15 thoughts on “Masjid diconteng dengan perkataan ‘PAS babi’


  2. I strongly believe it was done by PAS supporters, such remarks can trigger a sympathy vote for PR candidate’s if words are spread around alleging the vandalism was done by UMNO & BN supporter’s.

    To Bandar Tun Razak voters especially Muslim voters, don’t be fooled with your unguided sentiment…just vote BN this coming 5th of May.

      1. PAS have significant numbers of supporters compare with PKR. ‘PAS unit amal’ was easily used by khalid gagap & PKR to collect rubbish, it’s not rubbish assumption if ‘PAS unit amal mungkar’ was used to vandalize the said mosque with ‘PAS Babi’ remarks that can consequence a sympathy vote for khalid gagap, hopefully.

        In desperate time when PKR & PAS were on the same boat that was leaking & lighthouse is nowhere to be found, they choose a mosque….. what a despicable act!… ptuihhhhh!!!

    1. Dear readers,

      I may not be able to moderate your comments as long as my blog remains under DDOS attack (apparently, same like the recent attack on Rocky).

      My access is only intermittent. I’ll probably go offline.

      1. dear helen, hope you get this! when/if you do, please check your fb msg/inbox. i’ve sent you a picture that KP wanted to share with you. i’ve also left you an email msg.

        Okay, thanks. — Helen

  3. RPK has been under DDOS attack a couple of weeks ago, as do Papagomo recently.

    I think someone is targetting all bloggers critical of the opposition.

    also, that event above – makes me think of the church firebombing few years back T_T

      1. He is but he’s also taken to writing a lot of articles criticizing the Opposition in recent years. Take the time to check it out sometimes. For one, he verified that Rosmah did NOT buy the famed $24 million ring. And exposed Anwar’s connection to the Lahad Datu incident.

        1. Doesn’t that guy interest anyone else?
          I don’t know whether to think of him as some idealistic liberal who’s just bored with BN’s decades long hold on Malaysia’s development or just some fifth columnist secretly recruited by foreign elements to meddle with Malaysia’s politics. Won’t be the first time that happened in this place.

          Anyway by now he should have realized that the decades long BN chokehold didn’t only make BN complacent, it made Malaysia’s opposition incompetent rabble rousers who don’t know anything else beside opposing for the sake of opposing, complaining and blaming everyone else.

          1. Sometimes I think he’s a rebel against anything that looks set to be the status quo haha. With a tad of a narcissistic streak. He sure does take some pleasure in laying in the sarcastic remarks, and he seems to know people like it when he does it.

            And I think you’re right about him being a idealistic liberal. I get that he wants a two-party system hence his immense support for PR but it’s also a tad naive to think that THAT party will not try to win it ALL. duh. Any party would.

  4. From my heart I want to say I don’t think any Muslims, regardless of the politic divide would write this AT A MOSQUE. that’s something like an unspoken rule. Because it’s sacred. sejahat2nya UMNO as some people would believe – I’d think they’d rather write those at a PAS’s leader’s house… or at PAS’ operation center..
    But a mosque? That’s something sacred to all Muslims, no matter what party you follow.

    Whoever’s doing this, this is a terribly dangerous game to play.

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