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The attack on my blog has intensified!

The DDOS attacks have put a huge drag on my pace of work.

Below is a screenshot of the posting that I’m presently working on. As you can read in the pink message box, I have “lost connection with the server, and saving has been disabled”.

Add New Post ‹ Helen Ang — WordPress 2013-05-04 11-19-18

This has happened intermittently since the first day of the attack but today my connectivity is more often Off than On, and the recurrence is a lot in frequency. In fact, it’s so bad that even typing, just to get the letters of the alphabet into WordPress, is going at a snail’s pace.

Hence the interruption is tremendous. Which also means your comments will be slow to be moderated, that is if you can manage to leave them. I’ve received several complaints about readers having difficulty in doing so.

I consider this attack on my blog to be a form of cyberbullying.

The Star Online Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News

Above is a screenshot of The Star front page yesterday.

This Star front page article in its first paragraph says: “DAP has been training cybertroopers for six years …”. But The Star had never seriously tackled this menace before.

For six years until yesterday the Jerusubang paper has elected to cover up for the DAP 2.0. For example, it has adamantly refused to do the story on the race of Hannah Yeoh’s children which would have exposed the Anak Malaysia rank hypocrisy.


SCREENSHOT ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh earlier in February attacked Sira Habibu, a Star reporter who is not Chinese/Indian (rare in that newspaper) and whose stories are not pro-DAP (rarer still in that newspaper),

For six years, the Evangelista Bintang Tiga have been terrorizing opponents and critics of the DAP and even anyone remotely supporting the BN such as Michelle Yeoh.

While The Star has been actively campaigning for the two politicians who were dubbed “DAP SuperCyber Bully” as early as in 2010.


For six years, the Chinese who might have said kinder things about MCA or BN have kept their counsel as otherwise they would have been victimized too.

Therefore the manufactured poor perception of the MCA had snowballed over the past years because the counter voices have been thuggishly silenced while The Star keeps promoting the Firster-evangelista ethos.


For six years The Star has been praising and publicizing the Jerusubang twitterati. Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming and Tony Pua (until a few days ago) are The Star‘s most favoured political personalities.

This MCA-controlled paper has allowed its reporters to badmouth, in Twitterjaya, Rosmah Mansor, Chua Soi Lek and other BN politicians as well as The Star‘s own renegade reporters who are not seen as pro-DAP — see @imokman’s tweet about Joceline Tan (his photo below).

The Star has allowed its editors and reporters to use the newspaper conglomerate’s resources and its various multimedia platforms to sneakily discredit the BN and opponents of Pakatan.

For six years the damage has been done.

What kind of people are they in The Star? They are like those who makan free at the MCA mega dinners but insult the host.

However The Star-scissors wielders not only reach 5.63 million people but they have access to the movers and shakers and the opinion leaders and opinion shapers of society.

Tomorrow, MCA will pay a heavy price for all that The Star has done.

DOCTOR-PhD Ong Kian Ming


Time BN sets up counter cyber terrorism unit


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

42 thoughts on “The attack on my blog has intensified!

  1. MCA? Extinction imminent. They’d be wise to start planning their holidays so they can leave first thing Monday morning.

    Btw, do check out Karim Raslan’s piece in the Star’s GE13 special supplement. Apparently he considers the queen bee to be one of “the extremely small numbers of good leaders we have” & to be one of the few who are “smarter and more hardworking than I (Karim) am.”

    As for the attack, just thought you wanna know that at times the browser will tell me that it is not getting any response from the server. Tried the airport WiFi but it was way worse so I’m sticking to my mobile broadband. Just hang in there as it should be over soon. The network sucks in Kuching so it will probably make it that bit harder to access your site.

    Happy voting tomorrow! And try not to look like some foreigner from China or Mongolia. Alias Tahan might become “beh tahan” & end up tahan-ing you for being a pengundi hantu.

    1. Pengundi Hantu from Communist China.

      DAP have been bringing 1 million Chinese citizens to Gelang Patah via singapore.
      how do we know that all these tens of thousands Chinese who attended LKS ceramah has mykad?

      Gelang Patah is just 1 km away by causeway ma..

      Hishamudin powned again. DAP and PAP are brothers in arms.
      LKS and LKY see the similarity? Except for the Y and S. L and K are similiar!!

      Except for D and P, the AP are similar too!!

      Where is my commision..Khairy…

      Prepare your piece using words or note pads and then paste them to WordPress.
      So you dont have to link until you are ready to post. Save a lot of time.

      1. No la, they’re Koreans and Japanese. They landed in Changi and make way across the causeway. I hear they now have Blue IC and can vote also.

        How else did Pakatan Rayat get the rights to do a Gangnam Style version? Notice how PSY embarrass Najib during the Yee Sang toss. The Koreans & Japanese are plotting a change in government so they can build more Coway, Samsung, and Sony factories in Penang, Johor and KL.

        1. “Notice how PSY embarrass Najib during the Yee Sang toss”

          There was a threat on his life, made by some deadbeat losers.

          Of course, PR suckups won’t believe that others have genuine concerns. Only PR’s concerns are genuine in this country, as far as pakatoons are concerned.

          I hope PR gets 50 shades of shit kicked out of them tomorrow.

  2. Your website runs on wordpress servers, and WordPress has pretty good DDOS resilience.I’d be very surprised if DAP would attack your wordpress site, yet you seem convinced without a shred of evidence other than pink banner on your WordPress dashboard.

    If you consider this imagined attacked cyber-bullying, how about the growing mountain of evidence that ISPs in Malaysia are blocking access to opposition facebook pages, or youtube videos. Also the latest allegation that the BN government is spying on it’s citizens?

    That’s even more bullying–by a government nonetheless.

    1. Oh, so when oppo Facebook pages funded by the DAP are inaccessible, you don’t demand the same incontrovertible proof of their claims. Hullo, it is the oppo slanderers who the ones are making wild accusations “without a shred of evidence”, okay.

      But when my blog, and Rocky’s, Papagomo as well as AIDC are inaccessible to our readers, you declare that we’re “imagining” the attacks.

      If I had the resources (such as Malaysiakini or Harakah, FMT‘s technical teams) to investigate how this is happening, I would.

      Unfortunately, I do NOT have the resources or the expertise. This is NOT a news portal. Nor is this an organizational website. This is a personal blog.

      And furthermore, this blog is not run by a team. It is an independent, unfunded blog run by a single person.

      The fact that a mere blog with limited reach belonging to an individual has come under this kind of attack speaks volumes.

      1. Helen, you so very the famous now, not only that the evangelist mama dapsters hunts you, the evagelist serani tech guy oso.


        1. actually you are right. Helen is (in)famous now in the cyber world, depending on whom you ask.

    2. “without a shred of evidence”

      “That’s even more bullying–by a government nonetheless”

      Facepalm so hard. Ohh… the irony.

  3. I went to a DAP ceramah late last night, everything in Chinese language, 100% Chinese audiences, I didn’t understand what they were talking but the body language and the tones says it all “kick out the present government because they victimized us”.

    The Chinese are mostly well off, so how can they say they are the victim? They say 50 years “kita semua susah jadi sekarang mesti ubah”. What hardship? Sometimes its very difficult to understand them, their own speaker are well off as I can see a lot of expensive car within the vicinity of the “ceramah” area.

      1. at my office area, I saw a Polo Volkswagen car with DAP’s logo on it. I doubt it’s a Malay owned car…coz my office area is Chinese dominated area hehehe…very well to do…

        in my kampung, this morning I had breakfast at friend’s stall and coincidentally the stall overlooking the big road. lots of car coming and go, quite OKAY car like Toyota Wish, Avanza, Hilux carry PAS banner & flag. orang2 PAS in my kampung doing quite good too….they have kebun, businesses, good job if work outside kampung.

        you can say government is cruel and bad if you ride ‘kereta sorong’. these people are really mentally retarded.

        1. Ex UMNO President Mahathir is responsible for this disillusionment of the Malays with UMNO.

          When he was UMNO President he enrich his Indian and Chinese cronies by giving them IPP, Astro, satellite licenses, rice, sugar, IWK, water etc. All these has the effects of leaving the malays as beggars in their own country which he proudly admitted.

          But it is only now the Malays realised his father is an Indian from Kerala. So there were trickle down effect but you notice the malays drive second hand wish while the chinese drive new polo.

          What UMNO should have done post May 13 was to have knuckle down on wealth creation for the Malays. Tun Razak initiated this with DEB but it was waylaid by the Tamil Mahathir. He instead enrich another Tamil from Pakistan Syed Mokhtar who claimed he deserved it due to May 13??? He is not in KL fighting the Chinese and yet he claim it is his birth right to be given westport, proton etc. on behalf of the Malays. WTF.

          If Najib wins he must continue the sharing of wealth instead of wasting it like on english football or F1 racing.

          The neighbours you see are the product a dysfunctional education system which fail to put sains dan matematik but teach arab dongeng. The danger of arab dongeng is irrationality and madat type of conciousness. While LKS bring 1 million communist Chinese to Singapore not a squeek comes out of your neighbours as they are sedated with religion. Thats how minorities can controlled the sedated majority throughout history.

          No the Malays are not mentally retarded just sedated with madat.

          1. SM

            Obviously looking at how you spin the whole sedated melayu thingy shows very clearly to me that you are not a melayu yourself but posing as one like Zairil does! Shame on him (and you) malu to mengaku bukan melayu and yet the CAT-DAP tagged along lying to all Malaysians, particularly DAP members. CEC fiasco comes to mind!

            It’s just to show how memalukan ancestors you all are by malu mengaku cina as oppose to Helen and RT who mengaku cina despite bringing forward nationalist agenda (maybe RT is rather religious, I might add) first and foremost.

            Your PKR-DAP script to create havoc and unrest while singing there will be blood comes May 6th is very telling and has been exposed extensively.

            FYI Mahathir is not a Tamil, should his ancestor is from Kerala (as you have presumed) which is located in ‘mala alam’ the place of Malayalee Indians.

            FYI Syed Mokhtar is not Pakistani by origin but Yemeni Arab, common among Peranakan Malays or Melayu Jawi in Kedah.

            The Melayu (at least not the PKR-DAP-PAS) loves Tun M and only last night he was warmly welcomed in Permatang Pauh. We are not beggars and you are not second class either!

            SM, try again next time and try harder ok!

          2. only talk about the father?…why not mentioning her mother wan tempawan…she’s a Malay…you the hypocrite except half Kenyan half white from Kansas obama as the best example of none racial liberal type of democracy but cant except mahathir..malaysia already except multiculturalism way earlier compared to the american and enough with the blame game all umnos fault..yes they made some mistakes but they’re brave enough to admit and change for the better..your type only create hatred and use the dungus malay as your friend to achieve your personal interest which is not very friendly towards the malay ideals.

          3. Orang Asli said “FYI Mahathir is not a Tamil, should his ancestor is from Kerala (as you have presumed) which is located in ‘mala alam’ the place of Malayalee Indians.

            FYI Syed Mokhtar is not Pakistani by origin but Yemeni Arab, common among Peranakan Malays or Melayu Jawi in Kedah.”

            Come on lah, so you accept his father tounge is not Malay and he hide his Iskandar Kutty and Kerala until this was exposed by TheStar lah. You should respect the jounalistic integrity of the liberal Chinese TheStar. But you can easily google it if you know how to use the internet.

            FYI, Syed Mokhtar grandfather went back to Pakistan leaving behind his malay wife to marry a 16 year old Indian girl and brought back to Malaya. From these a daughter was borned who married Syed Nor another Indian who had arrived from Pakistan.

            Its all in his biography ooiii.. jangan nak jadi melayu jakun, ada Syed je orang Arab ptuiii.. Tak ada kena mengena dengan Yemen. Emak bapa dia duduk dekat railway bela kambing. Ko lebih tahu pula dari Syed Mokhtar. Do you know ada biography dia kat kedai ngok. Bacalah.

            Islam 1st. Of course ko defend supaya melayu remain sedated. Did nt you read what MalayPrincess wrote. She said Malay PAS are mentally retarded! Which is worse.

            But the opiate effect of religions in the west like Christianity and the evil of Catholicsm are well documented and can be read on the internet.

            So if you think that Islam 1st but the Malays PAS dont like you how la…

            Malay PAS are not religious as Mat Sabu pussy licking and Tok Pa videos can testify. They just pretend they can go to heaven like they own God. That is called self righteousness.
            Slogan dont make a religion.

          4. “Ex UMNO President Mahathir is responsible for this disillusionment of the Malays with UMNO.”

            A few have been disillusioned. Most Malays still love him.

            I don’t understand pakatoons. You say you don’t want racism, but all you talk about is race. The race of someone’s father laa, mother laa… so what will make you happy, actually?


    1. Here are the following guidelines to understand more about our political parties.

      BN – Open-market corruption party
      PKR – Open-your-ass party
      DAP – Wa-tak-tau-melayu party
      PAS – We-use-religion-for-politic-purposes party
      Independent – I-ain’t-sharing-my-cake party

      1. SM

        Your ptuih in your commentary shows clearly the kind of a person you are. And I don’t care to educate the good for nothing Malay poser like you. Shame on your ancestor!

        I just want you to celebrate the fact that your whining will only shows that the Malays are never racist in nature.

        We’ve had a lot of Peranakan Malays becoming our PM. It was never an issue (read more about Malay and you would understand why) until you and your kaki brought it out. It’s not news for us! So much of your investigative journalism. Tamil from Kerala haha.

        So what LKS and his kaki has been feeding your kepala otak is false and purely lies! Take your sebelah otak out! Corrupted already!

        And FYI, I don’t have to know about Syed or read somewhere ‘in the stars’ (or Google for that matter-is that what you’ve been doing all day? :-)) about keturunan syed not all being of Yemeni origin, I’ve befriended them from both divides-the Mamak’s one and the Arab’s one! From Kedah, Penang and Johor. How many do you know? The virtual one doesn’t count!

        And brader the Pakistani carpet guy from which you bought the carpet from and more, is not Syed Mokhtar la!

        ‘So if you think that Islam 1st but the Malays PAS dont like you how la…’

        I don’t care maa and why should you?! You behave like the nosy auntie my peng yu kept complaining time and again!

        As for Mat Sabu [edited] and Tok Pa videos, you can asked AI and LKS, I don’t care to answer and it has never been my burden to do so and since its yours, why don’t you do the honour (not that a lot is left in you-shame on your ancestor!).

        ‘Slogan dont make a religion’

        Speaks for yourself!

        And brader the next time you care to put your sebelah otak idea in this civilised blog, keep away your ptuih, despite your bad behaviour I know for a fact that you are not a migrant worker getting RM450 per month, aren’t you? Belajar from Internet is it?

        So keep googling and pig some where else!

        Shame on your ancestor!

        1. Oi. Salah balas ke ape nih? Tersinggung hati aq. I have nothing against the average working Malaysian. I just hate politicians, that’s all.

          1. Not Adrian

            It was intended for SedatedMalays | Mei 4, 2013 at 9:56 pm, thus the SM initial.

            Somehow I could not get to balas kat atas, dunno why, sorry.

  4. Helen, did you get this?

    Our next generation future and our country future is in our hand. We Malaysian whether you’re Malay, Chinese, Indian or others are Malaysian.
    The money of 1MDB, Petronas, GLC, EPF and Federal and State money belong to Malaysian rakyat. It does not belong to PM or BN.
    Lets vote wisely. Lets vote to make sure the people in power knows that the RAKYAT of Malaysia has awaken and wants to be heard.
    Let RAKYAT dictates the future of Malaysia and not the govt of the day.
    The uprising of the RAKYAT is at the greatest in this election so lets make RAKYAT the kingmaker. It’s now or never for the next 5 years. Let the RAKYAT of Malaysia celebrate a new Merdeka (RAKYAT INDEPENDENCE) after 5-5-13.
    Vote with heavy heart and not for money.
    Remember the future of our country lies on each and every RAKYAT of MALAYSIA.
    Decide wisely. Vote wisely. From a RAKYAT who wants a better future MALAYSIA.

    1. “Vote wisely”. Hahaha. To them anyone not voting for Pakatan is a ~~~ (fill in the ‘right’ word).

      1. Pengundi hantu,pengundi palsu,pengundi 2 kali,pengundi bukan warganegara,pengundi upahan,pengundi bawa balik dr Sarawak,pengundi bawa balik dr Sabah,pengundi apa lagi?


      And all this while PR is saying that the government has been underestimating the people’s intelligence. Overestimating more like. Especially since they believe in all this nonsense. In fact, more crap pass out of a PR ceramah speaker in a day than from his anal receptacle in a year.

      1. This one is even funnier,

        Hujan pergi, Keluar matahari
        Rakyat semua, Satu hati
        56 tahun, bukan 56 hari
        Apa salah, kalau TUKAR satu kali
        Makan sana, Makan sini
        Hati rakyat, tak boleh dibeli
        Bangun pagi, gosok gigi
        5 bulan 5 hari, Pakatan mari BN pergi
        Pakatan naik, Kroni mati
        Tak jadi TUKAR, Negara mati
        Sudah baca, Jangan ragu-ragu lagi
        INI KALI LAH, kasi Roket naik tinggi Dan Bulan terang Lagi
        Ubah Demi Masa Depan Generasi Kita

        1. Tak jadi tukar, negara mati? Taksub nya. Kalau negara nak mati, dah mati waktu financial crisis 1997 gara gara si Anwar..:-)

    3. Wah! Arrogant nya. Who came up with 1MDB, Petronas etc? Certainly not Pakatan coz Pakatan bina car park pun hanya kancil ajer yang boleh parking pastu kena roboh. Nak bina stadium, dua kali sod turning pun tak nampak bayang. Kutip sampah pun tak pandai apatah lagi maintaining state roads.

      Now that EPF, Petronas are yielding benefits terhegeh-hegeh mengaku hak walhal masa pembentukkan policies bukan main lagi membangkang. Lest we forget.:-)

  5. Hi Helen,

    Regarding The Star –

    1. It is not that the MCA higher up are not aware of The Star shenanigans but being anti-establishment = $$$$.

    2. So, should BN just keep quiet? Of course not. Actions will be taken.

    On MCA future

    1. The line between UMNO and BN will become more blurred. More and more people will become direct BN supporters/friends. Is that good for MCA? I dont know and I just dont care anymore.

    Gelang Patah (Ghani vs Kit Siang)

    1. It was interesting to read about your analysis on the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.

    2. However, I have to disagree on the result. Ghani will not lose. I am so confident that he won’t.

    3. Will he lose some Chinese votes? Sure. Does it matter? No.

    DAP Cyber-bullies attacking your website

    1. I’m sorry that you are facing this form of cyber-bullying. I just cant wait to see the face of these bullies when BN gain 2/3rd majority.

    2. I just cant wait to see the faces of these bullies when RPK publish his ‘I told you so’ article.

    3. I just cant wait to see the face of these bullies when PAS is splitted into two and form a unity govt with BN.


  6. The next 5 years if PR ruled Putrajaya..Social and Economic Development wil be snail pace,,ruling executives too busy with inquisition works to find faults and to prepare prosecution cases of the ousted administration…perhaps they will outsource the administration of the country to the predators merchants….

      1. ‘kasi Roket naik tinggi Dan Bulan terang Lagi’ this is my favourite.

        Helen by any chance the-you-can-call-me-doctor-guy-Mr OKM has masterminded or even wrote all this laughable sajak?

        Looking at his gila kuasa face and I’m a doctor attitude, I ought to feel more and more that he had penned this.

        WDYT Helen?

          1. I just did, thank you Helen, memang gila kuasa rupanya, I was basing my judgement based on my kawan leng lui, saying she prefer my big nose compared to sharp nose men. Kaya and more trusting than the latter, she said.
            I dunno la, I’m not yet kaya, but I still have my big nose, whereas she had become some towkey ‘bini muda’ and travel to cool climate countries and he surely had a big nose, which I noticed the first and last time we met almost 8 years ago.

  7. To be honest, I’m no longer looking forward for GE tomorrow. I’m looking forward for the political ramifications of POST GE.

    Not bothered about BN as it will still be the same shit if they win as Najib will continue his plans. It is PR’s thats interesting.

    I have a feeling, PR will win. And I’m thinking about the political atmosphere among PR. It’s fun, actually.

    I also have a feeling, that PAS will leave PR. For me, IMHO, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

    Problem with PAS, they are dead set with their agenda, while DAP and PKR, are dead set against it.

    With them contributing majority of the Malay votes to sustain PR, they definitely want to have their way and say in PR.

    It’s the basic rule of politics of power, with the major contributors that sustain the most racially represented votes, will want a say.

    It is like, “I helped you guys/us to win, now hear me.”

    And the number one rule revolves around the total implementation of their agenda.

    Of course, PAS will never be able to implement it as PR needs 2/3 of majority to amend a new constitution.

    Even if PR wins 2/3 and it builds the route for a new constitution, PAS’s political allies will never allow PAS to carry out its agenda.

    And what will PAS do then? They will have a choice. Leave PR, or drop the Islamization agenda, that they have been fighting for since the inception of PAS, for good.

    Even if the leaders of PAS has accepted to be in PR while leaving the Islamization agenda, grassroots supporters will never agree.

    In a way, PAS is fucked. Carry on its agenda that it has been championing since decades ago with its ceramahs to justify the change of gov, or drop dead with the label of hypocrisy.

    In the midst of all this, there will be an offer that PAS will never refuse. It’s UMNO’s offer to PAS, to join them with the pretext of allowing PAS to get their agenda, work.

    UMNO has been defeated, and with them being desperate of scouring for power back, any options to sustain them, will be prioritized.

    But as long as Nik Aziz is alive, PAS will never join UMNO. But it will be a time, when the voices of the leaders, will be forced shut by PAS’s supporters.

    And if PAS and UMNO forms a political alliance, our nation, that are already deeply divided with racial based political parties, will be polarized to an extreme extent.

    Chinese will remain with DAP, as MCA are sure to be decimated once GE is over, while Indians and majority of Malays, will be in the newly formed alliance.

    There will be Malays with PR, even if PAS leaves PR. But that’s only PKR. DAP’s claims that its a multiracial party HAS been nullified with its CEC elections.

    And the sentiment by the Malays against DAP, remains strong, even with the remaining Malays in PKR and those who supports DAP. It’s minimal.

    PAS has the biggest bulk of the Malay votes. This, is also the factor for PR’s sustainability if PAS were to leave the alliance.

    So you have a sect of UMMO-PAS-Indian party, and Chinese being represented by another party. This is when sectarian politics, reigns.

    In fact, this is when, racial based politics, that is already a cancer to the nation, thanks to BN, until the fallacy of 1 Malaysia, will be exacerbated.

    It’s a well known fact that PR is politically divided, from its birth, to the elections, with each party having its own goals.

    PKR for Anwar, DAP with its Malaysian Malaysia agenda with a total focus only for Chinese, and PAS with its Islamization.

    I’m not a fan of rumors, but atmosphere here in Permatang Pauh, is hot as Anwar’s here and it’s PKR’s fortress.

    But there are talks that PAS have gave a directive to its members in Pauh, to not vote for Anwar, as it is Anwar who will be the PM. They want Hadi to be PM.

    But of course, that’s just rumors. And I don’t believe in it. It’s just that I’m curious with PAS’s claims that it would want Hadi to be the PM.

    PR’s fan base has refused to acknowledge that this is a huge problem, but it won’t change the fact that PAS and DAP’s stark contrast with each others’s plan, is the bane of PR’s political alliance.

    And in the longer term, it will never sustain Pakatan Rakyat even if they win the elections. Unless PAS drops its agenda, of course.

    Or, either PAS and DAP enforce tolerance within its ranks and with each other. Only then, PR is due to be successful for the longer term.

    Or else, PR’s victory, will only be a short-lived happiness and a temporary success.

    This is why, it’s essential for PKR to act as an liaison, to rectify the tensions between the other both parties, or else, they won’t survive.

    Now that being said, of course, it’s if PR win the elections. That’s just my two cents 😊

    1. Your scenario, if PR wins tomorrow, is nothing new. UMNO war room inhabitants have drawn up numerous scenarios post GE 13. And they are prepared for it, and they dont take it lightly even though the chance of PR winning GE13 is only 35% as per their latest forecast.

      Im betting that BN will win 145-150 Parliamentary seats.

      We’ll see who is right, tomorrow.

      1. Actually, to be honest, even if its a small and big win, I have a feeling that BN will win. And I hope PR accept it, and doesn’t start another rally, which I’m sure it is imminent, when PR lost. You know how they are. They can never accept any defeat, and still believes that people want them, when we know the word “rakyat” is a fallacy as it doesn’t even represent a majority.

        1. I watched TV3’s Mandat 2013 just now, where IGP and SPR director were the guests.

          I got the impression that police is dead serious and determined to keep public order. Zero tolerance on disruptive behavious, I see it.

          1. You know, I’m really hoping that the Arm Forces are also on standby and initiated. If the rallies are massive, they should aid the Police. Even with the possible backlash, internationally and domestic. Hoping for a BN win. Sigh.

  8. Helen – Is it possible that your articles in your blog have some what positively influenced some level-headed-sitting-on-the-fence Cina Malaysia who have been browsing here silently, that the DDS attacks had intensified?

    Are you able to detect the increase of chatters in the internet where the netizens are increasing quoting your blog in their chatters?

    1. No time to monitor chatter since over the last couple of weeks I’ve stepped up the frequency of my postings and with the increased reader comments here, more time required for moderation plus the attacks are making it take a long, long time just to get reconnected.

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