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Are your family and friends mostly BN or Pakatan?

BigCat the First once blogged about her family’s political allegiances, details (headcount) which I found most fascinating. I’ve rendered the info that Aisya provided into chart form (below).

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Michelle Yeoh meets DAP 3.0

The name-calling — traitor to the Chinese race, bitch, BN running dog, slut/whore/prostitute, sell-out, and other labels running the predictable gamut of oppo standard vocabulary — is par for the course among the Dapster-Jerusubangites. You can read some of the slurs and spit (“ptui!”) HERE in the Malaysiakini readers’ comment section.

What’s unusual this time though is that the latest victim of the DAP Super Cyberbullies is former Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh — Malaysia’s darling.

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Dear Tuan Syed Akbar Ali

Since I’ve mentioned before that Syed Akbar Ali is my most favourit-est blog to visit, I’m taking the liberty to publicly pose a question to the Blog House president (under the presumption that he will indulge my query due to my rave fan-ship of his blog).

SAA in his latest posting yesterday revealed that he lived in Bangsar for two decades and is registered to vote there. Bangsar is in the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary constituency, and the incumbent MP is Nurul Izzah Anwar.

As a frequenter of Bangsar and someone familiar with its local politics, SAA observes that “Nurul Izzah’s problem is she hardly ever visits Lembah Pantai. No one I know has seen her.”

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