorite list as well.

        But the conjecture is intriguing enough for me to want to see it to come to fruition. As for how long it will last is another matter altogether of course.

        Be good to see CSL, LGE, KTK et al on the same side, at least for show, for once.

        1. the other minorities i.e the Indians and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, they will not join them in this crusade that’s built on nothing but a sham, a scam. but that’s the problem with these people. they live in Wonderland. they think, they believe that everyone’s with them.

          they are not on the list of everyone’s favorite list. they are on everyone’s most hated list. they just don’t know about it, or maybe they just care what other people think, look at them.

          there are still Chinese out there who are sober. what Umno should do is engage these Chinese.

          1. I think the well heeled Chinese as well as the business community are more reasonable. They would put stability ahead of radical change when it comes down to priorities.

            I normally see the rabid supporters coming from the young professional group as well as the comfortable but not wealthy middle class. Not poor enough to get BR1M but not rich enough to have a million in the bank, if you like.

            While the government’s sweeping transformation program for the Chinese is welcome, I think more effort should be made to engage specific groups with specific measures within the Chinese community. As for the 85-90% support of the community, I think it is overplayed by DAP. Maybe it’s overconfidence but I think a realistic figure would be 70% hardcore supporters with around 20% undecided.

            So if the fence sitters can be swayed to BN along with the expected Malay & Indian swing, DAP may be in for a surprise come 5/5.

            1. Wrt support (vote-wise), most of the numbers I’ve come across put it at 80 percent thereabouts.

              90 percent is the DAP chest-thumping. That’s why I think Johor is the barometer. The S’wak state election 2011 showed a follow-on of the same Chinese tsunami swing of 2008. If MCA is wiped out in their Johor seats, then it’ll only be fair to say Chinese = DAP = Chinese.

              Concur with your assessment as to who are the noisy nouveau DAP supporters today.

          2. how to find these sober Chinese? i mean the ordinary guys & ladies…other than Helen, SYA. I only have one Chinese guy friend who is sober…

            and how to make those intoxicated Chinese sober?

          3. Surprisingly the sentiments have died down somewhat over the past year or so in Sarawak, or at least in Kuching & Sibu. Miri is said to be still euphoric by the hallucinogenic effects of the state elections in ’11.

            The ceramahs in Kuching is not drawing to tens of thousands it did in ’11, I was told. After all, DAP’s Bandar Kuching MP, Chong Chien Jen has been a part of the furniture for a long time. He’ll probably retain it by a country mile but I don’t see the same happening in neighbouring Stampin now that Yong Khoon Seng decided to defend it.

            Sibu voted SUPP’s Robert Lau Hoi Chew in the last election. In the by election, DAP’s Wong Ho Leng took the seat with a slim majority. With the flood mitigation project completed, I believe the seat will return to SUPP especially as Wong is stricken with cancer & not defending it.

            The last time SUPP lost in Sibu, the community expressed regret openly as Wong Soon Kai bowed out of politics with the defeat by a slim margin. The turnout was low & issues were few so complacency among the electorate was blamed.

            So if Sabah & Sarawak can stem the juggernaut from breaching its shores, DAP may be left with a marginal increase in terms of seats won. Of course these seats would.have been nicked off MCA or Gerakan thus condemning the two parties into oblivion & irrelevance.

            So it would be interesting to see the Chinese having to trust the ones the don’t trust, UMNO as their only recourse in the government when, not if MCA fade into the night the morning after 5/5.

            Serves the Chinese right then. If that don’t sober them up MalayPrincess, I don’t know what will. They deserve what’s coming if they decide to let DAP be their sole voice in Parliament.

            1. re: “DAP be their sole [Chinese] voice in Parliament”

              Woo-hoo! Taking Dapsterism to the Dewan.

    2. Helen, you have been busy exposing the captitalist MCA coat riding on UMNO Malay support. But what about the Malay Mail Indian biased? What about NST Indian biased? For a long time both the Chinese and the Malays thought that Mahathir was fighting the Malay cause until the internet exposed the billions amassed by Chinese and Indians cronies. Not to mention his sons mentioned in Forbes’ lists as owners of unexplained billions of wealth.

      Mahathir’s father was an Indian from Kerala. All these while the Indians rode on the coat tail of UMNO Malay support to get power and billions in concession.

      That is why Mahathir wants blind Malay loyalty to UMNO so that his goons and his race can continue to masquerade as Malays and gain billions in contracts.

      These Indians used english papers with indian journalists to promote recently their kind like Subahan Kamal a Tamil promoted by anti Govt Indian Malay Mail paper as Selangor MB.

      Zambry Kadir is also Tamil, he gave 800 acres to MIC recently. His mother tounge is Tamil so Malays must remain suspect of Zambry Kader.

      Zambry too had declared an airport project with the BPL loser Tony Fernandes who also is a perenial last car in F1.

      Without his mentor Mahathir to give him free airbus, life is tough for the pretender.

  2. It is crysal clear that the Star has been hi-jacked by the digits which were inserted into the paper some years ago. I noticed the change vis-a-vis Singapore Government and also Christianity which was not of the conventional kind.

    For the Star with its political owners and professional journalists, it is absurd for them not to know after all, I believe the paper was suspended once many years ago. And it is the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    By pretending that the Star has not veered from the objectives of its owner the MCA, the leadership of the MCA is answerable to those who supported it wholehearedly from its inception with money and kind. I suppose it is conveniently forgotten that their Wisma was built out of the donations of many supporters, not forgetting the many MCA dinners which were sponsored.

    It is high-handed to permit Opposition supporters to hi-jack and utilize the Star for their own ends.

    The whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith !

  3. The Chinese mystery is why there is apparently no DAP candidate for Labis ? I cannot believe that there are political deals across opposing party lines at the highest level in this ultimate battle for survival in the 13th General Elections. This is not democracy if it is so because the Rakyat is hoodwinked !

  4. Teach MCA by? not voting in the area they contest? Voting DAP instead? or by boycotting all thing MCA?

      1. I have had conversations with a few Chinese who are deeply concerned by the MCA’s inaction. they told me that Umno should have a wing to talk directly to the Chinese community instead of relying on the MCA as a go between.

        maybe by having a Chinese wing within Umno, that will send a message to the MCA that if they continue as they are now, they can forget about staying within the BN.

        a Chinese wing within Umno is not the best solution but it is the most relevant thing for Umno to do. after all, Bill Gates did say that Microsoft may not have the best products, but their products are the most relevant.

        I hope that, whatever the outcome of GE13, Umno will kick start their direct engagement with the Chinese community through a Chinese focused wing within the party.

        1. When UMNO,MCA,MIC go to war, they go under the BN banner. The government functions as a BN government. So, in essence, everyone speaks for each other.

        2. Orang cina masih bengang pasal insiden Keris oleh Datuk Hishammuddin di PAU tahun 2007.

          Hakikatnya itulah yang membuat MCA dan Gerakan pening dan hilang sokongan masyarakat Cina dan India sekali.
          Pada pandangan kaum Cina, MCA patut memprotes aksi UMNO yang dilihat sabagai satu ugutan.

          1. Okay, pandangan yang diakuri. Umno pun tersilap langkah dengan mengizinkan episod keris itu diulangi 3 tahun berturut-urut di PAU.

          2. Saya sangat marah bila hisham tunduk dalam isu keris. Keris adalah sebahagian budaya kita. Kegagalan Hisham menjelaskan maksud hunusan keris adalah satu tragedi. Amarah saya pada hisham masih belum hilang.

            1. Raja-raja Melayu juga memakai keris dalam pakaian adat istiadat. Tak juga raja-raja menghunus keris mereka itu.

          3. Hishamuddin bukan ke jadi Menteri AMARAN.

            Itu saja yang dia pandai, selain dari tai chi kerja kat orang lain.

            This one Johorean politician that I’m not proud of.

          1. Gerakan also 2×5.. The best way, just ignore this MCA and Gerakan.. Replace their position with MIC and our loyal friend from Sabah/sarawak.. Then this idiot MCA will crawl back..

      2. Helen,

        Interesting, is it not? Ghani’s venturing into Gelang Patah have opened many discussions that usually were deemed not feasible in the past.

        Winning or losing in Gelang patah is another story. But the move while accepted, does to a point caught MCA, DAP or more importantly, Chinese off guard. It signifies UMNO’s readiness to confront DAP in Chinese territory.

        It is actually a slap on MCA. This moves serves as a reminder that MCA if not careful will be ‘redundant”, hence relegated to museum only.

        Actually as I said earlier, Malay short of saying it have lost trust on Chinese. But some poor souls among Malays are willing to work with the devil (DAP) for their own benefit. But in the process, they are putting their traditional political base on the line. Which explains significant Malay shifts toward UMNO, mainly from PAS deserters.

        One thing that escape Chinese attention is that for first time, the prospect of Malays rejecting them in all level of govt is very real. As Malays are tired of uncompromising attitude of Chinese. Helen, you mention, Chinese do not care about Chinese Ministers. Wait until it happens.

        SOMEONE says that Chinese are up against UMNO on Hishamudin holding keris issue. If that is the case, can I also (or Malays) use te same argument up against DAP for insulting remark by David Nga on Dr Zamri and his parents?

        1. I specifically said that having MCA’s Ng Yen Yen, Liow Tiong Lai, Kong Cho Ha and Chor Chee Heung as ministers in the Najib Cabinet doesn’t make one jot of a difference in our lives.

          I said that the DAP supporters don’t care if the MCA fellas are made ministers or not. I added that my opinion is akin to the DAP supporters in this particular regard (I also don’t care if the current crop of MCA pollies are kept out of the govt).

        2. MCA out of date already in the eyes of most Chinese. As far as I can tell from my anecdotes, almost all of the current crop of MCA politicians have zero respect among the Chinese community, except OTK. Surprise? Just look at how WKS was being chased out by a hostile Chinese crowd during a DJZ rally and how CSL is being ridiculed almost everyday in cyberspace.

    1. I can’t ‘teach MCA’ in the next GE because MCA candidate, Mr Tan Junior (anak lelaki Mr Tan Char Hoi) is contesting against the Khalid-gagap in Bdr Tun Razak Parliament, whom aku menyampah betul.

      The need to kick Khalid out of BTRazak is more urgent than the need to ‘teach MCA’ a lesson.

  5. No.. No.. Its not MCA that we should teach a lesson. MCA already out of the game. We should teach a lesson to their Dewan Perniagaan China and Dong Zhiong (not sure about the spelling.. sorry)..

    Lets try gently touch their wealthy, culture and education then we see what’s their reaction.. UMNO sure do this when Ghani force to retire by Gelang Patah.. if not, we should give UMNO a lesson too.

  6. Helen how about a contest to’ helping out the tokong, in coming up withthe best excuse ‘ for LGE and the Gang. I am sure they will need help in giving an answer to the ROS regarding their CEC election mistake.

    I am sure some witty gems will flow from the readers. By the way it will bring some smiles.

    1. too late..on my fb, they’re screaming bloody murder over the ROS incident and accusing BN has a hand in it so that DAP is disqualified. LOL!

    1. :) it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t

      but some of the MCA lepas pandang should not even have occurred in the first place, such as the Panda “We want stability” election campaign slogan that had Chinese, Tamil and English words but no BM.

      I’ve been pointing this out repeatedly the last three weeks and nobody has bothered to rectify. Even if no one from MCA reads my blog, but still they’ve been sitting at the BN table for 61 years (since the 1952 KL municipal election).

      Surely in that six decades they would have realised to learn to respect the national language. What does it say when the MCA election slogan is in Chinese, Tamil and English but completely overlooks BM?

      1. Helen – MCA election banners in my area (BTRazak Parliament) have malay words in them. I guess this Mr Tan Junior is reading your blog! Good!

  7. Helen,

    samada DAP mahu diajar oleh CSL atau MCA sendiri perlu disekolahkan tidak lagi menjadi perkara penting kepada orang Malayu umumnya dan penyokong-penyokong UMNO tegar khususnya.

    harus saya kongsi bersama keunikan orang Melayu yang membudaya dalam kehidupan mereka khususnya tentang pandangan mereka terhadap kaum Cina.

    Uniknya, orang Melayu mempunyai budaya dimana apabila seorang Cina itu ‘baik’ yakni boleh berkompromi dengan mereka, maka orang Melayu ini dengan mudah boleh menjadi akrab malah sanggup dilebihkan orang Cina tadi sehingga melebihi kaumnya sendiri.

    kita boleh melihat orang Melayu membeli di kedai Cina walaupun terdapat kedai milik orang Melayu yang menjual produk atau memberi servis yang sama.

    namun, harus diingat bahawa umum masyarakat Melayu sebenarnya mempunyai persepsi yang agak menyeluruh tentang kaum Cina iaitu, “kalau tak tipu, itu bukan Cina”.

    GE13 akan menjadi penentu kepada pandangan orang Melayu terhadap orang Cina secara keseluruhan dan rata-rata orang Melayu yang saya temui memang sedang memerhati dengan penuh teliti akan pencapaian MCA.

    Pemerhatian dan cakap-cakap mereka yang ternyata bimbang dengan situasi terkini amat berasas sepertimana yang Helen dan rakan-rakan blogger lain pun banyak menulis tentang bagaimana DAP menggunakan The Star tanpa batas dan tanpa kekangan dari MCA.

    Keputusan kekalahan dalam GE13 akan menjadi pembuktian bahawa kekalahan MCA ini adalah penipuan terancang (bersama DAP) yang memberi isyarat jelas kepada orang Melayu bahawa keseluruhan mereka (orang Cina) ini adalah kaum yang tidak boleh diharap dan tidak boleh dipercayai umpama ‘mengharap pada sokong, sokong membawa rebah’!

    Biasanya ‘sokong yang membawa rebah’ ini samada dihapuskan atau ditinggalkan mereput begitu saja dan sekiranya itu berlaku, saya tidak mampu mengulas apa yang akan berlaku.

    Mudah2an, yang terbaik buat MCA.

    1. NTR did not accept the invitation. So Ambiga simply went ahead with the programme and at the same time faulted the PM for his absence.

      That’s how the Pakatan proxies operate. Sneaky.

      1. I suspect as much. I further suspect that they are doing this ad-hocly, when they might be fully aware of the tight schedule of DSNTR campaigning around Malaysia.

        While I am supportive of debate between possible Perdana Menteri, I believe that better policy does not necessarily win. It hangs too much on the skill of the orator – and in this I think DSAI is far ahead of DSNTR.

  8. Your corporate chart of the Star corporate ‘Empire’ is not complete. The Star activities with the Singapore Government are left out. Please enlighten us on this oversight.

  9. It is unlikely that the DAP will be in control of the Federal Government after the next 13th General Elections even though the DAP is the little Singaporean Trojan inside the bigger PR Trojan horse. What the DAP is trying to achieve with its less than brilliant academic crew compared with the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is to achieve the impossible of the ‘tail (Singapore) wagging the dog (Malaysia) or a one-street town controlling the people and natural resource rich giant, our beloved Malaysia, by proxies.

    Wake up, all Malaysians !

    1. AK47

      DAP by itself will not be able to control the Federal Government ,but DAP strategy is breaking up the Malay vote (UMNO,PAS,PKR) and don’t forget the call for ABU.

      If UMNO failed to form the new government, DAP are expected to be the leading party in Pakatan because Malay vote would be shared by UMNO, PAS and PKR. It mean to say PAS and PKR will not be a leading party and if this happen I strongly believe what ever seat that won by MCA, Gerakan or even MIC will jump ship to DAP making DAP even stronger and in democracy the stronger will lead.

      Most of us are aware what game MCA are playing, and the Chinese support toward DAP.

  10. On the corporate endeavours of the Star with the Singapore Government media, it was extensively reported in the media at the relevant time.

  11. OK. For your edification, Madam, the Star Annual Report 2010, Page 84 Cityneon Ltd. Other press reports said it was a joint venture between the Star and Singapore Government media.

  12. Tebing tinggi.

    The Chinese if they are really Chinese have no right or in their own interests to play the politics of Malaysia. What do they gain from political turmoil at their own expense ? I dare say it is utterly stupid for the Chinese not to back the incumbent BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which made everyone rich including 71/2 (the 1/2 is Mongolian) Singaporean Billionaires who came into Malaysia penniless. One made so much he could on lend his Stradivarius violins to the Singapore Philharmonic but not to KL. This is gratitude for you and me. Another Singaporean just used his phone. No sweat. What are you Chinese in Malaysia bellyaching about ? Get down to make money like the Singaporeans under the NEP !

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