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Woohoo! Onn Jaafar bertanding kerusi Parlimen di Johor

Lihat jadual calon-calon PRU13 Johor di bawah —  kerusi Kota Tinggi.

Onn Jaafar ialah calon parti pembangkang di kawasan tersebut. Beliau seorang ahli Jawatankuasa Perhubungan PAS Johor.


Dikemaskini: 10.48 pagi, 20 April


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22 thoughts on “Woohoo! Onn Jaafar bertanding kerusi Parlimen di Johor

    1. LOL! Yes, my typo.

      Thanks for pointing out. Will amend.

      Harbinger of the future? United Malaysian National Organization, wink.

  1. Reminds me of the time Samy Vellu pulled a fast one on the people of Segamat by replacing his former party Deputy President and Segamat MP S. Subramanian with Dr. S. Subramaniam in 2004 (our HR Minister). As far as the voters knew the old Subra got a doctorate

    1. Sir,

      with your blog gaining in popularity, you can expect a lot of visits from the PR cyber war machinery’s handlers.

  2. #DAPsterCancer parachute candidates in Johor are now locked in with no retreat, no way forward. I wonder if they are familiar with the concept of kill box or killing zone…


    1. It will be a test of how ethnocentric the Chinese sentiment is. Ghani’s campaign thrust reflects that line of argument.

  3. I know that Onn Jaafar. He has been contesting in general elections so many times. He used to be pitted by Pas against Hishammuddin, the Home Minister. The guy is actually quite a pleasant man and an idealist. But, I don’t think he can win as he keeps on being placed in sure to lose constituencies for a Pas candidate. Onn used to be with Parti Sosialis Malaysia and part of the late Razak Ahmad’s band before joining Pas.

    1. re: “He used to be pitted by Pas against Hishammuddin, the Home Minister.”

      Cute. The PAS people got a sense of humour.

  4. Onn Jaafar ni calun PAS di Semberong menentang hisham pada pru 2008. Dah semacam tradisi bodoh pas meletakkan calun bernma onn menentang hisham.

    Dia ni dulunya bekerja sebagai pembantu kedai runcit di Flat Larkin, Johor Bahru. Sangat mahir mengopek dan mengisar kelapa. Menyiang ikan dan ayam pun antara kemahiran beliau. Sesuai sangatlah kemahiran beliau untuk menjadi calun emimpin pas johor.

    Lama tidak berjumpa nya mungkin sudah menjadi ustaz ataupun penceramah agama pujaan pas.

    1. sorry helen.. banyak ejaan salah. kelam kabut lah dan lap top ni buat hal. Sedang menyibukkan diri di Gelang Patah. Ikut manis mulut pengundi Cina macam boleh menang je Ghani tapi susah mahu cerita lah.

  5. Helen

    Labis will be interesting to look at ,could be a sign cooperation between MCA and DAP by the later fielding an Indian who are sure to loose in a Malay and Chinese are almost at par and Indian are small in number.

  6. There are lots of ppl out there who dont care whatever PR do, whether its rape murder, corruption, anything as long as they can get rid of BN.

    They dun care that Kedah and Sgor had been turned into a pig sty or how Kelantan under PAS is still a 19th century place or how Penang is fast going downhill, they dun care how PR would mess up Msia, as long as BN is not the gov.

    Well, these ppl already have an iq lower than a monkey right now and it wud take long before they can get their brains back.

  7. Hello,

    I’m new in politic, may i know some history of our Mr. Onn Jaafar ahli Jawatankuasa Perhubungan PAS Johor. For example: His contribution for improving Kota Tinggi area of something that can support him to getting his vote.

    I wish to understand more detail for convince others for voting PAS… Thanks..

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