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Chua Tee Yong in Labis

Continues from The Star tikam belakang anak Chua Soi Lek

The Star rubbing MCA’s nose in the dirt

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

If you read the [Star] Metro section today (Wed, April 24), you can see acres of print space for DAP & PR candidates.

What’s new? They’re really rubbing MCA noses in the dirt but MCA is powerless to respond. After all it takes a lot more than courage to speak out against a company that pays you over RM10 million a month in dividends.

[Note: The Star paid RM126 million dividend to MCA in 2010]

FF Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/24 at 8:55 pm

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Refsa poster says Chua’s “claims were proven false”

By Helen Ang

Chua Tee Yong was recently made the subject of ridicule in a syok sendiri poster produced by the DAP’s Research for Social Advancement (Refsa) institute — see below.


The Refsa executive director is Teh Chi-Chang, who is also the DAP economic advisor. A key figure in Refsa was Liew Chin Tong (the DAP strategist who is contesting the Kluang Parliament seat in Johor). Refsa’s “visiting contributor” is DOCTOR Ong Kian Ming, the DAP election strategist and candidate for the Parliament seat of Serdang, Selangor.

Note that Ong Kian Ming is a favourite person of the Star Media Group which reaches an audience of 5.63 million.

In fact, the Star Editor even applauds @imokman – “I am OKM”, all hail –  as “a star” despite that there are MCA office bearers who view Doctor Ong as a “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

Twitter TheStarEC okm star

Again, insinuated as a liar

For those unacquainted with Chua Tee Yong, he is the son of Chua Soi Lek and the incumbent for the Labis Parliament seat in Johor. He’s also the MCA heir apparent … well, that is if there is still any party left to inherit after the anticipated decimation on May 5.

Below is a close-up of the Refsa poster, the segment under the heading ‘Capable Youthful Leaders’, whom – according to Refsa – are Nurul Izzah, Hannah Yeoh, Rafizi Ramli and Gobind Singh Deo (see above).

The Incapable Youthful Leaders, according to Refsa, are Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong.

Evidently Refsa does not think highly of PAS since its list of Capable Youthful Leaders comprise a lion’s share of DAP reps (Hannah, Gobind, Tony Pua, Teo Nie Ching, Chin Tong, Zairil Khir Johari, Doctor Ong and Steven Sim) together with the complement of PKR’s Nurul, Rafizi and Nik Nazmi but altogether omitting any young individual from PAS.

Refsa poster

The Star gave impression that Chua is a liar

Refsa’s declaration that “his claims were proven false” is to be read that Chua Tee Yong made baseless allegations.

Refsa is not the only one to cast such aspersions on Chua. The Star had made a similar allusion in its report a few days ago about Chua’s comment with regard to S. Ramakrishnan — see HERE.

Chua Tee Yong had been left to handle the Talamgate expose pretty much all on his own. His party owns a newspaper which employs dozens of editors and hundreds of reporters in its Business and Property sections. But how much backing did Chua get from them in the form of investigative reporting on the shady dealings by the Selangor government?

Since politics is a battle of perception, Chua should have his own idea as to whether the 5.63 million audience of the Star Media Group have been better persuaded by the Refsa line (i.e. that Tee Yong’s claims about Talam are “false”) or whether they believe his claims about Talam to be true.


What Chua Tee Yong is saying now

Chua Tee Yong is quoted to have said yesterday

  • hate politics that occurs during election campaigning is worrying as it can lead to violence

Dear sir, the newspaper that your party controls has been trying its darndest to convince us that any talk of potential violence is merely fear-mongering perpetrated by the MCA and the BN to forestall Chinese voters from becoming “colour blind” and burying the ghost of May 13.


(Ramakrishnan – twit above – is Tee Yong’s challenger for the Labis seat)

Chua reportedly said also that

  • every person has his own choice and different views, and it should be expressed through the ballot box

Dear young Datuk, the newspaper that your party controls has been providing tacit support to the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

Furthermore, reporters on the payroll of The Star are themselves in the DAP online supporters network that terrorize the remaining 10 percent of Chinese who hold “different views”.

Twitterrama4changeIs BN a sex minded party

During his press conference, Chua showed Najib pictures circulating on Facebook, and said:

  • “It is sad to see this disgusting, despicable behaviour that shows no respect for democracy and leaders who have been democratically chosen.”

Dear Datuk Chua Tee Yong, I’m sure that you’re aware how often Najib Razak’s wife has been a victim of similar disgusting, despicable behaviour.

Do you know that the then president of the Star-National Union of Journalists once tweeted that “Oi” Rosmah is the biggest Mama of them all? “Hu hu hu”, tweeted Hannah Yeoh in reply to Teh Eng Hock, the reporter whom The Star gave a promotion after the edifying Twitter exchange with his Jerusubang bff.

Now, if you want to lecture cyberbullies, Datuk Chua, why don’t you look in your own newspaper backyard first, neh?


Chua Tee Yee admonished

  • “Even artistes who showed support for Barisan had been attacked by pro-Opposition cyber bullies. (These include Michelle Yeoh and Eric Moo.)

Dear Datuk Chua, please have a look at a report in The Star yesterday (see screenshot below) on the same topic. Note that “cyber bullies” was mentioned five times in the Star article.

You have described the cyber bullies as being pro-opposition.

Yet the newspaper that your party controls has adamantly REFUSED to link this cyberbullying with the opposition. So we can take it that it’s equally possible for Umno or MIC supporters to have bullied the Bond Girl, ya?

It’s not difficult at all to pin the abusive comments as coming from pro-opposition sources (DAP-linked Facebook pages, opposition financed news portals, etc) — which you rightly did. However, The Star has been working overtime to deflect blame from being directed at the political party that the paper supports.

You don’t for a minute believe that the party which The Star supports is the MCA, do you?

“Traditional media not favouring the oppo”

Our last quote for the day from Chua Tee Yong — he apparently said that traditional media publishing articles not favourable to the opposition are also attacked in cyberspace.

Methinks Chua has Utusan in mind.

That particular Umno-linked Malay broadsheet does sometimes come across as being unfavourable of the DAP. And yes it’s true that Utusan is attacked in cyberspace.

Below is an example of a cyber attack on Utusan. It is by the Star Editor who tweeted that Utusan “print(s) outrageous lies”.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

And finally, a point to ponder …

Chua Tee Yong’s opponent in Labis, the ex-DAP senator S. Ramakrishnan, alleges that “BN has paid RM1 million each to Tamil newpaper(s) to promote BN and demote PR”.

Maybe Chua can help us with the conundrum of The Star promoting Pakatan and demoting BN.

Is The Star promoting the Evangelista Bintang Tiga out of love or money? I’d put my bet on Christian Lurrrve since it’s that brother-sister kumbaya thing with them, as we know.

Twitter rama4changeBN


“The best stab is the subtle ones. Too subtle for immediate action but do it enough & the target will die, eventually…” Fakin’ Fake Calvin

What are the odds on the premature death of Chua Tee Yong’s political career in Labis?


If MCA loses Labis, might as well gulung tikar



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22 thoughts on “Chua Tee Yong in Labis

  1. Actually it is not just the Star is playing the GDL (gunting dalam liputan) role. The same is being assumed by the MM. A couple of days ago I bought the MM. The cover page was decorated with the pics of Michelle Yeoh and the pic of an indian man kissing Zul Nordin with the huge headline screamed, “And the Oscar goes to…”. The small captions next to the photo implied that MY was acting and that the Indian man being paid to kiss Zul

    However when reading the news at Page 4 painted a very different picture. Its carried out the same story about MY being attacked by Pakatoons while also mentioned that some people defended her right to choose her politics. There was no substance on why it claimed she was acting at all.

    As for Zul Nordin, there was no evidence whatsoever on paying the Indian man to kiss him. It merely stated some Indian Pakataoon leaders speculating that Zul must have paid the guy.

    So what kind of journalism is this? I think the technical term is gutter journalism. This is the kind of propaganda that Mkini and MI practice. They pushing accusations as headlines and their readers take those accusations as facts by merely reading the headlines.

    I was also interested to read on how MM was upset with the adverts that MCA ran in the Star on the unholy alliance between DAP and PAS. The article had no by-line (guess must be by either Terence or Frankie). It wonder how such adverts could be offensive when LKS, LGE and gang can throw outrageous accusations on UMNO/BN without a single shred of evidence.

    1. Terence Fernandez and Frankie D’Cruz in the MM and Frederick Fernandez and Brian Martin in The Star. Over-representation?

    2. MM went to town over the Zul Noordin issue. Today it front paged a statement from MIC VP that they will not support ZN in SA. It has been going on the whole week in fact.

      As for the Star, somehow they let a few newsworthy bits slip throught their far reaching grasp. NST reported how Anwar made a remark asking Tun M to go die. He was quoted verbatim in BM. And the same vein was picked up by Salahuddin Ayub in a ceramah in Segamat. Surprised that didn’t make the news since it happened on Wed.

      For good measure they missed the press conference by an MIC director of something too, who asked some questions of LKS & LGE. The focus of that PC was “mummy Foo” who was brought up but not reported. Pg4 of Metro instead was dedicated to them Dappies including this pic & short write up of their prospective darling for the next 5 years YBY.

      If you truly wanna serve your rightful masters you could have staked DAP & PR many times in the past few years but you’ve hedged your bets hoping & contributing to the inevitable annihilation of MCA in under 10 days time.

      Somehow, a bible parable seems appropriate. Jesus said one cannot serve two masters i.e. God & money. You will love one & despise the other. In Star’s case they obviously lov*ahem ahem* more than their rightful masters. Of course HY & YBY will speak of how principled & righteous the eds are by sinking the blades deeper between the shoulder blades if asked about it.

      Oh well, my fave read this election season for DAP bashing has to go to Azmi Anshar & his colleagues at NST.

      1. I like this RPK quote: “Do you pray to money every night before you sleep?”

        MCA still hasn’t made up it’s mind whether it be the daughter or the ducats.

        1. Daughters are raised to either marry away or to take care of them when they’re old & infirmed. At least that’s what the Chinese used to believe anyway.

          Ducats can get you a spanking young nymph of a nurse to spank & take care of you in old age. Anyway, with enough ducats, can pension away the Vespa & replace it with a Ducati.

          No need to flip a coin to know the winner here.

  2. I would not even trust these 4 nincompoop to take my dog for a walk

    1. Nurul
    Will brain wash my dog , giving it false pretense that he can be anything he wants……yes pooch u can be a cat , a lion or even a human

    2 Hannah
    My dog would come home after the walk with cross around his collar and demand to go to church with me on Sunday.

    4 Rafiizi
    My dog might come home a fairy

    5 Gobind
    My dog may not come home , he may be drunk in on of the pubs in bangsar or mount kiara ….

  3. speaking of which, do you know that the Star circulated in Sarawak isn’t the same as the one in Peninsular Malaysia? The contents are different, more Sarawak-centric, but I wonder now if it follows the same modus operandi as the one in Peninsular.

    also, do you think once the election is over, Chua Soi Lek, Ng Yen Yen, Ong Tee Keat will frog over to the other side, hence them not standing for any seats in this election? Is it a possibility?

    1. The born-again Christian Jimmy Chua Jui Meng crossed over to the side of Goodness and Light, as did his fellow Christian Tan Kee Kwong after 2008.

      I was reliably informed that at least one other prominent born-again Christian from a prominent DUN (a realm popularly discussed in this blog) was toying with the same idea post-tsunami.

      1. He has jumped long ago despite not officially doing it. I heard he even attended ceramahs with HY and other DAP folks in Subang Jaya. Incidently he lives in the Jerusubang I hear…

    2. That’s because Star is printed locally in Kuching. The decentralization of the printing means that the readers get their Star along with their Borneo Post, Sarawak Tribune etc instead of at 9-10am. Also they get to pay the regular price of RM1.20 & 1.50 instead of RM1.80 & 2.00.

      As for contents, the main spread is still the same. The difference would come in the Metro section where it will be catering to the Sarawak scene. Also different would be the classifieds which again would be Sarawak centric.

      The light of rebirth in Christ is extremely bright & alluring it seems. Praises are sung of it & lives are supposedly changed for the better when you embrace it. Funny then the parallels to an insect killer device normally found in food outlets. The light lures the insect & before they even know it, they’re zapped to oblivion.

      There was once a 2 term BN-SUPP candidate who was well liked & a staunch Catholic. She would attend mass like everyone else without an entourage even when it was reelection time. When she was approached by parishioners asking her about political issues, she declined politely saying the church isn’t a place to discuss all things politics. She could have exploited her good relationship with the church & parishioners to canvass for more votes but she didn’t. I don’t think DAPpies would be as obliging in not dragging the church into the political arena.

  4. I’ve spoken to an Indian uncle, asking him whether he personally forgiven Zul Nordin on the insult he did to Indian people.

    he said, “sometimes friends hurt you but we must be able to forgive. if he (Zul) really sincere apologize his mistake and want to make a mend with Indian community, why not give chance to him? lagipun dia cakap macam tu masa dia dalam PAS.” i just quote his words.

    see, a moderate Indian willing to forgive and tolerate with once upon a time racist whom originally uttered the insult when he was in PAS. but still Pakatan wants to associate it with BN. this uncle is an example of somone who is able to differentiate which one is moderate (BN) and which one is fanatic (PR).

  5. i kinda like that all secondhand politicians that joined the oppo has to be baptised and emerged as a saint. They’re whiter than white which made me wonder whether they’re using holy water or clorox.

    1. Petrol. After all Christians believe in baptism of fire through the Holy Spirit. So I suppose must have been drenched with government subsidized RON95 petrol during their baptism.

  6. sis Helen,
    not sure if you aware or not,
    Rocky’s blog was hacked, hence the entry of ‘test, tested, testicles’ tu. i think it wasn’t him posted the entry. AIDC and Papagomo as well kena hacked.

    just be careful and guard this blog so not to be hacked by stupid desperado Pakatoon cybertroopers.

  7. The whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith arising from the very many complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  8. When HB was at his height, I saw HB with my very own eyes in the 1st Class cabin of the SIA carrying a large briefcase emblazoned in large white alphabets, ‘ Y.B HB, Selangor State Assembly, MCA, ‘ coming back from Singapore. I could not believe my eyes what a MCA Selangor State Assemblyman doing carry such a large briefcase in Singapore. After all, HB should be minding his constituents in Selangor on working days.

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