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Dear Tuan Syed Akbar Ali

Since I’ve mentioned before that Syed Akbar Ali is my most favourit-est blog to visit, I’m taking the liberty to publicly pose a question to the Blog House president (under the presumption that he will indulge my query due to my rave fan-ship of his blog).

SAA in his latest posting yesterday revealed that he lived in Bangsar for two decades and is registered to vote there. Bangsar is in the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary constituency, and the incumbent MP is Nurul Izzah Anwar.

As a frequenter of Bangsar and someone familiar with its local politics, SAA observes that “Nurul Izzah’s problem is she hardly ever visits Lembah Pantai. No one I know has seen her.”

Coincidentally also, The Star yesterday carried a story headlined ‘GE13: Campaign Trail – Lembah Pantai‘.

With reference to SAA’s observation that no one he knows has seen Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai, I feel it is necessary to point out that the MCA-owned newspaper gave its 5 million or thereabouts readers-cum-multimedia audience the distinct (false?) impression that Nurul is everywhere in Lembah Pantai and all the time.

Below is photographic evidence provided by The Star of the sightings of Nurul. Just in a single day alone. Exclusively in Lembah Pantai too.

The Star in its Storify report quoted Nurul as saying: “I know what it feels like when your children cannot get into university even with good grades.”

Like I’ve highlighted in my previous posting about the DAP parachute candidate for Labis, whose claim was published verbatim and unchallenged by The Star, here again Nurul’s claim that she knows what it feels like when smart kids cannot get into university is similarly unchallenged by the journos in the MCA-controlled paper.

Does The Star hire a lot of bodoh sepat reporters? (Nope, this is not my question for SAA. That comes at the bottom of the page — please scroll down, down some more, down to the end). This question I’m just asking the ether. Anybody, do please feel free to reply me.

GE13 Campaign Trail - Lembah Pantai - Nation The Star Online 2013-04-21 23-18-10

Whoa, whoa, here she comes … Terima Kasih kerana sudi menziarah ke Bangsar. INI KALI LAH
Reward: RM1,500 for anyone who finds the missing head


izzah u r so beautiful!

I’m your MP. See ya again in 2018
The bald, bespectacled man in the grey T-shirt taking photo is senior reporter-cum-columnist Philip Golingai who coordinated the Star-Nurul coverage


Even Mummy visits Lembah Pantai


She’s smiling. She’s gotten over her omega-sized headache
Err, did Nurul borrow Wan Azizah’s baju to wear?
And when she's not there in substance, she's present in spirit
Absent in substance but present in spirit … that’s what banners are for if you’re a politician
The omega-sized headache has been transferred to the man in grey seen swiping his forehead
Barisan Rakyat bloggers campaigning for her to be PM

Nurul Izzah speaking now

YESSS! I plan to give Yingluck a run for her money


Oh look!

The Star is promoting the slogan “Ini kali lah” (printed across the man’s black T-shirt)

Okay, back to Syed Akbar Ali’s note that Nurul Izzah hardly ever visits Lembah Pantai. All the accounts that I’ve heard tally with SAA’s statement.

Therefore I’m persuaded that what SAA says is wholly accurate. Hence I’m surmising that The Star is being inaccurate and misrepresenting the picture (situation) to its readers.

Now, drumroll … the million ringgit question

As we’re aware that SAA, was – in the run-up to the March 8, 2008 last general election – among the select group of bipartisan alpha bloggers involved behind the scenes with a hush hush shared objective of getting rid of ‘Sleepy Dollah’.

So, SAA being someone in the know should know whether there’s a similar bipartisan hush hush behind-the-scenes plot presently going on as well and involving the particular parties responsible for disseminating information.

Tuan Syed, please do tell us if there is today an identical secret bipartisan effort between MCA and DAP-PKR as represented through the use of The Star to attain a common goal-cum-hidden agenda?

That’s about the only explanation I can think of to account for the slant adopted by the MCA paper.


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41 thoughts on “Dear Tuan Syed Akbar Ali

  1. My brother who stays in Bangsar Kemaris since ’03 said the same thing. He has not seen Nurul in the area, ever! Well, since the last GE anyway.

    The RA requested for some financial assistance for perimeter fencing of some sorts to deter snatch thieves in the height of the acid splasher incidents a couple of years back. Her service centre claimed that there was no money in their coffers for RA allocations. The RA reps went to RNC’s service center & the allocation was approved within a fortnight.

    I think Bangsarians (or is it Bangsarites?) would probably still support NI. However the Pantai Dalam & OKR folks will throw their support behind RNC as he has been diligently serving the area for the last 2 decades or so & he has definitely stepped up his efforts in the past 3-4 years.

    Btw, just wondering… If you had to choose only 10 PR or DAP candidates you want to lose in the coming elections, who would they be? A friend posed the question to me & I’m having a hard time as I want at least 20 maybe 30 to lose.

    1. re: “If you had to choose only 10 PR or DAP candidates you want to lose in the coming elections, who would they be?”

      I’ll put this up as a forum question sometime over the next few days. Thanks.

      1. 1) LKS
        2) LGE
        3) Nuar Brahim
        4) Nurul Izzah
        5) Azmin Ali
        6) Fuziah Salleh
        7) Charles Santiago
        8) Ngeh Koo Ham
        9) Nga Kor Ming
        10) Tian Chua

        Looking forward to a more constructive Parliament without these clowns.

        1. I would say it is virtually similar to my list the exception of Fuziah & Charles. I’d replace them with Hadi just to make it a hattrick of party boss given the cold shoulder & the last spot going to Tony Pua

          It’s tough ain’t it? If you consider there are a few more which should be booted as well e.g. Teresa Kok, Tan Kok Wai, Khalid Ibrahim etc.

          And a few others who shouldn’t even be given a chance to be elected the first time or be re-elected after a hiatus such as Chua JM, Mohd Sabu, Rafizi, N Surendran, Ong Kian Ming, I mean Doctor Ong Kian Ming etc…

          1. I think people like Nurul, OKM, Suren, Rafizi, etc are mere noise making parasites living off the Dinos. The real dangerous ones have one defining characteristic – moral superiority of themselves. They are the ones who claim themselves to be the righteous ones and their opponents as racists and evil. Kill these people then the hangers-on will slither away.

          2. Underneath that serban, Hadi is a traditional conservative who knows when to draw a line in the sand. Observe his remarks about PKR candidates.

            Olks like Tony Pua are just variations of Loh Gwo-Burne waiting to happen. Just remove their leads, and watch the sidekicks wilt.

            There is no copyright on my list :)

          1. Who appointed you to be ‘our’ spokesperson. Tak malu punya worang. Hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong.

        2. 10 mana cukup la Helen.. kena letak PAS sekali..

          12. Mat Sabu
          13. Mahfuz
          14. Gobind
          15. Husam
          16. Nik Aziz (tua sangat dah) bagus ganti Nik Abduh
          17. Mustafa (S/U PAS)
          18. Ariff the FROG at RAUB

          1. Hannah is favored by God so we better err on the side of caution & not boot her lest we be struck by a stray lightning, hit by a stray bullet or bitten by a stray dog.

      2. If these two clowns got booted out, I would be the happiest BN supporter for a day:

        (1) Anuar

        (2) Lim Kit Siang

      3. This is question is an oxymoron. Like asking which head of the Hydra monster you want to cut. The answer is “All of them” of course. LOL.

        Seriously, I think I’ll start with the heads – DSAI, LGE, Nicky Aziz, Hadi, LKS, Azmin, Hannah, Tian Chua, Tony and Mohd Sabu. Once you cut off the heads, the rest of the body will die off naturally.

      4. Could I be allowed to sidestep the quantitative requisite and go for the qualitative: I’d like to see them “pack their bags, go fly kite” those who are involved in fornication and committing treason against Malaysia but still bird-brained enough to sing “vote me! vote me! i good for you all!”

    2. Non-performing oppositions reps, especially from PKR and DAP is a common problem around the country.

      My MP Yusmadi Yusoff was also missing in action. Funnily, his face was always on Astro Awani discussing current political situations about this policy lah, that policy lah. I wish I could talk to him through the TV, but TVs don’t talk back. Plus its oftenly recorded, not live. How to solve the problem?

      1. re: “I wish I could talk to him through the TV, but TVs don’t talk back.”

        Soooo cute :)

      2. That’s why this kind of MPs, everything that comes out of their mouth must be taken with a pinch of… ermmmm… sodium… They’ll yap about this, yap about that like they’re experts in everything when in fact they’re either regurgitating what they read in Wikipedia or what others has said on the subject matter.

        As for the telly talking back, itu susah sikit brader. Just don’t take out your frustration on your telly dah lah. Unless you’re planning an upgrade & looking for an excuse to justify it of course.

  2. I read on The Malaysian Insider that she likes to frequent places like Bangsar where urban and Westernized Malaysians usually hangout and had political discourses there. Like coffee talks or something. Not big ceramahs or squatters.

  3. Hei blogger, aren’t you off your rocker? By playing up those shots, aren’t you just giving bonus publicity to the ugly dame and her uglier mummy and ugliest papa.

    Plus we all know that the Star, MCA are in cahoots with DAP. It’s a old boring story oredi….. yawn…. so move on. So quit ranting about the Star, fat horrid Hannah and the puke faced Guano. Write something pithy and witty for a change like why Change/ Ubah whatever is a myth or why Malaysia is gonna lose REAL big economically and irrevocably at that if the idiots among us insist on voting in religious fanatics, racist / extremist clowns and sundry liberal dimwits. Write anything but the star, Hannah, Izah, unless you have a hidden agenda…..hahaha

    If Malaysians are not alerted, I dread you will soon have either a closet Wahhabi or a turban lollipop as premier and Cairo on our streets, with Beijing and Singapork on our shores.

    By the way, Ah’ reckon fat frumpy, horrid Hannah is too green eyed and aesthetically challenged to acknowledge beauty when it’s right in her midst

    But then again fugly dollops of lard always had eyes for the worst in their own gender and that explains why Hannah the frumpy pork pie opted for the rat faced she-male hussy, Izah as her paragon of Astarte, hahaha

    Ah, Jenice… can I vote for you on first looks? Mmmmm…on second thoughts, and third readings, nope!

    But can the EC mandate that all female pollies look like her airbrushed version for a change before they hand out the nomination forms……. and that includes you, Aishah, Dayangku, Kok, not forgetting Izah and that old doughnut cum couch potato, Hannah. That will make this once in a five year mindless charade a tad more bearable. After all, democrazy must be the worst possible invention since alarm clocks, I suppose.

    Warrior 231

  4. I think you should stop attacking the Star, they kena enough already, a lot of people in Bangsar look up to her as a parlimentarian, so they dont care lah, vote PR or ABU as they say. it will be a battle of Rich vs Poor of LP, also, hopefully there are some BN supporters among the Bangsar people who will vote RNC in, clean guy, he answered the personal attacks on his dad’s wealth

  5. yes so true, most of my relatives who live in pantai dalam can confirm that she’s hardly been seen there. no more sympathy vote for you nurul…

  6. I am sure she frequents Bangsar, probably on Saturdays in partuclar to a certain Lorong. I think she’s wasting her time in Bangsar as whether she ever visits the place or even bother to attend issues there is immaterial as most Bangsatarians would vote for UBAH.

    On the other hand, she has no choice. If she visits Lembah Pantai she would probably be chased out by the enraged residents. I think the question is the margin of majority that RNC would get.

    1. I doubt its even a contest. we have a local born and bred who’s been serving the community for the past 5 years and an absent MP who will occasionally come over to give a nod here and there. no contest.

      speaking of the 13thGE, its already written on the wall. PR has no chance of winning. that’s why we are hearing stuff that certain quarters in PR are planning to cooked up incidents on voting day in the hope that somehow “something” will happen and “sweep” them into power.

      those voting for PR better have a plan B, an alternative plan after PR lost the GE, not the usual gibberish twang of “we will migrate blah blah blah !”. they have talked up about “we will migrate blah blah blah !” like for decades now, yet they are still here.

      still PR and their supporters love to talk about CHANGE, we should give them a helping hand. we vote for BN, giving BN back the customary 2/3 majority, then PR and their supporters will have an opportunity to carry out their so called CHANGE. after all, their so called CHANGE is all about turning Malaysia into an Anglophile state located in the heart of the Malay archipelago.

      since this CHANGE is not going to happen in Malaysia, they will CHANGE elsewhere, that is by moving to another, other Anglophile countries. there’s no need to look far. there’s one down south by the name of Singapore for the kiasu types. if Singapore is not their cup of tea, there’s another one, the Land of the Endless Supply of Maids a.k.a the Philippines. the kiasu types of course will not go there so the brownies will fill up the numbers.

      as for Australia and New Zealand………………..

      since the whites are in charge in those 2 countries, the chances of these kiasu types and brownies being accepted is near zero. I mean, why would they allow the kiasu types and brownies to turn their countries into dirty dumps for undesirables ? okay okay, Australia used to be the dumping ground for British convicts back in the old days, but…………………..

      we’re in the world of the 21st century now. even refugees are shot if they try to land in Australia. I m not bluffing. ask the Afghans and the Pakistanis.

      is there a chance that any of this will happen ? judging by our experience with the Anglophiles, both the kiasu types/bananas and the brownies/coconuts and mangoes, don’t hold your breathe folks.

      1. When you read the alternative media (it is an apt name since they live on an alternative media where logic and reality on the ground has no bearing on them), one would think there is a neck and neck contest between RNC and NI.

        In fact I think NI even thought it is a walkover until recently when she realised too late that the rakyat there isn’t in love with as is the Pakatoons and the alternative media. By the time she started, the contest was over. Instead of servicing she started to look for scapegoats and excuses. Instead of bucking up she actually went ahead and looked for “phantom voters”.

        I can bet my last buck that she will blame “massive voting fraud using phantom voters” when she gets thrashed come May 5th. The funny thing is the people she claimed to be phantom voters came out and identified themselves.

        You can see that she’s DSAI’s daughter as she’s in love with herself and her media image.

        As for the Ubah-ers, yes, come May 6th, we will start to see endless letters to editors in MK, MI, etc accusing BN of fraud and how the country is beyond all hopes. Inevitably they will talk about migrating. Unfortunately, most of these people have no money or skills. Singapore have tightened their rules while Australia and NZ have much stringent requirements that only the very rich and highly skilled can get in.

  7. I had an interesting conversation with my Klang Valley relatives over the weekend. Some of them are Ubah-ers, predictably irrationally exuberant over the coming GE, totally convinced that the country will be saved by the Messiah that is Anwar and his band of merry men come May 5th.

    I am informed that the Churches in Klang Valley are working hand in hand with Pakatan leaders, especially the DAP ones. These Christian DAP leaders are using Churches to recruit volunteers, spread the message of hate and to train people for the GE.

    I was told by my cousin that Teresa Kok used the pulpit to talk about GE in Puchong. She was looking for 80 volunteers to help her in the GE as polling assistants. She also conducted PACA training at the same church. The same thing happened with Charles Santiago in Klang. He’s using one particular church which is supported by Xavier Jayakumar too. It seems to me that the Churches have become DAP Election Operation Centers.

    As for Kota Alam, Uthaya was active before the nomination day but he’s missing in the last few days almost as though he’s not contesting. Not sure what happened. Perhaps you might have some clue on what’s happening.

    My relatives told me that Indian majority areas in here like Taman Sentosa seemed to be a BN fortress with zero Hindraf presence. I am also told that there are huge problems with DAP with open war between their factions. Apparently Mano the incumbent has been working for months and spending a huge amount of money preparing the ground. It seems that he spent a fortune in banners all around Klang in the anticipation that he’ll be fielded again. However with his shocking omission, the DAP machinery here seemed to be totally ground to halt with no posters or presence seen.

    1. I hear Seremban share same situation as Klang / Bukit Raja. DAP should not dream if they are going to piss off and piss away their own election machinery.

  8. The whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith with the daily complaints and doing business with the Singapore Government.

  9. It is absolutely improper for churches to be involved in politics anywhere especially in Malaysia where all religions have been permitted to flourish.

    But now as always, Malaysia has been hit by the mushrooming of RM2 registered ‘Churches’ which are not monitored unlike Singapore where there is a Charities Commission to check the money activities of these ‘Churches’.

    Malaysia is a ‘caper’ country.

    1950s. MCA Lotteries

    1960s. Mushroom insurance companies

    1970s Chit Funds & Co-operative Societies. This is when the RM2 registered ‘churches’ began exploiting a legal loophole.

    1980s Co-opeerative Societies, share rigging & insurance guarantees.

    1990 Share rigging.

    2000 – 2012. Share rigging, foreign exchange moneylenders & gold bullion trades.

    2013. This is when the RM2 registered ‘churches’ and branches from Singapore politicised the Christian religion. The conventional and mainstream Churches are not involved. The strength of these RM2 registered ‘churches’ grew from the money contributed by their captive flock, the mentally disturbed young worshippers.

  10. Tuan Syed, please do tell us if there is today an identical secret bipartisan effort between MCA and DAP-PKR as represented through the use of The Star to attain a common goal-cum-hidden agenda? <—- I really want to know this too

  11. Am I the only one who is pretty tired of the election campaign? I will be glad when its all over. This is the first time I am voting in Malaysia although I have been back for abt 10 yrs now after over 2 decades living in the West.

    BN is not the best of parties, but I think Najib has worked tirelessly throughout his premiership, not just during the election campaign and would be our best choice to lead the next government.

    The PR do not appear to have their act together and I think we need to get rid of all the old opposition party leaders and start from scratch. We need young blood from Malaysians who are not connected to any political parties and who truly love Malaysia. Sadly, it would appear that Malaysians are ruled by their emotions and rumours rather than facts and figures.

  12. Halen,

    This from my maksu, who stay at lembah pantai. She berleter after I said “Maksu ada orang cakap RNC tu YB longkang je sbb dia nak baiki sistem perparitan. Dia orang tak nak menteri longkang, dia orang nak YB yang berkualiti. Dia orang cakap orang tak kan pilih RNC kat sini betul ke?”.

    Her answer ” Ye lah nak baiki longkang sebab masalah kat sini masalah perparitan. Buat ape YB berkualiti cam NI kalau nak jumpa pun susah. Mintak tolong, tak dapat aje. Nanti… nanti tu je lah yang dia cakap.

    Cakap dengan orang yang kata RNC tu YB longkang lebih baik dari YB hilang, cuba duduk kat kawasan aku nie. Tau la bila hujan, kalau longkang tu tersumbat, takke rumah aku ni masuk air. Sape nak cuci kalau bukan aku. Ade dia orang nak datang tolong cuci.

    Suruh orang perbandaran, kene tunggu orang besar datang baru dia orang buat. Nak tunggu NI datang tak ade lah. Tunggu RNC jugak yang datang tolong selesaikan. Berkualiti??? Harap kualiti cantik je lah, kerja tak jugak kualiti.

    kau tanya bebudak kat luar tu sape dia nak sokong kali ni kalau tak RNC. Banyak na janji NI yang tak dia buat. Kurang2nye RNC boleh jugak selesaikan masalah kat sini. Orang yang cakap tu tak duduk sini bolehlah. cuba duduk kat sini lama2 tau la kalau tak rumah masuk air, nyamuk banyak kalau longkang luar tu tersumbat”… .

    I just listen her rambling because it me who make a mistake of asking her that question.

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