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Dr M on Gelang Patah / OMG mega, mega DAP rallies in Johor

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s column in the NST today is headlined ‘An end to kongsi if Kit Siang wins‘.

Dr M wrote:

“Johor is a Barisan National bastion. If it is broken, then he [Lim Kit Siang] could put an end to MCA’s cooperation with Umno under the old kongsi or sharing concept.” […]

“A win for Kit Siang … will spell the end of good relations in Johor between the races.”


When Dr M states that Umno has little hope of Chinese support in Gelang Patah, he is speaking with firm intelligence from the ground. Bukan calang-calang orang yang cakap ni.

And Gelang Patah is in Fortress Johor.

Johor may be the last holdout but it is not spared the tectonic plate movements of the Chinese sentiment shift.

The portents are that Ghani Othman will not succeed in holding the MCA fort, and that there will assuredly be a rout of the second biggest BN party – kononnya ada keahlian sejuta orang, weh – elsewhere in Johor.

Johor Chinese are no different from the rest

Below are some photographs, lifted from the Sutera Mall (Johor) Facebook, of the opposition rally held in its vicinity last night.

Sutera Mall
Updated: Discussion as to whether the above photo is authentic is ongoing here — ‘Is this photo for real?‘ — 9am, 3 May 2013
Sutera Mall3
Sutera Mall2
The photo below is another opposition rally last night in Johor held at the Larkin Stadium carpark.
Source: al-Banjari

Collapse of the BN’s ideological moorings

The administration of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sent the first wrecking ball to knock at the BN pillars.

AAB had claimed that he was the “Prime Minister for all Malaysians”. Were the minorities led by him to think that his predecessor was PM only for the Malays?

And that it was Umno and not the BN that ruled the country for the benefit of the Malays (and not of “all Malaysians”)? The implication of the fifth Prime Minister’s speech, as it was framed, was that the PM preceding him was not enough of a Malaysian First “for all” the races.

AAB in his Hari Raya message also declared that “This country belongs to all of us, everyone of us” and that “No citizen is recognized as being of a higher status than another in this motherland”.

Here again, the Dapsters would infer from AAB’s speech that Dr M had not bothered to reassure the minorities that Malaysia belonged equally to the Chinese, Indians and other non-indigenous races. In other words, because of Dr M’s implied failure in the Integration and Cohesion department, it was now necessary for AAB to have to take the inclusive tack — “inclusiveness” being an element hitherto missing in our nation-building exercise.

Furthermore, for AAB to say “No citizen is recognized as being of a higher status than another in this motherland” suggests that the non-Bumiputera – that is before the tenure of the fifth Prime Minister – have been treated like “lower status” citizens in the tanahair.

The Chinese resentment had been seething for decades, ever since the implementation of the NEP post-May 13. What AAB did with his style of kumbaya rhetoric was to validate the Chinese feeling that they had been wronged and their sense that all the grievances they long harboured were indeed legitimate.

Whacking at the BN’s foundations

A second wrecking ball came in the form of Khairy Jamaluddin.

For over half a century – ever since Umno first cooperated with the MCA for the KL council election in 1952 – the Malay party had never pulled a stunt such as unsheathing the keris.

It was seen as a put-down of the Chinese, and carrying with it an implicit threat. It was an act that lent itself to stark visuals, and the provocative picture flashed over and over to the Chinese electorate during the DAP 2008 campaign.

(In fact the Tony Pua flap yesterday was over the DAP’s attempt to place an ad in The Star replicating their previous success of the keris leitmotif. Read ‘Finally, The Star admits giving DAP evangelistas the VIP treatment‘)

Khairy is a Westernised liberal who failed to grasp the intricacies of the Umno-and-MCA silat-and-taichi interplay. It happens when you are the Son-in-Law parachuted into Umno Youth and straight to the deputy chief post without having experience of the grassroots.

Perkasa has since taken over the Umno Youth role of being the vanguard in the articulation of Malay interests. That’s simply because KJ is not cut from the Perkasa-type cloth. Like I said, Khairy is really a Zaid Ibrahim at heart, and the keris episode was for him to cement his ‘Malay’ credentials that he lacked.

Unfortunately, the keris business backfired big time on the BN.

The MCA had complained, rightly, that the act of giving a visual form to “Malay supremacy”, repeated three years consecutively, as well as Hishamuddin Hussein’s arrogance in refusing to climb down from his cock-strutting posture had cost the BN Chinese components dearly.

By March 2008, the BN’s founding principles of consociationalism was already badly bruised and eventually to the extent that the MCA came to be labelled “the battered wife” of Umno.

Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan
Column by Star executive editor Wong Sai Wan

The Star‘s poison-tipped stilletto

‘Scissors’ is too mild a word to describe the treacherous and lethal weapon that is The Star.

The BN’s consociationalism formula at its core is a communal arrangement — Umno for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese and MIC for the Indians.

What The Star has been actively doing is ventilating the DAP line of attack against race-based parties.

You can see from the headlines screenshot above (‘Virtue of being colour blind’, etc) as well as Hannah Yeoh’s Merdeka Day message ‘Look past race’ and many identically themed articles, that such an approach is an act of sepukku on the BN.

Hannah Yeoh article
Hannah Yeoh’s Hari Merdeka article

Death wish: More harakiri

As if the MCA is not deader than a doornail yet, its purported media machinery engages in extramural activities like awarding a public speaking prize to Ong Kar Jin for talking about how Malaysians are indoctrinated to become racists.

n_08starESUIn his star-turn speech, the college student had said: “The only way to overcome racism is to erase it from our hearts and minds, to finally become colour blind.”

The Star perpetually fetes opinions like Ong Kar Jin’s (i.e. someone who had said):

“Race based parties imply that only Chinese can help Chinese best, only Malays will properly serve the interests of Malays, ad infinitum. By being explicitly race-based parties, they state they are their race first and Malaysian second.

Drawing from his conclusion that race-based parties have resulted in “a vicious cycle of spiraling communalism”, Ong Kar Jin implicated Umno for the crimes of “fear mongering and hate-inciting” associated with how Malaysian race politics is portrayed by the opposition.

The Star is a nest of DAP symphatizers who fill the paper’s pages with Ong Kar Jin-type write-ups, pointing the finger of blame at the BN.

Hannah Yeoh

MCA mouthpiece, really ah?

It’s not all that strange if you should think about it that Hannah Yeoh and her personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran (an evangelista standing for a PJ DUN seat this general election) are given more airtime in The Star than are the MCA Ministers.

A common quip about The Star is the following axiom:

The Star is owned by the MCA and run by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP.”

It is related by P. Gunasegaram, a former Star group executive editor.

The Metro pullout (central edition) of The Star claims a readership of one million — over the period of July 2010 to June 2011. This is the section that must needs to mention Hannah Yeoh every day, See Google results above.

Frederick Fernandez is the editor of Star Metro, stepping into the shoes of Brian Martin who was the Metro senior editor. (Martin has been promoted to become executive editor.)

The Star is purportedly the MCA mouthpiece. But how much do senior staff like Frederick Fernandez and Brian Martin know about the MCA which conducts most of its activities in Mandarin?

Then there is Star associate editor M. Veera Pandiyan who in his column declared that races have never existed.

(Read also ‘Nasir Safar, Ahmad Ismail, “racism” and the MCA chewing grass‘)

Subang Jaya resident cum Star senior editor Sujesh Pavitran tweeted to Hannah Yeoh “Read The Star tmrw, YB, there is a surprise”. What does a Star editor mean by providing a tip-off to a DAP politician of a news story that is to appear in his paper the next day?!


Star stabbing MCA to death

Chua Tee Yong is backstabbed by The Star while his father Chua Soi Lek is peeved that the paper gave his roadshow in Sepang a miss — see tweet (screenshot below) by the then Star-National Union of Journalists chairman.

The demolition of MCA cannot happen in a vacuum. The ideological groundwork must be laid to persuade the Chinese public to reject the party.

The Star played a major role in the demolishment of the MCA next echelon of young leaders. Beliawanis MCA national treasurer Jessica Lai had tweeted that Ong Kian Ming and Hannah Yeoh are the “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

Jessica Lai is given zero coverage by The Star. Instead the MCA paper is filled with Hannah Yeoh positive news while at the same time deliberately burying any Hannah Yeoh negative news.



Half a dozen years prior to May 5

Lim Kit Siang was not in Kuala Lumpur on 13 May 1969. But that didn’t mean that in the days running up to May 13 he did not inflame sentiments.

He was detained under ISA on the charge that

“Since July, 1968, you, Lim Kit Siang, have been acting in a manner prejudicial to the maintenance of public order in Malaysia in that in the several speeches you have made since the date you have deliberately and intentionally roused intense communal feelings thereby promoting feelings of hostility between different races in Malaysia and causing suspicion and disunity to grow between them.”

The authorities held that in July, August, September, October, November and December of 1968 as well as in January, February, March and April of 1969 right up to the eve of polling day, Lim Kit Siang had promoted hostility despite that on May 13 itself he was away from KL.

The same applies to The Star. In these two weeks running up to GE13, the paper might ostensibly be toeing the BN line. (But even then, not really, since the Star spokesman yesterday issued a statement saying “We regret that he [Tony Pua] has not been thankful to (sic) what The Star has done for him” — see here).

Nonetheless in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, The Star – like Dollah Badawi and Khairy Jamaluddin – has been a wrecking ball destructively knocking at the BN edifice to bring down the coalition’s ideological foundation of power-sharing between the races.

Akin to the DAP, The Star has made ‘Race’ a dirty word.

Karim Raslan and Hannah Yeoh
Karim Raslan and Hannah Yeoh

The Star Media Group has a reach to an audience of 5.63 million predominantly middle-class adults.

The Star‘s Malay columnists like Azmi Sharom and Karim Raslan are not Melayu Umno.

In fact, the paper’s other Malay columnist Tunku Zain Al-Abidin Muhriz was even courted by the DAP to be the party’s election candidate.

If The Star has effectively signed the MCA’s death warrant for this election round, just take a wild guess as which BN party will be surreptitiously stabbed by The Scissors over the next five years?

Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Umno and her leaders have to keep fending off the accusation that they are racist simply because the Firsters are in control of the public narrative.

The opposition is on the offensive mode. To have the allegations of “racists”, “bigots” and “Nazis” gain such currency and circulation indicates that Pakatan is far more successful in its propaganda.

Pakatan is far more successful because it is much more ruthless by far.

My blog is still under DDOS attack. I’m personally also under attack (harassment and character assassination) from the DAP SuperCyber Bully network which is intertwined with the Star staff.

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63 thoughts on “Dr M on Gelang Patah / OMG mega, mega DAP rallies in Johor

  1. there can never be any doubt that 100% of the chinese will vote pakatan this time around. I do hope bn had already considered this in their battle plan for upcoming GE.

    a 10%, or even 5% chinese vote is just a bonus.

    1. Actually, I have personally met a few pro-BN Chinese. Admittedly, so far it’s been only two people, and they’re from the older generation.

    2. Save Gaza and Perak and Malaysia too.. How ironic the Chinese DAP pointing out that Malays are the Palestinians of Malaya.

      Their land are slowly being taken up by Chinese migrants. From 400,000 hkt of rainforests in Sabah Sarawak and Malaya to the city areas in Penang the Malays and bumis are being chased out.

      It is in fact the truth. The Palestinian land was given to the Jews by the same christian british officer who took the Perak land to give to the Chinese new villages.

      Now you didnt know that did you?

      Chinese and foreign interest now hold 80% of the wealth in Malaya.

      So you Malays clutching rm500 ringgit should pause and think of your own race predicament before pitying the Palestinians.

      Save Gaza from the Jews, Save Perak, Save Malaysia from the Chinese!!

  2. Helen,

    After ‘berkampung’ for 6 days (i take my annual leave) for Gelang Patah battle, sorry to tell you that our moderate Johorean already come to the end..

    Ghani (unless a miracle took place) will surely call for retired from our ex beloved chinese friends..

    I rest my case today and tonight will return home 100 % after only spend only 10% with my wife. After all friday night, we must visit our wife.. LOL..

      1. Yes..

        Sutera Mall.. as you already know, mission accomplish for Kitty Siang..

        Larkin seems still in favor of Shahrir.. not so happening for PR..

        1. I’m going sutera mall with my chinese wife and my parents in law (chinese/Buddhist/BN) and my malay wife with my son going to Larkin..

          Saya amalkan konsep 1 malaysia..

  3. Im already mentally prepared to accept the GE13 results:

    BN Malay Government vs DAP Chinese Opposition.

    Life will be rosier for BN if PKR and PAS lose out terribly.

  4. either Chinese dominated DAP wins or Ghani (BN) wins, the Chinese will benefit the most from it.

    if BN wins, Ghani & UMNO will ‘ambil hati’ orang-orang Cina with more developments here and there. more contracts, more infrastructure, more schools and many more.

    if DAP (Kit Siang) wins, Chinese can unite together and threat to get more development coming to Gelang Patah. they can push and force government to give in to their demands. if government stop any kind of good treatment, they will be louder since they have ultra racist leader Kit Siang and maybe can whine to Singapore and even to Australia, claim they are marginalized by BN because they vote them out.

    at the end, the Malays, Indian and other races are the losers….unless Johor leaders got the balls to be bold and brave.

    orang2 Melayu & India di Gelang Patah nanti dapat “gelang yang patah” sajalah…gelang emas sudah habis disapu DAP & Singapura.

    1. Selepas sahaja confirm tertubuh kerajaan UMNO vs Pembangkang DAP, kita lihat apa yang najib akan buat. Jika masih terhegeh hegeh macam pengemis gila di siang hari, kita ajar dia cukup2..

      1. That I agree with wholeheartedly. Najib while working hard has also been wooing the wrong crowd.

        While the Chinese voters are crucial to create a more balanced all-races-in-one-party BN, he should know which segment of the Chinese population he’s going after. I often thought that wooing the SJK(C) types was a big waste of time. Just my opinion.

        Ajar yes, we must. For the entire BN’s future. The formula works if all groups and ethnicities are represented. BN’s way is that all have a voice unlike dap’s way where only the top being the dap chinese control everything and the dap non-chinese are practically voiceless (so much for multiracial!) so if one major component is missing from the representation we will have a koh tsu koon-ish type of representation. The hidup segan mati tak mau kind

        1. Since DAP firsters mantra is Malaysian first, race second, how about NTR start enforcing 1School intiative in which no more vernacular school (if menang pilihanrayalah). This is in line with Malaysian first, No?

          In the meantime, Tamil and Mandarin language should not be completely sidelined. It can be taught in school so that even Malay student can learn it. After all, China and India has a huge clout in world market. Learning it might be highly beneficial.

      2. macam mana nak ajar? after 5th May, kita tak ada kuasa lagi…kena tunggu another 5 years. walaupun MCA akan pupus dari arena politik, pasti akan ada menteri/timbalan menteri/senator yang dilantik dari MCA atas ehsan PM yang terhegeh-hegeh pipi tak mancung hidung tersorong-sorong.

        parti komponen lain sepatutnya kena protes kalau PM masih mahu memberi hayat kepada MCA dalam kabinet baru kelak.

        katanya kena ikut ‘MERITOKRASI’ yang selalu dilaung-laungkan oleh masyarakat Cina. jadi, kalau pencapaian MCA teruk dalam PRU13 kali ini, MCA & masyarakat Cina kena bersedia untuk kemungkinan tidak ada perwakilan dalam kabinet. dan bersedia untuk beri jawatan-jawatan dalam kabinet kepada wakil-wakil dari parti komponen yang menunjukkan pencapaian cemerlang.

        contoh, kalau ramai wakil rakyat UMNO, MIC, SUPP ‘menang bergaya’ dan MCA ‘pupus seperti dinasour’, memang layaklah wakil-wakil rakyat UMNO, MIC, SUPP yang menang ini menjadi menteri dan timbalan menteri.

        MCA, mari kita kenang mereka dalam ‘muzium kaca politik’ untuk renungan, pengajaran dan penyesalan parti-parti komponen lain supaya nasib yang sama tidak terjadi kepada mereka.

        1. Betul! Sangat setuju. Kerana “meritokrasi”lah dap berperang dengan Umno hendakkan kesamarataan tanpa mengira kedudukan sosio ekonomi pelbagai kaum lain selain kaum cina yang menjadi ahli dap (cina parti lain ok with me, sokongan pengundi tu cerita lain la). Apakata kita bagi dekat depa teroih dekat batang idong? Kalau MCA tak perform (Gerakan will be wiped out with almost a surety) then no Ministers for MCA. Dr.M did that in the 1999-2004 term when Kelantan BN was almost wiped out of the state assembly by NOT appointing any Ministers from the state. Eloknya dapster terima pengajaran yang sama

    2. If 100% of Chinese go with the Opposition and DAP wins Gelang Patah, then what need do we have to woo them anymore? Just dump them in the dustbin and focus our attention on winning over the Malay PAS types and urban PKR types instead.

      They will come over soon enough, hat in hand, like Hindraf does. Or they will become even more hardcore. Either way, what do we Malays have to lose if we keep focusing on the development of our own people?

      Chinese are just 30% of the demographics (and going down) – they can never win on their own through the ballot box no matter how hard they try. We just have to find a way to stop our own Malays from being khianat to their race, the same message the racist Lim Kit Siang send to his race.

      1. That’s so racist! Nasib baik kita duk Malaysia di mana mengutuk orang (boleh panggil sepet, metalik, gagap, ketot, alju….. dll) dianggap biasa pada musim raya ini.

        BTW, orang kampung saya kata lagi 2 hari nak raya. BN menang mungkin dapat extra cuti raya, PR menang dia orang raya. Apahal pun kali ini (note that you pendatangs, its kali ini not ini kali) baru betul 1Malaysia raya.

  5. Helen…..

    Saya merasa hairan kenapa issue LKS akan menang di Gelang Patah begitu ditakuti oleh penduduk Melayu disana. Percayalah, LKS takkan tunjuk muka lagi disana selepas menang dengan bergayanya.

    Saya orang Ipoh dan itulah yang berlaku di Ipoh sebelum ini.

    Selepas PRU13 nanti, LKS tidak ada masa lagi untuk membakar perasaan perkauman masyarakat cina di sana. Mereka akan ditinggalkan sendirian untuk hidup semula dengan bangsa lain (Melayu & India) yang telah dicaci dan dihina semasa kempen berjalan.

    1. re: “Percayalah, LKS takkan tunjuk muka lagi di sana selepas menang dengan bergayanya”


      1. Aiseh….. Saya kena ubah sikit ayat saya diatas seperti berikut:

        Percayalah, LKS takkan tunjuk muka lagi disana selepas menang dengan bergayanya, atau kalah dengan hinanya…. hehehehehe….

        1. Dia akan menang lah. Tapi sepertimana yang Dino sudah menelah, lepas menang nanti, tak akan nampak kelibat pun. Bab tu lah yang kelakar. Jadi apa yang perlu Melayu takutkan? Bukannya si Kit Siang akan mengusik orang tempatan pun. Sebaliknya dia akan terus menghilang.

          1. Helen,

            Acually Malays by large already accept the fact that the era of cooperation with chinese is coming to its end long before Tun Dr Mahathir says it out loud.

            I do hope UMNO gets the message. Meaning i believe life will be easier for UMNO. No need to think about chinese anymore. In crude language it means Malays despite leaning towards UMNO is waiting to say “padan muka” to najib for giving priority to chinese over malays when his government depends on the latter.

          2. shamsul anuar,
            Few millions ringgit spent in bringing Psy into the country and was booed by Cina Penang, was a big Padan Muka to Najib. I agree too that it won’t be the last.

            1. I think the Chinese who went and ate the free MCA mega dinners and after that showed disrespect for the host by walking out when Dr Chua took to the stage to speak were displaying bad attitude.

              They have no realisation how much their behaviour turns off other people.

      2. Dino, that’s the problem actually. LKS is like a cancer that slowly invades one’s body. He starts at one place, destroys it and slowly move on to the next spot until the host die. It is not about serving his people but about coming into power. Wait a minute, he is a metal snake, the type of person who is extremely willful and will stop at nothing to attain his wishes.

        The DAP crowd seems to have caused some supporters of Ghani to give up hope but don’t. The battle is not over until it’s over.

        P/s am wondering how much did he manage to milk his supporters in Johor.

        1. Don’t worry.. we never give up, in fact this is a very very good experience for us. This scenario really UMNO vs DAP. and very 1st. time as Johorean’s UMNO, we’re on underdog side..

          1. It is indeed sad to see UMNO is being attacked by an outsider in its own kampung. Fight, Johoreans, fight. My fight is in Muar.

  6. Hi Helen,

    You search twitter @Hazrey. According to him, 1st pic bukan dari sutera mall bcoz he live there. you can ask him. Thanks

  7. Elok juga mca kalah semua ..itu je cara csl resign as pres. Mca …surat khabar pun tak reti jaga ..mau jaga parti …cukup2lah umno pikul biawak hidup …

  8. Helen check out the picture i took at mca rally at johor jaya , i all so tought that the dap will get 100% vote.
    But after visitng it, at my 5 year old daughter insistance , who was qurious about the blaring of the speakers in chinese
    This renew my faith that not ALL chinese support the DAP .
    You are free to use my link to copy

    1. But the MCA Chinese in the picture are sitting at dinner table. Probably free makan!

  9. No wonder la Subang big momma (literally) is so mind-bogglingly arrogant. Tokong racial chess game works.

  10. If they can be that rude to another Chinese, when they win they’ll probably slaughter and serve roasted pigs at a Malaysian Malaysia dinner. That is when all the Melayus who support them will see DAP’s true color.

  11. No wonder Subang big momma (literally) is so mind-bogglingly arrogant Helen. Her godfather’s racial chess-game and Church subliminal tactics actually work on Johorean Chinese.

  12. I repeat my survey of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. I asked my friends, ‘ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ? They are all very clever, are’nt they ?’ They all nodded their heads in agreement.. I continued, ‘ But you have seen some who are so very clever as to be stupid ?’ They looked bewildered and did not know what to say. Then, I mentioned a few household names. They all nodded in agreement.

    This has always been the trouble with the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese when they have been instigated and manipulated and lost their political bearings for their own survival. This is the second time I have seen public behaviour just before a General Election.

    1. re: “This is the second time I have seen public behaviour just before a General Election.”

      My feeling too altho’ I do not have the basis for comparison.

  13. Helen, maybe 80% of the crowd shown in the photos are from singapora , helping pakatan just to show off..make them look good. All fake.. I can tell…

  14. Helan,

    Cannot be denied what was said by Samshul Anuar is correct, its seriously felt at the ground level long before the said tsunami, but being a Malay, semangat setiakawan is always being uphold thus manage MCA, Gerakan and MIC candidate win through in Malay Majority area, infect their favorite for sure to win seat,

    I do believe that’s feeling still remain till now, and when will be the last straw, only time will tell.

    What actually worrying the shift of Malay vote just like what happened in 2008 because Najib are being judge as being bowing to the demands of the Chinese and Indian thus sometimes Malay look neglected.

      1. Jika umur kita panjang, pilihanraya ke 14 akan menyaksikan sebahagian besar dari kami orang melayu akan bangun menghukum Najib jika masih meneruskan agenda mengemis undi dari orang cina.. kita sama sama lihatlah nanti..

        1. That was how I felt earlier but then I sat down and really thought about it and I’m not going to “bakar kelambu kerana nyamuk seekor”. If Najib gets out of hand with his support of everything Chinese then we should just go down to Pahang and make sure he and he alone loses. Can’t be PM if you are not an elected MP.

        2. Secara realistiknya, bagaimana BN hendak menang pilihanraya tanpa undi dari masyarakat Cina dan India apabila undi dari masyarakat Melayu dipecahkan oleh Pas dan PKR?

          Cuba bagi definisi sikit macamana yang dikatakan “mengemis” undi dari orang Cina?

    1. Tebing tinggi,

      What rile the malays is the mind boggling attitude of Najib of approving so many Chinese schools before election. What is it with him or his administration that he has to personally be involved in donation campaign on Chinese secondary school in Kuantan recently.

      Malays have no problem with Najib wanting to be engage with other communities. But I am afraid short of saying it out loud, he is seen by malays as being “terhegeh hegeh’.

      What is it with Najib that he has to please the chinese so much to the point of irritating the malays. elsewhere in this planet, political leaders give “royal treatment” to those groups that support them. Here, in Malaysia, Najib is pleasing a community that literally snub him at every junction AND taking lightly the very race that support him.

      1. I think it the strategist in him. Remember, when he first appoint as PM, he given a lot of approval for major project during a few small elections. In a few of it BN lose. Like he reading a Malaysian attitude.

        Then he start by saying, we aready give but you don’t want to support us. If you want us to help you, help us wins. We promise we will keep our promise if you support us. If not, we cannot do it. Without your support we cannot help you.

        Now it a giving phase for him. the second phase come after GE#13.

      2. What boggle my big mind is PAS supporters supporting and giving face to DAP…. errrr… DAP will give allocations to build more and bigger mosques, is it?

        1. re: ” DAP will give allocations to build more and bigger mosques, is it?”

          Yes. DAP will do that as a means of fishing votes and retaining Malay support. LGE increased the allocations for some Islamic affairs dept in Penang.

        2. 1. Within one’s circle

          PAS thinks they can outsmart DAP and PKR
          DAP thinks they can outsmart PAS and PKR
          PKR thinks they can outsmart DAP and PAS

          2. On the surface

          PAS, PKR and DAP work hand in hand to bring down BN at any cost to get to Putrajaya.

          3. Should the inevitable happen i.e BN lost

          PAS would want Hadi Awang to be PM

          Anuar Ibrahim would insist that he be PM since it is “GIVEN” (I don’t use PKR here as it is not about the party anymore)

          DAP will just play along

          4. Strength-wise

          PAS has more Malays and Muslims support. I personally think that majority of Malays will align themselves with PAS over PKR in worst case scenario.

          Anuar Ibrahim has strong foreign support. I do believe that PKR has some genuine members who believe in the party but majority of them is either “UMNO Rejects” or “Pemecah Undi Melayu”.

          DAP has strong Chinese and Christians support, plus PAP support which in turn has stronger foreign support.

          5. …and the game

          Bermulalah “Survivor” episod jatuh menjatuhkan antara satu sama lain. DAP will still just play along. Sebab sesiapa pun yang jatuh antara Anuar dan PAS, dia tetap menang.

          Kalau Anuar jatuh – DAP already had short experience in Perak in PRU12 and over some PAS issues in Selangor, to their advantage.

          Kalau PAS jatuh – DAP already had short experience in Perak in PRU12 and over some PAS issues in Selangor to their advantage.


          tapi melihat pada scenario yang terjadi di PERAK pada PRU12, kalau ini terjadi rasanya, sebahagian besar orang Melayu akan mula mengeratkan barisan, sesama mereka seperti yang berlaku dikalangan masyarakat cina DAP sekarang. I hope it is not too late by then.

    2. Re: “Najib are being judge as being bowing to the demands of the Chinese and Indian thus sometimes Malay look neglected.”

      My mom was quite surprise over Najib‘s clip aired during last CNY, beating drum and personally greeted fellow Malaysian Chinese. That just doesn’t happen during Hari Raya. It actually puts my mom in wonder of how majority of Malays would feel about it.

      tebing tinggi‘s opinion is not without basis, fare enough to say..

      1. Lee choon Hoe,

        This is the thing about Najib that really hurt the Malays. I know he works hard. Nothing wrong about that. and i like the idea of BRIM, PRIMA or whatever assistance.

        But he seems to favour the Chinese when the community seems to reject him.

        1. I think Najib will react based on the GE13 results. If Chinese ppl do not support him, then the buck stops there. He should show to them that he will support on the communities that support him.

          Muhyiddin will be playing wait-and-see post GE13. If Najib continue to favour the Chinese post GE13 when they do not support BN, I am not surprised that Muhyiddin will drum up support among his allies in UMNO to kill off Najib. And Muhyiddin will have no less supports from the UMNO and the Malays in general.

          We will see.

          1. I agree with you, Setem.

            I see Najib as an optimist who will not discard the people who could give him victory. Why sideline the Chinese while there is still hope? After all, Najib (and everyone else) can only know for sure how the Chinese stand after GE13.

            Insya Allah that BN wins the election. If it was won without the Chinese, I believe that Najib also would have to do something to save face.

            If not, then I say that we Malays have a new cause to fight for. It is just most unfortunate that the decision was forced onto us.

      2. I think at this point as a Politician, Najib has to go all out to salvage every single vote that he can garner. Knowing that MCA has failed to deliver thus far. In addition, it is not an easy task for him to put the house in order after taking over from Tun Dollah. I think he has done a great job in swinging most of the Malay votes back to BN in the past 4 years.

        As a leader “he has to do what he has do” since every single vote counts at this juncture. It is up to the Chinese to decide from thereon. It would be stupid of Najib to go around and tell the Chinese “Hey if you don’t vote BN, you are going to pay the price”.- it is election season where most politicians promise but he delivers upfront. Plus it is not MCA that the Chinese hate in reality but UMNO.

        It will also be stupid of him ” Parading the goodies that he has in store for the Malays” – just because it is not in our pocket that doesn’t mean there is none for us. In Sha Allah ada. I believe should the attempt to woo the Chinese votes for the last time fails. It will be crystal clear where the Chinese stand; where no amount of goodies will change their mind. MCA has already declare that they will not accept any post in the government should they fail, thus living the Chinese in the opposition bench. A point to ponder, ” Kerajaan Kelatan yang sesama Melayu dan Islam pun tak dapat royalti minyak dari BN”. I believe that he won’t be that cruel to leave zits to the Chinese, but surely the impact will be significant. Plus as a Muslim he is still guided by the principle of fairness as he put it “He is not only answerable to the people but to Allah as well” (Read: He is only human and not perfect,).

        “Most Chinese” believe that “MONEY CAN BUY EVERYTHING” and since economically they are stronger, they feel that now they can exert extra pressure and control to get everything. The “UBAH” slogan that they have been chanting is not about “fairness” to everyone here in this country but “to them and only them”. The recent DAP CEC debacle is one clear example, never mind that they sideline the Malays but what about the Indians?; If they really strongly advocate equality, freedom of speech etc. why resort to cyber-bullying, a case in point is Actress Michelle Yeo and Singer Eric Moo who openly support BN; They promote “Color Blind” politics but the DAP itself is almost entirely Chinese based and many more examples.

        I believe and I hope once the message from the Chinese Voters is made clear, Najib will do the right thing. Will I swing my vote should he fail, No I don’t think so, as someone put it above “Marah Kan Nyamuk Kelambu DiBakar”. Traditionally in UMNO if you fail to deliver only you will be voted out not the entire party.

        1. Yes…concur…..Like I said it the strategist in him. I think this time the “you will get what you sow was applied”…

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