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The Star tikam belakang anak Chua Soi Lek

Chua Tee Yong adalah calon MCA untuk bertanding kerusi Parlimen Labis yang pernah juga dipegang oleh ayahnya Dr Chua Soi Lek pada suatu ketika dahulu.

Lawan Chua di Labis ialah S. Ramakrishnan, seorang bekas senator DAP.

Laporan The Star hari ini bertajuk ‘GE13: Tee Yong – Why is Ramakrishnan running for a seat in Johor?

Chua mempersoalkan kenapa Ramakrishnan yang berjawatan exco DAP Selangor boleh pula dipayung terjunkan masuk Johor.

Dalam laporan itu juga, The Star memetik Ramakrishnan sebagai berkata dia yakin bertanding di negeri itu kerana didakwanya dia sudah dikenali orang tempatan.

Mengikut The Star:

“I have been here for the past three years and everybody knows me,” he said, adding that originating from another state was not an issue for him.

Tee Yong - Why is Ramakrishnan running for a seat in Johor
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“I have been here for the past three years” — kelentong!

Daripada laporan Si Gunting, Ramakrishnan sudah berada di Labis “selama tiga tahun kebelakangan ini” dan dia kononnya “kenali semua penduduk Labis”.

Kenyataan di atas yang dipetik oleh The Star itu membayangkan seolah-olah Chua Tee Yong seorang pembohong yang telah membuat tuduhan melulu terhadap Ramakrishnan justeru mempertikaikan calon DAP tersebut sebagai seorang bidan terjun.

Betulkah apa yang dipercakapkan oleh Ramakrishnan bahawa dia “have been here for the past three years”?

Chua Tee Yong berkata seperkara dan Ramakrishnan berkata seperkara lain yang kedua-duanya bercanggah. Dalam bahasa Inggeris, ia umpama perbalahan “He says, she says”.

“Attending several functions over the last few months” aje

Namun kita sudah tahu pun bahawa kebanyakan penduduk bandar bukan-Melayu (yakni demografi pembaca The Star) adalah pro-pembangkang. Mereka-mereka ini sememangnya bercenderongan untuk mempercayai propaganda Pakatan.

Pada masa yang sama, para pembaca The Star yang bernaluri anti-kerajaan mungkin mencurigai orang BN, lebih-lebih lagi dengan dipengaruhi rekayasa ramai pemberita The Star yang pro-DAP.

Dalam pada itu, barangkali pembaca suratkhabar tersebut akan menyangka bahawa Ramakrishnan-DAP bercakap benar seraya mengesyaki Chua Tee Yong-MCA bercakap bohong.

Jadi ada baiknya untuk kita meninjau sama ada kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Ramakrishnan itu adalah benar atau palsu.

Sebagai bandingan, sebuah rencana FMT (26 Nov 2012) berkata:

“The Taiping-born accountant had been attending several functions over the last few months in Labis and its surrounding areas as part of his efforts to introduce himself ‘unofficially’ to the voters.”

Mengikut laporan FMT, Ramakrishnan hanya menjenguk di Labis sekali-sekala dengan menghadiri beberapa acara di kawasan itu.

Pemberita The Star menipu pembaca.


‘Labis’, ‘Johor’ tak ada dalam Word Cloud blognya pun

Cuba tengok juga pada blognya @

Perhatikan Word Cloud pada sebelah kanan (lihat screenshot bawah).

Topik yang paling kerap dibincangkan dalam blog si Ramakrishnan ialah ‘Umno’, ‘Najib’ dan ‘MIC’.

‘Selangor’ ada dibincangkan sedikit-sedikit. (Ramakrishnan dilantik menjadi Senator kerana dia exco DAP Selangor. Pelantikannya dibuat dalam bulan Disember 2009 untuk tempoh tiga tahun dan tamat 2012.)

Perhatikan bahawa perkataan ‘Johor’ dan ‘Labis’ langsung tidak muncul di Word Cloud blog


MCA pasti hangus angkara api dalam sekam

Laporan The Star hari ini sebenarnya telah memburuk-burukkan Chua Tee Yong secara tersirat.

Seorang bekas pengarang urusan The Star, P. Gunasegaram, ada berkata:

The Star is owned by the MCA

and run by the MIC

for the benefit of the DAP.

Rujuk rencana Gunasegaram yang bertajuk ‘Why Ho Kay Tat left The Star‘ (Malaysiakini, 13 Dis 2012)

Baca juga laporan tentang bagaimana sebelum ini Tee Yong pernah dikenakan oleh akhbar milik partinya — ‘Star shows middle finger to Chuas‘.

Menara Star adalah sebuah reban musang (berbulu ayam).


Berkaitan Ramakrishnan:

Tweet senator kontroversi DAP tentang mamak

Ramakrishnan menggesa PAS memecat Ustaz Nasha — baca SINI


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17 thoughts on “The Star tikam belakang anak Chua Soi Lek

  1. i will not go down the DAP route that blames everything on UMNO (to the point of ridiculousness), I shall take the interview with a pinch of salt and assume that the journo is an inexperienced & new and wrote exactly what was uttered by whatshisname from DAP. There’s also a lapse of judgement & fact checking by cross checking with other sources on the claim, but as i said people make mistakes especially if they’re rushed for deadline.

    1. re: Rushing for deadline

      The Star has thousands of journos and hundreds of editors. Otak di kepala lulut betul. The guy is a Selangor exco and senator who finished his term end-2012. How can any properly functioning brain let Rama’s statement (below) go unchallenged:

      “I have been here for the past three years and everybody knows me.”

      Originating from another state may not be an issue for the Taiping-born Selangor DAP exco but it is an issue for Johoreans. Rama should have been nailed with an appropriate question on this.

      re: “wrote exactly what was uttered by whatshisname from DAP”

      Writing down exactly pronouncements without question applies only to Prophets on Mountain yang terima wahyu dari Tuhan. It appears that Star reporters do indeed regard DAP politicians as infalliably uttering gospel truths. In which case, The Star poses a big, big problem to the BN.

      Any newspaper article doesn’t simply go from the hand of a new and inexperienced journo straight to the column inches (page). If it were so, then the reader is not getting value for his money.

      Secondly, this is a major political story regarding what the press, by mutual consensus, dubs the “frontline” state. Johor’s six federal seats will determine the continued (or not) political survival of the MCA.

      If we look at the six parliamentary constituencies that MCA is contesting in Johor its last bastion, Labis is not only a hot seat but it’s also the one where the party president’s maruah is at stake. Add to that, CTY is the Great Hope of MCA Future (if the party has any future left).

      Which editor worth his salt would entrust such a big story to a rookie. Furthermore, the reporter’s copy should have gone through several gatekeepers.

      Bottomline: MCA is truly being buggered by the paper it owns which is run for the benefit of the DAP. Unless the MCA itself is in cahoots with the agenda.

      1. Do you even realise that no one takes the political bullshit from the Star seriously? Except maybe you? You really need some shampoo and a healthy dose of reality.

        1. re: Helen Ang needs “a healthy dose of reality”

          And what does that make you since you’re practically camping in my blog 24/7?

          My free advice: Go adopt a dog. Buy a leash. Take your dog out for a walk. Get some physical exercise. The unreality of my blog is not doing your mental health any good.

      2. Back in school, an international conference was held in town. The organizers roped some 20 secondary school students to help with info gathering & writing press releases. Everything went through an Aussie guy who acted as the editor for the duration of the conference. And before any piece were released, it was again vetted by John Teo, currently a columnist in NST.

        There are times when the pieces are published, it bears little resemblance to what was originally written. As such I’m inclined to think that there’s a possibility that the editor(s) were responsible for the article’s slant. And if the editor(s) are known sympathizers of the PR cause, the spin should not come as a surprise at all.

        Credibility is a major thing in the news business. All it takes is one screw up to destroy many years of reputation. Ask Sarawak Tribune. They’ll tell you.

    2. Not only the STAR tapi NST juga runs by MIC for the benefit of Indians be they in UMNO, DAP or Hindus.

      These Tamil people hyped up their race because they were given the space unintentionally in NST, STAR or even UTusan.

      Traditionally colonised by the English, Indians were more likely to ape their master and hence the control of english.

      That is why they are against BM because in a BM environment the Indians would lose their space to hype up their race.

      Even in football Rajagopal deserved a front page defence for his poor performance, humiliating Malaysians with 6-0. 5-0 defeats but because he is Tamil the STAR devoted a front page to bash FAM after Rajagopal had bashed his employer FAM policy for his poor performance!

      The Tamils in NST are no difference running praiseful article today on the incompetent Rajagobal just because he is Tamil.

      Then there are articles in Malay Mail promoting Subahan Kamal as the next MB for Selangor. Why? You guess it. Subahan Kamai is Indian and in fact more Indian than Mahathir was in UMNO.

      The Tamils/Singh etc even complained why the Malaysian team consist of Malays when even in Chinese Singapore all the players are Malays. That is the extend of the idiocy of UMNO allowing Indians to run NST or Malay Mail.

      So your expose that Tamils run STAR by the MCA is no surprise but that doesnt mean we should let these anti Malays and anti Malaya Indian more lee ways.

      Your expose is timely because these Indians raised unrealistic expectation among the Indians estate workers. They are here to work in estate and not to run the country.

  2. The STAR newspaper existence is numbered. Come after 5th MAY 2013, the components of BN will surely bring this up in their AGM’s especially UMNO. Why UMNO, because this a component’s party entity, who proves to be a backstabber. If they can’t put their house in order others will. Simple theory.

    Enjoy while they can, to those in the STAR managements. Even now while the election fever is on, the STAR has got to seriously consider which sides they are on, forget that WCWai, fella, he’s a lallang he’s a gonner after the GE13, lets gets real, he doesn’t own the STAR anyway. MCA does.

    So, MCA if you wants to be in the mainstreams of politics, buck up or ship out. ME feels that we don’t simply dishes out sympathy without any returns. NO FREE RIDES TO FREE LOADERS.

    1. Not UMNO. They dont speak english. They dont understand the subtle nuances of STAR backstabbing.

      There was an article by a STAR Indian editor Ganalingam or something who denied the Malays native status in Malaya saying all land belong to the jungle people because they were here first. ( He didnt argue that just like the US, all land belongs to the Red Indians or Australia belongs to aborigines unlike Fiji which belongs to Indian because they come later… special case hehe)

      This argument was then adopted by the Indian judge Akhtar Tahir who said land development Felcra/Felda are illegal. As all land belongs to the jungle people. But UMNO response? zilch. UMNO should have asked this STAR and the Indian judge to declare that all land in Singapore belongs to the Malays as they were there first.

      Inane editorial from the STAR and from Indian judges got no response. Akhtar Tahir should either resigned as a judge as he was appointed by the Malay Agong whose land jurisdiction and government he did not recognise or get himself appointed by the jungle people….

      Which maybe a good thing. These Indians will be best served ignored and the rise of BM speaking Malaysians will ensure their inanity remains buried in their colonial mentality.

    1. Thanks. I’d greatly appreciate if readers of this blog can raise the alert elsewhere so that other people will also keep a sharp eye out for The Star‘s shenanigans.

      Basically, all the political pundits peg Chinese support for the DAP at 80% at the very least, and with some taking up their estimate to 85% (the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute’s forecast) and the DAP themselves trumpeting 90%.

      The Star staff are no exception to trend above. They’ve clearly shown themselves in social media to be no different than the Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle ABU commenters.

      1. May be this will shock a lot of people but I buy the star. Why you may ask due to my view of PR? Cos, I buy it to review job opportunity and biz. Another reason coz it thick and the price is cheeper. For you who sell your surat khabar lama know that the heavier the paper the more money you get.
        To get any other information in and around the country I buy other paper or do my research in internet…

  3. Its ok, its freedom of the press they yearn so much…..i suggest mca sell the star to fox news or rupert murdoch

    1. Suggest MCA sell The Star to CMI (Chief Minister Incorporated), created in 2009 to handle the investments made by the Guan Eng administration.

  4. MCA is really turning into a tragic comedy. They’ve changed tack by attacking DAP via proxy PAS. They can’t even face down on their own enemies & expect the electorate to vote for them?

    More adverts in the Star today. And there’s even a hint of sarcasm as journo Razak Ahmad’s piece on paid adverts highlighted MCA’s 5 paid adverts in print yesterday.

    1. Oh boy! This is getting better with every page I flip. Do check out the “getting jiggy with it” photo on pg6 of StarMetro. If that ain’t a blade between MCA’s shoulder blades, I don’t know what is.

    2. Agree. The last-minute paid adverts on the MCA’s part is really pathetic. Especially with the irony that The Star readership is a hostile audience to the owner of the paper.

      The irreversible long-term damage had been done the last 5 years already.

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