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Michelle Yeoh meets DAP 3.0

The name-calling — traitor to the Chinese race, bitch, BN running dog, slut/whore/prostitute, sell-out, and other labels running the predictable gamut of oppo standard vocabulary — is par for the course among the Dapster-Jerusubangites. You can read some of the slurs and spit (“ptui!”) HERE in the Malaysiakini readers’ comment section.

What’s unusual this time though is that the latest victim of the DAP Super Cyberbullies is former Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh — Malaysia’s darling.

Never mind that the superstar is a beautiful, successful, internationally acclaimed actress. On Saturday at a pro-BN mega dinner in Westport, Port Klang, Michelle Yeoh was foolish enough to gesture 1Malaysia at the VVIP table with Najib Razak and Chua Soi Lek.

Going by the Jerusubang holy book, she had committed a cardinal sin.


Michelle Yeoh’s ‘death warrant’ in Dapsterland was all but sealed when she was reported to have said:

“We have a leader here [Najib] who has done so many good things and will do more. I hope from the bottom of my heart that he will remain as the prime minister and I ask all of you to give him a strong mandate.”

… hear the pin drop …

As can well be imagined, the DAP-controlled social media erupted like Krakatoa. To give you an idea of how poisonous was the volcanic ash and gas that was spewed, you can have a look at three sample responses by an acerbic Raja Petra Kamarudin to his Malaysia Today readers spitting venom.

I hope that you will pay special attention to vqiong‘s comment (reproduced below) about kicking the dog. You can take him to be a DAP 3.0 prototype. I say this in dead seriousness.



Raja Petra: “Hmm….funny no one said that about PSY. Instead the Chinese went there and clapped and enjoyed the show. Is it just me or is something wrong with the Chinese?(see screenshot below)

Let race decide 2013-04-22 02-46-29


To a comment by ‘vqiong’ who remarked: “Her right to support any party she wants must be respected. Just what do I make of a dog who got kicked n ran away but come back for dinner in the evening“,

Raja Petra responded: “I would put it in a boat with the 600 dogs from [Pulau] Ketam that the Chinese threw on the deserted island to die.”

Let race decide 2013-04-22 02-39-15


To a commenter ‘Lifequotes’ who baited, “lets just say that, everyone has a price including RPK (snarky emoticon inserted)“, Raja Petra gave the following riposte:

“Let me guess. You are Chinese (or corrupt Malay/Indian who has sold out to the Chinese). That is why you always talk about price. Everything to the Chinese is about price. Do you pray to money every night before you sleep?

Let race decide 2013-04-22 02-30-27

Evangelista Bintang Tiga

The supreme sanctimony that the M2Day commenters display is something that the evangelistas injected into their Politics of Hate.

The Evangelista component represents the malice.

The Bintang Tiga component represents the viciousness. Combined, they produce the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

Dapsterism has mutated a DAP 3.0 with its strong trait of self-righteous evangelism.


Screenshot above: “@imokman @hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully”

What kind of people are they?

As early as several years ago, the trend of DAP SuperCyber Bullying was already getting out of hand.

Since then the bullying has grown and grown to super strength because it has been surreptitiously fed by the now resource-rich opposition, which includes the opposition newspaper The Star with its reach to a 5.63-million audience nationwide.

Twitterzahkarimhannahyeoh stop spreading

It’s illuminating that Zah Karim’s tweet telling off Hannah Yeoh – “stop spreading lies typical pr leader. no decency malicious” – is also tagged to the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein.

The opposition thuggery, compounded with seditious fitnah, is a national problem.

This is not to deny that BN supporters can be thuggish as well. But as Zah Karim tweeted to Hannah Yeoh, “stop spreading lies typical pr leader”, it’s more the malicious fitnah which is an integral part of the DAP arsenal that makes the Evangelista Bintang Tiga the most dangerous of the lot.

90 percent, wor

The narrative outlined above covers what has sadly become familiar terrain. However the implications have yet to sink in.

We’re no longer talking here about the aggression and abuse being confined to paid cybertroopers. The personal attacks on Michelle Yeoh (photo below) was a deluge by the tens of thousands in the social media as well as in the opposition portals.


One gets the sense from Raja Petra’s replies that he is resigned to dealing with a bunch of people who are no longer amenable to reason.

Forward planning entails that we must think and strategize two steps ahead. The Dapster next move is to kill off the MCA — which I’m confident will materialize. After all, the MCA makes no bones about its death wish by giving The Scissors a free rein.

So “what next” is what must be figured out, and most urgently.

Church activism

By Calvin Sankaran

“I had an interesting conversation with my Klang Valley relatives over the weekend. Some of them are Ubah-ers, predictably irrationally exuberant over the coming GE, totally convinced that the country will be saved by the Messiah that is Anwar and his band of merry men come May 5th.

“I am informed that the Churches in Klang Valley are working hand in hand with Pakatan leaders, especially the DAP ones. These Christian DAP leaders are using Churches to recruit volunteers, spread the message of hate and to train people for the GE.

“I was told by my cousin that Teresa Kok used the pulpit to talk about GE in Puchong. She was looking for 80 volunteers to help her in the GE as polling assistants. She also conducted PACA training at the same church. The same thing happened with Charles Santiago in Klang. He’s using one particular church which is supported by Xavier Jayakumar too. It seems to me that the Churches have become DAP Election Operation Centers.”

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/22 at 10:34 am

Be warned that the 90 percent Chinese supporting the DAP will be electing many evangelistas to the state assemblies and Parliament. That is why “churches have become DAP election operation centers”. Because their people are chock-a-block on the DAP 3.0 slate.

It is for the same reason that The Jerusubang Star is snipping, snipping, snipping away.

Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan


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93 thoughts on “Michelle Yeoh meets DAP 3.0

    1. Please just exit BN, we really don’t need any more of the UMNO, MCA and MIC cronyism gang.

  1. Don’t always agree with Sin Chew but this guy shows that there are some Chinese still have some common sense. But he better watch out, already been branded by DAP as political prostitute, I wonder what Dapsters gonna make out this piece…

    Taliban denies education for women, so they wanted to gun down female education activist Malala Yousafzai. And because Taliban endures no other religions, they blasted the Buddha statues in Bamiyan. And also because Taliban wants to erect the most puritanistic religious society, they would exterminate anyone disagreeing with them.

    A certain group of people in our Chinese community, while not embracing the same religion as the Taliban, carry out their operations in an unmistakable Taliban fashion

    1. re: “A certain group of people in our Chinese community … carry out their operations in an unmistakable Taliban fashion”

      Yes, they are on The Star payroll at the Menara in Phileo Damansara, and are active on Twitter and Facebook in the Jerusubang network.

      1. The news that Michelle was abused and called as a traitor has made international news….I think if PR ever takes over Putra Jaya, she will be stoned and whipped and hanged in public at the Putra Jaya square ala Taleban with the Dapsters and Pastors frothing at the mouth cheering away…..

          1. BTW, I know the perfect spot for public stoning, whipping & even hanging since we should turn the administrative capitol into a corporal punishment centre.

            MASJA compound in Petra Jaya Kuching. Huge amphitheaters with man made lake & lush landscaped garden.

            It helps too that the place is THE place to be for courting couples too broke or too stingy to get a hotel room. Catch ’em & stone ’em all without worrying about transportation & logistics.

  2. It is true about one of RPK comments. For Chinese those who support BN get money. Many opposition supporters also think like that.

    Ibu tunggal demo depan pejabat menteri besar selangor mereka cakap mesti diaorang kena bayar duit. Mamak demo dekat Komtar pun sebab kena bayar duit.

    The other day, my Chinese friend remarked about this guy, Nile Bowie ( who wrote/exposed about the opposition link to American interest, she said that this guy must be paid.

    Did they say that you too was paid, Helen?

  3. The church I went to on Sunday prayed thus;

    We pray for a change from a corrupt government to a government that is honest, transparent & ….. in the next general election.

    (Note: …. as I couldn’t remember the adjective used by the lector to describe the perfect incoming government)

    Also on Sunday, Ambiga had a run in with EC officials whom she accused of being heavy handed as she was about to give a talk at where else? A Catholic church of course; The over a century old Church of the Visitation Seremban.

    So, is it any surprise at all that the 9% Christians hold the trump card in the coming elections despite their protestations of being the poor, helpless & oppressed minority? DAP got it spot on by playing up matters close to their heart.

    Now if only the Christians practise what’s written in the bible. But then again, I would be asking too much from them when they’re led by shepherds like Paul Tan.

  4. With this attack on Michelle Yeoh, who has made the nation’s name glitter in the international arena, the DAP [supporters] have proven themselves not only Communistic, but hate-fuelled to the point of willing to burn their own people just for disagreeing with their cause. ‘Bangkang Dari Longkang’ is the correct term; these Mkini commentators are like rabid dogs barking at the moon.

  5. Sometimes the evil thought of praying for May 13th 2.0 cannot be dismissed.

    Thats the only way to teach the “Mkini commentators/rabid dogs barking at the moon type” .

    Dont worry Helen, the “friendly chinese” will always be protected by level headed malays when all hell break lose.

    1. Friendly Chinese and unfriendly Chinese still look alike y’know. We look Chinese.

      1. May 13, 1969, my grandmother protect a Chinese family near her house by giving them a permission to stay at her house and when people come, she said they ware a family come for a visit. The Orang Kampung know and didn’t say a word.

        Know in your heart Halen a lot of people know who the good guy is.

        1. There was good reason why Singapore was expelled from Malaysia. And why the Sino-Malay riots in 1964 and 1967 happened in S’pore and in Penang.

          1. i know the reasons are good, but when shit hits the fan, no one wants to know HOW it happened, only who to blame. And the mess will take years to clean up. not to mention racial relations to repair.

    2. Mamu wed,

      I hope May 13, 1969 wlll be the first and last time Chinese and Malays are on collision course. For as much as i love to see Kit siang “punished” I realise that those not committing any crimes will also be affected.

      But unfortunately, we are practically “inching” towards another clash if the attitude of DAP is to be considered.

      So, Malays have shown great restraint . and it comes with “kesabaran” . But i do fear that Kit siang and his gangs do take this “kesabaran” as a sign of indecision or weaknesses.

      What Kit siang may not understand that he will be the first casualty should this restraint come to its end.

        1. Aside from May 13, there were the 1964 Sino-Malay riots in Singapore and the 1967 Hartal riots in Penang.

          1. among Muslims and some moderate Malaysians like you Helen, definitely the one that bashes Michele Yeoh and the likes are not, that’s what I meant really, sorry for the misunderstanding..if any

  6. Last nite I had a conversation with “Pakatan Fan”. The notable mistake was he mentioned that our Inflation in Malaysia is 7.5%. Such an ashamed to convey that message to the eldery who do not know about the economy. I dont want to make an argument since it will only backfire myself.

  7. Strange that none PR politicians made any comment on the abuse made on Michelle – where are the NGOs that championing women? What’s with the silence? So, it’s all right to abuse women who support BN? So, the pseudo model who stepped on Najib’s pic is a hero but Michelle, with all her achievements is not – just bcos she attended a CHARITY dinner and being a class act to her host? How sad that good educations received by the DAPsters goes to waste.

    1. re: “How sad that good educations received by the DAPsters goes to waste.”

      They may have passed exams but they are not ‘educated’ people.

      1. How sad that the good education received by the Helen Ang goes to waste. You may have passed exams but you are not ‘educated.’

        I honestly cannot understand how you can support a regime that lies, cheats, steals, robs, oppresses and commits murders.

        1. NO, you got it wrong. Helen is educated, she’s just not indoctrinated to your ideas. She can think for herself, she doesn’t need a tokong or anugerah or whoever alpha dog you worship, to tell her how to think.

          There is no perfect government in the world. What you consider an oppressive, murderous and plundering regime, well, my advise is go travel far and wide and look with your eyes and heart wide open and hopefully you will appreciate Malaysia the way the Indonesians, Myanmars, Arabs, Africans, Eastern Europeans, Nepalis, Indians and even Chinese in their faraway countries do.

          Re: treatment of Michelle Yeoh – I say this, again and again, everytime they open their mouths or write their comments, they reveal how uncivilized, uncouth and discourteous they are. I bet they clear their throats and spit in public, they cut you off at intersections and they yell at waiters and civil servants.

          1. “I bet they clear their throats and spit in public, they cut you off at intersections and they yell at waiters and civil servants.” spot on true.

        2. Wow! Again slander and fitnah without an ounce of proof. The funny part is, those yg corrupted or dodgy in BN and ada proof, kena charge in court and yet Pakatan, rasuah = investment, fitnah = truth, self righteous = God on our side, etc. enough already lah…talk is cheap lah!

          Regime that lies? Surely you mean DAP in Penang, PKR\DAP in Selangor, DAP in Perak (itupun tak sampai setahun dah tipu banyak kali), PAS in Kedah and Kelantan…want to share notes on your anugerah Tuhan and his replica daughter telling one story here and another story somewhere else?

          Cheats? But of course! Or else, macam mana PR can win FIVE states, before loosing Perak. Must be BN cheating! Oh yes, i forgot, BN did cheat or else PR would have swept all states. Yes, cheaters that they are….they only cheated by allowing FIVE states to go to the other side. But if BN cheated, why not just let Pakatan have Kelantan alone, or may be throw in Penang only for good measure! But no, because BN is such a cheater, they gave FIVE states to Pakatan. Fuyoh, hebat betul!

          BN steals and robs? Yes, of course! That’s why, after 2008, once Pakatan people dapat power in several states, suddenly the outflow of illegal money out of our country naik mendadak…must be all the BN people taking out their money. Surely can’t be Pakatan people making hay while the sun shines?

          I mean, before 2008, BN pun curi (according to y’all lah). But the funny thing is, tak pulak byk RM keluar from Malaysia illegally, stored in foreign banks etc. only occurred once Pakatan got some power. Hmm, but must be BN again!

          Oppressed? Yes, the people are so oppressed, eps. the chinese, so oppressed and poor. Kesian kan….i mean, at my housing area alone, all the terrace houses are owned or rented by majority Malays and Indians…kesian org China hanya dapat duduk kat semi-d and bangalows aje. yeah, so oppressed! We should swap what the Chinese have with what the Indians and Malays have. Barulah less oppressed.

          Commit murder? I know! I mean, Altantuya…isn’t it obvious? Rosmah was there…she watched the whole thing! But wasn’t she at another function on the same date and time? Wait! I forgot! Must be her clone or lookalike. I mean, hey, BN found pelanduk dua serupa for Anwar….surely, big mama lagi senang nak cari! Yes, it must have been Najib and Rosmah!

          Najib swearing, i.e. sumpah laknat? Forget it…what do BN know about being righteous and true! Sumpah takleh pakai. Look at their leader, si Anugerah Tuhan….no need to swear in the name of God, no need to even take oath in court…he is anugerah Tuhan, of course whatever he says is true. No need proof!

          Bala kept on changing story? Doesn’t matter. He was paid the second time, but the first sworn statement was true! The carpet seller too was true and right! They are all self righteous people. No hidden hands, no agenda. All Najib!

          Seriously, we must change. Our economy is doing well under BN. We must change to Pakatan so that our economy can thrive, as it did in 1998 during Anwar’s time. Remember how many chinese families committed suicide because of severe financial problems? All caused by Anugerah Tuhan. I mean, we have a brilliant mind in Anwar. He wants the whites to take control of our economy via IMF. We should let him!

          And our foreign policy? Who needs to be independent of any foreign influence like under BN? We want to be colonised again by the whites via America. We want Washington and Hollywood to dictate what our policy is. And religious freedom within certain boundaries under BN?

          People respecting other people’s religion under BN? No way, we want to change… religious freedom for all under Pakatan, free to mock, free to use other religion’s name for God, free for all! So what if the country will burn and there’s religious strife or tension? At least we are free under Pakatan. Yes, change…all of us want that.

          Can you not see how under Mahathir we all had to bite our tongue and not insult one another… worse, had to respect each others belief and culture! No, under Pakatan, see the freedom of speech we can practice via our cyber troopers. See how educated, eloquent and high class the PR cybertroopers are… they call them as they see them…prostitutes, pariah, low class….hey, they are just showing the rest of Malaysia how well and truly brave and truthful and beradab they are.

          Yes, we must change to a “better” future under Pakatan. Those that disagree are low class, stupid, have been bought, prostitutes etc!

          May God help us all…

          1. Melon head,

            You are writing nonsense – just to point out 2 facts which must be obvious to you yourself as well – the word for God in Arabic existed long before the religion you speak about so why should it not be used by other religions that existed before the one you mentioned?

            Have you never seen a Chinese who does not live in a semi-d or a bungalow?

            These two points should be enough to show you that similarly, everything you have written about is utter nonsense..

            Indeed, May God help us all.

          2. Baik punya sarcastic. Don’t think those people get it. But if they do, they just don’t care. Yes. May ALLAH help us all.

          3. swallow Song,

            true it nonsense – it the voice of people who fed up. May be I’m right or I could be wrong, but the way I read it, Melon head, fed up with all the nonsense PR blame someone else for their own mistake over and over and over and over….. In the end people tend to ask why……and the answer…….

            My diagnosis during this 5 years, I sum it as

            First year when problem arise, the SOP answer was It the previous gov fault we will bring this scoundrel to face the judgement. I reserve my judgement. Maybe it right, who know.

            Second Year, previous gov fault. We cannot do anything, they already sign in. You want us to get sue by this so and so companies??? I still can swallow it. 2 years not enough to built the state right???

            Third year, previous gov fault. They sign early 2008 and we take over only on march. we cannot do anything. Ask them. – This answer was on TV. and my jaw was drop down at that time.

            Forth year, We cannot do anything. how dare you asked us this kind of questions. We will find the solutions and it will be better than previous gov. We were better and smarter, We sign it but it under city counsel and they the one who approve it. ( make me start wondering, are we voting for city counsel or state rep??? And who’s in-charge, city counsel or State gov rep who we voted??)

            Fifth year, Look we save a lot of money. During our management we save billions, During previous gov the saving was low.(ps -When you don’t spend at all, you tend to to save a lot. I can vouch for that. I think married women can vouch for that.)

            Nonsense? Yes and when you read the above, you know it more nonsense.

          4. Aiyou swallow song…bodohnye awak ni! The arabic word for God is Illah, and the name of God for Muslims is Allah. Berapa kali lah nak explain ni?

            And did i say there are NO Chinese living in terrace houses? No, i said majority of the terrace houses in MY housing area are owned or rented by malays and indians. Ada tak I cakap tak ada org Cina satu pun yg tinggal di terrace houses? Again, baca lah betul betul!

            No wonder you PR supporters keep on losing in any sensible arguments…you never read properly…malulah!

            So, that’s two of your points that i have rebutted! Try again please…

          5. And what i find interesting is, the christians believe that the muslims worship the moon God because of the name Allah, which is what the pagans called their Moon God. So, that was one of the arguments that the Christians of old times used to use when trying to point of that Islam is agama sesat, percaya kat Moon God, i.e. Allah. They argued that that’s why Islamic symbol ialah bulan sabit.

            And yet now, irony of irony, it is the Christians themselves yg sibuk sangat nak guna Allah to refer to their God. Dulu kutuk, sekarang teringin ingin. Tak malu ke? Or ada udang di sebalik mee?

        3. “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not,” Chan said Saturday. “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.” – Jackie Chan

          Remember this? Something for you to ponder & digest, swallow song.

        4. also, non Muslims Arabs use the word ‘Illah’ for God. Ask them :)

          so technically, ‘Allah’ is still very much a Muslim term (the term first used was Al-Lah – to denote ‘The One’, because pagan Arabs at the time worship a lot of different deities). Read up the History of God by Karen Armstrong. You’ll find out why.

    2. Even Sisters In Islam are keeping quiet about the abuse that Michelle Yeoh had to take.

      I thought that group fought for Women’s Rights.

      1. Swallow Song aka Shallow Head

        The word God in Malay is TUHAN, any Malaysian worth his/her I/C would attest to this, orang suruh guna bahasa kebangsaan taknak, kiasu, bila bodoh, taknak mengaku, sombong pulak tu!

        You guys nak translate bible ke bahasa melayu ke bahasa arab?
        Bahasa Melayu kan, so boleh guna tuhan, xdak masalah period!

  8. Helen, Last sunday, I heard the Chinese auntys in my area excitedly discussing the latest news. Mandatory to give donations & mandatory to hear political ceramah in church. Hahaha … finally PAS sudah take over DAP…. nama DAP, modus operandi PAS.

  9. also, check this out

    I have to say, it’s a well crafted piece. proves that politicians can always be actors if things don’t work out

    1. Ada full movie version, tak? Ini boleh kalahkan Brokeback Mountain. The first top comment, bahagian awalnya macam perli sahaja, tapi bila baca sampai habis, still make me laugh.

  10. I was told a moment ago that some jokers are also hounding Alan Tam via his Facebook page. For the uninitiated, Alan Tam was one of the Hong Kong singers (others were Leon Lai, George Lam) who performed last Sat in Penang for the 1Malaysia concert. This is getting way out of control.

      1. Shila Amzah won Asian Waves 2012 voted by, among others, mainland chinese and the mostly chinese juries, are mainland chinese less racist than cina malaysia, helen?

        I started to think so looking at the way they treated the other chinese who choose not to be with them?!

        Lagi funny these dapster cybertrooper swarmed ridhuan tee’s blog accusing him of lupa daratan, mau jadi melayu, pengkhianat bangsa, memalukan his clan (tee) etc but didn’t bat an eyelid at zairil claiming to be one (seconded by LGE and DAP) walaupun both are actually chinese
        its good to note (almost like you, Helen) RT stated his bangsa as cina on his profile.

  11. I don’t think think Datuk Michelle Yeoh @ Mrs Todt gives two hoots what #DAPsterCancer choose to label her with. It’s not like she’s short of fans…

      1. 600 dogs from Pulau Ketam thing. Never heard about that one before.

        They must have had a real nasty dog problem there.

  12. Lets be honest. Michelle Yeoh is the epitome of the modern Malaysian. I too am a Chinese baiter (Let alone the fact that the politically aggressive Chinese often invite it). But she typifies the Malaysian in that she is an accessory of the modern Gen X Y type of mentality. No depth or dimension to their thinking. Being a Bond girl personifies that. It says it all. Bond women are not actresses they are James’ accessories, his fantasies and his mattresses at the end of the day.

    And for these Bond women type people (the typical modern Malaysian) as long as they have their 15 seconds of fame, their cell (hand) phones, their Gucci shoes, a car, a credit card maxed out, a boyfriend and a husband (the reverse of course for the male gender) and a computer from which to access their “education” and a desk top calendar from which to quote the classics, they are satisfied.

    In short, they fall whichever side the wind is blowing them.
    The real fight at 5 May is the large oil field I think at the end of the day off Sarawak. It is the most coveted field that Chevron/ Gulf and BP Esso will not talk about. Everyone wants to know who they will be dealing with at the end of the day. Whether that be a stronger centre in KL, a weak and separated Sarawak and Sabah against a voracious Chinese military industrial power foraging the south China seas and beyond for the commodity and control of the sea lanes to satisfy their unquenchable thirst for oil and gas.

    Michelle will bed whoever wins. Good on her and why not. At the end of the day we are all whores like her. Just that she managed to get a richer and more generous pimp than most.

  13. labelling other people with “names” is typically this one coalition’s trademark. they are the only ones whose truthful, angelic, righteous, holy etc… they are the “brahmins”, the “tokong” , the “anugerah tuhan” who has no faults like us.

    1. Vote for change? I would, but the people you want me to vote for are liars. So why choose them?

    2. Marcus,

      Yes I will change. change back to what I know. Yes a lot of people said it time to UBAH and give their reason of this and that. And Dr Ariffin Omar give you this open letter. But do you know that statement made by Dr Ariffin Omar was pick up by him from other countries newsletters. From his statement I can find a lot of comment made by editors of newspaper from Australia, Indonesia, Phillipinne and Singapore. Some also come from a blog originated from as far as Britain and also from Asia region.

      These people tend to look at Malaysia as a treat to their success and the rest my friend come in the term, IF YOU CANNOT DESTROYED THE COUNTRY BY FORCES, DESTROYED IT USING IT OWN PEOPLE. GO TO THE GROUND AND RECRUIT AS MANY AS YOU CAN. Al Qaeda used this tactic and it prove successful so…..It a spy thing.

    3. #DAPsterCancer and their ilk have been asking voters to vote for change since forever.

      Since 2008, I only see change for the worse in Selangor, Kedah and Penang.

  14. Tiap hari saya terima bermacam email dan dlm face book dari DAP dan PKR kempen mereka, kadang kadang dari umno/najib tp tak ada langsung dari MCA???? MCA bertanding atau tidak? ???

  15. The Hitlerite nature and character of the Opposition is clearly shown in their attitude towards one of our beloved Malaysia’s famous icons. This is the attitude of people who have no father or mother.

  16. michelle’s father yeoh kian teik, a MCA politician and owner of sri maju bus company. she was returning favour to BN administration for not arresting her brother bobby yeoh lam jit over an alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) case some years ago. her brother, married with one son, once caught fondling 37F-cup actress joey choi wai man (nicknamed big milk cow) in hong kong central district. Do not compare Aung San Suu Kyi with Michelle Yeoh. Aung San is a loving icon. Do you really know what Aung San Suu Kyi struggles for in Myammar? You are a real hypocrite and pathetic!!! You don’t deserved to play the role in ‘THE LADY’. What would Aung San Suu Kyi think of you????

    1. re: “she was returning favour to BN administration for not arresting her brother bobby yeoh lam jit over an alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) case some years ago.”

      You must be someone high-up yourself in the BN administration to know for sure that Michelle is returning a favour for her brother “not being arrested” yadda yadda.

      High-up people in the BN admin like yourself ni betui-betui makan gaji buta — wasting valuable office hours to surf a small-time blog like

    2. Yeah. As if Aung San Suu Kyi is a role model herself just because she endured years of house arrest. Why pray tell she chose to keep her gob shut over the clashes between the Buddhists & Muslims leaving scores of Muslim dead?

      Btw, how does your opinion hold up against that of Luc Bresson?

  17. Michelle’s family owns Sri Maju bas express. You’ve to be a crony in order to get your license renew yearly. Obviously Michelle has to lick Najib’s balls to keep her family on the gravy train. She’s shameless, so successful yet has to stoop so low …..

    1. It is an act of desperation when people resort to the sort of language and tactics to intimidate,insult in an attempt to coerce others into acting and behaving like them

      What’s not understood by these desperados is that the scare those who would otherwise support them into the arms of a more tolerant and reformed Barisan.

      What about “free and fair” elections? Intimidation, insults and coercion do not make for “free and fair” elections.

      Now there is talk of a “spring come Sunday. All of the political Springs on record, supported by the US and other western countries have been directed to air heads and have all ended in blood shed.

      I hope it does not happen to Malaysia. It takes just one bloody idiot to spark a bush fire in the current tinder box dry volatility that is Malaysia. And the opposition has loads of them.

    2. For readers who can’t understand Chinese, here is the translation:
      Headline: Badminton Hero Turns Zero!
      Guang Ming Daily
      Lee Chong Wei Officially Stands By BN
      Datuk Lee Chong Wei attended a junior badminton audition activity held at Dewan Badminton Padang Sera last Thursday. Meanwhile supported the BN’s Ayer Hitam contestant, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, their presence welcomed by the participants.
      Admin’s comment: He is just another Michelle Yeoh, 吃米不知米價 (A Chinese saying, implies that rich people will never empathize the poor)! He would sell out / betray the country once he has got rich!
      Pic/Script: Dinasour
      Pic origin: Guang Ming Daily

  18. Take a look at Comment No.84.

    This is something I don’t quite understand about whiners (Dapsters). When someone says something pro-establishment or is for establishment, they are immediately labelled as “cronies”, “lick balls”, “suck eggs” or other vile expletives best left to your imagination.

    However, when one of their own kind (class?) make it in life and are successful, they sing from the top of Jerusubang that it is due to God’s grace and diligence.

    I am starting to think that these whiners deserve our sympathy. They are mentally compromised ie. skru sudah longgar.

  19. For readers who can’t understand Chinese, here is the translation:

    Headline: Badminton Hero Turns Zero!
    Guang Ming Daily
    Lee Chong Wei Officially Stands By BN

    Datuk Lee Chong Wei attended a junior badminton audition activity held at Dewan Badminton Padang Sera last Thursday. Meanwhile supported the BN’s Ayer Hitam contestant, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, their presence welcomed by the participants.

    Admin’s comment: He is just another Michelle Yeoh, 吃米不知米價 (A Chinese saying, implies that rich people will never empathize the poor)! He would sell out / betray the country once he has got rich!

    Pic/Script: Dinasour
    Pic origin: Guang Ming Daily

  20. Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh is just another Tan Koon Swan or a Chua Soi Lek. No wonder the people of Malaysia no longer respects royalty.

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