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MCA lambat laun akan mati juga, kata The Star

Berita berikut disiarkan oleh Yahoo! News hari ini.

Petikan dari rencana berkenaan hasrat penggunaan lambang bulan menggantikan roket:

“Sesetengah ahli DAP juga mengatakan langkah ini [menggunakan lambang bulan PAS] boleh membantu parti dikuasai Cina itu untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak undi dari populasi majoriti Melayu.

“Ini akan menjadi pengubah permainan (game changer),” kata ahli strategi pilihan raya DAP Ong Kian Ming dipetik berkata di Wall Street Journal dan menambah “Kami menjangkakan bukan Melayu melihat langkah BN menafikan hak untuk menggunakan simbol parti. Berkempen di bawah bendera PAS akan membantu kami mendapatkan lebih banyak undi Melayu.”

Ong Kian Ming adalah personaliti kesayangan The Star.

Melalui tweet-tweet oleh the Star Editor (screenshot di bawah), Kian Ming mendedahkan strategi partinya untuk menguburkan MCA.

The Star kata MCA menghadapi nasib #SlowDeath

OKM slow death

The Star mengesyorkan skandal PKFZ diberi tumpuan

OKM scorpene

The Star mempromo Izzah, Rafizi, Dr Dzul

OKM izzah

The Star berminat untuk membongkar rahsia Projek IC

OKM fake ICs

The Star mencanangkan usaha-usaha baik kerajaan negeri S’gor & P. Pinang

OKM pgsgor

The Star menghebahkan berita Kian Ming masuk politik

OKM enterpolitics

The Star menggalakkan orangramai supaya memberi undi mereka kepada Ong Kian Ming

Ong Kian Ming akan bertanding sebagai calon DAP di kerusi Parlimen Sedang.


The Star sarat dengan pengarang dan pemberita yang pro-DAP.

The Star mendokong kegiatan-kegiatan Dapsterisme yang dijalankan oleh jaringan pemberitanya beserta personaliti alam maya kegemaran akhbar tersebut yang bersikap DAP SuperCyber Bully.



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30 thoughts on “MCA lambat laun akan mati juga, kata The Star

  1. The Star ini memang penyokong the Firsters dari dulu.
    Saya ingat dia akhbar yang berkempen kuat untuk dikekalkan PPSMI dengan bagi ruang banyak kepada Datin Azimah dari Page.

    1. Saya penyokong tegar PPSMI dan Page.

      Yang akan rugi adalah pelajar2 Melayu bila PPSMI dibubarkan.

      Anyway, this is another topic to discussed on another day.

      1. Kebodohan anda sangat terserlah dengan menyokong penghapusan BM dari Sains dan Matematik.

        Cina pun telah menghapuskan keperluan untuk BI kerana ini menghalang mereka yang berkeupayaan dalam bidang yang tidak memerlukan BI memajukan diri.

        BI adalah bahasa dan tiada kaitan dengan kemahiran. Pemandu teksi di England pandai berbahasa Inggeris. Amah Filipina pandai berbahasa inggeris. Kemahiran BI ini tidak menjadikan mereka saintis!

        Sains dan matematik adalah konsep pemikiran. Mempercayai dunia ini dibuat oleh Tuhan dalam 7 hari menjadikan anda bukan saintifik dalam apa2 bahasa pun. Faham? Konsep dan pemikiran tiada kaitan dengan bahasa.

        Yang rugi tidak menguasai BM adalah anda. Anak-anak Melayu membina dunia Melayu, muzik Melayu, budaya melayu, seks melayu, rock Melayu, filem Melayu, perbankan Melayu.

        Anda pula perlu BI untuk bercekerama..

  2. They sold their souls a long time ago ….the last five years has been a charade of MCA….. just to survive and to cast doubt. The chauvinistic chinese will never ever give MCA any credence ever again. Also yet to be seen who from MCA who will jump ship if DUMPSTER have a good outcome in the polls.

    CSL has been a failure from the beginning…. as the head of MCA why is he not contesting …..why coz of his tarnished reputation or is it because he knows that he will lose wherever he would be fielded….. bullshit its a bloody disgrace to barisan. MCA should not have voted for him to be their leader.I think that it would be wise to say CSL is, was and always be a failure.

    The simplicity of the matter will be “Chinese will be Chinese, at the end of the day they will close ranks”.

  3. With the brewing DAP constitutional crisis and internal bickering for seats, MCA might get a second chance.

    I think being too long under the Lim dynasty has negative effect on the DAP leadership.

    You see that UMNO’s Kamelia quits party to contest as an independent and UMNO fired her while on the other hand DAP can’t even decide whether to fire or pujuk the Malacca chief.

    1. re: “With the brewing DAP constitutional crisis and internal bickering for seats, MCA might get a second chance.”

      I hope ROS and other statutory bodies do not interfere in the sense of such interference giving MCA a second lease of life.

        1. re: “DAP made such a soap drama”

          Yes, I’ve noticed how the DAP drama queens play the persecution complex.

          Like Hannah Yeoh was bullying the NRD clerk (who was merely following dept procedures) on the Anak Bangsa Malaysia registration but she turned around and accused “MIC and Umno troops using nasty words on my family. Racist and distasteful.”

          Regardless of the high drama enacted by Lim Senior and Lim Junior, should DAP be de-registered post May 5, the situation will be too chaotic.

          The first brush with ROS shows just how manipulative the DAP is, and how successful they are in firing up the sentiments of the Chinese. I’m certain a number were taken in by Lim Kit Siang’s tears.

  4. Ong Kian Ming comes from the thieving university UCSI. In fact, if not for UCSI’s close connections to the Star on whom they spend a lot of “entertainment money” on reporters and senior editors, BN would have had a field day in flaying his “clean government” image.

  5. Sebenarnya maksud kata Ong Kian Ming,”Berkempen di bawah bendera PAS akan membantu kami (parti DAP yang dikuasai Kristian) mendapatkan lebih banyak undi Melayu (orang Islam).”

    Kenapa PAS begitu bodoh tak nampak maksud yang tersirat ini??

    1. TokNgah,

      Masalahnya PAS mmang tak nampak apa apa atau rasa apa apa. Sebab PAS enggan melihat dan enggan berfikir. Jadi sebab itu PAS tak nampak apa yang semua orang lain nampak.,

  6. Helen

    I was at Frankie Gan’s ceramah earlier on at Razak Mansion. Response was good. He has been working the ground for years. People has been asking for his help to settle almost everything,

    I am also seeing many Chinese youngsters helping with the campaign. Many Chinese residents turned up. They like him. Persatuan Penduduk also supports him.

    He spoke about his plan for the estate. Crowd cheered.
    I think the onslaught by DAP will actually boost support for MCA…. the older generation who have been voting DAP but always are aware of the services given by MCA are for sure giving their vote to help MCA this time around. They played a video with an 80-year old lady talking about Chinese power. All the aunties and the uncles agreed. I think before they still give DAP votes because they think they need to but now I think they don’t think DAP needs help.

    So don’t be too quick to discount them. My gut feeling says they will do a bit better. So does Gerakan.

    Rowena Yam will also win… as well as a few other Chinese BN candidates in Penang. They have more NGO savvy church goers going up against DAP. Perhaps giving DAP a taste of their own formula. Penang actually has a pretty good chance.

    1. re: “They have more NGO savvy church goers going up against DAP.”

      Don’t think escalating church politics (“if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”) is a good idea.

      As for the MCA, their hidup segan mati tak mahu status leaves the door wide open for all the scissorsing that’s taking place. Me no like the underhanded snip, snip, snip that’s going on.

  7. Also was surprised these Chinese youngsters are having horrible command of Malay…. that is not good.. I was asking for the panda soft toy if they are selling it… but they seem not to understand me.. :-)

  8. Minat betul The Star dengan polis “ijazah” ni. Abraham Lincoln & Andrew Johnson tak habis sekolah jadi presiden tak heboh pun.

  9. Helen,

    I’ve got a few questions on my mind:

    1. (first raised by blogger Kickdafella):
    PAS gives out nomination letters to DAP candidates to contest, yet those candidates are not PAS members. They contest, and if they win, they won on PAS’ ticket. BUT DAP and PAS have opposite policies on many things, what then will happen when (when, not if) those winners go against PAS’ policies? PAS cannot discipline them OR claim they are not PAS’ reps. Clever, right?

    2. In response to DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia ideology, why not launch “Malaysia for Malaysians” campaign? Define those Malaysians as warganegara who subscribe to the Malaysian value system (power sharing, respect constitution & each other, speak national language etc.). Expose these DAPster what they are all about.

    3. PKR akujanji puts in penalty of RM5mil if jump ship. What about those who jump into PKR? Is Anwar (the man who hatched this strategy) going to pay?

    4. Why are they called “Pakatan Rakyat” when it’s obvious they can’t even “berpakat”? Seat allocations, common policies, clear direction/communication are all missing from this non-registered entity.

  10. Have you browsed through the Star today? MCA published 3 full page ads. One touched on UBAH, the other on Arab Spring lessons & the 3rd on power behind DAP.

    Also you might want to read Roger Tan’s column on politicizing the pulpit. He was mildly sarcastic on Paul Tan’s indignation over Sunday voting.

    1. Thanks.

      MCA publishes ads two weeks prior to polling day in the hope that their last minute message will get through.

      Sementara itu MCA hanya memandang sepi tindakan si Gunting dalam Lipatannya itu mencucuk dakyah secara halus sepanjang lima tahun kebelakangan ini.

      1. 3-4 years too late IMO. Lots of news space for the symbol issue (pg3), “David vs ‘Goliath'” (pg8), Kok vs Wong (pg10) but surprisingly no mention of Hannah, or maybe I missed it.

        Also, GPS would be wowed & terribly impressed if he flips to pg31. There’s a pic of Reggie interviewing WCW for

        1. re: “surprisingly no mention of Hannah”

          They have discernibly scaled back in their coverage of her. However in terms of DUN Subang Jaya, she will win by a landslide. So The Star no longer openly campaigning for her won’t affect her chances.

          1. she is yesterday’s news. the hot babe of the town right now is Yeo Bee Yin.

            1. Catchy initials YBY. In Damansara Utama DUN, she sure win one. Then her title will be YB YBY.

              The evangelista virus is evolving to be very potent. The new, stronger 3.0 strain of YBY will be much more devastating than 2.0 b’cos a lot smarter plus more telegenic.

          2. plus the fact that she does not come across as being arrogant although looks can be deceptive. she also has the advantage of being about to articulate her thoughts in Mandarin, which will come in handy when dealing with the Chinese educated heathens in her constituency and on national issues.

          3. sorry wrong typo. should be

            plus the fact that she does not come across as being arrogant although looks can be deceptive. she also has the advantage of being able to articulate her thoughts in Mandarin, which will come in handy when dealing with the Chinese educated heathens in her constituency and on national issues.

            1. Spot on.

              HY is an attention seeker and since she’s full of inherent self-contradictions, she’s opened herself up to scrutiny.

              DAP 3.0, which is evangelista, compared to the transitional DAP 2.0 (which still had Fong Po Kuan, Kula, Dr Boo, etc) will make mincemeat out of MCA.

              That’s why I think the hidup segan mati tak mahu MCA is a hindrance to the BN. And a fifth column by allowing its platform of 5.63 million audience to serve the Rocket.

      2. Ini Star, lagi baik dali utusan wooo…, itu utusan sulah kasi felee olang tak mau angkat ooo… Kalo star dali lulu lagi sula tulis macam itu utusan ..itu dakya umnoBn.., sulah lama mungkus wooo.. tapi ini cina star manyak pandai meniaga taklak selupa utusansex punya olang laa… bodoo selupa makan vavi…

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