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What if DAP had gained power in the May 1969 election?

The 1969 general election was a communal showdown and foreshadowed the 2008 tsunami.

DAP had emerged the biggest opposition party in the 10 May 1969 polls.

Thousands of Malay villages would have likely suffered the same fate that befell Kampung Buah Pala had the DAP successfully come to power then in Selangor. (Ref. Kg Buah Pala: Pagar makan padi)


Election results (10 May 1969)

At state level

Penang fell to the opposition. Gerakan won 16 seats in the 24-seat state assembly. The only four seats that the Alliance retained in Penang were all Umno’s.

Perak fell to the opposition which garnered 21 seats in the 40-seat state assembly. From the opposition’s haul in Perak, PPP collected 12 seats, DAP six, Gerakan two and PMIP (PAS) one. Out of the 19 seats that the Alliance retained in Perak, 18 were by Umno and one the MCA.

In Selangor, the result was deadlocked at 14-14. Neither side managed to obtain a simple majority in the 28-seat state assembly. DAP was the biggest opposition winner notching 9 seats, with Gerakan having four seats and an independent candidate, one. Out of the 14 seats that the Alliance retained in Selangor, 12 were by Umno and one MCA, one MIC.

In Kelantan, PMIP (PAS) won 19 seats in the 30-seat state assembly and holding on to its rule.

Overall nationwide, PMIP (PAS) had 40 state seats, DAP 31, Gerakan 26 and PPP 12.

At federal level

DAP obtained 13.73 percent of the total votes cast for Parliament, and in the process bagging itself 13 Parliament seats. (Note: The peninsula had 104, and Sabah and Sarawak together had 40 Parliament seats).

MCA which obtained 13.50 percent of the total votes cast for Parliament got the same number of Parliament seats – 13 – as the DAP. Nonetheless, this outcome was a crushing blow for the MCA because 13 seats were only half of its previous tally of 27 seats in GE 1964.

As in 2008, the BN in 1969 was dealt a setback. However Umno by itself only suffered a dent. In GE 1964, Umno won 59 seats and in GE 1969, the number dropped to 51 — a reduction of 8 seats. (See table of results).

Bottomline: 10 May 1969 saw the mauling of the MCA.

History will repeat itself on 5 May 2013 to send the MCA reeling. Once again, the Chinese electorate is in an equally vicious mood.


Source: RK Vasil

Note: In 1969, a total of 103 seats were contested in the peninsula due to Umno ceding one seat to PMIP (PAS) prior to the polling day. The United Democratic Party (UDP) was formed by Dr Lim Chong Eu in 1962 after his departure from the MCA, of which he was president 1958-59.

Bulan jatuh ke riba Jamie

Jamie’s comment originally @ 2013/04/20 at 10:31 pm

Jamie’s questions

Paraphrased, the questions posed by reader Jamie (screenshot above) are:

Q.1  What is my stand with regard to the end game whereby the Chinese gain more political power, and consequently more benefits, through the ascendency of the DAP?

Q.2  What do I want to achieve by exposing the DAP (since Jamie doesn’t “get the whiff” that I’m a BN supporter either)?

Power corrupts

Reply to Jamie’s Q.1

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” — Abraham Lincoln

DAP 1.0 had never held power before. The May 13 race riots pre-empted the party assuming the power that it had legitimately earned in 1969 through the ballot box.

Thus before 2008, it was not possible to discern the real character of the DAP. Their leaders had never been put to the test after having been deprived of what might have been its closest whiff of power in Selangor 1969.

In the 2008 reprise, DAP 2.0 blew away the MCA. Five years ago, DAP contested 47 Parliament seats and won 28, giving it a success rate of 59.6 percent. On the other hand, MCA contested 40 Parliament seats and lost 25, giving it a failure rate of 62.5 percent.

DAP 3.0 in 2013 will be the strongest that the party has ever been.

The despotic dynasty

To answer Jamie’s question on how I interpret the DAP’s current success:

After Goh Hock Guan resigned as DAP secretary-general following May 13, Lim Kit Siang ascended the post and remained there for 30 years (1969-1999).

Lim Guan Eng took over from his father in 2004 with Kerk Kim Hock warming the sec-gen seat during the interregnum between Lim Senior and Lim Junior. Aside from two short stints where Fan Yew Teng was acting sec-gen for a year, and Chong Eng was acting sec-gen for half a year, the DAP has been all the while a 1Dynasty show.

While it is true that the DAP is soaring to its apogee, I do not reckon that it’s the Chinese in general who are truly gaining any political power. The Lim Family has demonstrated that they cannot even share power democratically with their own party leaders as evidenced by the recent sidelining of DAP Johor.

Power for the DAP merely resides in the personality cult of the Dear Leader and his coterie of brown-nosing evangelistas. The ‘D’ in DAP has come to mean Property Developer.

DAP true colours — biawak green

What transpires with the DAP coming into power?

Clue: Well, just take a look at Selangor Times (below, Hannah Yeoh on Page 4 of the paper’s latest issue).


The Selangor state newspaper is published in English and Chinese. Almost 90 percent of its staff are Chinese. Selangor Times does not have a single Malay employee.

It is a Jerusubang publication featuring the DAP 2.0 and PKR evangelistas every single week without fail, from front cover to back cover.

The Umno Aduns are near invisible in the paper and nobody reading Selangor Times would ever realise that Malays are actually the majority race in Selangor, and that the state capital is NOT Subang Jaya.

The Penang state newspaper Buletin Mutiara published 50 photographs of Lim Guan Eng and his spouse in a single edition of 28 pages. Both Selangor Times and Buletin Mutiara are the most avid promoters of evangelista worship.


Evangelista Bintang Tiga

Reply to Jamie’s Q.2

What do I want to achieve by exposing the DAP?

Most pro-establishment people can already see through the DAP. What needs to be exposed is the nexus between the DAP, the church and the Jerusubang media. For example, it needs to be highlighted Bishop Paul Tan is the DAP Mullah and The Star is the DAP Xinhua (national news agency).

What do I want to achieve? I’m compelled to blog only because the MCA has rolled over and played dead. 

Below is a picture of the MCA white flag (the BN blue has been washed away). Further below is a picture of the DAP 3.0 flag.

white flag


I’ve previously asked the question: “What kind of people are they?”

With DAP 3.0 the next generation, a more applicable question is: “What are these people capable of doing?”



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40 thoughts on “What if DAP had gained power in the May 1969 election?

  1. It’s good to know the past knowledge. I think GE 2008 is a reflection of GE 1969. So, maybe this GE is a reflection of GE 1974 ?? So, boleh beri overview about that election ?? :)

    1. :)

      Yes, the 1969 results were interesting.

      What I find is that the oppo (DAP & Dapsters) are always loudly calling for the burial of the Ghost of May 13 without an understanding of how & why the mass killings came about.

      Anyone pro-establishment raising the issue is instantly accused of fear-mongering. Only DAP is allowed to talk about May 13 on their exclusive (call for) Beyond Race terms.

      The Dapsters only want for DAP to control the May 13 narrative. The other side has no say or risk being called “racists” bent on resurrecting genocidal tendencies.

      The more the oppo forcefully suppress discussion, the more distorted will be the public (lack of) understanding.

    2. Briefly, the BN enjoyed a big win in 1974 after having co-opted Gerakan, PAS and PPP in a big rainbow coalition.

      BN won 135 Parliament seats out of a total of 154. MCA recovered to win 20 seats and Umno, 61. DAP got 9.

  2. Helen,

    After the winning, they using the small lorries which carrying DAP youth and going ariund the Malay villages to announce their winning. Some even has a gut to say “Pegi mati Malayu” over and over again. This invoke a ratiliation from some of the Malay youth who feel that this Chinese was ‘kurang ajar’ and it is their job to teach them some lessons. One things leads to others and that how the Mei 13, 1969 bloody riot been triggert and been remembed in our history – story from my grandmother.

    The one who effected in this riot, was not the Malay communities, but the Chinese communities. My grandma said, the actions of few lead to the mass suffering of others. Their action benefited the communist at that time. A lot of Chinese youth joinning communist because they think the Malay want to beheaded all Chinese. A lot of them died during this insurgence before realizing that what they think and what really happen are two different things.

    When a families lose their child to communist, it like waching your son died due to communist will never led you coming back home – a quote from a chinese Grandmother who’s house I always visit during my childhood.

    The funny things was, those who responsable still lurking around today holding top positions in certain parties. Hmmmm.

    1. ‘…realizing that what they think and what really happen are two different things.’

      with how divisive our society is now, and how it even affect which news portal they will choose to believe – what they think and what’s happening really ARE two different things. It’s already happening. I’m worried.

  3. 3.0 will be taking the rabble rousing to a whole new different level.

    We saw how social media played a pivotal role in the last GE. And DAP & to a lesser extent PKR had consolidated their presence in cyberspace by bringing in more internet savvy idealists to assist in spreading their propaganda of lies & hate more effectively.

    Even a grandfather like LKS embraced this & started blogging a few years back. It matters not that he may not personally write 90-95% of what’s posted as what matters is a cyber presence. Tell me, how many MCA bigwigs have their own blog? I might be wrong but I don’t think say Donald Lim, Kong Cho Ha or Yap Pian Hon blogs. Facebook & Twitter perhaps but not blogging or personal website.

    It goes on to show that DAP’s overriding advantage in their cyber presence has trumped MCA. No question about that. Old style campaigning will not appeal to the young thus MCA would lose a huge chunk of their votes. In the NST today, some statistics were shared on the percentage of voters based on their age band. The top three are;

    30-39 years old – Approx 23%
    40-49 years old – Approx 21%
    21-29 years old – Approx 19%
    (Note: Don’t have the exact figure at hand as I read it in the office earlier)

    Back in ’08, DAP was a wee bit short on “qualified” candidates. Not anymore. There’s a marked proliferation of academia into the party. Dr (Not Mr) OKM, Petronas scholar OBY & the “thinking politician” Zairil Khir Johari would be cases in point.

    Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the smiling persona. We’ve been fooled once with Hannah, shame on her. Get fooled again, shame on us.

    Intelligence added to a demented mind can be a volatile mix. Throw in lots of idealism, handfuls of self righteousness, a generous sprinkling of bible passages & voila!!! We’re gonna be in for a long few years of perdition before GE14.

    1. How will the PAS Muslim religious extremism reconcile with the DAP Christian zealotry over the next 5 years?

      1. The zealots would trump the extremists with their eloquence & intelligence. They’d be all smug with their victory tho’ it would prove to be a pyrrhic one as they’ve lost the goodwill of the extremists.

        Then in a syura council emergency meeting, a jihad was decreed against the zealots. And the declaration was met with shouts of “Takbir!”

        At this juncture the zealots will have the smiles all wiped off their face. With the weight of the majority behind them, PAS will smash them zealots into smithereens.

        With victory guaranteed, the extremists will declare cerai talak satu. This is to ensure there’s a possibility to rujuk kembali should they require bed buddies in future when Barney’s soft toy just don’t cut it anymore.

        1. I am more worried with the modernist/ ‘erdogan’ faction in Pas. I feel that there are potential that they might be smooth talk to accept one or more things by DAP3.0 under the pretext of ‘membersihkan najis-najis BN dalam pentadbiran negara’.

          1. mfma,

            if you ask me personally, i have no affection nor sympathy towards PAS, their cause, their belief and their existence. So, to me if there’s a modernist in there, the better…and I so hope that PAS will suffer a long painful demise for all the damage they’ve done to the Malays, to the religion and to Malaysia respectively.

            To me, they’ve prostituted religion and made a mockery of Islam. My compassion for this political party ended when they go all taliban-esque and taking the followers backwards.

            My PAS friends are not your regular joe who holds a lowly paid salary – some are lecturers, bankers, etc. Most benefit from NEP and the Malay quota but when I see them turning their back and being biadap, I am glad that I just have SPM that I’ve used to get where I am now. Not a single one of them embodies the true moslem: grateful, compassionate, not being a hypocrite, etc.

            God is all about love but they make it sound as if we have a vengeful & cruel god that in Islam there’s only two hukum : Halal or Haram.

            So, I do hope the erdogan is in there – i want to watch PAS slowly bleeds to death.

          2. PAS and DAP will already create their own syurga.. They will kill each other to ensure their syurga is the only syurga that so real..

          3. Anak Jamil;

            This video might interest you.

            Btw, I heard discussion by a medical Doctor who are active in social work long ago at She was discussing the issue of helping young mother out of wedlock at one time and the issue of ‘wife-raping’ in the other.

            I can still remember she said that a lot of our (means Muslim but imo it is extended to all Malaysian) approach are too judgemental – dry, lack of empathy and compassion. She said that a community should resort to punishment penalty only as a last resort. She said that good value should be cultured and not forced. She listed 4 approaches before resorting to punishment penalty but I have forgotten it all.

            I have rosy hope listening to her talk. The sad thing is although she is Pas slant, her view is not that mainstream in Pas, at least looking into the typical rhetoric by Pas ‘elders’ (not necessarily old).

            I am in the opinion that as a Muslim we can understand that the element of punishment is present in the two authoritative sources. But at the same time, the two sources also extensively talk about social justice and really take into account the trait of humanity.

            Pas to me is outsourcing the social justice part too much to the Pas-slant Islamic NGO. It is OK because nobody can do all the work. However, the problem is the spirit of social justice became obscured, not even worth to become rhetoric of the party.

            Thus I think I can connect to your frustration to the party. Just that I hope the voice of the Doctor above can be mainstream in the party so that it can be a quality critics FOR the society not AGAINST the society. Allahua’lam.

  4. OMG – I was thinking of the same thing today as I browse through my fb and seeing my oppo friendly friends sharing shitload of urban legends. One of the melayus shared an Azhar Idrus talk about how it’s ok to have kerjasama with non moslem and i thought wtf has BN been doing all these years? Working with martians? All of a sudden, it’s a convenient ok.

    A gay friend whose married yet still maintain his faggothood used ‘jom ubah’ as his profile pic with, drumroll please .. A PAS logo. Last checked which is last week, he’s still a faggot, which prompted me to message and remind him to change first & under Hudud, he’d be hanged.

    You see, i suspect PAS followers forgot that there are other races in Malaysia. They thought that with PAS being championed to lead Malaysia, Hudud law implemented, we’re saved and upon death, a shuttle will take us directly to heaven. That the other non moslem will be in jubilation that anything kafir will be banned cos LGE assured them that. Talk about being idiotically naive.

    When I asked some of them, their answer was ‘by that time, BN is the opposition, so any grouses or public dissatisfaction will be championed by them’ – y’see this is their mentality. By then, i am dumbfounded & speechless to continue the conversation as it’s bordering lunacy.

      1. I am sure you have a lot of experience..but how the hell you stay cool talking to them Helen? I find talking to them is taxing – they drained all positive and good energy and you’re left with this weird desire to have them eat their own teeth.

        1. They’re toxic people.

          It’s the cartoonist in me that can remain detached while observing them.

          In fact, I was just thinking of a list of people who rile up the Dapsters just at the sound of their name.

          Dr M, Ibrahim Ali, Chandra Muzaffar, Ridhuan Tee, Joceline Tan, Shen Yee Aun, erm, who else?

          Best of all, Rosmah Mansor who doesn’t ever make any controversial statements but still they go ape shit at her.

          1. New name imerge today Helen, Tai Zee Kin. He write something about Bumiputra today. I think he will become a new target for this Dapster…

          2. helen,

            and Dr Ridhuan Tee is ridiculed for criticizing extremists, be they re Malays or Chinese. To these fanatics, he is a traitor for defending the Malays.

            “habisla kita kalau DAP perintah”.

            “memanjang typo” error”

    1. I get the satisfaction of my blog having among the highest quality readership ,) and a genuine multi-racial national conversation going on here.

      Other than that, nobody pays me a single sen. Up to you lah whether you wanna believe or not.

      But I should think my writings speaks for itself. Take this one, for instance: It’s full of facts and figures gleaned from painstaking research (also read the Kg Buah Pala link), and my own critical appraisal of our unfolding political scenario.

      Whereas all my detractors have done is “simply accuse” and throw the wildest allegations, such as that I’m a mualaf “Helen Ang Abdullah’.

      We’re talking here about Dapsters running a widespread smear campaign who do not respect any boundaries at all. It is seriously disrespectful to Islam to spread such a false rumour because the public might see me eating Bah Kut Teh at a kopitiam, for example, and think badly of Chinese Muslim converts.

      This blog is necessary to provide a platform for me to publish as a writer b’cos I am unable to publish in any of the English portals due to their being awash with DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

      And these DAP SuperCyber Bullies – whom The Star assiduously promotes – are dragging the country into the gutter.

      Tunku Aziz was absolutely right in what he said about their Papa Dapster that “This man [Guan Eng] has no sense of decency. The only word is a Malay word, and it’s biadab” to describe his kind of person.

      That’s the DAP leadership by example of Papa and Mama Dapster with their endless putar-belit, putar-belit — like the fake melodrama over the ROS letter. Their Dapster machai who fitnah me are cut from the same cloth.

  5. *DAP is the puppet of Singapore’s PAP.
    if talking about ‘revenge’, if PR wants to win this election out of revenge to BN, it’s actually an ‘old bitter revenge’ between Lee Kuan Yew & LKS versus Mahathir.

    if we lose this country to opposition, the happiest person in this world to see would be none other than Lee Kuan Yew. Kitty Sissy & Tokong will get their bits, but Lee Kuan Yew will be laughing all the way to his grave.

    what has Kitty Sissy & Co done since he won his first election? nothing but nurture hatred & stupidity into younger generation.

    DAPster cybertrooper are the product of long indoctrination & brainwash.

    this GE13 is more than just PR vs BN, but it’s between Malaysia and the hidden hand.

    well, not many people are into ‘conspiracy theory’, not everything is conspiration but GE13 is definitely one of it.

  6. salam helen dan rerakan lain,

    sekali lagi [ini kali kedua] saya ingin berkongsi pautan kpd rakaman pita yg mendedahkan rancangan sulit DAP. butir2 pendedahan di dalamnya akan dapat menjelaskan banyak telatah dan gelagat DAP yg selama ini telah menjadi tanda tanya di blog ini dan di lain2 tempat.

    sedikit latar belakang:
    orang yang membuat pengakuan di dalam rakaman tersebut adalah sdr Mohamed Razali bin Abdul Rahman, yang sehingga bulan mei 2012 adalah merupakan Pengarah Strategi Hal Ehwal Orang Melayu dan Islam DAP. beliau juga adalah bekas Setiausaha dan Timbalan Pemuda DAP dan mantan ahli aktif jawatankuasa sulit DAP yg bergelar G-17. jawatankuasa sulit ini, mengikut Razali dikepalai oleh Tony Phua dan telah menerima latihan drp mossad.

    di pertengahan tahun lalu beliau tiba2 rasa tersentap dan tergerak untuk meninggalkan DAP serta membuat laporan polis tentang rancangan subversif yg bukan sahaja diketahui olehnya secara peribadi, malah yg dia sendiri adalah terlibat. sejak itu, keselamatan beliau dan keluarganya terancam dan terpaksa diberi perlindungan pihak polis. walaupun maklumat ini sudah diketahui oleh mereka2 yg berkesempatan mendengar pengakuan beliau di ceramah2 kecil tertentu, saya difahamkan bahawa pita ini baharu sahaja diedarkan di internet sejak beberapa minggu yg lepas.

    saya pertama memetik pautan2 ini di laman FB VAT-69 dan setelah mendengarnya menganggap ini adalah satu perkara yang mempunyai implikasi yg sangat serius dan menakutkan. sudilah mendengarnya untuk membuat kesimpulan sendiri.

    bhg 1 –
    bhg 2 –

    1. Mek Yam,

      Saya telah membaca pendedahan Razali beberapa bulan lalu. Apa yang menjadi tanda tanya, sekiranya dakwaan beliau tidak berasa, mengapa DAP tidak menafikan atau mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap beliau. Peringatan beliau ini tidak diambil serius oleh juak-juak yang berada di dalam pakatan rakyat.

      Secara peribadi, saya menganggap ianya tidak mustahil kerana pergerakan DAP penuh dengan muslihat dan hanya berselindung di bawah nama Wawasan 2050 ciptaan sifu mereka. Sedang rakyat cuba dialihkan perhatian dari mengingati semula ilham Wawasan 2020 yang dicetuskan oleh Tun M, DAP cuba bertidak sebagai hero memperkenalkan wawasan palsu mereka sendiri. Ironinya, ketika minoriti di dalam DAP berusaha meninggalkan parti dek kerana cita-cita gila dan kesamsengan pemimpin mereka, berduyun-duyun pula di luar sana tunduk untuk menjadi hamba kepada DAP.

      Keberanian manusia seperti Nga dan Ngeh yang cuba mengeluarkan wang zakat di Perak untuk kegunaan mereka juga menunjukkan kebiadaban DAP dalam menghormati tabung amanah umat Islam di negara ini. Mana mungkin seorang mufti boleh berbohong tentang isu ini. Bagaimana pula sekiranya mereka memerintah negara. Silap haribulan aset rakyat yang diwakafkan di dalam Amanah Raya dan Lembaga Zakat juga turut dikerjakan dengan rakusnya. Kononnya memperjuangkan “kesamarataan” ke atas sesuatu hak. Tetapi hakikatnya, bahagi sama rata sesama mereka.

      1. Lim Tat: “Apa yang menjadi tanda tanya, sekiranya dakwaan beliau tidak berasa[s], mengapa DAP tidak menafikan atau mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap beliau. Peringatan beliau ini tidak diambil serius oleh juak-juak yang berada di dalam pakatan rakyat.

        salam Lim Tat,

        saya juga rasa dakwaan ini boleh pakai sebab LGE/DAP tidak melenting dan “sue” seperti biasa, malah diam membisu.

        selain itu, beberapa perkara lain telah memberikan dakwaan ini “traction” kpd saya.


        sejak lawatan LKY ke malaysia, di mana beliau ke penang melawat LGE, saya mula mengesyaki ada rancangan untuk menjadikan penang spore2. tapi saya tak terfikir yg rencana mereka sebenar hingga ke tahap yg dibayangkan oleh razali.

        segala tindakan2 “malay & muslim baiting” sekarang jelas adalah langkah untuk menguji reaksi (testing the water).

        niat utk menguasai johor yg sebelum ini tidak disedari. pelan ini didahului dengan mencemuh johor, yakni secara tidak lansung memburuk2kan pemerintahan negeri itu, semasa LGE di australia. masa itu saya rasa pelik mengapa, tiada angin ribut, tetiba LGE serang johor. sekiranya nak memikat pelabur ke penang pun, mengapa memilih johor sebagai saingan. jika itulah niat sebenar, mengapa tidak selangor, melaka, negeri sembilan, dll, misalnya. sekarang barulah jelas, kedudukan johor yg bersempadan dengan singapura adalah penting dlm strategi keseluruhan.

  7. The common argument by DAP supporters is that the Chinese have abandoned MCA, yet a close look at the previous election result will tell you that a lot of lost votes from the party itself was due to the fact that the BN was virtually going on a honeymoon still leading up to 12GE, which ultimate sa even MCA members and BN component party supporters voting in DAP/PKR and PAS.

    Remember, no Pakatan then and still no Pakatan now.

    Chinese voters MUST clearly see that at most if voters vote according to racial sentiments, can only garner around 28-31% of votes (Assuming that ALL Chinese vote for DAP, which is impossible)

    And if the political support shifts entirely to DAP (hyphothetically MCA looses and bows out of mainstream joining DAP, again impossible) then it will be presumably Pakatan in power.

    Arguments that PAS will never be able to implement Hudud is BS.

    Has anyone even thought of the possibility of PAS and UMNO combining? (They did before so what is stopping them from doing this again?)

    Should that happen (when UMNO realises that the other component parties MAY have lost support from Chinese and Indian votes) then we would have to kiss our country goodbye as that will be the beginning of the end (bear in mind that police and military intelligence have discovered that there are elements that are religious in nature present but in small groups wanting this to happen).

    Is this a possibility? What is stopping it?

    Which is why people like me want to maintain this equilibrium of BN and ‘PR’. ‘PR’ remains opposition, and stays opposition.

    What we must use is our heads to vote for a better nation. Not one filled with hate and lies.

    1. Don’t forget to look at the absent voters. The result show at some area’s the winning margin votes and the absent voters vote was equal.

  8. thanks for the comprehensive write-up, Helen. Really appreciate it :)

    I have to be honest I was curious because I remember you used to write extensively in Malaysiakini, articles that are critical of Islam in Malaysia. You also supported the apostasy of Lina Joy, which implied that you would support non-conversion of people who gets married to Malay Muslims. Under DAP rule (if the expose by Mohd Razali is true), non-Muslims in a mixed-marriage will no longer have to convert to Islam. In fact, a lot of the Islamisation issues you used to write about will no longer be there, because Islam’s influence in Malaysia under DAP will definitely be diluted.

    And that would be beneficial to you and to lots of other non Muslims in the country. Which is why at the beginning I could not fathom why would you be critical of DAP when the end game of their policies would be exactly as you’d like things to be (at least it seemed to be XD) back then.

    I do not know you as a person, so I can’t say I know for sure if you’ve changed your tune now because DAP now proved to be a much greater monster than a bunch of Islamists, or due to something else. But if it’s the former – well that’s a first haha! And if that were the case, it’d be something I’d welcome.. because generally in the world now – if anything bad happens it’s always the Muslim’s fault. Sad but true.

    1. I put a premium on being rational and reasonable.

      I am wary of brainwashing by religious zealots of any stripe if the zealotry makes them unreasonable.

      Religious fanatics are absolutists. They will invoke God’s word to declare that they are right and therefore anyone who disagrees with them must be in the wrong. With the Taliban (of both the Abrahamic faiths) there can be no argument. Hence under Taliban rule, whether in serambi Mekah or Jerusubang, we will be subjected to fascism.

      In Malaysia, the primary position of Islam reflects the status quo. Article 3 of the FedCon, the Malay rulers as heads of Islam in their states, the state mufti, religious depts, pejabat kadi etc all uphold this pole position occupied by Islam.

      The evangelistas want to “take Subang for Jesus”, “take the city (KL) for Jesus”. They are challenging the status quo, and to achieve their ends, they will need to turn Malaysia upside down.

      I don’t favour either Islam or Christianity in the face-off between the two, but in upholding Islam, things in Malaysian will be as they are (there’s no disturbance). However, for them to achieve their aim of elevating Christianity, there will be a lot of disturbance and violence.

      As a bystander with no vested interest for either side to prevail, I will enjoy peace if the Christians do not stir the hornet’s nest.

      How does one describe the Jerusubangites who can be so brazen as to want to hijack kalimah Allah without batting an eyelid. As always, the question: What kind of people are they?!

      At least with Islam in Malaysia, the preachers of ajaran sesat are arrested and their wayward followers sent to pusat pemulihan akidah. With the evangelistas, it’s really the gospel of “Anything Goes” (we’ve seen the photos). And unlike Islam, there’s no authority to monitor them.

      Fitrah mereka? Asyik berputar-belit dan memfitnah.

      At least I never felt that the Muslims deliberately fanned a mob through lies and slander just in order to encourage the lynching of me, even when I was previously critical of issues such as the court decision on Lina Joy, the Indian conversion cases, etc.

      I’ve blogged that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga are characterized by malice and viciousness. You will see this clearly come May 5 and in the aftermath of the election results.

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