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Betul-betul kesian …

… kat MCA.

Cuba tengok pada halaman The Star Online (screenshot bawah).

Setiausaha MCA Kelana Jaya Gan Meng Foo akan bertanding kerusi DUN Subang Jaya. Akan tetapi laporan The Star hari ini tidak pula membentangkan gambarnya. Yang ada hanya gambar – begitu BESAR – Hannah Yeoh.

Kenapa The Star tidak pernah tolong beri sedikit publisiti agar para penghuni Subang Jaya boleh cam wajah si calon MCA tersebut?

Di bawah ialah hasil carian Google untuk Past Year di atas nama “Gan Meng Foo”.

Hanya dalam minggu ini sahaja (52 minutes ago, one hour ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago) ada cerita tentang Gan Meng Foo. Itupun terhad kepada (rencana) senarai pencalonan.

Sebelum minggu ini dan dalam tempoh setahun lepas, Gan hanya muncul dalam akhbar milik partinya sebanyak 3 kali sahaja — pada 5 Okt 2012, 15 Mac 2013 dan 8 April 2013.

Malahan pembantu peribadi Hannah Yeoh telah diberi liputan yang lebih meluas oleh The Star berbanding dengan calon MCA ini yang akan bertanding di Subang Jaya.

Gan Meng Foo

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Di bawah ialah gambar Tan Karr Wei, wartawan yang menulis rencana The Star hari ini tentang Gan Meng Foo dan Hannah Yeoh.

Pernah saya mencatat bahawa Tan Karr Wei berupa seorang pemberita yang otaknya terletak di kepala lutut — baca posting saya yang terdahulu pada 10 April 2013.

Menara Star di Phileo Damansara itu sebenarnya sarang Dapster.


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38 thoughts on “Betul-betul kesian …

      1. Ah yes. It is a Christian tradition that when you’re baptized you get a baptismal name even if you already have a proper Christian name prior to that.

        So yes, I concur that this must have been her rebirth name. Btw, do you know that Hannah stands for “God’s favour is with me”? I know that as I’m close friend to a Hannah, not the Dappie yuppie mind you.

        1. Ah so, God’s favour is with her. (I must remember to stay at home during thunderstorms. Don’t wanna be struck by lightning bolt.)

          Btw, which book of the Bible does the name appear?

          Did you know The Rocket has a staff by the name of Hosanna Chung?

          1. Hosanna? Hallelujah!!!!!!

            Hannah appeared in the book of Samuel. She was barren & later after making a vow to God, she bore quite a few kids.

            If I’m not mistaken, quite insignificant figure in the bible as she’s not mentioned elsewhere.

            Btw, she was consider a prophetess for predicting the future. P’haps the modern day SJ version of her fancies herself to be one as well?

  1. Seeing her face just caused my stomach to curdle. Hannay Yeoh have very few credentials and unremarkable to be made a leader, at best she is a venus flytrap to the unfortunate youths beholden by her anglophile holier than thou sham.

    She rose on the wave of the anti Badawi sentiment and DAP squawk that her persona was the lure, but that is not true. Now she jealously guard her cult by inciting hate, misinformation, nepotisme and fanaticisme in Jerusubang.

    1. she has neither credentials nor credibility. but alas even the low class Chinese and Indians worship like as if she is one of their goddesses.

      oops ! I was wrong there. my apology. actually she has credentials and credibility, being that she is chief provocateur par excellence in cyberspace.

      as for popularity among the Chinese, that is not surprising. the Chinese in particular love anything and everything that is white. so I m not surprised that even the heathens have bought into her holier than thou scam.

      her cult of personality is burgeoning. everywhere you look, she is ever present.

      1. re: “her cult of personality is burgeoning. everywhere you look, she is ever present”

        Ribuan terima kasih diucapkan kepada pihak pengurusan The Star, para pengarang serta wartawan-wartawan akhbar milik MCA tersebut (see ya all in church, ya)

        1. these people you mentioned, they are the disciples of her Gospel. its their duty to spread Her Word and Message.

          I must make clear that the teachings of The High Priestess of SJ has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.

          1. that’s what I meant. they are the disciples of the Gospel of Hannah. and The Star is like the Church of Hannah.

          2. They probably found some ancient scrolls in the bowels of SJ sewer pipelines prophesying the coming of a short lady who was born again at 19 to be the Chosen One to claim SJ for Jesus. Prime piece of real estate this SJ in case you don’t know it already.

          3. F F C,

            what scrolls ? scrolls written in Hebrew ? or those written in Old English ?

            mind you, the British got involved in the affairs of Malaya in 1771 when they tried to set up a trading post in Penang. so if scrolls were to be found in present day Malaysia, we should be looking at Penang, not SJ.

        2. For that we all proclaim;

          Praise the Lord, Alleluia!!!

          Now don’t forget your love offering amounting to at least 10% of your income. God blesses the generous heart with bountiful harvest, ya know?

          1. Pleaselah, that`s `lady Tokong` u are talking about. Much ado about nothing. She is the `dear lady` comparable to the `dear leader@ LGE. Empty can sounded louder.

  2. Baca tak article Star hari khamis lepas pasal chua tee yong (i hope I got the name right, its chua something), calon mca. First few paras, they wrote positive things tapi lepas tu terus uturn. At the end of the article, after reading it, I’m convinced mr. Chua is gonna have a difficult task maintaining his seat…huhu

  3. Apa jadi dengan Janice Lee? Kenapa tak bertanding? Nampaknya DAP tak mau guna simbol bulan. Agaknya tak mau nampak tunduk di bawah PAS.

      1. I pity her really. being loyal to the party is not a prerequisite for contesting in a GE. she forgot to do that one most important thing. she must worship the Royal Family of The Daddy Action Party.

      2. Saya ada baca Janice Lee cakap CEC yang tak diiktiraf ROS tak ada kuasa halang dia bertanding sebagai ahli DAP.

        1. DAP ada cara untuk halang Janice Lee dari bertanding. mungkin mereka akan guna khidmat samseng untuk mengertak dia.

          1. ah that bullying squad………….bullied the elderly now they want to bully a woman ? tak malu ke ?

  4. on DAP using the Pas logo :

    “This will be a game-changer,” the DAP’s chief election strategist Ong Kian Ming was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal, adding: “We expect non-Malays to see through BN’s move to deny us a right to our party symbol. Campaigning under the PAS flag could help us secure more Malay votes.”

    so is he also admitting that DAP will agree to the demands of Pas to set up an Islamic state ?

    1. This is already irrelevant as DAP itself refuses to use the PAS logo.

      Of course we all know DAP will not agree to PAS’ demand to set up an Islamic state.

      1. the grassroots DAP members refused but for people like Ong Kian Ming its okay. that’s why I say I believe the top leaders of DAP already agreed to the demands of Pas.

        the Chinese, they don’t know what’s really going on in DAP. they think DAP fights for them.

        I would love to see the looks on the faces of these Chinese when DAP top leaders say :

        “in the grand scheme of things, we agreed to the demands of Pas as the preservation of our alliance is more important than protecting communal interests”.

        L O L !!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. People like Ong Kian Ming wants to play on the sentiment of urban Muslim Malays who want PAS to replace UMNO as the taiko of the government. And that think that DAP will submit to that.

  5. Not too kesian la. Today’s paper got feature few news related to MCA.
    1. 1MCA scheme- a micro credit scheme to help people expanding their biz
    2. Tan Cheng Liang talked about distributing leaflets to combat provocation and misunderstanding during polling day
    3. Jason Teoh helping Ghani to campaign in Gelang Patah
    4. One whole page with CSL introducing a fund called The Star Accelerator Fund, which is initiated to help develop technology entrepreneurs locally

    They have one page in Metro talking about Penang DAP

  6. Never stab people in the back.

    The whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith for all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government and also for pretending they know nothing about the ABC of politics, Malaysian politics.

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