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Politikus wanita DAP: Sebabnya kita harus amat takut kepada mereka

Jessie Ooi, calon MCA untuk kerusi DUN Kuala Kubu Baru membuat laporan polis beliau dicederakan oleh lawannya calon DAP Lee Kee Hiong (bekas setpol Lim Kit Siang).

Disalin-tampal rencana The Star kelmarin (30 April 2013) di bawah.

Sila teliti ayat yang telah saya garis dan huruf-tebalkan. Bibit itulah yang ngeri dan menakutkan — Apa jenis manusia calon-calon evangelista DAP itu?

Ooi (left) showing the bruise on her right shoulder that she claims was caused by Lee.
Ooi showing the bruise on her right shoulder that she claims was caused by Lee

GE13: BN’s Jessie Ooi claims shoulder injury caused by DAP opponent

HULU SELANGOR: Jessie Ooi, Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Kuala Kubu Baharu seat, claimed that she was injured after being “pushed about” by DAP’s Lee Kee Hiong during a walkabout at the night market on Monday

Ooi, 34, lodged a police report on Tuesday claiming that her shoulder was bruised in the incident. She sought treatment at the KKB Hospital.

Ooi said she and her supporters, mostly women, were shaking hands with residents and distributing flyers when they met Lee’s group.

“I offered my hand to Lee and we shook hands and posed for the press photographers.

“But while we were shaking hands, her (Lee’s) left hand kept pushing at my shoulder. During this time, Lee was smiling and challenged me to a debate.

“I told her it was a waste of time and she continued pushing at my shoulder. My mother saw Lee doing this and pulled me away,” Ooi told The Star.

The friendly encounter turned "push about" between Barisan's Kuala Kubu Baharu candidate Jessie Ooi (right) and DAP's Lee Kee Hiong
The friendly encounter turned “push about” between Barisan’s Kuala Kubu Baharu candidate Jessie Ooi (right) and DAP’s Lee Kee Hiong

Ooi said since Lee’s supporters were mostly men, she left the place and returned to the MCA office in town.

She said she realised that her shoulder was painful and noticed that it was red.

When contacted, Lee said she had also reported the matter to the police.

Lee said she had only “tapped” Ooi on the shoulder.

Besides the two, Yoong Tham Fook, Pritpal Singh Mender Singh and Nadarajah Subramaniam are contesting as Independents in the state seat.

Sumber: The Star

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Lee Kin Hiong di perarakan Himpunan Hijau baru-baru ini
Lee Kee Hiong di perarakan Himpunan Hijau bersama Teresa Kok

Gila glamer

Merujuk kepada helah Lee Kee Hiong mencabar Jessie Ooi untuk berbahas, ya lah puak pembangkang ini memang selalu beriya-iya hendak naik pentas kerana merekalah yang paling berbakat menyembur air liur ekoran latarbelakang ‘profesional’ sebagaievent planner” dsb.

Itu taktik pembangkang — sewenang-wenangnya akan mencabar agar orang parti pemerintah berbahas dengan mereka. Dan apabila sahutan mereka disambut dingin, para pembangkang ini akan membayangkan bahawa BN penakut ataupun mengambil sikap sambil lewa.

“NGO group Bersih coalition had set a healthy forum between PM Najib and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim at KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall with moderator Islamic Renaissance Front chairman Dr Farouk Musa on April 17.

PM Najib did not show up, whereas Anwar appeared with Bersih co-founder A Samad Said and PKR member Rafizi Ramli.” (sumber:PM Najib vs. Anwar Ibrahim ‘forum’,” MSN election special)


Taktik kotor Pakatan

Dari laman MCA:

Kelana Jaya Barisan parliamentary seat candidate Loh Seng Kok … said Wong [Chen] and Subang Jaya DAP candidate Hannah Yeoh have been publicising an April 26 debate between him and Wong on their social media pages.

“I never agreed to the debate and I have openly made that clear in the media.

“Don’t use my name,” said Loh.

Adun-adun MCA lebih cenderong untuk buat kerja dalam diam. Adun Subang Jaya DAP (gambar atas) yang gemar berkhutbah, berceramah, mengFacebook dan tak habis-habis dengan tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweetnya.

Anda mungkin berminat membaca:

MPPP lancarkan serangan politik ke atas Jessie Ooi

Trauma seorang wanita cantik akibat gangguan seksual

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  1. This has to rank amongst the most absurd coming out from the umno spin machine. People should really be afraid of your bad hair…

    1. alahai SS. bila Kak Helen ungkit pasal politikus wanita DAP, awak tak sabar sabar datang kat sini buat komen. ternyata awak ni gila dengan idola idola buatan manusia a la DAP ni.

      ini bukan cerita karut lah SS. yang tampil dengan cerita karut orang pembangkang. awak kan dah monopoli alam cerita karut. nak saya bagi contoh ? ingat lagi kisah kapal selam Scorpene ? yang Nurul dan TC kata tak boleh menyelam ke dalam lautan ? lepas terbukti yang tuduhan Nurul dan TC tak berasas, awak terus diam, selamba pulak.

      saya nak ingatkan awak dan orang macam awak. ini Malaysia. awak asyik komen dalam Bahasa Inggeris tapi lantang dengan slogan Malaysian First. ke mana pergi Malaysian First yang awak semua war warkan ?

      1. Apakah orang cina betul-betul mahu menghidupkan bangsa Malaysia? Sanggup tukar nama dan pakai satu bahasa rasmi sahaja seperti di Indonesia? Sanggup hapuskan sekolah cina atau tukar semua sekolah cina jadi sekolah Malaysia? Cakap je boleh la….

    2. Fellow Malaysian friend, it is a futile attempt to penetrate rational thinking people. U have your agenda, stick to it.

      I think most of us here are not politically twined but rather able to gauge how it solves issues for fellow Malaysians irrespective of their origin. So why waste your time in Helen’s blog?

      You don’t need us to convince us of your political agenda. We regular M’sian are not so stupid. You would do better to take it to your favored alternative media. We are not lalang for political drive but always steadfast for a fellow M’sian. You will only be wasting your time to lick your bosses desire because you can’t achieve anything with us like minded Malaysian for the objectivity of our fellow Malaysians rather than what is political induced for your bosses.

    3. How appropriate using the name ‘ss’. I quote Britannica

      SS, abbreviation of Schutzstaffel,  (German: “Protective Echelon”), the black-uniformed elite corps of the Nazi Party. Founded by Adolf Hitler in April 1925 as a small personal bodyguard, the SS grew with the success of the Nazi movement and, gathering immense police and military powers, became virtually a state within a state.

        1. Betul betul betul. Ataupun Suka Syaitan! Saya Slow!

          Sorry everbody, 1st May nothing to do day.

    4. Keep posting like thatla ss, your clever and intelligent postings will surely persuade the people already coming to this blog to love and vote the Pakatan!

      I bet you have excellent hair too, please post a picture so we can compare side by side with Helen.

  2. Itulah namanya mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan kebebasan, tapi pengecut bila nak berlawan! Teruskan Helen!

  3. sebenarnya kita juga harus takut pada air liur mereka. kawan saya kat Taiping kata selama 5 tahun kat sana, satu satunya benda yang mereka orang Taiping dapat, terutama sekali orang Taiping Cina bukan Kristian dapat adalah air liur politikus DAP. maksud mereka cuma dapat janji janji kosong politikus politikus DAP sahaja.

  4. we must be afraid of their ‘BIG’ size in everything.
    big body – Hannah Yeoh
    big mouth – again Hannah Yeoh

    if bitch but have pretty face it’s okay & acceptablelah, but if like Lee Kei Hiong, Hannah Yeoh & sorts in DAP, what we want to expect? dahlah muka hodoh, mulut longkang, shallow minded.

    Janice Lee yang lawa & educated itu pun kena tendang dari DAP. Teresa Kok maybe dia sudah sedar diri, dia tak cantik so dia pun duduk diam-diam. yang tinggal dalam DAP semua politikus wanita yang gangster, with ugly face, low class attitude.

    Lee Kei Hiong can’t beat Hannah to be the ‘gangster of cyberspace’, but she learnt from her to be the ‘gangster of pushy-mushy’. because if LKH twittered pun takde siapa nak respond. terpaksa guna taktik ni untuk setanding dengan Hannah Yeoh.

    1. +2 Thanks MP, you’ve just helped me out on a conundrum of sorts. I’ve always wondered (sometimes aloud), why that “face” seems to have inconsistent proportions. You have now convinced me that the various “faces” are photoshopped. The vanity and utter shamelessness… Haha!

      Btw… Will anyone join me if I start a petition to have all those awful “faces” removed from high traffic areas in Subang? They are a road hazard. I have to suppress the urge to puke… Surely I have this democratic right to ensure my personal safety as a motorist, no?

      Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make proud. – old Spartan proverb.

      1. speaking of inconsistent proportions, this could be due to botched cosmetic surgery. who knows ? if you get a bad doctor to perform the procedure on you, you get bad results.

        speaking of bad doctors, there’s one down south, in Johor by the name of Dr Boo. maybe you should refer to him regarding inconsistent proportions. but I advice you to seek his counsel later, after May 5. he’s very busy right now.


    If all the citizens of our beloved Malaysia vote to change the BN Government of their own accord, it is their right to do so. BUT IF A VERY RICH INDIVIDUAL WITH THE SAME RIGHTS AS YOU AND ME INSTIGATES AND CREATES ALL SORTS OF SCENARIOS TO CAPTURE YOUR VALUABLE VOTE, then this very rich individual is only doing it for his VERY OWN SELFISH INTEREST NOT FOR YOU OR ME.

    Please think carefully for your own sakes, your families’s sakes, your friends’s sakes.

    Vote BN. You do not vote for a very very rich individual here. You definitely vote for BN which has delivered the goodies (and for your own interests) and will deliver more as promised. Go for the real goodies not the virtual goodies in the sky. Promises ! Promises !

  6. ROLF on “big body = hannah yeoh”. dulu gang dorang ni suka perlekehkan Rosmah on ther body size, which i think is shallow. Nah, sekarang dah join the big girls club. padan muka.

  7. That MCA’s candidate seems so fragile.. how’s we expect this MCA to fight alone facing the monster DAPster.

    1. It’s either Jessie bruises easily or the alleged Jill the Gripper got streetfighter technique.

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