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Haris menjolok sarang tebuan lagi

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Selain Kit Siang, blog Haris Ibrahim juga semalam mendakwa bahawa Dr Mahathir Mohamad seorang rasis.

Blog Haris memetik beberapa bait ayat al-Quran untuk “membuktikan” bahawa Dr M beserta Umno kononnya tidak tahu Islam, sebuah agama yang menegah amalan rasisme.

Kata blog Haris Ibrahim (29 April 2013):

“Innumerable instances of Mankind falling prey to the devil’s deceit in the direction of racism abound. Hitler and his Aryan race fell for it. So did the Whites in South Africa under Apartheid. Likewise the Jews in Zionist Israel, the Ku Klux Klan in America.

“UMNO and Mahathir, you are no better than any of them. Indeed you walk in the path of the devil. It is high time you rid yourselves of your racist, un-Islamic ways.”

Sebelum ini pada awal bulan April juga, Haris Ibrahim memuat-naik sebuah posting berjudul ‘Mahathir, taubatlah sebelum terlambat‘ (2 April 2013).

Puak pembangkang ini seringkali terlalu obses untuk menunjukkan mereka lah yang lebih kuat agama – sama ada Islam atau Kristian evangelis – berbanding orang lain.

Mahathir Malaysiakini and DAP are racists

Baru-baru ini, mantan perdana menteri itu dipetik Bernama sebagai berkata: “Detain me, drag me to the court! I will still repeat my statement that (DAP adviser) Lim Kit Siang is a racist and he is indeed a racist.”

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Dr Mahathir telah membentangkan hujah-hujahnya tentang politik ras dan rumusan tolak-ansur BN pada minggu lepas melalui ruangan pojoknya di NST (25 April 2013).

Dr M mengulas:

“The attack by the opposition parties is usually racist in character, trying to shame the component racial party for not demanding and getting everything for their race. That each race must make some sacrifice so as to keep the coalition viable is ignored.”

Pada pandangan Dr M, selagi kaum-kaum minoriti masih belum mempunyai jati diri yang berkiblatkan Malaysia dengan sepenuh jiwa raga, maka selagi itulah negara kita perlu memakai kerangka sistem BN (“The BN pre-election coalition model is the only sustainable model until such time when the different races identify themselves completely and exclusively with Malaysia”).

Sheahnee Iman Lee, rancangan Chat Time (ntv7)
Dr M bersama juru acara Sheahnee Iman Lee dalam rancangan Chat Time

Dalam wawancara Dr M dengan rangkaian televisyen ntv7 sehari awal (24 April 2013), beliau menyingkap sejarah pembentukan negara bangsa:

“You (Chinese) agree from the very beginning that there will be no assimilation, unlike the people from Arab countries, Indonesia, India or Pakistan, who assimilated into Malaya.

“You (Chinese) agreed from the very beginning that there will not be any assimilation, so you can continue with your culture, your language and religion.

“Hence, you cannot be the same as others who adopted the idea of assimilation…  you cannot expect the same if you do not want to assimilate.”

Dr M adalah pendokong prinsip asimilasi manakala Haris adalah pendokong prinsip kepelbagaian budaya (multi-culturalism) dan Anak Bangsa Malaysia.


Adakah Ridhuan Tee seorang Melayu?


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19 thoughts on “Haris menjolok sarang tebuan lagi

  1. Anak Bangsa Malaysia is actually assimilation in disguise. it actually demands that people abandon their culture. why else do you think these Bangsa types persistently insist on people to see beyond their cultural, racial heritage ?

  2. DAP contesting in Chinese majority area constitutes what actually?

    When it comes to faith, none can hold a candle or a joss stick or a tasbih to the PR supporters. If that’s the case, throw me into hell as I sure as hell don’t want to spend eternity in their company in heaven.

  3. Sound like a shit ayatollah this haris bodoh.

    We have got a compettitor for Mat sabu after Nik Aziz meets his creator.

  4. Sejauh mana Islamnya Haris Ibrahim ? Sedalam mana pemahaman dan amalan Rukun Iman dan Rukun Islamnya. Islam Mahathir sekurang-kurangnya dapat difahami melalui ucapan dan tulisannya. Haris dimana selain mengatakan ini tak Islam, itu tak Islam

    1. Why the need to compare Haris with Dr M?

      Dr M is mega million miles ahead of Haris in stature.

      To me, Haris who?

    2. Haris is s3lf hating Muslim like Petra.. dun be surpris3 later hed say christians worse than muslims when his bangsar frens dumps him and cann him Mamak kutty because of his Ceylonese heritag3.

      Hed be crawling back to the Malays.

  5. Laughable that you cite Haris Ibrahim, kaffir número uno. This shameless bastard is way beyond the pale of Islam that for him to pretend to be some effing fatwa issuing ulamak is indeed pathetically laughable. Pray that this half ceylonese half malay [edited] who defended Ayah Pin and the Ahmadis burn in hell for sowing corruption on Allah’s Earth.

    1. Anybody…

      Just get this info. There’s a youtube about MB NS USRAH YB AMPANGAN. can someone direct me to that url????

      Thanks in advance

  6. I’d agree to losing the Bumiputra status, but only if we abolish vernacular schools, abolish Chinese chambers, abolish Dong Zong, and enforce Bahasa Malaysia as the main medium of delivery for everyone. And while we’re at that, let’s make everyone have a Malay name too. My Dapster friends always speaks longingly of how US assimilation works so well, so might as well enforce the above.

  7. Lepas ni pasti Pas akan panggil Haris utk berceramah di pentas mereka dan akan digelar Oztad Haris..

  8. This haris guy (and so call crony singa) is a guy who quote separuh separuh from Quran and paint a different picture. This is a guy who misapply statistics to mislead people. When point out his sick write he censored and banned me. I also Caught him perpetrating fraud. He is the pits of mankind.

    1. You too Ellese? I also been banned and he censored me after I remind him about his unfinish Quran quotes. … typical of his kind isn’t it?

  9. This Haris fellow sounds like a stark raving lunatic, sorry to see that people actually follow his movement.

    I suppose if people like Ayah Pin can have lawyers as their followers it’s no surprise this could happen.

  10. haris yang ni bukan yang kaki minum kuat mabuk tu ka?? hhuh..sorilah..kalau orang macam ni aku nak percaya…

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