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The Gods of Gelang Patah

Kit Siang wins Gelang Patah.

DAP – 37,718
BN – 21,960

Majority: 15,758

8.50pm: Lim Kit Siang leading Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah, Johor.

DAP – 11,672
BN – 8,976

8.41pm: Lim Kit Siang leading Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah, Johor.

DAP – 10,892
Umno – 8,549

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Look what The Star group editor-cum-member of the board wrote today:


The paragraph highlighted in yellow reads:

“It is ironic that while The Star has been accused of being pro-Barisan by DAP, there is a pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis as she counts the number of DAP news items and pictures that appear in this newspaper!”

pjjbotak 28 gl

Hmm, “counting DAP news items and pictures that appear in (The Star)!”

I wonder how many last minute voters among the non-Christian Chinese were swung to the DAP by the paper’s sympathetic news item and picture (above) of the tears streaming down Betty Chew’s face?

If I were The Star editor, I’d have frontpaged Chua Soi Lek’s comment that had appeared in Malaysiakini but conspicuously missing in the MCA-controlled tabloid.

What the Star editor did was instead to use this unsympathetic picture (below) of Chua Soi Lek today for its Betty bald story — compare with the tender Guan Eng-wifey picture that the paper featured.

And The Star did this on the eve of polling day.

Photo of CHua Soi Lek published in The Star
Photo of Chua Soi Lek published in The Star

The Malaysiakini article yesterday was appropriately headlined ‘Head-shaving “gimmick” abuse of temple, says Soi Lek‘ (4 May 2013), and quoting the MCA prez giving a press conference in Gelang Patah and stressing, “You are abusing a religious institution for your own political gain”.

Another 55 DAP leaders, candidates, members and supporters in Johor had followed in Betty Chew’s footsteps “to protest against money politics” by shaving their heads too at a Gelang Patah temple.


Malaysiakini reported Lim Kit Siang as saying in Gelang Patah:

“This (money politics) is a shame to all Malaysians. Not only Chinese, all Malaysians regardless of race are humiliated… Throughout the campaign, BN has only two tactics – money, money, money, and lies, lies, lies.”

Raja Petra had once replied a Malaysia Today commentator by saying: “That is why you [Chinese people] always talk about price. Everything to the Chinese is about price. Do you pray to money every night before you sleep?”

Kit Siang, needless to say, pretends that the three fingers are not pointing back at his own party, particularly with regard to who is actually spreading the lies (and inclusive of those spread by the Star reporters who are sympathetic to DAP and their Jerusubang network in Twitterjaya).

Wong Chun Wai in his column today admitted that the middle-class Chinese “at least 80% are likely to vote Pakatan, in particular DAP”.

With 80 percent Chinese votes going to the DAP, how many seats does the MCA stand to lose?

Let’s keep count.


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16 thoughts on “The Gods of Gelang Patah

  1. “This (money politics) is a shame to all Malaysians. Not only Chinese, all Malaysians regardless of race are humiliated… Throughout the campaign, BN has only two tactics – money, money, money, and lies, lies, lies.”

    if you count using MSword, that would be 6 tactics, eventhough the name are the same. now with excel you probably have 2.

    but if you use DB like MySQL/ Oracle / informix then it should be…. wait.. why bother. after all, mak bapak dia punya parti. you might as well put whatever you like, kit siang.

  2. this is so off-topic but I gotta share this (since GE13 is over). My mom went to vote this morning and went she came back, she asked me what’s with the ink. Orang tua, you know la how they are kan?

    So, I told her to avoid duplication or double voting. She was shocked and began rambling ‘pergi sana kan, orang dah pangkah nama. Kalau pergi sekali lagi pun, mesti orang boleh cam..’. It seems that my mom was distracted by the ink, she forgot to mark one of the voting slip. At the back of her mind, all she can think of is her prayers and how the hell can she get rid of it. Hence, she cloroxed and after long attempt she did managed to reduce the color but remnants of it is still there.

    And as for me, being a first time voter (due to ignorant, I blame myself for that) .. I find it very ok.. since I don’t have to beratur that long.

    Just sad that the whole day my fb is bombarded with Bangla this and Bangla that. For members of a party that against racism, calling other race with derogatory meaning plus with malice is so-o-o not okay in my book.

    1. Anak Jamil & Helen,

      I think either EC dah kena perangkap dengan Bersih or EC tak bersihlah. I am able to completely wash off the ink stain using axion. I get the clue from FB and true enough the colour can be washed out using axion. Whether the Silver Nitrate completely untraceable under ultraviolet light is another matter as I don’t have UV light. Come to think of it, is there really exist ink/ dye that can’t be washed off?

      SPR ada guna lampu UV ke semasa periksa jari kita tadi? Saya nak cepat dan tak perasan perkara ini.

      This can play right into PR accusation and can potentially riled up a lot of people to distrust the GE13 result if PR didn’t win the GE.

      1. Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) solution will leave silver-grey marks on your skin & nail. Depending on it’s concentration, the shade will be deeper or lighter. It will take at least 3-4 days to disappear. Looking at the marks left on my finger, I really have my doubts as to whether there actually is any AgNO3 in the ink. I still have traces of blue but I didn’t actually try to work hard removing it anyway other than twice cleaning with lye soap & dishwashing liquid.

        As such EC has a hell of a lot to explain. In fact, the first thing to do would be to check how much AgNO3 is inside the ink solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is zero.

    2. You have to smash the Chinese racism with force bro or at least some action. It is now acceptable to spit in a Chinese face. Dont know what that joker Nazri will do now. Ask LKs for tea and licked his boots I suppose.

      Boycott buying or using Chinese products. That should make them terduduk.

      The Chinese were mistakenly given citizenship as we had to pretend to the British that we kowtim with them. But now the British are gone we dont have to keep up with the pretence anymore…

  3. It seems that the secular DAP has learnt a thing or two from PAS, namely abusing religion, sadly this time around it is the religion of others!!!

    And the Chinese seems to bought it in droves. Long live religion ala a secular party!

  4. My concerns about NS came true… BN need to pick up new Malay constituencies to offset the losses in chinese areas.

  5. Sad day. In Gelang Patah, the Chinese have demonstrated they value race above moderation. Let them reap what they have sown

    Buy Chinese last.

  6. Waktu mengundi jam 8pagi hingga 5 ptg. Walaupun dakwat cepat hilang kalau dicuci sungguh tetapi sehingga 5 ptg masih ada yg bolih kelihatan. Keadaan ini sudah cukup utk menggelakkan dari orang itu dari mengundi lebih dari sekali sekiranya dia mmg seorang hantu yg bolih mengundi.

    1. anti bebal,

      you mean me meh. :) At my hometown, I have a different name from my ic. In any of my communicattion, if it involved formal and informal, I have to put this both name together or you will never find me in my hometown (see ghost = ghost voter)

  7. Lim Kit Siang spent hardly 2 weeks in Gelang Patah. Ghani Othman lived, breathed and worked hard for the last 20 years to make Johor what it is now.

    Loyalty isnt in the vocabulary of the chinese there.

    Makes no wonder why the chinese do not want to work in the government sector and yet complain loud and clear!

    At least the malays can finally realised and accept who they cna trust more.

    Malaysia is back to square one..its the chinese against the malays and the rest.

    Time to abolish chinese schools and create a 1 MALAYSIA school!

  8. Happen to came across this blog, and wonder why is this blog full of taste of racism?

    Malaysia is back to square one, its the Chinese against the Malays and the rest? Oh come on, grow up and get a life. The swung of voters was mainly because more and more Malaysian are aware of how corrupted the government is and wanted a change.

    And who they wanted the new PM to be? Is Anwar, and no one ever mention anyone from DAP (btw, DAP consists of Malay, Chinese and Indian) to be elected as PM. So you think the seats that DAP won are all taken by Chinese?

    I guess you need to do your research and get facts right before putting your comments down, as seems to me you guys are trying to create some hatred among the nations and prevent all of us to stay harmonised as 1 Malaysia.

    I would also like to share with you guys an article that is so well written by Sung Muhamad, perhaps we could learn something from him maybe.

    1. Semasa saya mengundi, kawan-kawan Melayu saya marah dan perli-perli saya mengundi DAP.

    2. Ramai pengundi Cina turun. Orang Cina sudah tidak lagi pasif dalam politik Malaysia. Mereka bersuara mahukan perubahan.

    3. Kita dikatakan sudah mengalami politik polarisasi, masyarakat Cina sokong pembangkang, Melayu sokong Barisan Nasional. Ini tidak tepat.

    4. Buktinya, Kelantan masih kekal PR dan Terengganu cuma beza dua kerusi dari BN. Ini buktinya.

    5. Di Bandar Tun Razak, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menewaskan Tan Kok Eng dengan majoriti 10,000 undi. Khalid Ibrahim ni Cina ke? Tan Kok Eng ni Melayu ke?

    6. Di Pandan, Rafizi Ramli membelasah Gary Lim dengan majoriti 26,700 undi. Rafizi ni Cina ke? Gary Lim ni Melayu ke?

    7. Dan, kalau Melayu sokong BN dan Cina sokong pembangkang, kenapa hardliners Melayu macam Zul Noordin dan Ibrahim Ali kena tibai dengan majoriti besar, di kawasan Melayu sendiri?

    8. Ramai suka mengambil pendekatan simplistik, termasuk professor kangkung di televisyen. Saya tak faham bagaimana mereka boleh dapat pangkat professor emiritus bikus dikus ni.

    9. Orang Melayu ramai yang menentang Umno dalam PRU kali ni. Buktinya di Kelantan, Terengganu dan di Temerloh.

    10. Sebenarnya ini adalah persaingan kawasan bandar dan luar bandar, disamping sabotaj-mensabotaj di antara sesama rakan sendiri.

    11. Di dalam Pakatan ada kumpulan yang dipanggil sebagai kumpulan “yu-ji”, dalam Barisan ada yang mahu Najib ditendang keluar. Sebab tu keputusan dia macam ni.

    12. Dan ada yang masih percaya dengan hujah dangkal “Melayu perlu bersatu”. Kali terakhir saya dengar bangsa perlu bersatu ni bila saya menonton Triumph of the Will – arahan Leni Riefenstahl. Sebelum mereka serang Austria, Poland dan Czechoslovakia mereka kata “bangsa Aryan perlu bersatu”.

    13. Mana ada bangsa bersatu. Cina pun MCA dan DAP. Yahudi pun terpisah banyak – Likud, Kadima, parti Buruh. Banyak.

    14. Teori bangsa bersatu ni adalah echoing fasisme, bendalah yang sama seperti Hitler dan Mussolini bebelkan.

    15. Mulai hari ini kalau saya dengar perkataan “Melayu perlu bersatu” dengan nada serius, saya akan panggil anda Nazi.

    16. Dan, bagi mereka yang menyokong Barisan Nasional, sebenarnya parti ini kalah. Pakatan Rakyat menambah majoriti di semua kawasan, BN banyak yang menang tipis, dan sebenarnya BN kalah undi popular.

    17. Pakatan Rakyat 5.6 juta undi. Barisan Nasional 5.3 juta undi. Ini klasik – seperti Bush tewaskan Gore di Pilihan Raya Amerika 2000.

    18. Hakikatnya kemenangan BN ini adalah kerana gerrymandering, blackout, peti undi tambahan tiba-tiba masuk, dan beberapa orang Bangladesh yang segelintirnya kantol (yang tak kantol mesti lagi ramai) dan kiraan semula yang menjenuhkan.

    19. Hakikatnya pilihan raya kali ini adalah positif bagi saya, kalau ada yang nak marah mengenai penipuan, itu cerita lain. Ceritanya, ramai rakyat dah sedar. Lebih dari separuh pengundi memilih Pakatan Rakyat.

    20. Kerajaan PAS Kedah tewas, ini memang apa yang saya nak (walaupun saya nak Mat Sabu menang).

    21. Sebab Azizan Razak seorang Menteri Besar yang arrogant, dan tamak kuasa. Ini hakikat, tak ada dakwa-dakwi lagi.

    22. Hakikatnya, beberapa orang yang progresif seperti Saifuddin Abdullah dan Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad tewas, ini mengecewakan saya.

    23. Perubahan juga dapat dikesan di Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Pahang, dan paling ketara, Johor.

    24. Sebenarnya ini adalah kemenangan moral bagi Pakatan Rakyat, cuma mereka rasa palat sebab mereka ditipu.

    25. Akhir kata, sebenarnya ini bukannya perlawanan Melayu lawan bukan Melayu, ini adalah mereka yang beraliran liberal menentang konservatif. Ini yang sebenarnya berlaku.

  9. Setuju dengan “bourne identity”.

    Kita perlu bersatu dalam satu sistem sekolah, yang dikenal sebagai “SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN”.

    Ini penting sebagai penyatu pelbagai kaum yang patut dah dilaksanakan semasa hari pertama merdeka. – iaitu tiada lagi sekolah2 vernakular dalam negara yang ingin lihat perpaduan kaum.

    Takkah kita mahu melihat Melayu, Cina & India duduk belajar, bermain & bergurau senda dalam satu sekolah?

    Jika ada yang ingin kekalkan bahasa ibunda, mereka bolehlah diperuntuk subjek bahasa pilihan. Boleh pilih bahasa ibunda yang mereka nak pelajari. Jadi tak timbul soal hilang bahasa ibunda kerana ia masih boleh dipelajari di S.K.

    Kini apa yang kita dapat lihat ialah sikap rasis dalam negara. Semua ini berakar daripada sekolah2 vernakular yang masih dijaja ke sana sini. Ahli2 politik atau menteri2 kabinet semuanya takut hilang undi kalau sekolah vernakular dihapus.

    Akibatnya sikap rasis wujud hingga sekarang.

  10. My frens Malay relatives in Gelang Patah voted for Kit Siang….. they were not impressed by Ghani’s rule

    1. just about anyone can say anything… is a fact and not a racist comment – when you go browsing @ a chinese opened shop and speak to the owner, he will speak to you in bahasa malaysia or a common lingo for both to share and communicate but soonest a chinese steps in, the owner will conveniently forget about you and speak RIGHT INFRONT of you a chinese dialect and this makes you suspicious if the owner will be giving the chinese customer a better discount!

      Who massacred the chinese protestors in Tiananmen square? chinese soldiers in their tanks! Who were the armed communist insurgents that led many ambushes and left many booby traps in the malaysian jungles? chinese guerillas!

      Who was the ONLY politician to quickly stand up and congratulated the police for the Memali incident that involved malay muslims? Lim Kit Siang – a chinese…and did he congratulated the security forces or provided support to them when the filipino terrorists landed in east Sabah? NOT AT ALL!

      The chinese are in the upper section of the wealthiest and own a huge slice of the economy of Malaysia and yet – when it comes to complaining…they are tops!

      A common NATIONAL school is a must to bring all races under one roof…..if the chinese wants fairness – do not be selective.

      Give a bangladeshi worker 3 months to learn and speak bahasa malaysia well and she/he will do that but you see many, MANY chinese malaysians still speak like apeks from a tongkang that just arrived from China.

      Other races speak really good bahasa malaysia – when will the chinese get to that point?

      Nope..they will complain…. gua suda ala IC bilu.. apa lagi mau cakap melayu?

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