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  1. So many chinese eager to ubah. So is it safe to say that DAP has 90% chinese support?

    Adakah ini juga bermaksud MCA akan mampus selepas PRU 13?

    1. It is claimed that Han Chiang can accommodate 50-60k crowd if fully packed, like in March 2008. Penang uber blogger Anil Netto claims 80k attendance.

      Mother of all traffic jams on island yesterday.

      The Star is mothership for ‘Ubah’ media nestlings, btw. If anyone is happy to see MCA bite the dust, their paper would be ahead in the queue.

        1. Aliran is like a subsidiary political party in Pakatan, ya? Chandra must really cringe looking at what the NGO he founded has today become.

          1. Aliran is actually the NGO arm of DAP. So is Penang Forum. If you read Anil’s forum, all he does is to cover Pakatan’s every ceramah and statements.

      1. Helen, sorry for digressing but thought you might wanna look into this further.

        Just received a notice from Star Publications Bhd as a shareholder ahead of the AGM in May which caught my interest.

        Star’s group biggest shareholder is MCA with 42.46% share holdings. EPF & ARB currently holds 9.80% & 9.89%. OCBC Ltd & Great Eastern Holdings Ltd both indirectly hold 5.70% of the shares respectively. The public holds approximately 40.03% which includes the shares held by OCBC & GEHL according to the notice.

        The Star’s group is proposing a 10% buyback of their shares to reduce the number of shares floating around. In effect, they are reducing the shares in circulation from 738,563,602 shares to 664,707,242 shares. It will be put to vote at the AGM on May 22nd.

        The implications of this buy back if approved is that MCA will see their shareholding increase to 47.14% which would be more than the limit of 2% imposed by Bursa Malaysia on majority shareholders. This will result in a mandatory takeover offer from MCA of the Star group.

        The directors have recommended that shareholders accept the proposal when it is put up for vote at the AGM.

        A few facts that figure;

        In 2010 Star paid a dividend of 72.1 sen per share. Based on that, MCA should have received RM225.9 million pre tax.

        In 2011 & 2012 Star paid a dividend of 18.0 sen per share. MCA’s cut pre tax would be RM56.4 million for both years, a substantial drop in earnings.

        Net profit after all things considered for the Star group in 2010, 2011 & 2012 were RM185, RM187 & RM208. Note that despite the increased profit, MCA’s cut had dropped. Turnover on all 3 years were slightly in excess of RM1 billion.

        Consider the date of the AGM which will be post GE. Consider the very real prospect of MCA going into irrelevancy post GE. Consider a whole battalion of failed generals & soldiers needing to be fed post GE.

        Consider this; is MCA trying to take over the group post GE to build up its’ election war chest & at the same time keeping members “employed” instead of twiddling their thumbs in self pity?

        Or is MCA looking for a golden handshake of sorts for their bigwigs by putting them in the cushy upper floors of Menara Star?

        1. “In terms of investment, Penang’s foreign direct investment dropped to RM2.47bil last year from RM9.11bil in 2011. Between 2008 and 2010, the average negative growth was -1.8% compared with the national average of 5.4%, while 10,000 jobs were also lost between 2010 and last year.”

          source : http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/4/30/business/13043565&sec=business

          ubah lah jika itu yg diidamkan, lepas pru13 org cina boleh makan rumput bila taliban Pas menakutkan FDI dari melabur di Malaysia. Siapa yg rugi besar ???

          1. Kalau Pakatan kalah dan Anwar mungkin pula bawa pengikutnya ke jalanraya buat ‘Arab Spring’ org cina juga yg susah, harga hartanah jatuh, saham pun jatuh, perniagaan pun teruk. Aku orang Melayu tak ada benda tu semua.

            Ini lah harga yg perlu mereka bayar kerana beri harapan yg tinggi pada si kaki kelentong utk jadi PM. Padan muka. Aku yg tak dak harta nak senyum je, boleh lah kita berlumba di garisan awal semula, kali ni mungkin aku boleh menang.

      2. re: Penang uber blogger Anil Netto claims 80k attendance.

        Not surprise since LKS said they managed to milk a whopping RM236k cash from attendees last night. A pro-DAP peer boasted to me this afternoon that DAP rally is a money making machine, instead of spending machine. No need free makan also people show up, some more voluntarily give money, LOL. So, DAP is a cult or what???

  2. One thing came to mind about these Penang DAP supporters, “SYOK SENDIRI”.

    If they choose DAP to screw up Penang and their lives for another 5 years, biarkanlah.

  3. Helen,

    Look at your picture, no 7 from above. See that uncle who sitting wearing green T-shirt, he really a hardcore DAP supporter. In every major gathering, he’s been around. The title’s always MORE THAN 10,000 ATTEND…… From Penang to Johor.

  4. I wonder what the non-Chinese of Penang think of the almost total Chinese crowd at the DAP function. If I’m not mistaken the non-Chinese in Penang made up more than 40 per cent of the voters in the State.

    1. Penang is broken up into 5 districts, see here.

      i.e. 3 districts on the mainland and 2 on the island. Specific to where the school is located on the island, the Chinese-to-Malay population is 3:1, hence this urban locality is Chinese dominant unless the participants come from ‘outside’.

      1. for these ‘rah rah’ type of ceramahs (applicable to both groups), it will attract the confirmed supporters. not surprising for such turnouts. a lot of my ‘internet-vocal’ friends went. and yes, the ones who went were all Chinese (the ones who posted at least) but not all were DAP die-hards from when they were young.

        many were converts actually – disillusionment with Dr Koh / Gerakan – in 07/08. the enhanced ‘hating’ bits is a recent (i’d say last 2 yrs) metamorphosis (again, small sample size among my friends). in a way, ABU-type sentiment can be looked at as cementing / retaining the support. you gotta shift the emotion somewhere to make it more ‘kaw’ after the anger / disillusionment has ebbed.

        BN’s Rifle Range ceramah tonight may hit FB/blogs malam ni in a not so good way for the PM because the sky is reaaaaaly dark and stormy looking. you need motosikal for large crowds. motosikal and heavy rain is not a good combination.

        there is a difference between island and mainland, to answer Annie’s question. way back when, you hardly find islanders going to the mainland. Butterworth might as well be another state. today, aside from island-type housing development areas (which carries island pricing), the mainland area still has spots of grimyness (ala the old ‘darul sampah’ moniker). i suspect the non-chinese from the mainland are more inclined to be swayed between PKR/PAS and BN than looking at DAP (i.e. a large Chinese turnout is not something to be shocked by), though in city areas the traditional support for DAP would remain.

        one other thing to note though is the ‘us Vs themness’ between the ethnic communities may be milder here. why ? because we all used to take the same bus and we see each other in common areas. i get more uncomfortable in Bukit Bintang Plaza than i do walking alone in penang’s backstreets and kampung cina’s.

        1. re: “ABU-type sentiment can be looked at as cementing / retaining the support. you gotta shift the emotion somewhere to make it more ‘kaw’ after the anger / disillusionment has ebbed”

          Good analysis.

    2. Helen’s right.The ratio is 3 to 1 in the district but in the location where the school is the Chinese population is almost 100%. Most of the non Chinese live on the mainland.

      Well, as I had said before, I expect PAS and PKR will lose all their seats in Penang thanks to their total subservience to DAP.

      As for the crowd I am not surprised. They had similar support back in 2008. In fact I think the support for DAP in Penang has dropped recently.

      1. re: “the support for DAP in Penang has dropped recently”

        Assuming the drop is among the Malays and working class Indians (many indicators of this), what then does it portend for Penang besides the state oppo being all Malay, more in number and giving the Tokong admin a harder passage in the Dewan?

        1. Good question indeed. I think what will happen in Penang is the opposite of what gonna happen at the Fed level. At the national level, it will be BN backed by Malays and Indians vs DAP supported by the Chinese.

          In Penang, we will have a Chinese led and supported DAP in power vs UMNO which is backed by Malays and Indians.

          With no strong Malay and Indian leaders in the state govt (mandores don’t count), the Malays and Indians likely to get frustrated and I am afraid this will lead to ethnic tension especially if the Cheap Minister keep up with his Development Above People policy. The Malays and Indians will be pushed out from the island to mainland or even to Kedah and priced out of the housing market.

          More kampungs and estates will make way for super condos. In fact we are already seeing the same kind of ultra expensive condos in mainland now. I guess the anger of Malays and Indians will boil over due to political and economic marginalization.

          1. The condo property bubble will not burst, meh? I heard a lot of units are bought by speculators.

      1. I agree that the support to DAP is decreasing among the non-Chinese, is not good for Penang. I live in Penang from 1982-1986, is different today, last time we mixed easily around among different races. How I wish it was like 30 years ago. I wouldn’t even bother to go to Penang anymore, it has already loss its tag “Pearl Of The Orient”, would rather change it to “Pearl of The Traffic Jam”.

      2. A dozen Malays among a sea of Chinese is nothing to brag about. In fact, for us Malays, it’s something to be afraid of. Let’s hope you leave the brooms and the “Melayu sakai balik hutan” banners at home this time around, yeah. Remember who won the fight the last time you folks did that.

  5. I voted for DAP the last two elections in Bukit Mertajam.. yep i’m a Malay and voted for them out of my hatred and ignorant towards BN.. still I love Malaysia for what it has done for my family and I.. however no more votes for the Chinaman this time around as I see that these type of people are more than happy to see the Malays go kapoot.. LAIN KALILAH

  6. Orang Cina pandai dalam perniagaan, tapi mereka tidak berapa pandai dalam politik dan membuat dasar. Buktinya, dasar perindustrian yang dilaksanakan di China pernah membunuh secara mengkebulurkan jutaan rakyat Cina di China. Dasar satu anak di China telah merosakkan struktur kekeluargaan walaupun dari segi matematik, ianya “bagus” untuk negara China.

    Jalinan kerjasama antara pembuat dasar Melayu dan peniaga Cina telah membawa kemewahan kepada seluruh rakyat, dan kaum Cina menikmati sebahagian besar daripadanya.

    Orang Cina juga asalnya tidak suka kepada istilah eksperimen, ini terjadi kerana banyak ekperimen dilakukan oleh Jepun semasa menawan China, dan mereka tentu tahu akibatnya.

    Saya kurang faham kenapa kali ini mereka hendak bereksperimen? Sekiranya mereka bijak dalam matematik, tentunya mereka tahu bahawa, merekalah yang akan kehilangan paling banyak jika eksperimen itu gagal.

    Seperti dalam cerita-cerita pemburuan emas, akibat tamak, dua orang pun akan berbunuhan jika mereka terjumpa segunung emas, walhal segunung emas itu terlalu banyak walaupun dikongsi.

    Sifat tamak memang membutakan, dan apabila buta, boleh masuk longkang atau boleh jatuh jambatan pulau pinang. Buta juga boleh menyebabkan kita fikir kita saja pandai, orang lain tidak.

    1. re: “Saya kurang faham kenapa kali ini mereka hendak bereksperimen?”

      Pada hemat saya, mereka sudah beralih kepada pendekatan evangelista yang melihat dunia melalui kanta hitam-putih.

      Beserta dewasa ini di bawah kepimpinan DAP Cina Kristian, golongan orang Cina menganggap diri mereka sebagai berada di pihak yang benar manakala pihak lawan berupa dajjal.

      Atas sebab gejala evangelis kian bertapak dan menular, maka puak-puak Cina pembangkang sudah mulai taksub kepada idola politik sebiji macam para penyokong tegar PAS.

      1. Ini menjangkit daripada pandangan ekstrim PAS yang mengatakan UMNO itu toghut/jahiliyyah dan mesti dihapuskan.

        Macam mana nanti evangelista DAP bertemu dengan taliban PAS? Bolehkah kedua-duanya bersatu?

      2. saya tak pernah ambil tahu tentang politik kaum cina. tapi semenjak pru 13,

        saya terpanggil untuk mengetahui mengapa mca kurang mndapat sambutan masyarakat cina.

        ulasan saudari helen tentang evangelis merupakan info menarik untuk saya selidik.

        pandangan awal saya tentang kaum cina memilih dap adalah kerana inginkan kuasa yang lebih mutlak, adakah benar atau tidak, hanya dari pandangan kaca mata saya……

        1. Saya rasa mereka termakan dakyah DAP bahawa kaum Cina tertindas dan dianiaya oleh Ketuanan Melayu. Sebab itu lah mereka melaung-laungkan code word “meritocracy” yang menjadi kata topeng bagi tindakan untuk menghapuskan kelebihan/keistimewaan yang diperolehi kaum bumiputera melalui mekanisme Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

          Begitu juga cogankata ‘Malaysian First’. Mereka mahu menidakkan pengenalan etnik yang akan sekaligus menidakkan pembezaan di antara bumiputera dan bukan-bumiputera.

          Alasan yang diberikan oleh Firsters ialah mereka sayangkan kaum Melayu bagai saudara sendiri dan tidak mengkehendaki jurang warna kulit (code word: “colour blind”) menjarakkan pelbagai suku-kaum Malaysia.

          Namun retorik mereka selalunya mengabaikan kaum India yang nampaknya tidaklah disayangi Firsters sepertimana kaum Melayu dikasihi Firsters. Dalam kata lain, masyarakat India terpinggir tidak perlu diampu-bodek berbanding masyarakat Melayu yang memegang kuasa politik dan kuasa undi.

          Ini berpunca daripada warga keturunan India tidak mempunyai status bumiputera. Sekiranya orang Melayu berjaya dipujuk untuk mendakap konsep Malaysian First/Anak Bangsa Malaysia yang berunsur “ethnic cleansing”, maka secara automatiknya Perkara 153 akan hilang releven.

          1. Heheh,..bkn sebab “The 7 Clan” behind dis game of d chinese to test how far dey can go ke? Wth d MCA tagging along to see if its successful,..an old China man name Pak Long whispered dis around,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,”)

    2. Kalau BN dan UMNO menang orang Cina akan hilang wakil dalam kerajaan BN nanti. Kata CSL, MCA tak mau jawatan dalam kerajaan kalau MCA kalah.

  7. Now that it is a forgone conclussion (that is among those not high on drinking Pakatan Kool Aid that is), that BN will win the GE and send Anwar, LKS, Karpal, Nik Aziz,et all into retirement homes, can we discuss the post GE scenario?

    I recall some years back you discussing about Chindraf. I predict that if as we all expect (BN retain power / UMNO & DAP biggest winners / PKR, PAS and MCA big losers), we might see a change in PR strategy. With PAS and PKR taking a back seat to lick their wounds (and cry over the loss source of income in Selangor, Kedah and possibly Kelantan), DAP will lead the charge for the PR.

    Other than writing countless letters and opinion pieces about “migrating” and “failed nation”, I expect the Chinese to stand up and do a Chindraf. Having tasted the euphoria of street demo, they might take the streets to demand for “rights” and “equality” in order to attract world attention. With the foreign media losing interests with PR/Anwar’s loss, I suspect DAP might try other another angle – race and religion. They would pit “Malay Muslims” vs. “Christians”.

        1. Evangelical-Christians Action Party wanna join the bandwagon with their E-Crap too.

          I think post GE, we will see more anti establishment activism in churches. I would think that the judgment on the Allah case as well as the one filed by Jill Ireland will be disposed off within a year of GE in favor of the government.

          As a result of this siege mentality by Christians, I wouldn’t be surprised to see DUMC happening again. Also, churches will be hotbeds for politicians giving apolitical talks as well as no politicians giving political talk guised as apolitical (read: Ambiga, Haris etc)

          This will result in one of two scenarios. One would be a clampdown by the establishment. Probably not as draconian as ISA but enough to stoke further anti establishment sentiments.

          The 2nd, which is by far more dangerous would be provoking the Muslims/Malays to retaliate. We saw the arson cases in the aftermath of justice Lau Bee Lan’s judgment. And that may be the catalyst, however unlikely of a pact of unity between UMNO & PAS which would ultimately cost the Christians & Chinese dear.

          Let’s hope that none of all that comes to fruition.

          1. Astute observation! I think for a while the Dapsters will lie low licking their wounds. And after that we will have all kinds of NGOs popping up fighting for ethnic and religious issues – mainly Chinese and Christian themes. I guess this time it will be spreadheaded by Church leaders like out good Bishop.

            They will take the streets since they have no legal basis for their claims. I guess they will use the Kalimah Allah, Lina Joy, etc. My worry is that they will use dirty tactics like hiring thugs to attack churches and then blaming the Muslims. I hope the govt will use SOSMA on them.

            All the talk about environment and clean election will die off a natural death.

          2. The NST would not publish my letters ever since LGE wanted to sue them for carrying my letter on the mono rail project. They settled it out of court eventually but as a part of the settelment LGE apparently wanted the paper to ban my letters. How democratic….

            1. Wonder what kind of arrangement LGE has with The Star‘s very very top brass?

  8. They may sleep in the same bed but they all have different dreams. One is dreaming of young men and women, another is dreaming of 72 virgins and hudud, another is dreaming of Chinese supremacy while the CIA is dreaming of containing China. A mad bunch.

  9. Prediction for Penang state seats, PR 22 – DAP 19 (all) PAS 1 PKR 2 . BN 18 -UMNO 14, MiC 2 Gerakan 2.

    I be voting in on the mainland Penang P047 where we expect to tanam CHegu Bard (musibat) and Dato Mansor (Chot the arrogant tokong follower).

    All 7 parliment seats contested by DAP they will sapu.

    UMNO will win 4 and PKR 1 .

    So you see DAP will win all the seats they contested in Penang. Tidak hairan crowd di Han Chiang sebegitu ramai.

    1. Helen,

      Lately, i began to notice some interesting developments. Several of my chinese friends asked me is it true that generally Malay leans towards UMNO.

      I told them yes. Not so much because of Najib’s BRIM, or goodies. But UMNO seems to benefit from PAS members who are disillusioned with PAS and their unhappiness with PAS renouncing its Islamic tag.

      Another factor is that Malays too are irritated with DAP’s continous attacking UMNO (meaning Malays) as if Malays are very cruel and bad.

      I notice their realisation that they alone (the Chinese) cant ignore other races have influences too.

      These are sign of times. Anwar was bluntly rejected in a mosque in Teluk Bahang, a very telling sign among Malay community. The fact that he was thinking of contesting in other places (read:more Chinese voters) reflects lack of confidence).

      As for Chinese, if they want DAP, so be it.

      1. If you have watched the video on the Malaysian prophecy linked chewal down below, you will understand what PAS and some prominent PKRians have been all along:

        Anti Islam extreme Wahabbis, the direct descendants of the Kharijites from our beloved Rasullullah’s time. Yep the very same accursed Kharijites whom Rasulullah (pbuh & his progeny) swore would be unyielding in their hatred towards the true believers of Allah till the end of time, who will rise in every nation to prey on the faithful.

        Yes, the very same Wahhabis who spawned abominations like Osama bin Laden, alQaeda, the Taliban and many others to be used by the harlot, America, the contemporary incarnation of Babylon, to besmirch the religion of Allah and the prophets, Islam from within its bosom.

        Accursed are these munafikun and surely the very bottom of hell is the rightful abode for these hypocrites.

        But despair not my fellow believers, rejoice for this is yet another of Muhammad’s (pbuh & his progeny) end of world prophecy come true. For in a famous muttawatir Hadith, the prophet intoned( transliterated as)

        “Satan in the disguise of man will bring fire and water as succour. Choose the fire for the water is not but an illusion……”

        And in another famous muttawatir Hadith,he intoned (transliterated as)

        “Verily at the end of times, to be a Muslim will be akin to holding burning coals in your palms. Fear not and hold on for salvation is at hand.”

        I pray that Allah will have mercy on my fellow Muslims still steadfastly invoking the shahadat immaterial of how weak and stained their faith maybe and may He protect them against the forces of Evil. I call upon Allah to thwart the machinations of Satan and his troops and may He in his Might and Grandeur wreck vengeance on these antiMuslim forces, whose every despicable act and arrogance hastens their destruction humiliation, inshallah.

          1. And just for the road, the Wahhabi apologist as mentioned by Seraj Hendricks in Part 5 was incidentally Ismail Faruqi, the ex- rector of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa. He served during the 1980s and his wife, Lamya Faruqi was a academic there as well.

            Guess which prominent local politician aka Wahhabi cell was instrumental in recruiting Ismail Faruqi. No prizes for guessing. And which youth organisation was at forefront of mobilizing Wahabbism in the first place. Why, there are even Wahhabi in academia and other high places. And who are nik Aziz , Hadi etc, run a background check to reap the expected dividends.

            International Wahhabism is code name for terror and in the process soiling Islam as a faith. A CIA trained outfit, it is ultimately the vehicle of the Saudi Royal family and other Middle East royal despots used to establish the Saud’s perverted version of Islam and bring the compliant regimes under the Saudi orbit influence. And this orbit will then be aligned to and be at the disposal of the Zionist regime and America to destroy Islam and establish a satanic global religion, helmed by the Dajjal. Me crazy?

            Nope, the evidence is overwhelming as are the global trail of political and party linkages. The Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt, the Salafis ruling class in Libya, the Ennahda in Tunisia and the Erdoganist are the political faces of Wahabbism as are the Afghan, Pakistan Talibans, alQaeda etc are its militant military visages. Their mandate, the establishment of Saudi pliant Wahhabist regimes.

            Where does the US and Christian Right fit into the equation. Well regime change and spreading democracy are euphemisms for installing oppressive zealots in Islamic countries. Zealots who give Islam a bad press and destroy it from within. Of course, there is the usual sandiwara of a war against terror but deep down the Zionists and the Christian have hunkered down and betting that they can win Armageddon by first stopping the emergence of true Islam promised messiah, the Mahdi. Lets see how far they can go but for the time being no surprises as to why Malaysia is being mentioned in Jerusalem.

    2. Good prediction.

      Let me share mine. I think the contest is very tight I would say 50-50%. DAP will will hands down but much is depending their partners in crime PKR and PAS.

      My guess is ==> PR = 20 or 21, BN = 19 or 20

      I think Rama and Mansor might lose. I am not sure about the parliamentary seats though – the talk among the Chinese here is to vote for the Lunar Rocket for state and BN for parliament.

      What I think will happen is even if DAP wins, they will have no 2/3 majority. BN will make life very hard for LGE next term. Teng is a tougher fighter and he win give the Cheap Minister hell.

      Dapsters in Penang are for a rough ride. Penang’s economy is gonna dip in the next 4 to 5 years based on the economic situation and LGE will not able to sing his own praises. His arrogance in approving the mega tunnel-highway project gonna haunt him. Just watch.

      Surely in the next GE he’ll be kicked out.

  10. The best way to clean up the Star is to sack the whole Board and Wong Chun Wai arising from all the complaints and for doing business with Singapore.

    1. Frankly the Star has helped UMNO/BN indirectly by exposing its true color. Suka atau tidak, cara dan gerakkerja mereka itu membolehkan UMNO/BN menilai sejauh mana sokongan dan penerimaan kaum DAP secara terbuka.

      Ini bukan bermakna peranan media sosial tidak penting, tapi secara umumnya lebih mudah untuk menilai dan memerangi musuh yang nyata dari yang tersembunyi. Ini memberi peluang kepada UMNO/BN untuk memberi fokus khusus untuk menangani isu-isu yang lebih penting dan mendatangkan keuntungan padanya. Ini bukan bermakna undi kaum cina tidak penting pada UMNO/BN, tapi pada tahap ini UMNO/BN buat apa pun kalau dah “Tanah Badan” tu DAP buruk macam mana pun mereka akan tetap sokong DAP, kerana mereka percaya yang DAP boleh membawa mereka “keuntungan” (read : Dasar Malaysian Malaysia ala DAP dan menghakis hak keistimewaan orang Melayu) yang lebih daripada apa yang mereka ada sekarang.

      Pilihanraya Negeri Serawak adalah salah satu contohnya. Secara jujurnya saya akan “Terkejut Beruk” kalau LKS dan LGE kalah dalam PRU13 dikawasan masing-masing. Bagi LKS pula ini mungkin PRU yang terakhir baginya ( atau mungkin tidak), kalah atau memang dia ingin meninggalkan satu “LAGENDA” untuk generasi DAP kini dan akan datang: Kalau beliau menang itu adalah penanda aras sokongan dan sikap sebenar “majoriti” kaum Cina terhadap kerajaan sedia ada (caretaker government) dan beliau akan dianggap WIRA, kalau kalah pun beliau tetap akan dianggap sebagai “WIRA” yang sanggup bergadai nyawa (politik) untuk bangsanya.

      Kedudukan MCA dalam BN kini pula boleh diibaratkan seperti melukut ditepi gantang (masuk tak menambah, keluar tak meluak), tapi bukan disebabkan dipinggirkan UMNO dan parti komponen yang lain tapi sikap pemimpin mereka sendiri yang hanya bergantung pada undi orang Melayu dan India untuk menang di kawasan yang mereka tandingi.

      Sikap tidak apa mereka itu juga dapat dilihat dari kegagalan mereka untuk menggunakan the Star untuk kepentingan parti mereka. Bukan mereka tak tahu atau tak nampak tentang perkembangan yang kurang positif dari pengundi cina pada mereka. Dari sisi lain ia boleh diterjemahkan sebagai “TAK APA KALAU KALAH PUN YANG MENANG ORANG KITA JUGA” – Sesuatu yang setakat ini tidak wujud antara UMNO dan PAS dan memberi keuntungan pada DAP secara tidak langsung.

      Secara peribadinya saya percaya majoriti pengundi-pengundi Melayu yang telah terkena dengan PAKATAN terutamanya PKR pada PRU12 akan kembali kepada BN pada PRU ini, tapi pengundi-pengundi cina majoritinya akan kekal dengan PAKATAN untuk kepentingan DAP.

  11. sad sad situation here for us in Penang if your prediction comes true. Mamu wed. Over here LGE is already called by some as Penang’s Chen Shui Bian because LGE uses the same tricks as Chen: propaganda, tears, fishing for sympathy…..

    Recently he has increased his bodyguards to seven! And the local Chinese newspaper, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, is worse than the Star, it is so pro LGE, may be it is because this kind of news sells.

    Taiwan is already rid of their ex president but because of those Chinese who think it is picking political party is like following fashion fad, after 5 years, no free toll, no free wifi, nothing as promised and these people still want him as CM ? Shows how politically immature Chinese voters here are.

    1. I can tell you that even if LGE wins, his life will be hard in his 2nd (and last) term. BN will give him hell and he won’t be able to run Penang like the Dear Leader anymore without the 2/3.

      I would love to see LGE conduct a local council election. He scared of doing it as it will bring pro-BN people into MPSP and MPPP. He wouldnt able to run them like his personal fiefdom.

      1. The Star – under its current management – will give LGE covert backing. The paper is influential in Penang, its birthplace and the state is a former British crown colony hence more good English speakers and also lots of mission schools like Saint Xavier’s (Wong Chun Wai’s alma mater).

        1. Yeap indeed. You know that their Nothern edition is even more pro-DAP than the central one?

          1. Hmmm …

            Same thing with Metro Perak and their coverage of the Taman Kaya, Ipoh bullying case of Cikgu Simon.

  12. and these are the same people who complained over the underwater tunnel, rising price for housing, high cost of living, traffic jam, etc..and wanting BN to solve it for them?

    Yet, when BN terhegeh-hegeh assisting & listening to their woes, they vote for DAP.

    BN – can you just let them sink!

    1. Seperti yang kerap saya cadangkan, kita ajar UMNO jika masih terhegeh hegeh selepas secara jelas ditolak oleh sahabat cina kita dalam PRU 13 ini..

  13. Oh well, Malaysia is a democracy and it is their democratic right to support whomever they want; I don’t think that PR will win the elections on the whole so i’m still betting on BN.

    1. Their problem is that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga and Dapsters do not allow others (for example Michelle Yeoh) their democratic right to support BN.

    2. The present DDOS attack on my blog is also trying to deny an indivdual citizen her right of political expression.

  14. The Chinese give it, let the Chinese take it back. Back to basics. Chinese love money. I have unilaterally decided to buy chinese last. No more dim sum at tai tong klcc for example. If their pocket is hurt, may knock some sense into their thick skull. Anybody else care to join…

    1. After reading the umpteen blog, many still think that BN will still form the post GE13 government. With nearly 90% chinese support what is DAP going to do next. Dont for a second think ‘melayu tak pandai politic’. 5 years till GE14 is a looong time. Time to ‘tapau’ lks, lge and the gang.

      1. The Chinese support is concentrated. Getting an increase to 90 percent Chinese backing in the absolute number of votes will not translate into any more seats than that they already have in the DAP totok areas.

        e.g. Subang Jaya in 2008 had 33,412 voters. Hannah Yeoh won with a majority of 13,851 in obtaining 23,459 votes to her MCA opponent’s 9,608 votes.

        This year, the number of Subang Jaya voters has increased to a whopping 61,688 due to the hyperactive DAP voter registration drive, held even in church venues, incl. at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya (see tweet, screenshot below, by her personal assistant Rajiv).

        She will win her seat with an even bigger landslide. However in GE12, SJ was one seat. In GE13, SJ remains one seat despite the number of Yeopies doubling, all thanks to the active promotion that The Jerusubang Star has been carrying out for her the past 5 years.


        1. You are right Helen. After al this, we will have melayu gomen and a chinese oppo. The chinese will be marginalised. Then the fun starts. Eating humble pie?

          I belive there will be some melayu oppo who will turncoat. And dont write off PAS just yet, there are still some level ‘turban’ headed guys still in office.

          We may just end up with a, kerajaan melayu, tanah melayu, negara malaysia. Dont forget Najib has been very accormodating since taking office. I belief he will flex some muscle.

    2. Yup.. Amir. Me too, i start to exercise my right to show my anger at chinese by buying from chinese last.. Not purposely ask for non chinese salesman from a chinese salesman in order to make them realise tht we are unhappy for their greed to have all for themselves..

      1. Or ‘sorry uncle cannot take your taxi, uncle lim suruh ubah’. Six months of this country wide, the effect will be telling.

        1. yeah…i go for malay-cab first nowadays. i take cabs quite often if i feel too lazy to drive in KL.

          when i call the cab company, i specifically tell the operator that i want a malay or indian cab. let the operators talk about me amongst themselves so that the news of malay-cab first preference by malays like me is circulated widely among all cabbies in klang valley.

          1. and i hope the cabbies will tell their chinese passengers of this silent campaign of malay-cab first by malays in KL.

      2. Kita mesti mulakan kempen buy chinese last. Sayapun dah mulakan seminggu sudah. I’ve started telling my kaum kerabat and neighbours to do the same. Kita tengok siapa yang sakit pulak.

    3. Yes, buy Malays/Indians first policy for me now.

      I’ve been quite ‘bad and brutal’ with the many sales people who call or send smses to me me to offer credit cards, insurances, vacation time sharing products, all kinds of loans, property sales, etc.

      My response to them has been standard, I would say or text, ‘I will only entertain Malays or Indians sales people. Malays insurance agents (or other products) do not get any sales from Chinese people. I buy from Malays or Indians first’.

      95% went silent after I respond. If I get response from them like this, ‘Why discriminate against Chinese ppl? We also cari makan one.’, I will respond ‘Because you people support DAP which practice racism and a hypocrite party’, or other more brutal versions that I don’t think is appropriate to post in here.

      Im not anti Chinese, but it’s time I fought back against DAP’s campaign of instigating hate amongst Chinese Malaysians against UMNO (which means Malays).

  15. imagine this – the oppo going around with ubah and some idiotic malaysians believed wholeheartedly that maybe they should be given the chance for the next 5 years under the illusion ‘if they don’t perform as expected we change revert to BN’ – none of them realised that once ubahed, there’s no turning back.

    If someone like you helen, who is just slightly critical of the oppo paralysed by DDos attack, can you imagine how many more will be paralysed and silenced for good? Their supporters failed to realise how parasitic these oppos are – power is intoxicating, once you have a taste of it, you will never able to let go. Look at anwar, nik aziz, kit siang & even karpal.. Rest assured, should they win .. No way in hell there’ll be fairness in the next GE.

    1. Nah, it never happen. They has been given a chance. If in Selangor, the riches state in Malaysia, they cannot perform, than what prove they can give, they can do a better job as a federal govermant.

      They blow their chances and people getting wise up. There a lot of people like me who balieve him on 2008, has wize up. We will Ubah…

  16. Helen…. kenapa orang PAS tak nak kebumikan Anwar kat Permatang Pauh, so that Hadi boleh jadi PM dengan mudah? Kan senang tu. Takyah nak pening-pening gaduh pulak kemudian… (tu pun kalau depa menang kat federal le… hehehehe…)

      1. Helen… Saya membuat cadangan diatas berdasarkan kemungkinan PKR akan kalah dikebanyakkan kerusi yang ditandingi. Sekiranya Anwar masih menang di Permatang Pauh, dia dengan muka tak malunya akan pasti menuntut jawatan PM yang amat diidamkannya itu, hatta PKR mendapat jumlah kerusi yang paling sedikit pun. Sudah tentu ini akan menyulitkan semua pihak dalam PR nanti. Pilihan yang terbaik adalah dengan memastikan beliau kalah di Permatang Pauh. Apa pendapat ahli PAS atau DAP? Boleh tolong komen?

        1. Saya tinggal di Permatang Pauh. Nampaknya bendera warna biru tua sudah mula bertambah jika dibandingkan dengan warna lain. dan ramai yang tanpa segan silu, mula memakai baju biru tua berlambangkan dacing di mana2. Ada satu masjid di sini merupakan masjid orang pas, setiap kali jumaat kalau masjid ini mengadakan sembahyang jumaat,ceramah atau kuliah agama pasti penuh denagan orang luar, sehinggakan saya terpaksa ke masjid berdekatan. Ini sinonim denagan ceramah Anwar, bukan semua orang P. Pauh (pengundi) datang dengar ceramah. berdasarkan pemerhatian saya , kemungkinan ada harapan jatuh ke BN jika pengundi yang masih berharap pada adun s. jaya yang lepas tidak melakukan protes terhadap calun baru,

    1. PAS dan BN bekerjasama berkempen untuk jatuhkan Anwar. Malah orang-orang PAS lagi aktif menaikkan bendera BN. Dan mereka terang-terang menyatakan sokongan terhadap Dr. Mazlan. Lebih-lebih lagi Dr. Mazlan merupakan bekas ahli PAS yang begitu disenangi dan hormati.

      Interesting development in my area, orang-orang PAS dan BN boleh duduk semeja minum kopi. Tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini. Dan PAS juga telah menurunkan bendera-bendera DAP. Mereka beritahu yang PAS menolak PKR dan DAP. Hmmmm. Tak tahu di tempat lain macam mana. Segalanya mungkin berlaku.

      1. Berita yang amat menarik sekali. Faktor apa yang agaknya melembutkan hati orang PAS kepada orang Umno?

        1. Helen,

          Concur with Melor. At Ampangan, NS, few of PAS camp has been closed. This happen after the UMNO candidate has been annouce. This people grumble due to their choosen candidates, who they view a batter choice, has been sideline.

          Few, openly help this UMNO candidates. Last info I got, this candidate, even though he relatively new as a candidate, he is quite well known to locals.

          And a few black flag has been put up by PAS supporter. I heard a rumours (heard that few days a go and this I’m not sure true or not), it a sign left by PAS supporter to boikot the PAS candidates who are not from ulamak or from Anuwarinas.

        2. Helen – In my opinion, orang2 tinggi PAS saja yang tak boleh tolerate dengan orang2 tinggi UMNO. Both camps hate each other’s guts. Orang2 bawah PAS and UMNO okey her. It’s true that org2 bawah PAS can sit down and have teh tarik and talk about having second wives with org2 bawah UMNO.

            1. Since the Rocket is merging with the Moon, can extend the same privilege to DAP men? Baru boleh kata sama rasa sama rata, kan?

  17. I own up to a major error in the earlier comment.

    Ismail faruqqi , the closet Wahhabi cum wahabbi apologist was never the rector at UIA. My sincere apologies for the error.

    Rather he co founded the International Institute of Islamic thought with Dr Abdul Hamid Sulayman, Taha Jabir al-Awani and Anwar Ibrahim.

    IIIT has had links with Wahhabi terror as this article reveals:


    Isn’t it surprising that it is still allowed to operate in the US? Seems that government and CIA protection certainly helps in enabling this pro Wahhabist organisation to thrive. Why? Because it is the Wahabbi stooge to be used by Zionist and the Christian Right to kill Islam, that’s why.

  18. Kenapa perhimpunan ini tidak diwar warkan oleh rakan2 PAS dan PKR dalam FB saya?

  19. Helen – you should put up a post on ‘Mood on Melayu masa kini’ pulak!

    1. Had a quick look at your link.

      (1) If the DAP’s Malaysian Firsters are “beyond race”, why did they attack Michelle Yeoh as a traitor to the Chinese race?

      (2) “Upon his [LGE’s] arrival at Pakatan ceramah, the crowd would break into a frenzy

      He and Hannah and the evangelistas deliberately cultivate a personality cultism. The Star has been an enabler to this.

      1. Helen,

        1) That is the tactic used for thousand of years. Pope of medieval ages used their “positions’ (self appointed guardian of Christianity) to control European Kings.

        Similarly, PAS uses Islam for its political gain.It self styles itself with iSlam. Pas views those Muslim opposing PAS as rejecting Islam.

        And now, DAP self styles itself as “s ole guardian of Chinese’. those who reject DAP will, be automatically accused of traitor to chinese race.

        DAP becomes arrogant and big headed because chinese tolerate it. I understand why that is so. They hope to extract goodies from UMNO.

        What they fail to realise is that they are putting themselves into “firing line” by supporting DAP that I vouch is “literally” at war with “malay interests’.

      2. 1. Tu la pasal si roket ni.. kejap buta bangsa.. kejap pengkhianat bangsa

        2. Mungkin perbendaharaan kata wartawan tu terhad..

        Masa kempen ni istilah Middle Malaysia / Malaysian Malaysia mcm x didengari

      3. My recent letters in the FMT also attracted the usual cybertroopers. The comments are so stupid that I did not even bothered to counter.

  20. I am from Penang. the sad and pathetic situation here : The Dapsters are so fanatic that they think all Chinese should vote DAP and all Penang Chinese should worship LGE, they, especially the “Chinese educated” Dapsters, are so sick and shallow minded.

    1. I wish there were more level-headed Cina Malaysia like Helen and Wee the ext Wangsa Maju MP.

      I don’t believe that Cina Malaysia are that gullible as to believe in every single crap that DAP has thrown at them. I refuse to believe that Cina Malaysia can easily be duped by DAP’s hateful campaigns. I’m sure there are some not only book-smart Chinese, but street-smart ones.

      Penang people were always looked at as pragmatic people and it wasn’t a surprise when they chose to kick out BN from Penang. But they should by now be able to see what DAP had done to Penang and how DAP had inadvertently forced Penang Chinese to support it. So, Penang people should be pragmatic once again and kick the orang luar LGE’S butt out of Penang.

  21. My mother, which are a pro-BN supporter, was scolded by vulgar words such as `soxxx’ by the `soxxx’ dapsters. My mother does not listen either because my family know that the DAP are cheating. So what I know that the DAP has many dirty tactics who has lied the `highly educated’ Chinese. I would be your side Helen. I am a Chinese.

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