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GE13 candidates show DAP 2.0 to be Christian-led party

“Rakyat will strike you w vengeance @NajibRazak if God doesn’t 1st” — is a tweet yesterday by a PKR evangelista apparatchik. Yee Siew Meng’s tweet was retweeted by DAPSubangJaya.

DAPSubangJaya (DAPsubangjaya) on Twitter 2013-04-19 04-04-24

The Star has provided saturation coverage not only to Hannah Yeoh and her personal assistants but also given space to Hannah’s Subang Jaya evangelista gang members such as Yee.

The DAP is putting up a whole slew of evangelistas as its GE13 candidates in Selangor. The Star report yesterday by Regina Lee (but who else) revealed that

  • DAP SuperCyber Bully evangelista Ong Kian Ming will be standing in the Serdang Parliament seat
  • Evangelista Yeo Bee Yin will be standing in the Damansara Utama state seat (both Ong and Yeo only joined the party late last year)
  • Evangelista Rajiv Rishyakaran (Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant) will be standing in the Bukit Gasing state seat
  • Evangelista Tony Pua and Charles Santiago will be defending their PJ Utara and Klang Parliament seats respectively
  • Eric Tan Pok Shyong, who is Teresa Kok’s lawyer as well as a former Subang Jaya/MPSJ councillor is standing in Pandamaran (Ronnie Liu’s former seat)
  • Ng Sze Han, a Subang Jaya/MPSJ councillor is standing in Kinrara (Teresa Kok’s former seat)
  • Lee Kee Hiong, who will be fielded in Kuala Kubu Baru, is Lim Kit Siang’s former political secretary (photo below, pictured with Teresa Kok)
Lee Kin Hiong di perarakan Himpunan Hijau baru-baru ini
Lee Kee Hiong at the Himpunan Hijau rally with Teresa


Photo above: DAP’s meeting on the eve of the 2008 election with the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) — Hannah Yeoh, Dr Cheah (later to be Damansara Utama state assemblyman), Teresa Kok, Guan Eng, Rev Kim Kong, USCI’s KJ John and Tony Pua

From the Selangor DAP candidates list, it can be seen that the Lim Guan Eng faction and his coterie have a iron grip on the party.


How many of the 37 seats given to the MCA are throwaways — lost even before nomination day?

Parliament constituencies that the MCA will be contesting in GE13:

(The ones highlighted in blue were lost by MCA to PKR, and the ones in red lost to DAP in 2008; the candidates list is 2013)

1. Alor Setar – Chor Chee Heung
2. Padang Serai – Heng Seai Kie (new)
3. Bagan – David Chua Teik Siang (new)
4. Bukit Mertajam – Gui Guat Lye (new)
5. Bukit Gelugor – Teh Beng Yeam (new)
6. Bayan Baru – Tan Heap Seng (new)
7. Ipoh Timur – Kat Wong Mei Yin (new)

8. Ipoh Barat – Dr Cheng Wei Yee (new)
9. Batu Gajah – Loo Thin Tuck (new)
10. Kampar – Lee Chee Leong
11. Gopeng- Tan Chin Meng
12. Lumut – Kong Cho Ha
13. Tanjung Malim – Ong Ka Chuan
14. Raub- Hoh Khai Mun
15. Bentong – Liow Tiong Lai
16. Selayang – Donald Lim Siang Chai
17. Pandan – Gary Lim Chin Yee (new)
18. Serdang – Yap Pian Hon
19. Kelana Jaya – Loh Seng Kok
20. Petaling Jaya Selatan – Seah Kok Fah (new)
21. Petaling Jaya Utara – Chew Hoong Ling (new)
22. Klang – Teh Kim Poo
23. Bukit Bintang – Frankie Gan Joon Zin (new)
24. Seputeh – Nicole Wong Siaw Ting (new)
25. Cheras – Teoh Chee Hooi (new)
26. Bandar Tun Razak – Tan Kok Eng (new)
27. Seremban – Yeow Chai Thiam
28. Rasah – Teo Eng Kian (new)
29. Alor Gajah – Koh Nai Kwong (new)
30. Kota Melaka – Dr Yee Kok Wah
31. Labis – Chua Tee Yong
32. Bakri – Chris Lee Ching Yong (new)
33. Ayer Hitam – Wee Ka Siong
34. Kluang – Hou Kok Chung
35. Tebrau – Khoo Soo Seang
36. Kulai – Tay Chin Hein
37. Tanjong Piai – Wong You Fong (new)

From the list of 37 above, the following Parliament seats are the ones where MCA is the incumbent:

1. Alor Setar
2. Pandan
3. Kampar
4. Lumut
5. Tanjung Malim
6. Raub
7. Bentong
8. Alor Gajah
9. Labis
10. Ayer Hitam
11. Kluang
12. Tebrau
13. Kulai
14. Tanjong Piai

MCA held 15 seats in the 2008-2013 Parliamentary sittings. It is defending 14 after having ‘loaned’ Gelang Patah to Umno.

Out of the 14 seats, six are in Johor (previously discussed here). So let’s look at the remaining 8.


MCA’s Malay-majority seats

MCA is defending two Parliament seats in Pahang —  Bentong (previously discussed here) and Raub, the seat that Ng Yen Yen will not be re-contesting. Raub has 50 percent Malay voters (2013). The MCA man will be up against DAP’s Sakmongkol there.

The only Selangor seat held by MCA is Pandan (previously discussed here), for which Ong Tee Keat has not been renominated. We might be bidding welcome to YB Rafizi.


The MCA Perak seats are Kampar, Lumut and Tanjung Malim where the MCA bigwigs are put.

(a) Kampar has 60 percent Chinese voters in the 2013 electoral roll (bye-bye MCA).

(b) Lumut is a Malay-majority seat where MCA sec-gen Kong Cho Ha previously beat two PKR Malays in 2004 and 2008. Malays comprise 51 percent of the Lumut electorate in 2013. Lumut has navy base voters (read: undi tentera).

(c) Tanjung Malim has 53 percent Malay voters (2013). It is a seat where in 2004 and 2008, the MCA candidates beat two PKR Malays respectively who were not big names. Tanjung Malim has a Proton plant — you can call the town a Malay vote bank.

Alor Gajah and Alor Setar

(a) The Star chairman Fong Chan Onn is vacating his Alor Gajah seat, making way for a newbie to contest. Alor Gajah is yet another Malay-majority seat with 58 percent Malay voters.

(b) Despite Alor Setar having 63 percent Malay voters in 2008, the MCA incumbent Chor Chee Heung barely scraped through with a wafer-thin majority of 216 votes. The number of spoilt votes was 1,757. The MCA vice-president appeared to have suffered from a Malay backlash against Umno in Kedah.

The data above indicates that the MCA’s life is hanging on an Umno thread. Whatever handful of seats that MCA is left holding after the expected May 5 wipe-out are, in truth, demographically Umno seats.

Failure to deliver quid pro quo

Previously discussed — ‘2013: The year BN died‘.

The BN communal formula is already dead insofar as Chinese representation in the ruling coalition is concerned.

Umno lets the BN Indian candidates stand in Malay-majority areas because there are no Parliamentary seats with an Indian majority. In return, the MIC is to deliver the Indian votes to Umno-BN candidates contesting elsewhere in the peninsula.

The MCA, however, is no longer able to uphold its end of the BN bargain.

Yet despite the MCA’s obviously tenuous position in the BN, it still adopts a can’t-care-less attitude.

Stabbing at fellow component parties

In the kalimah Allah issue, MCA (and Gerakan) failed to back up the Umno stand. Read here.

The MCA has turned off Malays in several quarters. Read ‘Perkasa will dissuade BN Malays from voting for MCA’ and ‘ISMA akan berjasa melingkupkan MCA ini kali‘.

It is understandable that Malays across the board are disgruntled with the MCA. Many pro-establishment Malay bloggers did not take kindly at all to The Star‘s Pork Ribs Ramadan Delight gaffe. Although it was an unintentional oversight, it nonetheless indicated an attitude problem that plagues The Star.


Nest of evangelistas

Some of the scissors-stabbing episodes:

MCA Kelana Jaya membuat laporan polis
MCA Kelana Jaya makes police report against Hannah Yeoh — photo from Malay blog

Star buried many stories

There were many ‘bola tanggung’ concerning the missteps of the DAP 2.0 evangelistas which The Star could have slam dunked. But it never happened.

One of the occasions was when the MCA’s own people made a police report against Hannah Yeoh alleging that she had slandered the government.

Both the NST and the Malay Mail covered the story when Hannah Yeoh was being questioned by the police with regard to her accusation that MCA created phantom voters. The Star chose to bury the story instead. WHY?!

Star coddling DAP cyberbullies

I started blogging in July 2011 and it was only in August that my blog first featured Hannah Yeoh.

Way before Hannah popped up on my radar, her own peers had been complaining that the Jerusubang preacher was a bully. And mind you, the complaint came from an MCA office bearer.

The tweet (screenshot here) that says “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully” was made by the Beliawanis MCA treasurer on 12 Dec 2010.


Twitterhannahyeohtankengliang I hope men

As usual, “simply accuse”

The tweet (screenshot above) telling off Hannah Yeoh for simply accusing was made by MCA Kelana Jaya youth chief Lee You Hin.

Then there was a Twitter war of words as well in 2011 between Hannah Yeoh and Gerakan Youth’s Tan Keng Liang (screenshot above).

As we’re aware, Hannah Yeoh is very free and easy with throwing accusations of “racist” here and there. Well, she accused Tan in effect of being a male chauvinist.

The alternative media as well as The Star entertained Hannah’s whinge with the usual publicity attendant on the media darling.

The Star has consistently taken the side of DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians against the BN.

Screenshot below: Hannah Yeoh tweeted “MCA, Umno, MIC, Perkasa all 1 and the same, all race-based […] pot calling kettle black”.




What is The Star‘s agenda?

Given Hannah Yeoh’s notorious verbal ‘wars’ with so many BN politicians in her 30-something age group ever since several years ago, why is it that The Star has persisted in elevating her name on a lily white pedestal?

The anti-BN bias and the pro-DAP 2.0 bent shown by the MCA-owned paper really begs the question of what is The Star up to.

Consider that the Star reporters and editors were unable to recognize the Arabic script for kalimah Allah in Erykah Badu’s controversial tattoo. Contrast that with the number of stories that the paper carried on the Lady of Subang window sighting:

Nov 10: Crowds flock before image of Virgin Mary on hospital window, Nov 11: Awestruck by Virgin Mary image, Nov 12: Image becomes clearer, say witnesses, Nov 12: A matter of personal faith, Nov 14: Supposed image of Mother Mary will be transferred to church, Nov 15: Theologian: It’s a call to return to God, Nov 15: Panel is old, so removal needs to be done delicately, Nov 17: Glass panel with image will not be removed today, Nov 19: A vision that’s opening eyes, Nov 20: Glass panel with ‘Virgin Mary’ image removed, handed to church, Nov 20: SDMC management and staff were gracious, Nov 21: ‘Virgin Mary’ glass panes moved to Klang

The Jerusubang Star
might as well just declare itself to be a church newsletter!

Empowering the evangelistas

The Star is the market leader among Malaysian press in using multimedia including social media.

The MCA Beliawanis have been complaining about cyberbullies ever since 2010 or perhaps even earlier. During the same period, the DAP has grown from strength to strength in their social media networks because The Star has been empowering the party, their apparatchiks and their cyber Red Guards.

Thus The Star has become a platform for the DAP supporters to harass DAP opponents online. The Star‘s 5.63 million audience reach has been utilized to uplift the DAP 2.0 evangelistas.

Loyal or disloyal?

The MCA has direct control over The Star.

If the MCA-owned paper has been campaigning for the DAP 2.0 evangelistas over the last five years, and the MCA has chosen to close one eye to this activity, then it certainly makes the MCA’s own loyalty to the BN suspect.

Dr Chua Soi said Ong Tee Keat was not picked to defend his seat because the latter had repeatedly expressed his lack of confidence in the party.

“He repeatedly said MCA is not relevant and he doesn’t represent MCA. So, if you don’t represent the party, you shouldn’t contest,” Dr Chua was reported to have said.

“If you don’t represent the party, you shouldn’t contest” is what CSL says of OTK.

It doesn’t look like the MCA is representing the BN either, what with all the backstabbing being carried out by its media machinery.

But MCA is still given 37 Parliament seats and 90 state seats to contest. It’s up to the pro-establishment supporters to discern whether the MCA and its scissors represent the BN or they represent the other side.


In a Merdeka Day special feature titled ‘The right recipe for unity‘, The Star quoted Hannah Yeoh as saying:

“she dreams of a future Malaysian society where race will be irrelevant. If she could change a thing, she adds, it would be to get rid of the race column in the national registry and other official forms, and everyone will only be categorised as Malaysians.

‘The Dan lain lain category especially has to go. I find it very offensive, it makes you feel like a second-class citizen and I don’t want my children to have to go through that. If we still want to have racial categories, then we must be prepared to include the other ethnic groups apart from the three main races,’ she says.”

Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan


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15 thoughts on “GE13 candidates show DAP 2.0 to be Christian-led party

  1. Talking ’bout the gal who wowed & terribly impressed the now shamed GPS, she tweeted this last night;

    I believe Lim Guan Eng was choking back tears when talking about contesting under a PKR/PAS flag for the first time.

    Seriously, could you see the likes of Hannah, OKM, Tony, Nga & all the born again Christians contest under PAS’s moonie?

    What about Karpal? Would he contest over or under his dead body?

    As for LGE, I would like to play fortune teller for a moment. He’ll contest under PAS symbol & go on the campaign trail telling everyone you’ve nothing to worry about where hudud is concerned when you vote for PAS.

    Am staying in a hotel until the weekend due to a management retreat. Went down to the coffee house at 7 for breakfast. 7 persons, 3 of which were female was seated next to my table. I believe they were all in their 20s. The gadgets on the table would probably be sufficient to buy a Perodua Viva. As they were all speaking in Chinese, I assumed they are.

    As I entered I could here the noise made by this group. Not surprisingly their conversation centred around politics. Their conversation revolved around cheaper fuel & cars plus the merits of DAP (not PAS or PKR) in power post GE.

    Then it moved on to the corruption of UMNO (specifically UMNO, not BN). The same tired arguments are rehashed. It was getting to my nerves. When after one fiery speech, one of them slammed his palm onto the table, his coffee spoon dropped. I muttered “Idiot”.

    They obviously heard me as Mr Potential Politician got up, turned to face me & asked me what I just said. I looked at him straight in the eyes & repeated it.

    He was apoplectic with rage & was just about to say something when I cut him off. I told him his parents never raised him to act unruly & use foul language in public. For good measure, I added that DAP were conmen who are apparently very successful in conning idiots like him. And I returned to my coffee & Star.

    They gathered their stuff in a hurry as they left. It goes on to show that these scumbags have no regards, no respect for others wherever they are.

    And is it any surprise at all? Not in the very least. Afterall, their idols in DAP blazed the very path of disrespect, slander, uncouthness & all things unpleasant for their mesmerized & zombied followers to walk on.

    1. About the guy with apoplexy … perhaps more of us should follow in your footsteps of joining territorial army and undergoing weapons training.

      We should make this a forum discussion topic. They’re a menace, everywhere.

    2. – Karpal Singh said that his “over the dead body” is taken out of context.
      – He acknowledge Islam as official religion of Malaysia.
      – PR Menang besar. bla, bla, bla


    3. In anglophile countries, theyd be buggered off for speakung hokkien(or any foreign language) in public

      Not even French is spared [YouTube]

    4. LGE is making a big fuss about how ROS is trying to kill DAP even though EC & ROS had said officially that DAP can still contest under their logo.

      In any case, I don’t think most Chinese would care what party or logo the DAP leaders contest under. Even if it is under the Swastika of the Nazi party, these Chinese would still vote for DAP.

    5. Hmm… You called a stranger an idiot. Called him an idiot again in his face, and expected him to be…pleasant? that’s…odd don’t you think?

      I mean aren’t you, in your act of calling them “idiots” (whether they really are or not, is a different question), being disrespectful as well? Could you not have respectfully disagreed with their opinions?

      On a more important note….

      AFAIK, while most pakatan supporters are as bigoted as most BN supporters, the more intellectual ones I’ve talked to will never admit that their DAP leaders are flawless and blameless. They simply believe that they’re supporting the “lesser of two evils”.

      What do you think? Do you think the BN leaders are the lesser of the evils instead? If you do, why so?


  2. I observed the Christian infiltration of the Star grew in intensity after the 2008 General Elections and with the appointed to the top job of Wong Chun Wai. His predecessor was not as pushy as this gent and was a professional unlike Wong whose ambitions showed through the pages of the Star. Now, we know he is from Pulau Pinang, this explains.

    The Singaporean Chinese and the hard core chauvinists and the young and brash evangelistic Christians of Subang Jaya have been granted their deepest wish in keeping with their latest slogan, ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay based’ after shouting themselves hoarse ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ for 44 long years. I presume they have no memory and conscience. They now can fight for the wonderful Islamic green and white flag of the PAS ! Courtesy of the ROS and the virtual CEC DAP.

    How are the DAP candidates be protected by the duller brilliance DAP leadership as compared with the brilliant titan Lee Kuan Yew and his failed policies ? A Pyrrhic victory if they win ? Are we to laugh or to cry at this absurd inefficient and incompetency of the DAP leadership in their failure to prepare for the ‘Mother of all Battles’ commented by me many years ago and to fulfil the desires of Lee Kuan Yew whose reputation and legacy can only be saved if the Singaporean DAP conquers our beloved Malaysia, come what may ?

    See how the DAP bungled. DAP should have won hands down in 2008 because if they were efficient and competent, they would have discerned the disastrous weaknesses of the BN before this crucial date. And the other big mistake was DAP sat on their butts doing nothing for 44 long years and was satisfied to see a princeling become a prince on a sceptred isle. OMG. Funny politics indeed !

    The victory moment of 2008 for DAP has now gone with the wind and will never return. This is the problem for the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew to operate with lesser brilliant digits in his proposed firmament, They failed him ! They failed him real bad ! A warrior does not fight when all his enemies are alerted. Sayonara DAP !

  3. And why the DAP bungled and bungled again ? They tried to emulated the much vaunted meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes men’ of Singapore with the smartest fellow on top. As I have explained, this vaunted meritocratic pyramid failed miserably being one of the 7 policy failures of the ‘you know who’. And the 8th failure of this brilliant emeritus mentor must be the DAP which let him down.

    They should have struck in 2008 with a single stroke and all be over for the BN. They did not and this showed the ineptness of the DAP which wants to rule over all of us Malaysians. The DAP even misled the brilliant titan to make a victorious tour of the Malaysian Ulus in April 2008 and now caused him much embarassed because there was no change in his favour.

  4. the Pakatan hacks are now out in force attacking P. Waythamoorthy after Hindraf and BN inked a historic partnership. when Pakatan hacks are out in force attacking someone, we know for sure that Pakatan are really fearful, really afraid of that someone.

  5. Indian could be the determining factor if DAP use PAS logo.

    DAP already got 85% Chinese vote, if under PAS banner, they will attract sympathy from dunggus Malay PAS (quote Uncle Syedoutsyedthebox).

    hope HINDRAF can persuade sober Indians.

  6. I like India. I grew up as a boy in India. I spoke Urdu and Hindi. The Indians there were great and hospitable. I do not see why they should not all vote the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties.

    1. I never been to India, so I don’t know hehe…

      but I love Malay, Indian, Chinese, Sabahan, Sarawakian, Orang Asli, Sikh…all races living in Malaysia.

      but I also hate some of them. i think that’s fair, there are bad & good people in every races.

      but don’t choose or vote people with bad ideology, who are hypocrite & closet racist.

      Indian, please vote for Hindraflah. seriously. don’t rely on PR or BN although now Hindraf signed MoU with BN. same goes to ISMA. whoever has ISMA candidates in their constituencies, please vote them.

      i support the underdog 60% and BN 40%.

      Asal Bukan Cina DAP!!!

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