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That white thing on the Bishop’s head

Looks like it’s worn upside down (?)

Bishop Paul Tan

Bishop Paul Tan

is not happy with someone who could be a “wild-eyed radical living in Timbuktu”.

(Side note: Mali, the country in which Timbuktu is located, is just winding down from a civil war. — The Christian Science Monitor report, here)


Bishop Paul is unhappy with Muhammad Muhammad Taib.

The Bishop is unhappy that M²T was reported to have said that Christians have done more killing than Muslims.

He believes that M²T is spouting “such patent nonsense”.

Nonsense, like absurdity (“Who is more absurd?“) is a subjective gauge. It’s better to deal with facts and body count.

Well, either it’s true or it’s not that Christians have killed a lot more people than have Muslims (or Buddhists or Hindus).

Bishop Paul said M²T’s remarks were “fantastic and shocking in their ignorance”, according to a report in Malaysiakini today — ‘Bishop slams ex-MB for spouting gibberish‘.

Why does the Bishop say that M²T is ignorant in this matter? It’s so Dapsterish to counter accuse like that when one (yang makan cili itu) should rightly squirm. Or is he adopting the tactic that the best form of defence is to launch an immediate offensive? Again, very Dapsterish lor.

If M²T made a comparison of the track record, and the record shows that Christians indeed have a bloody history, then the bishop should attempt to counter the data, lah.

Malaysiakini further quotes Bishop Paul Tan as saying that “Obviously, history is not his strong suit and […] the remarks must be repudiated by responsible leaders of his party simply because they reflect so poorly on their intellect”.

He added: “People of goodwill refrain from comparing the records of the various religions because to do so risks judging a religion on the conduct of its less worthy members and this is something the well-intentioned studiously avoid.”

In simpler English, the Bishop is saying that those Christians who conducted the mass killings are the less worthy ones (worthy means ‘no merit’) among the flock whereas Christianity should instead be judged by the behaviour of Christians who are more worthy (having greater merit).

I would disagree with the bishop here.

Historically, wars against the enemies of Christ were started by the eminences (eminence means someone of high rank), i.e. the ones at the top of the meritocratic pole.

You can recognize eminences by the height of the hats that they wear — the taller their hat, the higher their station.

Bishop Paul Tan2

Bishop Paul concluded with saying, “The man [M²T] who made these remarks would be a misfit in any entity purporting to work for change in Malaysia”.

The bishop is not only trying to bludgeon M²T into silence but also trying to force PAS to retract what M²T said.

From the bishop’s modus operandi as well as his backing for Change in Malaysia, it looks like he’s a perfect fit with a certain high-flying organization (application form below). But then again, they could just make him an honorary member-cum-party advisor.

DAP Borang



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27 thoughts on “That white thing on the Bishop’s head

    1. The Catholics Jesuits are the war dogs of Christianity. They killed the natives in India Goa, Melaka Malays, Chinese, Japanese Indonesia, Phillipines, Us, South America, Africa etc.

      They are the evils of human history. The Catholics want the wealth of the world and China man like Tan is perfect for the pupose or Pakiam. [edited]

      South America history showed that they spilled blood to get the european priests out of their system of government like Che, or Cuba.

      Realising these most europeans had killed the Catholics Monarchy as the religion is used as opiate for the masses while the Monarchy live in luxury.

      Cina Men like Tan simply dont understand The Federated Malay States history with relation to European Christianity. He thought he is on to something. The bible is not allowed in the US.

      Because it full of dongeng. Bagi orang Melayu pula mereka tidak boleh bertolak ansur dengan penjajah eropah yang cuba menyebarkan kuasa dan madat mereka melalui mubaligh Krisitan mereka.

      Kristian itu adalah penjajah dan melayu telah berjuang untuk menghapuskan penjajah Kristian dari Tanah Melayu dan jika orang Cina yang bodoh macam Tan atau Lau Bee Lian fikir mereka boleh menjajah orang Melayu semula itu satu kesilapan yang besar.

  1. Ha ha ha…you are really funny Helen. Love it!

    The great Bishop should not terasa so much le. Kalau dah betul, nak buat macam mana? Mengaku dan mintak maaf aje lah. Like what the former PM of Australia did when he apologised to the aborigines for all the mistreatment done to them by the government of the white christians.

    Me thinks he too should read up on his history. Every religion have blood on its hands. Does that mean the religion is bad? No. It just means the followers are not following the right teaching.

    So, rileks lah…you can deny all you want and say that people are twisting facts, or do not know their facts or whatever…but history speaks for itself. It is an unfortunate thing that what MMT said is true, whether you want to accept it or not.


  2. Nah… The hats they wear which is know as the mitre is unlike the chef’s hat. If a particular bishop’s miter is higher than the rest it’s probably due to him being self conscious about his height, or lack of.

    As for Christians killing less than Muslims, I would say that’s debatable. Look back to the crusades, the Knights Templar etc. Heck the Pope Clement V even proclaimed Jacques de Molay, the last known Grand Master of the Knights Templar a heretic thus condemning a defender of the church to death.

    Bishop Paul Tan lives in denial in his cocoon. That’s why he’s talking cuckledoo like he’s cuckoo. Perhaps it is time to bestow him with the title Emeritus & allow him time to live what’s left of his life in penance & self contemplation. Even Pope Francis spoke of hypocrisy in church. Paul Tan can’t be that thick to not get the not so subtle hint.

      1. Melonhead,

        The truth hurts as goes the saying.

        With due respect to christianity and its followers, Christianity in this part of the world was forced upon the natives. Check the history of spread of Christianity in the Philipines as an example.

        The same goes with Latin America. The choice given was conversion or death. And after conducting pogroms to cleanse Europe from Jews, Christian Europes conveniently transfrred their problems to land previously known as Palestine. Now the arabs are paying for cruelty of Europe Christians.

      2. I don’t know of any online resources on the KT that’s credible honestly. I have never considered Wikipedia as a benchmark of credible reference so I wouldn’t recommend you that.

        I read about them as it was part of my growing up reading materials which dad had inherited from my grandfather. While the figures like Jacques de Molay & Hugues de Payen are real, the events credited to them are somewhat suspect. I suppose it makes for good story telling such as the curse of JdM on King Philip & Pope Clement resulting in their death in a hunting accident & of suspected cholera respectively within months.

        In brief, they were commissioned by the Pope in the 12th century to fight for the church. Made up of nobles they conquered many lands & racked up a lot of loot on behalf of the church. To safeguard their position, they had some stashed away thus the legendary KT treasures legend.

        Eventually the King of France who owed the KT a lot of money co-opted the Pope into his plans to kill of the KT. KT was a wealthy organization then & considered a very powerful entity with their combat abilities. A coordinated arrest all over Europe made sure they got everyone.

        Those who “repented” & pledge allegiance to the King will be spared death. Those who refused are accused of heresy, an offence punishable by death.

        Thus JdM, his 2nd in command & 2 other knights were brought before King & Pope. The latter two “repented” & were spared. But the former 2 refused & sentenced to be burned on the stake. To make it more painful, the King order the firewood to be moistened thus making it slow burning.

        While on the stake JdM shouted that God will carry out his vengeance towards the King & Pope. Both died within a month or so of the execution thus strengthening the legend.

        All said & done, KT’s story is filled with a lot of questionmarks. Some likened it to King Arthur while others will believe in it wholesale. There’s historical basis to the story but I guess some like Paul Tan may refuse to acknowledge it as the truth.

        I’ll look up the book’s titles & will share with you.

        1. I’ve come across them in popular literature here and there. They sound mysterious.

          Slow burning death, yikes. More painful than our mascot (the bent-over guy CTY) slowly bleeding from the scissors stabs.

  3. Helen,

    you should also write an artical about why a lot of people wan to be a YB. List down all the peark, benefit and elauns they will get when they being elected. When people read this, I think a lot of people will understand why a lot of people will going all the way to be a YB

    1. Their unofficial perks a lot more than their official salary and benefits.

      As to Pakatan people understanding that their YBs are not fighting tooth and nail for the jawatan so that they can berkhidmat kepada rakyat, it’s quite difficult to talk to kneecaps.

      The Pakatoons strongly believe that all the BN YBs tak berkaliber langsung serta jahat and all those on their own side mesti baik-baik belaka.

      1. Look at toyol palace, cow apartment project, PKFZ, MINDEF education project etc, you will know how lucrative to be YB and minister, so can’t blame PR who also want to get those benefit.

        1. What is the benefit of politics in Malaysia? Billions! If you are smart enough like Mahathir. His son is listed in Forbes as owning more than 2 billion who is just makan gaji before.

          If you are UMNO President, the Chinese towkays literally queue to put you on the board of directors of their companies. Since there is anti corruption law, you pass it to you sons, daughters, menantu. Any chance to make money like oil for food, you cepat-cepat put your menantu name.

          Even in Perak, a councillor cepat-cepat put his wife tailor name a small time opportunity.

          But the big payoff come in mega project like airports. EPU, or mampu will decide the costs where money are apportioned to special people with links.

          That is why EPU want to build airports everywhere and 4 billions for airports is simply amazing when it is just an empty landing field.

          So politics is big business, or how about 8 billion tunnels? Or how about Petronas contracts? These are the big bucks. Or water projects or IPPs such as YTL.

          That is why Anwar Ibrahim meroyan to be PM, it is all about big bucks which pay back what you dish out now.

          Even poor states like Kedah and Kelantan have lands which they give Nga and Ngeh. Poor Malays states run by idiots.

          Even taxi drivers from MIC can get million ringgit doled out by MIC previous administrations.

          Banking license, concessions etc… lets all be YBs. Yang Berharta!!!

    2. You earn less than 10k as an MP or ADUN. You get additional allowances if you’re a minister. I understand the PM makes about 30k all in a month. In truth compared to corporate bigwigs, earning less than 400k annually is peanuts since 3 of the 5 exec director of Star makes 2 million plus annually.

      But if you get appointed to say GLC’s board you will get director’s fees which can be substantial. It was rumored that Teresa Kok earned more than 60k monthly to attend a few meetings as directors of Selangor’s GLC

      In a way finances may be a motivation. However, I think for most, the power they wield is a stronger aphrodisiac.

  4. Championing ‘Jom Ubah’ & ‘Ini Kalilah’, it makes me wonder why the oppo cheerleaders love whining & complaining? You know what’s poli party pakatan comprised of but you’re still adamant & convinced they’re the answer & salvation.

    BN was labelled as anti Christian for scheduling GE13 on a sunday, waitta’s not even BN’s job to set a date/day but heck, they’re blamed anyway.

    So, when oppo wins (if!) looks like we’re gonna be rearranging our weekend to fri/sat or thu/fri – don’t blame BN then.. or maybe BN will be blamed for not working hard enough or manipulating GE13 so they’d win and the christians won’t be persecuted & opressed.

    To Bishop Tan, this is the Ubah you’ve wanted.. so my advise is, get used to this christian bashing (if you’re lucky, the hudud will be for all – just like their party motto .. be prepared and keep your head’s up, you never know, it may be guillotined. LOL

    As for the rest who’s keen on ubah.. you’ve made your bed: now fuck in it!

    1. Well one silver lining would be the introduction of dinar emas. Then we’d be walking around with gold coins in our pockets & Helen would be singing about her ducat

      1. speaking of Dinar Emas..I wonder whether we can buy slaves like in the P Ramlee movie (with the bell ringing and the auctioning)..1 dinar, 2 dinar, etc..and don’t get me started on them camels!

    2. Tsk tsk tsk, anakjamil, disgusted by your use of the f-word. Don’t you know that little kids may be dawdling about in these parts, read that garbage and walk around with corrupted minds! My grandma turned beet rood red when she saw it and I can imagine the disgust and consternation it might have evoked in prim proper households the country over. A pox on you, rude rascal!

      And blog owner, what are you doing about this foul mouthed ruffian. Surely you can call him out or at least administer some motherly advise. Sleeping on the job, eh? Dereliction of duty at its best. Shame on you! One more misdemeanor and rest assured the MACC will be at your door, pronto!

  5. I am sure Bishop Tan is under the illusion that DAP will be the one that would be able to control PAS – but dear Bishop, here’s a newsflash, DAP only hold the MINORITY share of the population, the Melayus still hold the trump card.

    Between religion & race, the melayus will be more religiously inclined and from PAS track records, you’re in for talibanism and religious extremism like you’ve never seen before.

    In case you didn’t notice, my dear Bishop .. PAS members are more arab than arabs. No liberal melayus can help you then as well for fear of being called murtad or kafir and in hudud, am sure you know what’s the punishment right?

    Let us all welcome the new Saudi Malaysia – if you’re into good times, heads will definitely roll!

    1. Anakjamil,

      yup. PAS tries to be more Arabs than arabs themselves. For a simple reason only. As many Malays have shallow understanding of Islam, they equate Arabness with islam.

      So, “tahaluf siyasi’ sounds more ‘islamic’ than UMNO’s cooperation with non muslim BN components. Same principle started by UMNO and copied by PAS. But UMNO is deemed unislamic for doing that. But PAS can claim its Prophet’s way .

  6. I just read this one book called The Great Big Book of Horrible Things, it’s a list of atrocity ranking based on number of deaths.

    The first is WW2 with 60 million people, Genghis Khan is second with 40 million, Mao is 3rd with 40 million as well. Number 4 surprised me with the British causing Indian famines killing 27 million (maybe Hindraf should read that one, maybe that would help with the lawsuit), fall of the Ming Dynasty is 5th, number 6 is some Christian Chinese rebellion killing 20 million.

    Looking at those numbers, I sure don’t look forward to Chinese taking power, or Christian Chinese taking power here.

  7. Bishop Paul Tan now gets a taste of his own medicine – he should respect the freedom of speech since humans are the only species created by God that is given the gift of speech and laughter.

    Hahaha….and by the way, Bishop Paul Tan should watch that drama series called “The Borgias – the original crime family” that starts from the Pope – sex, money, corruption, conspiracy, homosexuality, sodomites, murder and power – u have it all. How much of it still survive today in the churches? Maybe Bishop Paul Tan can enlighten us.

  8. Undilah Bishop Paul Tan. The gatekeeper of DAPster’s heaven. Nick Ajis position for PAS syurga. :)

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