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Pakatan’s “Hitlerite Blackshirt tactics” — Hindraf


By P. Waytha Moorthy

Historic opportunities arise when certain defining events converge for a while in history. The minority Indian Malaysians have such a historic opportunity on their hands right now.  It behooves all Indian Malaysians to be able to perceive this window of opportunity, so the right decisions can be made and the historical circumstances utilized to the best advantage for all of future.

The Dacing (the Pakatan/Barisan Dacing) hangs in delicate balance one day before the elections. When it hangs in balance like this, even small additions to this side or that will determine the tilt of the Dacing. This is the historic opportunity that I speak of. The Indian minority, small as it is, can determine which way the Dacing will tilt.


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MCA will hit rock bottom on Monday morning

By Anak Jamil

I find it kelakar for Star to bitch about it now since they’ve sold their soul to the devil like years ago. Best part, bukan pasal realisation that the nation can be musnah binasa but because the Red Bean Army starts attacking them. How’s that for conscience and integrity?

Is it fair? No it’s not but Star, has my sympathy the way I sympathize peragut being bashed up: which is none, nada, zilch, yilek!

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