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Are your family and friends mostly BN or Pakatan?

BigCat the First once blogged about her family’s political allegiances, details (headcount) which I found most fascinating. I’ve rendered the info that Aisya provided into chart form (below).

They are a Johorean Malay family.


Among Ai’s siblings, the brothers are ardent Pakatan supporters whereas the sisters are staunch BN supporters. They are neatly split along gender lines.

Could one of the reasons be because women are more level-headed?

For Johor news developments during this election campaign period, I’m reading the following blogs that have got their ears on the ground:

  • Life of Annie (because Annie is sensible)
    Bonus: BigCat the First is a weekly guest blogger at Annie’s
  • BigCat the Second (Tinsel has got her four paws planted on terra firma)
  • Chuah Bee Kim (sorry for bringing you to Komtar cybertrooper attention)

The above blogs are Girl Power … like I said, they’re sensible voices. It is such a relief to read sensible opinions!

The guy bloggers on Johor are Another Brick in the Wall (A Voice), Eddy Daud and Tenggara is Southeast.

Please share with us if you wish to recommend other informative Johor bloggers.


DAP candidates in Johor

Those contesting Parliament seats in Johor on the DAP ticket are:

  • LabisS. Ramakrishnan – Selangor DAP exco
  • Kluang – Liew Chin Tong – previous seat Bukit Bendera, Penang
  • Gelang PatahLim Kit Siang – previous seat Ipoh Timur, Perak
  • Kulai – Teo Nie Ching – previous seat Serdang, Selangor
  • Tanjung Piai – Mahdzir Ibrahim – Roketkini coordinator
  • BakriEr Teck Hwa – incumbent

Among the six DAP politicians contesting the Parliament seats, only one has been based in Johor the past five years.

The DAP Malays: Mahdzir, Sakmongkol, Zairil & Aspan

Mahdzir Ibrahim, 37, is a Dapsy exco member.

He started working for DAP in early 2011 after a brief stint as a communications officer in the Selangor state government’s youth secretariat. He helped create a media product – i.e. DAP’s Malay language news portal Roketkini – with the hope to change the perception of DAP amongst the Malays. (source:


The DAP constitution states that an individual should be a party member for at least two years before he qualifies to be nominated to stand for election.

There is however an exemption clause, i.e. the Adun/MP nominee can bypass this requirement with the express approval of the CEC.

Among those granted a waiver are the evangelistas, Ong Kian Ming @imokman who is standing in the Serdang, Selangor Parliament seat dan Yeo Bee Yin in the Damansara Utama state seat. Both Ong and Yeo only joined DAP in end-August 2012.

Kiang Ming and Bee Yin
Kian Ming (pls remember to call him “Dr Ong”) & Bee Yin

In the 8 March 2008 general election, the following successful DAP candidates had not met the two-year requirement of the party constitution as well. In fact, a couple of them had joined DAP only one to two months before GE12.

So now you know why the DAP CEC is filled with Lim Guan Eng’s men. It is so that they can bend the party rules to suit their interests.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau is the DAP Johor chairman but he is not given any Parliament seat to contest. He is however defending his Skudai state seat.

Norman Fernandez and Ahmad Ton are the DAP Johor deputy and vice chairmen respectively but they are not given any Parliament nor state seat to contest.


Below are the DAP candidates for the Johor state seats. So much for the party’s vaunted claim of multi-racialism.

  1. Tan Chen Choon (Jementah)
  2. Lim Eng Guan (Bekok)
  3. Ee Chin Li (Tangkak)
  4. Chua Wee Beng (Bentayan)
  5. Chew Peck Choo (Yong Peng)
  6. Gan Peck Cheng (Penggaram)
  7. Tan Hong Pin (Mengkibol)
  8. Shanker a/l Rengganathan (Paloh)
  9. Liow Cai Tung (Johor Jaya)
  10. Chen Kah Eng (Stulang)
  11. Cheo Yee How (Pengkalan Rinting)
  12. Boo Cheng Hau (Skudai)
  13. Wong Shu Qi (Senai)
  14. Yeo Tung Siong (Pekan Nenas)

What the Johor choice of candidates (final selection determined by the Four Heavenly Kings) and the special exemption for new Christian members indicate is that Guan Eng calls the shots.

MCA ad

The pre-tsunami Ye Olde DAP has been emphatically sidelined. The Christians – Charles, Nie Ching, Tony, Hannah and gang – were responsible for reshaping the purported socialist party into its DAP 2.0 religious party format.

Now the evangelistas – Kian Ming, Bee Yin, Rajiv Rishyakaran and gang – are moving DAP up the Christian value chain to become version 3.0.

The DAP Christian Syura Council are taking a leaf from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang in inspiring edicts like Amanat Hadi.


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72 thoughts on “Are your family and friends mostly BN or Pakatan?

  1. All my family members, my wife familly, my sister family are BN supporters. None pakatan supporters as far as I know.

    1. Among the working and middle-class Chinese, it’s rare to find BN supporters in Penang, the Kinta Valley and the Klang Valley. Probably only in Johor. That’s why the Johor seats are of immense interest to me.

      My hunch is that MCA will go belly up in Pahang too. Johor is really their last bastion.

      1. I’m a malay by the way and yeah, I think its a common understanding that 90% of Chinese are pakatan supporters. But, I think the number is going down and it will not be surprise if the percentage of chinese pakatan supporters down to 75-80%

        1. It’s highly probable that you’re right wrt their maxing out at 90 percent, and thereafter support for DAP can only slide down.

          But the Michelle Yeoh episode is an eye-opener of how extreme they can be. The evangelista personality cultists will go all out to maintain their hold on the captive audience.

          So the shift in brainwashing might be from Chinese ethnocentrism to Christian evangelism, i.e. at 90% support DAP will have little market left to fish for Chinese votes. But with the party’s backing at govt level, the evangelistas can fish for more Christian converts.

          The church and Christian voting bloc is solidly DAP’s. So Guan Eng and his coterie might figure it’s to their long-term survival to secure this vote bank under lock and key.

      2. Hate to admit, but have to agree with you. Hopefully everyone vote wisely and see beyond racial boundary. Our country is more divided than ever.

          1. me 3…. I’m betting you also got the like page for DAP representative. I know a few of my chinese friends keep quit coz they support bn. Other just post “wait for this coming Mei 5” and never really state which party they will choose.

  2. To be crude, MCA needs a Guan Eng to bring them back in the game. It’s perceived as the older generation’s party. Not that the Chinese forgets about the MCA of the merdeka days but with everything in place now and Najib giving two thumbs up (and a few million RM) to Chinese education (heard on RTM that MY is the only country outside China that has Chinese schools in the national system), people are beginning to wonder what is MCA there for.

    Besides what is multiracial Gerakan doing in a racial-based coalition, whose rights is it looking out for, when supposedly MCA is looking out for the Chinese. Kesian gerakan. No thanks to Najib taking all the limelight to boost his image, MCA is behind the scene. So since we have Najib, what else do we need MCA for?

    Btw, I do agree with warrior3210-1-2-3.. that you need to cut down on giving net real estate to the jerusubangites, the star, izzah anwar and your usual suspects. or are you doing a reverse psych on us and are actually an opposition-friendly blogger ;) but hey, it’s your blog and you know your readers. what do i know.

    1. :D

      Agree that MCA and Gerakan will be rendered irrelevant. In fact, they’re a hindrance.

      Nurul Izzah is of little interest to me. And she’s gonna lose and be out of Parliament. Good riddance. I blogged the Izzah piece only on account of the Scissors angle.

      My usual suspect Our Lady Subang is getting to be a bore. Unless she gets on the nerve more than is usual, she’ll be gradually phased out of this blog (fingers crossed).

      However the Jerusubang focus stays. We’re heading for a clash of civilizations. Dr M entertains the possibility of religious riots erupting. He’s miles ahead of the curve and if he thinks so, the country should pay attention.

      Si Gunting, in my humble opinion, needs to be blunted. Nature never intended for the otak to be ensconced in the kneecap as with Star reporters. Therefore The Scissors is an aberration to the law of nature. Equilibrium must be restored and the otak moved away from the kepala lulut.

      1. Helen, I’m with you. This nurul izzah is also of little interest to me. I always fall off my chair when i read comments like oh she is PM material, la di da. Really?

        What is it that they see in her, i don’t know.

    2. MCA gone downhill from day1 when Chua CD took over the party no1 post with money politic. Since that day MCA has been discarded by Chinese community.

      If OTK is allowed to lead MCA I believe MCA would Not be such a bad shape now and probably perform better than last election. OTK had been exposing the scandal when he was the transport minister especially those related with PKFZ, we did see hope in MCA. However the moment he was brought down to shut him out, MCA is as good as dead.

      1. I just had a long chat with a chinese friend just now. what he told me is really fascinating.

        In his believe, he said that ‘Yes, MCA will lose out this GE. The only person who have the capability to reform MCA and currently keeping himself quiet is OTK. Majority of the MCA grassroots members are in the wait’.

        I don’t know whether this is true or just a hope that will never come true.
        In general, MCA have to reform and ‘si-gunting’ be held responsible to the damage that they have done. i’d like to see the pro-oppo reporters be replaced immediately after the GE.

        1. Am in agreement with your friend generally.

          When MCA is dead in the water post GE13, CSL might be forced to bow out and this paving the way for OTK to make a comeback. Surely CSL must be held accountable for his party’s disastrous showing.

          MCA would need to do a thorough house-cleaning and that includes of The Star.

  3. The DAP should have crushed UMNO in 2008 when the latter was at its weakest after all the fun and games since 2004. Forewarned is forearmed. Whichever way you throw the dice, it is going to be an overwhelming victory for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. All these DAP johnny-come-latelies with be swept aside by the BN tsutnami.

    1. True that BN fared badly but that doesn’t mean that Umno was at its weakest. Looking at the intra party calculus within the BN coalition, 2008 actually gave Umno a backhanded opportunity to become top top dog (previously it was the top dog) due to the heavy losses sustained by Gerakan, MIC and MCA.

      Those DAP johnny-come-latelies will not be swept aside. Instead DAP will sweep away MCA and Gerakan. The evengelistas have been given safe seats, e.g. Damansara Utama. DUMC is there, remember …

  4. just a thought …

    “There is however an exemption clause, i.e. the Adun/MP nominee can bypass this requirement with the express approval of the CEC.”

    Don’t you think that MsExcel contributed to a lot of ‘newly joined’ members catapulted to be in the running for this GE13? That, there was a delay and detour from submitting the list names for the 700-odd that were not given notice and further delay and application of extension until RoS had to issue that infamous letter?

    LKS may have cried but not because they can’t use the rocket symbol but fearing that the newly joined candidates are unable to submit their nomination forms the next day?

  5. It has never been about the people. This DAP is spewing hatred toward BN specifically UMNO because its upholding Islam. The Dap struggle is all about cristianity war against muslims. That is why they take PAS under their control. To negate any retaliation from the so call Islamic party. The strategy seems to work in the Allah issues. The DAP just wanted Cristian to be the PM…nothing more.

  6. oh dear me..i’ve been inflicted by the DAPsters disease (the reading only the first para..LOL) I apologise!

  7. most of my friends who support BN will always keep their mouth shout. Unless needed. Im surprise that more than 50% than my officemate is like that. Unless… you’re a young DAPster and n people who think they’re SYURGAWAN… Confirm masuk syurga by NAziz.

    1. Syurga + awan: Jerusubang Dapsters & Pasters who’ve booked their ticket for heaven and who’ve got their head up in the clouds while waiting for their flight to be called.

      1. hahahaha…helen!

        my late tuan guru once said, “janganlah mendahului Allah SWT apabila kita berbuat atau memperkatakan sesuatu. sebutlah ‘insyaallah’ setiap kali memulakan atau mengakhirinya (perbuatan atau perkataan) kerana setiapkali kita ‘mendahului Allah SWT, maka Murka Allah SWT itu adalah SEGERA, dan tidaklah dapat kita berbuat apa-apa kecuali tunggu akan kedatangan ROTAN dari Allah SWT’.

        therefore, whatever been said and done i believe the ‘Rotan’ to the Dapsters is right at the corner on the 5th May!

        can’t wait to see the climax!

        1. I meant that they’re so confident they’re good and are assured of entry through Heaven’s Gate while at the same time, they’re certain the rest of us are on the dark side and cavorting with the devil.

  8. Mum & dad are staunch BN supporters. Hardly surprising since both are retired civil servants with dad in the force & mum serving a few years in the force before transferring to the civilian side of the force for health reasons.

    Bro & sis in law are mid upper class. Both are professionals employed by MNCs. Sis in law is from Batu Pahat so no surprise she’s a BN supporter as is my bro.

    My other half is a wee bit ignorant about politics but is to be expected since she spent 3/4 of her life overseas. But she’ll vote BN this time round. I voted PR or Barisan Alternatif as they were known in ’08 but BN banks my vote this time.

    As for the extended family of 7 uncles & 9 aunts plus numerous cousins & their spouses, they’re typical Sarawakians. Only a couple are opposed to BN while the rest will pick the dacing. Not surprising again since a number were in or are still in uniformed services.

    Clearly DAP learned the lessons of ’08. Confident of the Chinese votes, they’ve targeted the mid class as well as the 9% Christians. If a seismic shift happens where the Christian votes are concerned in East Malaysia, DAP & by a certain extent PKR will wrest a substantial number of seats which will precipitate the falls of Putrajaya.

    And they’ve strengthened from a position of strength by bringing in intellectuals, professionals, eloquent speakers etc which should prove to be more potent then the rag tag bunch of ’08.

    MCA remains in the doldrums due to their infighting & instead resorted to scare tactics by painting a bleak picture of the future under DAP who is under PAS’s thumb. For every young professional they bring in, you get old tired faces such as Donald Lim, Yap PH etc.

    I personally think that since things will get worse before or rather if it ever gets better, MCA would be better off doing away with their oldies & throw young, enthusiastic candidates into the fray, if only for the experience which would hopefully put them in good stead for the future.

    While it seems somewhat unlikely, hope springs eternal that MCA’s likely impending defeat will be a kick in the ass to buck up & embark on an extensive overhaul of their wargame, goals, tactics etc for GE14, IF they’ve not faded into oblivion by then.

    1. Yes, the next 5 years would be the most interesting for the MCA’s shelf life. I can’t get away from the feeling that MCA is hidup segan, mati tak mahu.

      And that not only is MCA a millstone around the BN’s neck but they’re allowing The Scissors to stab, stab, stab in the back.

      1. Re: they’re allowing The Scissors to stab, stab, stab in the back.

        You know that line reminds me of? Madonna’s song from the screen adaptation of the musical Evita; You Must Love Me.

        When I first heard the song, my initial thoughts were Evita demanding Juan Peron to love her.

        But as I listen to it more & more I realized she meant another thing altogether. She was actually saying that Juan must really love her despite her being a burden to him with her sickness.

        So it is with MCA’s relationship with the Star. MCA must really love the Star despite the repeated stabs by their beloved. Or does it have to do with the 60 million annual “betrayal money” ala Judas’ silver pieces?

        1. RM60 million is 2008 figure, mentioned by CSL himself.

          We should try to get hold of the most recent company annual report ,)

          1. Should show healthy increase since I suppose considering the tentacles like reach of the corporation as well as their diversification. Lemme try to find their accounts for the last financial year since they’re a PLC

    2. Helen,

      I’ve read somewhere, I really not sure right now, that once upon a time, MCA face a problem and UMNO under BN lend a helping hand to restructure MCA. I’m may be wrong here.

  9. Thank you Helen. We live in interesting times. Come May 5, will the voters be looking at the party symbol (track record), candidate’s race or candidate’s achievement and character???

    1. Some PR-pro friends challenged me to list what BN had contributed so far to the country. I mean, the positive ones. They smugly listed what PR had done them proud. I told them, lucky them, they had only 5 years of stuffs to list, but I, on the other hand, had to go back more than 50 years back to provide them the list. They never harassed me with the list after that.

      My father will definitely vote PR, same goes to my mom. My siblings, we are girls, we are all for BN. As for my husband’s family, since the death of the grandfather, everyone has been BN voters, quietly behind the grandfather’s back. They are Kelantanese, majority based in Kelantan who envy the progress of other states, especially Klang Valley.

  10. I think your DAP 3.0 observation is a stroke of genius! Indeed it is so true. Indeed DAP is now lead by the Evangelist faction. Perhaps it is time to change the name to Partai Kristian Malaysia – PKM.

    1. please take a listen to the link i just gave at the end of this thread. many things will fall into place.

      maybe i’m making a mountain out of a molehill but i had a minor epiphany listening to it.

      if what have been revealed therein [by a dapster insider involved in the actual planning, no less] are true, then the patterns that have been observed (and discussed) here and elsewhere are actually part of the concerted effort of a hidden dapster agenda – a very disturbing one.

  11. I came from Melaka, but now reside in KL. Most of family members in Melaka, young and old are BN supporters. Only a few uncles (2 -3) are PR.

    Over here in KL, where I work, I have yet to meet anyone who is a BN supporter. Perhaps they just keep quiet… BUt those who do not hide their affiliation are mostly (almost 100%) PR. When they talk about politics, they always mock UMNO… it’s like a trend now that it is not Cool to be BN supporters.

    In this aspect, PR has been very successful in influencing “public opinion” thru the net. They make it a sin for people to even say they are supporting BN. To a point people feed ashamed to even admit they are BN supporters.

    1. They mock MCA much worse … and yeah, BN is untrendy.

      In this aspect, The Star has been very successful in influencing “public opinion” thru the entire multimedia matrix. They make it a sin for people to even say we have a skin colour. To a point people feel ashamed to even admit we’re Indian, or Chinese, or Malay.

    2. Kak Mar’s comment reminds me of the time when worked at a company where I was the only Malay. I saw no problem with that because I grew up and went to school and uni among a balanced mix of Malays and non-Malays, a set from which made up my circle of close friends. From my perspective, we got along really well, both in and out of the office.

      However, one of the unfortunate things I experienced during my time there was the extreme hate almost ALL of my colleagues have towards BN, particularly UMNO. Once, we gathered for a meeting and a senior staff had no qualms with ‘attacking’ Rosmah openly, knowing that most staff would concur. Those ‘attacks’ were in the form of sarcastic comments laced with smiles.

      When the 2013 Budget was being announced, I sat through every offhand tsk-tsks, “So stupid”, “What an idiot” and “The country’s gonna go bankrupt soon”. When calls to dissolve the parliament were on the rise, they emailed me links to ceramahs by renowned DAP leaders, all singing the same Dapster-ish tune.

      I never explicitly announced my political preference because I didn’t want to cause any conflict (an introvert’s nightmare!) plus I sensed from the get-go that while my being Malay wouldn’t make me an oddball in the company (rasanya lah), my support for BN would do the job and damn well finish it. But ‘thanks’ to my occasional pro-BN comments that I let slip, my colleagues could smell that I am “an UMNO girl”. Note that they mentioned UMNO and not BN. And they said it with much disdain, as if it’s such a filthy thing for me to support.

      Ketaksuban politik aside, they are really, really nice people but I can never forget their behaviour towards anything and everything that is against DAP. (I say DAP only because they see Anwar as a very fishy dude and PAS…well, no need to mention la, so obvious already)

      Having said all of that, I wholeheartedly agree with Kak Mar’s comment: “They make it a sin for people to even say they are supporting BN. To a point people feed ashamed to even admit they are BN supporters.”

      “… it’s like a trend now that it is not Cool to be BN supporters.” I find this part very interesting! Maybe diorang ingat kalau sokong Opposition tu will earn them the Hipster Badge? :P

      As for your question above, Kak Helen, my family is, as a friend put it, “BN’s fixed deposit”. Two of my father’s siblings support PAS (the free PASs to Holy-wood seems too good to PASs, perhaps?) while my mother’s side is filled with hardcore, old school BN people – I attribute it to the roles my grandmother and uncle once played in UMNO.

      Me? This would be my first time voting and I would vote for BN if I could. Unfortunately, my name “tiada dalam rekod” even though I registered mid last year and got the green light a few months after. But alas, last I checked, which was recently, I’m still not a registered voter. I suspect it’s the funny two middle digits I have on my IC (but won’t that make EC look ABU-ish? Hope it’s untrue!) but hey, it could be a glitch. Still, :(

  12. My stepsister & her husband is pro BN same goes to my mom however my stepfather is into PAS. Most of my uncles, aunts & children (all together around 20) is pro BN as well.

    As for me, this is my first time voting. I shall be voting for BN. I am a non practising moslem but political party that use religion as part of their name scares me. I know some dirt about Anugerah so he puts me off and as for DAP, their confrontation, gangsterish & loves to complain but plays the victim made them not trustworthy.

  13. my late father was BN supporter all through his life, and so is my mother. My late grandfather who was in police force were also known as BN supporters. Sadly, all his children, except my mother and 2 of her siblings are PR supporters. They love mocking BN although they work in government sectors and got scholarships from government to study overseas.

    When my father was alive, when they were mocking BN in front of him, he always kept quiet, listening to their rants on how good the PR compared to BN. Then one fine day, i think they were some words they said which made my father suddenly wanted to talk. He did not shout at them, but he spoke very soft and calm which make the PR supporters suddenly stopped talking nonsense until this day, even my father now deceased, they never said a word about their political views in front of us.

    My hubby and i sidelined to PR in 2008, well, we vote according to candidates, not party, so one vote for BN and one for PR that time… but for this definitely no more. TUKAR SELANGOR!!

    My cousins whose parents are BN supporters in Johore, wanted to TUKAR INI KALI LAH!!.. i just said to them, if you really want to suffer as we had suffered in Selangor, then they are welcome to it. I think this PRU will be the most HOT ever with some seats in some states will change hands either side.

    1. I live in S’gor. I’m unhappy about garbage collection. The truck is very noisy, groaning each time it comes around. Really noise pollution.

      I’m unhappy that the roads are unswept most of the time. I live in a lower middle class area on the edge of Chinese ‘new village’ and the general cleanliness of my immediate neighbourhood is unsatisfactory :(

      The garbage collection at the wet market is even worse than that for the houses.

      The children’s playground is unkempt. Even when the leaves are swept – there’s no consistent schedule – they are left in big plastic bags and lying by the roadside for days. The council doesn’t come to collect with regularity. The grass along the road is not trimmed properly.

      The condition of the drains is not satisfactory. Sometimes the streetlamps blow their light bulb and the problem is not remedied for weeks.

      I’m highly unsatisfied dissatisfied with the S’gor state govt for the non-delivery of municipal council services.

      All these problems that I’ve listed never bothered me before in the many, many years in the past when S’gor was BN-administered and I lived in MCA constituencies.

      Presently my area is DAP Adun and DAP MP. Useless buggers.

      1. Same disease afflicting my bro’s abode in Puchong. Rubbish collection is irregular, they compact their collection leaving stinking leachate on the roads in the neighborhood. As for bagged garden waste, they’ll leave it uncollected. MPSJ’s overall service? I’d give them 1/10. When you complain about faulty street lamp they’ll either not bother or take forever to repair them.

        Worst thing is, my bro stays in a posh housing estate there. Can you imagine how bad it can/might be in the less effluent areas?

        1. Well said rika. The thing is, my parent lives in Selangor and I see the different before and after 2008. I lives in Negeri Sembilan. I’m sad to say, living in Seremban is batter than living in Kajang. The Half of the road in Seremban batter than Kajang. another half of the road in Seremban, look like you driving in KL minus heavy traffic jam every hours – not saying no traffic jam in seremban just not all the time. …(and PR say they doing well in Selangor and can do better in NS… duh..). This time around even my cousins who vote for PR during PRU12 will defect to BN. My take that whole family in Selangor will vote BN regardless who the candidate is.

          My in-law in Negeri Sembilan, vouch for BN, They said that PR want to take Negeri Sembilan because they want the money the state start making this past 5 years. Just like Selangor, they will take everything and lets us dry. Even the younger Negeri who lives and work here weary of them. Some shut their mouth when facing this PR supporter. In Facebook when some who’s die hard PR supporter posting some disturbing material, they posting the words of wisdom.

          Garbage collection here in Seremban, well In my area, we never facing garbage problem. Some of my friends said jokingly because we have no garbage problem we now complain of what the garbage collector wearing and do they using gloves.

      2. dear helen,

        I’m a Singaporean but I used to be married to a Malaysian. Sadly our marriage ended soon after Pakatan wins Selangor. I’ve four kids except for one were all born in Singapore so he has dual citizenship till he turn 21.

        Ex hubby was pro pakatan and become the biggest walking kipas ever. He was forever on the phone with hassan ali, yaakop sapari and badrol amin. He brought home list of companies to be given for rubbish collection. They were practically dissecting Alam Flora so that pas gang, azmin gang and ronnie etc will get their share.. and they start to look for proxy to be ahli majlis so majlis jobs can be distribute for party members, same goes for land.

        Ex hubby was so busy that he had little time for our own business was neglected. My weekend was spend going to majlis kesyukuran for their winnings. I once went to markaz Pas and the men stare at my tudungless head. My dining table penuh sepah dengan documents he brought back. I used to teased him macam cerita P Ramlee satu untuk aku, dua untuk kau.

        For the 100 days of governing Selangor celebration, our company was given the job to supply and erect banners and such so our boys at the office designed and because it was a huge order we had our supplier printed and our boys climbed all the lamp posts in Shah Alam to erect them. Guess what? we don’t get paid. We have the surat but a Pas company got paid. WTF.

        but ex hubby being so stupid pro pakatan was angry but did nothing. Meanwhile ex hubby kept going for munajat, kiaimulai over night session with badrol amin and they got got him a tudung wearing new wife. I blew up in rage but they told me to redha. Being a Singaporean and a housewife at that time I was told my best option was to accept my situation and no he will not divorced me.

        All I want was to go home and start anew. I stalked him at his meetings with hassan ali and threathened to report to SPRM. He relented I got my divorced and sole custody of kids. I’m happy now but I just want to say if they win Putrajaya, everything will be divided out macam bagi harta pusaka. Well this is just a scrape of a housewife story, so now you know why your rubbish is not being collected.

        1. Sorry to hear about the break-up of your marriage. Must have been tough to be a single mom of 4 kids.

          But it’s comforting at least hear that you’re happy now. Glad that time has healed.

  14. Saya membesar dalam keluarga Johor yang pro establishment tetapi bapa ahli UMNO yang anti DrM semasa hayatnya. Hasilnya kami jadi keluarga caca marba dari segi pegangan politiknya ;).

    Abang sulung BN.
    Abang kedua dahulu UMNO tetapi kini PR.
    Abang ketiga dahulunya Semangat 46, Adil, PAS tetapi kini BN. Kakak ke 4 BN.

    Kakak ke 5 dahulu PAS sebab ikut (baca taat!) suami, tetapi sekarang dia tolak tepi saranan suami minta undi PAS. Dia tak melawan secara terbuka, tapi kepada kami adik beradik dia dedahkan pegangannya ;)

    Abang ke 6 BN tegar!

    Saya dahulu terikut dengan reformasi semasa menuntut di luar negara. Walaupun suami BN tegar, saya kekal lunak kepada pembangkang. Untuk mengelakkan sengketa, topik politik tidak kami bincangkan bersama lebih dari 10 tahun! 2, 3 tahun kebelakangan ini sejak kembali semula ke tahan air, saya berubah mesra BN.

    Adik bongsu apolitical tetapi mesra BN.

    Caca marba kan? Tetapi secara keseluruhannya undi kami sekeluarga akan berpihak kepada BN kali ini.

  15. My whole family…both mother and father’s side are staunch BN supporters. I voted oppo in 2008 as I wanted to get rid of Badawi. This time, my vote will go to BN. For me, it is not about the race or the party, it is about who can do the better job. In 2008, even my cats could have done a better job at governing than Badawi. This time, hands down BN under Najib.

    Hubby is definitely pro BN, but he cannot vote on account of bukan org Malaysia. The funny thing is at work, his non Malay students all thought that he is a PR supporter seeing that he is white, and in their eyes white means educated, high class and cool. But he shocked them when one of them cheekily implied that he was a PR supporter and he adamantly said no. To quote him “i believe that the current BN government under Najib can and will do a better job than PR. As individual entities, the PR component parties are nothing to shout about…combined, they are worse! So no, PR will not get the job done”. He said his students’ eyes bulged and they were rendered speechless. Ha ha ha…

    I must thank BFM and the Star for his lack of faith in the opposition block. He believes that any country cannot be governed properly if the leaders are egoistic and arrogant and think they are better or more educated than everyone else. Almost all of PR people fit this description. The deejays in BFM this week said something along this line that made hubby nearly vomit…one of the speakers said that the BR1M will definitely help the poor and uneducated, but for people like ‘us’ who are more educated, we know better….can you believe that? Arrogant nye!

    So, thanks to BFM, the Star, PR cyber troopers, the like of Hannah and geng, all this we are better, holier, cleverer people, you have lost the vote of a very good man.

    And many more like him!

  16. On my in-laws side, they are incorrigible PAS supporters. On my side they are BN dulu kini dan selamanya kecuali sedegil dua. My uncle who’s a BN supporter voted PR last time coz he’s so incensed with Pak Lah attitude towards TDM. He’s all BN now. I could only wish I could vote this around since my constituency in Bagan Serai, Perak while I’m working in Kunak, Sabah.

  17. Hello “Why Helen So Bias”… very sad to read your comments. It shows your lack of maturity and intelligence. If you have nothing intelligent to say, just shut-up lah. The minute you write something like that, attacking people personally like that, it shows where your IQ is. I am sorry to say this, but I am sick of people who cannot tolerate differing views than theirs.

  18. I am sad to read Ghani Othman statement. “I want to defend Johor’s moderate ways. That is why I want to contest in Gelang Patah. I don’t want these people to bring new things which will divide us.” Let us pray for Ghani victory in Gelang Patah. We can see his contribution to the Johorian.

  19. My big family (9 brothers inc me and 6 sisters) all UMNO including my 38 niece and nephew..

    Sebagai antara yang agak muda (anak ke 13) pada mulanya semasa di Universiti saya lebih cenderung kepada gerakan pembangkang namun lepas kembali ke Johor maka UMNO lah saya sehingga kini..

  20. Everyone in my family supports BN, dari dulu sampai sekarang.

    But I still want to see a strong (and smart) opposition to act as check and balance to BN’s antics.

    PR is still way off to becoming a responsible opposition party, or even the government.

    At the end of the day, I just want a peaceful life in this country.

  21. I reside in Dr. Boo Chen Hau constituency. He seems to be aware of the problem of his constituency judging from quiet work been done on several problems involving traffic and pedestrian well being. I have been warming myself up to DAP until I discover DAP2.0 and possible DAP3.0 from your writings. DAP is off my list atm unless they can prove you wrong.

    Just that I will not be voting in his area. I haven’t change my polling station. I don’t know yet who I want to vote because I can’t gather the information about the candidates in my area yet.

    I have stated once b4 that I have soft spot for Pas. However, their performance in Kedah left bitter taste is my mouth and Economic naivety in Kelantan made me scratch my head. They have 20+ years to do the dismantling of ‘conventional economy’ and reconstruct the conventional economic theory & practices into a new theory & practices incorporating Islamic value. They might be doing it in the first 5-10 years, but they are not fast and innovative enough to catch-up imo. Pas seriously need to to attract and retain Social Scientist (i.e. economist and socialist) to be relevant to Malaysia.

    As for BN, I really like the initiative of Transformation – ETP and GTP. BN have not totally shed the perception of corruption off them. Hogging advertisement space on and off-line does not help to shed this image off them.

    I honestly am considering not to vote. My wife in the other hand is secretive about her vote but is BN-slant. Her Dad and Mom are BN supporters but I’m not sure about her 2 sisters. My Mom, 2 brothers and 3 sisters are quite neutral but I don’t know who will they vote for this coming election – we didn’t talk much about politics.

    As a note to Helen. Can you pen down your thought about Pas after GE13 fever cool down? I am expose to Pas view from Muslim and Malay perspective far too much that I need fresh perspective.

    1. Johor is the strongest BN state and that’s why Johor DAP is different from Perak/S’gor DAP.

      However, Guan Eng’s faction muscling in on the Johor GE13 candidate choices

      (read that the nomination of the Labis Indian candidate Ramakrishan was pushed by Johor DAP and which the 4 Heavenly Kings was initially reluctant to accept)

      shows that the Evangelistas are taking over DAP Johor.

      Dr Boo is not a Christian. Furthermore he has announced that he will not be defending his state chairmanship.

      So that implies that Guan Eng’s faction has been successful in taking over DAP Johor. And this is indicated by the selection of 5 candidates for the Parliament seats whom did not spend the last term (4-5 years) in Johor but are being brought in from elsewhere.

      DAP 3.0 is indeed descending on Johor.

  22. well..

    11 out of 12 in my family are ready to vote for BN this time. last GE only 2 voted for BN.

    the others (including me and my wife) have protested Pak Lah’s administration and have given PR the chance to prove themselves..and what did we get? we get nothing but havoc here and there.

    we feel so ashamed to those 2 in my family who have been very loyal to BN..ini kali lah..tumbang Pakatan!

  23. Last time round, I did not vote but everyone else in the family, except my dad, voted for PAS or DAP. This time round,I will be voting BN, everyone in my immediate family except 1 will be voting for BN. Even my white-man hubby, who cant vote in Malaysia said that he hopes that they bury Anwar. He said that if PAS loses Kelantan, he will be the first maksalleh to dance on the table! Sedihlah kalau orang asing boleh tenguk kelemahan PR tapi orang Malaysia sendiri bodoh piang!

  24. I just wanted to register another vote here for BN this time around. Have been voting for the past 2 elections, it’s always been BN for Parliament, Alternative for State, no matter what the parties might be. But this time it will be BN for both, after seeing the mess they made in Selangor.

    Everyone in my immediate family will be voting BN this time around, too.

    I’m voting in Kelana Jaya. My only wish is I was registered in Shah Alam so that I can help kick the Khalid Samad fucker out. Goddamn, I really hate his face.

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