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Hanya jasad saja tinggal, jiwa sudah melayang jauh

” @hwabeng body is in #MCA but heart is far far way from #BN “

Tweet (lihat screenshot bawah) ditujukan oleh szeseong kepada Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, bekas Adun MCA selama tiga penggal di Subang Jaya.


Siapa calon yang boleh menang?

Frankie Gan, calon MCA di kawasan Parlimen Bukit Bintang, menjadi mangsa perli yang terbaru oleh DAP SuperCyber Bully.

Orang Umno dan BN pasti terasa pun gara-gara kena tempias MCA selalu dicerca dan dicarut.


Twitterhannahyeoh I almost fell off my chair

Tweet Hannah Yeoh telah diretweet sebanyak 91 kali.


Komen Aidil pada asal @ 2013/04/23 at 6:37 pm

hannahyeohWhat do winnable candidates



Yang paling ghairah memberi sokongan kepada DAP SuperCyberBully ialah


Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

TwitterDAPsubangjayaPanel introduction@hannahyeoh

“think MCA dying”

Kenapa orangramai menganggap MCA bakal hancur? (lihat screenshot tweet atas)

Siapa yang menikam belakang MCA?

Adakah si pembunuh diberi upah RM126 juta? “O my ducats! O my daughter! Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!” — Baca SINI



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43 thoughts on “Hanya jasad saja tinggal, jiwa sudah melayang jauh

  1. Well, if it is not OK for someone who acts for a living to endorse BN but is OK for someone who lives to lead others to God in the afterlife to support PR, what can we say right?

    In both cases, is our brains screwed up or are we gonna be screwed in this life and/or the next?

    The Star should asked Hannah for her perspective. After all she has been implying that BN is morally decadent in all things & voting BN means endorsing them & by extension rejecting God. Which/whose God is of course debatable.

    1. The Star should ask Hannah the race of her second child as per birth certificate.

      MCA should ask The Star what the :) :) :) is going on in Menara.

      But more importantly, BN should ask MCA what the :D :D :D do you think you’re doing?

      1. “The Star should ask Hannah the race of her second child as per birth certificate”

        oh come on Helen. you do know what she’s going to day if The Star were to ask her THAT question.

            1. I’m a simple person. White is one syllable. Kor-kei-shen is three.

              Do note who are the Jerusubang network members in The Star so that their articles will come on our radar when we see their bylines.

      2. Oh come on Helen.

        Someone as absurd as you & as low class as me don’t hold a candle to Hannah’s halo-ed, brilliantly bright goodness which radiates righteousness, love & compassion that is heaven* bent in eradicating a cancer that’s in her opinion of course, BN.

        For her holiness Hannah, the first step in doing so would be the remove the deadwood that is MCA. And what better way to do it than to do it subtly in the beginning through indoctrination by MCA’s cash cow before the gloves comes off to batter them into submission when MCA is already so addicted to the annual dividends it gets that resistance to the deeper thrusts of the scissors is futile that death after the GE will be considered a blessed relief. Phew…

        That said, we are so blessed to be Malaysians instead of say, English. At least over here we don’t need to be bestowed a Knighthood or a peer of the realm to be high class citizens. You only need to vote for DAP & their coterie of bed bugs like sleeping partners to move up the class ladder.

    2. “The Star should asked Hannah for her perspective”

      Hannah is not that bright. her answer will sound like this :

      “why are you so racist ? you are so low class. is that all you can ask ?”

      1. The journo should flash the sweetest of smiles saying, ” Even racists are made in God’s image I thought? ” while blinking the eyes in quick succession over 2 seconds.

  2. Helen,

    Much have been said and discussed here and outside world that current MCA will be historical after GE13.

    Evidence have been seen here and there and two example can be viewed in this posting without mentioning the ‘si gunting’ or even the cyberbullies or hannah yeoh and gang.
    Is the MCA candidate really a ‘winnable candidate’?

    1. Zainal Abidin tweeted to Hwa Beng, “…..U leader or follower?”.
    2. Frankie Gan singing or campaigning?

    Question of “U leader or follower” is a direct statement that clarifies the person’s credential is totally not a winnable candidate.

    As for the ‘singing candidate’…is he a performer or a serious politician? Representing the almost dying party and he seems to jolly around expecting the crowds will vote for him? I believe he became a laughing stock by now.

    Back to MCA, without outside elements, MCA itself is becoming irrelevant to the Malaysian Chinese because of their members own actions and this situation is a result of a poor guidance by a weak leadership.

    I think it is time to move on to the next topic….who is the most capable guy to take the MCA helm and reform the party?

    1. The DAP Ubah music video parodying Psy’s Gangnam Style was Singin’ n Dancin’ too. The clip had a lot of DAP politicians in it.

      Therefore what you say about the MCA folks doing a song cover can be similarly applied to the DAP video which even had cameos by Guan Eng and Karpal.

      It’s the level of malice and viciousness of the Dapsters that shooting off the dials.

    2. The real issue here is this

      Frankie Gan has been dedicating himself in serving the Parlimentary seat of Bukit Bintang with a hope not only to make it a better place but also to wrest the seat from DAP incumbent Fong Kuan Lai.

      On the day of nomination myself and bunch of friends decided to check out some of the ceramahs and we got wind that Frankie is doing his in Razak Mansion. We spoke to the residents just to check out how much they know of him and many spoke highly of him.

      During his ceramah he spoke about his plans for Razak Mansion and they cheered. It was a meaningful cheer because they all know Frankie will fulfill his promise based on his track record.

      Apparently even the Persatuan Penduduk is endorsing him for his outstanding contribution to the community. Same goes to a few other resident associations in the BB area.

      They have always been asking Frankie to resolve their problems. It is no secret that Fong Kuan Lai is facing an uphill battle to retain his seat. Frankie’s campaign is all about what he can do for the constituents compare to what Fong can deliver. MCA actually has a very winnable candidate for BB.

      Frankie likes to sing. He sang for the crowd. We were quite impressed. Our only comment was that he should no be dragging the ceramah with too many of his singing. But the crowd seemed to enjoy it. He even gave his MTV away so people could remember him.

      That is his style of campaigning. No dirty talk, no four letter words unlike Mr. Superman from DAP.

      1. You must be dreaming. Frankie will be lucky if he don’t lose his deposit. The result for Bt Kintang is only one which is DAP victory. The only question is how many votes Frankiw will lose? In 2008, the majority is about 14k votes. This time we are betting 20k votes and above. Frankie can be malaysian idol but definitely not MP material, MCA please don’t insult your voters.

        1. I thought in Christianity there are such things as faith & hope? Then again what do I know right? You are after all privy to God’s will thus your betting on 20k. Btw, God allows fervent Christians to gamble is it?

        2. I think what you need to do now is to assess the track records of your incumbent… it is not a secret The Current MP always nowhere to be seen.. The resident says he is only publicity crazy and nothing else… Good try…. But just check his facebook and don’t be surprise there are many resident associations supporting him…

        3. Bukit Bintang is known as the bedrock of vices, lavish shopping and superficial wannabes of the rich and famous. Pocket kosong tak pa, wayang diri mau lebih! Kiasu mah to the max. So, with that scenario, its always the oppositions will try to maintain that status quo.

          BN is known to tow the line of legitimate business, whilst the opposition is not, example of that ex exco in Selangor who is not nominated now during the GE13, of how the vices mushrooming all over the nooks and corners of Selangor, even Shah Alam is not spared.

          There ought to be check and balances. Even anyone can win, but whoever wins must let the relevant authorities to do their job in eradicating vices and support legitimate business. Fair or not. Not like that ex fella who throw his weight as an exco to stop all the majlis tempatan officers from raiding. True or not?

  3. the 90% of Chinese who are going to vote for the opposition, they are well on their way to being marginalized. May 6 will be a brand new day. we should look forward to it.

    want scholarships ? want Chinese medium schools ? want government business contracts ?


    go to the Anglophile, Chinese Christians.

    that’s when the fun really starts.

    the response from the Anglophile, Chinese Christians will really astound these Chinese.

    “wait ! hold on a second. we voted for you because that’s what you told us to do”.

    and the response from these Anglophile, Chinese Christians ?

    “low class heathens. why are you here ? what do you want ? we’re not like you people. you people are low class. go to the Malaysian Chinese Association. we have nothing to do with you heathens. you are heathens. heathens !”

    and the Indians. mostly the Hindu Indians who were on the receiving of these Chinese Mobs, they will say :

    “we told you so……………”

    1. I must prepare an “I told you so” posting to autoload on the morning of May 6

      and subsequently put in the Pending queue “I told you so (Part 2-5)” for auto activation on 6 May 2014, 6 May 2015, 6 May 2016 …

      1. make sure it appears the moment the overall winner is announced.

        and in capital letters too. the impact will be greater.

        and also prepare a Mandarin translation of “I told you so”.

            1. The ETP programme must provide free hearing aid (B1MUPE) Bantuan 1Malaysia Untuk Pendengaran Elok.

          1. cannot. must provide Bantuan 1Malaysia Untuk Pemikiran Elok. they can hear, but their thinking is all warped up. so their thinking must be fixed.

    2. Talking about them Chinese Christians of DAP, I assumed that Yeo Bee Yin wasn’t one. Just thought she was one of them educated kind, eloquent & convincing with her arguments.

      As I was waiting for my lunch to be served, I flipped through my hitherto unread Scissors. Turned to page 16 & guess what, I’m pretty much wrong about YBY, or her family at least. Her sister was featured with a few others in the piece about volunteers. Her 24 year old sister works as a church pastoral assistant & is named Agape Yeo, presumably her “born again” name which goes missing in her IC.

      Btw, do you know that Agape is Greek for unconditional love? Methinks she named herself that because she had her mouth agape with the wonders of rebirth & Christian love that she decided to be born again…

      1. YBY is a Hannah Yeoh clone insofar as the evangelism is concerned.

        She’s not courted any controversy as yet. But after she gets elected (DU is a shoo-in seat), then maybe she’ll be more open (or have more public opportunities) in her crusade.

    3. Really? My bet is BN will still win the election but with smaller majority and in 5 years time, Najib will give even more goodies to Chinese community. In 1999 we support Dr M whole heartedly but what do Chinese get? Balik Cina and Perkasa. In 2008, we gave the opposition more votes but UMNO seems putting out even more effort to please the Chinese community.

      1. I find this interesting. Why does such an avid supporter of PR believe that BN would still win?

        I mean, don’t you believe that PR’s message is enticing enough for Malaysians to accept and guide their votes?

        Seriously, I really want to know. Please share.

        1. I am not PR supporter, I am just anti corrupted UMNO. Since I have no other choice to boot out UMNO, I have to vote PR.

          1. Eh…. God’s will is to do things half way is it? Last week you say God willed the ’08 tsunami to kick out the corrupt from running the country. Now you say BN will win. I didn’t know the Christian God also flip flop like PR politicians leh? Or is that your version of God?

            I don’t believe my Christian God resembles the God you, Hannah & a lot of PR supporter worship… Can tell us which church or denomination you’re from a’ah? So at least we can all steer clear of such a deviant church.

          2. I have faith ma. God is non partisan. He don’t support BN or PR. If you sincerely believe that your UMNO crooks are not the the corrupted one, I am sure He will be on your side.

          3. How corrupted can a person gets bro? UMNO, DAP, PAS, PKR, or whichever political parties existed on this mother earth. Name me one that is not as corrupted as the leaders self appointed not elected but self appointed to lead a party of IBU, ANAK dan BAPAKs in this country called MALAYSIA!

            Even people of the robes, golongan suci lah konon, is caught and disrobed for abusing the funds of their religious congregations, be it the sami in Thailand caught for leading a double lifestyles, the christian priests goes as way up to the Vatican for abusing the funds spending first class trips and voyuering during their vacations, or the temple comittees siphoning of funds, even that more muslims than other muslims in malaysia, Pas is known to siphoned money meant for the widowers and orphans of Memali for their own trysts.

            Even the asssistant of Theresa Cock reveals what is the inner goings of her dealings. Not mentioning that booted out exco who promoted vices in Selangor. Or even that tokong who blames microsoft excel and typo error, isn’t that corruptions?

            To talk of corruption lets talk in wider perspective. You blame others, others will zoom in your own backyard. Get it, knock knock whats up there in the nut shell?

          4. Taib’s sin alone is more than all the other’s UMNO plus Pakatan son combined. If Najib tomorrow says he will start investigation in taib not necessary taib will be found guilty or not. I will vote BN plus campaign form BN.

          5. So you choose one devil over another devil? Your God must be very proud of you.

            As for your judgmental attitude, you must have missed that part on casting the first stone. I don’t claim to have faith the way you have nor do I claim to be privy to God’s will so I suppose I’m a sinner that God sent Jesus to condemn & at the same time save the judgmental, faithful & righteous like you.

            You’re a joke. I’m Catholic, born & bred. I have nothing against God, the Bible or the religion. It is the faithful & righteous followers that disgusts me to the core.

          6. Alahhh… korang masih ingat orang percaya ke cakap2 macam ni?

            Weh, pakatun, news flash. Just because you say something, doesn’t mean people will believe you. You can’t understand this? It’s OK, this is something beyond PR people, even the leaders.

            It is the reason why PR leaders, despite having been proven to be liars and unable to fulfill their promises, choose to cover the situation by offering more promises.

            Dan orang2 yang percaya hanyalah badut2 pakatan…

  4. now openly promote PR by putting Ubah advert on their site.. can view at starbiz section.. what MCA do????

    1. Counting their RM126 million dividend they collect from Star and anticipating greater profits from lucrative ads.

      1. Seems like a pittance the RM8-12k for a full page advert. But then again when Wong Sai Wan talks about the bottom line I suppose every drop in the ocean counts. Who the hell cares who’s advertising as long as the tills are ringing right?

        1. The MCA full page colour ads in The Scissors is like passing money from the left hand to the right hand. Room for creative accounting there.

    2. If you read the Metro section today you can see acres of print space for DAP & PR candidates.

      What’s new? They’re really rubbing MCA noses in the dirt but MCA is powerless to respond. After all it takes a lot more than courage to speak out against a company that pays you over RM10 million a month in dividends.

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