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If MCA loses Labis, might as well gulung tikar

In 2010, The Star paid a dividend of RM126 million to the MCA. How nice … urm, I mean “Wow! Terribly impressed”.

Eh, The Star group editor Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai got no thoughts to upgrade his wheels, meh?


Dr Chua: “MCA is a rich party”

The Star is pushing a lot of copies in Jerusubang and selling even more lucrative advertisements to marketers targetting the Jerusubang purchasing power.

It’s always glad tidings when we hear that a business is profitable and doing so well. Pity the take-up for MCA is nowhere near comparable though.

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Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

The Jewish moneylender Shylock just couldn’t decide between his daughter and his ducats:

“I never heard a passion so confused,

So strange, outrageous, and so variable,

As the dog Jew did utter in the streets,

‘My daughter! O my ducats! O my daughter!

Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!

Justice! the law! my ducats, and my daughter!”

ACT II, Scene 8

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BN’s biggest Chinese component is defending 14 Parliament seats this general election. In the last GE in 2008, nine of the Parliament seats held by the MCA were in Malay majority areas.

The remaining five out of the 14 MCA wards which are not Malay majority have a high percentage of Indian voters. It’s quite evident that the MCA relies heavily on the Malay and Indian electorate as its lifeline (see table below).


MCA’s only Chinese majority seats are Kampar (Perak), Bentong (Pahang), Labis, Kluang and Kulai (all in Johor).

They will be defended respectively by caretaker Deputy Home Minister Lee Chee Leong, MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai, MCA Young Professionals bureau chief Chua Tee Yong, caretaker Deputy Higher Education Minister Hou Kok Chung and Tay Chin Hein.

Observe The Star headlines (screenshots below):

Note that with regard to the Kulai story, The Star had put DAP candidate Teo Nie Ching’s name prominently in its headline even though the seat is the MCA’s whereas DAP is only the challenger.

The name of the MCA candidate in Kulai is Tay Chin Hein. The name “Tay Chin Hein” has never been featured before in any headline in the MCA-owned newspaper, according to Google search (see screenshot below).

Another Star headline, as you can see for yourself above, screamed that the DAP is counting to “knock out” the MCA deputy minister Lee Chee Leong in his Kampar seat. There is a photo of the DAP challenger on the Star page. There is no photo of the MCA incumbent.

Just the other day too The Star displayed a huge photograph of Hannah Yeoh while at the same time, there was no photo at all of the MCA candidate in Subang Jaya.

The paper repeats the same stunt with the Kulai story. There is a photo of Teo Nie Ching while we’re left clueless as to what the MCA candidate “Tay Chin Hein” looks like.

allintitle Tay Chin Hein

Chua Soi Lek punya maruah, wor

Among those five constituencies, Labis is the MCA blue ribbon seat because it lies in Johor and was previously occupied by party presidents Dr Chua Soi Lek and Dr Ling Liong Sik.

In the last general election, Indians comprised 15.5 percent of the voters in Labis. For this round, the DAP has put up in Labis an Indian candidate — its former Selangor senator, S. Ramakrishnan. Insofar as appealing to race loyalties go, DAP looks to have employed a good strategy.

There is a good chance that all five of MCA’s Chinese majority Parliament seats nationwide will fall to the DAP.


Boleh menang ke?

Is Tee Yong really on a song in Labis, as Wong Chun Wai claims?

MCA is the second biggest component party in the BN with a self-proclaimed membership of one million.

Yet the party is now reduced to this floundering underdog. How has it reached a stage where the national pastime of the Chinese – many of whom are readers of The Star – is to mock the MCA, vilify its representatives and pour scorn on the BN in general?

What kool-aid is The Star giving the party president’s son to drink by declaring that “Labis looks like a win for Barisan”, especially when the paper is busy promoting the chief rival DAP 3.0? Compare with The Star‘s other truthful moments (“knock out” MCA) that are screen captured above.

MCA would have stood a better chance in Labis had The Star played its part throughout the last five years to provide the party and the coalition it belongs to a fairer hearing.

The Star promoting DAP SuperCyber Bully

Unlike Ong Kian Ming – interviewed by The Star‘s (see Strategist: Pakatan stands good chance in Johor’) – Chua Jr is not exactly The Star‘s favourite person.

Neither are the political scientists from the dozen odd public universities whom The Star does not seek out for interviews. From its track record, The Star clearly prefers to interview (and multiple times at that) DAP evangelista Ong Kian Ming who teaches/taught in a private university-college.


Star didn’t lift a finger to help

The Star has hundreds of editors and thousands of reporters, and thick Business and Property sections daily.

Yet when Chua Tee Yong was tackling Talamgate, the MCA-owned newspaper didn’t draw on their professional expertise to produce op-eds and write-ups to buffer his case. Chua Jr, all the way from Johor, was left to battle the Selangor state government alone.

Read HERE how Chua Tee Yong’s 1Malaysia celebration function was completely ignored by The Star which instead gave a coverage of two separate articles to Hannah Yeoh over the very same weekend for the same occasion (Lantern Festival).

Also read, The Star tikam belakang anak Chua Soi Lek‘.


We should give this anonymous poor chap a proper name.
Chua Tee Yong sounds just about right.


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19 thoughts on “If MCA loses Labis, might as well gulung tikar

  1. Star Publications Bhd pays their exec directors well. 5 exec directors are paid some 14 million annually

    One is paid between 350k – 400k.
    Three are paid between 3.15m – 4.15m
    One is paid 6.75m – 6.8m

    I’d bet on WCW to fall in the second category somewhere. Now where can we submit applications to be one eh?

    GPS must be happy to be shamed if only to sit on the board one day soon.

    1. Today Frankie Gan, MCA candidate for Bukit Bintang is crazily attacked by bunch of high class politicians especially Hannah Yeoh for being different. Frankie did not in any way attacking Hannah and yet Hannah the Queen of High Class is enjoying herself being all condescending towards Frankie Gan

    1. He’s a victim of lookism. Looks too boyish-lah young tho’ his youthful looks belie his real age.

      But methinks he’s appropriate as our mascot of the bent-over guy with the scissors in his back.

  2. i doubt if MCA will lose…i read somewhere…it’s DAP strategy to put a non-Chinese candidate in Labis… to kill off Indian representatives from the party. so only the ‘Whites’ & evangelistas will remain.

    well, secret collaboration between MCA-DAP, but perhaps MCA is totally innocent on this also.

    maybe DAP wants to give some face to CLS through his son.

    however, we shall see the verdict on 5th May whether this prediction is true.

    1. 15.5 percent Indian voters in Labis is double the national population of roughly 7.5 percent Indians.

      It’s a gamble that DAP is taking. It might pay off.

  3. Kelihatan dipermukaan, suasana politik di Johor keseluruhan nya kelihatan seperti dulu. MCA dan MIC masih sama sama bekerja bersama kami seperti dulu juga. Agak lega lah setakat ini. Tetapi tidak tahu lah samada ianya hanya dipermukaan sahaja.

    Ada harapan MCA menang di Labis tetapi Skudai tu susahlah kecuali kalau ada undi protes.

  4. In order for (Dr) Ong Kian Ming to be taken seriously one has to merely observe how he misrepresented himself his party and the people of Malaysia he and his (“race neutral”) PKR and DAP on Al Jazeera recently.


    Kian Ming got a taste of a rebuttal from none other than the highly respected voice of reason one Dr. Chandra Muzzaffar.

    An unrelenting Muzzaffar in one fell swoop put paid to the nonsense of Barisan deficits versus Anwar’s surpluses. This particular economic propaganda against the government has come back to bite the opposition in the bum.

    Economists from Professor Krugman and the world bank have all praised the Malaysian government for its consistent and stable management of the eocnomy whilst most around them continue to struggle. PKR and the DAP tend to disagree.

    Listen to Dr. Muzzaffar destroy the racist myth. About time it was said. And no one could have delivered it better than Dr. Muzzaffar against an Al Jazeera who have demonstrated nothing less than contempt for Malaysia and any form of independent government in developing countries.

    A must for everyone interested in the final days of the campaign. The Barisan will return.

    1. It’s not just Ong Kian Ming, it’s the whole PR line-up. I can’t take any of them seriously. That’s the difference with the BN line-up. At least, I have some respect for some of them and in Najib’s serious diligence to transforming the nation. On the other hand, PR’s UBAH slogan is totally unconvincing.

      Here’s my problem with the slogan. When you want to UBAH, it should be for the better and to UBAH for the better you need to change yourself, your attitude, your ethics, your life. I don’t see any changes in the PR line-up for the better – you have the same old dogs doing the same old tricks, barking up the same old tree and peeing at the same hydrant. At least I see Najib’s sincerity in wanting to transform. He’s dropped some oldies (some say dinosaurs) and his line-up is now at least in tune with the 21st century. I’m sure none in his line-up listens to Paul Anka or Ricky Nelson.

      Najib, since 2009 has made some positive transformations, he’s dropped the ISA and opened up channels for discussions (eg Bersih demands). In my opinion, having inherited the administration at the worst time, he has a done a swell job in a short period of time. The PR states on the other hand – well, they may talk about freedom of speech but obviously only for them; they may be able to criticise on how to run the economy but when given the chance, they are almost clueless. 5 years on, there’s no significant change for the better in the states run by them.

      After all that tirade above, I want to believe that most Chinese voters will be able to evaluate how the PR state governments have performed and opt to UBAH from DAP to MCA, from PR to BN. I think MCA will be saved to stand for another election.

  5. If the MCA loses Labis, the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked outright for all the complaints about them and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  6. forgot to mention, same goes to Parlimen Temerloh, Saifuddin vs Nasruddin Hasan Tantawi…same tactic applied by Erdogan team to cut off the ulama team from PAS.

    Nasrudin has no chance to win…he should be fielded in safer seat if PAS really want to keep righteous leaders instead of questionable ones like Nik Abduh, Husam etc.

    Nasrudin was the only one (correct me if I’m wrong), from PAS who has declared his asset, total is about less than RM10K. While Nik Abduh is reported reluctantly and give excuses not to declare.

    PAS people, wake up…minum kopi, bagi segar sikit biji mata tu.

    1. The excuse for not declaring asset is that they are worried that their businesses and contacts being BN.

  7. My personal opinions (I have a lot of it after 2008)

    My take on PAS.

    Before 2008, PAS was a power to be. A lot of Ulama, Malay’s doctors even scientist joint them. There a lot of people who would said, the trend of professional was going to PAS as an alternative rather than join UMNO who corrupted to the core. A millions members joint in, that huge impact.

    After 2008, it became clear, their trying to sideline this people who supported them throughout PRU12. My take was, this people has an expired date (mention by a friend recently and concur). When they hopping (see I use the word hopping) to power, they find out all the benefit they can get and they like it and they want to cling to it for ever and ever and ever.

    One of the casualty was Hassan Ali. By this time Harun Din, already been sidelined.

    Near PRU13, PAS facing a lot of image problem. A lot of people see them as a tools for DAP to win.Once, they can rely on their cyber war machine, but my take was, over the years,this war machine has becoming an alternative voice who support BN (I fallow some after 2008. Some even going so far as changing to Dacing in this PRU13).

    Nasaruddin see this problem and he try to lift the image of PAS by joining the Palastine movement. He trying every PR available (I think this was a smart move, I do) and for a time being he succeed. In the process, He lifting up his image to a certain new voters who look at him as some kind of hero. Some say he become the face of PAS.

    Never mind he with Najib. It didn’t matter but it was a wrong move for him. You cannot simply lifting up your image overshadow a lot of other Pas public figure. He done that.

    Lucky for him it near PRU 13. It a dumb things for PAS to do if he getting fired when young voter see him as a hero. So they doing the second best thing, fired him from Majlis Ulama and then kill his political life. If he win, Yea, your are so far away to bother us, if not he will never be seen again.

    ps : One of my friend, a PAS hard core supporter tell me he will secretly support a lot of BN candidates this coming PRU. I ask why, and he said, may be for some, the issue of Kalimah Allah was done with. But for him it is not and it time to teach the PAS a lasson. Until LGE, LKS and KS apologised, he and his friends will bank in their vote to BN. Who know who they will vote for, right? What ever they try to spin, by the end of the day, Undi adalah rahsia…

    1. it’d be a great loss because Temerloh voters have to choose only one of them. if Nasrudin contest in my area, I would vote him. Saifudin is like KJ, Anwar sympathizer. so I have mixed feeling about him.

      Saifuddin is liberal and moderate (???), Anwarinas closet friend. Nasrudin is from ulama team, against Anwarinas.

      see the game?

      1. Yes clearly, that is why they want to get rid of him pronto. Kesian kan…. Who ever perform will be kick out from PAS..Guess we come to the same conclusion

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