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UPDATED (under attack): “I’ve lost my connection with my server” wor

Updated 6.55pm: It’s beginning to be impossible to access my blog. The intensity of the interruptions have been stepped up!

Other WordPress blogs like Jebat Must Die are accessible on my computer and the Internet connection to JMD is normal. Websites like Malaysia Today can be accessed normally too, no problem.

Only my own blog having this problem (screenshot below).

See explanation further below. It looks like the DDOS attack that Rocky just experienced.

Problem loading page 2013-04-27 18-40-54

***  ***  ***


See below, Lim Kit Siang’s blog asking people to “vote with anger”.

My opinion is that angry people do destructive things.

Excerpts from Lim Guan Eng’s interview

From Kajang prison to 28th floor of Komtar‘ in Malaysiakini, talking about being jailed for the underaged girl case.

“How could I be imprisoned when the world knows I was being framed?”
“I was seething with anger.”

“I had to do a lot of self-counselling to work out the anger in order to face the imprisonment with equanimity.


In the climate of the Politics of Hate, contrary views and dissenting voices are attacked and silenced.

From angry people, you can only get the politics of hate.

Updated 7.25pm

This report appeared today in Malaysiakini.

“Access to Malaysiakini through several Malaysian Internet service providers (ISPs) has been “restricted” since the kick-off of the official campaign period in the May 5 general election.

“As a result, readers have been facing a frustrating time accessing Malaysiakini – it’s available one minute and not the next, literally.”

***  ***  ***

My blog been experiencing exactly the same problem as described by Malaysiakini over the past two days.

One minute I can access my blog dashboard, and the next minute I cannot. I get the error message I’ve lost my connection with the server (see screenshot below, the pink message box).

Edit Post ‹ Helen Ang — WordPress 2013-04-27 15-41-35

(Perhaps the more tech-savvy among our readers can help shed light on this.)

While this disruption does not prevent me entirely from blogging, it does however interfere with the flow in saving my work as I go along as well as in the moderation of comments.

My initial thought was that the connectivity problem arose because of more users being online due to the election fever and thus putting a strain on the broadband service. Malaysiakini however sees something more sinister in the disruption.


The readership of my blog has been spiking ever since nomination day of the election candidates — a development which is not something unusual as I expect any other rajin political blogger to also experience the same hike. By the same token, I expect our readership to drop after May 5.

Nonetheless my blog pageviews have dipped the last 48 hours, I suspect, due to the problem as pinpointed above by Malaysiakini.


A quick announcement


This would be a rare occurrence but some of your comments could be lost in spam. Previously I’d take a quick look at the spam queue to retrieve the odd reader’s comment that had inadvertently landed there.

Nonetheless I can no longer do this because I’m getting too much spam daily. The spam count has risen in tandem with the increase in page views.

I’ve found out some reasons why certain comments ended up in spam:

(1) The commenter has included too many links. I’ve set a limit of five urls, so any more than that, the comment is automatically diverted to spam.

(2) I’ve not set any word limit but then comments that are too long might possibly be mistaken for spam as well. (I’m guessing here.)

(3) Some pro-DAP commenter(s) using proxy server to hide their IP address have had their comments sieved as spam. The reason is likely due to the use of the proxy server.

(4) The programme filter weeds out suspicious e-mail addresses as well, e.g. if the fake e-mail is given as, say, lkjhgf@xyz. The ‘@xyz’ would look suspicious to the blog software programme.

I do not censor contrary views. So if your comment is reasonable and fails to be published, please let me know.

To pre-empt (2), you could break up your comment into two parts as a precautionary measure, accompanied with a short note.



From now till May 5, I intend to upload my postings more often but they will be shorter ones. I hope this heightened activity does not inconvenience too much those of you who have my blog on rss by clogging up your feed.


Since my blog shall be moving at a brisker pace than usual, I hope that you will scroll (back) to catch up on postings that you might have missed earlier.

I shall also entertain reader requests to put up any questions for forum discussion. So please leave your suggestions in the Comments section if you wish to highlight some topic for input from the general audience.



Aidil Yunus‘s letter to the editor in The Mole


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “UPDATED (under attack): “I’ve lost my connection with my server” wor

  1. I see that even when I switched from mobile internet to broadband there seems to be some difficulty in accessing your blog. Took several attempts before I can get in.

    Oh well, it won’t be long before the other pro BN sites are targeted by the desperados.

  2. Yes, Helen your are under attack. Cool down for a while and start right back again. Some one mention it to me that this people attack all their deem popular pro BN blog. Your not alone.

    A word to all PC and laptop holder, the warning also applicable to you.

  3. The Singaporean DAP as founded by Lee Kuan Yew with his failed Policies for Singapore did nothing for 47 long years, nothing for the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Chinese, the Indians and all. Now, the Singaporean DAP has been activated as a Trojan Horse to fulfil its mission to crush the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. This is confirmed by the Singaporean DAP’s announcement that ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay-based.’ A fact which has been recognised by all the 14 component parties of the BN since 1955 !

    If BN loses, we Malaysians will lose our lifestyle, our democracy and our freedom as we know it. Once again, we will be enslaved by foreign chauvinists forever and our grandmothers sold down river for money, money, money !

    That guy was alleged by someone to be a failed accountant and he was charged with sedition after all the heroics. And now he is the God of Power and Happiness of Pulau Pinang – if not for the BN, he would not be there.

    Vote BN.

  4. dear helen, hope you get this! when/if you do, please check your fb msg/inbox. i’ve sent you a picture that KP wanted to share with you. i’ve also left you an email msg.

    Thanks mekyam. — Helen

  5. Maybe its way past the witching hour but I have no difficulty to access Helen’s blog …

    Are you an insomniac? :) — Helen

  6. yes, tepat seperti jangkaan saya sebelum ini. it’s a signal that DAPster are VERY afraid of what you have written about them.

    DAPSTER, why not gentleman? if you are really convinced that your struggle is so called noble and sacred why must attack Helen’s blog?

    using violence, hatred, slanders – loser’s tactic because sober people won’t believe all your lies.

  7. Is it just me or does it affect others as well? My comments are timed out several times when I try sending them & when sent I don’t get to see the comments with the remark that it is awaiting moderation.

    1. FF Calvin,

      I believe the problem you encounter is due to the DDOS attack on my blog.

      See pink message box in the screenshot of my dashboard about interruption server connection, i.e timed out.

      I hope it will no deter you or other readers. This DDOS attack is another element of cyberbullying and we mustn’t bow to the bullies.

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