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Sooooo difficult to choose

Fakin’ Fake Calvin: If you had to choose only 10 PR or DAP candidates you want to lose in the coming elections, who would they be? A friend posed the question to me & I’m having a hard time as I want at least 20 maybe 30 to lose.

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/22 at 1:09 am



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  1. Fakin’ Fake Calvin,

    For a start, the “dinosour” from Jurassic Age, Kit Siang, tops the list. Yup. He has been there as long as anyone can remember. Malaysia witnessed changes of 5 Prime ministers. Not to mention 9 Yang diPertuan Agong ascended office and left.

    Berlin wall collapsed together with mighty Soviet Union. A black now occupies White House. A polish Pope lorded over Vatican and died. And his German successor also retired.

    But Kit siang is still there. Maybe Anwar and Kit siang share the Guiness Record as having a “dynastic” political parties, a feat only possible in DAP and PKR.

    ANOTHER politician whom I believe “tak tahu malu” is Karpal Singh.

    Atas kerusi roda pun masih tak sedar diri”.

    As for PAS, I simply cannot stand Mohd Sabu, the joker.

  2. LOL! Tokong, AlJuburi, PapaDapster, [Nik Aziz], Evil Cousins, JeruBanana, FisherHadi in that order and about 50 others.

      1. Aisey Helen, why you changed the term of endearment for the fake Tok Guru??? Many Muslims now think that he is a reincarnation of a donkey. Notice that KapalKaram is not in my list because even though he speaks with a forked tongue sometimes he tells the truth when his toungue is twisted the right angle … case in point MohdTaib!

        1. I’ve no affection for Nik Aziz but I feel most uncomfortable when the Pakatoons call our PM by you-now-what nickname. Hence I apply the same restraint equally on both sides.

  3. Ok here’s my list :

    1. Lim Kit Siang
    2. Nik Aziz
    3. Anwar AJ
    4. Azmin IC
    5. Lim Guan Eng
    6. Mat Sabu
    7. Ong Kian Meng
    8. Tony Phua
    9. Ngeh
    10. Ngah

    (nazri aziz also la but he’s on BN side)

    Hannah Yeoh not relevant in bigger scheme of things to be in the list.

    1. mamu…your list clearly shows that PKR and DAP will totally stumbled while PAS will still remain with Hadi around….
      and probably DAP will start having Hannah Yeoh as their new president……

    2. I think those who gonna lose the election as follow
      1- Lim Kit Siang
      2-Anwar Ibrahim
      3- Nurul Izzah
      4- Azmin Ali
      5- Tian Chua
      6- Khalid Samad
      7 – Zuraida
      8- Charles Santiago
      9 – Khalid Ibrahim
      10- Fuziah Salleh
      Helen if this happen please republish my comment the day after election

  4. for me, would be anwar, ah kit, nik aziz, hadi, ah eng, rafizi, that toilet guy from pkr, sabu, izzah & khalid samad.

  5. PR menang ekonomi jatuh …BN menang ekonomi lebih stabil……sedar lah wahai org org Cina mana lu org mahu kestabilan politik atau kejatuhan ekonomi …cuba kita lihat negara Jepun mereka telah ubah kepimpinan sedia ada dgn kerajaan baru hakikatnya ….hutang makin bertambah dan semakin buruk

  6. I think I have to divide it into 2 different lists. First would be those contesting parliamentary seats & then the state seats.

    My parliamentary list would be;

    Lim Kit Siang
    Lim Guan Eng
    Hadi Awang
    Mat Sabu
    Anwar Ibrahim
    Azmin Ali

    The 1st 6 would be merely for the fact that I want a purge of the top leaders of the pacartoon cavalcade.

    Nurul Izzah
    Rafizi Ramli
    Ngeh Koo Ham
    Nga Kor Ming

    Despicable figures, all four of them. That was pretty hard to choose since I had to leave out figures like Teresa Kok, Tan Kok Wai, Wong Tack, Fuziah Salleh, Hassan Tantawi, Nik Abduh, Khalid Ibrahim, Nizar Jamaluddin etc etc etc

    As for DUN candidates, here’s my list;

    Lim Guan Eng
    Nik Aziz
    Khalid Ibrahim
    Salahuddin Ayub
    Azmin Ali

    All current or prospective CM/MB. As for the final five, they’re made up of 4 DAP goons & the one single “goonette”.

    Ng Suee Lim
    Ng Wei Aik
    Ngeh Koo Ham
    Nga Kor Ming

    And everyone’s favorite Subangite; Yeoh Tseow Suan

    1. Interesting you pick Rafizi there. Can you expand on the despicable side?

      I don’t know how Pandan voters is, but this guy can talk, although I do see a lot of loopholes in his argument about economy-related topics.

      1. He speaks as though he’s Mr Know It All. Check him out in YouTube, acting all smug & condescending. I concur with your observation that his economic related issues are littered with holes but he is still adamant that he’s right anyway. A friend was a colleague of his in Petronas. He said Rafizi wasn’t the most pleasant person to work with with his “I’m always right, listen to me” attitude.

        As for being despicable, Nurul acts like an innocent victim all the time. Always trying to gain sympathy of others & falling back to the “Reformation Princess” persona. My bro is a resident of Bangsar & boy they sure don’t have good impression of her.

        As for the cousins, we’ve seen how they’re ruthless in scything down all who are opposed to them. Over the years formidable politicians such as Fong Po Kuan, Kulasegaran etc had fallen by the wayside. And look at how self righteous they are. Nga calling Zambry metallic black & yet claimed it wasn’t a racist remark.

  7. Me….

    1. Lim KS
    2. Karpal S
    3. Nik Aziz
    4. Anuar Ib
    5. Lim GE
    6. Mohd Sabu
    7. Tian Chua
    8. Nurul I

    This 8 is my top list. My list include another 18 more name (or jokers).

    The first 3 should resign and pencen 10 years ago. If they do this may be they get a Tan Sri title and now collect a royalty for their books and getting paid just to speak in public.

    The no 4, 5 and 6, I cannot stand them. If you like me, you know how they can spin everything around. I also don’t trust them.

    No 6, 7 and 8, well, This guy I label’s them top joker. Blames everything to UMNO and BN. A remark from a friend, If the grass grow blame it to Umno and BN. If it raining, blames it to Umno and BN. If the sun shine, blames it to Umno and BN and so…and so…and so…

    1. Mat Sabu.

      Even PR fans among my FB friends are campaigning not to vote him. He is accused as being Syiah – and been placed to contest in Syiah stronghold some-more.

      This is one of the gripe against PAS even from PAS members. Don’t know why they still keep him. The most common excuse is PAS can’t oust him based on hear-say – no proof that Mat Sabu is Syiah.

      1. Silently but surely, Syiah is making headways into mainstream Islam in Malaysia – Could it be be true that Kahwin Mutaah is the justification for PAS not taking action in the case of its leaders getting getting caught in compromising positions such as in Hotels such as Hotel Perdana and Hotel Istana and in public transports such as KTM sleeping coaches …

        1. Oo Allah save us if this justification is used.

          Frankly speaking, I don’t see the different between mut’ah marriage and prostitution safe Muta’ah is justified using religion.

          I was forwarded with screen capture of young women appeared to be in late teen years saying “apa salahnya saya kahwin mutaah dgn ustaz xxxxxxxx”. I am speechless!

  8. Those greedy fellows (LGE, NKH, NKM) who contested in both Parliament and State seats ought to lose, but then again in your dream lar! They most likely will win in either seats tutup mata, why want to contest both?

    Also, politicians like LKS and KS should have retired by this coming GE. LKS sure looks frail and visibly thinner than usual, why not ride into sunset and spend more time with his grandchildren?

    PS: As I’m typing, al-Jazeera again reports about M’sia’s GE, this time covering FreeRadioSarawak broadcasting in Sarawak.

  9. And tonite it’s raining cats and dogs in Permatang Pauh area. It must be bad omen (bala) for BN and good omen (rahmat) for PKR….that’s how PAKATHENTAM interpret nature. They always play god or was it dog.

    1. ,)

      You should apply your same analysis on the Jerusubangites too. They invoke God a lot in their campaign.

      1. They probably liken the rain to the big flood that wiped out the whole world sans Noah, his family & the animals. Or they will claim that the rain is like flowing baptismal water that washes sins away & leads to being born again. They’re nothing if not absurd & predictable

        1. Not just about rain alone but they apply their PTL interpretation to other signs from the sky. Now that we’re mentioning this, perhaps we might be more alert. I mean, I have an awareness at the back of my mind wrt to how they carry out their holy talk but I’ve never set down to record and dissect exactly how they carry out their con.

          1. Being cult personalities that they are, any bull that comes out of their mouths will be taken for the truth. Blame blind devotion for that. Then again, we are that a lot in religion too. Especially those who raise their hands to the heavens while singing Hallelujahs & praise songs.

            Sorry, I just have this thing against them praise & worship kind. I never like them during charismatic prayer sessions in the Catholic church. Insofar as I understand, evangelical churches employ loud music, infectious enthusiasm, crowd’s active participation through dance & song etc to attract younger crowds.

            I’ve always been a proponent of solemn prayer & service. I like old traditions, church organs instead of percussions, Latin text rather than praising in tongues (which I’ve encountered faked ones) etc. Then again, the future is here & now thus the need to attract a certain demography of church members.

            Anyways, easier to indoctrinate the young. And their pockets are pretty deep now & have the potential of being very very deep in the future. Call me sceptical but faith is not about following blindly what’s is said but about daring to ask questions when in doubt.

            Okay, rant over…

  10. The first thing we should UBAH and oust are all the 4 datuks(literally datuk as in grandpa). Aziz, Hadi,Kit Siang(who is not so Siang but almost Malam) and Anwar .. can you really imagine these faces as representing Malaysia abroad?Buat malu jer Malaysia nanti.

    Dr M is old but just compare his intelligent face and the dignified way he carries himself compared to these 4 datuks.

    1. ref : The first thing we should UBAH and oust are all the 4 datuks(literally datuk as in grandpa). Aziz, Hadi,Kit Siang(who is not so Siang but almost Malam) and Anwar .. can you really imagine these faces as representing Malaysia abroad?Buat malu jer Malaysia nanti.

      Good one sarah, good one.

  11. okay, here is my list.
    only one.
    Betty Chew the FLOP.

    reason why;

    others Pakatoon MPs and ADUNs, at least they did their job or pretend did the job. featured on newspaper, active onTwitter, give interview here and there. some other who has extra talent, got featured in videos. okaylah, we must give credit to them for being so hardworking for the past 5 years.

    but Mrs Betty Chew senyap saja…buat kerja ke kat Kota Melaka tu?
    she supposed using ‘Lim’ as her surname kan? Betty Lim, but why not using? my advice, better resign jelah…jadi isteri kepada Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sajalah. (dia jadi calon tak this GE13?)

    the only time I read about her when the ‘rainbow’ & ‘plaster’ thingy was hot. before and after that, never came into limelight.

    syok ye makan gaji buta, elaun ADUN pun dapat, elaun sebagai bini CM pun dapat kan? habiskan duit cukai rakyat saja.

    at least Rosmah Mansor, she’s not greedy. she’s only interested in being the First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) and so far not targeting any seat to become a wakil rakyat.

    but, the wife of Tokong is beyonddddddddddddddddddd greedy.
    both want, not enough being First Lady of Penang (FLOP) also want to joint politic, but unable to perform.

    my advice,
    quit politic, please be the colorful ‘Rainbow’ to your Tokong husband. he will need your should to cry on later.

          1. That should be the official song of DAP. Since they’re willing to use PAS logo, maybe the moon indeed represents their hearts.

            Talking about Jason Donovan, did you know he played the titular role in the musical Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the 90s? You may know the most famous song from the musical; “Any Dream Will Do”. Now, that musical would rank right up there among the favorites of the evangelical types like Hannah since it is based on the bible.

            Thing is, I wonder if PAS would ever allow the production to be staged in Malaysia if they take over Putrajaya? I’m sure the Star would be more than happy to be the official media partner for the production the way it did with Mamma Mia! if it reaches our shores.

            1. re: The Star the official media partner for the Mamma Mia! musical production

              The Star‘s soft influence and its reach to rich people (e.g. SP Setia was the corporate host for Mamma Mia! preview) and now the DAP people getting their taste of rubbing shoulders with the “captains of industry” and other financial bigwigs.

              How is The Star deploying its influence? We must look at the paper’s society pages for clues. All this work needs resources and time.

          2. I attended the charity gala show (or something like that) as my company was a corporate sponsor of the show. I felt out of place among the filthy rich socialites & corporate big wigs that evening.

            My date for the evening was almost drooling as she enthused about all the luxuries that the women were wearing or carrying that is far beyond the annual income of the average mid class wage earner. Star apparently loves rubbing shoulders & mixing it with the best.

            Those business development strategists in Star? They’re sure are damn good seeing how rapidly they’re growing in many aspects. One suspects losing their souls is acceptable as long as the bottom line comes first.

            And poor MCA ends up as collateral damage as Star pursues the numero uno position being held by Media Prima. I mean, that has got to be in their sights in the long term right? Or do they have something else on their plates?

            1. re: “And poor MCA ends up as collateral damage as Star pursues the numero uno position being held by Media Prima.”

              Yes. I almost feel half sorry for poor MCA and their pathetic reputation which The Star digs its blades into.

          3. To an extent, to me at least, it is looking like a proxy battle between the Malays & Chinese since we know who the owners of MP & Star are.

            I’m not saying that MCA condones it but it is possible that subconsciously there’s an ABU like mentality within the Star eds especially with the increase of prime news space for DAP, evangelical/charismatic churches & to a lesser extent PR.

            And by ridding MCA of its political clout, it gives Star free rein in their agenda for years to come.

            Conspiracy theory without much to stand on I know. But can’t help but think if it is not entirely implausible as we may think.

            1. re: “subconsciously there’s an ABU like mentality within the Star eds”

              Why should anyone be surprised? After all, P. Gunasegaram who wrote “The Star is owned by the MCA and run by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP” is a veteran newsman. So what he describes would have been around for a while already.

              Then the Metro editors are Frederick Fernandez and preceding him Brian Martin. How MCA are they?

              Among the Brenda Star reporters and the rank-and-file, the evangelism is inescapable. Look at the tweet by the S’gor Times editor.

              Correct, how The Star is to be run the next 5 years in tandem with the harakiri-MCA is a big issue for post-GE13.

              Btw, I’d like to repost your comment together with the earlier one on Metro.

              Also have a look at the MY-related story below and see if you can spot the stab.


          4. The best stab is the subtle ones. Too subtle for immediate action but do it enough & the target will die, eventually…

            Correct me if I’m wrong but Ning Baizura performed at the Penang gig. I thought she was a self confessed fan of Penang CM? I remembered how she crowed about his humility when she bumped into him using Airasia just after the last GE.

            I’ve seen a fair bit of people selling out others for selfish reasons in my years at work. Most have no qualms about doing it yet they condemn others for selling out by stating their political preferences. Full points for democracy ala DAP.

            In conclusion, if it happens everywhere, why are we surprised it happens in Star? Take the money, you earned it anyway but since I think I deserve more or I think you’re crap even if your money is welcome, I’ll do you from within that by the time you see what’s coming, it is too late.

            Politics is a vicious animal, be it at national, state or even in the office. And when you have those who don’t play by societal norms of respect & fairness, we either roll over & hope for the blessed relief of death like MCA or we fight back, even if it means a blow or two under the belt.

            1. re: “Politics is a vicious animal”

              MCA is not vicious. That is why it is on the verge of extinction.


          5. Panda very cute & adorable maaa… Sumore their natural habitat ain’t in Malaysia. They need to be in cooler climes. That’s why some figure is so comfy on a park bench in what seems to be autumn with the golden leaves falling to the ground.

            He looks to be so much in his element there that the juxtaposition of the environment & his laid back attitude wowed me leaving me terribly impressed.

          6. They have a penthouse there? Seriously?

            The furthest I’ve been inside Menara Star would be the book racks on Level 2. And even that was a couple of years ago.

            They’re moving up the societal ladder it seems.

            Having said that, I do recall photos of the lush room where Marina Suwendy would interview some big shot over home cooked meals by TAR’s former cook.

            I suppose GPS can really stretch his legs in a room like that happy in the knowledge that he’s at the top. Of course not the top he envisioned himself to be at but I suppose the fat remuneration cheques would soothe his pain somewhat.

            1. The top floors are spacious and luxuriously appointed. For the chairman’s use. Penthouse would be an appropriate label, I should think.

        1. You and me FFC. Just love this song sooooo much, I even buy a tape by saving my daily pocket money for nearly half month. hahaha what ever it take right. It a must for me that time… how the time can changes your priority.

  12. 1. LGE – Tokong dictator
    2. Anwar – Too much behind already
    3. Hannah Yeoh – did she actually work except to facebook and make babies?
    4.. Ong Kian Meng -arrogant Tokong in the making
    5. Tony Pua
    6. Gobind – daddy’s strings
    7. Nurul – brainless
    8. Tian Chua – biting is infectious
    9. Mat Sabu – Tokong’s ex-cellmate
    10. Teresa Kok – female tokong

  13. All of them..corrupt to the core and practice nepostisme and cronisme…the list had been provided above.

    Nice to use their language once awhile.

  14. if Hannah Yeoh wins, she can be the ‘FLOS’.

    not First Lady of Selangor, but “FAT LADY OF SELANGOR”!!!

    p/s: to HY cybertrooper, please ask your “FLOS” to diet, otherwise she won’t fit the rickshaw seat. Mr. Yeoh kena jadi drebar pulak.

  15. I have 2 ppl I want to see defeated in GE13 and that will make my day.

    Lim Kit Siang and Anwar.

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