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d’evangelistas are so very LOUD

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

At the crux of it, Malays = Islam = Malays, at least here in Malaysia. As for Chinese, they can be Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Hindu etc etc.

Based on experience, I find non Christian Chinese to be more accepting of Christian Chinese in relationship, friendship etc. Turn the table round & you see a different picture. Christians will view non Christian Chinese with a certain degree of suspicion, hostility even.

Why so? Because those not professing the same faith are considered heathens, of a lower class. Don’t believe me? Ask those non Christians marrying into a Christian family. They’ll question you about your ancestral worship, offerings to the dead etc likening it to paganistic rituals.

Considering there’s 9% Christians in Malaysia of which at least 2/3 is made up of bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak & for the sake of argument, let’s throw in the Indians & all other lain lain races in that 2/3 too. This will leave 1/3 as Chinese Christians. That would mean approximately 700-800k of Malaysian Chinese would be Christians of various denominations.

Consider the Chinese making up over 30% of the population of 28 million. That would put the Chinese population at around 8 million.

The fact that some 10% of the Chinese population or 3% of the Malaysian population speaks with so loud a voice is mind boggling no? Reeks of elitism if you ask me.

So why, pray tell Dappies, shouldn’t the Malays close ranks & be united against a common enemy that getting more boisterous & louder with each passing day, hell bent on imposing their will on the rest of Malaysians?

Christians have too high an opinion of themselves. To an extent, the same is true if Chinese. Put them both together in the same test tube, with the right temperature, a little agitation & the resulting compound can be quite explosive literally. I should know, I’m both.

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/27 at 7:32 am

Born again Christians

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

Was just talking about this with the other half.

She likened born again Christians to druggies getting a fix. And they need to have that fix repeatedly by going to their services, gathering etc. And when they’re so used to the high it gives, they’re attaching an IV bag of it to them 24/7 thus their constant proclamations of God’s will, God’s love, God’s this, God’s that & everything God as they become the de facto spokesperson of God walking the face of the earth.

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/27 at 8:52 am

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The MCA Chinese are pandas, not evangelistas



Extinction beckons

By Helen Ang

Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran is standing in Bukit Gasing, a Selangor state seat.

Bukit Gasing was held by the DAP from 2008 until December 2011 when its Adun Edward Lee passed away.

Edward Lee had joined DAP (see screenshot below) only in February 2008 – a mere one month before the election on 8 March 2008.

DAP 2.0 had absorbed a lot of new members just a couple of months prior to the election and these Christians like Hannah, Tony, Nie Ching, et al were given seats to contest.

Edward was a Christian. In the 2008 election, he campaigned actively in the churches.

The candidates in Bukit Gasing

Many of the candidates that DAP 3.0 has picked for GE13 come from the ranks of the evangelistas. Rajiv is one of them.

Like the late Edward, Rajiv is campaigning in the churches too. He will be debating his opponents in the Glad Tidings Church (an Assembly of God/AOG branch) and St Francis Xavier Church (SFX) in Bukit Gasing.

Rajiv and the other three candidates for Bukit Gasing are featured in The Star today in a write-up by Edward R. Henry (The Star reporter’s name).

There is good reason why the MCA-owned paper is nicknamed The Jerusubang Star.

The Star amplifies the Christian voice

Aside from Rajiv, another candidate for Bukit Gasing is Simon (son of Edward) who is standing as an independent. Simon Lee is a Christian.

The other independent, Mak Khuin Weng was formerly a Star Metro journalist. See screenshot above of an article bylined to KW Mak when he was still employed at The Star.

After the opposition took over Selangor, Mak was appointed a Petaling Jaya city councillor by the Pakatan state government which looked most favourably upon Jerusubang Star staff. (Why does the Pakatan state government look so favourably upon Jerusubang Star staff, you wonder?)

We can consider the three candidates (Rajiv, Mak, Simon) contesting against Gerakan’s Jean Sei Chang in Bukit Gasing all to be anti-BN. They will split the opposition votes. But then again, the Christians want their voices to be represented, isn’t that correct?

Jean Sei Chang - Google Search 2013-04-27 13-28-27

The Star completely ignores BN people

Before today’s article on Bukit Gasing was published in The Star, the BN candidate Jean Sei Chang has never been mentioned before – not even once – in the paper, according to Google search.

BN people are mostly invisible in The Star.

The Christians, on the other hand, are very prominent in The Star even though they are “only 9 percent” of the national population. Why are they are so disproportionately visible in the media?


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19 thoughts on “d’evangelistas are so very LOUD

  1. FFC…you are right on the dot regarding the Christians!

    I have a few Chinese Christian friends and they tend to have a condescending attitude towards the Chinese Buddhists. The Catholics are not so bad, but the evangelist type really show it. When I’m with them, I’m always a sinner, and they always want to save me.

    Guess what? I’m saved. I stopped meeting them!

    1. I ignore them most of the time. But I have about 50-60 rebuttals complete with bible passages if they decide to go all evangelical on me. By far I’m the one Catholic in my circle of friends these kind avoid. Works for me

    2. Haha… that would be funny but the fact that the Christian religion is now fundamentalists in borneo rainforests. Many natives are now voting PKR because it is being touted as Parti Kristian Rakyat who will allow Allah to be used in Christianity.

      Ya… itu tarikan PKR kepada Krisitian…. jadi Anwar ni kira penyebar kristianitylah…

      Who will deliver the natives aborigines from the evil Christian missionaries from Europe who messed up their own Bobohizan priests?

      Such a pity. The Kadazans have their owns systems of priests which are being killed by Christianity from Germans, French Spainish etc, priests.

  2. I have an ‘A’ in Scriptures and lived amongst true Christians for many years. I am not a Christian.

    These brainwashed kids who do the bongo-bongo voodoo dance of Subang Jaya are immature and spoilt by their parents hard-earned money.

    It was the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which created Subang Jaya – each property is probably worth more than RM1 Million each. These kids bite the hands that fed them and do not appreciate the good fortune which fell on them.

    Their mental insecurity and their inability to achieve better things in life like working hard to do productive things is beyond their mental capacity. These kids have lost the focus and the ability how to think and are now manipulated by the wily and the cunning for selfish and sinister ends.

    Vote BN

  3. This born again Christian thing was a creature of the late 1970s when wily and cunning entrepreneurs were a dime a dozen. One created a RM2 incorporated outfit through a legal loophole to control the young staff in his institution because his origin was he had sticky fingers as regards his employer’s money. He was one of those who got away. As we are told, stealing money is a sin. And he did not want his staff to steal his money. Clever Chinaman !

    From this point onwards, different Chinaman jumped in to exploit this UNMONITORED, UNHERALDED AND UNCONTROLLED BY THE
    GOVERNMENT MULT-BILLION RINGGIT TAX FREE BUSINESS. The only capital required is just RM2, a gift of the gab and a quick turn of the mind. The market of these young receptive kids grow by the hundreds of thousands annually. The opportunity to exploit is tremendous. And the results, we can see and hear now as an active bongo bongo voodoo troupe now banging their drums against the BN Government.

    Is this fair and equitable to all tax paying Malaysians ?

    And a couple of big mouths from these bongo bongo voodoo troupe talk big too ! Little do they realize they are hollow spiritually and culturally and aping something which is not ASIAN but something which has actually no meaning in a tropical place 7,000 miles away from anywhere. And they are abetted by the Star which was infiltrated by these kids in recent years after the previous official left. Very daring to play such childish and dangerous games !

    A disturbing feature of this lot is that the security and integrity of the political socio-economic of Malaysia is in jeopardy by their blind-sided behaviour in a diverse country which has enjoyed centuries of peace, harmony and prosperity.

    If these bongo bongo voodoo troupe from Subang Jaya are above the age of 21, they should know the consequences of their behaviour.

    Vote BN

    re: “they are abetted by the Star” — yes, absolutely. — Helen

  4. IS IT FAIR AND EQUITABLE FOR THE BN GOVERNMENT TO GIVE TAX FREE EXEMPTIONS TO RELIGIOUS GROUPS LIKE THIS RM2 INCORPORATED ENTITIES AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS ? These guys and dolls are probably just a drop in the ocean of Malaysian humanity. Why should we permit these kids to use our hard-earned money to attack and enslave ourselves ?

    The BN Government is actually subsidizing these anti-BN Government so-called religious groups to fight itself. A line has to be drawn sometime and somewhere.

    A review of the activities of these mushroom RM2 incorporated entities is a must as soon as the BN Government is formed in the interest of security and propriety and ethics as compared with the mainstream religions.

    A Charities Commission like Singapore’s be established immediately to monitor the money money side of things.

    Malaysia is famous for capers created by Chinamen. The list :-

    1. 1950s, The political social welfare lotteries. Tontine

    2. 1960s The mushroom insurance companies. Tontine

    3. 1970s. The Chit Funds. The Co-operatives. The RM2 incorporated entities appeared. Tontine.

    4. 1980s. The Co-operatives. The Insurance Companies Guarantees. Share rigging. More RM2 incorporated entities.

    5. 1990s Share rigging. More RM2 incorporated entities.

    6. 2000s. Share rigging. RM2 incorporated entities consolidate. Gold Bullion trades. Forex money changers.

    Even my late sister-in-law who was just a helper in a hair dressing salon formed her own RM2 incorporated ‘Church’ She made tons and tons of tax free money.

    Agree. These RM2 profit-making companies must have their books inspected. — Helen

  5. And the latest of capers created by Chinamen.

    2013. The RM2 incorporated entities are now BIG AND DARING enough to attack the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties arising from the doldrums since 2003.

    A Chinese tycoon confirmed the above recently. Now nobody is afraid of the BN Government was the message.

    This is a stark and sombre case in point when our beloved Malaysia’s security, sovereignty, national interest, self-esteem were neglected since 2003. This is the FACT.

  6. I can see why the Christian Chinese see the Buddhist Chinese as heathens in view of Traditional Chinese practices such as Ancetral Worship, Offerings To The Dead etc etc etc … What intrigues me is whether Christian Chinese totally stop practicing Ancestral Worship , Offerings To The Dead etc etc etc or they do it on the side? Would the answer be the same regardless of the Church or it differs according to the denominations, Evangalista Churches, Roman Catholicism and Protestants?

    1. Where my family is concerned, no issues paying respects to the departed. After all, we would also offer prayers for the Catholic dead on their death anniversary & All Souls Day. We don’t burn hell money or make food offerings etc but we certainly don’t mind if our family members who are not Christians do so.

      At the end of the day, it is all about respecting what others believe in. That’s what’s lacking in a lot of them born again as they’re eager beavers to allow others to experience the “enlightenment” to the extent of insulting what others believe. No Christian love there, only pomposity inflated by a lot of hot air.

  7. In stead of blaming people who are angry with the gov, one should ask why these people are angry. Don’t just blame DAP. BN have all the resources and yet they can’t get their support because UMNO practice discrimination policies consistently hurting non Malays feeling in order to get the Malay support. People have the right to become angry and vote against BN. This is why MCA will die because they no longer look after Chinese interest, they are just an obidient servant of UMNO.

    1. “This is why MCA will die because they no longer look after Chinese interest, they are just an obidient servant of UMNO.”

      You mean, just like the way DAP is subservient to PAS’ hudud demands? They don’t care about the Chinese being subjected to Islamic rule, as long as they get control of the country?

    2. I was warming myself up to DAP until I know that they are using hate to oust what they see and perceive as injustice. BN might be as bad as DAP are accusing, but the hate DAP are using are not an alternative to BN by any hint. DAP might become even worst if this hate is allowed to goes further.

      DAP has been successfully controlling the ‘racist’ narrative to the point that there are Malay who are ashamed to be one. No wonder they are pushing hard for sedition act to be repealed – so that any agitation made could not be charge.

      The anger of rakyat is one thing, inciting and riling it further is another. It might push their anger to he realm of irrational.

      Maybe the term ‘higher moral ground’ does not exist in DAP nor PR dictionary.

      My vote might be solitary, but as long as DAP all hatey-hatey, DAP will not get my vote, period.

      1. Afraid I am going to have to disagree with you there.

        There is no injustice and percecution. Injustice, persecution, hate and religion are being used as means to an end.

        Injustice of persecution are created to drum up hate, religion is used as a platform to influence the masses. The end objective is power, power to govern.

        It is not about stamping out corruption, it is not about a crusade against religious persecuion. It isn’t about opperession or inequality. It is greed for power pure and simple.

  8. Dear Helen,

    Tried to post this twice yesterday but it somehow didnt go thru. So here goes.

    These evangelistas are doing nothing more than what PAS has been doing to the other Malayss for so many years. They are merely taking a leaf out of the book of PAS (pun intended).

    All it takes is for a third religion to go extreme and we have a recipe for disssaster. Malaysia is going down a path from which it may never recover. I hope they come to their senses and soon.

    This may sound naive, but mutual respect and tolerance is what is required. These people has to stop using religion as a platform for their politics of hate.

    1. The non-Christian Chinese are their own worst enemy. They feel the need to have Christian names just so that they are in the in-crowd.

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