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Did the Star reporters vote for MCA?

I did.

I  voted MCA for both DUN and Parliament.

It was a last minute decision prompted by Wong Chun Wai’s column today singling out a certain “pro-Barisan” woman blogger (see previous posting).

It’s to do with “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb” (English idiom).


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20 thoughts on “Did the Star reporters vote for MCA?

  1. by tomorrow morning, MCA bungkus kaw kaw.
    can I say, ‘padan muka?’
    deserve them well.

    1. Obama congratulated Najib by phone on his success and the Malay 100% support… how come I dont read a posting on these Helen?

      After all, an Obama call is always news worthy. But not to the TheStar. A total blackout on Obama!! muahaha…

      This shows that the US President is on the side of the Malays…hehe..

      Which is no surprise really as his father is muslim and he was brought up in gentle malay was in Indonesia.

      The misguided Chinese who assumed the US is on their side as they have embraced Catholics Christianity is in for a wake up call. Hello… Catholics is so last century evil…

      Malays and Indonesia are the strongest US bastion against Chinese imperialism that is raising its ugly head in SEA. Being religious is strong bulwark against the godless communists of China.

      Some conservatives might be taken in but the US is better off with modern moderates Malays in power than crazy catholics chinese who lack the finesse of christianity and convenience of religion to gain power. Their filial devotion to their families in China means overseas chinese are a threat to the US too.

      So hope to read a post on Obama congratulations on your blog soon. It is something to rub the noses of the idiotic jurusubang chinese and indians…hehe

  2. I blame Mca TOTALLY for their losses in the Dap ruled area in pj where i am a voter. I know nothing about my parliment and negeri candidates. God damn all of them. I’m hating the thought of another term under pakatan rule. How stupid can my other fellow voters be? Idiots never cease to disappoint me.

  3. I didn’t expect chinese to vote MCA actually, for it is a very good reason not to vote them this time around. All this while they have been riding on the Malay and Indian votes to win. I understand that they can’t do much when DAP plays the racial sentiment this time around, but at least what they could have done is to mitigate the impact by tackling the young voters right from the start. They claimed that UNITAR is their initiative for the Chinese (correct me if I am wrong on this); yet the opposition has long invaded this institutions to woo the young voters. Since 2007, The Sun for example, has been giving free supplements to students in various public and private universities with news that are blatantly pro opposition. With them being the biggest shareholders of the Star, again they fail to take advantage of their position. The Star has been having fun at poking subtle “insulting message” to BN. For instance in the articles “GE13: Hold the manicure, voters told” , they give BN the middle finger and DAP gets the thumb.

    I don’t blame the Chinese for wanting more for it’s human nature, but at the same time they can’t expect the Malays to give up their privileges; the same way that the Chinese won’t give up their Chinese school and others that is rightfully theirs. Sikap kebanyakan orang cina sekarang ibarat ” Padang orang dia berlari, padang dia berjinjit”. Itu yang menyakitkan hati kebanyakan orang Melayu sebenarnya. I read long ago that the “Stateless Chinese” in Brunei after independence is the result deduced from the experience seen in Malaysia.

    It is a good lesson for the Malays as well “yang suka bercakaran sesama sendiri” and those who takes their voting right for granted.

    At this point PKR is riding on Chinese votes; while I believe many PAS members have helped UMNO this time around (other than Pas members in Kelantan – yet to be seen though). PKR and PAS are just tools for Chinese to break the Malay vote, noting more and nothing less. As it is now there is no mutual understanding and goal between the three of them except to bring down BN.

    Where will MCA and Gerakan be tommorow? Me think – tarik selimut atas katil atau baca paper dalam toilet since either way the Chinese have won. DAP next step now it to give whaterever tools that PKR and PAS need to woo the Malays vote to their side to bring down UMNIO, since the Chinese “agenda” is considered done.

  4. Morning all ………..only this to say:

    MCA ===========REST IN PEACE………

  5. Helen, as for now BN form the gov and mca loose badly. I would like to hear “I told you so…”

  6. but Gerakan did work hard in Penang but still the voters here desert them. sad situation. The politics of hatred has set in too deep.

        1. Hahaha! MCA deserves to lose. Imagine this Helen, we’ve all been bombarded by letters. All are multilingual except the one I got from Mca. It was mandarin and I don’t even read mandarin! Bodoh! This is so basic!

  7. well, since new here, let me tell something

    I lost all of my schoolmates and teachers due to PR (apparently im the only one still support government (BN). Thus, im lonely except from my family.

    Again, politic of hatred and blaming BN for all of sort of things taken deep inside their soul. Im no kidding.

  8. SUPP lingkup terus in Sarawak.
    My kawasan, holding the highest amount of voters lost its veteran incumbent to DAP newbie.

    am very sad over Gelang Patah. Hoping for an upset at least.

  9. SUPP ( Sarawak Unhappy Peoples Party)

    Everybody has heard of Mc D right

    Well come the next election there will be a product out only for the Malaysian consumers

    Mc DAP

    P/s MCA members collect your DAP registration forms at the Star Lobby from 8 am today ….hurry only limited forms available

    1. Photo Session is at 10.30 am. Please come with a smiling face and don’t be late.

      LGE the Arrogant Tokong would like to have a one to one talk shortly after the Photo Session.

      Kepala Botak Licin is a plus.

  10. Besides Sabah & Sarawak voting BN, it seems obvious that the BN was helped a lot by the rural Malay vote, time for BN to seriously invest in the Malay kampungs. Invest in the Malays especially their education. We all know how poor they are in the English language. Bring back the NEP with bells and whistles. Make the playing field level and don’t give the Chinese another inch because they will take a mile.

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