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Implication of BN going after 65% of the Malay vote

DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong told Bloomberg, “With Mahathir playing the racist card, they are speaking to only the Malay audience in the hope to push the Malay vote up to 65 percent”.

Well, it  IS  logically the survival tactic required in order to win, isn’t it, given the near total rejection of the BN by the Chinese electorate.

Zul Nordin running on the BN ticket in Shah Alam and Ibrahim Ali standing as Umno’s proxy in Pasir Mas lends further credence to the theory.

Dr Mahathir, in an interview with ntv7 (quoted by Malaysiakini yesterday) had defended the nomination of the Perkasa president and vice president, saying:

“The Chinese openly say they will not support the BN because we support Perkasa. They say at the most BN will get 20 percent of their votes. But we cannot ignore Perkasa because they are for us. You say you do not want to vote for us but if we reject the people who are for us, where will the BN be?”

In the same Bloomberg story, a Malaysian Chinese voter tells the Bangkok-based reporter that Chinese thinking changed after 2008 in light of “little sign of renewed social unrest” following the opposition win.

The Bloomberg headline (see screenshot below) is unwieldy but can be paraphrased — Malaysian Chinese are becoming less and less afraid that there could be a repeat of the May 13 race riots and thus no longer feel that it is necessary to keep the BN in power just to ensure peace and stability.

BN (read: Umno) focusing heavily now on the Malay vote is Newton’s Third Law of Motion at play, is it not? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Hence for the action of the DAP in berjaya sapu bersih the Chinese votes, the reaction of Umno is to appeal to Malay ethnocentrism (or nationalism or perpaduan ummah).

Aftershocks of 2008

How quickly Dapsterism began to materialize after the sudden ascendency of the DAP.

The Chinese behaviour now bagai dirasuk hantu Ubah. They are incapable of grasping the natural momentum to equilibrium, such as Perkasa gaining support in counterbalance to the increasing Dapster belligerence.

This incapacity of the Chinese to calibrate the political tempo outside of their DAP bubble is displayed through the course of the renewed May 13 polemics. Their knee-jerk response is invariably to whinge that anyone making any mention of it is “threatening” violence on the Chinese.

e.g. Dr Mahathir blogged:

“Religious confrontations can lead to very serious consequences. It can lead to violence and killings even. This peaceful country will not be peaceful anymore if we have religious violence.”

And of course we know the kind of names that the Dapsters call him.

The failure of the minority to compute May 5 – consequences arising from Umno 65% Malay and DAP 80% Chinese expected wins – is compounded by the Firster leadership and their ideologues.


“Walau berkecai tulang” = “crushed bodies”?

One sample of misreading is found in the statement by Lim Kit Siang calling on Najib Razak to retract “his ‘crushed bodies, lives lost’ speech and declare that he will accept the general election verdict of the people, including a change of government in Sri Perdana Putrajaya”.

Kit Siang’s press release (21 Sept 2011) said:

“Malaysians are reminded of Najib’s deplorable speech at the Umno General Assembly last year when he used the language of ‘crushed bodies, lives lost’ for Umno to defend power at any cost in Putrajaya.”

Kee Thuan Chye, a writer who is a fan favourite with the Pakatan crowd, spun it as follows:

“At the Umno general assembly in October, Najib contradicted his 1Malaysia stand by staunchly defending Malay rights, and ominously talked of crushed bodies and lost lives in defending Putrajaya, ‘no matter what’. It was clear he was priming Umno’s devotees for battle.

“Then at the BN convention in early December, he came out looking like a sleazy spinmeister striking low blows at PR, calling it ‘anti-national’, ‘very dangerous’ and ‘despicable’, words aimed at stirring the emotions of the electorate against the enemy.”

(Source: The Malaysian Digest, 23 Dec 201o)

If you’re wondering about the Dapster perpetual hysteria, then consider the kind of rhetorical input that they imbibe.

Bahasa berbunga-bunga

Below is the relevant passage of Najib’s speech (text in PMO website, here):

“Berpasaklah kepada parti Umno. Bertetaplah kepada panji-panji Barisan Nasional. Walau berkecai tulang dan juga badan, walau bercerai jasad dari nyawa. Saudara dan saudari, walau apa pun yang terjadi, Putrajaya mesti kita pertahankan!”

I do not think that readers of this blog whose mother tongue is Malay would interpret the passage in quite the alarmist way as did Kit Siang, Kee Thuan Chye and DAP members such as FMT‘s Selena Tay (‘Fear of May 13?‘, 15 Dec 2012).

If the Dapsters had a better understanding of the nuances of BM, and the culture and tradition of Umno general assemblies, they would have a more realistic take on Najib’s rallying-the-troops cry.

The “crushed bodies and lives lost” narrative is still being widely attributed to Najib. This perpetuates the Pakatan propaganda that the Umno president is guilty of scare-mongering and threatening May 13.

A parallel example of Dapster disconnect would be in how the opposition supporters accuse BN of peddling fear with regard to polling day whereas it is actually Haris Ibrahim’s ABU movement that has threatened a segment of those intending to go out to vote.

This type of finger-pointing by the opposition is a very frustrating phenomenon, especially when three other fingers point back at themselves.

Dr M is, as always, miles ahead of the curve.

Think: What happens after GE13 and we get the results as predicted by most pundits, which is big wins for Umno and DAP, and a washout of PKR, PAS, MCA and Gerakan.

The much desired “two-party system” is waiting at our doorstep — one party Umno, one party DAP. One party with 65 percent Malay support, one party with 80 percent Chinese support and the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

Dr M did not this time warn of race riots. He said “religious confrontations”. Sometimes he’s wrong but more often than not, he gets it right.


GE13 : Bumiputeras are under-represented as voters



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88 thoughts on “Implication of BN going after 65% of the Malay vote

    1. agreed, now with DAP openly canvassing the idea of a Christian state (The Rainbow project) Malay Muslims, the original inhabitants of Malaya and this archipellago, should DEFEND their religion and their identity!

  1. Pity the Non-Christian Malaysian Chinese for getting unwittingly involved in this Evengelista’s initiative to advance their religious cause …

    1. Have you ever wondered why the non-Christian Chinese do not assert themselves to go against the 80-90% flow?

        1. :)

          Malays gotta ponder deeper into Chinese behaviour just as the Chinese have not pondered thoughtfully enough over Najib’s words to understand them in context and related milieu.

  2. fyi: Stanley Thai is Dato Seri Stanley Thai (CEO cum MD for supergloves
    which ironically, is among the winner for Matrade’s Export Excellence Awards 2003

    Dato’ Seri Thai Kim Sim, Stanley
    Executive Chairman cum Group Managing Director
    Aged 50, Malaysian
    Appointed on 18 June 2000

    Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai graduated from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Hons) in 1982. Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai started his early business training with Mulpha International Berhad before being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer cum Group Managing Director of Supermax Corporation Berhad on 18 June 2000. Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai was re-designated as Executive Chairman cum Group Managing Director on 27 September 2006. Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai is an experienced businessman and has successfully secured business partnerships with distributions in North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Latin American countries. Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai has also been actively involved in overseas trade promotions and programs organised by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (“MITI”) and is a strong advocate of the “Made in Malaysia for the World” program of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (“MATRADE”) since 1983.

    1. Talk about being prophetic. Surely you’re not a member of the Star’s editorial team anakjamil?

      “Supermax owner throws support behind Opposition” pg18 The Scissoratis, I mean the Star today. Didn’t check if it has been put up online tho…

      1. The Star story says that he is an advisory panel member of the [PKR] think tank Institut Rakyat where the suspended Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar and Tricia Yeoh are research team members.

        Is the Datuk Seri the same way religiously inclined as Tricia, one wonders?

        I’ve been informed that rich Chinese are funding the oppo — not that this is news to anyone. One old reason since MCA heydays is of course to hedge their bets and safeguard their business.

        However post-2008, the other main reason is the one given expression by Stanley Thai, i.e. “We don’t want our children to suffer what we suffered, deprived from education, from career opportunities, from business opportunities.”

        They seem to think that b’cos they’re smart and successful, they know best and that DAP can do better than MCA.

        1. you do know that a lot of Malaysian Chinese businessmen went to China in the 1990s and lost a lot of money there. if you think for a moment that these people are smart, you are mistaken. they are not that smart.

          speaking of :

          “We don’t want our children to suffer what we suffered, deprived from education, from career opportunities, from business opportunities.”

          their children are a bunch of spoil brats. most of them spend their time eat, drink, play, merry making. go to BB and see for yourself. deprived of education ? they do not measure up, so all these claptrap of being deprived of education is nonsense.

          career opportunities ? this too is a blatant lie. most of them are degree carrying yolks. most are not equipped to face the real work. they have no practical skills. they spent their years in college, in university doing rote learning. those of you familiar with their line of thinking will tell you that when exams are near, these children mentioned by this Stanley Thai, they spend their time buying and studying “past years exams papers”. not only do they lack “book knowledge”, they also lack learning skills.

          business opportunities ? this is the biggest joke. business opportunities has nothing to do with race or discrimination. its all about having the right connections. it is about who you know. deprived of business opportunities ? the reason they are “deprived” of business opportunities is because they spend their years in college, in university partying, and taking the easy way out when exams come, then upon graduation, they suddenly found out that, they have wasted years doing nothing and their excuse is to lay the blame on, you guess it, the government.

          1. They think they’re smart but they lack Wisdom. It’s the bodoh sombong syndrome.

            But you can’t deny that they got money and this money they’re pumping into the politics of hate.

        2. Stanley Thai is a hypocrite. I don’t think for a moment that he believes any of his own words. This hypocrite is simply funding and lending support for the opposition simply because he believes that the current administration will remove gas subsidies and that the opposition will continue to give his business subsidies in the form of cheap gas. You see the hypocrisy? The party he supports claims to champion the cause of the poor and marginalized, yet he is out to marginalize the poor by funding monsters who will screw tax payers. Enough I say.

      1. I starting to think (agree) that there will be more ugly problem after GE13.

  3. If this were to happen, it will be the fault of the biggest racist of malaysia, Dr M who will continue to provoke the Malay to go against chinese as his bogeyman.

    1. And those who mixed confrontational brand of Christianity along the line of racial boundary should be left scot free?

  4. When.. and only when the dummies in PAS wakes up and realize that they have actually supported Christianity to beat their own reliogion, then only Dr M prophecy will materialize.

    Otherwise it still be racial confrontation :)

    People like stanley thai who has property all over the world are not going to suffer if May13 2.0 happen. So someone pls tell him to shove the glove into his own backside.

    1. Agree Mamu Wed, these guy will convineanly MIA to other countries together with their families….

  5. Masalahnya bila tak faham Bahasa Kebangsaan dengan baik, itu yang menimbulkan banyak salah faham antara melayu dan cina di Malaysia.

    Melayu pula malas nak memberikan penerangan, sikap tidak apa sampai bila-bila, mungkin nak jaga hati, mungkin tak mahu keadaan menjadi lebih buruk

    Cina pula walaupun tidak tahu tidak mahu mengaku tidak tahu, tetap keras kepala nak baca sesuatu kenyataan dengan pemahaman sendiri (salah faham la tu)

    Helen, sebab tu la ada malay saying, susah kalau nak cakap dengan orang yang tak tahu bahasa ni-inilah yang sedang berlaku sebenarnya.

    KTC poser, bahasa jiwa bangsa, kalau setakat nama anak saja berjiwa Malaysia, bapa langsung tak faham bahasa kebangsaan pun tak guna, dan memang tarak guna!

    1. re: “Helen, sebab tu la ada malay saying, susah kalau nak cakap dengan orang yang tak tahu bahasa ni-inilah yang sedang berlaku sebenarnya.”

      Betul juga apa yang dicakapkan oleh orang Melayu tua-tua itu. Memang payah hendak bercangkung untuk bercakap dengan kepala lulut.

  6. Even simple ROS letter Lim Kit Siang cannot understand, he wants to interpret Najib’s flowery BM?

    Go cry in public some more la!

    1. Apa nak di hairan kan.. Kira undi pun tak tahu.. Guna excell pun boleh silap.. Menaip pun boleh salah… Nak faham isi surat ROS? lagilah dia tak tahu..

  7. MYQ you are correct.

    Little has been written about the Malay Spring of 1946 against the Malayan Union proposed by the Labour Government of Clement Atlee which would have deprived the Malays of the homeland and their rights. The Sultans and the Rakyat rose in revolt. The British Military Administration – 1945 -1950 was superseded by the Federation of Malaya and its Constitution. 1951 -1957.

    No one can claim that the Malay Spring begins now !

    1. This our Chinese friends never think about what happen if majority of malays feel not belonging with any party esp UMNO.. Ingat!! Hantu tiada tuan lagi amat merbahaya..

  8. Without the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties, there would be no Chinese multi-billionaires and mult-millionaires of which 7 1/2 penniless Singaporeans (the 1/2 is a Monglian) became multi-billionaires during the NEP.

    Do not bite the hand that fed you !

    1. THe problem is the billionaire is not me and it is alleged that those billionaire don’t play according to the rule. If they not corrupt they cannot be billionaire.

  9. I always asked my friends, ‘ You have never met a stupid Chinaman and they are all very clever ? ‘ They nodded in agreement.

    I continued, ‘ But you have met some who are so very clever as to be stupid ! ‘ They looked puzzled. Then I repeated a few household names. And they all nodded in agreement.

    Or an ancient Chinese saying, ‘ There are always mountains higher than another mountain .’

    See the difference between the English speaking and educated Chinaman – a yellow banana, yellow on the outside but white inside – courtesy Chou En Lai, 1956. and the Mandarin speaking Chinese ?

    Iresponsible statements by responsible Chinamen expose other loyal, hard-working and innocent Chinese to trouble, ridicule and suspicions by other non-Chinese communities. Like the Singaporean DAP slogan for 47 long years – ‘ Malaysia for Malaysians’ which was divisive and created trouble, suspicion and ridicule on the loyal, hard-working and innocent Chinese by the non-Chinese communities. And now the Singaporean DAP said recently, ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay-based !’ The Singaporean DAP has now become a completely new party not unlike the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. – in fact worse, because the others said so since 1951 !

    The founder of DAP Lee Kuan Yew has said that the gates of castle Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees. It is alright for the well-endowed 1% elite to flee with their overseas bank accounts and the PRs. What about the 99% Rakyat ?

    A long long time ago I found that if I opened my mouth without thinking, the words which came out were like bullets which I could not retrieve. So, from then on, I just kept my big mouth shut !

    1. AK47,

      I had heard this line of argument for years. “We, Malaysian Chinese are treated as 2nd class citizens (meaning by Malay led govt)”.

      “We wonder why we have to fill out race column in official documents”

      “Why can’t we be like Singapore where race (except Chinese) does not matter”

      “Why can’t a non malay be the Prime Minister?”

      “Why the Malays have it all?”

      “We can’t stand MCA as it “kowtows” to UMNO (meaning cooperating in a Malay led govt is a sin)”

      “Why everything has to be raced based (meaning anything that represents non Chinese must be rejected)?”

      “Why UMNO keeps playing racial politics/(after allowing Padang Serai, Tenggaroh, Teluk Kemang, Kuantan, Ijok, Kulim, Lunas, Bemban, Alor Setar, Tanjung Piai, Grik to be contested by non Malay BN candidates)”


      1) If you are treated as 2nd class, why the economy is controlled by Chinese. Why the list of tycoons seems to suggest at least 80% of them is Chinese?

      2) What is so big a deal to fill out race column in official documents? Is that not a hypocritical attitude: insisting a separate school that separates us from tender age but reject to fill out ticking in race column that takes less than a minute?

      3) Singapore does not have vernacular school. Everything comes in a package so people say.

      4) Nobody is stopping the Chinese from becoming the Prime Minister. Just because you are unable to earn Malay votes (because the habit of waging war against them) does not make the system bad.

      And another aspect is attributed to nature. How generous a race can be, generosity has its limit. Top jobs are usually limited to people of same faith, religion, colour. It applies everywhere. In Singapore, it is difficult for a Malay to be the prime minister. In USA, Barack Obama may be black but he subscribe to the values of vast majority of WASP.

      Similarly, Malays may have no problem to accept say Dr Ridhuan Tee, a Chinese as a Prime Minster as he shares the same faith with them.

      5) No. Malays do not have it all. They are known worldwide as ever generous. But as goes the saying, generosity has its limit.

      6) It is the thing called “nature”. Without UMNO’s saying it, people already acknowledge its position as the “supremo” in BN. Not out of love. But due to a simple fact. Malays happen to be the largest ethnique group and UMNO manages to get the largest share of Malay votes.

      But to these outspoken and rude fanatical Chinese, for a Malay based party to wield its dominance or earming the dominance is a sin. A good Malay based party must behave like PAS, ever willing to renounce everything and and supports everthing except legitimate Malay interests.

      7) this is called “reverse psychology”. Accusing the opponent of doing exactly what you are doing Ah. So DAP. Like Kit siang “advising (meaning insulting) Ghani Othman that it hopes Ghani will not play racial politics.

      THE BOTTOM LINE is that all these reflect that these people look down on Malays. They think they are inherently superior. exactly the Yahudi attitude.

      Exactly like Imperial China that believes outside world is “barbarians”.

      Until the “barbarians” burnt down the Summer palace.

  10. The overkill by the use of the multi-media by the Opposition with their voodoo choral cohorts or digits from Subang Jaya will back-fire.

    The BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties will win by a landslide signal victory. No more. No less.

  11. Your latest on this tycoon reminds me of another Chinaman in the early 1980s who told the AWSJ that he would never do business with Bumiputras. Later, he had to eat humble pie to become a tycoon !

  12. Unlike the rest of the World, the Chinese of Malaysia, the Malaysian Chinese would do well if they put on their thinking caps before they speak openly in public especially to the foreign media because the 99% of us are all individualists and have never experienced for 5,000 years the democracy as the Westerners know it. Talk ! Talk ! Talk !

  13. At the crux of it, Malays = Islam = Malays, at least here in Malaysia. As for Chinese, they can be Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Hindu etc etc.

    Based on experience, I find non Christian Chinese to be more accepting of Christian Chinese in relationship, friendship etc. Turn the table round & you see a different picture. Christians will view non Christian Chinese with a certain degree of suspicion, hostility even.

    Why so? Because those not professing the same faith are considered heathens, of a lower class. Don’t believe me? Ask those non Christians marrying into a Christian family. They’ll question you about your ancestral worship, offerings to the dead etc likening it to paganistic rituals.

    Considering there’s 9% Christians in Malaysia of which at least 2/3 is made up of bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak & for the sake of argument, lets throw in the Indians & all other lain lain races in that 2/3 too. This will leave 1/3 as Chinese Christians. That would mean approximately 700-800k of Malaysian Chinese would be Christians of various denominations

    Consider the Chinese making up over 30% of the population of 28 million. That would put the Chinese population at around 8 million.

    The fact that some 10% of the Chinese population or 3% of the Malaysian population speaks with so loud a voice is mind boggling no? Reeks of elitism if you ask me.

    So why, pray tell Dappies, shouldn’t the Malays close ranks & be united against a common enemy that getting more boisterous & louder with each passing day, hell bent on imposing their will on the rest of Malaysians?

    Christians have too high an opinion of themselves. To an extent, the same is true if Chinese. Put them both together in the same test tube, with the right temperature, a little agitation & the resulting compound can be quite explosive literally. I should know, I’m both.

    1. Hahaha, I put this up?

      You’re right about the “loud voice”. It’s thunderous.

      And most particularly right about the Chinese + Christian. The explosive bit comes when the ‘charismatic’ Chinese-Christian just so happens to be evangelist.

      1. Go ahead. Good laugh to start the weekend eh?

        Btw, just got the newspaper from my ubah fanatic newspaper delivery man. Flipped through & saw the Metro front page of politicians taking care of their health during campaigning. It had OKM drinking a bottle of water & captioned thus.

        Can’t help thinking that with a nuclear reactor of a brain like his, he’d need lots of fluid to avoid a meltdown.

        1. OKM is a lean, mean, fighting machine. He runs marathons.

          That’s the upgrade of 3.0 from 2.0.

          Agree with your nuclear reactor description. He’s a very smart strategist and doesn’t have the flaws of 2.0 (such as like HY’s attention and publicity-seeking) and has good control over himself.

          3.0 is more devastating than 2.0 b’cos they’re the fighting fit intelligent elite leading the delusional mob. That’s a dangerous combo. Far, far more dangerous than Perkasa.

      2. Was just talking about this with the other half.

        She likened born again Christians to druggies getting a fix. And they need to have that fix repeatedly by going to their services, gathering etc. And when they’re so used to the high it gives, they’re attaching an IV bag of it to them 24/7 thus their constant proclamations of God’s will, God’s love, God’s this, God’s that & everything God as they become the de facto spokesperson of God walking the face of the earth.

        Christian druggies. Have a nice ring to it eh?

        1. re: “the de facto spokesperson of God walking the face of the earth”


          ~~ PTL, you’ve answered WWJD question ~~

          1. “There is no doubt about Muhammad’s (Muhammad Taib) entry into PAS now. Those who repent before they go back to God should be encouraged.” Teresa Kok

            Forget about man made law. Forget about penal sanctions. Forget about jail terms or fines.
            Forget about everything as God forgives you if you repent & join PAS, PKR or DAP.

            “Though you grind a fool in a mortar, grinding them like grain with a pestle, you will not remove their folly from them”
            Proverbs 27:22

    2. Anecdotes tell me that Christians normally mingle with their kind, typically come from well to do family and have very good network. It seems to me that that most Chinese that I know, who migrated to Australia are also Christians.

  14. itu la. duduk kat malaysia, sekurang kurang nya fasih la bahasa malaysia. tau apa itu pepatah dan tau apa itu peribahasa. kalau saya cakap kat kit siang dan DAP fanatik mcm ini

    “i put it up to you that you are lying”, tentulah cina DAP yg hanya pegi sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina menengah dan rendah dan pegi taiwan universiti akan terjemah kan:

    “nanti saya taruk awak, tentu awak terbaring”. kan dah jadi lain.

    atau jika saya geram kat fanatik DAP yg bongok dan saya kata:
    “guang eng should be fired from his current position”, maka mereka yg DAP bongok ini akan kata:

    “BN akan tembak engkau dari tempat kau duduk sekarang.” bila bahasa malaysia bodoh, maka akan berlaku lah pergaduhan.

        1. not only bahasa Malaysia la, Bahasa Inggeris pun boleh salah juga. Remember the explosive “Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know”??? I’ve got a good laugh on that one…

          1. yup, yang tu pula geng melayu yang tak faham nuance bahasa inggeris…created salah faham juga, sampai sekarang pun I’ve been trying hard to explain this to them..Pas supporters la siapa lagi

  15. Sorry folks to veer off the track a bit.

    1. Noticed how the alternative media had imposed a total black out on the poll violence by Pakatan such as the bomb blast at Penang and arson attack at Perak and Selangor? They go berserk on attack on Xavier’s daughter’s car and carry Xavier’s LKS’ like comments that he won’t succumb to such threats, and conveniently omitting to say that the police caught the culprits who actually mistakenly targetted the house instead of a neighbour. Ambiga, the patron Saint of Human Rights and Clean Election, is tongued-tied when it comes to Pakatan’s act of dirty election.

    2. I was reading some Tamil newspapers today. There was a huge spread by DAP with caption ” From Penang to Putrajaya”. I am curious by the caption. Does this mean DAP is planning to take over the Federal Govt and the PM post alone ?

    3.There was another ad by Selangorku to support Pakatan. I wonder what Ambiga has to say since Selangorku is funded by public.

    4. I read that a group of Pakatoons have complained about MCA’s ads and even targetted the ad agency Rapp for creating them. Reason : using religion to attack DAP. I wonder why they are not targetting LKS and LGE since they use race and religion to attack BN every single day.

    1. re: “There was another ad by Selangorku to support Pakatan. I wonder what Ambiga has to say since Selangorku is funded by public”

      Which newspaper?

          1. Kind of strange since R. Rama of DAP accused BN of paying Tamil papers Rm1million for ads. This ad is full page. Then there is another massive one at pg 5 by DAP.And another DAP Penang 1/2 page ad at page 22.

    2. the outcome of GE13

      Malay led government, Chinese led opposition.

      they are getting desperate now. not surprised. that’s why the attacks are happening.

      1. Pakatan followers say the Black Ops attacks are by BN agent provocateurs on the BN targets to make it seem as if Pakatan are responsible.

        What would be your response to that?

        1. Those who were caught happened to be all Chinese….perhaps they learnt their bomb-making skills from their PKM days ?

        2. its their perpetual hysteria at work again. they see BN agents all over the country. I could also say that the attacks on Pakatan targets as the work of PR agent provocateurs so that PR hacks can pin the blame on BN. but when its the BN people like me saying it, they will say that we are liars, that we are conducting propaganda.

        3. Helen to CS: “What would be your response to that?

          if i may mencelah…

          just use the oft-proven rule of thumb lah. the one where the hidden thumb leaves one finger pointing at another while three are actually pointing at oneself.

          they keep using the lie/frame+repeat-ad-nauseum strategy because the MO has worked so well for them. BN, as others similarly assaulted by this goebbels method, is at a loss to counter it. [you personally know how it feels, helen.]

          i also don’t think the attacks are because Pakatan, or rather DAP, are getting desperate. i think it is a concerted effort to create as much unrest as possible as part of a murky design. call me a conspiracy nut, but i’ve now read, heard and seen enough to think that there is something more insidious afoot.

          i don’t think the LKS/DAP3 chinese misunderstood Najib’s ostentatious rhetorics for anything more sinister than what it was. i think it is a bodoh sepat pretext of not knowing the nuances of BM in order to instigate. it is blatant mischief-making; part of the plan.

          notice how they first keep harping about how this is going to be the dirtiest GE ever, then they proceed to make it filthy themselves, remembering of course to keep falsely pointing that one finger. this started as early as Bersih 2 and we now know who funded those dirty BERSIHs.

          notice how they keep accusing Dr M and UMNO (and Perkasa who made it so easy for them) of playing the race card, while slyly acting racists themselves and provoking the emotional section of malays in such a way that they feel pushed to retaliate in kind. DAPster’s trump: having idiot PAS and PKR to conceal their rank chauvanism.

          lastly, notice how the police and security forces seem to have their hands full since the last several months, from foreign invaders at our northeastern borders to increased crimes in urban areas, ranging from violent snatch robberies to bomb blasts to heinous murders.

          ours is a peaceful country, but to hear the reports in the foreign media lately, we are sounding more and more like those mideast and north-african nations before their disastrous springs.

          i dare wager we only need to look at where the three hidden fingers are pointing to know whose handiworks the black ops are.

  16. Helen,

    I think that LKS and LGE drama on the RoS issue has blownup on their faces big time. Like with LGE’s Kalimah Allah Xmas speech, this issue has started a huge controversy that potentially kill of DAP’s chances.

    Now the PAS leaders are saying that since DAP agreed to use their logo, it means DAP agrees with Hudud and Islamic state. This plays right into MCA’s tactics of DAP=PAS=Hudud.

    Now Karpal is demanding Anwar to sort the issue out and as we all know DSAI won’t. With this issue raging on, MCA folks that I know told me that for the first time in years they sense the Chinese starting to have some doubts on DAP and that their love affair seemed to have cooled somewhat.

    I think this issue will derail PR and hit DAP the most. Even a 10% drop in Chinese support for DAP will mean the loss of a number of key seats.

    1. MCA team dropped their candidates leaflet into my mailbox this morning.

      One week before polling day baru diorang di’hidup’kan.

      For 5 years they let The Scissors stab them.

      Never heard or seen his (calon MCA tu) name in The Star paper before.

      1. Helen – a friend neighbour complained to me that he did not know MCA’s BN candidate for BTRazak parliamentary. I told him that Tan is the son of Latok Tan Char Hoi lerr…the previous MP who was beaten by Khalid Gagap in the last election.

        He said, ‘Ye ke?’.

        * sigh at MCA’s apparent lack of campaign in my area *.

        1. MCA/BN is lucky to have a penyokong BN tegar like me in the BTRazak parliamentary. If MCA put a Panda pun, I will vote for them. Hahahaha…

          1. I can only access my blog intermittently. Under attack. See ‘Under attack’.

            I shall probably log off and go wash dishes and do the laundry.

  17. I also note that in Penang the posters and banners of PAS far outnumber PKR and DAP’s. What’s going on ? Where does this non materilistic party of god gets the funds ? I have seen the same trend in Klang Valley (at least in the areas I have visited recently).

    1. they get their funds by selling ads. I m sure you know that Harakah is one big ad platform where ubat kuat lelaki are paddled to the public.

      1. Moving back to stone ages where virility is the measure of a man.

        Of course DAP is just a bit ahead of the others. They throw in nuclear reactored intelligence like Doc OKM (sounds a bit like Doc Ock in Spider-Man eh?) who also runs triathlons. Then they have the new age sensitive metrosexual kind who thinks of nothing about showing their feelings by crying in public.

        Shame on MCA. Cannot even stay ahead when you got an alpha male like CSL & Mr Sensitive Senator like GPS.

        1. GPS now got 2,394 followers on Twitter. What number were you? You like his tweets?

          1. I think I was @ 2310 thereabouts. Do I enjoy them? I enjoy Regina’s tweets better.

            He has gone quiet since the announcement of candidates, not that he was active before. But these MCA people should take a leaf from Tan Keng Liang’s book. He’s still attacking & on the campaign trail for Gerakan’s candidates eventhough he’s sitting this one out

            1. Any idea why TKL was not nominated? He is one fella I’d have loved to see standing for office.

          2. Not sure why. He gained lotsa fans during Ops Daulat when he crossed swords with Jacel Kiram & Nunca Valderama.

            Here’s an idea for CSL to go out in a blaze of glory.

            Eve of polling call a PC with all MCA bigwigs with him. Then pour out the angst of his heart over the welfare of the community post GE.

            Then make a heartfelt plea for the community to support them. Say it with tears falling down his cheeks & with a choking voice.

            He’ll either gain some votes or be the laughing stock of the country if he isn’t already. Anyways the born agains will be chief cheerleaders with their musical, dance & emcee-ing skills.

    2. At my place, they are asking for GE fund.

      Btw, they might have their business connection too. I was told that the reason majority of Pas candidates did not declare their assets was because they are worried their business(es) and connection(s) will be sabotaged by the BN-led authority.

      And yesterday I read from pro-BN blogs that one high ranking Pas member was caught speeding in his Porche. They might not be so sengkek after all.

      1. Not to suprise lah mfma. Mula tak percaya those wakil rakyat bila satu petang tertengok TV1, petani jaya. Mat Sabu punya ladang dan kolam ikan. Pendapatan ketika itu boleh mencecah 10 ribu… Kalau tak tertengok tak pecaya lah juga. If MS, pemimpin gitu2 boleh ada ladang berpendapatan 10 ribu, yang lain2?????

    3. ahha, i also see cannon, tank and planes with pas posters in permatang pasir(pas stronghold-Salleh Man)

  18. Does anyone know the meaning of the words ‘rice Christians’ ? I heard this when I was a boy wearing short-pants.

  19. Helen,

    Read ‘Take polling result with a grain of salt” by Rashid Yusof and Dr M unnerves Anwar, Kit Siang and company by Azmi Anshar. What do you think??? is it really happen.

  20. The Bloomberg news has done the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese a great disservice with its headline, ‘Malaysian Chinese may drop Najib…’ First, this shows biased reporting, second, the Chinese are displayed as not to be trusted and third, the ulterior motive to stir the boiling pot ! As always the 99% of the loyal, hard-working and innocent Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese will take the brunt of any mischief created by the instigation of the media.

    How does the Bloomberg news know this about the 6 million Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese ?

    By this very mischief, all Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese should vote BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties to show outsiders that we safeguard the SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM of our beloved Malaysia.

    1. I stopped blaming the western media for every biased report about Malaysia they produced.

      Buang masa jer.

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