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Can Pakatan rule any better than BN?

Dapsters whinge non-stop that they’re discriminated by the Umno-dominated BN.

For a change from the perennial finger-pointing at the BN government’s wrongdoings and shortcomings, let’s put the shoe on the other foot and ask if Pakatan can do any better.

The Chinese minority are angry, resentful and disgruntled at the rule of the country by the majority Malays.

However, in those states where the Chinese are in power, how are the minority Indians treated? Compare.

Poor Indians today want specially tailored upliftment programmes. Consider how the DAP and their Dapsters have reacted to this request by the Indians.

In the 1960s when the Malays were badly off, how do you think they would have been treated had it then been a Pakatan government dominated by the DAP that was in power?

1. Najib vs Anwar

The BN candidates have printed their election posters (and billboards) with photos of themselves together with the caretaker PM.

You don’t find Pakatan candidates displaying campaign material of themselves pictured together with the opposition Prime Minister-in-waiting.

2. Dr Mahathir

Since Najib has gone all presidential, it is Dr M who has become the standard bearer for the ruling party.

His clout can be seen when Perkasa chairman Ibrahim Ali is given a free pass by Umno to contest as an independent in Pasir Mas, and Perkasa vice chairman Zul Nordin’s BN ticket candidacy in prestigious Shah Alam — the custom-built Bangsa Melayutown as well as capital of the richest state Selangor.

3. BN’s lucky charm?

His age: On paper, it’s 88 this year.

His detractors claim he’s irrelevant. If he is indeed irrelevant as they say – read ‘Key to our future is not with Mahathir‘ (FMT, 1 May 2013) – why is the weight of the do-or-die battle resting on his octogenarian shoulders?

4. The Malays

Are just itching to put pencil to ballot paper, and make the silent majority voice be heard loud and clear.

5. The Chinese

Will be in for a rude shock.

6. The Indians

The working class are throwing their lot with the Malays whereas the professional class are cozy with the Christians.

7. “Great Malaysian dream’

Kit Siang’s words – “Let us in this election stand up and dare to dream the great dream of a Malaysia of justice, good governance, freedom and in which all are regarded as Malaysians first and last” – spoken at the Han Chiang mega rally (source: TMI, 30 April 2013)

Lim Sr most likely recycled his speech from the PAP days — read ‘DAP of today like PAP of 1965′. Lim Jr rehashes.

8. Dr M debunks LKS

Checklist: DAP is promising to deliver (a) Justice (b) Good governance (c) Freedom (d) Malaysian First (e) Patriotism …


But answer this first: Is Mama Dapster’s second child, just like her sister, a Chinese Foremost and an Indian Hindmost in her birth certificate?

You can read Dr M’s rebuttal ‘Kit Siang chose Gelang Patah for its Chineseness‘ in today’s NST.

9. ‘Chineseness’ is …

… completely sidelining the national language.

Malaysian Chinese Association 2013-05-01 16-34-47

One percent of Utusan readers are Chinese (see pie chart).

One percent of China Press readers are Malay. Despite its name, the newspaper is Malaysian. (The race breakdown for Sinchew readership, the biggest Chinese paper, is unavailable.)

Pembaca Utusan Malaysia
Utusan Malaysia readership
China Press readership

Incidentally, China Press was launched in 1946, the year of Umno’s birth.

And coincidentally (but most probably not), among the translators – featured in former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin’s blog – commissioned to translate Chinese newspaper articles to BM are:

Abdullah Tan, Doreen Ng Abdullah, Hassan Tiong Abdullah, Muslim Ngoh Abdullah, Robert Koh Abdullah, Robert Wong Abdullah, Sulaiman Koh Abdullah, Wan Abdullah Ng and Wang Wei Ng Abdullah

They probably number among the one percent of Utusan Chinese readers.

This is a mini size panda because it has shrunk to only 10 percent

10. Kiasu

The incapacity to give and take. The inability to see the big picture and act for the long-term future. The rapacity to want to seize on every advantage even when at the expense of hurting the interests of others, and ultimately at the expense of one’s own self-interest.

In GE13, the Chinese will win the battle but lose the war.

Although it is Umno which has frayed the social compact, it is the Chinese who have broken the BN formula.paste

So brazen in its backstabbing


Dapsters mock that MCA is Umno’s “running dog”. The truth of the matter is that 37 MCA Chinese, 8 Gerakan Chinese and some 10 Chinese from the BN components of Sabah and Sarawak will be fielded in GE13. In numbers they comprise roughly a quarter of the BN slate.

If all these Chinese win their seats, they will have a one-in-four voice in the BN. But the Chinese electorate don’t want to vote for the Chinese BN representatives. So, does it make any sense to jeer that the MCA has little say compared to Big Brother?

The MCA is impotent precisely because the jeering Chinese don’t want to empower them.

You make your bed, you lie in it.

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Postscript: “Ultra kiasu”

The continued DDOS attack on my blog.


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101 thoughts on “Can Pakatan rule any better than BN?

  1. What’s the population like by percentage in Malaysia? 71% Malays + Indigenous, 23% Chinese, 6% Indian.

    Are the race fairly represented in the number of seats on both BN and PR?

    Somebody ought to answer that.

  2. In 1999, Chinese gave their 90% to BN but do they get? Nothing? They are still being discriminated and being asked to balik China. Chinese issues which are important to them are still not resolved. The UMNO was trying to win back the malay support became more radical and in the process, gave DAP chance to strengthen their Chinese support.

    1. You are joking right? Chinese not getting what they want? Pray tell, what is it that the Chinese lack so much in Malaysia? Prosperity? Education? Opportunities? Please give me a break! If you are an Indian saying this, I can accept. But Chinese?

      What about Malays? Do you think the Malays get everything that they want? The Indians?

      I think you should mix more with people from different races and from different socio-economic backgrounds. Then maybe, you will think before you say anything.

      A little story that woke me up from my slumber:-

      When I was studying in UM for my undergraduate, I was offered a JPA scholarship. This was before the time of PTPTN. When I was looking at the list of successful scholars that was pasted on the noticeboard, there was a group of Malay students from the kampung, my coursemates. They were very worried as they were not successful in getting the JPA scholarship and they do not know how their families would pay for their tuition fees, what more, their monthly allowances. At that time, the fees for the course per semester was around RM1,500 which is less than what my parents made in a month…way less. And here i was witnessing a group of more than FIVE students (of a class of 50) worried that they may not be able to afford to further their studies because of money issues. Needless to say, i was dumbfounded. I thought, how can you not be able to afford RM1500? That is when i realised that being a KL girl, i was clueless as to how others live and survive in Malaysia. The only thing I knew was what i was exposed to in my little caccoon in KL. Completely clueless. But being in UM really opened my eyes. The whole time i was there, I saw so many Malays and Indians who were poor, living off their scholarship or loan money prudently while the chinese students were driving their own cars, with their own laptops and handphones (at that time, you must be rich to own one) and sticking together like glue, not mixing with others and all the while still getting scholarships either from JPA or from private sectors. And yet, even at that time, they were begrudging the Malays and the Indians for being in the university. Even then, there were chinese who felt that only they and they alone deserve to be in university, to get the scholarship, to get everything, and no one else! Even when i was in Imperial College, i met Malaysian chinese who refused to mix with other Malaysians and still stick together like a glue, playing the victim! And their parents were rich enough to send them there while others still have to rely on scholarships for that opportunity. And yet, the chinese still begrudge others. Maybe for you guys, only the Chinese deserve everything as only the Chinese are superior to others.

      1. Oh yes, i did turn down the JPA scholarship. I thought by me turning it down, others who need it more will get it. And true enough, when my friends appealed, they were awarded JPA loans that can be converted to scholarship if they did well. And they did well.

        1. concur. I’m applied for JPA scholarship and been turn down. To support my studies, I need to work on weekend. During my semester break I work nearly 16 hours per day. Mind you, I’ll work as a casher cum storegirls cum cleaning girls etc…etc.

          My fellow chinese, when they come back after the semester breaks told us the stories about their holidays.

        2. “Even when i was in Imperial College, i met Malaysian chinese who refused to mix with other Malaysians and still stick together like a glue, playing the victim!”

          – Melonhead

          I was at a public university and they were the same – refuse to mix with others and stuck together like glue as if the world wronged them.

          I will never forget the day I was informed of my JPA loan scholarship. The notice was served to me by a university staff who delivered it to me personally at my house after office hours because he was worried it might be too late for me to respond to the offer. JPA converted my loan to a scholarship after my graduation. I worked as a tutor throughout my undergraduate years.

          I am Chinese and yes, there are a lot of injustice in this country like any other, but I have faith in Malaysians – we are all decent people and our founding fathers delivered this land on a spirit of multi-ethnic cooperation. Leaders come and go and their legacy is built on their actions, but this country will be home for me, and hopefully, for many generations of Malaysians to come.

      2. Chinese not wanting to mix with Malays is just half of the story. During my time in public university in the first year, we need to stay in the campus hostel. Each room in the hostel can accommodate two students. What happened was a non-Malay student was assigned to share the room with another Malay student when we registered the first week. That was the arrangement by university staffs purportedly to build race relationship. Guess what happened a month later? Most students (both Malays and Chinese) decided to swap room themselves with Malay staying with Malay and Chinese with Chinese. I’m probably the only one refused to do so even though persuaded by my Malay room mate to swap room with his other mate (only because I was afraid university staffs may penalize me)

      3. I absolutely agree! i’ve experienced being the minority malay throughout my studying years. i did not get a scholarship, so i went to a private college, where i was one of the very few malays in my course. there were less then 5 malays in my course (most of them couldnt cope, so opted for an easier course later).

        i had no choice but to intergrate with my classmates, to the extent that i even tagged along when they went to eat babi for lunch (and it was puasa month, so i didnt eat anything. i just joinned the company).

        then continued my studies in the UK, and within the malaysian society, i was still the minority malay. there was a malaysian society, and i was the only malay in the committee.. and i could never forget how the rest of the committee members irritated me by speaking in mandarin in our meetings. they were totally disrespectful.

        each and everytime, i had to demand that they speak in english/malay.. and i could see how it was such a task for them. so come on, dont expect to get everything by not giving anything.

        1. Being in another minority group, I certainly know that feel. For them, it is acceptable to talk in Mandarin but when we, the Indians are talking in Tamil, they immediately demand us to explain to them on what we were talking. So, I wholly agree with you.

    2. Malaysian,

      They say “one swallow does not make a summer”. As such, we should not old a soveriegn govt accountable just because one politician uttered such a word.

      But in all sincerity, I as a Malay notice the “refusal” of chinese in general to accept reality that this is a multi racial country.with history and tradition based on Malay culture.

      That is the crux of the situation. Refusal to accept reality that the race deemed “lower standard” is ruling the country. and it starts with the attitude of wanting everything for Chinese and Chinese only.

      As i said earlierr, in their misplaced optimism that this time UMNO will “bungkus”, they ignore the fact that vast majority of Malays (and indians too) are leaning towards UMNO and BN. They do not realise that despite relentless attack by Anwar, UMNO holds the ground as Anwar fails the most basic test “to swear in the name of allah which is deemed as ultimate act of telling the truth”.

      Vast majority of Chinese as they seldom mix with Malays beyond superficial level do not understand the most effective style of Malay politics is not “ceramah” attended by 20000 audience. The most effective style of Malay politics centres on “kenduri”, “surau and masjid”.

      And they do not realise the mood although it stares right on their face. The fact that UMNO only lost Manik Urai with 45 votes is a sign that a change of govt may take place in Kelantan soon.

      In one election in Merlimau, PAS was wondering why despite hectic campaigning, it was not able to penetrate UMNO’s defense. It is not just PAS that irritate the Malays, it is its company (meaning submitting to DAP) that rile the Malays.

  3. cakap pasal gangsterim, DAP ingat kita orang2 Malaysia yang waras ni takut sangat ke dengan diorang? setakat Lee Kee Hiong yang tolak Jessei Ooi, itu bukan gangster sebenar.

    why? we have real taiko iron lady atau ‘kakak besar’, Dato Hamidah Osman, calon DUN Sg Rapat, Perak.

    you can google with keyword “dato hamidah osman pukul calon PKR” and see the results. ini baru taiko sebab calon PKR menangis2 buat laporan polis TUDUH & FITNAH dia kena cekak leher dengan Dato Hamidah yang dinafikan oleh Dato Hamidah.

    dan saya percaya Dato Hamidah tak perlu gunakan kekasaran untuk kalahkan calon PKR yang berjantina lelaki itu. Lee Boon Chai ni lelaki okey. tapi tindakan macam pondan. errr all PKR male candidates are awwwwww or jambu ke? huhuhu….terpaksa mengadu pada polis kena harrased by a lady.

    Lee Kee Hiong, if she really gangster, don’t push Jessie Ooi. choose a MALE CANDIDATE to push okay, because if you succeed you can take over Hannah Yeoh’s reign as ‘kepala gangster’ dari sayap Wanita DAP.

    one of the link regarding Dato Hamidah Osman allegedly assaulted Lee Boon Chai.

  4. Very balance writing, superb analysis with facts and you can easily rebuff the DAP.

    Are the DAP going into a big shock? I think so too. Why? Because of their inability to give and take in a multi racial society! The Malays and Indian and the ethnic group of Sarawak and Sabah can live and gel well because we value each other strength and weaknesses, we should not take advantage of other races weaknesses but should pool our strength together.

    By the way, I still prefer the Chinese of BN because they are more humble to everybody, even to their opponent. BN will still win this GE13.

  5. Ms Hannah Yeoh. You are a Christian. The citizens of our beloved Malaysia if they want to change the Government have every right to do so. Is it right and in your conscience and belief as a Christian that a very rich individual instigates and creates scenarios to capture votes for himself as an ordinary person who is like you and me, to rule over us using his money ? You are a Christian, are’nt you of Subang Jaya ? Do you as a Christian think every very rich and ordinary person should do this ?

  6. The Singaporeans never demanded to change the PAP Singapore Government after it lost US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street of its citizens Trust money.

    The foreign backed Opposition as led by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP demands that the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which has done nothing wrong, be changed in their favour. Why change when the BN Government has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG ? For whose benefit personally ?

  7. why Pakatoon will never rule Malaysia better than Barisan Nasional?

    petang tadi saya ke satu pusat membeli belah di tengah2 KL.
    sedang saya menunggu giliran untuk menggunakan tandas awam,
    keluar seorang perempuan Melayu setelah agak lama dia gunakan tandas tersebut.

    ada seorang perempuan Melayu lain dan perempuan Cina pertengahan umur. perempuan Cina (PC) itu menegur kenapa lama sangat perempuan Melayu (PM) itu gunakan tandas. saya tak ambil kisah sangat mula-mula apabila mereka berbalas-balas kata-kata. sebab sambil tunggu saya check hp saya, sebab ramai gila manusia.

    hinggalahhhhhhhhhhhh…. PEREMPUAN CINA itu menjerit perkataan ‘SAKAI’ kepada perempuan Melayu itu. perempuan Melayu itu tak balas apa-apa cuma last masa nak keluar dari tandas dia balas “STUPID CHINESE”. mungkin sebab hilang sabar dengan perempuan Cina yang terpekik terlolong di dalam tandas itu.


    “perbuatan memaki hamun dan memanggil dengan nama (calling names) yang asalnya dipelopori oleh pemimpin atasan Pakatoon sahaja sudah merebak ke akar umbi pengikut-pengikut mereka yang taksub.

    hanya disebabkan isu penggunaan tandas yang agak lama, perempuan Cina ini sanggup melemparkan kata-kata ‘SAKAI’ kepada perempuan Melayu itu yang tidak berbogel atau bercawat.

    ‘SAKAI’ adalah salah satu suku kaum orang Asli dan tidak disepatutnya digunakan sebagai satu perkataan sindiran berbaur perkauman dan hasutan.

    pemimpin Pakatan mengapi-apikan kebencian di peringkat atas dan gelagat ini ditiru bulat-bulat oleh penyokong di peringkat bawahan yang fanatik.

    tidak menghairankan sekiranya DAP menang besar pada 5hb Mei nanti, akan keluar banyak kata-kata makian, perkauman yang menghina dan mengeji kaum lain terutama sekali kaum MELAYU.

    hanya PAS dan PKR Melayu yang dayus sahaja yang akan sanggup memekakkan telinga mendengar makian dan cacian DAP racist ini, sebab mungkin mereka tak faham kejian tersebut dalam bahasa Mandarin.

    ini adalah kisah benar pada petang 1hb Mei 2013.
    saya agak berdebar-debar takut kalau balas membalas kata-kata itu bertukar menjadi lebih hangat dan diikuti keganasan fizikal.

    saya sendiri rasa mahu saja masuk campur dalam pertengkaran itu tetapi membatalkan niat di hati untuk tidak mengapi-apikan.

    tetapi perempuan Melayu itu cool saja dan meninggalkan tandas itu dengan menahan sabar di dada (saya melihat riak mukanya yang merah padam), tetapi perempuan cina itu masih melolong-lolong seperti orang gila memekik perkataan ‘SAKAI’ kepada perempuan Melayu itu.


    1. How I wish the DAP wins and they start monkeying around like in 1969. I want to see the face of Malay whi with PAS and PKR.


    1. Aiyah, don’t worry lah. BN will not lose.

      It’s just the oppo people drum-beating and talking up Pakatan chances.

      1. still need to worry if BN wins.
        the opposition will cause chaos.
        they will accuse BN cheat in election.
        i’m so worried that I dreamt something about election for 2 nights already.

        please pray that after 5th May things will be back as usual.

        1. sama lah tu, Malay Princess T_T Saya pun tidur tak lena.

          Yang saya sedih sekarang ramai rakan2 Cina yg belajar uni syok2 post gambar ‘Malaysian Spring’, cakap pasal ‘we’ll make a difference’ tapi tak sedar implikasi perubahan yg bakal berlaku pada kita.

          Saya nak explain kepada mereka kenapa Pakatan Rakyat bukanlah pilihan yang terbaik pun susah, sebab mereka akan fikir saya sokong korupsi, saya racist dan sebagainya.

          Mak saya siap kata esok kita stok makanan kat rumah byk2…takut nanti apa2 yang tak diingini berlaku. Mak dan ayah saya dua2 bekas survivor May 13. Nasib baik diaorg masa tu student UM, jadi duduk kat asrama dlm kawasan UM, tak kena kacau.

  9. Sure is hard to get into your blog today. The page is either not loading or it freezes while loading. Tried multiple devices & apparently the issue is more pronounced on mobile devices. Hopefully recovery ain’t far away.

    Pakatan is the hope of the nation. In fact in true evangelical fashion, they’d probably sing this if the GE was closer to Christmas.

    Title: When Pakatan Has Won (Sung to the tune of When A Child Is Born)

    A ray of hope flickers in the sky
    A tiny star lights up way up high
    All across the land, dawns a brand new morn
    This comes to pass when Pakatan has won

    A silent wish sails the seven seas
    The winds of change whisper in the trees
    And the walls of doubt crumble, tossed and torn
    This comes to pass when Pakatan has won

    A rosy hue settles all around
    You’ve got the feel you’re on solid ground
    For a spell or two, no-one seems forlorn
    This comes to pass when Pakatan won

    And all of this happens because the world is waiting,
    Waiting for one party
    Green, red, blue, everyone knows
    It’s a party that will take over and turn tears to laughter,
    Hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone’s neighbour
    And misery and suffering will be words to be forgotten, forever

    It’s all a dream, an illusion now
    It must come true, sometime soon somehow
    All across the land, dawns a brand new morn
    This comes to pass when Pakatan has won (repeat till fade)

    When Pakatan takes over, the world will be a better place. The sun shines brighter, the air is cleaner, the water taste better.

    When Pakatan takes over, our pockets will be filled with money, as will our bank accounts.

    When Pakatan takes over, cars will be cheaper as will fuel. The roads would be widened to a dozen lanes minimum.

    When Airasia came into existence, they said everyone can fly. They didn’t say fly where. With Pakatan taking over, everyone CAN fly all over as minimum wages are up, taxes are down, living costs tumbles, disposable & household incomes rises.

    And when Pakatan takes over, Shay & Kayleigh will not have to grow up explaining why they’re Chinese when their father is Indian as race classification will be buried forever.

    Hallelujah! The day is close at hand! The Savior(s) is (are) here! Now go vote for them dumbass!!!!

    1. Yes, I’m aware. My page views have halved and also I’ve seen other readers comments (e.g. one left at SAA’s to say that they can’t access) say the same as you.

      Today, Rocky’s blog pun kena sekali lagi.

      I consider it a form of cyberbullying. They are just sealing their reputation.

      1. Just saw Sheahnee Lee speaking to Azhar Sulaiman & Norman KRU over the cyber bullies who attacked them over their supposed partisan views on Viewpoints @ 7. They could have invited you & SYA. That would be an episode I won’t miss for the world.

  10. You punya comment deserve A++. Npy many chinese kiasu type can see your way

  11. this post May 5th posting? I’ll use it as entry in my blog on 6th May ya? Hehe

  12. Helen,

    Right now at 22.09, I’m waching Hello Malaysia (Astro 502). I think you should watch it too.


    The BN as led by Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak and the UMNO with the 14 component parties will definitely win a landslide victory

      1. Your comment that Malays are itching to get to the ballot paper and let the silent voters be heard loud and clear really interest me. I guess it is particularly true in my case.

        It is not that we are particularly impressed with the ruling party, we just don’t want those arrogant people to rule this beloved country. I guess many will share my sentiment but most of us will keep our silence.

        We are not that IT savvy, and keep tweeting on every single issues. (Macam tak ada kerja lain). I really hate what is happening now and casting my vote i will this time!! Definitely not to those arrogant people.

        1. I am Chinese and I agree with you Anak Jati Johor. I have already cast my vote for BN (overseas voter).

  14. malam ni nak melepaskan perasaan, sebab masih terkejut & marah & sakit hati dengan kejadian ‘perempuan Cina menjerit perkataan ‘sakai’ kepada perempuan Melayu sebab isu tandas’ petang tadi.

    orang2 Cina yang racist, yang dirasuk hantu PAP, zionist, ideologi komunis hanya akan puas hati bila tengok orang2 Melayu jadi hamba pencacai mereka. jadi driver je, jadi pekerja je, jadi kuli je, bawak motor, naik lrt & bas, bawak kereta buruk & murah, tinggal di rumah pangsa, tak boleh jadi ketua atau pegang jawatan tinggi dari mereka. kalau boleh balik ke kampung atau tinggal merempat di pinggir-pinggir bandar.

    pendek kata, kalau Melayu lebih bagus, lebih kaya, lebih apa-apa dari mereka kata DAP sebab Melayu rasuah, Melayu dapat tongkat. For DAP, Malay can not be better than them. hanya Melayu yang sanggup ikut telunjuk DAP je yang akan diterima masuk ke dalam kumpulan, itu pun sebagai pencacai dan boneka macam pemimpin2 Melayu di Singapura.

    sebut pasal meritokrasi, orang Melayu dah lama amalkan meritokrasi. mereka sokong perniagaan dan khidmat yang baik dan bagus tanpa mengira kaum. walaupun sesama Melayu, kalau layanan dan khidmat bisnes Melayu tak bagus, Melayu tak akan beli juga. Melayu akan pergi ke kedai Cina atau India walaupun berbeza kaum. Mereka tetap bagi maklum balas yang jujur yang kadang-kadang melampau dan tak ada semangat nak bantu sesama kaum.

    tapi orang Cina, tetap hanya akan beli dari orang Cina. ada komen pembaca sebelum ini yang kata, benda-benda yang Cina akan beli dari orang Melayu, cuma nasi lemak & pisang goreng. lain daripada tu jangan haraplah Cina nak beli dari Melayu.

    kalau perempuan Cina (yang saya yakin sangat penyokong tegar DAP) boleh panggil orang Melayu sebagai SAKAI pada waktu aman dan waktu Barisan Nasional memerintah, bayangkan kalau waktu DAP menang dan memerintah? penyokong-penyokong mereka akan caci orang Melayu sebagai apa?

    DAP & penyokongnya akan caci orang India sebagai apa?
    DAP & penyokongnya akan caci orang Asli sebagai apa?
    DAP & penyokongnya akan caci orang Sabah & Sarawak apa?

    sekarang memang DAP belum tunjuk belang, tapi sekali dah tergadai ke DAP, ingat selepas 5 tahun senang ke diorang nak bagi lepas?

    saya pengguna LRT tegar dan saya kerap membuat pemerhatian tentang tempat duduk. ini mungkin bias atau berat sebelah, TETAPI berdasarkan pemerhatian saya, kalau Cina yang dapat duduk di kerusi LRT, dan ada orang lain yang lebih memerlukan kerusi tersebut contohnya orang mengandung, warga emas, budak2 kecil, JANGAN HARAP CINA NAK BAGI TEMPAT DUDUK.

    saya ulangi, JANGAN HARAP CINA NAK BAGI TEMPAT DUDUK mereka pada individu yang lebih memerlukan. mereka lebih rela buat tak tahu, macam tak ada hati perut, biarkan saja, pura-pura tidur atau terus main dengan handphone.

    okey, kaum lain pun ada ramai yang tak berikan kerusi LRT pada individu yang memerlukan tetapi kebiasaannya sama ada Melayu atau India yang akan bangun give up the seats.

    pemerhatian ini berdasarkan pada kawasan penglihatan saya pada setiap kali saya naik LRT.

    Cina akan buat bodoh sampai ke sudah. ada satu ketika, sesama Cina pun dia buat tak reti. makcik Cina yang tua-tua jinjing beg berat-berat naik LRT, Cina2 muda ni tak ada perasaan apa-apa langsung.

    jadi, kalau anda fikir Cina DAP akan rela berkongsi kuasa dengan PAS & PKR atau menyerahkan semula Malaysia kepada pihak yang menang jika mereka kalah dalam GE14, ANDA SILAP BESAR!!!

    sekali dapat, genggam tak tiris.
    waktu itu nasi sudah menjadi bubur.
    mereka yang mengundi DAP dan Pakatan akan hidup dan mati dalam penyesalan.
    anak-anak cucu cicit akan menyumpah-nyumpah generasi terdahulu yang membuat kesalahan maha dahsyat ini.

    kadang-kala kita terpaksa memilih MUDARAT YANG KECIL untuk mengelakkan MUDARAT YANG BESAR.

    BN mungkin penuh dengan rasuah (mudarat kecil bagi saya).
    PR penuh dengan agenda zionis (mudarat besar bagi saya).

    mana lagi bahaya, mudarat kecil atau mudarat besar?

    1. Rasuah bukan mudarat kecil, ia adalah mudarat besar. Ia juga perlu dihapuskan sedikit demi sedikit. Jangan kata ia kecil, nanti orang akan rasa tidak mengapa buat rasuah.

      Cuma buat masa ini, mungkin ada mudarat yang lebih besar yang perlu dielakkan.

      1. okay, mfma i agree with you…definitely mudarat besar jugak…but if we need to choose between party yang bawak zionist agenda & party yang dipenuhi orang yang corrupt how? that’s dilemma…

        corrupt-dia akan sanggup jual negara jugak utk puaskan nafsu.
        zionist agenda-lebih dari sanggup jugak untuk gadai negara untuk nafsu, kuasa?

        so, maybe you can share a method to pick between these two kind of keparat?

        1. I don’t have magic formula.

          Btw, blatant double standard, hypocrisy and hate politics is enough for me to be convinced that current iteration of PR shouldn’t be given the mandate for GE13 especially in a climate where BN have started to reform itself. Over-populist manifesto compounded my concern.

          Thus the battle-cry of Ubah seems to me to be Ubah for the worst, not Ubah for better. PR supporters does not show the attitude of those who claim and act as those with higher moral standard.

          At the very least, BN supporter is not denying that corruption is a problem that needs to be eradicated. Contrast this with those who think that their party is/ are suci murni tanpa cacat cela. Recipe for disaster.

          That to me is bigger danger than current corruption.


  15. re: Will be in for a rude shock

    The rudest shock would probably be a defeat of DSAI in his home turf, PP. Then opposition supporters will scream, “No way DSAI could lose! No way!! BN and EC are cheaters!!! Vote rigging!!!” Ambiga and al-Jazeera reporters already said this will be the dirtiest election ever.

    Then we’ll see more demonstrations (Bersih sequels) demanding another election (???). Finally here come the greatest shock ever: UMNO finally forming a unity government with PAS! (don’t know if this is the game of thrones RPK is alluding to).

    Throw in a few remnants katak from PKR (if they ever win lah) who may potentially become BN friendly independents. Chinese get shafted further with MCA rejecting any senator posts (since they will lose their shirts this GE) and withdrawing of all government funds for Chinese schools. CSL would also announce his retirement (although I don’t know if Chinese would still be happy with it at that point).

      1. I have said this earlier, two outcomes of GE that would make me the happiest man for a day : DSAI and LKS lose in the election.

    1. Lousy Engineer,

      Indeed, that is my hope. And the mood on the ground in Pematang pauh shows that Dr Mazlan is leading.

      It is time to bury Anwar “politically”. He has been bringing prolems after problems to Malaysia. His personal matters become national problem. He is a good example of a person who is “melampaui batas”.

      And PASS too needs to be punished for being a hypocrite party. I have enoug of self appointed moral guardian who behave as if they are God’s messenger. They mock, insult, curse, belittle, slander, twist and turn while quoting Quranic verses.

      And last but not leasr, may Ghani prevails in Gelang Patah. For God’s sake, Kit siang belongs to “dinosour” club. Let us put him in proper place: a museum.

      1. but don’t discount the idea that Anwar may be hiding a ‘secret weapon’ to unleash at the very last moment. That man is capable of it.

  16. 6. The Indians
    The working class are throwing their lot with the Malays whereas the professional class are cozy with the Christians. – Helen am sorry beg to differ.

    Was going around the area where there are many professional class. In Bangsar the support for BN is overwhelming also few other places. I thought the young urban English Speaking from professional families all supporting PR but it seem that among the young almost split in the middle.

    The older generation for this segment are quite solidly behind BN. Also discovers huge number of Chinese Fence Sitter unsure who to vote for and of course many Chinese who are quite never make any statement showing any political inclination but among the silent majority.

    This is what I can see from my own eyes going around the campaign trail. Few of DAP seats in Penang is shaky. Very much the local issue. Isu isu setempat yang menyakitkan hati masyarakat tempatan. BN is giving a good fight.

    My concern is how are we managing the stability after election. Anwar and the gang for sure akan buat kacau. My heart dup dap dup dap leh….

    1. Since you mention Bangsar voters, how do you rate Nurul vis-a-vis Raja Nong Chik’s chances?

      1. Was told the story of how Nurul Izzah double whammy two opposing sides in Bangsar. She sent SMS to both stating she supported them. I think many Bangsarians are fed up with her. Bangsarians seems to love RNC. I think Izzah will lost with majority between 6000 to 7500 votes.

    2. Actually, I’ve also been wondering what this particular group of silent Chinese ppl are thinking. You can see these group of people who usually stand at the back of a large DAP ceramahs, whose facial expressions are not easy to decipher. They hardly respond to the ‘screams’ of the DAP penceramah. Could these people part of the 30% BN supporters?

      Helen – what’s your take on this group of people?

        1. Actually Helen was able to speak to few Chinese getting very concern with DAP attitude. They went to the ceramah to actually see what is really the fuss about. Good example Fong for Bukit Bintang or Rowena for state seats in Penang.

          They have been getting a very good support. In fact if persatuan penduduk are endorsing you that is something. Unfortunately Hannah Yeoh will still rule. It is amazing BN can put a wrong candidate against her.

          You must look at your opponent and give some one who can match. Wong Chen is riding on her. Silap silap haribulan, Kira pakai jari satu tangan, Rafizi might not get in and you have a Tian Chua nombor dua di Parlimen.

          You know how LKS like to membesar kan fakta. He said DAP will deliver 40 Kerusi Parlimen itu maksudnya 30 pun susah. I predict BN will get 155-170 Kerusi Parlimen. I have this funny feeling that BN triumph in Penang with one seat but don’t gain a lot for Parlimen. Orang Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Tikus maybe very open to get back BN but still wanna see DAP in Federal…

  17. I predict that under Pakatan rule, the genuine whiners will pack up their bags and leave this country in search of their ever elusive Utopia in as little as 2 years.

    If Pakatan implements their populist promises, Malaysia will go into reverse gear. Whiners will cringe and run.

    If Pakatan renegades on their promises and in the unlikely case that they are capable of doing something sensible, the whiners will also become disillusioned because unfulfilled promises are not Righteous.

    In short, either way the genuine whiners are in for a rude shock.

  18. Helen, you forgot point 11.

    The Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indonesians etc will be happy to vote using their new identification after flying MH and AA ;)

    1. Aiyaa….maybe you should choose a new name, since you hate brown people so much.

      What has those people done to you?

      Why so angry, maybe you need some china doll to entertain you and soothe your mood.

      Just be careful not to lose things like expensive watches.

    2. Dear Brownny, that’s clearly a baseless allegation at all.. Do a simple survey on your fellow friends, relatives or acquaintance: During past elections, have they ever seen any of the Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indonesian etc show up at the polling station to cast their votes? Don’t easily fall into PR‘s trap, analyse yourself please.

        1. [The Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indonesians etc will be happy to vote using their new identification after flying MH and AA ;)]

          Kalau saya jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri, saya bagi sahaja kerakyatan kepada mereka sekiranya mereka betul-betul tahu untuk menghargai penat lelah kerajaan terdahulu membangunkan Malaysia. Biarlah mereka menjadi rakyat kepada Malaysia yang baru. Biar mereka jadi warganegara yang akan sayangkan Malaysia lebih dari negara asal mereka yang tidak mampu menyediakan peluang pekerjaan mahupun pendidikan. Sekurang-kurangnya kita mungkin boleh membantu mereka mengubah taraf kehidupan mereka. Mana yang mahir bersukan jadikan sahaja mereka atlit bantu skuad olimpik negara. Ada rakyat sendiri pun tidak tahu mengenang budi buat apa. Ada rakyat yang telah diberi peluang untuk tinggal bersama-sama, berkongsi untuk membangunkan negara tetapi bersorak gembira apabila kuasa asing campur tangan hal negara pun buat apa. Ada rakyat negara sendiri yang tidak mahu jadi kuli di negara sendiri pun buat apa. Selama hari ini siapa yang paling banyak menghambakan mereka? Towkey-towkey kapitalis juga. Biarlah mana-mana warganegara Malaysia yang tidak sukakan negara pergi berhijarah ke mana-mana negara impian mereka. Gantikan mahluk-mahluk pendatang ini dengan mahluk-mahluk perosak yang sedia ada. Alang-alang ubah, biar ubah semuanya. Ini kali lah bhai..Kali apa? Kalimuthu? Kalimullah?Bentong Kali?Batang Kali? kongkalikong?

          1. I agree. After all, we did it in 1957, so why not do it again today. If immigrants are hardworking, willing to integrate with local society and can contribute to national development, why not. Isn’t that the same premise that Singapore, Australia and the US welcome foreign expertise?

          2. Aiyo Dr Anwar Berahim, tell me what is the percentage of foreign labourers are ‘expertise’? Just go any mamak restaurant, construction site etc. I have no issue if citizenship is given to deserving expertise who have been living in Malaysia for years and have been contributing a lot. But to just grant citizenship in exchange of votes is just wrong laaaaaa

        2. It’s candidate‘s right, be it BN or PR to appoint agents to monitor the polling process at polling stations.

          Therefore, if you may, allow me to make assumptions based on your claims that foreigners can easily cast their votes in order to alter the election result:
          1. They must be hollow men.
          2. The features of those Bangladeshi, Nepalese must be so identical with our fellow Malaysians.
          3. The polling agents must be sleeping throughout entire polling process.


            Comments please. This is just a tip of the iceberg. More to come.

            Polling Agents cannot stop a person to vote if the individuals have a MyCard. So how can you stop a foreigner with a MyCard? Is that not against the law?

            Mr / Ms Lim Tat, thank you that you are not the Menteri Dalam Negeri and you will never be one….you lack some brain matters.

            1. Can’t comment much on the report.

              However, come to think about it again, still make no sense for me. I mean, even if a Bangladeshi can produce a fraud ic, can’t we really identify them easily? From the feature, accent, and general knowledge such as Malaysia history. If one or two of them can make it through, I wouldn’t surprise, but you are talking about tens of thousands of foreigners specially trained to fake up as voters here!

              Or, you are suggesting that the entire SPR officers and clerical staffs, as well as the police force, being bought out by BN, aren’t you?

            2. Singaporean can easily tell if you’re a genuine Singaporean or Malaysian, even though we are identical in many ways, by simply asking you “which camp are you from?” (Conscription is compulsory for Singaporean). That’s something we can’t easily make up.

          2. By the way, found this interesting photo on the internet, looks familiar, isn’t it?

            The photo of “San Francisco 49er Bus Parking Lot at Candlestick Park”:

            San Francisco 49er Bus Parking Lot at Candlestick Park.

            Speaking of “Mass transportation of ‘voters’ is underway”, now we have massive Americans ‘phantom voters’ on their way to alter our election result. Hmm…

          3. Recent revelations and testimonies from the Sabah RCI with regards to Project IC can already shed some lights to you what the people behind this is capable of. You will find out for yourself after 5 May. I rest my case and thanks for sharing your opinions.

          4. [Mr / Ms Lim Tat, thank you that you are not the Menteri Dalam Negeri and you will never be one….you lack some brain matters.]

            Saya fikir anda berkemungkinan menghadapi mutasi kromosom yang sangat serius pada otak anda. Anda hanya tahu mencedok sesebuah artikel/rujukan tanpa mempunyai analisis dan pandangan jujur dari kotak pemikiran anda sendiri. Setiap hujah yang dikemukan hanya dicedok bulat-bulat dari rujukan, diserap seperti sponge ke dalam otak ada tanpa melakukan rekayasa terhadap komen yang anda berikan.

            Pertimbangan anda yang berat sebelah juga menggambarkan kegagalan otak anda untuk mentafsir antara baik dan buruk, antara fakta atau fitnah, antara coklat atau perang (perang ada 2 maksud. Sila rujuk beza “e” pepet/”e” taling dalam Kamus DBP). Rumusan yang anda buat juga tidak menunjukkan anda membuat kajian yang benar-benar tuntas. Sekiranya anda adalah Muslim atau mempunyai rakan-rakan Muslim, tanyalah kepada mereka apa maksud petikan yang saya cedok ini, sememangnya ditujukan khas buat anda.

            “Aku mampu berhujah dengan 10 orang yang berilmu tetapi aku pasti kalah dengan seorang yang jahil, kerana orang yang jahil itu tidak pernah faham landasan ilmu” – Imam Syafie.

            1. Personally, I would consider the project ic a separate issue. However, allow me to suggest you a different perspective: Malaysian government‘s principle in citizenship recognition.

              As you may, or not aware that there are two major principles adopted by most of the countries, i.e. Jus Soli vs Jus Sanguinis. The former suggest that citizenship to be recognized regardless of ethnicity or descendancy, as long as one is born within territory of the particular state; while the latter suggest the otherwise.

              It was UMNO who strongly opposed the Malayan Union back then, hence put an end to the implementation of Jus Soli. And it was subsequently replaced by Jus Sanguinis, though it was never explicit in many ways. However, UMNO was willing to compromise to accept Chinese and Indian as citizen for the sake of independance.

              This is the ground that Sabah‘s project ic is based on.

              The crux of all arguments is that, majority of us lack of historical knowledge, let alone to judge matters objectively. And I must say the oppo has fully capitalised this issue, and very well they did, to obfuscate us to serve their political agenda. To me, this is really irresponsible and shouldn’t be condoned anymore.

  19. A simple fact tells all: BN is a formal political alliance, legally registered under ROS for so many years; PR, on the other hand, a technically illegal alliance, yet to register themselves despite rulling several states since 2008.

    A couple who have mutual understanding, commitment, believe in each other, would not hesitate to register as a legally wedded couple.

    Apparently, PR is still not ready to rule.

  20. PR is far better than BN in chronism, nepotism, bribery, sex scandal, slandering, character assasin, spin, lies, image photoshop dan banyak lagi…

  21. Bullshit by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. The real fact is that 7 1/2 poor Singaporeans came into Malaysia during the NEP and became multi-billionaires.


    One penniless Singaporean (he is half Monglolian or Korean soldier) made so much he collected Stradivarius violins (US10 Millions each) which he on lent to the Singapore Philharmonic but not the KL Philharmonic. And he began life by carrying the briefcase of his factory manager amongst other vital services.

    Another penniless Singapore said he cycled all the way to KL with only one ringgit in his pocket and a screwdriver. After this he became a multi-billionaire.

    I got all the facts and most of these guys were my friends.


    Vote BN.


    Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak and the BN with the UMNO and 14 component parties delivered the goodies since 1957 to 2013. THESE ARE ALREADY IN YOUR POCKETS.

    From 2013 onwards, all Malaysians under the Transformation Programme will get morre goodies.

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its cohorts or digits (LKY’s favourite words) PROMISE only VIRTUAL MONEY which is made in heaven. THERE IS NOTHING IN YOUR POCKETS and the DAP is sure to lose big time.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians vote for the real thing which is the BN. Do not be fooled by the magic shows of thick smoke and opaque mirrors of the disunited Opposition.

      1. That how you use tax money, channel back to rakyat maa…

        ps : But interesting fact about tax is, the one who always complain about tax is the one who never paying it while the one who paying rarely make a fust about it. After all usually after declaring a lot of them get their tax money back. They treat it like a 2nd bonus :D

  23. Yesterday, I attended my first ever PRU-related political rally with two of my former classmates – one a former PAS guy who is now a staunch BN supporter while the other a former Keadilan sympathiser. It was Tun Dr Mahathir’s (TDM) ceramah in Section 6 Shah Alam and, being a political novice, the event was a pleasant surprise.

    First, it was a crowd of thousands and according to the former PAS guy, the turnout was beyond expectation as in recent years BN had never been able to attract sizeable crowds before. In his speech, TDM also mentioned that the size of the audience had exceeded his expectation as well. Of course, I could not verify whether the crowd were mainly local or outsiders but I did not see any buses being parked along the roads etc.

    Second, the crowd was very orderly – there were no untoward incidences while I was there except that the crowd may have been quite loud on occassions and this may have rattled some people in the houses which were within earshot of the venue.

    Third, the crowd was quite well mixed and, surprisingly, a high number are from the the younger generation, i.e. people below the age of forty. Admittedly, it was a wholly Malay crowd with the non-Malays only being the BN guys on stage

    Fourth, the crowd was very pro-TDM. Simply put, TDM was given the movie star / singing sensation / idola treatment befitting his status as the Prime Minister who put Malaysia on the world map. From the moment TDM arrived at the event venue, there were cheers and clapping all around with people queueing (in an ordely manner, if I may add) to shake his hands as he made his way to the stage. During his speech, the crowd was attentive and supportive and after the speech, there was again a rush of people trying to shake his hand as he made his way to his car. As the car was leaving, some in the crowd sang “Inilah Barisan Kita” – whatever one’s opinion of him, one has to acknowledge that a segment of society supports him unconditionally

    Fifth, physically TDM is not as strong as he previously was but for an 87 year old man, he still looks good. His mind is still lucid and witty and undoubtedly, he still knows how to play the crowd.

    Sixth, content wise, he was playing the role of the elder statesman – saya bukan kempen tapi saya mai nak ucap terima kasih kerana tanpa sokongan saudara-saudari serta kaum keluarga, saya tak mungkin dapat jadi PM selama 22 tahun … I have to admit that the crowd was expecting more fiery material but obviously that was not what TDM had in mind. Instead his focus was in “putting things in perspective” and potraying BN as a party for all Malaysians whose contribution to nation development was immense. Obviously, he touched on old nemesis such as Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal but surprisingly he scarsely mentioned PAS except on things like Kelantan’s water, white “spender” (malayanised english word), Husam’s bid Putra Jaya seat and Khalid Samad in Shah Alam.

    Seventh, Zul Noordin seems to be well accepted by the crowd. Personally, I was disappointed that he did not speak much but he obviously had sore throat – due to too much talking while campaigning, no doubt. But then again, the star attraction is TDM so I supposed Zul was merely giving way the the mantan PM ke empat in this occasion … Oh yes, took my 19 year old son along to the event and his comments was : had expected more on government policies and other strategic matters of national importance …. wonder if my son is the norm rather than the exception for Malaysia’s younger generation

    Eighth, prior to TDM’s arrival, there was only one guy on stage and he was attacking the opposition and a number of its personalities and this prompted both the exPAS guy and former Keadilan sympathiser to shake their heads – obviously, BN need to revamp the way they promote their cause as such action will merely further alienate the more educated voters away from BN

    Ninth, the event was obviously organised by Zul Noordin and his team with the two BN ADUN Candidates being invitees rather than co-organisers. Never the less, it was good to see the BN machinery working in Shah Alam for an “outsider” such as Zul Noordin.

    In conclusion, I enjoyed my first PRU related ceramah politik and for a BN event, it was undoubtedly a success based on the turnout and the crowd response – now, lets see whether the numbers are translated into votee for Zul Noordin. As for me, am going back to my home town to vote. Happy voting everyone ;-)

    1. My area got DAP ceramah.

      The strong groundswell of Chinese opposition sentiment makes me uneasy.

      1. Helen, why does most cina marah when some quarters asked them to balik China, when they themselves considers Mandarin as their mother tongue despite Malaysia being their Motherland and NOT (in case some don’t know) China!

        And should they accept Malaysia as their Motherland (of course it is), why won’t they, bangsa cina, be happy mastering their Bahasa Kebangsaan since it is their very own mother tongue?

        1. Bahasa kebangsaan is our national language but not the mother tongue for the Chinese.

          Perhaps the term “native language” could be applied to BM.

        2. Islam1st,

          Simple. They want to be accorded respect by Malays community but they refuse to accept the Malays. In simpler language, they vwant everything for themselves. Helen is as rare as Kohinoor diamond among Chinese community.

          so, they cant accept the truth . that many want to be re cognised as Malaysians without having to recognise the history of the land. In other words, they see Malays as “inferior” not fit to be accorded official status in any aspect of life.

            1. Yes, sounds like t’ng which means long (correct) but two words written differently.

              In the context of race, we’re people (“lang”) of the Tang dynasty.

              e.g. Saudi Arabians, named after the House of Saud (monarchs)

  24. I disagree Helen, Cina Malaysia comes from all over China, most do not speak Mandarin at the that time (being the official and administrative language of China), but local dialects.

    Kantonis, Hokkien, Teo Chew are some local dialects spoken by some of Cina Malaysia ancestors.

    But when you asked the average Cina Malaysia about this and they would claim that Mandarin is their mother tongue when in fact their mother or their mother’s mother had never in their life utter the language mostly spoken among the high officials in China.

    I’m just puzzled at the thought that Mandarin is the mother tongue of Cina Malaysia over BM among the present Cina Malaysia.

    I think this is just wrong and had been sending the wrong message among young Malaysians all along.

    1. But we have a unified script (hanzi), e.g. you cited t’ng lang

      lang is Hokkien, yan is Cantonese and ren is Mandarin but all written 人

      1. So if Cina Malaysia are being unified (and can be unified under one common language, sadly not BM) under Mandarin due to certain extreme NGOs lobby, why not we, Malaysian first and foremost (the ideal Malaysia dream by all) speaks BM first like the average Malaysians did and vernacular language second like most Malays and other Bumiputeras who had downplayed their local dialects and choose BM over everything else, at least at National/Official level.

        I had always complained to my kawan Cina whenever someone chooses to speak in vernacular language at ceramahs that consists of Malaysians of various backgrounds.

        I think this is extremely divisive in nature, among others of course.

        If the Jawa, Bugis and Dayaks among us can speaks standard BM, why can’t the rest follow?

        1. But as I’ve been pointing out for a whole month already, the MCA Panda “We want stability” slogan on their website banner pun diorang tak sanggup pakai bahasa kebangsaan walaupun ianya sekadar beberapa patah perkataan sahaja.

          1. That was my whole point too, blatant rejections across the board, even among the pro government (seems to) Chinese towards BM which is sad and perplexing, knowing that they would speak English like Australians did, should they move down under, even at the very first year!

            Perhaps Shamsul Anuar was not wrong a bit.

            Perhaps Orang Tinggi would not be deprived anymore should all of us, ‘sakai’ masuk hutan!

  25. The Dappies strategy is diametrically opposite to that of the British on how to govern and control the Chinamen.

    The British. Young police cadres were sent to Swatow, Cantow and Amoy to pick up the dialect on a 6 months basis. They were groomed to monitor the Chinese in the Straits Settlement and the Malay States. Major towns like Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur has a Protector of the Chinese (he was definitely not a protector but a spy) with an office next to the Chinatown. It is still there in Kuala Lumpur for all to see. On the one side, the Petaling Street, the commerce of the Chinese and on the other the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the politics of the Chinese.

    British Policy – Let the Chinamen make their money and enjoy themselves but do not interfere as long as they abide by the British Rule of Law.

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP Strategy – runs counter to the British as we all can see in the media, the streets etc.etc. Communist style.

    1. re: “Communist style”

      Oredi updated. Improved version is Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

  26. Hello,interesting discussions and 1st.time here.This UBAH seems like telling me my place is 6 feet underground.

    To Helen and 1st Islam, Word t`ng means long but join together,the word is to mean chinese people but in spoken context it can mean advantage over the other person.

    As you mentioned balik China or even India even though born here with no roots over there.In conversation almost always when in disagreement this phrase balik China or the Chinese retort balik kampung normally pop up without fail.Why not balik rumah or balik tidur?The sense of immigrant (pendatang) is etched into the mentality to remind you in case you forget.The Chinese retort is usually balik kampung, an acknowledgement the status in society.

    Perhaps this is bazaar Malay but such exchanges of language pinpoint the degree of acceptance and pose an identity challenge.Maybe your geographical position is urban and you think differently but in semi urban area many do not subscribe to civil society concepts.Basically Chinese has no sense of security and driven to instincts where only the fittest survive.If you observe Kampong folks go through life in relaxed contented and seemingly at peace with themselves.Chinese slog and sweat for the financial due and at the end of the day willing wager portions of the labour earned on forecasting digits hoping a combination will change the economic standing knowing the odds are not favorable.The sense of insecurity haunt him to strive beyond the normal to prove his worth.So is being Malaysian a farce or is Pendatang the real perception when the balik China syndrome is raised now and then.

    So being neither here nor there,the only refuge available is to lean towards tradition,culture and custom.The failure to mingle within a community should reasonably fall within this sphere as #8(when they go to eat babi at lunch) There are religious and cultural gaps that serve to polarize integration.

    My nenek is Baba and we converse in Malay but she scold me in dialect.She wear the sarong and Kebaya is her delight whenever on a town trip and the sambal and rendang are classic.She loves the sireh.Lifestyle as I remember is completely Malay and the only distinction is Chinese tradition.Her Malay Muslim friends are aplenty visiting regularly and tho they abstain from food,they are comfortable with her consumption of babi with bare hands sitting in a circle on the floor and idle talk.Now you say babi and it is like taboo.My Tok, Chinese,with his daun and occasional beer join them if they are around after work.You think they elak him during his dinner?That was early 70s not long after infamous 513.Then,no labels were attached but now we say halal or non halal,haram.Muslim know what to abstain and my nenek know what to offer.

    1. williem,

      I had always held firmly the views that the peranakans (and the seranis, of course) in Malaysia should play a big role in bridging the gap (as you have pointed out in the makan babi story; widening as ever now) among malay and non malay Malaysians, I had always adored lenggok bahasa melayu spoken among the peranakans, it is quite distinctive from modern BM and to my malay ear, ianya sedar didengar. It is quite nostalgic too, macam cakap orang dulu-dulu.

      The sad thing is I have also encountered some pakar budaya berstatus doktor berketurunan peranakan, while kept reminding me of her peranakans ancestry, namun gagal untuk menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan dengan baik dalam perbincangan budaya sesama kami. Pada saya ini amatlah memalukan kerana coming from a household where malay is widely spoken (maybe not so anymore?), her inability to articulate her thought in her very own mother tongue says a lot of not so nice things about her. Sad because I believe she chooses to differentiate herself to average Malaysians. Maybe her pendatang complex gets the best of her. Maybe she wants to be associated more with the ‘orang tinggi’ than the ‘sakai’. But then again she is the last person for any Malaysians to be called as a pendatang. And there is a big difference between pendatang and pendatang asing or pendatang haram, which I think many of us Malaysians failed to differentiate which leads to a lot of misunderstandings and a lot more suspicions. The more I think we should all master BM.

      Having a common lingua franca especially in a country as multicultural and diverse as ours is extremely important. Shih Huang Ti knows this well and goes to great troubles to implement this. Imagine China without a unifying language. Imagine United States of America without one. Malay has been the lingua franca in South East Asia since ancient times, unifying a geographically diverse ancient Sri Vijaya. A country should have a common language for all. I believe when one is different, one should not try to differentiate oneself further. The Melayu Kedah (Kedah Tua being as old as China if not older) being comprehensively ‘peranakans’ in nature knows (no I’m not talking about Tun M) this well and has been successfully assimilated themselves. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.

  27. The melodious speech I hear in my childhood is buried into an era just past and impossible to replicate the lingua franca.No more nya` Sudah mummy.Not able to hold the fort,my aunts while sarong at home are jeans or pants at the supermart and only kebaya at functions.Times have changed.Being Chinese I must say the culture has evolved over the century.If you watch Chinese movies with ancient themes like Pao Kong(black face judge) or similarly themed,you will find the dress code similar in the conservative sense.Over the years this has been discarded for tee shirt and jeans.If you speak with these pakar budaya berstatus surely they point to some similarities.

    Shih Huang Ti,he pancung many kepala.Under him his brain belong to you after cutting all those heads.His brain tell you how to improve agriculture.No need education to poison the mind.Better to fill the belly and live long life.So he burn all the books.His Imperial Court consist only people he trust.About 20 years later 6 feet down.Great Wall his legacy.Before SHT there was Lao Tze and then Confucious acknowledged founder of education.His students and other scholar all slaughtered by SHT,a brief summary.Mandarin as language for officials started only around 1900s for those aspiring for govt. posts.

    Assimilate is not like a manufacture activity or chemistry inputs.Speaking a language in its native fluency if it is to mean assimilation is successful,I beg to differ.Different tongues flick in their unique ways.Different nationalities speak English in different slang if you ever noticed.To match you in proficiency is beyond the scope of many but the delivery of a few sentence in a way you can understand is within the ability of many non Malay speakers.If you teach the vowel expecting the piano tone response,get ready to be disappointed.Tongues twist differently and the vocal won’t meet expectation.Student also many level of intelligence and Timid who understand you but never reply orally for fear of rebuff,you have to look with loving tears.

    I saw your comment about Mat Salleh country.Here Malaysia,many English speaker so not much problem.Why not choose an Africa.

    You want cash crops got many choice of vege.You don’t expect durian tree to fruit within the year.You plant rubber tree and you say tak sama Jati.Let nature run it’s course.Some things cannot be hurried.All got lalang weeds and pest beside them. Jaga properly some very good returns.

    1. Williem Yap

      I agree to some degree. I just thought that 50 odd years being Malaysians, born and bred plak, but still can only utter makan, tak tau, babi and mati (too name a few, you know what I mean) is very worrying indeed.

      Especially when Peranakans failed to speak BM like most Malaysians did and consider themselves to be Chinese plak instead of Peranakans, a unique keturunan, one wonders where’s the direction the country is heading to?

      You reap what you sow; buah busuk kita tak mau!

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