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What happens with an all Chinese DAP ceramah crowd

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Frankie Gan, the MCA candidate for Bukit Bintang, had featured in a music video that went viral over YouTube.

‘Love is in the Air’ was sung by Frankie and the Federal Territory MCA 1Malaysia task force team, including the party’s election candidates for Seputeh (Nicole Wong), Bandar Tun Razak (Tan Kok Eng) and Cheras (Steve Teoh).

Their cover of the song was boisterously mocked by the DAP SuperCyber Bullies led by none other than Mama Dapster herself.


Twitter hannahyeoh I almost fell off my chair ... 2013-04-29 00-01-25

ABOVE: Almost 100 retweets

hannahyeohWhat do winnable candidates

DAP SuperCyber Bullies win another round

The widespread mockery of MCA was so bad that no only did Frankie remove his video from YouTube but his billboards were also taken down.

MCA is totally incapable of putting up a fight against the DAP.

This karaoke business is another instance of MCA waving the white flag and surrendering to the DAP bullies.

Frankie takes down his video from YouTube after the supercyber bullying by Dapsters

Correction: Frankie did not take down the video. — updated 27 Oct 2013


Lean mean fighting machine, not

MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu is not it either (a lean, mean fighting machine).

Senator-Wow-Terribly-Impressed is down with a flu this week … “what a time”. And he’s among the youngest of the MCA leadership.

At the moment, MCA has only got its one samurai Shen Yee Aun punching above his weight.

What MCA desperately needs is to clone an army of Tan Keng Liangs (TKL is the spunky Kedah Gerakan Youth chief).

Twitterganpingsieu Down with fever cough and

Hannah screens the Frankie video at her ceramah

YouTube of Hannah’s ceramah here.

As we know, the Evangelista Bintang Tiga is characterized by two prominent traits — malice and viciousness.

The SS15 Subang Jaya ceramah crowd watching the MCA video – which Hannah Yeoh screened on a huge outdoor projector – had quite predictably jeered her party rivals.

Mocking laughter and catcalls could be heard directed at Frankie and his singing crew from the Chinese opposition supporters when the MCA music video was played.

We have seen how the DAP has bullied Hindraf — from the Kg Buah Pala episode onwards to the recent Hindraf blueprint episode.


“@imokman @hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully”

The Star supports the cyberbullies

Bullies step on people they believe to be weaker than themselves. DAP is bullying MCA because bullies act in a mob and the DAP has 90 percent of the Chinese behind them.

The DAP election publicity chief, Hew Kuan Yau (nicknamed ‘Superman’), is notorious for bullying. Like Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming, Hew Kuan Yau is an evangelista too.

Wong Chun Wai the group editor of The Star is another evangelista. The DAP SuperCyber Bullies have grown from strength to strength because The Scissors has been covertly backing them to the hilt.

By the way, a number of The Star editors and reporters are Hannah Yeoh Twitter followers also living in Subang Jaya.


The Subang Jaya crowd reacting to MCA singing Love is in the Air




ABOVE: ‘Love is in the Air’ music video by Frankie and his 1Malaysia MCA team projected on screen during Hannah Yeoh’s ceramah.

However it was not love that was in the air in SS15 Subang Jaya. It was altogether another emotion.













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82 thoughts on “What happens with an all Chinese DAP ceramah crowd

  1. I can’t understand why Frankie Gan et al took the K’ok video down once its already posted to youtube – damage already done so why not milk public symphaty and/or reposition MCA away from the Towkay Party image once and for all.

    To me, MCA should just capitalise on the “publicity” by projecting its candidates as “ordinary” Malaysians who is in touch with “ordinary” Malaysians and willing to work towards the common good of all Malaysians unlike the DAP which is becoming ever more Chauvanistic, Arrogant, Tempremental etc etc etc

    1. Agree. The video should have stayed up.

      CSL was asked by the Malaysiakini reporter what he thought about it. His answer after watching, “Okay what”.

      It’s just the plain human decency that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga lack.

      1. The video should have stayed up.- Helen

        I just checked the video a moment ago, it’s still there. Probably Frankie put it back after CSL commented about it

  2. Seriously, I don’t think criticizing a badly thought-out karaoke music video is CyberBullying in my opinion. In the same way as panning a total flop at the cinema — it was utterly horrendous, and what is the message that the video is trying to get through? It does not tell us anything relevant pertaining their election e.g. about their track record or show us something important about them say their willingness to raise issues touchy to their coalition big brother for instance, that invariably, most people’s opinion about it is nothing good, so are we supposed to be impressed by it in order not to be labelled cyberbullies? If anything, a bad production is humiliation self-inflicted.

    Also if they didn’t want to ‘acknowledge’ that they did a terrible faux-pas they could just have left the videos up. Apparently they were not so confident about it after the negative reviews. But any movie producer or director would stand by their art by not hiding or denying that they ever made something like that. Instead by their own action they just confirmed that even they themselves agree it’s a monstrosity which deserves not to see the light of day.

    1. Is the video really that bad? One’s view of it would be subjective, would it not? CSL after viewing it responded “okay what”.

      Would you be willing to say that the singing is no better and no worse than that of any group of average karaoke fans?

      If it was a group of DAP Adun wannabes who made the video, what would the Dapster reaction be?

      It’s the perennial double standard, e.g. if a BN politician crosses over to Pakatan (Jimmy Chua the born again, he has seen the light; Sakmongkol the ex-Umno Adun, his sins are cleansed).

      But if a Pakatan pollie crosses over to BN, he’s been bought, he’s a traitor — take the case of Lim Boo Chang. He was a city councillor who resigned from MPPP over his objection to Penang’s sPICE project. He does not hold any DUN or Parliament seat, so his leaving Pakatan does not impact on which party holds power (so the “bought over” argument is out, and furthermore his resignation came at mid-term). But just b’cos he criticized LGE, the DAP Supercyber Bullies were at him like a wolf pack.

      When Michelle Yeoh endorsed Najib, she is labelled a “running dog”. If an actress were to endorse LGE, you can be assured that she will not be called a “bitch” (like Michelle Yeoh was) but instead a brave, conscientious artiste.

      The rank hypocrisy of DAP is apparent to everyone else except the Chinese. The fact that the Chinese are unable to see the double standards practised should be something you need to ponder on. What are the implications of such a gargantuan blind spot?

      The song that MCA covered was ‘Love is in the air’.

      The air is filled with Hate because of the kind of politics that the DAP Evangelista Bintang Tiga spew daily.

      re: “a bad production is humiliation self-inflicted”

      That’s the basic decency that DAP SuperCyber Bullies are lacking. There is no need to humiliate anyone.

      Let’s say your young daughter sang off-key in an audition for a school concert. You’d hope that the other parents would keep their derisory remarks in check. (To forestall your objection that 6-year-olds cannot be compared to MCA pollies, let me explain that I’m talking about the nature of the Man here. A person who has no qualms about kicking a cat is more likely to have no qualms about beating his wife. Although a cat is not comparable to a spouse, the same nature of the abusive man is seen in both cases.)

      The first instinct of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies is to hurt, to humiliate and to draw blood. Tak ada naluri langsung untuk jaga hati orang. Particularly b’cos we live in a multi-racial, multi-religious society where the people have great differences, all the more we have to be mindful not to willfully denigrate others.

      re: “Seriously, I don’t think criticizing a badly thought-out karaoke music video is CyberBullying in my opinion. In the same way as panning a total flop at the cinema — it was utterly horrendous […] Also if they didn’t want to ‘acknowledge’ that they did a terrible faux-pas they could just have left the videos up … by their own action they just confirmed that even they themselves agree it’s a monstrosity which deserves not to see the light of day.”

      I hope that you will examine the words that you have used to describe a video of a bunch of amateur singers singing ‘Love is in the Air’. You said it is “horrendous” and “a monstrosity”.

      Does the singing of a love song (however badly in your opinion you think it’s been sung) deserve such harsh words?

      Do you know what that hints to outsiders who are not DAP fanboys? That Chinese oppo supporters always have very harsh things to say — about Indians, about Malays, about anything not up to their own “high class” standards.

      The fact that MCA succumbed to the public humiliation and took down their video is sad. Imagine that your 6-year-old daughter develops a phobia about taking part in future public events after being mocked, jeered and laughed at during her audition.

      You may say that the MCA vid is a “self-inflicted humiliation” but the silent majority out dare are taking note of the way that DAP people are treating MCA people who belong to the same race and speak the same language.

      And the other Malaysians are thinking, if the DAP Chinese can treat their fellow Chinese so nastily with the little power that they have now, how will they treat darker-skinned people later when they have more power?

      1. CSL had make the serious election matter like Malaysian Idol entertainment. I meant do you expect us to vote our MP on how good his singing skill? MCA is pathethic, why not field his rival like PTK in BB, at least voters may give him a chance.

        1. DAP pollies love singing as well.

          There was the party theme song that was recorded by Nie Ching, Zairil and gang (off-hand can’t recall for certain if Anthony Loke was in it too but I think so, yes).

          And so many of the DAP pollies featured in the Gangnam parody. So why when DAP sings there is no bullying but when MCA sings, they are humiliated?

          1. Ya but DAP don’t use them for their main campaign material. They use it as opening act unlike the BN. That BB joker can’t even speak well, he don’t even voice out the bad doing of opposition and discuss about policies in his political campaign. He knew nothing about politic, everytime he is on stage he just want to sing like he is doing a concert. Real pathethic, MCA deserve to lose and to lose their deposit as well. Don’t blame others.

            1. re: “MCA deserve to lose and to lose their deposit as well”

              I don’t disagree with you there.

              re: “He knew nothing about politic”

              I can’t comment since I’m unfamiliar.

              re: “Ya but DAP don’t use them for their main campaign material. They use it as opening act unlike the BN.”

              Can you pls elaborate by giving concrete examples in comparison for both parties?

              As far as I’m aware, both the DAP music vids were launched with great fanfare by the party publicity bureau.

          2. So DAP reps are paragons of fluency in Malay & English? Thanks for brightening up my Monday with your comment.

            Strangely, you condone cyber bullying yet stand for free speech. Ooooppssss, my bad. That’s DAP, not necessarily you right?

          3. Yeah right. And I’m the Pope if the DAP goons can claim to be paragons of fluency in Malay and English. Bunch of whiners. Totally toxic. And pure poison too for good measure.

            1. re: “Bunch of whiners. Totally toxic. And pure poison too for good measure.”

              Wish I could give you a prize for nailing it.

        1. re : “the silent majority out there

          There a lot of them actually. those who read your blog day in and out but never voice a blip at all. More than 6 peoples ( I think more but I cannot be sure) Advise me to your blog when I’m mooning about the one sided info (a lot from these pro oppo – who sooooo loud like there a billion of them in Malaysia) and which sometimes make no sense to me.

          Me, after been bombarded with these nonesenses, I’m fighting back and start voicing my opinion and have been block by some of them. For them “They fighting for free speachs as long it is theirs opinion”

          1. My comments in The Malaysia Insider have been consistently blocked/deleted by the administrator.

            I sent an emal to them that their hypocrisy on freedom of speech would eventually blow up on their face, some day.

            1. You’re not the first one to complain. I’ve heard many complaints.

              How come the Pakatan slanderers don’t ask “Jahabar, who is paying you to run The Malaysian Insider?

              Or ask “Jacqueline, who paid you RM2.5 million to run The Nut Graph?”

          2. Setem, Helen, I guess “they” call this Democracy 3.0 eh? Or should it be Democracy 1.5 beta? ;)

            1. Johor is the bellwether state.

              My area (where I stay in Selangor) has MCA contesting both DUN and Parliament seats but hardly any sign of the MCA machinery or personnel on the ground.

              The BN pondok is being manned by all Malays. MCA is a problem to the Barisan and its media is a bigger problem.

          3. I agree with all here that MCA needs a good kick up the behind. Wake up already!

      2. Helen, your reply to Neoragex is very very good (I like the daughter bad singing analogy). To Neoragex, there’s a Malay saying you should be aware of: kerana mulut , badan binasa, enough said.

      3. Dap doesn’t need to humiliate mca…mca does a very good job themselves. Also they should hire a professional copy writer to spell check their campaign material. It was a badly made video from a creative point of view n it was embarrassing for those who starred in it. Well actually I don’t know if they were embarrassed but I felt embarrassed for them.

        This is of course an opinion n everyone is entitled to one including you labelling hannah yeoh n others evangelista…

        I may not agree with you but I will defend your right to speak …..

        1. My right to speak is not defended by anyone connected to the DAP.

          Instead by blog is DDOS attacked and there has been a concerted campaign to drag my name into the mud. Not content with character assassination to blacken my name, they have resorted to even falsifying my name to become “Helen Ang Abdullah”.

          As to my labelling Hannah Yeoh and others evangelista, it’s a group name like Sandinistas and fashionista.

    2. Mockery is a universe away from criticism. Public mockery done by a group is tantamount to bullying. There are no ifs and buts to it. If the same treatment had been accorded to Hannah Yeoh – say, people mock her fatness in droves – you would see it as bullying more clearly.

  3. I wonder whether these DAP bullies realise that the Malays are watching their antics with total disgust and they are just waiting for the election day to teach these DAP pricks a lesson.

    1. they are so full of themselves that they think they are the only people in town. yes I do agree with you. come election day, the Malays will teach them a lesson that they will remember for at least a generation, well make that 2, 3 generations to come.

  4. Dear Helen,

    Gelang Patah also all Chinese DAP crowd and seem like the battle of MIC (Malay, Indian, 20% Chinese) with all Chinese Dapster.

    But feel awkward when seeing Chinese use religious thing just like PAS and UMNO. Seems all Dewa Dewa bless MCA and Jesus bless DAP.. Malaysia Boleh!

    1. You should see how gila glamour this DAP nowadays.. With para-glider from the sky (heaven?) bring DAP and PAS flag during their Grand Pa Kitty Siang ceramah.. Where is PKR flag?

      Ghani so low profile and really people friendly, its really huge chances that Johorean will sent this old man to hell.. but doesn’t even cross to our mind before that we have to work and promise so many thing just to get so far 20% of Chinese vote.. I’ll keep this thing in my heart forever.

      1. Yeah, my own instinct is that LKS will win. What do other Johoreans besides you think (honestly, and not just adopting the BN keeping-up-good-morale approach)?

        1. “my own instinct is that LKS will win”

          That will be a sad day for a Johorean like me.. but what to do? This is democracy.. if the Chinese think LKS can serve them better than GO, so be it.

          1. Hai Johorean RCZ,

            Agree with you. Respect democracy. Dont be so sad coz our malay still with UMNO.. Let out Chinese’s brother choose their own path.

        2. Its really 40-60 for Ghani.. If we got another 10% (already got 20%) then Ghani will win. Our hope only from our pure Johorean Chinese that born, study and work in Johor.. The S’pore species sure DAP forever.

          The good things is now we have very good an experience fighting as underdog..

          1. re: “The good things is now we have very good an experience fighting as underdog.”

            Most interesting, innit? This is a case of Umno fighting DAP’s battle and thus Umno is the underdog in a Chinese-majority area. But it was a good move and most necessary move to show up the DAP strategy.

          2. Ibni Ismail @ 10.36am: Our hope only from our pure Johorean Chinese that born, study and work in Johor.. The S’pore species sure DAP forever.

            No, no, NO! Hell NO!!! For your info, I am born Malaysian, Johorean and Chinese, studied and worked in Singapore. And now back for good. Sadly Talentcorp had nothing to do with it.

            I WILL vote BN-MIC this Sunday!

          3. AH,

            Talentcorp is rather rigid & narrow in their RT program no? That said, whichever component party represents BN is irrelevant. Our cross should still be next to the Dacing.

            Btw Helen, I’m quite surprised to see the Norman Fernandez issue not given more coverage by Star. In fact, they could have gotten the Wong duo or Barradan or Joceline to write a piece on it but they didn’t actually Carpe Diem did they?

            In fact, the coverage was split to pgs 3-4 which are back to back instead of say 2-3 which faces each other. You’d think that the editors are deliberately arranging the pages in such away to soften the blow. Or perhaps I’m just being paranoid eh?

          4. Anti Hatred,

            Thanks a lot for your support.. Sorry if my comment just disturbing you..

          5. Ibni Ismail, no worries bro. No offence taken. We Johoreans stick together. My cross goes to Dacing.

        3. I beg to differ. Latest insider news said that it’s now 50:50 chances for both contenders. We’ll see Ghani will go on the offensive during the last few days of campaigning. Malays vote are effectively with BN now.

          1. Pray for us my dear friends.. Better joint us coz its really happening here fight with DAP..

      2. One BN supporter said that BN ppl were concerned the para-glider would blame UMNO/BN when they were to crash down to earth. Hahahahaha.

    2. The one who use religion factor tremendously is the MCA. MCA put up ad in major Chinese newspaper everyday telling voters that voting DAP is like voting PAS islamic hudud. In 2008 when PR won Selangor state, UMNO propose to join with PAS to govern Selangor, MCA have no objection, so why the objection now? Or maybe MCA is indeed impotent and an obidient dog to UMNO.

      1. DAP was planning to contest the election using the PAS moon symbol. So why cannot say that voting DAP is voting PAS policies? After all, the DAP people tell Chinese that voting MCA is voting Umno policies.

      2. Every political party using everything including religion to ensure their victory.. Its very pity of anybody that fail to feel their strategy..

        1. Yes, you are right. MCA can use PAS as bogeyman as much as they want and I have no problem with this. However they must not be naive. This strategy is not working anymore.

          DAP’s stunt on ROS has worked and they won a lot of sympathy and at the end of the day, they still continue to use rocket plus a lot more of their supporters make the moon as their logo as well.

          MCA advisors are doing a lousy job. The Chinese are more concern of corruption and education, voicing out against corruption will earn them a lot of votes. Why not attack some UMNO crooks like sharizat, criticise them will not do massive damage to UMNO but they dare not too so, thus it is correct to say a vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO.

          1. re: “This strategy is not working anymore.”

            I concur with you. Dat vy MCA ist goin’ de way of de dinosaur.

            re: “MCA advisors are doing a lousy job.”

            And The Scissors is stabbing MCA to death too.

            re: “The Chinese are more concern of corruption and education, voicing out against corruption will earn them a lot of votes.”

            In a bribery transaction, there are givers and there are takers. Why not look at who is giving the bribes?

            In Penang and Selangor (and for a short while, Perak), the government is Pakatan. So who is the one receiving the bribes in those states?

          2. re : The Chinese are more concern of corruption and education, voicing out against corruption will earn them a lot of votes.

            An opinion from a Chinese friends after I told them what we discuss here. She, just like me, voting for opposition last GE. Now drastically change and will vote for dacing no matter who’s the candidates. She said and I quote :

            All the Chinese who discuss about the corruption, forgetting that the peoples who yepping all this ideas also full of curruption. The full extend of it, well nobody know. But it will blow up in their faces. I think it sooner.

            This also applied when they discussing about bribery. I forever suprise with their ignorance that the people who giving are as guilties as the receiver. They the one who said police always received bribe but getting angry when the police doesn’t want their “duit kopi”.

            On Education, well just say, how much more do you want. I think some school has more money becouse their HM was actives in PTA and joining the communities. If the communities around you is on the lower side of income, write a letter to Bisnesses or Companies for donation of money and items your school needed. No sane Chinese bisnesses or companies will turn you down. Some will taken your school under their wings. It tax exempt maa.

            The attitude of demanding more and more was not exclusive to malay and indian. Chinese was their own worst enemy.

            They say goverment allocated more budget to SK. Why more? The answer was simple and straight forwards. More SK than SKJC. Please add up the exclusive schools,( SKJC + SKJT + SK Mubaligh + SK pondok ) and you see how much goverment allocate the budget. Isn’t it fair if you want the same amount for SKJC pupils when more pupils attend SK.

            Just divided budget per pupils. See how much SKJC pupils get per head than SK pupils. Still not fair aaa.

            Ini Kalilah UBAH? Yes, I will ubah. To BN. What ever they said, I trust SPR election system more than DAP’s (with wink).

            1. I’m a Selangor people, I don’t see the quality of PR in terms of governance.

              Seriously, despite given the mandate to rule Selangor for 5 years, many of my friends still perceive them as opposition until today, and since they’re still an “opposition”, all those finger pointings, blaming games, quibblings etc are tolerable.

              My ex-boss used to say: If you want to be promoted as a manager, act like one before you do!

              Likewise, as long as the “opposition” mentality still in the PR‘s mind, I would not hesitate to vote them out.

          3. MCA and UMNO always wrong and your Tokong LGE still much much better although after his really stupid mistake in managing his very own election party.. That bad?

    3. Hallelujah! Now why am I not surprised. (since irony is lost on 99.9% of all dapsters, note that I am being sarcastic.) I think I’ll skip lunch.

  5. Funny, if the Empress of Subang Jaya thinks that the MCA video as crass and low class, what about the Ubah video by DAP with the extremely crude impersonating of Rosmah and insinuation of Altantunya’s murder? Wasn’t that really low-class and in bad taste? Not to mention the appearance of that Ah Lian who stepped on Najib’s photo…

    1. she is not the Empress anymore. she’s now a Goddess. funny thought that up to this day, she has yet to reveal the racial identity of her newborn daughter. is she fearing a backlash from the Indian community ? I have a funny feeling that her newborn is also a “Chinese”. what do you guys think ?

      1. No prizes for guessing the race of her child. That’s why she’s keeping quiet. Funny though in Singapore, DAP’s Utopia, you still need to declare your race and religion in BC and IC.

  6. Helen, there is something going this time around that worries me greatly. Are we heading for another May 13?

    I was shocked when some of my relatives in Pahang, NS and Melaka sending me pics of DAP ceramah attended by hundreds and thousands of cheering Chinese Dapsters. These folks previously voted for DAP every election and that they will vote so this time is no surprise.

    But what worries me is that the crowd this time seemed to be in a trance and cheering wildly just like those star-struck teens attending one of those singing-dancing events in Subang Jaya and elsewhere in an evangelist church.

    I shudder to think how these folks going take the election result come 5th May.

    1. the Royal Malaysian Police Force and the Armed Forces are ready for any eventuality. this I m absolutely sure. if there’s troubles on election day, or the day, days after May 5, it will be the doing of the Chinese.

      I doubt Malays, whether they are from Umno, Pas, PKR…… I seriously doubt they will take to the streets regardless of the outcome of the May 5 GE. this is because they too are not dumb enough to risk it all.

      1. I do hope so. These guys seemed to have consumed the DAP Kool-Aid and seemed like a bunch of crazed zombies.

    2. Dear Calvin Sankaran,

      I know the pic that you’re mentioning. I also get it and I smell something fishy about that picture (I think the person who send me those picture never realizing it because both of them leaving in a different state).

      If the crowd was that huge, they must be youtube video surfing around about it right? But strangely enough there not a lot evidence to proved about it. When I request the video link, they cannot produce it.

      There’s this two picture from different state having the same huge audiance, with the same faces in front and second row and all of them have the same posture. What the probability of those three thing happen at the same times and at the different state. It makes me wonder if technology was involved in some of it… I’m still searching for the answer.

  7. On the other hand, there is something strange going on here in Penang. There was an event organized by BN in my Taman (not ceramah but a small get-together). I just dropped by to see what’s going on and what the BN folks up to. I was surprised by the sizeable crowd. What is more surprising was the presence of a sizeable number of Chinese who seemed to be staunch supporters of BN.

    I am not sure, but I sense a shift in the mood of the Chinese voters here. We might see some surprises. While the Dapsters are loud, the rest seemed to be very quiet. In fact I sense the feeling for “Ubah” this time is less stronger than the last GE. Will it be enough to make DAP lose, I don’t think so. But I would like to see LGE be the CM with a razor thin majority and being hounded by BN making his 2nd term a nightmare.

    1. It’s possible that the antennae of Penangites are more sensitive to LGE, both in the hero worship dept as well as in the anti-hero sentiments — same as how a Kelantanese would be more sensitive to Nik Aziz than a Malay in Negri Sembilan, say.

      BN Chinese in Pg would be able to see through the Tokong earlier than the Chinese in the rest of M’sia.

      1. by the time the Chinese in Penang see through LGE its too late, for them anyway…………………

        but looking at the hysterical hero worshiping by the Chinese in Penang, I doubt they will ever realize that LGE is a far greater threat to the well being of the Chinese than Perkasa or the Malay Ultras.

          1. I am a voter in Penang.

            You can sense the Malay and Indian are back full force with BN.

            The problem with chinese voters , even Gerakan in Penang awal awal say there’s nothing we can do.

            Mereka menyerah kalah awal awal, even though still plenty chinese who support BN in Penang.

            I even mention to Gerakan people in Penang, if you all cant win some mix seats , than let UMNO stand and fight. You know whats the answer? “Itu macam lagi cina tarak sokong punya nanti melayu jadi CM Penang”

            So there you go Helen, bottom line kiasu Cina di Penang attitude, apahal pun biar kasik cina menang , DAP pun ok cina jugak maa.

            Siapa racist sebenarnya?

            1. re: “bottom line kiasu Cina di Penang attitude”

              Kiasu attitude got anything to do with the DDOS attack on my blog, you think? :)

          2. I wonder how long this nonsense “Penang CM must be a Chinese” will go on ? Malays are well on the way to become the absolute majority within a decade or two yet the Chinese still want what ? insist that the Penang CM must be a Chinese ? do they understand what democracy is ?

    2. Calvin,

      When Normans statement was given a headline status by STAR, Norman himself may not realise the concern of “who’s who” in Chinese community.

      My prediction is the vast majority of chinese although still leans to DAP, starts to worry. Of what? Of the fact that massive rejection of BN (and especially MCA) by Chinese community may be a bad idea actually.

      In their euphoria and and attitude of over estimating their influence and importance, many chinese overlook the fact that they alone cant overthrow BN.

      and after seeing significant Malay shift towards BN, Najib, many begin to reallise that “ini kalilah” can just be a slogan. Hence the concern on attitude of totally rejecting BN will cost them dearly in future.

      Or in plain language, putting Norman’ statement as headline serves as an insurance. See, we also give prominence to what MCA has been saying all along.

      1. Shamsul anuar,

        What your voicing was and is the same feeling sharing by a lot of my chinese friends. This is their argument.

        They said in 2008, the majority of indians due to fed up with the way of Samy Vellu, thinking supporting PA (name of PR during that time) will give them more power/voice.

        But BN win.

        What happen to them after 2008? The reasons and insighful in MIC fall in the backlash. In a lot of things, they get sideline due to not enought voice of indian who can be given a better solution to their problem. The PR their support, are even worst. They not only get sideline, they get thrown out.

        Now a lot of them, going for BN this time. And a few of MIC new face started to imerge as the sane and educated voice for indian who willing or at least try to solved people problem. A lot project themselves as the people person. A lot of work and little talk. If they talk, the words their used and the way they explained things, make senses.

        Now in 2013, they (the PR) start focusing on Chinese. What happen to indians during 2008 is/are happening to them. A lot of same argument emerge. The second class citizens, bribery,mis use of power, no allocation for chinese school (Indian on that time) and etc..etc.

        They ask, what happen if 2013, BN win but this time around not enought representative of chinese in cabinet? Goverment will get the info from NGO. Just like what happenning to Indians. Who have the loud voice will win.

        How about ordinary people? Are we going to be like the Indian who will have to swollowed a lot of pride (to face the Indian who told them I told you so) in asking for goverment help to solve our problem? “Malu mau mintak tolong ooo. You kutuk dia teruk2 lepas tu you mau mintak tolong pulak….aiya mana mau letak muka?”

        The PR already leaved the Indian. What guarenteed they can give that after GE 13, if they lose, they won’t leave us too??? These worry them a lot.

  8. After reading most comments on yahoo etc, I can’t wait to see the faces of all the opposition supporters who thinks that they will win the election.

    The silent majority will give you the middle finger come this 5th May 2013. We do not make much noise, we do make much comments and we do not make much threat. What matter most is the SILENT MAJORITY will speak out and teach all of a lessons about politics. The bullies will never win.

  9. The BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties will win a landslide victory on 5 May 2013.

  10. MCA is gone and buried! Look at the number of people in a MCA ceramah. A funeral wake has more people!

    1. you must be a cyber trooper trainee fresh from a crash cyber-bully induction course at Komtar.

      how much does a cyber trooper trainee got paid? 44 sen per posting?

  11. My god, helen. You are probably the first person I have ever seen to say with a straight face that the star is pro-DAP and Bn will save the country.

    1. Which God are you invoking? The Trinity that the Jerusubangites are fighting to call Allah?

      re: “say with a straight face that the star is pro-DAP”

      I’ve never denied that The Star is pro-MCA, pro-Najib and pro-BN in those times when the media owners are able to exert their authority over the editorial content. In fact, I’d perceived a hand from very top (i.e. MCA bigwigs) in the Star ‘s coverage of the two CSL debates with LGE.

      Nonetheless, there is only so much control that the top can exert. It’s like demanding that Hishamuddin Hussein as Home Minister must be able to control the behaviour of all his policemen on the beat. By the same token, MCA is not micro-managing the day-to-day, nitty-gritty of the paper’s content, and is unable to deter the rank-and-file reporters and middle-level editors from slipping through a pro-DAP slant.

      re: “BN will save the country”

      I’m beginning to think that Malaysia needs to be saved from the fascists and their thugs. And no, I’m not referring to the BN leadership and their followers.


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