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Why it’s now or never (‘ini kali lah’) for Chinese voters

The bar chart below shows the ethnic breakdown of the electorate in the 12 states of the peninsula.

Voter statistics sourced from (via the Malay Mail infographics) and the population statistics from

The size of Chinese voters in each state is represented by the red segment of the bar and its percentage boxed with the red dot marker.

The percentage of Chinese as a part of the state population is noted in white lettering within the red bar.

e.g. Registered voters in Penang comprise 53.38 percent Chinese although the Chinese population in the state is 45.6 percent.


In eight of the peninsular states, the ratio of Chinese voters to Chinese population is unevenly matched with the Chinese voter registration being disproportionately high.

The numbers are reverse in the four most Malay-dominant (76-96 percent) states of Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu where their Chinese residents are under-registered as voters.

Penang, the Federal Territory and Johor are the three states with the most Chinese inhabitants percentage-wise among all the Chinese in Malaysia.

The Chinese in Johor form 38.8 percent of the registered voters even though they are only 33.6 percent of the population.

The rate of voter registration among Chinese is overall higher than their population ratio. Turnout of Chinese tomorrow is expected to follow the same trend of bettering the other ethnicities.

Implication: In this respect, the electoral strength of the Chinese is stronger than their actual population numbers.

However this advantage is mitigated by the favourable weightage given rural areas as well as malapportionment, e.g. Kapar has 144,369 voters compared to Putrajaya’s 15,798 voters.

Evangelista capital of Malaysia

Selangor has only a 28.6 percent Chinese population but its Chinese community make up 34 percent of the state electorate, 90 percent of the Selangor Times content providers and 95 percent of the non-stop complaints, with 99 percent of the loud whinging emanating from Subang Jaya.

Over the next five years, however, the imbalance that we see in the bar chart above will be certainly be remedied. Umno will make sure of that.

And if the BN wins a two-thirds majority, they can redraw the constituency boundaries.

However it is recommended that they leave the DAP strongholds as they are.

In 2008, Subang Jaya had 33,412 voters but by 2013, the number of Subang Jaya voters had almost doubled to 61,688 due to the incumbent Adun’s hyperactivity.

By the time GE14 comes around, the electorate in Subang Jaya would have probably inflated to 250,000 due to the phenomenon of frenzied religious pilgrimage following many more sightings of Mother Mary on the window, the discovery of the Shroud of Subang Jaya and the appearance of stigmata on the Yeopie faithful.

DAP pollies willing to do anything

In The Star today, ‘GE13: Soi Lek fears for race ties


Ghani Othman contesting in a Chinese-majority area against Lim Kit Siang is a watershed.

The usual pattern is Umno versus PAS, and secondarily Umno vs PKR (or previously the defunct S46 and other Malay parties).

While Umno versus DAP in Gelang Patah may not be a historical first, it is nonetheless rare in our 58 years of federal elections (counting from 1955). It will however be more common in GE14 because MCA has proven itself incapable of fending off the DAP onslaught.

Ref. ‘MCA will hit rock bottom on Monday morning’


The enemy within

Dr Chua said that the DAP Ubah politics makes people hate the MCA and Umno.

Yes it does. So much so that the hated MCA is backstabbed by its own media — The Star.

Dr Chua knows well that his sex video was a havoc created by insiders. The MCA biting the dust is due in large part to the sabotage by The Star in various ways.

Note that the photograph I’ve used for the CSL poster above is credited to The Malaysian Insider.  The top 20 Google image search results on “Chua Soi Lek” turn up photos in the TMI website, in Kuala Lumpur Post, FMT, TNG, Malay Mail, Malaysia Chronicle, the MCA website and a couple of blogs. And there is also a photo of Dr Chua as a young medical student in the website of his alma mater, Universiti Malaya.

However, The Star Online does not make the top 20 Google search on CSL images. The Star Online claims 40-plus million page views and the Star Media Group has a reach to a 5.63-million audience. But it has never featured online any noteworthy photograph of CSL.

Why doesn’t the MCA-owned-and-controlled paper The Star tell us what religion Mr and Mrs Lim Guan Eng belong to since the missus Betty Chew is misuing a temple for her political ‘head-shaving’ gimmick.

And while they’re at it, why don’t The Star do a sidebar on the DAP evangelist chameleon politicians who defy the Selangor Islamic authorities by their incessant politicking in the mosques?

Stab, stab, stab

The DAP has even gone to the extent of trotting out Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘widow’ to fish sympathy votes in Johor.

And guess what? The Star had previously reported that the government blamed Beng Hock’s “own negligence” as the cause of his death. None of the other mainstream media carried the story which was a Star scoop (or poisoned scissors stab, more like).

If Chua Soi Lek is worried about Ubah politics inciting hate, then pray tell what of his party-controlled newspaper telling its millions-strong audience that the government had lain the blame for Beng Hock’s death on the young man’s own negligence?

Isn’t it inciting the Chinese to hate the government by telling them that MACC and the government blamed Beng Hock for his own death?

Biar si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya

This ‘Blame Beng Hock himself’ story is just one of the many, many sly sabotage stories that The Star has carried which none of the other media did.

But when other media went to town with hot stories like Guan Eng’s Christmas eve message on the kalimah Allah and Patrick Teoh’s comment on “Quran-thumping mother****ers” as well as revealed Patrick’s close ties to the DAP, The Star kept a deliberate deathly silence.

MCA ni bodoh sepat ke bodoh sombong to have let all of this go on right under their nose?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

46 thoughts on “Why it’s now or never (‘ini kali lah’) for Chinese voters

  1. Bagi orang Melayu, MCA DAP Gerakan sama sahaja matlamat mereka…there’s no surprise element in the story above.

    1. gosh…I was about to post the same thing.

      yup you are right. the only thing to change Malays perspective on Cina Malaysia is for some Cina Johore to give support for Ghani at Gelang Patah, in the election tomorrow.

      Malay-Cina relationship in Johore will forever change if Ghani loses due to Cina Johore rejection. It will further reinforce Malays perception of Cina Malaysia as an ungrateful and selfish group of people. Worst still, the trust and comradeship they have built for so many years will be forever eroded.

      Malays will fight back, you can bet on it.

  2. Helen,

    I often asked my friends on who they think as the majority race in Penang. all of them said the Chinese. when I told them that the Malays and Chinese are almost equal (state population) , they are surprise.

    How come ? How come ? I told them that many Malays take it easy when it comes to registration as voters. This naturally results in Chinese as being the majority voters in Penang.

    While perusing the newspaper today, I learn a lot about the percentages of major races in every constituents. Again and again I feel like slapping the faces of UMNO leaders for again and again “babysitting” MCA .

    Padang serai, Kulim, Alor Gajah are several constituents with Malay majority percentages. Why must they be contested by Chinese BN coalition members.

    Exactly this attitude will turn MCA and Gerakan as taking thing easy. No need to confront DAP. No need to revamp STAR . Why? We still can win in Malay majority areas.

    1. Umno lah will confront DAP in GE14 like in Gelang Patah or seats like Bentong, Wangsa Maju and Kuantan.

      1. Helen.

        Yup. Why must we keep on with failed formula. If MCA cant deliver or reluctant to deliver, find other alternatives. The move into put Ghani in Gelang Patah is a good one.

        If Ghani wins, it will serve as a reminder to MCA that it is fast becoming “redundant”.

        I hope Ghani will win. Time for Kit siang to spend time with his grandchildren.

        1. I like this “MCA reluctant to deliver”. Will see how Star performs after GE13 and what’s the outcome of GP..

          GP results will be the game changer.

          Melayu bangsa “take it easy” but they can bangkit at great speed if need be. The Brits found that out during Malayan Union days..

          Whatever it is. PRU14 is going to be interesting.

          Happy voting folks!

          1. RCZ,

            They say a knife can cut . And it also can cut both way. Meaning the intention may unwittingly put us in the very position we tries to avoid.

            Malaysia is fast becoming and winessing 2 way (or 2 racial) system. One in Govt dominated by Malays and non Chinese. Chinese will be outside the perimeter of government.

            I hope my prediction does not come true.

          2. Dont be like that Tamil Mahathir, putting down the Malays at every opportunity. The latest in NST was that the Malays cannot rule Malaya, their own country on their own.

            What a stupid thing to say by UMNO President. Or how did ever managed to be UMNO President. Here in lie the truth about his lies. The sheer stupidity and pengkhianat statement ever to come out of UMNO President.

            Tunku said Tanah Melayu dipulangkan kepada orang Melayu untuk diperintah oleh bangsa Melayu. Cina dan India diberi suara melalui MCA dan MIC bukan menjadi kerajaan Melayu.

            But with these statement you realise that Mahathir justified enriching the Chinese and Indians to become billionaires while letting the Malays remain beggars in their own land. He never had the Malay interest at heart as a President of UMNO should be. Because his father is Indian you dont expect him to rule strictly on immigration. It explains his Indian lawyers, Gov Bank Negara, Finance Minister etc…

            So yes the Malays can rule Malaya on their own. Must rule Malaya on their own and plot their own destiny so they wont be like Palestinians merempat dinegara sendiri.

  3. Haiyahhh!!!! Itu Subang Jaya punya almost 100% increase in voters pasal manyak pengundi hantu woooo… Itu pompuan kristian kasi resurrect sama itu orang jadi hantu lepas itu register dia orang maaaa….

    Let’s hope whatever happens tomorrow, the Chinese will not go on whining about how their future will pan out as a result of their choice. Fat chance of that happening though since it is in their nature to.whine at the slightest of slights.

    Somehow, I think the last few lines of the song One More Day sums it up:

    Tomorrow is the judgment day
    Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store
    One more dawn
    One more day
    One day more

    To shape the future, look into the past. And looking into the past, where “manifesto bukan janji” I know for certain which party will receive my vote. Satu kali lagi lah!!!!

      1. Helen – I am generalising Cina Malaysia here, I am quoting from FFC, “is it in their nature to whine at the slightest of slights.”

        Betul ke?

            1. Can’t tell. The Chinese population is several millions.

              My view is that Jerusubang inhabitants are loud whingers and the Jerusubang media (here The Malaysian Insider is more guilty than The Scissors) gives them the platform to amplify their whinge, and that they very methodically control the social media plus the evangelist church network is more effective than MLM.

        1. I’m Chinese working in an MNC. I have 3 major groups making up my circle of friends.

          1. Colleagues – approx 40+% are Chinese. Mostly are ranked at my level thus are damn comfy in terms of income unless they have a second family hidden somewhere or frequent Genting or Waikiki Club regularly. Guess what? They whine about everything. Hey whine about fuel prices when they buy fuel guzzling SUVs. They whine about taxes when they don’t think twice about holidays to Maldives & other exotic locations.

          2. School & uni buddies – 80% Chinese. I was still a bit “racist” in my everyday interactions then thus the lopsided % of Chinese friends. Among them are bank VPs, hospital directors, surgeons, professors, engineers etc etc. We had a reunion of sorts last year due to a fund raising do for our alma mater. Everyone is whining about the government not doing enough when everyone drove an imported car with no less than a dozen driving German marquees.

          3. Church – 70% Chinese. Now where do I begin with this group? They bitch about the term Allah but how many have attended service in BM? And what of Christian forgiveness & turning the other cheek?

          And finally, family reunions at weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries & CNY. They bitch mainly about money but think nothing about betting RM100 on a single hand of blackjack.

          So yes, I do find a lot of Chinese to be whiners. And on top of that, most are selfish too. You think they give a damn about the welfare of Malays, Indians, native bumiputeras & even their poverty stricken Chinese brethren? Most of them don’t.

          So if we end up with a Chinese opposition this time tomorrow, they deserve what’s coming. And I sure as hell hope Najib will wield a light sabre at the Chinese post GE.

          1. FFC, my pengyu already whine about BN hijacking a kotak undi pos with 70% oppo-vote count in Manjung.

            Perhaps mereka easily dipergunakan walaupun they actually thought they pandai above everyone else, due to their utter hate and disgust towards UMNO, so somebody in oppo decided to cash on this

          2. FFC,

            Due to my face look like Chinese (dulu amoi sekarang Ah soo :):) ) that my circle of friends also. But few of them, dulu Ubah now Lain Kali lah after I highlight what wrong with them.

            When they start whining about something, I show them what their Problem were and what they should do to solved it aka buy viva or kancil for 2nd car and start buy soap at RM2 stores (RM10 you will get 10/15 pcs) . Few actualy follow my advise and stop whining and start change of heart. I summerise, at the end of day, for a lot of chinese connserved money is more important. Show them how and they stop complaining…..

          3. I agree, 75% Chinese are very selfish [excluding Helen Ang], they want everything for themselves first without thinking that there are others around them, they says we are not on par with Singapore or Hongkong, why should we?

            Look at the price of goods and services in this two countries, look at the quality of lives that they have. I still believe Malaysia is still the best country to live in and to live in Malaysia, there must be a give and take pratices by everybody. Good luck Malaysia.

        2. Re. Is it in their nature to whine

          I am Chinese and Johorean.

          My 2 sen is that:

          + this propensity to whine seems unique to the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. When you consider that most naturalized Singaporeans are Malaysians, perhaps this is not surprising.

          + the mainland Chinese are made of sterner stuff and don’t have this trait. I know… I’m married to one.

          + the Taiwanese are also stoic and tough. Don’t whine. Ditto the Hongkies.

          + the Indonesian Chinese also don’t seem to biatch and whine.

          + in conclusion this propensity to Whine or rabies as I call it seems to be unique to the Chinese in Malaysia.

          + must be the air that they breathe or the drinking water. I am a freak and an exception because I have mutated and seem to be more tolerant of whatever’s in the air or water that they consume.

  4. Pepatah melayu ada mengatakan, jangan yang dikejar tak dapat, yg dikendung berciciran. Marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar. Mendengar guruh dilangit, air di tempayan dicurahkan. Jangan jadi seperti anjing dengan bayang- bayang. Orang tamak selalu rugi.

    Kita sebenarnya tidak menghargai segelas air kosong, sehinggalah kita benar2 dahaga. Kesetiaan itu penting, seprtimana MCA diwaktu 1999. Bukan senang untuk membina sesebuah negara seperti Malaysia, tetapi amat mudah untuk kita menghancurkan. Saya suka kisah-kisah di zaman Dinasti China.

  5. You are preaching the obvious ad nauseous ad infinitum. At some point it has passed the point of no return and has subjected itself to the law of diminishing returns.

    Fact : the Star colluded with the DAP

    Fact : the MCA willingly sanctioned that collusion.

    It would have been better if many moons ago those realities were embraced, reconciled with some denial worldview and moved from thence. But sadly that dint happen and the blog descended into some petty angst ridden diatribes against a discredited rag and an inconsequential mad Donna from Jerusubang.

    The sad thing is that this blog in trapping itself in its own obsession, constrained itself from really examining the Chingks sudden aversion to Barisan of which racial, cultural and historical factors are prominent.

    It’s your blog and you do whatever in it but ultimately., the blog itself can’t escape from assuming some flak for what happened. It had a contributory impact, maybe I will opine why some other time……

    Moving away from the above, one must also comment a bit on the Malay mindset. Communication problems do play a role but essentially, the Malay reluctance to master the nuances of English has had deleterious impact on them grasping the actual thrust of the Chingk angst. Had the Pondok trained, Malay educated intelligentsia acquired fluency in English, the petulant arrogance of the Chingks would have been somewhat restrained. How? Well if the Malays had been proficient, they would have easily gained an insight into the hatred the Chingks harbour against them, engaged them at their own game and beaten the daylights outta them.

    Surf any news portal and the comment section is replete with barely concealed disdain for anything Malay or Islam. Now if the PAS folks and PKR Malay intelligentsia had taken the trouble to understand that rich vein of hatred, they would have steered clear of DAP extremists or had put pressure on their leaders to do the same.

    As it is that was another opportunity gone a begging and we have a radicalized polity in our midst. They will not win though but what this mob have done is irrevocably set back the evolution of democracy in Malaysia.for now, for the foreseeable future at least,any opposition cohort ( not the PR ones) with a compelling alternative policy platform will be a hard sell, forever viewed with suspicion, forever stigmatized as madcap extremists, forever labeled as potential anarchists. In a way it is sad, but in many ways fortuitous for nation building. For developing emerging polities is best premised on the benevolent authoritarianism approach , ask the Chinese, the Russians and the East Asians. Better still, read John Kamfner’s “Freedom for Sale”.

    On a final note English would have opened everybody’s eyes a bit about probably some of the very same who diss us:

    For Methodology go here:

    And how those with untinted, unprejudiced eyes view our success:

    And English in my opinion is what makes for a literate, enlightened democracy versus an illiterate, obscurantist one, a functional democracy versus a dysfunctional one, a working democracy versus a malfunctioning one. How and why?maybe some other time and place again. Stay safe folks and vote with facts and a clear conscience tomorrow. You owe Mother Malaysia at least the respect she deserves.

    Warrior 231

    1. warrior 231

      re u ok or did u just omitted ‘the church’ on in that colusion on purpose ??

    2. Warrior231

      My arab speaking cousins of Al Azhar bred fits the profile above…the anti Malay and anti Islam lingo also prevalent among the local English dallies namely thebintang dan thematahari

      1. Nope, nadzree I dint, it is implied there in the DAP in fact #1.

        Anyway, to attribute the problems solely to the church would be overstating their influence. Tell me how 90% of a community can be influenced by 10% of its members. It does not take a rocket scientist to deduce that the 90% were already ripe for taking anyways, if not by the Church, then by any other opportunist messiah.

        In the Malaysian context,that ripeness is determined by which color group we are in and what superiority/inferiority demons we carry based on those affiliations. Like the West, Malaysian society has evolved its own unique ethnic oriented paradigms. For Whites, replace Chingks, for browns and Coloreds sub Malays, for blacks insert Indians and map on the standard pattern behaviors,and presto, you have a simplified model for analyzing social dynamics with more or less reliable inbuilt algorithms. And to fine tune it further to account for nuances, plug in the sub categories like rednecks and east coasters…you know identifiable by education, wealth, family background, levels of snobbishness etc. Yeah, Malaysia is miniature America in flesh, blood and soul.

        About the English thingy, islam1st, its not a slur aimed at any group. It’s just that given secularism and democracy are western constructs, it takes a western language with its specific parameters of rhetoric and discourse patterns to understand the ontology of both so that such understanding can be used to shape the appropriate behaviors to yield maximum utility. What’s what’s with that goobledegook, eh?

        To simply put, you don’t use a wrench to unscrew a screw, u use a screwdriver but perchance, you haven’t mastered the art of using a screwdriver, you are essentially screwed and screwable……..

        Warrior 231

        1. Warrior 231,

          I am impressed by the scope of your discussion. I’m not trying to be ‘funny’ but previously when you just used insulting lingo I was quite put off and found your comments offensive – but kudos to you; you make a lot of sense.

          1. Sham

            I perfectly understand why a lot of folks out there were offended by the lingo but that was part of the plan all along. I was just using the stuff to send the message across that if someone wants to diss my race, religion and culture, I can do it ten times worse and am capable of exponentially increasing the rate in direct proportion to the dissing.

            I don’t see the point of insulting Islam or race if one proffers sound arguments about any socioeconomic policies. That is what enlightened democracy is all about, intellectual exchange based on facts.. But if one wants to trawl the sewer to score cheap points, then they should be prepared for more sewage in return.

            Having said that, my contentions about the Chingks is not based on prejudice but facts. Even Lee Kuan Yew understands the superior race philosophy when he talks about the Middle Kingdom here:


            But then again, he couldn’t help but succumb to his idark self when he scorns India. After all he is what he is, a Chingk.

            By the way, his “keep your head down and smile” metaphor for the Chinese, in a way has been played out to a tee at the microcosmic level in Malaysia. I give two simple analogies for that: Penang and now Gelang Patah. In both cases, it was a case of waiting for the Malay gov ( read BN) to do the donkey work of building up both places economically and for the Chinese to roll in and take over, lock stock and barrel, kudos and credits included. Who says then the serpent is of Indic origin…hahaha

  6. Just watched YB Tan’s video for a private event @ [YouTube].

    I think it is safe to say that it is a testament to the kind of person Ghani is. It is also a testament to the kind of person she is. Thank you YB.

    鸟之将死,其鸣也哀; 人之将死,其言也善.

  7. This is out of topic actually.

    Is everything ok out there? Earlier I went to buy a new gadget at a chinese stall in Giant. Unfortunately the accessories are incomplete. When asked if I could get them tomorrow 5th, the boy said,” Tak sure worr, esok kalau ubah, geng 513 kepong sudah standby, selasa pun not sure”.

    Then, I can still hear helicopter once in a while flying above, despite now it is past midnight. Usually heli only flies above during thaipusam (but not at night) and if some horrible accidents/mishaps along Karak highways or in the forest there abouts.

    1. I just finished a conversation with my neighbour at this late hour. She was shocked at what we just witnessed. Hell, I may even make the news if someone decides to lodge a police report.

      At around 1:30am, I was out at the patio catching up on some work when I heard the sound of cars honking in the distance. Then a few motorcycles came speeding by with the pillion riders waving PR flags.

      And moments later a convoy of 22 cars drove by slowly, with their hazard lights flashing & honking as the occupants shouted “Ini Kali Lah” & “Ubah”. The cars were plastered with DAP flags with a few PKR & PAS flags.

      Pissed, I walked out & shouted at them to shut up. Two cars stopped & the occupants, which numbered 8 started shouting profanities & threats at me. Dad came out, carrying his Remington upper & under shotgun with the barrels pointed down.

      Guess what happened? Those cowards sped off while spewing more profanities from their filthy mouths.

      And now, it looks like I’ll be spending the night at the patio with a shotgun on my lap ready to shoot any DAP hooligans intent on exacting vengeance on our home.

      If this is a precursor to the chaos tomorrow, I really am worried for Malaysia. Something like this, we’ve not witnessed here in my hometown. Apparently on Twitter, such convoys & flag waving supporters by the roadside is being reported in Kedah, Johor & Perak.

      Is this a dress rehearsal of things to come in a few hours time?

  8. UMNO/BN could easily have reconciled the disparity between population & registered voters percentage years ago!

    UMNO/BN is highly resistant to this solution.

    Maybe you can enlighten them in the errors of their way. Haha

    ~ Anak Johor Jati

    1. I dont agree with automatic registration for election. Every citizen has his democratic right to register for vote or not.

  9. not sure whether anyone received this text message but i did at almost 2am. The text message reads ‘maklumat risikan, PR akan menang 126 kerusi, BN cuba tipu dengan undi warga asing. Tahankan pusat undi untuk pastikan rakyat menang.Undi perubahan. ABU (from mobile# 0143977752)’ – i think this is an invasion of privacy.

  10. Gelang Patah is the benchmark that the Chinese community will be judged by. If they reject a moderate who has worked for 4 terms to bring about prosperity for them, and choose a good for nothing who has done nothing but talk for 47 years, we will know what they are made of.

    If the Chinese choose Lim Kit Siang, the Malays will punish them. “Buy Chinese last”. Be racist, choose Lim Kit Siang, and pain will come to the Chinese.

  11. I’m standing in line reading my copy of the Star. Someone has Wong Chun Wai hot under the collar with his not so subtle reference to a “pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis”.

    :-D :-D :-D

    1. He should be for those comments would have hit him right in the solar plexus or the Crown Jewels.but Ah Wai’s indignation is small change for the huge investment Helen put in at deriding what is essentially a discredited rag worthy for only its biz news items (not commentaries, mind you) and its sports pages.

      He would be mortified of course when reading Habib girl’s paean yesterday about the anointed one.

      About how ” familish”, husbandly and grandfatherly someone is and how wifely and “mithali” the spouse is. Almost puked at the parable of the perfect home in paradise. And to top it off, myth making at its best takes over, of two hour power naps, of five minute yaks spun into hour long energy sapping ceramahs, all to show here is a superhuman who can take the weighty affairs of state in his stride at that age, no problemo….hahahahaha. Tell that to a kid! PBut then, the Habib gal has never been above bodeking and one need not bother with the salt shake for the article affords us more than enough pinches of salt to flavor our cooking with

      At least, Dina Zaman, the better writer she is, should have cause to be grateful of not being showered unwanted attention.

      Aloof, arrogant, cold, detached spring up and gallivant before us in synchronized unison when reading this:

      And poor Dina awaiting her moment of felicity in all adoration in the throes of vain supplication. Alas, no such luck as she is given short shrift as if made to pay for some invisible faux pas in his majesty’s presence. U get a glimpse into the real deal beneath the technicolor chameleon, of haughty snobbishness,of elevated sense of importance, of sheer pomposity. And you are left with the same sour taste Habib’s gal evoked. Not at Dina, mind you but rather at a dissimulating tin can Napoleon, so narcissistically into himself that you are left wondering, what even this s#^% can be considered prime minister material?


    2. WCW should stop whining because Helen is doing himself a favour, in case if he didn’t notice just yet, someone is getting paid handsomely for doing nothing but harming the hand that feeds him…shame on him!

  12. i hate extremist..i want peace in my country. dont “they” get it?

  13. Beng Hock`s widow? Wait wait, dia buat tanpa nikah maka lahirlah anak tuh. Hahaha sedap tol dia kongkek perempuan tuh. Malang betul isteri palsu dia tuh.

    1. Pihak berkuasa mengambil sikap lembut dan anak itu diluluskan sijil lahir yang lengkap butir-butir.

      1. Tu pun diaorang tak tahu nak bersyukur some more nak saman macc and kerajaan pulak for money now they dah dapat kertas hitam putih waris.

        The kid had done no wrong but the mak and the teoh family memang takdak malu!

        Pity the kid whom will be feed lies after lies by everyone around him and I can only imagine what kind of kid will he turn out to be, my prayer goes to him

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