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Cannibalizing DAP Johor, chomp, chomp

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Watch closely the latest development in Johor.


“Btw Helen, I’m quite surprised to see the Norman Fernandez issue not given more coverage by Star. In fact, they could have gotten the Wong duo or Barradan or Joceline to write a piece on it but they didn’t actually Carpe Diem did they?

“In fact, the coverage was split to pgs 3-4 which are back to back instead of say 2-3 which faces each other. You’d think that the editors are deliberately arranging the pages in such away to soften the blow. Or perhaps I’m just being paranoid eh?” — by Fakin’ Fake Calvin@2013/04/29 at 1:03 pm



The Star is run for the benefit of the DAP

Malaysiakini has an article today titled ‘DAP’s Boo says action against unwieldy deputy unlikely‘.

Malaysiakini‘s Terence Netto wrote (if one can understand his English):


“Boo’s [DAP Johor chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau] preclusion of action against Fernandez [DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez] means that the latter is not in danger of the sack, which may well be what he wants given his roiling discontent against the party and his perception that it has lost its way.

“In other words, the outcome of an expulsion that would well be grounds for the lobbing of more petards at the party from the exclusion zone is foreclosed.

“An others’ inflicted wound is preferable to a self-decided exit for the dredging up of recriminations which, pace another more infamous malcontent Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, is scarcely what the DAP should invite at this stage of the national run-up to the ballot.”


For the record, the Johor deputy chairman is consistent. The view that Norman Fernandez recently expressed about the PAS religious extremists does not deviate what he’s been saying all along. You can check the timeline in his blog —

True to script, the DAP SuperCyber Bullies have turned out in full force, only this time against one of their own party leaders. You can read what they’re saying about Norman in the subscriber’s Comment section at

It is not Norman who has changed. Instead it is the party that has changed — from Ye Olde 1.0 to the 2.0 Jerusubang lite version to the current 3.0 which is Jerusubang full blown.

Post GE13, the DAP Johor reps in the DUN and Parliament will comprise of Guan Eng’s men (and women).

Rise up!

It’s time to take Putrajaya for …


ABOVE: ‘Dari Pulau Pinang ke Putrajaya’ ad placed by DAP Penang in Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai (27 April 2013)

Comment below by Calvin Sankaran (excerpt):


“I was shocked when some of my relatives in Pahang, NS and Melaka sending me pics of DAP ceramah attended by hundreds and thousands of cheering Chinese Dapsters. These folks previously voted for DAP every election and that they will vote so this time is no surprise.

“But what worries me is that the crowd this time seemed to be in a trance and cheering wildly just like those star-struck teens attending one of those singing-dancing events in Subang Jaya and elsewhere in an evangelist church.”


Jerusubang rising

To see photos of Jerusubang crowd in an all Chinese DAP ceramah, click my previous posting HERE.

The Jerusubang belt runs from Penang through the Kinta Valley and the Klang Valley and is extending into Johor. It is parallel with the reach of The Jerusubang Star which catches an audience of 5.63 million daily.




ABOVE: ‘Selangorku’ ad placed by Pakatan state government on Page 3 in Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai (27 April 2013)

The Pakatan state governments sembur air liur aje about Transparency and Accountability.

What is the ‘Selangorku’ logo – which is a state government project by Khalid Ibrahim – doing side by side with the PKR one eye, Rocket and Moon logos in an election ad (page scan above) soliciting votes for Pakatan?

Aren’t Pakatan always castigating BN for abusing the state machinery and misusing state facilities on party business during election campaigns? Well, isn’t the Pakatan-led administration itself doing the exact same thing now?

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

Khalid in X'mas mood with Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok
Khalid in X’mas mood with Elizabeth Wong & Teresa Kok

Jerusubang is becoming so strong because it not only is it making use of the state resources in the rich ones that Pakatan controls but it has also received the sanction of Malay heads of state government like Khalid Ibrahim.

For more Khalid photos, see ‘Sambutan Krismas Khalid ala City Harvest‘.


Geran Selangorku RM300j: Siapa cepat dia dapat


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