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Gelang Patah is the game changer

Excerpts from Joceline Tan’s column today, ‘GE13: The mother of all battles

Joceline wrote:


(1)  [Tan Ah Eng, the former MCA Gelang Patah MP] was too weak to attend … The illness had taken its toll and she was barely recognisable from her former attractive and vibrant self.

(2)  The Gelang Patah contest has become a crucial fight for Lim [Kit Siang]’s political survival. Even Lim has gone beyond the usual distance. The veteran politician who is known for his stiff, serious and formal style, actually sang a song during a finale DAP ceramah in Penang. It was the first time that anyone in DAP had ever heard him sing and, well, now they know why he never sang in public.

(3)  As several of those at the above dinner admitted, the young Chinese are going for change. […] The reality on the ground is that the Chinese votes are pitched on one side and the Malay votes on the other side.

(4)  The Chinese crowds at the nightly DAP ceramah in Gelang Patah have driven many Malays over to Barisan. It is clear by now that if Lim wins, it will be largely on the strength of Chinese support. DAP’s aim of wiping out MCA will be complete if it wins in the Chinese seats in Johor. Johor is not only the fortress of Umno, but it is also MCA’s last stronghold.

(5)  Ghani’s battle in Gelang Patah is, in a way, a microcosm of the bigger battle that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is facing. The majority of Malays and Indians have responded well to his leadership  […]  But his coalition has struggled to persuade the Chinese to come along. Najib has reached out to the Chinese in ways that no other Prime Minister has ever done, be it his overtures to Chinese education or the Chinese concern for development and business.

(6)  The DAP ceramah everywhere have two outstanding characteristics they are predominantly Chinese and attract a large number of young Chinese.  […]  The ones who are still willing to listen or to reconsider are negligible,” [a Penang-based lawyer] said.


Screenshot below: The two DAP SuperCyber Bullies-cum-The Star‘s two favouritest personalities tweeting each other


The above passages are taken from Joceline’s article. I’ve numbered the paragraphs for easy reference and my responses are as follows.

What kind of people are they?

You are urged to think about the real nature of those DAP hardcore supporters, including their lieutenants and colonels embedded at The Star.

(1) “illness had taken its toll”

Johor NST reporter Chuah Bee Kim has the recorded YouTube message by the MCA’s Gelang Patah outgoing MP uploaded in her blog.

(a) Bee Kim also asked in her opening sentence: “Would a person who is bed-ridden with cancer tell you lies?”

Bee Kim is responding to the DAP cybertroopers who have viciously attacked the cancer-stricken deputy president of Wanita MCA for endorsing Ghani Othman.

(b) Annie – whose blog is crawling with Komtar operatives – retorted: “Can you all DAP cybertroopers try not to be such bastards. And stop pretending you are from MCA JB.”

Annie believes that the DAP cybertroopers are masquerading as MCA Johor Baru. She is very likely correct in her assumption as the DAP imposters have been caught red-handed elsewhere hijacking the identities of genuine commenters.

And Annie is not alone in her “such bastards” opinion. A Penang friend of mine told me that he had no problems with my publishing here his comment (we spoke over the phone recently) that Papa Dapster is a “conniving bastard”.

So the DAP cybertroopers sebenarnya hanya menghidupkan perpatah Melayu, ‘bapa borek anak rintik’.

(2) Kit Siang sings

Hannah Yeoh had egged on the Chinese crowd at her Subang Jaya ceramah to jeer at the ‘Live is in the air’ karaoke video sung by Bukit Bintang candidate Frankie Gan and his MCA colleagues.

Somehow I don’t think you will get any MCA Aduns mocking Kit Siang’s poor singing. There is a difference in DAP and MCA behaviour, and the key is that MCA is not an EVANGELISTA party.

Photo of CHua Soi Lek published in The Star
Photo of Chua Soi Lek published in The Star today

(Yesterday I had blogged that The Star did not feature in the Top 20 Google search results on CSL images. Maybe the one above will make the cut, eh?)

(3) Chinese-Malay split

The Star article today quoted Dr Chua saying in a press conference in Gelang Patah that Betty Chew going bald is just another political gimmick.

However The Star article did NOT publish the following remarks by Dr Chua:

  • “the wrong way to shave your head if you go to a temple”, “Because you must go through a proper ceremony. You cannot simply go and shave your head bald in a temple and say that you have made a vow.”
  • You are abusing a religious institution for your own political gain.”

Dr Chua seems to have lost it.

The Star Media Group, which is owned and controlled by MCA, had highlighted several shots of the Goddess of Mercy (see below) at the temple where the hair-shaving took place.

Screen capture of the Star television news clip
Screencapture of Star television news clip on Betty Chew

The news clip of Betty Chew below by – The Star‘s internet television – will soon become the channel’s most viewed video.

Dr Chua also pointed to the front page of a Chinese daily yesterday, saying it was an attempt to gain sympathy and publicity. The Star did not quote what Dr Chua said but the media group instead has made Betty a figure of sympathy among the non-Christian Chinese community.

The Star has allowed Betty to frame the narrative with her gimmick despite the fact that by all accounts she is a Christian. And the MCA allows its Jerusubang paper to get away with their evangelista agenda.

(4) “Johor, MCA’s last stronghold”

Not after tomorrow.


(5) Najib’s unprecedented overtures

Joceline writes that Najib has reached out to Chinese educationists and Chinese captains of industry concerned about development and business in ways that no other Prime Minister has ever done.

And the Chinese unanimous response is:

(6) “The ones who are still willing to listen or to reconsider are negligible”

It cuts both ways.

The ones left willing to talk to these people have also exhausted all patience and goodwill in trying to explain to min yuen who support the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.


Why it’s now or never (‘ini kali lah’) for Chinese voters


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18 thoughts on “Gelang Patah is the game changer

  1. “The ones left willing to talk to these people have also exhausted all patience and goodwill”

    Well said Helen. Orang Melayu kata “Tak payah buang air liur”.. to each his own..

  2. What song did LKS sing? This must be put out in public on record. Anyone got it out on youtube already?

  3. there are 2 kind of Chinese who are still willing to listen to DAP nonsense & lies;

    1.the one who still have ‘Bintang Tiga communist blood’ running thick in their vein. Rancangan Briggs was a mistake. new village’ or kampung baru settlement only bred new type of communist offspring who are ungrateful to government. more type is those who are so intoxicated with ‘holy water’ they can’t even think straight. like their so called ‘Jew brothers & sisters’ in Jerusalem claimed they are the victim of Arab world, these type of Chinese also always paranoid and accuse Malay victimize them.

    there’s no word can teach them a lesson but the ‘real war’. but are these Chinese dare enough to go to battle fight with Malay? these type of coward Chinese will use stupid Malay from PAS & PKR to fight for them.

  4. Re. Betty Chew’s cheap stunt

    Utterly shameless and despicable.

    Would not be surprised if she proceeds to shave her armpits in mock protest at a Hindu kuil next. Shameless.

      1. That was my first thought. Great minds think alike!

        But even I thought that to be a bit too naughty :)

    1. So much hatred has blinded them to see 20/20

      Lets just hope the Johor Way is not a myth, the Penang Way has always been ‘Sakai Masuk Hutan!’

  5. By lunch time, Papagomo said BN’s leading with 135 Parliamentary seats. So BN government stays.

    1. Setem,

      Another interesting development is the “fate’ of PAS. I believe Malay community this time around (meaning in this election) would punish (or already punished) PAS.

      That will be good. It serves as a lesson for PAS for being “angkuh”.

      And I pray Ghani Othman will win. It will send message to Malays that Chinese still values friendship with Malays.

      If Ghani loses out, I dare to to predict that UMNO will not allow MCA to contest again in Malay majority areas.

    2. Anyway, enough ‘analysis’ for me. I just wait for tonight results of the election.

    3. Here’s some unofficial update from Sarawak.

      P199 Serian & P203 Lubok Antu has been retained by BN.

      P192 Mas Gading incumbent Dr Tiki Lafe standing as an independent is leading BN & DAP candidates with STAR lagging far far behind.

  6. just wanted to say Helen, you got mentioned by a Star columnist today. Not by name, but by ‘a pro-BN blogger who counts the number of tmes DAP is mentioned by the Star’ or something to that effect :D

  7. also just wanted to ask. anyone who works at the polling station, can anyone verify? DAP Pulau Pinang claims that SPR will accept votes that are without stamps/ chop. Is this true?

  8. LGE retained as CM Penang. Dap total win and gerakan total lost in Penang

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