Malays/Indians everyone else on one side, Chinese/Christians on the other

Working class and marginalized Indians are going to be moving into the mainstream. The confrontational Chinese prefer to create their own parallel Sinoland in Malaysia.

What kind of people are they, those opposition supporters?

Hindraf, through taking advantage of a critical timing, has managed to obtain concessions to help uplift those affected among the Indian community and bring them in from the fringes.

So ultimately, is this development something that is good or bad?

If good, then how to explain the malicious mob viciousness directed at Hindraf by the Chinese opposition supporters and the anti-establishment Indians?

Below is an e-mail I received from Dr Paraman Subramaniam, who belongs to the Hindraf think-tank and has been involved in the blueprint negotiations.

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By Hindraf

18 April 2013 will go down in the books of the marginalized Indians as a truly historic moment where the PM of Malaysia humbly apologized to the Indian poor for past lapses and the BN coalition signed on the dotted lines to correct the effects of those lapses. This has set the stage for a new era for the Indian poor. It was a culmination of their struggle that began with the 25 Nov 2007 uprising that brought almost 100,000 Indians to the street and made Hindraf a household name.

BN is waking up to the fact that there had occurred a transition of the vast majority of Malaysian Indians from plantation estates to towns and cities over a period lasting four decades as a result of the Government’s development policies and that this had not been directly and adequately addressed by other necessary Government policies to avoid the negative socio-economic effects on them.

BN now desires to correct the chronic socio-economic problems that have resulted, in a comprehensive and permanent manner, recognizing that the program of intervention should be based on a focused and targeted approach with commensurate commitment of Government resources. They have decided the best route to that was with a partnership with Hindraf.

The MOU signing by the BN Secretary General, on behalf of the BN coalition with Hindraf leadership was the result of this commitment. No Malaysian Government, caretaker or not, has ever signed anything like this in full public view.

The MOU document lays out the specific Government interventions necessary for the improvement of the socio-economic status of the Malaysian poor over the period of the next five years of the next Parliament from 2013 to 2018.

These four major areas are:

  1. Uplifting Displaced Estate Workers (DEW), synonymous with low income Indian households
  2. Addressing statelessness among the Malaysian Indian poor
  3. Increasing educational opportunities from pre-school to university
  4. Increasing employment and business opportunities

Programs to uplift DEW:

  1. Double the mean monthly family income of all Malaysian Indian families earning less than RM3,000 by 2020
  2. Providing 100,000 affordable houses for 100,000 households with taking into account the socio-cultural needs like places of worship, burial grounds, community halls and playgrounds shall also be provided as part of this infrastructure
  3. Programs to retrain and re-skill DEW youth like providing easy and attractive placements with pre-requisite preparations and appropriate financial support to draw these youth into 176 GiatMara Centres and 78 Community Colleges as well as other skill training institutes across the country. Thereafter Tekun program itself can be extended to provide to support newly retrained and re-skilled Malaysian entrepreneurs. A budget of RM 100 million shall be allocated over a five- year period in aiding these measures
  4. An official Government recognized Council of Hinduism and Hindu Temples comprising religious elders shall be set up to address challenges related to DEW places of worship and burial grounds and to permanently eliminate the problem of land for temples and burial grounds by 2018

Statelessness among the Malaysian Indian poor shall be addressed by the following programs:

    1. Identify all stateless ethnic Indians as ethnic Indians without Birth Certificates and blue identification cards and those with red identity cards
    2. Develop common sense and transparent proposals to address the problems of Malaysian Indians who claim to have been born and raised in Malaysia but who do not have any documentary evidence whatsoever of their birth and residency
    3. Develop policies including those that may allow defined local persons of repute who are given official standing to issue statutory declarations conveying their opinion that a said stateless person was indeed born and raised in their locality in Malaysia.
    4. Develop streamlined and transparent policies to resolve the large problem of all persons who only hold red identification cards
    5. Differentiate a system that can differentiate legitimate from non legitimate citizenship applications from ethnic Indians in Malaysia
    6. Ensure that the common sense and transparent proposals developed should strictly adhere to the provisions of the Federal Constitution

Programs to increase educational opportunities from pre-school to University:

  1. Allocate adequate funding to relocate, upgrade and build new facilities towards ensuring that all Tamil schools are brought up to the standard of national schools by 2020
  2. Convert all Tamil Schools, that are willing, to be fully-aided government schools
  3. Establish specific programs of improvement for the performance of SJK (T) s
  4. Reserve 7.5% of places in specific courses for IPTA and other Public Tertiary Institutions and to achieve 7.5% overall admissions in 5 years
  5. Reserve 10% places in government polytechnics for Malaysian Indian students.
  6. Reserve 7.5% places in existing residential schools as well as in government matriculation and skills training institutes
  7. Setup 9 new mixed residential schools with a minimum Malaysian Indian enrolment of 20%
  8. Reserve 7.5% of JPA as well as other federal & state scholarships for Malaysian Indian students
  9. Setup a new scholarship fund amounting to RM25 million annually to fund tertiary studies of Malaysian Indians based on academic excellence and socio-economic need

Programs to increase employment and business opportunities:

  1. Allocate RM500 million towards achieving a Malaysian Indian equity ownership target of 3%
  2. Develop quotas for government funded small business loans and micro-credit allocations of up to 7.5%
  3. Develop quotas for Malaysian Indians in terms of government licenses and permits of up to 7.5%
  4. Develop quotas for Malaysian Indians in terms of government controlled franchises of up to 7.5%
  5. Reserve 7.5% of all jobs created and or required by the civil Service and statutory bodies for qualified Indians
  6. Reserve 7.5% of all jobs created and or required by GLCs for qualified Indians
  7. Commit an additional RM 200 million in Tekun loan funding reserved for Malaysian Indians over the next 5 years
  8. Reserve Government micro credit allocations for Malaysian Indians

The methodology of how it would be planned and eventually implemented from Jan 2014 onwards is outlined in the MOU. Interesting to note that all these programs are pointed and targeted to cater to the Malaysian Indian poor and greatly contrasts trickledown economics methodology.


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28 thoughts on “Malays/Indians everyone else on one side, Chinese/Christians on the other

  1. I agree that there should be an “extension of NEP” to the needy Malaysian Indians.

    BN should really put up an effort to help them, with a caveat that the Indians will support them in the coming GE13.

  2. Hopefully, this will be an eye opening to MIC for their weaknesses in addressing the DEW to the BN government.

    As Malaysian, it is our hope to see not a single race being left behind and all praise to PM Najib for his decision.

    However, whether the Malay/Indian will be at one side while the Chinese/Christians on the other will only be a fact after the GE13.

    It is of high hopes among Malaysians to see the majority Chinese voters to decide whether they are on the Christian sides or remain with the mainstream.

    The journey is still a long way to go but the decision will be seen on 5th May, 2013.

  3. “As Malaysian, it is our hope to see not a single race being left behind and all praise to PM Najib for his decision.”

    Agreed 100%. Every Malaysian citizen should be able to live well in this land of milk and honey of ours.

    Having said that, successful Indians must also help the underpriviledged among them. Jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit.

  4. i have commented before that UMNO can’t be blamed for problems occur among Indian community and other minority ethnics. but now, I think UMNO must take some part of the responsibility as ‘big brother’ to ensure the younger brothers, who are less capable and efficient to do whatever tasks assigned to them.

    the analogy is UMNO the eldest brother, MCA is the second brother, MIC the third brother and other party components like Gerakan, SUPP, PBS, PPP are the forth, fifth sibling and so on…

    usually as the eldest and the leader in the family, he must look after other siblings. while delegating the task, he must also do some spot-check whether they perform the task accordingly.

    MCA, is a very independent sibling (anak tengah memang begitu kot?), even without any help from big brother and other siblings, he already proved that he succeed. but maybe due to overconfidence, he feels he is no longer need the big brother and other siblings. they are just the burden to him.

    MIC and other component parties, maybe are spoilt-brats and always need guidance, advice and occasionally a gentle reminder on their direction in life.

    but, it is also the other siblings duty to ensure big brother do not become arrogant and bully others just because he has the authority and power. despite all advantages he has, he must be humble and open to other sibling’s criticism.

    we are family, a big happy family…supposedly.

    1. the other spoilt-brat siblings can’t depend solely on big brother to solve their every single problems. they must think on their own and find the solution.

      let say, you are jobless and you asking money from your big brother or sister every month? he/she must be tired and will ask you to find some job, right?

      same goes to second sibling, can’t be angry or jealous if big brother give more attention to less competent siblings. but you must help the big brother also by helping and defend your siblings, not stab back with scissor.

      you already rich, more advanced compared with others. why not sharing the knowledge and skills with younger brothers? unless you are greedy and want to step up other siblings’ head in order to survive.

      big brother has weakness too. don’t manipulate the weakness but help him through this journey.

      Barney’s lyric, “I Love You”.

      I love you You love me
      We’re a happy family
      With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
      Won’t you say you love me too
      I love you You love me
      We’re best friends like friends should be
      With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
      Won’t you say you love me too…

      1. Love you too Princess…

        That will only happen in ideal world my dear. In Malaysia the 2nd siblings are arrogant and revengeful at times.

        If they (2nd siblings) are not helping its ok. The problem is they let their own kind to kill big brother by not doing anything (The STar is a good example).

        In the end the Big Brother have to carry the whole family against all odds .

        1. Mamu Wed & MalayPrincess

          So should we suggest to the Big Brother (should they manage to govern the country in weeks to come) to stand alone in its administrative undertakings freeing itself from tikam belakang Gerakan, MCA and MIC?

          Since everyone is blaming UMNO for almost everything (I hope they don’t blame UMNO for their sex lives too), why not UMNO, an existing political platform as multiracial as DAP, step up the plate, stand on its own and carry out the necessary reforms for a Better Nation?

          And in years to come takes full credit for the future success of Malaysia.

          By doing so UMNO won’t be view as being a racist party since it is literally working for every Malaysians. And by doing so too, should UMNO failed to carry out the necessary reforms for a Better Nation, this time around, the party alone is to be blame! And since this is a fact of life in Malaysia, UMNO has got nothing to lose really!

          1. :D

            To sum up, you’re suggesting … (?)


            (a) Umno is already viewed and accused of being racist

            (b) and Umno is blamed for everything

            (c) So might as well Umno just take charge and shoulder all the responsibility so that at least this time the party can puas hati for being alone accountable for the outcome, whether it is success or failure

            (d) after all, what more has Umno got to lose since the tikam belakang partners already believe (a) and (b)

            Have I read you correctly?

    1. My next posting will be on the May 1969 election results which led to a parallel situation as what transpired in 2008 as well as current.

      We can learn from history.

  5. I am very proud and touched by this MoU, this is a good start to make the govt more inclusive.

  6. The Chinese the world over have not practised democracy as the Westerners know it and have accepted the rule of law in all the countries in which they have inhabited. This shows their loyalty, the hard working habits and strong spiritual and cultural beliefs.

    If the Chinese in Malaysia vote for revolution as propounded by the Opposition being the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, the very rich PKR and the very pious PAS,( And these Chinese are not suppressed or under any pressure to prevent them from earning their livelihood and the Opposition play is just to work up the emotions of the Chinese), then these recalcitrant and maverick Chinese are hollow and without spiritual and cultural ballast unlike their counterparts throughout the whole wide World.

    Then, this event will for the very first time illustrate ‘The Chinese Dilemma’ when there is no such thing in reality. Why ? Because these guys and dolls have become some other type of Humankind.

    My analysis is that if the Chinese make the wrong move, they will either be up a greasy pole or down in a big black hole – if they follow leaders of indeterminate origins or openly of foreign powers.

    Vote BN for opportunities, security and safety for yourselves and your families.

  7. though i am happy with the gist of the MoU, but I do hope that the strained relationship between Uthaya & Waytha can be settled, as well.

    But, looking at the MoU, i wonder why it took 24 meetings with PR for just a verbal agreement – not that the indians are asking for heaven, isn’t it?

    1. Pakatan, being so virtuously “colour blind”, consider a blueprint to help Indians specifically to be something racist.

  8. Kudos HINDRAF…..just wish it was done way before the candidate were decided, never know what could happen.
    And Najib ‘apologise’ WOW…..Ajib Gor, gua tabik sama luuu…….

  9. The DAP is now exposed as the creation of the PAP leadership of Singapore from the 1960s. The Singaporean DAP has now been activated as a Trojan Horse to fulfil its creation. If the Singaporean DAP fails to fulfil its allotted task whatever it is, the leadership fully underlines their incompetence and inefficiency. If the Singaporean DAP does not, then, the leadership has another new dilemma on its hands. For the Singaporean DAP, it is a Hobson’s Choice.

    The Singaporean DAP should have crushed the UMNO in 2008 when it was at its weakest ever ! Forewarned is forearmed !

  10. Saya fikir kerajaan di bawah BN tiada masalah untuk mempertimbangkan sebarang tuntutan Hindraf atau mana-mana pertubuhan. Saya juga melihat kerajaan di bawah BN sentiasa berusaha untuk memenuhi kehendak rakyat walaupun sesetengahnya sukar untuk dilaksanakan. Pokok pangkalnya mereka mestilah membantu menyokong kerajaan di bawah BN.

    Kadang-kadang dalam memberi sesuatu, kita mungkin tidak mengharapkan balasan. Bimbang ianya akan di tuduh mengungkit. Bila memberi secara terang-terangan, dituduh pula menunjuk-nunjuk dan kononya tidak ikhlas. Jika tidak diberi pula dicela sebagai kedekut,zalim dan tidak berhati perut. Nak buat salah, tak buat pun salah.

    Tetapi apa yang saya lihat hari ini, sesetengah rakan seusia saya yang membesar di kawasan estet yang telah berhijrah ke bandar, kini ada sebilangannya yang berubah. Hendak-hendak lagi mereka yang dah pandai bercakap orang putih lebih dari bahasa ibunda sendiri. Tetapi bukanlah semua, hanya segelintir sahaja. Mereka tidak lagi berminat terhadap usaha yang di jalankan kerajaan. Segala usaha yang dijalankan nampak tidak relevan pada kaca mata mereka.

    Saya masih ingat lagi semasa di sekolah, ada seorang rakan baik pernah memberitahu saya bahawa biasiswa pengajian kakaknya yang mengambil jurusan perubatan di India dibantu oleh seorang menteri di dalam MIC pada ketika itu. Namun, pada hari ini secara terang-terangan di dada facebook, beliau dan ahli keluarganya begitu memuji kehebatan PR serta memburuk-burukkan kerajaan.

    Tetapi sudah menjadi resam manusia. Ketika memerlukan, mereka menjulang pemimpin mereka hingga ke langit. Apabila terdedah sedikit kelemahan, maka pelbagailah keburukan tanpa mengambilkira segala kebaikan yang pernah diperolehi. Ia tidak merujuk mana-mana kaum, tetapi ianya menyeluruh selagi kita bergelar anak Malaysia.

    Sekiranya kebanyakan tuntutan ini penuhi oleh kerajaan BN, apakah jaminan yang boleh dipastikan bahawa mereka akan terus menyokong BN dalam jangkamasa akan datang serta generasi berikutnya. Rakyat bebas memilih di dalam suasana demokrasi, tetapi adakah kesetiaan yang menjadi galang ganti bagi menghargai usaha yang dilakukan kerajaan. Bercakap pasal kuota, saya fikir kerajaan seharusnya beri sahaja kuota tersebut kepada golongan yang menyokong mereka. Apa gunanya jika disimpan untuk bangsa sendiri yang tidak tahu menghargai.

    Jika dahulu kerajaan berusaha membantu rakyat di kawasan pantai timur dengan memberi kuota khas di dalam IPT dan perkhidmatan awam dengan harapan mereka menyokong BN. Niatnya untuk memenangi hati seluruh rakyat. Apa gunanya diteruskan sekiranya rakyat disana masih menolak kerajaan. Diberi madu, tuba dibalas. Beri sahaja kuota tersebut pada rakyat yang berada di zon yang menyokong mereka tanpa mengira warna kulit.

    Ia sebenarnya satu peringatan untuk diri saya sendiri. Saya sendiri pernah suatu ketika pernah menolak kerajaan sebelum kerana dikelirukan dengan isu-isu tertentu. Namun setelah saya meneliti usaha yang dijalankan oleh kerajaan dari dahulu sehingga ke hari ini, saya lihat ianya dilakukan secara bersungguh-sungguh demi memenangi hati rakyat. Walaupun kesemuanya sukar untuk dipenuhi, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya kesannya nampak pada hari ini. Sesat di tengah jalan, boleh balik ke pangkal jalan. Tetapi jika termakan dakyah ajaran sesat pemimpin pakatan,ianya boleh memudaratkan.

    Melihat kepada kempen kebencian meluap-luap terhadap kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini, walau ditabur apa sahaja emas,intan dan permata kepada rakyat, ianya masih tidak nampak di mata mereka. Segala yang ada di depan mata mereka seolah-olahnya berdiri tegak dengan sendiri. Sesetengahnya menganggap, Tuhan telah menjadikannya sedemikian tanpa adanya sebarang usaha dari manusia. Kononnya pada mereka walau siapa jua pemerintah, Malaysia tetap berdiri seperti hari ini.

    Menuntut pula royalti pada benda yang tidak munasabah, kononnya semuanya adalah hak rakyat. Datuk nenek merekakah yang membelanjakan wang sendiri,mengorek isi perut bumi dengan mulut mengeluarkan hasil bumi untuk dijana pendapatan negara? Janganlah asyik merenung bulan, bumi dipijak rumput yang hijau dilupakan. Berpijaklah di bumi nyata. Jangan pula ada jadi seperti si Tanggang yang melupakan ibu kandungnya sendiri.

  11. Congratulations Hindraf and BN. Yes its about time that the DEWS be assisted. After all they slogged in the plantations and railways for decades to contribute to the country’s coffers in the early years. I have seen it with my own eyes.

  12. It is improper for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese to vote for Singapore’s Trojan Horse, the DAP.

    Why ? For 44 long years, the DAP did nothing to help the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all and shouted, ‘ Malaysia for Malaysians ‘. This slogan was divisive and caused the non-Chinese to be suspicious of the loyal, hard-working and innocent Chinese. Then, suddenly in 2013, the DAP says that ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay-based.’ By saying this, the DAP has become the full-fledged Trojan Horse.

    Further, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the World, better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World.

    Why improper ? It is better for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese not be involved in the battles which belong to others, in this case Singapore’s Trojan Horse, the DAP. It is Singapore’s battle, not the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese.

  13. The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese and being Chinese should never bite the hands of people that helped them. They should not vote for Singapore’s Trojan Horse the DAP. Let the DAP fight Singapore’s battle !

    1. What kind of crap are you spewing, BN Cyber-Trooper(s)? DAP politics notwithstanding, most average Chinese people, as well as Malay, Indian, Iban, Dayak, Baba Nyonya, just want to earn a decent living without living in fear of their physical and economic safety, and are tired of constant reports in both mainstream and alternative media highlighting threats to both.

      WSJ has already branded us the most corrupt country in the world in which to do business. Ask yourself: why? Or at least, how did it come to this? Are you not embarrassed that this happened when the incumbent government was/still is in charge?

      Instead of arguing semantics and going off-tangent discussing mindless minutiae concerning an academic point(s), who else has stood up and credibly declared that they want to change the status quo if not for the opposition?

      You’re saying that, after several decades of raping the treasury coffers and squirelling billions away into personal and proxy accounts/assets, you’re confident that the incumbent government is going to change it’s ways and make a 180 degree turnaround? Do you realize how much better off in terms of public infrastructure we would be if we had a less corrupt government?

      It’s not about the colour of your skin, or the place where you worship anymore…. it’s about the country in which our kids and grandkids are going to inherit. By centering your thoughts/comments on racial and political issues that have very little direct bearing on the millions of average Malaysians (other than to rile them up to get them to commit to one side or the other), you are doing more damage than you can imagine

  14. Pelawak keder, take your time and read this,

    Re :What kind of crap are you spewing, BN Cyber-Trooper(s)?

    Have you ever facing of with DAP CT? You will get more curses than sentances. At least with BN CT you will get more minus curses right.

    Re : DAP politics notwithstanding, most average Chinese people, as well as Malay, Indian, Iban, Dayak, Baba Nyonya, just want to earn a decent living without living in fear of their physical and economic safety, and are tired of constant reports in both mainstream and alternative media highlighting threats to both.

    May be it a news for you but what decent average peoples in Malaysia need are (It request I hear a lot due to my mingling with a lot of people from various parties and NGO) a peace of mind from the campaigning which going on for 5 years. They really stating to ask a questions like, if they busy campaigning, who’s doing the jobs.

    A taxi driver once said to me ” Susah cari makan ma sekarang. Dulu kalu orang naik Teksi lu boleh cakap apa2 orang takde kisah. Sekarang lu salah cakap lu kene maki ooo. Orang sume ingat orang Cina semua sokong DAP. Itu parti aaaa susahkan orang Cina mau bisness ooo.”

    That what happen if you playing with fire. Both side get burn. Nobody will win. At the end of the day, we are the people who will have to bear all the grund while they are happy in their la la land.

    Your issue on : WSJ has already branded us the most corrupt country in the world in which to do business. Ask yourself: why? Or at least, how did it come to this?

    Let face it, if opposition doing their job in monotoring goverment like they suppost to do (that opposition job correct), we will doing a lot better right. But they are too busy planning to take over Putrajaya by, hook or by crook.

    Just opposed and never given an ideas is a job my 5 years old doing right now. No…no…no… her best word so far. My lone opinion is a lot of opposition just act like my 5 years old child.

    And your : Instead of arguing semantics and going off-tangent discussing mindless minutiae concerning an academic point(s), who else has stood up and credibly declared that they want to change the status quo if not for the opposition?

    Are you sure this happen. Go to Parlimen sitting or ADUN sitting you will see how many your precious opposition attend. Some even going missing by submitted their mc after 3 absenties. After 2008 this happen in abandon. How can they worked for rakyat if they didn’t attend the Parlimen or Adun meeting. Let alone making the headway ing changing the status quo. The one who doing all that job are independent representative. Why? because a lot of opposition was MIA. And look who try to take the credit. Shame on you.

    And yours : You’re saying that, after several decades of raping the treasury coffers and squirelling billions away into personal and proxy accounts/assets, you’re confident that the incumbent government is going to change it’s ways and make a 180 degree turnaround? Do you realize how much better off in terms of public infrastructure we would be if we had a less corrupt government?

    Guess you’re right. Look at SElangor, the riches state in Malaysia. Look at the road and garbage collections there. So good that every one given them E rated. The “No money” reason cannot applied to Selangor.

    So what other reason, It because opposition also busy raping trasurey coffers and squirelling billions away into personal and proxy accounts/assets. They just doing it in 5 years time. Malaysia Guiness Record Of Reaping State Coffers – The Fastest.

    My take, you’ve been brainwash man.

    A quote from a friend “You move heaven and earth for this guy and by end of 2 term they will get their substential pencen and other first class benefit. You on the other hand will have to work for the rest of your lives. Support them and if in 1st term they don’t doing their job, properly, why should you give them another chance. The pencen and first class benefit are for people who doing a good job “.

    1. Despite the inanity of some of your arguments (which I will not spend time rebutting because of the same)… there are only 2 major coalition parties contesting for control of the government (i doubt you can run the just based on the number of independent candidates alone)…. correct me if i’m wrong:

      you’re basically saying that you prefer to let the incumbent government ride roughshod over the rakyat for goodness-knows how many more years (you’ve basically implied that you realize they are as corrupt as I’ve mentioned, you just appear to have no love lost for 1 of the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat, which seems to be a bit of a vendetta for you).

      So….. you’re advocating that we do nothing and hope the sky doesnt fall on our heads, and that a Knight in Kain Pelikat waving a blood drenched Keris (funny how that infamous rally cry during that fateful perhimpunan UMNO hasnt been brought up in any recent ceramahs) comes riding up on water buffalo to save us, in order of ethnicity (malays/muslims, indigenous people, and maybe if there’s time, the pendatangs)?

      What do YOU propose we do to right the systemic, on-going corruption that has been swept under the carpet during MM’s 20+ year rule?

      1. For you to say only two major coalition parties contesting for control, you’re wrong. There BN, DAP, PAS and PKR as major parties, while a few like Berjasa and PSM (I never include independen, cos of their personal reason) While in Sabah and Serawak, a lots more. PR is not a coalition. IT basicly 3 parties who with verbal agreement to not to contest one another. (I say verbal cos their really cannot stop each other if any of them want to contest in the same area. No written agreement what so ever).

        And who say we do nothing. We can work it out if we try to work together in a lot of things. If Goverment and opposition work together, it like one head with multiple hands working. Now has you seen that’s happen? NO. (see, I used capital latter) People speak all a time about curruption of this goverment but reape all the benefit like they has the right of it. For me, if you really don’t like this corruption, stop receiving averything the goverment gave.

        How to correct the systems? To correct the system we need to know where the problem is. It how you fix thing up. People will say a lot of thing, these or that people receive bribery and that people misuse their power. The question you should ask them, do you have any proves? If the prove is because they have a new BMW, just take a time and analyze. Failling to do that will create injustice to others. Could it be, it is a company car or it his/her child car who moving overseas and leave it for their dad/mother to maintaning it. If it true, it is his/her car than MRCC job to investigate.

        Trust the system because next time if you in the receiving end, you need those same system to work for you. How can you say otherwise when the system good to you and people say you bribe your way in the system.

        Those in opposition guy, when the system work for them, it is justice serve, but if not, it corrucption. How the justice been corrupt and just at the same time when you use the same system.

        I get angry with these people, because of their double standard. Do you see how many opposition has been brought to justice for their curruption or mis-use of public money? NONE. If you find one, I trust this member is a none alighment member (either to Lim or Ngeh for DAP, Anuar/Azmin for PKR and Hadi/Nik Aziz for PAS). Do these people leave their position? NO. They stay on.

        But if it happen to BN, even if it just a rumours, they have to hand out their resignation.

        FAIRness in opposition? NO. I make me wonder, If you has any attention joint the politic and has a colorful past, just Joint opposition. You will look squiky clean and if you make a mistake, don’t worry, joint any alignment with those I mention above and everything you do will be under the carpet pronto.

  15. For pelawak keder only. You exposed yourself like a sore-thumb. You are a volunteer probably legally trained specifically dropped into this Blog by the Opposition just for the 15 days before the next General Elections, probably from Singapore.

    Because you know ziltch or nothing, you can only insult and generalise. Let me take you on and let you upstart with the glib tongue and a quick turn of mind the following and see how you react.

    I have been an observer of the good and the great on both sides of the Causeway since October 1951.

    The confrontational debates of the PAP in the Dewan Rakyat in 1964, I was there. The fiery rallies of the PAP in Suleiman Court, KL, I was there, The street demonstrations by the Opposition in Foch Avenue (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock), Imbi Road, etc I was there. The riots of 13 May 1969, I was there. Right from 1969 to 2013, I was around observing the antics of the Singaporean DAP founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed Policies for Singapore. What has the Adviser to the Singaporean DAP got after all he is an ordinary person like you and me who did nothing for 47 long years sitting on his butt ? Or is it to your clouded eyes, this ordinary person is great because he is still an aide to your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed Policies for Singapore ? Clever ? No ?

    The answer must be TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A WHITE – courtesy Prime Minister Curtin of Australia which could be your homeland – pelewak keder.

    You want some more, pelewak keder. I am very certain you will disappear from this good Blog after 5 May 2013 after doing your harmless and little mischief.

    I have got a very thick skin and you can say anything you like but..

    Vote BN !

    1. AK47,

      I’m not as experiance as yours but I lives with my grandmother when I was a child. She a wise women who befriend a lot of people. She even be friend to the late Tan Sri Aisyah Ghani.

      The stories from my grandmother, and few wise grandmother (2 of them Chinese and One Indian) open my eyes. From them I learn my first history lesson. I saw how this Chinese Granma cry because of loosing a father to japanese army and a son to Bintang tiga. How they cry and I’m hopeless as a child to do something.

      The Indian gradma crying when remember how she has been scold almost everyday by her White Mum and treat like a slave.. The word “bloody hell what a stupid dog” was what they use to call her. Not until her grandchild told her what it means that she understand the full impact of those word. But during her service, she understand it as deamining.

      A lot of people will never understand how is it back then. Me, the crying of these grandmother will always be in my heart. How they told me a stories of the hardship of life to take us to where we were right now.

      What happen now like an amber waiting to ignite.

      The plot looking similar to what they said has happen during before mei 13, 1969. Just hope it won’t end like that… I’m praying AK47….really praying hard.

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