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Is this photo for real? (Updated)

Updated: Annie’s comment that the venue can accommodate 30,000 — read Annie’s blog here. — 12.45pm, 3 May 2013

As I said in my previous posting, I had lifted it (photo below) from the Sutera Mall Facebook.

FMT has got this headline today, ‘70,000 swarm Johor Pakatan ceramahs‘.

FMT also said, “It was the largest turnout ever seen at any political ceramah in Johor.”

Sutera Mall

Anil Netto’s blog estimates 20,000 at Sutera Mall.

Perhaps Johoreans can enlighten us please?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

69 thoughts on “Is this photo for real? (Updated)

  1. Hi Helen,
    Not sure if u already read Hazrey’s twits, so I copy here… The rest, u can ask him… If im not wrong, hazrey is a reporter (I am a journo. A Johorean. This Blog has won The Most Vocal Blog for Media Social Award 2012.)

    –from hazrey – Nak membohong pun agak agaklah. Taman sutera utama tu hari hari aku pergi. Lepas maghrib tadi pun aku kat situ. Pembohong betul.
    –from hazrey – @jimiecheng takyah gambar. That building is not at taman sutera utama. Aku takde gambar but i know its not. My playground aku tau lah.
    –@amirhimself nah. Aku pelik gambar ni bukan kat tmn sutera utama. Pembohong besar.
    –From seademon — @Hazrey @adrianncf @jimiecheng @fahmi_fadzil @nhishamm the angle shows that the photo, if taken at SUTERA MALL, was taken from a heli
    –from seademon — @Hazrey @adrianncf @jimiecheng @fahmi_fadzil @nhishamm if stage is right of pic, bottom of pic is slope to road and no tall structure
    –from hazrey – @seademon @adrianncf @jimiecheng @fahmi_fadzil @nhishamm i bet nobody that twitted the pic can tell us where r all the canopies! 7 at least
    –from seademon – @Hazrey @adrianncf @jimiecheng @fahmi_fadzil @nhishamm I know cos I WAS THERE FROM 8.30PM when video’s still playing

    Good night, and selamat mengundi…

  2. the words describing it, are big. but if you really count them, the picture would almost gives you ballpark figure of 2500.

    if you count each row have 20 people and you would have another 20 people on the other row which makes that 40. by counting you would have 40 row which is about 1600 people.

    margin of error around 20%, that would make around 2000 people. since this is the largest political ceramah for DAP let’s give them extra 25%. so total up around 2500 people. ok la ok la. DAP is using MS excel to count. so let give them 1000% margin. so there you go, the total is 70,000.00 people.

    1. Laaa, I thought I was looking at a picture of the Muslims in many rows during the haj season in Mecca, but was wondering how come no while haj uniform!
      Thanks nik-aziz for enlightening stupid me.

  3. Siapa yang rajin, use google map and method used by Satdthinks when he estimated the number of Bersih demo. Probably we can get more accurate estimate. But right now I tengah ada kerja lain.

  4. Saya selalu ke Stadium Larkin utk game Darul Takzim. Real punyer penuh to the brim sejak akhir2 ni. Dan full house crowd di Larkin ialah 25,000 shj. Jadi saya percaya estimate di Sutera mall tak melebihi 3000 orang. Dia orang ni semua memang exaggerate je lebih. Poodah..

    1. Probably Malaysian PRs residing / working in Singapore. I don’t think many Singaporeans interested in Malaysian politics to the extent of attending these ceramahs. I always found Malaysians in Singapore to be more racist and extreme (FYI I lived in Singapore for many years). Frankly I don’t think Singapore govt likes PR either since they think PAS will control any PR govt and introduce Hudud and other archaic laws.

      1. I always found Malaysians in Singapore to be more racist and extreme (FYI I lived in Singapore for many years).

        +2 And dare I say it, especially Malaysians in SG who are Penangites… of whom many are naturalised Singaporeans now.

  5. There is a concentrated (and desperate) effort by the PR and their media arm (MI, MI,etc) to paint a picture that their ceramahs are being attended by huge number of people.

    I never been to Sutera Mall but common sense tells me that there is no mall in the world that can accommodate 70k people. It is the same at the Han Chiang School. Anyone who have been there knows that it is impossible to fit in even 30k crowd much less 80k as claimed by Dapsters

      1. One thing tho’. The rows look very straight :) … Too straight? ,) Just wondering.

      2. I have to agree that 20k is over the top estimate. By Herbert Jacobs’ dense crowd estimate (1 person per 4.5 ft^2), they have to fill 90,000 ft^2. Judging from the picture and google map of Sutera Square, IMO it’s much less than 20k.

  6. Helen, finally the Star woke up and front-paged the threat of DAP cyber army that is a day after the NST’s report. In meantime my letter on Pakatan’s politics of hate remain unpublished by them.

    I think it is scary on what these cybertroopers are up to and their sophistication. Yesterday police arrested a few people in a hotel (recall SYA’s accusations on Red Bean Army). They had actually hacked into Info Ministry and NRD’s system to issue fake letters about ICs being given to Indons.

    This is vastly different from using Photoshop to create crude and rude banners and posters. This is sophisticated hacking. Those who were arrested apparently working as freelance programmers. This last bit is interesting. Perhaps people with more knowledge on this matter can comment further. As I know freelance journalists are common. However freelance programmers are not just uncommon but unheard of except if they are actually employed as cyber troopers by DAP.

    I would say that this is indeed troubling. Kudos to PDRM to have the necessary expertise in catching them. They were using public wifi to evade tracking and that they were moving from place to place shows they are well trained (probably by some foreign experts or intelligence service). So PDRM able to detect them and able to act fast enough to arrest them shows a high level of technical and policing expertise.

    I think it is time to for BN set up a counter cyber terrorism unit.

    1. Myth. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to hack. Hacking is a bit of a black art. Personally know lawyers who are capable of “hacking”. In short, it could be anyone.

    2. Yes PDRM can detect them. The problem arise to catch them becouse this people were moveable. But to trace them, PDRM and police all over the world just use your ip adress. That what a lot of this cyberbully forgetting. Or like a friend told me once, you can avoid detection if ;

      1. you use a pakai buang laptop and
      2. Move a lot.

      So, option no 1, too expensive. Whats left, option no two.

      and they get cought.

      1. Sarah/AntiHatred,

        1. Yes, I agree hacking is not that difficult but what is tough is to hack into secure systems and servers like those in govt. departments and then avoid getting caught.

        2. I think most of these cyber talebans know that IP can be traced. In fact each PC and mobile device has unique identifier. But these guys are more sophisticated than the typical Ah Beng. They had satellite dish and several lap tops and kept moving from one location to another. And that they stayed in public places (hotel) makes it tough to detect them.

        Although the report does not say, I guess they also probably had special software to mask their IPs. My guess is that they book into a hotel, do their hacking and then dispose the lap tops and move on immediately after completing their job. They probably using fake identities when checking in and wear disguises to prevent from caught in CCTV. They stayed in Jalan Raja Laut, a place not exactly a location with high class hotels that demand your IC or details.

        I suspect PDRM carried out a major operation to nap these guys, probably using a special team and months of tracking.

        I am not just surprised at their sophistication but the kind of extent that they willing to go to advance PR’s agenda. This involves major operation and significant fund. I strongly suspect that an organization with ample fund and infrastructure is behind this group. And this group must have the support of the top level of PR/DAP since their objectives are strategic as opposed to the tactical attacks of the run of the mill Ah Beng Dapster.

        This is scary.

        1. Even they mask their ip, the forensic still get them. Each and every one of us have aour own tendency and it’s like a fingerprint in real world or the way we write or the word we unconsiously use.

          In the cyberworld it the way we act that left the fingerprint. The frequantly use programe, our action in deflect the detection and the sloppyness when leaving the system. I think PDRM used this and a lot of old fashion investigation.

        2. Oooooo… you’re saying they are organized? Now, that’s scary. See? That’s why we need to have Tough security laws.

        3. they can also hop from one cybercafe to another. never seen one with cctv before.

  7. One way to combat these cyber trooper Bintang Tiga terrorists is to reinstate ISA.

    I bet Dr M is inching to say that, but he has to wait after GE13 to voice it out.

  8. Helen – I think since the repealed of ISA, the cyber terrorists had become more bold. The end resulsts are what is reported in STAR today.

    Do you think people got bolder and abuse their so-called freedom of speech when ISA was repealed? Do you think Msia should reinstate ISA?

      1. Agree. But that does not mean there should be zero security laws. It does look like most Malaysians are not matured enough to use their freedom.

        1. re: “It does look like most Malaysians are not matured enough to use their freedom.”

          Precisely the problem. They dunno how to behave. It makes me think of S’pore having to teach its people not to spit everywhere in public.

          1. Aiyah! Like that a bit scary lah! I did not leave SG to come home to a nanny state.

            All I’m saying is that lines should be drawn in consultation with all stakeholders. After these lines are drawn, Enforce!

            1. Take the slander that a certain lady VVIP is kononnya involved in committing murder.

              Her accusers are unable to observe any lines (boundaries) at all.

              They’re totally out of control and it has spread like a pandemic.

          2. If you want to take another leaf out of the Nanny State’s playbook – go out and bankrupt them thru legal means. Effective.

            You can see that their Ang Tau Pengs will go that extra mile to financially destroy anyone (Michelle Yeoh, bankers, corporate figures) who openly endorse BN. A very cynical and poisonous form of (manufactured) people power.

            1. I’ve said that two traits characterize the Evangelista Bintang Tiga — Malice and Viciousness.

      2. Helen,

        ISA is history. once it is gone, it is gone with the wind. Call it draconian or whatever, it did serve its purpose.

        Why we felt safer under the tenure of Dr Mahathir.Because he was not afraid to use ISA to keep all these extremists at bay. he could not be bothered whether people like or curse him for retaining ISA.

        Repealing ISA does not mean Najib will gain more votes. It just gives avenue to these extremists to plan and destroy Malaysia without any fear anymore.

  9. Aiiyah!! Photoshop mah. If they can do this [YouTube] for the Boston bombing what is this.

    When Mkini can run the whole nine yard on Bersih rally at full stretch why only 3 minutes with less than 10 seconds in the Taman Sutera so called 70K gathering. Does not make sense. Perception is the game friends without the reality.

    1. The issue is that the photo (if true that it was doctored) was posted by Sutera Mall.

      This indicates the strong pro-DAP allegiance of web admin who is handling the Sutera Mall Facebook.

      It is like the situation in The Star which is a nest of DAP sympathizers and the staff use the media group’s platform with tacit approval by the paper’s top management.

      1. Yes with a pinch of Singapore’s PAP influence. Now can anyone tell me who actually owns Sutera Mall?

  10. i never trust any pictures from PR. too exaggerated. i remembered those pictures of bersih.. geli ketiak when a so-called prof in maths have made a calculation theory and estimated of 100k supporters.. but eventually, someone just simply proved him wrong. what a shame.

    similar case when anwar was in tawau recently. they cheated again. they said 15k supporters have gathered and roads have been blocked. the truth is, majority have been paid to gather and majority of them are pendatang. my friends and i were there just to tengok-tengok.. i’ve met many of them. and those pekerja asing even honestly said majikan diorang yang suruh datang.. then they took pictures of them.. put it in blog etc etc and boasted that rakyat sokong pr? WTF???

    now, you expect us to believe that picture not edited? no way. i am 100% sure it was edited.

    ini pr aaaa… mau kencing rakyat sampai mati ka?

    1. Seremban also… The betawi pic… a lot of thing currently existing, suddenly going MIA.

      1. If the picture was indeed Photoshopped, then it was an overkill to convey the impression that they have overwhelming support.

        However I believe DAP does have strong Chinese support in Gelang Patah or else Dr M wouldn’t have been so pessimistic. The big crowd was there at Sutera Mall but we just can’t be sure of the numbers.

        Okay, like this lah: If LKS wins on Sunday, then we take it that the Johor Chinese are with the DAP.

          1. It’s a Chinese revolt.

            Btw, here’s a Malaysiakini pix of the Johor ceramah as a more reliable source compared to Sutera Mall Facebook.


          2. I think if LKS wins in Gelang Patah, it will further reinforce Malays perception of the Chinese that they are ungrateful lot, not trustworthy and are backstabbers, selfish, and will not hesitate to choose Chinese over other races (which is typical of Chinese managers attitude in multinational companies).

            Johor Malays will not going to look at their fellow Johor Chinese the same way.

        1. Tun Dr Mahathir is being so pessimistic is because of kitsiang. Its fun to play with him.

  11. Be a better journalist. Cover any event yourself. Don’t forget to count those who came early and left for whatever reason (mostly due to tired feet).

    Don’t forget to count those who came late. I had a very hard time getting a parking space everytime I try to attend PR event. Most of the time, I just left without getting a parking space. I had never seen this many people attending “ceramah” without any refreshment, tents nor seats in my 45 years in Johor.

    You can choose to ignore or deny my comment. Come 5th May, we will find out whether this will translate into votes.

    1. You’re right. The journalists should be there on the spot themselves and give us their reports as eye-witness accounts.

      I’m a blogger now and do not have any of the resources to make myself a “better journalist” backed by an organization that makes profits in the hundreds of million ringgit per annum.

      In fact, I’m actually considered a public enemy by Malaysia’s biggest media group and monitored by it 24/7.

      And you’re right too about the jam-packed roads and no parking at DAP ceramah venues, at least where I live.

      Will all of this translate into votes? Yes.

      But it won’t translate into a corresponding increase in the number of DAP seats b’cos if the candidate wins by a majority of 100 votes, it’s one seat and even if he wins by a majority of 10,000 votes, it’s still just one seat.

      I predict that with Hannah Yeoh and The Star‘s hyperactivity in promoting her personality cultism, she might even be able to get a majority of 20,000 and like Teresa Kok in 2008 break Malaysia’s election record.

      But Subang Jaya remains only one seat regardless.

      1. Must be a novice in the 30s uh!
        Hey, Helen are you listening? Now where has that pru guy gone to?

      2. Teresa Kok broke election records in 2008? Interesting. And now, just 5 years later, she has to run with tails between her legs? Interesting. I hope Fatty Hannah is listening.

  12. Awww! MalaysianinNewYork beat me to the punch line. Was about to say: Aiyah! The sheer audacity and shamelessness. Photoshop! Sumpah.

    Actual number is subjective. Especially if one were to subtract their roadies, who include amongst others, the mischievous Bersih retards.

    The question that burns in my mind now is, have my fellow Johoreans truly succumbed to Rabies?

    Btw. Helen, thanks for this wonderful blog.

      1. Zombies controlled by the DAP master computer? That’s what being free is to you? Hmmmmmmmmm.

        1. pru… you really going around aren’t you…I recognise your statement…hmmmm

      2. I did not call free Malaysians “as retard and rabies” you moron. I stand by my right to exercise free speech and reiterate that DAP sympathizers like Bersih are self-serving retards who together with the DAP goons are hellbent on anarchy and infecting innocent Malaysians with rabies. Chew on that if you can you retard.

  13. Saya ada di Sutera Mall malam tu.. berasaskan size parking sutera mall tu, paling ramai pun 30 ribu. itu pun jika sampai tiada langsung ruang untuk berjalan dan saya dapat berjalan dengan selesa bersama isteri dan mertua.. so 70k tu mengarutlah..

    1. Malaysiakini juga mengarut. Dema kata:

      “The ceramah at an outdoor car park of a shopping mall at Gelang Patah pulled in some 70,000 Chinese-majority crowd, breaking the attendance of 60,000 people recorded the previous night at the same venue.

      “Besides the unprecedented attendance, the total donation raised for the day reached a whopping RM263,328.80, comprising RM173,328.80 collected from the ceramah alone and RM90,000 from the series of events held throughout the day at the car park.”

      1. Helen,

        The figure as usual is exxagerated. To give the feeling of “hopelessness” on those who do not support DAP.

        As for 90% Chinese with DAP, I am not so sure about it. My guess is that majority of chinese are with DAP but not up to 90%^. Because in some newspapers, those who do not support DAP will be automatically not in the news.

        Many of my friends(Chinese) are surprise when I told them that i feel malays in general will side with UMNO/BN this time. They only read the “mood” that is in line with their political inclination.

        Tonight Dr Mahathir is speaking in Permatang Pauh. while anwar proudly claimed to the world that he is soon to be the PM, the mood in his “fortress”Permatang Pauh) is less assuring.

        What i heard from my relatives there is that Dr Mazlan is leading the way as at this time. Of course, I could be wrong.

  14. 10,000 Singaporeans ? In 1969, I noticed that there were very many ‘sam sengs’ who made me wondered.

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