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Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit

By Calvin Sankaran

Helen, finally the Star woke up and front-paged the threat of DAP cyber army that is a day after the NST’s report — ‘Beware of DAP’s cyber troopers‘.

In meantime my letter on Pakatan’s politics of hate remain unpublished by them.

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I think it is scary on what these cybertroopers are up to and their sophistication. Yesterday police arrested a few people in a hotel (recall SYA’s accusations on Red Bean Army).



They had actually hacked into Info Ministry and NRD’s system to issue fake letters about ICs being given to Indons.

This is vastly different from using Photoshop to create crude and rude banners and posters. This is sophisticated hacking. Those who were arrested apparently working as freelance programmers. This last bit is interesting. Perhaps people with more knowledge on this matter can comment further. As I know freelance journalists are common. However freelance programmers are not just uncommon but unheard of except if they are actually employed as cyber troopers by DAP.

I would say that this is indeed troubling. Kudos to PDRM to have the necessary expertise in catching them. They were using public wifi to evade tracking and that they were moving from place to place shows they are well trained (probably by some foreign experts or intelligence service). So PDRM able to detect them and able to act fast enough to arrest them shows a high level of technical and policing expertise.

I think it is time to for BN set up a counter cyber terrorism unit.

Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/05/03 at 9:16 am

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Above: “Ong Kian Ming @imokman = DAP SuperCyber Bully”

Excerpt of Star interview with Star Publications (M) Bhd executive deputy chairman Datuk Vincent Lee.

Lee said:

“The Star media group is the only media that has featured interviews with Teresa Kok, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Khalid Abdul Samad, Datuk Teng Chang Khim and Dr Ong Kian Ming in print, online and on video.”


BN must audit the “media machinery” of the MCA

By Helen Ang

The Star today frontpaged the Dapsters in its headliner story ‘GE13: Cybertroopers stooping low with personal attacks and wild accusations‘.

Doing this 48 hours before voters cast their ballots is too little too late.

It is only today (after its spat with Tony Pua a couple of days ago) that The Star is finally willing to admit that the “DAP has been training cybertroopers for six years” to make personal attacks and wild accusations.

“We regret that he [Tony Pua] has not been thankful to what The Star has done for him,” a Star spokesman had lamented — The Star article here.

It is only when the cybertroopers begin to attack The Star staff themselves over refusing to publish the anti-MCA advert submitted by Tony Pua that the paper has come up with its story on the Red Bean Army.

For the last SIX YEARS when the Evangelista Bintang Tiga were making personal attacks and wild accusations against other targets including MCA politicians, The Star just kept quiet.

In fact, the Star-NUJ chairman himself did a spot of personal attacking against “Big Mama” over Twitter and to which Hannah Yeoh responded “hu hu hu”. Shortly after that episode, the MCA-controlled paper even gave the said reporter a promotion.


The Star is a nest of DAP sympathizers

Calvin Sankaran is correct to call Dapsterism as cyber terrorism.

Besides The Star‘s avid promotion of Papa and Mama Dapster, the media group has also been permitting its extensive platform to be used by DAP sympathizers among its staff, and enabling the DAP evangelism to reach the Star group’s audience of 5.63 million.

Today is 3 May 2013.

As early as 12 Dec 2010, the MCA’s own office bearer Beliawanis national treasurer Jessica Lai had already sounded the alert that “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully” — see screenshot of tweet above.

However, instead of doing the type of story that it FINALLY published today on its front page, The Star – in 2010, 2011, 2012 and right up to the day before yesterday (when the paper had its falling out with Tony Pua) – was covering up for the evangelistas and at the same time slyly discrediting the MCA people.

When MCA deputy publicity chief Loh Seng Kok very correctly took to task Lim Guan Eng for the latter’s Christmas eve message reigniting the kalimah Allah issue, The Star reported that Loh “took a snipe at Lim“. This is one example of how The Star scissors the MCA reps whenever the paper’s beloved DAP evangelistas are criticized.

In Calvin Sankaran’s letter to the editor two days ago which The Star did not publish, he wrote: “A state assemblywoman from Selangor active in social media often uses religious imagery and themes to cast BN/Umno as evil and immoral.”

Of course The Star would not publish what Calvin wrote! The Jerusubang paper itself is complicit — read ‘GEMPAR! Jarum halus dakyah Kristianisasi dicucuk The Star

Below: The tweet-up team organized to support Hannah Yeoh in Twitterjaya


I’ve been proposing for a quite while already that the MCA do an audit of its leaders — division chairmen and state leaders – as to whether they believe that The Star has given them fair coverage compared to the fawning coverage extended to the DAP evangelistas who go to the same churches as the paper’s editors and reporters.

Perhaps Umno might want to consider doing a similar audit.


Finally, The Star admits giving DAP evangelistas the VIP treatment

Dr M on Gelang Patah / OMG mega, mega DAP rallies in Johor


My blog remains under attack today. For the past 6 years, The Star has sided with the cyber aggressors instead of with the victims.

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36 thoughts on “Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit

  1. I call them the DAP Gestapo Death Squads.

    It is amazing that not a lot of attention was given to expose their atrocities before this.

    It’s as if it’s just a game, despite all the hardships created towards bullied victims and families.

    Why did DAP employ this army to commit this criminal act? Bullying is a criminal act, is it not?

    And to think that those Evangelist Christians top guns in DAP are complicit, makes you want to kick them in their faces.

  2. don’t bother about them Helen. on May 5 they will get the message from the voters loud and clear, no doubt about it. then the fun really starts.

  3. Helen,

    Adakah ini mengambarkan corak tindakan balas kerajaan pimpinan Najib yang akan diambil keatas pelampau racis dari DAP selepas memenangi PRU13 kelak? Tiada lagi tolak ansur dengan mereka?

    Nampak seperti satu tindakan yang sudah terlambat….

    1. Najib will still speak softly, but this time, after May 5, he will also carry the stick, a very big stick. its too late now.

      do you know why Najib is busy giving all these goodies to the Chinese community, like upgrading Chinese run colleges into university colleges ? he is telling the Chinese subtly that after May 5, he won’t be entertaining their demands anymore.

      I find it weird that the Chinese could not read the mind of Najib. when someone is, to put it aptly, suddenly showering you with gifts and the like, you should know that he is actually telling you something.

      1. Maybe the Chinese think Najib is the same as Sleepyhead Pak Lah.

        I hope when the time comes, DS Najib will be firm. Otherwise I will be very upset.

  4. Interesting read I must say.

    Helen, any comments on Papa Gomo in this context? :)

  5. Calvin, I’ve written countless letters in the last couple of years to the Star over hate issues, racial & religious opportunism etc. None, not one was published. They preferred my review of books apparently as I had quite a few published & an open invitation to raid their book shelves at Level 2, Menara Star.

    I mentioned in a comment a few days ago that there may be a shake up in store for Star IF the shareholders agree to a proposed buyback of 10% of the company’s shares. Obviously MCA will agree to the proposal as they will then be in a position to take total control of the company.

    Perhaps, the editors knew about it long ago. Or, it is more likely that they did not. Otherwise, I believe that they’ll butter up the bosses just to keep their cushy job. They were just following the flow by “hating” the establishment & by extension MCA. It is common knowledge that the Chinese community in general & the upper crust of their Indian counterpart are pro “change”. As such their deep rooted resentment of all things BN are manifested, subtly & not so subtly in their writing & editing.

    I believe the attack by Tony Pua over the non publishing of their Ibrahim Ali & the keris caused a certain degree of butthurt to the editorial as well as the management team. The annoyance of Vincent Lee was clear to see in the interview published today. As for the editorial team, they seem to have scaled down their DAP coverage since yesterday. Whether or not it is just a fleeting moment of discontent or otherwise, time will tell.

    When (not if) the annihilation of MCA is complete in the wee hours of Sunday, I sincerely hope that MCA will pick up the pieces & plan for their resurrection in GE14. And no better way to do so than to control the media conglomerate than has a reach of 5+ million & 40+ million page views online. Despite my small shareholding (1500 only) in the group, I’m planning to vote for the proposal to enable MCA an opportunity to control the group.

    Hopefully that would be the precursor to a more successful run in GE14 for the party. This is more so if the predicted Malay government-Chinese opposition scenario comes true. I think even the most idealistic of Chinese will have seen enough over 5 years to come to see that there’s only so much DAP can do when they’re not the government of the day.

    It is incredulous indeed that MCA allowed the drop the ball in such a way. Hopefully, their balls have dropped & they’ve grown wise to the workings of “media group”. A silver lining is for them is that as they hit rock bottom on Monday morning, they can only go upwards.

    Whether or not they choose to move forward or lie down licking their wounds in self pity is another thing together. After all, they’re officially entering endangered species territory like the panda on Monday. If they choose to wallow in sorrow, it will be a matter of time before they’re classified in the same category as the brontosaurus & tyranosaurus. Somehow mcasaurus don’t have a nice flow & ring to it, so they should make sure they don’t get that far.

    1. Typo: It is incredulous indeed that MCA dropped the ball in such a way.

      Anyway, how do we pronounce mcasaurus? Em-see-air-sow-ress? Or Macca-sow-ress?

    2. May be on the 6th May after their utter humiliation in the GE, MCA might wake up to the reality that it’s better for them to gulung tikam politically and become MCA Sdn Bhd. They are better off in business than politics so it’s better for them to make a dignified retreat rather than die a natural death.

      Looking at the contest between DAP vs MCA is like lean, mean, young and nasty street fighter beating the s*** out of fat and old businessman uncle. No contest at all!

      1. Freudian slip: “gulung tikar

        I feel sorry for MCA’s GE13 candidates too and how they’re vilified even when they attempt something feebly sweet like sing ‘Love is in the air’.

      2. I think they’ve never managed to get a firm grasp of how times are a changing. They’re stuck in a rut of sorts & went back to their tried & tested (in their opinion) methods of reaching out. In doing so, they’ve left out the younger groups who spend a bulk of their time online daily.

        As such, even if they go into biz, I foresee that it will be an unmitigated failure for them. Because first & foremost they’re MCA. They will still have that itch to dabble in politics. Now that they’ve control of the group, they’ll go all out to promote MCA. No disrespect to Frankie Gan but he’ll get airtime for his pastime as well as his experience in show biz etc, which is quaint but irrelevant to most segments in society.

        What happens then is that the Star ends up like NST. Try going to 7-11 at 7am on a weekend. You’ll see at least 50 copies of Star & less than 10 copies of NST delivered. Try returning in the afternoon. You’ll see Star is sold out & NST will still be available. Ask newspaper vendors. They’ll tell you Star outsells NST many times over.

        And I think that it’s such a waste as NST has some really good staff writers like Azmi Anzhar, Noraina Samad, David Christy, Teresa Manavalan etc as well as great columnist like Farish Noor, Tunku Abdul Aziz etc.

        MCA needs a total overhaul. Throw out all the deadwood. Discard the fat cats. Allow the party to be led by a young team like WKS, CTY & advised upon by an advisory council led by CSL, LTL etc. Maybe with a young team, they’ll have a different perspective on how to revamp MCA.

        As for running the Star, it’s all a matter of priority. Party relevance or party coffers. As of now, I’m not even sure which is more important.

        1. re: “by a young team like WKS, CTY …”

          Urm, aren’t you forgetting someone?

      3. I just returned to my hometown of Kangar this morning and curious to find out the local feel, I immediately went to the town market and its adjoining hawker centre. Talked to a few people which include amongst others, some former UMNO politicians including one who is standing as a BEBAS. In summary, the feeling is one of disappointment that the MCA’s incumbent cum ADUN candidate is not putting more of a fight against the young upstart from PKR and some even had the opinion that MCA Kangar had in fact thrown the towel in the first round itself and wondered why MCA Kangar wanted to contest in the first place …

        I went around town and true enough, posters featuring the incumbent ADUN’s potrait were hard to find …

        Now that I know that I need not bother about the results from that constituency, I can fully focus on the neighbouring DUN of which I am a registered voter … Unfortunately, someone told me he is in Shahidan’s Team – now what do I do?

  6. i find it kelakar for Star to bitch about it now since they’ve sold their soul to the devil like years ago. Best part, bukan pasal realisation that the nation can be musnah binasa but because the red bean army starts attacking them. How’s that for conscience and integrity?

    Is it fair? No it’s not but Star, has my sympathy the way I sympathize peragut being bashed up: which is none, nada, zilch, yilek! You know what you’re going in for when you associate yourself with them – what’s with this sudden ‘bertaubat’? Or, is it some people are scared that after May 5th, they’ll be out of contract, out of job, out of The Star? The bullshit that the Red Bean has done and caused over facebook is beyond repair and no matter what’s their frontpage today warning Malaysian about cyberterrorist is wayyyy too late.

    My suggestion to The Star – go on, promote more oppo twitterati, make them a celebrity, carry their hypocritical ideology. Please don’t stop. You have been given 5 years to amend things and promote stability but you choose to go Americana on us. You’ve made your bed, now go fuck in it!

    1. You sounded like some “Dapters” which contained vulgarities. Does that make you a Cyber Terrorist to to The Star?

      1. You mean AJ’s line “You’ve made your bed, now go fuck in it!”?

        Actually, I think it is most appropriately applied to the Star people.

        Vulgarity is what the Dapsters have been calling Joceline Tan, the paper’s renegade whom none in The Star have defended when she is being constantly and mercilessly attacked by the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

    2. Anakjamil,

      It is called “insurance”. Now, they can say “see. we give prominence to MCA too. Not just DAP”.

      Anyway. Najib needs not worry. But take this advice. Drop the attitude of pleasing the community that rejects you at every jucntion. Instead, concentrate and give prominence to other races that support you.

  7. Also, comment on Utusan who got sued and in the end have to pay for it? So is that considered blatant front line print Media Terrorism?

    1. Thanks for pointing out that Pakatoon politicians are a lawsuit-happy bunch. If the BN politicians were like that, Harakah and Suara Keadilan would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Probably Sinar Harian, too.

      1. The fact that they won showed that Utusan is indeed malicious. They sued because they knew they were correct and will win. BN politicians dare not sue because they know they will never win.

        1. buang masa educating orang yang degil cam ni. Tak guna. Let them be and let them rot by themselves. Baru sampai kampung dekat sg petani.
          Nampaknya PKR akan ta pau calon BN sini.

  8. The first thing on Monday morning for the BN to counter cyberterrorism is to sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai for all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

    1. I somewhat pity CW Wong. Gets accused of being a BN lackey by PR supporters, and also gets accused by Helen and her cheerleading squad for not being BN enough.

      1. No, I do not accuse WCW of not being BN enough.

        Haven’t I made it clear to you so many times before that his paper is bipolar (split personality)?

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