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MCA will hit rock bottom on Monday morning

By Anak Jamil

I find it kelakar for Star to bitch about it now since they’ve sold their soul to the devil like years ago. Best part, bukan pasal realisation that the nation can be musnah binasa but because the Red Bean Army starts attacking them. How’s that for conscience and integrity?

Is it fair? No it’s not but Star, has my sympathy the way I sympathize peragut being bashed up: which is none, nada, zilch, yilek!

You know what you’re going in for when you associate yourself with them – what’s with this sudden ‘bertaubat’?

Or, is it some people are scared that after May 5th, they’ll be out of contract, out of job, out of The Star? The bullshit that the Red Bean has done and caused over Facebook is beyond repair and no matter what’s their front page today warning Malaysian about cyberterrorist is wayyyy too late.

My suggestion to The Star – go on, promote more oppo twitterati, make them a celebrity, carry their hypocritical ideology. Please don’t stop. You have been given 5 years to amend things and promote stability but you choose to go Americana on us. You’ve made your bed, now go fuck in it!

Anak Jamil’s comment originally @ 2013/05/03 at 12:52 pm

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

Calvin [Sankaran], I’ve written countless letters in the last couple of years to the Star over hate issues, racial & religious opportunism etc. None, not one was published. They preferred my review of books apparently as I had quite a few published & an open invitation to raid their book shelves at Level 2, Menara Star.

I mentioned in a comment a few days ago that there may be a shake up in store for Star IF the shareholders agree to a proposed buyback of 10% of the company’s shares. Obviously MCA will agree to the proposal as they will then be in a position to take total control of the company.

Perhaps, the editors knew about it long ago. Or, it is more likely that they did not. Otherwise, I believe that they’ll butter up the bosses just to keep their cushy job. They were just following the flow by “hating” the establishment & by extension MCA. It is common knowledge that the Chinese community in general & the upper crust of their Indian counterpart are pro “change”. As such their deep rooted resentment of all things BN are manifested, subtly & not so subtly in their writing & editing.

I believe the attack by Tony Pua over the non publishing of their Ibrahim Ali & the keris caused a certain degree of butthurt to the editorial as well as the management team. The annoyance of Vincent Lee was clear to see in the interview published today. As for the editorial team, they seem to have scaled down their DAP coverage since yesterday. Whether or not it is just a fleeting moment of discontent or otherwise, time will tell.

When (not if) the annihilation of MCA is complete in the wee hours of Sunday, I sincerely hope that MCA will pick up the pieces & plan for their resurrection in GE14. And no better way to do so than to control the media conglomerate that has a reach of 5+ million & 40+ million page views online. Despite my small shareholding (1500 only) in the group, I’m planning to vote for the proposal to enable MCA an opportunity to control the group.

Hopefully that would be the precursor to a more successful run in GE14 for the party. This is more so if the predicted Malay government-Chinese opposition scenario comes true. I think even the most idealistic of Chinese will have seen enough over 5 years to come to see that there’s only so much DAP can do when they’re not the government of the day.

It is incredulous indeed that MCA dropped the ball in such a way. Hopefully, their balls have dropped & they’ve grown wise to the workings of “media group”. A silver lining is for them is that as they hit rock bottom on Monday morning, they can only go upwards.

Whether or not they choose to move forward or lie down licking their wounds in self pity is another thing together. After all, they’re officially entering endangered species territory like the panda on Monday. If they choose to wallow in sorrow, it will be a matter of time before they’re classified in the same category as the brontosaurus & tyranosaurus. Somehow mcasaurus don’t have a nice flow & ring to it, so they should make sure they don’t get that far.

FF Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/05/03 at 12:52 pm


Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “MCA will hit rock bottom on Monday morning

  1. Saudari Helen,

    Di harap saudari selalu diberkati dan dalam keadaan yang sihat wal’afiat.

    Menjadi harapan saya dan rakyat kebanyak agar BN kekal berkuasa dan sesungguhnya mereka perlu “berubah” jika tidak GE14 maka “ini kali lah” bakal melanda.

    ABCD – Anything But Cina DAP ; hidup Melayu & ISLAM

  2. Helen,

    Maybe that is the best path for MCA. It can remodel itself as an NGO, not a political party.

    No need to worry about it. Nobody is indispensable in politics. And world will not collapse if MCA loses badly. Why keep a political party that is “almost dead”.

  3. More likely hit by bombs. Why suddenly there are bombs planted at PKR and DAP ops centers. Is this a deliberate attempt or a foolish attempt?

    1. Yeah, and it has a label “Awas, Bomb” on it, which I personally find it so hilarious cuz if they are planting their own arson to gain sympathy, it’s obvious that they’re putting there for show. Well, a staged one with many “mehs” in return. Well, at least from me. :P

  4. Jangan percaya pada the STAR. Itu semua “window dressing exercise” by playing the victim at the last hour, to cover their Ass. I personally believe that MCA will go for Witch-Hunt after this. I am not surprise if there is a major clean up in the Star soon.

  5. Ada juga kemungkinan MCA dan Gerakan akan diberikan nyawa oleh pengundi Cina kali ini. Sejarah membuktikan bahawa pengundi Cina amat bijak dalam berpolitik. Mereka akan memastikan diwakili di pihak kerajaan dan juga pembangkang.

    Kita sama sama lihat samada kebijaksanaan rakan cina kita berpolitik akan terhakis kali ini..Yang pasti adalah pengundi melayu akan memastikan UMNO dan PAS terus bernyawa. Inilah indahnya seni politik melayu.

    1. The Chinese thus far have been impressed by what DAP can do for them based on:

      1. The short period of PAS governed Perak after PRU12 but controlled by DAP.
      2. The PKR governed Selangor that favors DAP over PAS.
      3. Pulau Pinang – “who cares that the track record is not impressive, it is ours finally.”

      They believe that DAP can get even more for them, Those who support PKR and PAS are “PEMENCAH UNDI MELAYU” nothing more and nothing less. Vote for PKR and PAS will work in DAP favor in the end. This is something that MCA can’t do for them actually hence the failure.

      The real test is at Gelang Patah Seat, between LKS and Ghani Othman; which will definitely favor LKS as it is a Chinese Majority. Here is where the ‘Color Blind” politics will be tested against those who have been chanting about it the loudest. Ghani Othman has a good track record in Johor Development for the last 18 years and LKS’s ? Anyone?

      Even if Ghani lose this time, I believe that he will be appointed as Senator and Minister at Federal level later on. He has got nothing to lose actually, since it is a small sacrifice that he has to make knowing the scenario. Ini juga adalah penanda aras untuk UMNO/BN tentang sokongan kaum Cina terhadapnya di Kubu Kuat UMNO/BN. Satu percaturan yang baik sebenarnya dari UMNO/BN.

  6. The first thing the MCA should do on Monday morning is to sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai for all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  7. Sudah terhantuk baru terngadah?

    The question now; is there any laws pertaining cyber-bullying? Hacking for sure is a crime, but can anyone be persecuted if they’re found hounding Michelle Yeoh via Facebook?

  8. Monday morning 6 May 2013 , all MCA members to collect DAP membership forms from Lobby of the Star as planned

  9. DAP’s UBAH is doing a lot of damage to the Chinese community post GE13, should its objective materialize. What many may not realize is, installing Pakatan in Putrajaya means also supplanting UMNO’s moderate Islam, which has been the hallmark of peace and harmony of multi-cultural Malaysia.

    PAS will likely take on that role, with of-course PAS own brand of Islam, conservative, radical and extreme. For many Hudud comes to mind but unfortunately hudud can come in many disguise and interpretation.

    Knowing full well the many objections and hurdles, Pas will sneak in it’s own sinister hudud version which I term ‘hudud anai-anai’. Still PAS will need one extra ingredient that has been out of reach for more than 20 years, denied no less by UMNO – oil royalty. That is about to change.

    Unaware by many, DAP’S UBAH also will inadvertently hand over the greatest ‘angpow’ to PAS, the billions in yearly Petronas oil revenue, truly manna from heaven to Pok Nik and Hadi. I believe Anwar is also eying this source to fund his free PTPTN janji.

    PAS access to this Petronas atm will also see it undergoing its greatest radical change, probably an out of control jihad party now fueled by the new wealth. Can this be the beginning of the nightmare for all Malaysians, in particular the Chinese. the free drinking, gambling, fornicating and aurat-exposed kafirs?

    I think many are fully aware of PAS past association with the setting up of sekolah-sekolah pondok where young minds are indoctrinated with religious fervor mainly, kubu-kubu PAS, deviant groups like Al-Arkam, Ayah Pin and dozens of others. With Petronas billions, I dread to think what a fanatic jihad centric PAS will do.

    Just think, Dataran Merdeka will be a Dataran Daawah, with friday nasyid and zikir stagings attended by thousands of men in green or white robes and women in black hijab. They will kick out The Information Ministry from the Sultan Sallehuddin building and rename it Pusat Daawah Ummah. Hard to think of [more] perfect venue to stage PAS’s hudud anai-anai, what with Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara, LRT and Monorel close by.

    Also PAS turning militant cannot be ruled out.

    PAS will replace all Umno led imams. The police, army, navy and airforce will slowly undergo daawah indoctrination, and so are the civil servants, students and peladangs. A daily 30 ringgit claim voucher to all attendees is guaranteed incentive to fullhouse daawahism courtesy of Petronas billions of course. Did you see hudud in operation here, guys? No? This is hudud termite in stealth mode.

    Petaling street open-air beer sidewalks days are numbered. They will not tell the mat-salleh off, but they can enforce psychological intimidation. Meaning flooding the street with hundreds of men in white and green robes and skull caps, scarring away the drinkers as they had done to the now touristless Dataran. What next? Sungei Wang, Pavilion, KLCC, 1Utama and Sunway Lagoon? I can go on but I’ll spare you the horror that make Elm Street a stroll.

    Vigilanteism will be next, as practiced widely in Saudi, and again a 30 ringgit cash claim nightly courtesy of Petronas atm is all that’s needed to set things in motion. Will that be a precursor to door-knocks on cars, hair saloons, hotel rooms and cinemas. Exposed ‘aurats’ could be next?

    Helen, what DAP’s UBAH unleashed, fortified by the reported rabid fervor of its supporters is actually a double edge sword, hurting the Chinese community more than it hurts the Barisan. Should UBAH become a reality, I’m sure the Chinese will swear eternal damnation at the sponsors. But again UMNO will play savior to the community but as usual without a word of gratitude.

    UBAH is playing with fire, and putting PAS in Putrajaya is a major miscalculation. PAS has only one thing in mind, that is to establish a truly Negara Islam starting with the revival of serambi Mekah which, will now encompass Putrajaya, KL and negara Malaysia eventually..

    Thank you UBAH for handing over Petronas billions and fulfilling the wishes of its jihad centric vision. Malaysia now has a new theme park called DaawahLand. Care to comment Helen? Just my conjecture.

    1. re: “Helen, what DAP’s UBAH unleashed, fortified by the reported rabid fervor of its supporters is actually a double edge sword, hurting the Chinese community more than it hurts the Barisan.”

      Agree. And the rabid fervour of its supporters is not only what is just reported. It is very real and about as bad in real life as we perceive online and through the incidents that have made news headlines.

      re: “Should UBAH become a reality, I’m sure the Chinese will swear eternal damnation at the sponsors. But again UMNO will play savior to the community but as usual without a word of gratitude.”

      Agree that Umno is not given the credit that it deserves in many respects.

      Were any non-Malay to try to do that, that individual would be instantly killed (character assassinated as an “Umno running dog”, “waiting for crumbs from the master’s table’, “Judas selling soul for 30 pieces of silver”, “prostitute/whore” etc)

      As to whether the Chinese would ever realise that DAP is hurting their long-term interests by enabling PAS hudud and putting the existence of Chinese schools at risk,

      looking at the way they can so easily go ballistic and the frenzy of their rabid attacks,

      they (oppo-supporting Chinese in Malaysia) do not come across as people you can reason with.

    2. Jangan lupa hukum Hudud yang dibentangkan oleh kerajaan Terengganu di bawah PAS dahulu juga disokong oleh UMNO. Jadi jika PAS hendak melaksanakan hudud dan membentangkan ia di parlimen, ahli-ahli MP dari UMNO akan menyokong juga kerana mereka yang menentang hudud akan dilihat sebagai anti-Islam.

      Dengan kekuatan politik dan ketaksuban pengikut-pengikutnya akan memastikan budaya Islam menjadi lebih kuat dan kukuh. Seterusnya akan menghakiskan budaya selain Islam termasuk budaya Melayu yang kurang Islamik serta budaya-budaya lain seperti budaya Cina dan India.

      Di kebanyakan negara Arab budaya bukan Islam ini telah diasimilasi oleh budaya Islam yang lebih superior. Malah masyarakat Mesir yang tamadunnya lebih kaya dan dulu daripada tamadun Arab Islam juga mengambil budaya Islam dan bahasa Arab sebagai asas tamadunnya.

      Dari segi ini jika saya melihat dari kaca mata seorang Islam ia merupakan positif bagi ummat. Tetapi dari segi yang lain seperti kata Dr Chandra Muzaffar masih belum ada model berjaya di dunia moden ini mengenai negara Islam.

      1. zack

        Apa maksud anda? Boleh perjelaskan dengan lebih lanjut? Kegagalan negara Islam dalam dunia moden sebab Islam itu sendiri atau muslim, manusia yang sememangnya tidak sempurna namun cuba untuk melaksanakan sebuah hukum yang terlalu sempurna?

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