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BN rules

Update: Final tally BN 133, Pakatan 89


Deep in the bowels of The Jerusubang Star

There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth

Wailing and lamentation

Tearing of garments

And beating of chest in sorrow


Update (2.55am): BN 132, Pakatan 85 Parliament seats (5 more seats left to be counted); In GE12, PKR-DAP-PAS had won 82 seats

Update (2.08am): BN 128, Pakatan 77 Parliament seats (17 more seats left to be counted)

Update (1.32am): Pakatan 62 Parliament seats


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235 thoughts on “BN rules

  1. all their supporters are shouting ‘ dirty’. How can it be when they win 4 states ? I am so relieved that BN still rules but I am a Penangite, so I cannot rejoice because they choose to be brainwashed by the opposition.

  2. Helen, rasa lega that GE13 is over. Tough job awaiting our PM. MCA and Gerakan has gone into oblivion. BN lost chinese votes. The racial divide is even more apparent now. Let’s pray for the best. Really sad Dato’ Ghani lost in Gelang Patah.

  3. Hahahahahaha… The bible connotation is apt as it is hilarious!!! Tak payah lah!!!!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to laugh some more… Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Can’t wait to tell my ungrateful chinese and indian acquaintances to get their migration papers ready! THough I am pretty sure they already have PR in another country (no pun intended).

    1. and i cannot wait to see which country haris ABU ibrahim will be migrating too. or better yet, which country would have him. :)

      *nice to see you back, OB!

    2. can we not counter racism with more racism please? it’s comments like these that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. Yep, BN won but sadly, not Malaysia… There are huge swing votes from Chinese people to DAP… and I wonder whats really they wanted? Aren’t the Chinese get enough of what they wanted? (economy, education, business, etc)… Sick of the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia” but what’s they really preach is “Chinese Malaysia”…

    1. They smell bloodlah. They want political powers too. DUMNO remember? They think Malaysia should become better than Singapore, Taiwan, Hong KOng, Japan, Korea. And it is not possible since its DUMNO at the helm – it surely better if they are helming Malaysia.

    2. They think PR will ein Federal and by giving DAP all their votes, they’ll be the puppet master to whoever become PM. They thought wrong and they will face the reckoning…

      1. Rabbit,

        You’re damn right. They thought PR will win Federal and all out casted their votes for DAP and PR candidates. But the forgot one thing, BN still have Malays and Bumi S&S + fellow Indians. Now BN has formed the new govt and No Chinese in the cabinet. Hehehehe… face the music la.. UMNO surely will be forced by its members to defend Malays and Bumis right till to the core.

  6. INI KALILAH is an aberration in the Malay has no place in any literature in the first place.

    Beribu Ribu Tahniah…Barisan Nasional Berjaya

    1. Orng Melayu tak cakap macam tu. Cina je yang cakap macam tu. Melayu cakap “Kali ini lah”

  7. Let this be an eye opener especially for the Johor Malays that they got their asses screwed by the Chinese there.

    Tak payahlah nak bagi muka lagi and for now I shall be a staunch racist and will ensure that they will pay for the next five years. I would not like to a Chinese in Johor now.

    For the mofos who thought that you would sit in putrajaya today I would like to say a big LAIN FUCKING KALI LAH!!

    And no more GT girls and partying in sepang ok? Or else I will make a complaint to your new PAS rep there.

      1. and then what? let them screw us again and again?? You should better read how these ingrates meroyan like crazy over DSNajib’s FB.. very irritating..haish…

        1. Have only this to say for now….THANK YOU …SABAHAN & SARAWAKIAN for being there for us……THANK YOU VERYx10000000000000000000 ..

          1. yes NadZree, thanks for reminding. thank you very much to sabah and sarawak, mostly non chinese i think, for their support. bn please go help them better their life. else this kind of support will not last.

        2. I know it’s irritating, I’ve been subject to some of them even!
          But if we outwardly give them the same uncouth treatment, we’re not different and it becomes a vicious cycle of ultra-ing one another (if that even makes sense >.<)

          Maybe we can do something more constructive in our actions. Like help our less privileged non-Chinese brethens to be more financially independent. Fight for one school for all rather than vernacular schools. Place higher emphasis for our national language. Promote and kukuhkan budaya kebangsaan.

          I'm sure their chauvinism will eventually turn upon themselves. Let's just be more civilized and awesome.instead so they will come to us. What is is that they say – build it and they will come :)

          1. Jamie, get real. 95% Support, guess the chinese not racist just stupid! 56 years have not taught them to be colour blind. Maybe a taste of their own medicine will. 5 may has converted many malay to be ultra. I will devote the rest of my life to this.

            Stupid chinese. Sorry Helen, difficult to differentiate the 5% from the rest. Although I suspect you, Helen, may have earn some goodwill.

          2. I don’t believe they’re stupid, and I’m not saying some of them aren’t racist. I’m saying that some of us can be too and we shouldn’t play to the same tune. Just be BETTER. be smarter. When the Malays are smarter and more united you’ll see how much we can achieve, compared to us being ultra and extreme.

          3. “5 may has converted many malay to be ultra.”

            Chinese people, you have no idea how true this statement is.

          4. actually scratch that. we should help all under-priviledged people regardless of race. But i still stick with a national school system where kids can mingles with other kids of different races.

    1. please no racism here. anyway i still wonder what they really want. any our chinese friend here can explain? im from muar btw.

      1. I am from Segamat bro. Us Chinese were brought up to work extra hard and expect life to be unfair. Those who made it did not want their children to go through the same hardship.

        So for the older than middle age there is pent up frustration. For the young they are brought up thinking the world owes them a living.

        What happened was… some selfish people recognized this and successfully brought out the hidden anger. I call this rabies. Unfortunately, most of my friends succumbed to rabies.

        1. re: “some selfish people recognized this and successfully brought out the hidden anger”

          Evangelista Bintang Tiga. This is the crucial element that was missing in the 1980s and 1990s politics.

            1. I differentiate between Dapsters, Jerusubangites and Bintang Tiga evangelista.

              RBA would be a subset of Dapsters, i.e. the superbully supporters of DAP who hurl insults, spew profanities and are constantly spitting at others (note the “ptui!” they like to use in their comments). They can also be Indian followers of the party and not only Chinese.

              Jerusubangites: Jerusubang is the realm where the religious zealots dwell, i.e. the middle-class suburbs (these are not rural Chinese). They can be either English or Mandarin speakers or bilingual.

              Bintang Tiga evangelista incorporates the element of superiority complex and always preaching their beliefs and aggressively spreading their faith (be it Christian or political) — carried out at the point of the sword. Malice, mockery and putar-belit/fitnah are their chief features.

          1. Helen, those who stole SYA’s mother’s and father’s car and disturb SYA’s neighbours falls under which category? Sound like kongsi gelap to me.

          2. Agree sis. 3.0’s are polished, educated and savvy. They are also ruthless and self-serving.

            These Elite wannabes will stoop below hell to harness the people’s latent angst for their personal gains. They are vicious and dangerous.

            All said, it was not a difficult task to unleash something latent. What was truly worrying was how the Bintang 3s then fanned the hatred and fed the angst on a steady diet of lies, deceit, econometrics and half-truths. Left unchecked, even outright slanderous fabrications became the norm. This is not freedom. This is not democracy in the true sense of the word.

            I have nothing but disgust for the Bintang 3s and do not blame my Malay friends here for calling Malaysian Chinese ingrates.

            A recent well known Chinese corporate figure who makes a fortune exporting Malaysian-made condoms is the perfect contemporary definition of ingrate! Shame on you!

      2. I have worked with Chinese almost all my working life and spend lots of time with the Chinese. In general, Chinese are hardworkers and opportunitists. In face reading, people with slanted eyes know how to grab an opportunity when they see it. So, this is already in their characters. And, Chinese love love love to be prosperous.

        After the independent, all the developments and businesses were undertaken by the government, that means business-minded individuals pretty much needed the government’s supports. The fact is it is very difficult to build our wealth when we depend solely on salary. The Chinese know that. So, the Chinese did not mind to have the Malays to run the country while they work together with the government to slowly (actually, fast) build their wealth.

        Unfortunately, only the priviledged few became wealthy the easy way. To the regular Chinese, they had no choice but to work hard and study hard. Basic education is provided to the Chinese but what about universities? The place for the Chinese in local universities is almost non-existence, that’s the fact. They still keep “quiet”. Just work hard days and nights to send their children overseas to study/work or teach them to be independent. Earn their own keep without depending on M’sian government. Build their own private EVERYTHING!! Basically, concur the country’s economy. While enriching themselves, the Chinese contributed significantly to the country’s economic progress.

        All these while, what do the Malays do? Tak payah study hard lah. Tempat di university dah pretty much guaranteed. Scholarship senang dapat. Nak pinjam pun senang dari PTPTN. Tak perlu bayar interest. Lepas tu, makan gaji terutama dengan gomen. Gaji kecil tapi senang. Tak payah nak kerja siang malam. Hujung bulan dapat gaji. Bila retire, dapat duit pencen. Jangan bimbang, gomen dah guarantee progress, so tak payah kerja kuat-kuat. Kalau tak tepati janji, vote opposition lah. Senang kan.

        So, the Chinese are asking back, who are the ungrateful ones?

        And, I am asking the Malays, what have you done to contribute to the goverment and your own society? The Chinese are united, in the past to kongsi with the Malays so that they can concur the country’s economy, and todays, united to topple the Malay-led government.

        All the malays do are just whining, whining, and whining that the government have not done enough for them. They’re not happy that the government had given the Chinese too much face but instead of united, they choose to fight among themselves. From what I heard, Anwar will still be the opposition leader – well, isn’t that what the Malay wants? Right, but the Malays should see is the malay leader will be fighting in the Parliment with the Malays (BN) for the benefits of DAP. It is the same case between PAS and DAP.

        Will the Malays wake up? Even my DAP colleague admitted that Najib works hard but can the Malays see that?

        What do the Malays want?

        These are how I see it….

        1. I’m very much regretted on your slanted eyes and views. You narratives are so slanted you can only see the victimised Chinese while the ‘…Tak payah study hard lah. Tempat di university dah pretty much guaranteed. Scholarship senang dapat. Nak pinjam pun senang dari PTPTN. Tak perlu bayar interest. Lepas tu, makan gaji terutama dengan gomen. Gaji kecil tapi senang. Tak payah nak kerja siang malam. Hujung bulan dapat gaji. Bila retire, dapat duit pencen. Jangan bimbang, gomen dah guarantee progress, so tak payah kerja kuat-kuat. Kalau tak tepati janji, vote opposition lah. Senang kan.’ Malays are all to blame.

          I tell you the narratives is very much understood because ‘people with slanted eyes’ has been singing to this victimisation song for quite some time now. When LKS cried over the RoS letter, you guys play the victimised game. When Betty C cukur her kepala botak licin, you guys play the victimised game. Even TBH so called widow also sings the same victimised songs that has managed to garner so much support, based on extreme hates over the Malays, the bodoh and good for nothing whining sakai.

          When a top scorer slanted eye student refused to study other courses offered by JPA over Medical, you guys play the victimised game, despite the fact that a lot more Malays whom were denied the similar Medical courses due to the same quota restrictions. But of course despite of their ‘just whining, whining, and whining’ nature that you choose to pointed out, they quietly accepted the offer. Some may have turn down the offer, quietly also, because the victimised game is not a game the Malays here loves to play.

          We are too proud, no matter how poor or disenfranchised we are, looted by our own elected leaders, we don’t play the victim game. Heck, we don’t even play the victim game, when we don’t have any say in drafting our very own Constitution prior to Merdeka. I hope you get what I mean.

          ‘People with slanted eyes’ the victim, the deprived and the most marginalised citizens sing-song has been abused for way too long by another group of ‘people with slanted eyes’ to the extent that they chooses to see eye to eye, to and among themselves only. Which has clearly translated a few hours ago into the poll’s result,

          Sadly the victimised game has become a mentality embedded into the genes of ‘people with slanted eyes’ (i:e TBH’s kid) and yet the Malay kids are being thought to show mercy to others only because Tuhan will marah and sharing is never a kerugian because we won’t be living in this dunia fana forever. What counts for Malays are the hereafter. Doing good deeds are utmost important. The Dharma way.

          And in case if you have forgotten, this is the very same way being practised by the ‘bodoh and good for nothing whining sakai’ when a bunch of ‘people with slanted eyes’ chooses to make their penempatan at certain bukit all over the country to start their life anew. Lest that we know, that our tidak apa attitude will be blamed left, right and center.

          1. The rocket has blasted to the sky. The Chinese has spoken. What about the Malays? Will they change their attitute after this to show that they are indeed more worthy than how they are perceived? What does it take for the Malays to unite? What do they want? What I want is for them to wake up.

        2. Di tempat saya, Orang Cina yang kerja kerajaan malas, pengugut, main politik, suka buli bangsa lain dan kuat rasuah. Orang Melayu lagi pandai dan rajin. Tapi orang Melayu tak suka bising-bising. Kalau Cina pegang jawatan penting, jangan haraplah orang lain dapat naik.

          Kalau kata mereka tak ada tempat di universiti dulu, tolonglah. Jumlah tempat memang sikit. Mana ada kolej swasta dulu. Jumlah penduduk Cina tak sampai 30%. Kuota untuk Cina 35%. Adilkah? Orang India 9%. Kuota mereka 15%. Bumiputera dan Melayu hanya 50%. Lagi tidak adil. Malah universiti di USA pun menghadkan bilangan Asian dalam universiti mereka. Kalau bagi peluang, tak ada peluang orang putih masuk belajar di universiti mereka sendiri.

          Orang Melayu mahu mereka dihormati kerana mereka terlalu banyak memberi. Bukan semuanya perlu dihitung dengan duit. (Orang Cina selalu cakap pasal cukai). Mereka sajakah yang bayar cukai?

          Orang Cina mengaku rakyat Malaysia, cakap Bahasa Malaysia pun tak tahu, tapi siap boleh jadi MP lagi. Memang tak sedar untung diri.

          Orang Melayu ada Raja. Raja wujud sebab ada rakyatnya. Jadi orang Melayu memang menetap di sini, bukan pendatang, jangan sempitkan kerana ada imigran dari Nusantara, kerana Nusantara sendiri adalah alam Melayu. Penjajahan yang memecahkan negeri ini dan memecahkan orang Melayu dari bergerak bebas.

      3. they want to rule the country because they think they are the rightful ones due to their superior capabilities, without it they see they are being dragged backward and worse, being robbed(word they like to use)! some even think malays were immigrant too like them and should not just assume the ruling post!

        and as a citizen, they have no concept of social contract or affirmative action or neighbourhood, it is like every man for himself, so things like prosper thy neighbour is like a fairytale. im not sure how big a number is this they, im not in this group, and from my social circle, i would say is 99.99%, because i have been working for 15 years in non malay companies and i only met 2 like me. im still looking for the 10% remaining group that was estimated by Helan that was said still exists.

        but this they, mostly younger generation actually have better life than their ancestors and i dont see their real feeling when they scream of unfairness. so to me, they are like what the chinese says ‘ate full nothing to do wait for toilet time’, in other way means they are the blessed ones because due to their ancestor hardship they can enjoy life now and have more time in digging shits around.

        tdm mentioned many times when he was pm that malays must get on their own feet asap because other race would not want to wait forever for affirmative action to end, i think this was his sincere reminder because he already foresee that once the generation change, the idea of social contract will be gone and race relationship will face issues due to generation gap.

  8. Thank God the people had enough sanity left not to be hoodwinked by these Pakatan hooligans. To those who thought that they could take over this beloved country of ours, its time for you to start practising gratitude for all that you have in this land of milk and honey. Hidup Barisan! To the successful and millionaire professionals who scoffed at me when I advocated Barisan from the bottom of my heart without even being a member of any political party, shame on you!

  9. As for the STAR I hope you are seeing stars now! Helen,God bless you always for being a true Malaysian at heart.

    1. Caya sama you lah Helen. But please be careful as the Red Bean Army and The Cybertroopers will be waiting for the right time to hit back. Take good care of yourself Helen…

  10. the power of silent majority……. its a clear signal who’s gonna be our PM IF the opposition wins.. bang non is not people’s choice anymore for sure… but LKS… hahahahahahaha

  11. BN kena cari jalan supaya perkataan Islam tidak dibenar pada nama parti politik utk elak kekeliruan dan perpecahan yg lebih parah. Need to be done a.s.a.p.

      1. Yes.

        WCW and the Scissorettes can celebrate winning the battle for Jerusubang.

        But they have lost the war.

        1. waiting like crazy for the result and thought finally can sit down calmly and rest, bloody news at the star saying anugerah tuhan of pakatan rakyat wont accept the election result! what time already! this means sleepless night for tonight or dont know how many night ahead :'( somebody save us!

        2. Helen, the best way to say to them, menang sorak kampung tergadai.. Or I told you soooooo

  12. Don’t fall into the trap of racial polarisation. Najib made the right call for national reconciliation and Khairy was absolutely spot on when he said that this is precisely the moment for BN to show what 1Malaysia’s spirit really means.

    Deep down, I hope Najib will snub MCA and Gerakan and punish the Chinese voters. I know he won’t, but I think there is no need to molly-coddle the truth. A majority of Chinese Malaysians chose the politics of hate. Luckily, Malaysians won and resoundingly so by rejecting Perkasa.

    Hopefully the moderates will win in their respective party elections. Time to pack your bags CSL.

    1. Agree with you. Just that UMNO have to balance on a thin thread as to not upset the Malay who voted them in GE13 when they want to extend friendly hand towards the Chinese. If not, UMNO might be deserted post GE14.

      1. True MFMA, but BN just proved that they can win without the Chinese-majority constituencies. They probably don’t need to play the race card anymore OR they will play it everyday from now onwards. Either way, I want the Chinese voters to be punished via the exclusion of MCA and Gerakan. Teng’s resignation is what I liked. I want more.

        The Chinese Malaysians did not bet on the wrong horse or misread the general mood. They just love the Kool-Aid PR is giving them about the state of the nation. They were not mature voters like the Malays who sent the right message in rejecting Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin. The Malays also punished PAS kau-kau.

        This country needs A LOT OF WORK, but you don’t get things done just by voting once every few years and go on Bersih 4.0. This country needs everyone to make a difference. BN better wise up quick if they are interested to get another shot after this new term.

        Wong Tack loss to YTL but Fuziah won, any takes on THAT?

        1. Fuziah Salleh; I think she has successfully appealed to the emotion of her constituency. No matter what the facts and numbers are, emotion once grab, is difficult to reason with. The picture of babies affected by radioactive, couple with the promise to close down Lynas if PR win the election might be a major factor. Her vocal presence might also appeal to Kuantan voters.

          W(r)ong Tack: His kaTack act from independent to politician, from bakar to biar might be his undoing imo.

          BN post GE13: If MCA and Gerakan still truly appreciate coalition in BN , I suggest they form cyber-troopers squad of their own to counter Red Bean Army. However, they must not use thuggish and bullies tactics of the RBA. Use your financial clout to train their troopers how to STRATEGICALLY unspin misinformation and disseminate truth. RBA will no doubt might become more sophisticated, but MCA and GERAKAN should be ready for it.

          Also, MCA and GERAKAN should be more sensitive to Malay and Muslim. Their statement usually draw ire of Pas sympathizers. Careful statement will go a long way in nullifying possible attack by Pas towards UMNO and BN. Come and start understanding the psyche of Pas sympathizers.

          All of above; Only if you (MCA & GERAKAN) did not actually sleep in the same bed with DAP as this is the perception by a lot of Malay, including those in UMNO.

          Malaysian Politician as a whole: Please do your homework properly when accusing and defending. Why is it that rakyat have to dig in deep and susah payah just to make a stand?

          1. The ultra Chinamen bloggers are very unscrupulous. They use pictures of children victims which have nothing to do with Lynas (since the plant is not even running yet).

            See comment below by Datuk Dr Looi Hoong Wah explaining how the anti-Lynas DAP supporters created false propaganda:

            “Pictures of a children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation as well as many other pictures with congenital defects and leukaemia from the Bukit Merah area has been used repeatedly to instil fear into the unsuspecting naive population of Malaysia in a very sick attempt to link Lynas to these terrible illnesses.



            These ultra Chinamen bloggers do not recognise any boundaries in their trying to milk the tragedy of real victims elsewhere and attempting to link something which is unrelated and connect it to Lynas just to make the oppo supporters hysterical. They are willing to let their political agenda overpower any sense of human decency. Even the doctor who provided the explanation above was merciless attacked by them.

          2. Rationally, I am against collective punishment. Afterall, turun naik sokongan dalam politik itu perkara biasa.

            Having said that, Najib is facing a very delicate balancing act on many fronts. Once more, the idea of a Malay PM giving too much face to the Chinese electorate is in vogue (read: TAR). Macam mana nak menarik rambut dalam tepung? Pak Lah did that very well on this point, if only he could have projected way more competency in national affairs.

            Najib got his 1Malaysia branding done but obviously the Chinese ain’t buying. Maybe it IS time to retire the current MCA and Gerakan crop of gutless wonders. Announce that BN will respect MCA’s decision (let CSL rot) and then keep the sole Gerakan YB from Simpang Renggam. Fill up the remaining spots with Sabah and Sarawak’s young and capable natives. Make sure to get new faces to represent the women in the Cabinet. Make Ghani and Saifuddin senators and save promising young candidates by giving them responsibilities (hint: KJ).

            What will bring back the Chinese votes? Just clean up your act and that of your colleagues. Run a tight ship and don’t tolerate fools. You don’t have to go all out on a Kill Bill revenge, but you need to show them that you are not afraid of running a country with the fate of the Chinese electorate at your personal mercy. Worked for Mahathir for quite some time, and let DAP do all the jailbaiting for you.

          3. I think the fact that Wong Tack lost to LTL but Fuziah won against a newcomer say a lot about Lynas and the Chinese voters. It is a strange contradiction, at several levels and I am still trying to understand it.

            1. (1) The Menteris Besar are powerful in their states and Pahang’s had staked his ear — so must preserve his body part from mutilation lah.

              (2) LTL won by a wafer thin margin of 379 votes.

              (3) Bentong during the Emergency was known as a communist black area. Maybe the Malay voters there are still commie-phobic given how the name Wong Tack evokes Lai Tack.

          4. That would mean Lynas is a non issue. Can’t be, Fuziah won.

            I think my dislike of LTL and loathing of Wong T is clouding my judgement.

        2. first off, Najib should set about solving the problems faced by Malays in urban areas. looking at the outcome of this GE, there is a noticeable shift in urban Malay votes to PR. fix this. it is not that hard a task. fix this and the urban Malays will return to Umno.

          there are too many immigrant workers in Malaysia. this is not good for Malaysia in the longer term. they deprive locals of job opportunities, especially Malays. start by reducing the visas given to foreign labor and gradually reduced them to manageable level. this will help to reduce the anger of urban voters.

          our education system needs a reboot. please re-introduce English schools. please Mr PM. English schools are not perfect but for Malays, it is crucial that they be exposed to English education so that they can compete in the world of the future.

  13. I hope all those Melayu bangang who support the opposition realise now how they have been screwed big time by the Cina. Jangan harap Melayu jadi PM di bawah kerajaan PR. There is none so blind as he will not see…

  14. politic of hate under the veil cover of fair to all malaysian, practice by the chinese voters. fanned by DAP. I really think the government should now be fair to the indian and the malay which are really poor compared to the chinese. Special policies to uplift their well being must be accelerated now. As for kuala lumpur, be dammed with most allocation to bukit bintang, segambut and bangsar area practised by DBKL. Go and spend more of your allocation to poorer area. By the way i lives in bangsar area and i hate being treated special by DBKL, just because we make more noise but we are still being ungrateful.

  15. Saya harap saudara Anwar kotakan janjinya hendak bersara selepas kalah dalam PRU13. Dan diharap UMNO tidak membalas dendam dengan memenjarakan Anwar sebab kes Sulu. Jangan buat kesilapan yang dilakukan pada masa lepas.

    CSL cakap MCA tak mau jawatan kabinet. Agaknya macam mana orang Cina hendak diwakili?

    1. Anwar refused to accept the election results. * sigh *. I wish politics would be over when the election ended, but he’s going to drag the whole nation to a state of chaos again. BN needs to continue to govern the country.

    2. AI and his supporters can migrate to Easter Island and locked their eyes to the heaven like the Mata Statues while singing ‘dream on a little dream on me…’. His politics of hate and lies and his arrogance are not welcome here.
      Tak menang lagi, awal-awal dah tweet kata PR menang, memang tak malu, tak bertanggujawab, memang penipu, memang nak huru-harakan negara.

      Mata Ki Te rangi

    3. Kalau benar-benar ada bukti Anwar terlibat, takkan dia tak boleh dihukum? X kan dia ada privilege to commit crime sbb dia pemimpin pembangkang? Apa nyawa perajurit kita yang terkorban tiada harga?

    4. zack: “Dan diharap UMNO tidak membalas dendam dengan memenjarakan Anwar sebab kes Sulu.”

      maaf, tapi jika bersabit kesalahan dalam kes Sulu, anwar patut dihukum setimpal dgn hukuman terhadap pengkhianat negara di sisi undang-undang. tidak ada sebabnya tindakan sedemikian harus dianggap sebagai membalas dendam.

  16. Noticed that there were no MCA as well as Gerakan reps during PM’s press conference … I wonder why

  17. What I see is that the result does not change much from 2008 election. Probably ada hikmahnya. People say that the last 5 years was a tiresome years in politics. With the current result, the same political saga will continue for another 5 years. Toward the end of GE12, many people have seen the true color of PR politician. With another 5 years, it would probably sufficient for us to see more of their color.

    1. Agree, GM, with another five years the rakyat can see to these so called self righteous leaders true colours.

      And within that period UMNO will get back the Malay votes for which they’ve lost simply because now the Malays will be saying (it has started actually, here and everywhere) to one another during makan pagi, kenduri and hari raya that the Chinese will stick to their own kind only, no matter what.

      Case in point is (was) ‘The Johor Way’ dah masuk laut bawah Tambak Johor!

      Ghani Othman the MB over LKS who has served them nothing but hates!

      The honest cancer stricken incumbent also cannot reasoned with them! Not that it is news for us but we were surprised that most of them choose to stoop so low in the name of skin colour. I couldn’t think of what else. Sorry. Honestly I’m sad and very disappointed. I was hoping that the Chinese in Johor would prove Helen wrong! How naive I was.

      But then again, these are the very people who chooses to slander Tun M, Bapa Pembangunan who chooses, among others not to bow down to IMF so that the Orang-orang Kaya Malaysia (read, mostly Chinese) wouldn’t be losing so much more by pegging the ringgit, much to the discontentment of IMF and Capitalist Extremist Rotschilds, for which he pays dearly with foreign funded lies and hates going around the country for taking them head on like no one does. Standard NWO MO.

      It is not that he was bias towards Orang-orang Kaya and neglecting the average Malaysians, it is just that Tun M was pro business and capitalism. If you are able regardless of what your skin colour is, you will be helped accordingly. This is because Tun M, being the visionary that he is, understood the importance of entrepreneurs, big and small, to our economy which in turn will benefit the average Malaysians too.

      Case in point-Top 10 Forbes Malaysia’s Rich List 2013.

      Don’t tell me Tun M only helps Syed Mokhtar. No more lies please. For one Orang Kaya Melayu, Tun M has made 9 more Orang Kaya Bukan Melayu. So much of aparteid in NEP.
      But no, even that one Orang Kaya Melayu also being attacked left, right and center by the Malaysian First Malaysians. How racists!

      From today onwards, the Chinese with DAP being their only mouthpiece will have a lot of problems talking to UMNO since they don’t speak the same language (literally too!). How can they be effective when a lot of them can’t even cakap proper BM macam Tan Seng Giaw.

      LKS and kaki will create so much misunderstandings (being too old is one factor) and confusions among Malaysians with their toilet bowl BM. They will mengamuk more when some Johorian or Kedahan Malay says something sophisticated to their racist ears. Even a pantun will be viewed with suspicions of CIA proportions. Mark my word this will be bound to happen. It would interesting to watch the debate when Malaysian Parliament is in session soon. DZ and HZ will reap what they sow.

      BM with its nuance and essence will be a puzzle of a Pineapple Garden Maze proportion to these Malaysian First But National Language Last Kaki. Parliment time will be wasted teaching BM for dummies. The real issues will be lost in translations.

      The Chinese will hopefully get to see the lansi DAP that knows nothing else but screams and shouts whenever they wish to raise on Chinese related issues with the (UMNO) government of the day. For which will create more shouting and screaming till the next general election.

      The semangat kongsi, as Tun M has pointed out has ended shamefully. The status quo should be maintained till the next general election until the Chinese decides otherwise. Until then UMNO should start looking at ways to help the needy Indians more, now that the Chinese has loudly said NO to semangat kongsi!

      The oppo-suporting Malays will gradually come back to UMNO for its hard work (Najib is very hardworking, I’d give him that) and humility (macam mana nak sombong kalau menang pun cukup-cukup makan saja?!). And now that AI is super busy touring the Western World collecting teaching fees, our streets will be at peace again and Malays can become Malays fulltime again. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

      Perhaps from today onwards, after all that gendang on TV and PSY ‘yes!’ and BN ‘no!’ mega makan episodes, Najib will learn a thing or two about the Chinese from Tun M. Enough of ambik hati Orang Cina. You can spend the millions on the poor Malays instead.

      1. We Malay should learn the intricacies of the Chinese too, starting from their language and culture. It was frustrating when I entered a taxi with a chinese uncle driver who uttered seemingly angry words that I can’t understand.

  18. isn’t it about time they change their name to Pakatan Masyarakat.

  19. BN and UMNO should not play a politics of revenge. Instead it should show compassionate to the Chinese community and opposition supporters. Najib is right to call for a national reconciliation.

    1. Some people just view compassion as weakness, laugh and spit on you.

      Usually it’s the same kind of people who keeps wanting more and crying oppression when they don’t get everything they want.

      They won’t stop until they get everything.

      They also never think they are wrong and blame everything wrong on everyone else.

    2. My brain agrees with Zack but my heart wants the Chinese to be punished. And I am Chinese.

      Pi tanya kaki kutuk SPR no. 1 YB Parlimen Serdang baru samada ada nak tolak keputusan pilihanraya ke-13 ke tak? Mesti ada penipuan sebab dia menang, bukan gitu?

      1. Najib was spot on when he says so. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe for once racial politics should be stopped for good and this is a great opportunity especially looking at how he try very hard to ambik hati Cina despite the amount of kutuks hurled at his wife etc. Maybe he is one stubborn PM who will do what he thinks is right and rightfully Malaysian thing to do.

        But then again, he may be telling the Chinese, especially, to stop playing the racial cards, looking at how they buried Ghani Othman despite the developments and assistance he had brought to Johor under his leadership. He must know now that the Chinese, despite being label as business minded and only cares for the money in everything that they do, has also other thing in mind.

        BM has both literal and lateral meanings, something the Chinese has yet to master.

        Zack and his kaki for once can learn to stop blaming UMNO and BN for their very own shortcomings. It is imminent looking at the astounding NO you guys have given to Najib and BN!

      2. i hate n’sync, I concur…. I think Najib will act accordingly. Time to give is over…

        1. The top brass of the MCA betrayed their mid-level leadership and not to mention the holdover Chinese (the 10 percent that did not vote DAP or oppo yesterday).

          They chose Ducats over Daughter.

          1. And we should hurt them since it is only Ducats they understand. All this while the government is pandering to MEF and SMEs over the minimum wage and retirement age. Time to apply the pressure and do them over kau-kau. All those SME funding and grants? Tell the tauke Cina to kiss it goodbye. I don’t really enjoy cursing but I find myself happy to dole out CCBs to the whole lot. :P

          2. What’s really the matter with MCA as representatives of the Chinese in Malaysia, could anyone give me a brief please?

            If like Helen says the Chinese evangelistas and their cohorts are reigning in DAP, then what’s so Chinese about being Chinese anymore? I mean in a civilizational and religious sense.

            Can’t be that it all adds up to Chinese “dollars and sense” only could it?

            1. Don’t quite get your question Chris. What is it about the MCA?

              From what I can gather as to why the MCA has never endeavoured to curb The Star carrying out its own agenda, the reason is that the party has adopted a hands-off approach.

              The Star paid the MCA RM126 million in dividend in 2010. So as long as its cash cow keeps delivering the profits, the MCA is content to leave the Star to operate as it likes.

  20. Saya cukup suka dgn keputusan pilihanraya kali ni.

    1. Nampaknya org Melayu masih boleh bersatu dalam keadaan yg mengancam kedudukan mereka.

    2. Hatibudi mejoriti org Cina sudah cukup jelas.

    3. BN terus memerentah harapnya kestabilan akan berterusan.

    4. Saya boleh kata ‘padan muka’ pada Pas dan para pemimpinnya yg sering melindungi Anwar dgn kemaksiatannya.

    1. Malangnya byk juga Melayu urban yang tidak mahu bersatu and memanggil Melayu yang menyokong BN sebagai racist. Najib cakap pasal Chinese tsunami pun dah jadi isu sekarang ni.

  21. Whilst the Barisan has won again, the Pakatan can take consolation that it has won more parliamentary seats this time – i.e. 84 versus 131 seats at this point in time, with 8 more to be confirmed, so when the final tally is in, Pakatan could have more seats so it has made gains, even if it has not won.

    In the last 12th GE, the opposition won 80 seats versus 142 by the BN.

    Anyway, signinficant for The Star is that it’s quite apparent that that the MCA has been decimated, which is why perhaps they are sucking up to the DAP, since the Chinese vote has largely shifted to the DAP, so it makes good commercial sense.

    1. Dap is the winner. Pas is the loser. It shows that BN draws from the strength of UMNO. Thats why the hatred must be directed at UMNO.

      1. Yap, When it all said and done, UMNO is still a big brother who try to protect all his sibling in the family aka BN. That why DAP try to tarnish him so bad.

        Before ge13, a lot of my friends inform me how the DAP try to devided the malay in order to win the election. Well. it proven yesterday.

  22. Dap menang. Pas si kalah. Ini menunjukkan kekuatan BN pada UMNO and all the hatred must be directed towards UMNO to weaken it.

    1. actually he makes a good point of why DAP has always been harping on BN-UMNO specifically, not BN/ MCA/MIC

      1. Plain simple, capitalise on hatred towards the Malays by abusing UMNO since they can’t be openly saying that they actually hate the Malays because they know for a fact that they will need some if not all, Malays to vote for them and vote away from BN. And this has been the DAP MO.

        AI knows this well. Furthermore he had a personal vendetta towards the party for choosing to stand firm behind Tun M over him. Being the fallen angel that he is, his personal grudge on UMNO and Tun M will never go away despite the ‘I have forgiven him’ bullshit, he seems to have said over and over again.

        PAS being manipulated by certain Anwarinas wouldn’t be able to deter themselves from participating in this slander campaign towards Malays since they know it is haram. But then again NA and HA might be hating UMNO and the Malays that chooses to support UMNO over themselves.

        So UMNO members and the Malays who knows nothing, who doesn’t get to read this and other blogs, who did not participate in rasuah for all his life and who has zero clue to the looting by their tikam belakang pengkhianat bangsa elected leaders, would be drag along into this dirty campaign of hate without them realising.

        Perhaps this is why they would still cast their vote to MCA since the hate narrative prevalent among the Chinese on Malays has never crossed their mind. How sad!

  23. Some months ago, a crackpot wrote this on your blog:

    Wazir Al-Roslan ibn Khaldun | Jun 7, 2012 at 12:00 am

    You know Helen, many moons ago, I penned this in RB (reprinted here in verbatim). In fact, I was espousing 1Pribumi way before then elsewhere:

    Those interested please read my exchanges on the same thread and others in RB about the Chingks.

    1. ” Congrats Rocky, nice cover and nice article. It was a self abortive wishful venture right form the word go and with LKY wilfully strewing sandy obstacles along its path, it was merely a question of time when the inbuilt contraceptive would activate itself and jettison the fetus. That the final blow came form the Johore palace is redolent with many coiled up echoes waiting to vibrate out into ether.

    Najib choose a path of seeking rapproachment with the local chingkie (through his services liberalisation, less curtailment of freedom, the more embracing stance of 1Malaysia and other forms of overtly courting the local chingkie populace ). He has tried to buttress that with that regional pow-wow in Spore and the East Asian convivial with China, both chingkie dens.

    Sadly, he miscalculated as the chinkie is not buying his wares for its drunk on its arrogance that it has the Malays on the backfoot and they are there for the taking. BN easily forgets the fact that if not for the Malay vote remaining solid in Pahang, Johor, NS, Malacca, Terengganu, Perlis and to lesser extent in pockets of Selangor and Perak, the humiliation would have been even more jarring. then there is the fact that there about 120 Malay majority seats up for grabs. If you take back 100, the equation changes as allegiances are not cast in stone.

    Sometimes, I wonder what their political strategists are made of. Do they analyse voting trends, do they look at electoral maps showing wide swaths of BN territory speckled by a few green and light blue south of Kedah and Kelantan, do they ever really analyse local peti undi trends etc?

    Fact remains, hobbled though it was by a nincoompoop of an idiot, UMNO still garnered 30% of the popular vote, about 55% of BN’ total share, had 79 seats (only trumped by 3 if PR is counted as one!) and took the malay vote in 3 of the last 4 byelections it contested (Batang Ai excluded).

    So why does it not do the obvious, strengthen the Pribumi hand which will bring the chindian dog to heel. When i first postulated 1Pribumi, it seemed a bit absurd but that’s the reality facing us today and Karim Raslan is not far from realising that:–karim-raslan

    Maybe just maybe, a lot of Malays have given up even before it has begun but obviously they are unaware of the nature of the menace at the gates.

    Warrior 231
    4:02 PM

    Then in 2010, I wrote this in AP: “However, the negative effects to the Malaysian body politic would be deleterious. For in Anwar’s eventual political demise, a new wraith would arise from the sepulchre of overweaning ambition: the spectre of a Malaysia divided along sectarian faultlines, a volatile combination of ethnic and religious schism that will rend asunder the fabric of that quintessentially successful Malaysian nation-building framework i.e., the Malaysian Social Contract.” in here (full text) :

    2. Many in Malaysia now regard Anwar as nothing more than a political charlatan blessed with minimal or zilch nous on how to govern a country, let alone a small state, but gifted with plenty of talent in fomenting social strife or indulging in cheapskate political demagoguery. His rabble rousing antics aside, Anwar sole achievement was to unite a disparate opposition by peddling vacuous promises and by leveraging upon the collective Chinese political angst. His rag tag coalition of political opportunists, ethnic extremists and religious obscurantists relied heavily on a purported non-partisan demonstration to rouse their flagging spirits after a string of humiliating electoral reverses in the Malay and other indigenous heartlands. But it flopped miserably drawing only a meagre crowd of 20K, when the hyped number was supposed to be 100K, signaling a massive loss of support that cannot be easily stanched. Many informed analysts now agree that the disillusioned majority Malay and indigenous support have deserted the opposition ranks owing to the diminution of their rights in favour of augmentation of ethnic Chinese rights in the states Anwar’s coalitions control and by the general inability of the coalition to cobble together a New Deal that would address social and economic disparities whilst simultaneously tackling the multifarious problems of crimping budget deficits, controling rising inflation, raising stagnant wages, broadening the tax base, attracting sustainable non-disruptive capital inflows and repositioning the economy for a high-tech based growth trajectory.

    Moreover, the lack of indigenous Iban/Bidayuh support for their Chinese Christian co-religionists in the recent Sarawak is another obvious sign that succintly encapsulates the erosion of support for Anwar amongst the indigenous populace save for an extremist hardcore. In any case, Anwar’s open admission that the rural Malay/Indigenous heartland is impermeable to his coalition’s overtures is telling as electoral demographics clearly indicate that whoever triumphs in the rural and semi-rural constituencies will helm the next government. At best Anwar’s coalition will probably coral around 50 – 60 seats with the collateral loss of Kedah and Selangor states. Only the Chinese, seeking political hegemony to cement and protect their inordinate share of the local economy, are supportive of Anwar and his bunch of political desperadoes. Vast swaths of the indigenous polity and a sizeable segment of the Indian minority are awaiting to massacre Anwar and his coalition partners at the next polls. When the dust settles in the aftermath of the expected slaughter, many expect Anwar to be consigned to the sinbin of local political history and many of his erstwhile supporters be banished into the outer reaches of the political wilderness, if not into oblivion. However, the negative effects to the Malaysian body politic would be deleterious. For in Anwar’s eventual political demise, a new wraith would arise from the sepulchre of overweaning ambition: the spectre of a Malaysia divided along sectarian faultlines, a volatile combination of ethnic and religious schism that will rend asunder the fabric of that quintessentially successful Malaysian nation-building framework i.e., the Malaysian Social Contract. And another sad collateral victim of the Anwar era is that future credible oppositionists with practical constitutional and social reform proposals and viable alternative economic policies grounded on sound theory would forever be under a cloud of suspicion, no thanks to Anwar and his pals.

    So angkat bakul sendiri? Nope. I was just putting pen to paper on something very apparent to all but so unrealised by many save one or two. And I aint been far wrong on other things as well, call me racist or otherwise, endgame is near.

    Warrior 231

    Now I wonder if you can call the Warrior a madman still especially after watching Karim Raslan calling Hannah Yeoh brilliant in Astro Awani

    1. His kaki what, of course la brilliant. Maybe he likes her home cooked Saya-Anak-Bangsa-Malaysia-food. I can’t even imagine what. Maybe Fish n Chips kut.

      Thank you for sharing this, you have put it into a perspective I have failed to grasp this crystal clear.

  24. Putting aside the Sulu intrusion, there’s also the CEC deal with DAP.

    Up to the government to finish up the Sulu inside traitors and up to DAP members and ROS to handle CEC.

    Can’t cry about election now, it’s over, I hope people don’t forget too.

  25. I can only say…DSNajib..please stop coddling those ingrates ever again..enough is enough…just concentrate on us poor malays and indians…if will only lose votes from us definitely..mark my words..

    1. AnakMelayu,

      As I said earlier, it is time to say “padan muka’ to Najib. He, while people admit being hardworking and innovative, misses one point. The very race(Malays) who support him sees him as “terhegeh hegeh” wooing the Chinese at every junction and again snubbed every time.

      Will he learn? Will he start doing ther right thing? That is respecting and concentrating on the very races that support him. No need to grant every wishes of Chinese and then let them reject him.

      And the days of MCA, Gerakan as relevant political party is over. No need to put them in Alor Gajar, Air Hitam, Alor Setar, Kulim, Padang Serai and all majority Malay areas. Let them die naturally as they refuse to “live”.

      And for God’s sake. Do not include Chinese in Ministerial post. See. You still can form the government without them.

      1. Dear Shamsul,

        2 years ago I would have agree with you, remember brother then we even predicted that it will come to this.

        But Today after looking at what it had done to our beloved country, I think ‘national reconcilation’ of any sort should be the way forward but having said that, it must be done without diluting the ‘Malay Position’.

        This is not the country I want for my children and grandchildren, I know we are much better than these..

        Let us ‘the sane one’ assist our leaders to guide this nation to path of what our forefather dream of and fight for…

        1. I agree with you NadZree.

          I have a conversation with industrial friend who have a large pool of industrial friends among Chinese who are mostly fall in SME categories. They lament that they are squeezed in every angle. They can’t increase price as the price is capped by the Government and in the same time the price of raw material continues to goes up. Their margin is thinning by the day. Not to mention being overly hounded by auditors eager to eke out every last available penny.

          Another gripe is the perceived injustice in tax structure which I don’t understand the crux of it. They feel that they are left to fend for themselves by the Govt. – not enough infrastructure and platform for them. Remember that a lot of our Chinese industrial players fall into SME categories.

          They summed up their problem with “it’s not so much about making profit. It is enough if we have enough to eat”.

          To me PM’s called for reconciliation is very apt in our situation. Having said all the above, I can empathize with my Malay brethren. Just that if we choose to alienate Chinese completely, I strongly feel that we fell into the same league as DAP.

          I don’t know what way we should traverse, but it must not be polarisation. Maybe not all Chinese gripe are real, but there probably some legitimate concern from them.

          May Allah help us all.

          1. SMEs not enough to eat? I am in a lousy mood to entertain the buggers who fought the minimum wage and minimum retirement age. If I am Najib, this is the time to revive the unemployment insurance by MTUC. Kita tengok siapa lebih sosialist, DAP atau BN. MEF kita tak payah layan sangat dah, semua tauke manufacturing Cina. Tauke-tauke ni semua pandai perah keringat aje.

        2. Nadzree,

          I am for all national reconciliation. But i am afraid only Malays think like that. I mean no disrespect. But the result just proves what Malays have been saying all these years. That Chinese in general will only want “partnership” with malays if the latters(Malays) submit to them the way PAS “kowtows” to DAP

          UMNO is too much to stomach as it represents Malays in power. It is already a “sin” from their viewpoint if Malays holds the lion share even though the share is earned through election.

          Having PAS as an ally opens DAP to Malay voters(PAS supporters). But the principle remains.

          I am not asking Najib to punish Chinese. What I want Najib to do is to stop “pampering” chinese when they reject him at every juncture. Fior start, this election proves that BN survives without Chinese votes

          So, no need to “jaga hati” Chinese anymore. Start with Cabinet without Chinese representatives.See. BN still survive without Chinese votes although I hope Chinese gives decent support to BN.

          BN is all for national reconciliation. It has been its practise, Because of thinking about other races that it let MCA to contest in Kulim, Air Hitam among others.

          Because of thinking about other races that UMNO is willing to support MIC, Gerakan in Malay majority areas. But the feeling on the ground is “tak guna buat baik dengan Cina”.

          It is a harsh word. But that is the sentiment. So, Najib, if you care about the postion you hold (by virtue of Malay supporting you), please take note. Respect the wishes of those who support you.

          And that is the practice in other parts of the planet.

  26. sis Helen, apa hala tuju blog ini selepas PRU13? what kind of entry will you write?

    p/s: MCA has promised it won’t take up any govt post if they lost.

    I want to see they stick to their word & PM don’t give face to them. even if PM offer them seat, if they have dignity they will refuse any offers.

    1. CSL dah cakap lagi hari ini, memang diaorang takkan ambil mana-mana jawatan. Tapi mungkin one or two akan jadi senator macam KTK (perkongsian to malays, subsidi mentaliti to hating malays non malays) yang rupa-rupanya bermentaliti subsidi.. as for saki-baki MCAs, mari kita sama-sama tengok diaorang ni hadap subsidi jawatan atau tak?

      1. kena buat protes terbuka…even SENATORSHIP pun jangan kasi.

        maybe BN kena buat analysis kerusi2 yang dimenangi & bahagikan jawatan berdasarkan parti-parti komponen.

        MCA cakap pasal MERITOKRASI, so this is the first test whether they can accept the rules.

        Chinese can go ask rain & rainbow from DAP.

  27. Najib MUST remove his sino-tinted glasses and reward the Malays, orang Asli and the Indians.

  28. LKS must resign for making us more polarized. We must demand this from LKS. His method of aggressive no compromise racial politics must cease from Malaysia. Resign LKS. Resign LKS.

    1. Resign? FB is filled with clueless Chinese PR supporters asking for US intervention by spamming White House’s blog.

      Way to endear yourself to Malaysians, Malays especially.

      Betul-betul bodoh.

    2. Najib should also resign? PM who promote 1Malaysia but upon winning also mentioning “Chinese Tsunami”? That’s on national TV. So who is making who more polarized?

  29. Wow! Chinese brothers & sisters are real grumpy this morning. Long, sullen, pissed off faeces all round at the airport.

    Their favorite phrase seems to be “liao lui nia” as they drown their sorrows over a cuppa. So bloody tempted to gloat now.

    1. Methinks these would be the punters who literally lost money punting on the wrong horse bro. Aiya! Teok chiak! ;)

      1. uh huh…why didn’t I think about the gambling aspect before. It could partly explains the reason that some of them mati-mati (so adamant) believe the BN would lose power despite the statistical odds (given by my DAP-supporter colleague). A good one..haha

  30. I used to be a liberal and moderate Malay who gave the benefit of doubt to the Chinese when it comes to racial give and take.

    However, it looks that only a handful are interested in tolerance such as Helen, WCK, etc.

    The majority has from yesterday proven that they are never interested in it but are only interested on what they can grab for themselves just like how they behave at free buffet tables.

    No more giving face, no more tolong Kawan cari makan, no more trying to be fair in making decisions, NO MORE.

    From now on they will be looked as a race with suspicion by the Malays and the dawn of the new 5 years will be used to create fortresses and boundaries to ensure that the mistake will never be repeated.

    It’s payback time and truly there is a wave of UBAH.

    The Malays have now BERUBAH to be a open racist and will be proud of it. We are not buying 1Malaysia shit anymore.

    Thank you for bringing out this streak in us.

    1. I feel the tolerant level for the chinese is very low this morning and rightfully they are to be blamed for the waves of betrayal that came crashing on us last night. I myself being a PJ born and bred but a staunch BN supporter feel extremely let down. I knew nothing about my chinese BN candidates and their backgrounds or their achievements and yet I and family pangkah-ed for them based on party and non racial sentiments… i could easily have spoilt my vote you know.

      Can you imagine how i felt last night when I learrned that the majority of the chinese votes against Malay BN candidates were based on racial tones and disdain for anything malay? Wow.

      I feel an uneasy rumbling within the depths of my conscience.

    1. Nadzree

      U can count on them.Not for the the first time the Ibans, Bidayuhs,Kadazans etc have stood with BN when they could have easily voted for their coreligionists Chingkies. What more, intermarriage would also have made them closer to the Chingks but why do still vote for Muslim Malay BN?

      The answer is simple. For all their dubious claims of fighting for equality, fairness etc., the Chingkies have in actuality betrayed their co religionists, kinsmen whatever. The Ibans, Kadazans etc have learnt the harsh truth long before the Malays that to be affiliated politically with the Chinese is economic suicide. They know how exploitative the Chinese are; paying them low wages,charging them exorbitantly for retail goods on the excuse of cabotage, refusing to share any economic spoils, evicting them from their ancestral lands for logs etc etc.

      To make matters worse, socially they are ostracized from Chingk churches ( in fact, in Sabah for instance, the natives have separate churches) and their women are susceptible to Chingk sexploitation. So any surprises as to why in Sarawak 2011, they supported the BN and despite kalimah Allah they still do. It’s time we look into their plight even more closely for after all they have been loyal in their support so what more should BN need. After all their knowledge of the Devil should serve as eye opener to us complacent Melayus.

      1. DAP is trying to fish them over when LGE utter the Allah issue prior to the election while putting the blame on UMNO/Malays for playing with religious sentiment.

        Perhaps the Bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak knows them well not to trust them.

  31. saya menonton analisis PRU di TV pagi ini. ada satu analisis yang mengatakan kerajaan perlu memberi penekanan lebih kepada ‘KELAS PERTENGAHAN/ MIDDLE CLASS’ kerana di bandar-bandar majoriti Melayu juga vote swing kepada PR.

    middle class akan jadi lebih lantang selepas ini, jika kerajaan tunduk kepada permintaan middle class sahaja dan mengenepikan low income class, lama-kelamaan dalam PRU14, PRU15 dan seterusnya politik kita akan berasaskan ‘politik kelas’ pula.

    Chinese will benefit most.

    Malay & Indian, middle class benefit, yang miskin lantak koranglah.
    Sabah, Sarawak, Orang Asli akan terus mundur.

    siapa nak bela orang-orang miskin ini pula? sebab mereka tak ada saluran seperti kita. wakil-wakil rakyat pula malas nak memperjuangkan hak-hak mereka lagi kerana tiada untung.

  32. Helen,

    Terima kasih atas usaha anda dalam menyediakan rumah untuk kami bertamu.

    Hasil pilihanraya ini adalah tidak langsung memeranjatkan kita. Pandangan saya tentang hasil pilihanraya ini adalah jelas seperti berikut:

    1) Pengundi Cina menolak BN secara total. Ini adalah jelas malahan PM Najib telah tanpa berselindung memanggil gelombang kali ini sebagai Tsunami Cina. Saya lega dengan luahan hati beliau. Menanti dengan hati hati dalam rasa ragu tentang bagaimana cara beliau menangani Tsunami Cina ini.

    Saya berfahaman bahawa UMNO kena mendekati pengundi Cina ini secara langsung tanpa melalui MCA mahupun Gerakan. Mereka sangat membenci MCA dan Gerakan. Pada mereka, MCA sudah terlalu banyak dosa yang tidak terampun. Namun, kegagalan DAP untuk memerintah akan mengembalikan mereka ke alam nyata. Bercampur rapat dengan masyarakat Cina terutama keluarga sebelah isteri meyakinkan saya sebenarnya mereka tidak marah dengan UMNO malahan mereka sangat memahami bahawa melayu yang bersatu dalam UMNO akan memakmurkan kehidupan mereka juga.

    2) Pengundi kelas pertengahan (berpendapatan RM 5000 – RM 15000) tanpa mengira bangsa kelihatan juga menolak BN. Jika tidak kerana saya lahir dari keluarga berdarah UMNO Johor, saya juga pasti akan menolak BN. Bukan kerana sayang mahupun percaya dengan ‘manifesto yang bukan janji’ dari pakatan rakyat tetapi kerana amarah atas kegagalan BN menjeling jeling keperluan kami.

    Kami akur bahawa kerajaan pastilah tidak akan memberi bantuan dalam bentuk BRIM dan sebagainya kepada kami. Walaupun bantuan itu datangnya dari wang cukai kami, kami cuma gelisah tetapi tidaklah marah yang keterlaluan.

    Kemarahan dan kejengkelan timbul akibat dari kegagalan kerajaan BN terutamanya dalam mempertingkat mutu pendidikan, keselamatan dan pengangkutan negara.

    Mutu pendidikan kita setelah merdeka lebih 50 tahun, seperti masih dalam tempoh percubaan. Anak anak kita diumpamakan seperti tikus tikus putih dalam makmal ujikaji mereka. Pelbagai dasar & konsep dikeluarkan setiap kali ada menteri pelajaran yang baharu. Guru guru yang diambil, maaf cakaplah, amat mendukacitakan prestasi mereka. Kelam kalibut sistem pendidikan ini dikerjakan mereka. Dengan sekejap english sekejap melayu ini tambah dengan sejarah nya pula.. Perkara mudah seperti keputusan SPM pun diketahui berbulan bulan lamanya. Ianya membazirkan masa anak anak kita.

    Tahap keselamatan seperti tidak dipandang serius. Lagilah terasa sakitnya hati bila menteri amaran berbicara. Isu utama seperti kebanjiran pendatang tanpa izin seolah olah dipandang sebelah mata. Kita bukanlah orang yang tidak rasional dengan mengharapkan sifar jenayah, cukuplah dahulu dengan mengawal kehadiran pendatang ini. Janganlah celik mata sahaja kami ternampak pendatang haram ini.

    Sesuatu yang perlu kita ingat, golongan kelas pertengahan ini yakin bahawa kehidupan mereka tidaklah terlalu terjejas jika pemerintah berubah. Jika terjejas pun mungkin dalam tempoh 6 bulan pertama. Kami tetap kena bayar cukai pendapatan. Tetap juga kami mencari rezeki tanpa berharap kontrak kontrak kerajaan. Urusan perniagaan kami tetap akan berjalan seperti biasa kerana pemerintah (BN atau PR) tetap memerlukan kami untuk terus menjana ekonomi serta pendapatan negara melalui cukai yang dikenakan ke atas kami.

    3) Pengundi India sudah kembali. Mereka sebenarnya tiada pilihan. Kita kena bantu saudara India kita ini kerana kegagalan hidup mereka akan juga menghantui kehidupan kita kelak. Bila jiran kita makmur maka kita pun akan tidur lena.

    4) Pengundi Melayu tetap bersama UMNO. Ini sudah jelas namun kita boleh hidu ada perubahan ketara yang melayu ini belajar dari rakan cina. Contoh ketara yang jelas adalah kekalan BN di DUN Pt. Yaani (Parlimen Sri Gading) dan DUN Puteri Wangsa. Jelas menunjukkan pengundi melayu yang selama ini sangat setia kepada BN mula beralih arah kepada calun Melayu PAS.

    Beralihnya undi Melayu Johor kepada PAS akan menjanjikan episod menarik pada pilihanraya ke 14. Jika Melayu Johor pun sudah tergamak hanya memilih UMNO bukan BN maka amatlah tinggi kemungkinan fenomena ini akan melanda seluruh negara.

    Sekiranya ini terjadi makanya BN sudah tidak releven lagi. Biarlah semua kaum perjuangkan hak kaum masing masing dan selepas menang nanti barulah duduk berpakat untuk membentuk kerajaan. Jika ini kehendak majoriti kita maka inilah yang akan kita waris kan pada anak cucu kita. Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

    Ok. Helen.. panjang lebar pula kali ini posting saya..Terima teramat sangat kerana bersetia dan yakin bahawa perpaduan adalah asas kemakmuran negara kita..

    1. Si Dapster-si Dapster ini tidak mengerti hendak menilai sumbangan dan bakti MCA dalam konteks perjalanan sejarah negara dan masyarakat majmuk kita.

      Hanya jauhari saja yang mengenal manikam dan mereka-mereka tidak dididik agar boleh celik mata tetapi sebaliknya dicuci otak dan diselewengkan pemahaman mereka oleh jentera gergaji dua mata MCA itu sendiri.

      Wakil-wakil MCA ini sebenarnya lebih toleran, rajin, berbudi bahasa dan bersahsiah jauh lebih elok berbanding calon-calon putar-belit tin kosong DAP yang hanya pandai ambil kesempatan.

      Last-last saya undi MCA juga untuk buat pertama kalinya semalam.

      1. Saya undi calon MCA di BTunRazak, tapi dia tewas jugak dgn Khalid. Saya tak paham kenapa pengundi BTunRazak masih mengundi ‘a missing MP’. 5 tahun lepas saya tidak pernah nampak batang hidung Khalid di kawasan ini.

        1. Yes, that too. Several factors. Like, tengok Frankie Gan dan rakan-rakannya. Calon-calon MCA diludah Dapster dan diperli para pemimpin evangelista parti itu.

    2. Let me put to you some questions re: your comments.

      Point 2. We also do not want the BRIM or whatever and we wish we earn RM5 K to 15K so we don’t need BRIM or whatever help ending with 1M.

      You are angry with the BN government so you want to change to the opposition government who you acknowledge may not be better than the BN government. Wow! Just wow!

      And you seriously feel that you will only suffer a 6-month change-over period and then your economic well-being will get back to normal? In simplistic terms, if the Oppo government ruled, and they reduce petrol prices which in turn will increase petrol subsidies which will in turn reduce the government coffers, the economy will not suffer? And if you think that reduced petrol prices will lead to reduced prices on goods and services, well I’ve got a bridge to sell.

      The oppo government wants to reduce car prices. Again in simplistic terms, people take a 90% loan on their protons and when they drive out they are already owing the bank 140% on the value of their car which will be spread over a number of years. Then prices dropped, so now people are stuck with loans on cars which has almost zilch resale value and banks are already committed. Imagine the number of second hand car dealerships that will go out of business. Can you say Banking crisis?

      There seems to be a myth going round that we in the boondocks do not care about the education system and the crime rates. Seriously, do all urbanites see the kampung people as so simple so naive like those portrayed in the P Ramlee era movies?

      I’ll come back and add more later, maybe, when I have stopped feeling down over the results.

      1. Please la..BN in their manifesto also talk about car price reduction and I hope they don’t make a u-turn on it. So are u also saying BN by moving into this can also lead to banking crisis?

        1. BN said gradually which is different from PR which made it sound like today they win tomorrow we’ll be in euphoria over their promises

        2. If they implement it immediately yes, it could happened. However, reducing car price is sensible move, just not coupled with fuel reduction and toll abolishment.

          1. The whole idea to lower the car price was so that we have more disposable income (duit poket)….but it is a again a double edge policy it might work or it might not……

            1- Now with a budget of RM60k I can buy a proton, with the new price it will probably go much lower but than again Toyota will also comes down to probably around RM60k so what car shall I purchase ….Proton or Toyota ???
            The answer is obvious….so there goes my ‘duit poket’

            2 – So now orang kaya bole beli kereta untuk anak, cucu, cicit, piut, miut and mistress, Tu dia subsidi minyak semua pi kat dia

            3 – orang kampong apa untung minyak motor is sekali penuh bole pakai 2 minggu subsidi minyak aku ciput je. Peruntukan subsidi minyak beratus ratus juta sapa yang untung….NASIB BAIK BN MENANG….

        3. Not only banking crisis, but also your financial crisis (unless of couse you paying cash for your car). Your car is not like your house which will increase it value as years gone by. It reduce it value but your pay the same amount of installment until the end of your loan agreemnt or until you change to a new car.

          That why it need to be reduce gradually. This will reduce the impact not only to carmaker but to banks and to you. The reduction of car price will also effect you if you want to sell your car coz if the car still under car loan,, you need to sattle the balance of your loan before you can apply for another loan. If your car salling price didn’t cover your loan balance, you need to pay the different.

          Price reduction of a new car will make yur car lose it value. The impact, even if the car price reduce, you still cannot buy a new car becouse your car value cannot cover your new car purchase.

          And what about those of you who salling used car. The drop of the car price will futhernore reducing the used car price. At the end, both side eill face the lose lose situation. And then what? Whinning to Geverment right..

      2. I’m sure you lost somewhere in order to understanding my recent posting..

  33. Love you Helen! Tapi saya sangat terluka dengan ketidaksetiakawan mereka-mereka di luar sana :(

  34. Hi Helen,

    1. Mula-mula nak gelak dulu puas-puas… hahahahahahahahahahaha….

    2. BN menang lagi, walaupun tidak seperti yang saya jangkakan. Ingatkan boleh menang besar….. hehehehehe….

    3. LKS menang dengan bergayanya di Gelang Patah.

    4. Semua orang besar DAP menang di kawasan yang ditandingi. DAP bertambah kerusi. Undi cina semua masuk karung DAP. Undi PAS pun banyak yang masuk karung DAP (melayu bodoh!)

    5. Beberapa orang besar PAS kalah. PAS juga kalah banyak kerusi. Undi melayu untuk PAS sudah kurang sikit. Mungkin orang PAS protes parti sendiri (atau dah ada kesedaran…?).

    6. BN terselamat sebab undi melayu masih masuk karung UMNO. BN patut mula iklankan pencarian parti komponen baru (dari kaum cina).

    7. MCA, Gerakan, PPP, boleh ambil cuti panjang. (Malas nak komen….)

    8. DS Najib patut lupakan usaha untuk pujuk kaum cina. Teruskan perancangan untuk memajukan negara. Utamakan saja kepada pengundi-pengundi yang memberi kuasa kepada beliau.

    9. Ketatkan penguasaan undang-undang, tiada lagi double-standard yang diberikan kepada pemimpin dan penyokong tegar pembangkang. Rakyat sudah muak dan jelik dengan keistimewaan yang diberikan kepada mereka. Yang salah mesti diheret kemuka pengadilan (dengan segera!). Jangan biarkan mahkamah jadi seperti sarkas.

    10. Sekali lagi….. hahahahahahahahahahahaha….. lainkalisaja lah…….

    1. Dino,

      Saya rasakan, itulah yang akan di buat oleh Ds Najib nanti. Dia akan berikan banyak perhatian kepada kaum melayu dan India. Lagipun dia telah diberikan banyak benda kepada kaum china sbelum pilihanraya.

      Warganegara kelas ke dua yang di uar2kan oleh DAP akan benar2 akan dirasai oleh kaum cina. Percayalah, kawasan majoriti kaum china yang selama ini mendapat faedah dari tolenrasi DS Najib akan merasa akibatnya. Ini kerana suara2 moderatasi telah ditenggelamkan sendiri oleh mereka. Yang tinggal hanya yang lantang bersuara tetapi tiada aspirasi dalam meningkatkan taraf kehidupan orang lain kecuali diri mereka sendiri.

      Soalan yang bermain dalam fikiran saya ialah, adakah mca dan gerakan akan bangun sebagaimana mic lakukan pasca 2008?

  35. Helen. I cant really understand chinese mind right now and the hatred towards umno/bn. Is it because the malay privilage or is it just politic of perception played by dap?

    1. Latif,

      It is easy actually. UMNO is the only thing that is so far holding DAP from real power.

      So, actua;lly to them UMNO is “sinful” a s it represents Malays who lead the government. Corruption is a mere facade. The real intention is political power that until today still eludes them.

      With political power, the control is absolute. PAS is “melukut ditepi gantang” to DAP.

  36. Setiap kali PRU saya pangkah MCA dan Gerakan kerana saya di Pulau Pinang. Hiba hati bila madu dibalas tuba.

  37. mulai sekarang saya memandang Cina dengan penuh rasa curiga. Thanks to DAP…

  38. I seem to have a problem posting comments since yesterday.

    To The International Jew, I am praying for sanity to return too, but I have a feeling the opposition will step up their pressure on the BN government and we will caught in the middle.

    I am saddened by the results. I know the opposition will win in Penang, no doubts, I prayed the people will vote with their functioning brains for the BN in Kelantan and Selangor, but I am willing to accept that most people are too lazy to think and would rather follow the loudest drum.

    But I am truly perplexed by the people’s decision to reelect Anwar, Nurul Izzah, Nizar Jamaluddin, Azmin, LKS, Hannah and that guy who won over Ali Rustam. What do people look for in their leaders here? From the list, you can pretty much rule out brains as a leadership quality. Morality can be overlooked too.

    While people expect the BN representatives to slave over them, paved the way for them in gold, what are PR reps for? To provide soundbites only? Can anyone tell me honestly that the persons I’ve named above have served their constituencies tirelessly over the terms of their service?

    So to the people who have voted the PR into power, ask yourselves did you vote with a conscience or did you just follow your crowd?

    Between now and the next election, ponder whether these PR clowns are honestly walking their talk, working for you and for the betterment of the nation? Then maybe, hopefully come GE14, you will put some serious thoughts to what you want from your representative and use your right to vote, intelligently.

    1. the reason why those crooked PR reps got re-elected is because they know how to play the game better than their rivals. we’re into the early days of the so called “celebrity politician”. politics is now a career, and for a politician to survive, he or she must fashion himself, herself in the mold of a celebrity. its branding to put it another way. if you are a politician, you must now hire PR staff to manage your image i.e what to wear, teach you how to engage the people, speech coaching etc. you must master these skills. they are very important.

      people are drawn to these type of politicians nowadays. look at Barack Obama. he is the benchmark, the trendsetter. learn from the guy. I must state clearly that I m not a fan of Barack, but I appreciate the fact that there are things that we can learn from him. in fact, for politicians to have appeal, and to stay relevant in the age of The Celebrity Politician, look and learn from Barack Obama. hey, even the President of China, Xi Jinping is of the same mold, well, almost anyway, as Barack Obama.

      1. Alright, i can agree to the celebrity status stuff when i relate them to nurul or hannah, i mean young, pretty (eye of the beholder), articulate… But LKS and anwar, however you dress them they look and sound like supervillains, and some of theothers behave and sound like their sidekicks.

  39. Helen, the winning parties should be rewarded accordingly. All cabinet member should be made of unmo and parties that won seats in Sabah / Sarawak. And pm should create a minister each for Hal ehwal Kaum cina and India. After all, they had chosen not to be represented.

    At the same time, Bn is no angel. Pm has been working very hard to keep the economic engine going. Regardless, in appoinment of cabinet member, please choose hardworking, CLEAN member for the cabinet. Economy aside, please clean up government administrative mechanism from the little Napoleon all the way to the big fish.

    Give the rakyat something they wants to BELIEVE in for a long time. That the BN can “ubah” within itself. With economic growth forthcoming.

  40. my mom (whom I never expect to be into politics) starts babbling in the morning questioning the mindset of the Selangorians, ‘are they stupid or are they just blind – if someone says there’s something to look at for the last 5 years, please do tell me cos I don’t see it!’ – she said something in that line.

    I am upset that BN didn’t manage to wrestle Selangor back but not that stupid to use black box as my fb profile to show my dismay. My friend’s fb are all black – death to democracy or death to change, whatever. I accept the fact that most of my friends are delusional and extremely childish. Do they expect the rural areas to suddenly vote for PR so there’ll be change? Again, I apologise for the lapse in logic on behalf of my friends.

    It is nice to note that most foreigners that appear in certain constituencies allegedly to vote appears to be won by the PR – that in itself is telling who’s into phantom voters or alleged phantom voters.
    I know this is bad but I do hope some Malay lecturers, businessman, high-earning professionals who supported PR and shared distorted information on their fb be dealt with swiftly. I have enough bullshit from rich Malays trying to go liberal or trying to be nearer to God when they’re working for a govt institution. ‘Let them eat cake’. I have no sympathy for these malays.

    I am glad that GE13 is over and I thanked from the bottom of my heart, my brothers and sisters from Sarawak who had our back then. I also would say Thank You to my Indian brothers and sisters for their support and I hope Najib would work with Hindraf and MIC to elevate their social/financial ranking in Malaysia.

    For the chinese PR supporter, I am totally appalled by their decision and selfishness/shrewdness and mostly their calculative nature.

    1. “Death to democracy”

      By any chance are they Christians living in Shah Alam or the vicinity?

      FYI, the phrase wear black to mourn the death of democracy is a favorite phrase of Catholic parish priest of Church of Divine Mercy Shah Alam. Every National Day & Malaysia Day he will ask his parishioners to “wear black to mourn the death of democracy”.

      If democracy is dead, then democracy must only be applicable to “them” & not “us” since they’ve lost. For if they won they’d be screaming that democracy is alive & kicking. Really perverted minds la. Must be due to the seeing too much perverted acts of their halo-ed leaders. Wouldn’t be surprise to see them sprouting wings sometime in the not too distant future as a divine sign of their righteousness. Just saying.

      Btw Helen, I still find it somewhat difficult to post or access your votes. A wicked thought cameto mind since you’re not a news portal or media website but still subjected to such attacks. How preposterous is the thought that you’ve pissed of a corporation much (that their top gun had to dedicate a paragraph to you) that they’ve let loose their mercenary dogs, ermmm cyber troopers on you?

      Btw, I may be mistaken but by my calculations BN had actually lost the popular votes this time some 200k. I’d expect PR to go to town with this. Can’t say it is not expected especially with the Chinese so hell bent on punishing BN.

      1. Not unexpected that Pakatan might win the popular vote. The oppo did in 1969 as well.

        Plus urban areas have gone on overdrive to register the first-timers.

        Yeo Bee Yin’s majority of 30,689 is larger than some Parliamentary constituencies and Teresa Kok’s 51,552 majority can make up two DUN constituencies.

        Granted the delineation ought to be fairer.

        1. I say keep the status quo where the delineation is concerned.

          Let them have the 30-40k majorities in all the urban seats but let them lose in rural constituencies with 10-20k voters. Works for me as they’ll never, well not in foreseeable future anyway be able to make substantial inroads in these semi-rural & rural seats.

    2. The most hypocrite of all are those who are/were involved in corruption themselves and when they are well off (or in a rut) suddenly called the kettle black.

      These are the people who might place a lot of people in black hole of corruption and then take the nation to ransom in expecting sudden change from the mess they once involved in.

      1. I agree with you. The next time the Dapsters whinge about Corruption, we should should counter with regard to who the enablers are. It takes two for money to exchange hands.

  41. Sejarah always show yg kejatuhan bangsa melayu is from themselves. Apa yg menyedihkan when this profesional malay pun sama2 bodoh. My friend; medical dr always shared the noncense crap made by pr without siasat dahulu. Klu dulu malay ada prob bcause kurang baca. Now the prob rise to what material yg dibaca.

    And i agree with most of you najib should care less for them. Jaga hati pengundi yg menangkn bn. Focus on develope the country. For those on the other side; are u with us or not the train will move on.

  42. Money politics, aliens and blackouts won at the end of the day.

    2008: Parliament BN: 140, PR: 82
    2013: Parliament BN: 139, PR: 89

    2008: States BN: 344, PR: 161
    2013: States BN: 275, PR: 230

    Popular votes: BN 5.2 million, PR 5.5 million

    Slim win for BN and opposition gave a good fight.

    Next question will be can Najib survive UMNO.

    1. Tipu, tipu (money politics, aliens and blackouts) dan menang…..rakyat didahulukan? What a joke! The issue is not about racial politics but CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE!! Is that too difficult to understand?

      1. Do not forget that there are plenty of Chinese with dual citizenships and still hold M’sian IC and they came back in drove to vote. Isn’t this illegal? No? Oh wait..when DAP comes to power, they hope that DAP will make it legal for Msian to have dual citizenship, so that they can have their say in how the government runs their “beloved” country. But which one?

        Do i believe in cronyism and nepotism? No. Do I condone corruption? No. But, do tell me which government is free from corruption? When you’re clearly speeding on the road and stopped by a policeman, what is the first thing that you do?

        “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” ― Maya Angelou

        1. As far as I’m aware M’sia does not allow dual citizenship.

          The Malaysian Chinese in Singapore could be S’pore PRs though.

  43. Yes, do enjoy your “victory” for now, where:
    1. Pakatan has actually won the popular vote,
    2. retained the jewels in the crown Selangor and Penang,
    3. near losses in Perak and Terengganu ( with Kelantan in the bag as well as many seats in Selangor also disproves your so-called Malay swing to BN )
    4. Major inroads into Johor, Sabah and Sarawak by Pakatan
    5. Denial to BN their 2/3rds, in fact smaller majority than 2008
    This, despite all the election and media machinery overkill on BN’s behalf, all the angpows and freebies and BR1Ms.
    Yes, do enjoy you “victory”, after getting mauled so badly, while you can

    1. It’s a free country for you to bask in the glory of the inroads & mauling your idols made. As for the jewels, yeah keep them safe as you would your own family jewels somewhere between your legs. Can’t stress the importance of them jewels more.

    2. and yet still and keep claiming that our own election is not fair.. so disgusting!!

      1. If it was fair, all this gloating over BN’s ” victory” would have been cursing n swearing at Pakatan’s rightful place in Putrajaya. But I guess BN can only win by cheating

  44. As a chinese, I and some of my more neutral chinese friends discussed ourselves what is it that caused such a phenomenon. first thing that comes to mind: Chinese are never satisfied people. in Malaysia, you give them Toyota Camry, they want a BMW after that, and a Ferrari after the BMW.

    Opposition sweettalk a bit of things such as lower the price of cars, and chinese are taken in. as a Chinese, we are also ashamed that we have no regard of others in our chase for wealth/power and pretty hypocritical too.

    We say no racism and no to corruption, but when the time comes, corruption will be not be in quantity but in quality, if you know what I mean. Then we will step on anyone including other Chinese themselves so we can get that wealth/power.

    To smokescreen it, the politicians play on other issues such as safety (which imo, is a real concern to everyone), just to make the Chinese feel justified (and sometimes brainwashed) in their pursuit stepping on everyone elses.

    thus, i dont blame the Malays for standing up and be counted. But we also realize that Malaysian landscape is at a racial crossroads. What is BN is going to do as a coalition and UMNO as a party going to do?

    Neutral chinese like me (who had voted both ends before, this time I voted BN) are a target of insults and criticism from even our own ‘race’, I was ‘advised’ (rather subtly/systematically insulted) by a DAP Jerusubang Chinese supporter for being neutral. That shows racism is involved.

    Sometimes you need wonder it is due to that it runs in our blood (China in ancient times are turbulent, now also dog eat dog) or is it cultivated/educated due to policies or a mixture of both?

    1. Agree with the historical context and you might want to dig deeper to understand this better.

      Malays has been laidback because they can get almost everthing under the sun. The land has been blessed indeed. Famine was never a problem, it has been prosperous all along until prior to the land being colonised by the Portuguese up till Merdeka from the British.

      If the land is poor the European looters won’t be bothered to conquer Venice of the East and slaughter millions along the way.

      Whereas the Chinese migrants was in search of a better life for all sort of reasons. The kiasu mentality and behaviour I believe stems from the fact that ‘China in ancient times are turbulent, now also dog eat dog’, which makes the Chinese parents teaches their young one to value highly money and wealth which is a very good thing until it has become the one and only benchmark of a person worth.

      I think that is when it goes wrong. The nuovo rich among the urban Malays also had adopted the kiasu mentality as theirs now, since everything is getting much more expensive day by day.

  45. Cina tak mau hidup dgn kaum lain, sudah besar kepala dgn merasakan mereka boleh hidup sendiri. Sebab adanya akhbar cina, parti cina kiasu DAP, tv cina, radio cina, sekolah rendah, men Cina, kolej Cina, Universiti Cina. So what the fuck they need non cina? After grad also kerja company cina. So Najib, rasakanlah penampar Cina. At the end, Bangsa Melayu, Bumi Sabah Sarawak dan India yg menyokong anda.

    1. Enough of the racist profiling and labeling this as ‘Chinese Tsunami’ where we see over half of the votes are for Pakatan Rakyat, if we do the numbers correctly, with a demographic of 23% of Chinese currently, you can’t deny tat Malays as well as India and other minorities are increasingly aspire for a change in the government. As a Chinese and gone through National Service training, I do not have problems living wif common folks of Malay and other races. It’s quite alarming to see the comments floating within the blog and by the bloggers are promoting hatred inter-racially, in fact.

      1. Right, the one who voted based on race and whom practices racist profiling to the highest order are not racist. But a bunch of disgruntled and disappointed albeit honest Malaysians are racist to you…Gotcha!

        LKS must be glad!

        And as for the ‘It’s quite alarming to see the comments floating within the blog and by the bloggers are promoting hatred inter-racially, in fact’ bs, we say this to you, listen and listen well.

        We have gone past alarming when 90% of the Chinese seems to only vote for themselves whereas the Malays and the Indians are left to fend for the other 10% Chinese on semangat perkongsian subsidi. That is alarming indeed.

        That is extremely numbing!

  46. I support :
    “DS Najib patut lupakan usaha untuk pujuk kaum cina. Teruskan perancangan untuk memajukan negara. Utamakan saja kepada pengundi-pengundi yang memberi kuasa kepada beliau.”

    let’s start a revolution and hurt them where it hurts most….their business…

    BCL and BBC

  47. Two very powerful words, ‘ Reconciliation ‘ as mentioned by our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak ahd ‘ Statesmanship ‘ have come to my mind.

    The 13th General Elections have proven to be a landmark for our young democracy and an opportunity to refine and up-grade our politics to benefit all Malaysians. I am referring to two important events.

    It is now proven to the UMNO that this is the best that the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese can do in this political firmament as governed by our hallowed Constitution. The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese do not pose a threat to the Malays. And also they do not control the Malaysian economy except the monopolists. I should know the most eg. 1972 Sime Darby and its repatriation. The fact is the UMNO has a unique chance to shape the political socio-economic future of our beloved Malaysia for the old and the young at this juncture and prepare for the 14th General Elections.


    IF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE DAP SHOWS THEIR STATESMANSHIP TO MATCH THEIR TACTICS ! They benefitted from the dictum, ‘ If you run along a Mandarin riding a horse even the horse shit will fall on you !’ The shit was from the PKR and the PAS. The DAP benefitted the most next to the UMNO.

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, which has now garnered or polarised all sorts of Chinese into their ranks, the 30% hard-core, the ill-informed, those who were misled by a possible change of Government, etc., to take the next step higher into the realms of STATESMANSHIP by joining the BN to contribute positively to the development for progress for all in the face of a fragile world economy. They must realise that their perceived UMBILICAL ties with their erstwhile founder, Lee Kuan Yew, will fade with time, sooner or later.

    If the DAP leadership has the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, and all Malaysians at heart, they would be aware that any major decisions by the BN Government now would exclude counsel with the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese – and this is to the detriment of all of us. The DAP leadership should be able to contribute their wisdom and experience to the general political socio-economic fabric in time.

    If this vital step, the 36th step to exit, is not taken with all the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese up the greasy pole, our beloved country will sorely miss a dynamic, hard-working and loyal group of people who will contribute nothing at a time of need in the face of a fragile world economy.

    It is also proven that the perceived and now proven political strengths of the DAP’s digits or cohorts is a pipe-dream – that word, ‘ UBAH ‘! AND SURELY THE DAP IS NOT GOING TO CONTEMPLATE ITS NAVEL FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS ADDING TO THE 47 LONG YEARS WHICH THEY HAVE DONE SO SINCE 1966 ? I conjecture that maybe the recent announcement of the DAP which said, ‘ MALAYSIAN POLITICS IS MALAY-BASED.’ is in anticipation of this day !


  48. personally, i don’t like the idea of giving cash assistance like BRIM to people. if we look at bigger picture, meaning BN has failed as government because so many ‘low income citizen’ instead of middle class. this is what angered the middle class (upper & lower) because it comes from their money. they paid significant amount for income tax.

    so, they angry at the lower income group and the rich, VVIP, aristocrat group who has their own rules. so middle class is trapped between this groups.

    now, in the UK, they have so much problem with welfare system where so many jobless people breed so many offspring to get the welfare. and many of their rich people evade the tax. middle class left to suffer and support for the poor.

    other than special solution based on ethnicity, government must create special solution based on ‘economic class’?
    we have so many good policies on paper, but the issue is the enforcement. hangat-hangat tahi ayam. who’s fault?

    1. This one I must blame UMNO and the Malays, hands down!

      Tun M alone cannot implement the ‘good policies on paper’ for Malaysians. Enforcement across the board has always been our greatest failures.

  49. Have the people ever considered if the Bn did not perform as well as in 2008, some in UMNO might ask Najib to resign and want the very ‘ultra-Malay’ (according to many PR supporters) Muhyiddin Yassin to take over? He is more similar to Tun M, and will probably lead the country ala Tun M. I am sure many Malays are fed up with Najib’s pandering to the Chinese and want a more firm leader to lead the country, esp the Malays into a more stronger position. What will happen then?

    For me, i find the biggest irony is that those who shout the loudest about racism and fair play, have proven and shown that they are the true racist one by their votes and their total racist behaviour online against the Bangladeshis etc. The things that they write in their FB posts for the whole world to read is truly disgusting! They hate and bemoan when some asked them to “go back to your country” and yet have no problem saying the same to others. A friend of my hubby, who does a lot of charity work for the poor in Chow Kit area lamented that now “you need to be of the right skin colour to be a Malaysian” after she was singled out by people who thought she was a foreigner.

    1. Muhyiddin Yassin will be even more ultra looking at the way Cina Johor tolak Ghani Othman. I’m not too worry about him.

      My eyes are fixed on Najib now. Ah Jib Gor must be made away with. When and how, is for us to wait and see. This is interesting time in Malaysia.

      And maybe the Malays will be better off having more ultras walk among them, post keris wielding ultras, that genuinely cares for the Malays and work hard for it. The menang sorak kampung tergadai type are not welcome!

      We must learn from the Chinese ultras. A solid 90% of them!

    2. Dear Melonhead,

      Kalau dia orang pakai otak, dia orang takkan percaya fitnah-fitnah yang ditabur merata tu. Ironically, if Ghani won, he would have a CLEAR path to return to the cabinet and even PM-ship.

      The whole TAHAN incident was not only stupid, but IDIOTIC. Caya la Haris.

  50. Reading through the comments here make me feel so sad. I sense so much racism in here, it’s as if we took a step backwards. What punishing the Chinese for the tsunami, forgetting about the Chinese in the development.

    Why until now do we keep playing the racial card? We are all Malaysians. I love Malaysia as much as all of you do, so why punish and forget about me? Why make me feel like a second-class citizen, when I grew up to the same cartoons, food and culture as everyone else?

    I am grateful to have a safe country to reside in, and I am always promoting Malaysia when I go overseas. What makes me different from you?

    1. Sue,

      Who is exactly being a racist first?

      Why don’t you ask your Chinese friends the same question?

      From all the comments here don’t you see that the Malays were the ones who were all tolerant but got screwed?

      On which part do you feel like a second class citizen or have you also subscribed to the victim propaganda?

      For every action there is a reaction and the Chinese must be prepared to face the backlash of their betrayal.

      As from today, if any Chinese calls me a racist I will be proud to say yes I am and arent you too?

      1. Hi Tron,

        Thanks for your response. I’ve to admit that I do know Chinese people

        who are racist. Especially the people from the older generation are

        sometimes that, and you can’t blame them for growing up in a setting

        that is so based on racial segregation (Chinese schools vs government

        schools; areas predominant in one race than in another).

        But, what is changing is that us younger generation are telling them to

        stop. Whenever they say oh, we Chinese are the ones who brought

        about prosperity for the nation blahblahblah, we tell them no, it’s not

        just one race. To quote a popular status update making its round on


        “If the Chinese did not come to Malaysia, we wouldn’t have had Lee

        Chong Wei. If the Indians did not come to Malaysia, we wouldn’t have

        had Nicol David. If the Malays were not given opportunities, we

        wouldn’t have had prominent figures such as Sudirman and P. Ramlee.

        Same goes to the aborigines and others. Everyone has contributed to

        make Malaysia proud. Remember Malaysians, we are strong when we

        are together.”

        I wasn’t playing the victim card earlier; my apologies for making it

        sound that way. Those were rhetorical questions. I was just reading

        through the comments here as I said, and it pained me to read some

        comments so steeped in racism when what us younger generation are

        trying to do is to abrogate that. Honestly, if these were comments from

        a Chinese forum I would have said the exact same thing. I would have

        said, “Why until now do we keep playing the racial card? Why always

        say that we’re the victims?”

        To make it clear. I do not feel like a second-class citizen. I am every part

        Malaysian as you all are.

        So now, why all this hatred against Chinese now? Why call them

        betrayers? Is it because of the news you read, on how the fall of BN is

        blamed on a Chinese tsunami?

        Then perhaps go on alternative media sources and read other view-points. It’s so important to not base our assumptions on one source coming from one side, but to go seek out others before forming a personal opinion on things. In the end, we may still agree with our original opinion, but at least we are now aware of other sides of the story.

        After reading other views and seeing calculations done by my own (mathematically-inclined) friends, my opinion is that this tsunami is not a Chinese one but a urban one. If you would like to read more I’m glad to provide some starting links here: and

        I understand at first glance, it’s easy to blame the fall on the loss of Chinese votes, just because there are more Chinese in the states that went to PR. But to subtly champion this knee-jerk reaction as a reason to hate the Chinese, nonetheless by a Prime Minister who himself has heralded the 1Malaysia concept, it is most unhealthy.

        Anyhow, I am writing more than I expected to write :) It is rather long! I will stop now and I’ll be happy to hear if you have any opinions on this.

        And also, for the record, if someone calls me a racist, I will definitely not be proud to say I am and will probably blast them off. I’m a Malaysian!

      2. — Sorry for the out-of-format comment just now, admin. —

        Hi Tron,

        Thanks for your response. I’ve to admit that I do know Chinese people who are racist. Especially the people from the older generation are sometimes that, and you can’t blame them for growing up in a setting that is so based on racial segregation (Chinese schools vs government schools; areas predominant in one race than in another).

        But, what is changing is that us younger generation are telling them to stop. Whenever they say oh, we Chinese are the ones who brought about prosperity for the nation blahblahblah, we tell them no, it’s not just one race. To quote a popular status update making its round on Facebook:

        “If the Chinese did not come to Malaysia, we wouldn’t have had Lee Chong Wei. If the Indians did not come to Malaysia, we wouldn’t have had Nicol David. If the Malays were not given opportunities, we wouldn’t have had prominent figures such as Sudirman and P. Ramlee. Same goes to the aborigines and others. Everyone has contributed to make Malaysia proud. Remember Malaysians, we are strong when we are together.”

        I wasn’t playing the victim card earlier; my apologies for making it sound that way. Those were rhetorical questions. I was just reading through the comments here as I said, and it pained me to read some comments so steeped in racism when what us younger generation are trying to do is to abrogate that. Honestly, if these were comments from a Chinese forum I would have said the exact same thing. I would have said, “Why until now do we keep playing the racial card? Why always say that we’re the victims?”

        To make it clear. I do not feel like a second-class citizen. I am every part Malaysian as you all are.

        So now, why all this hatred against Chinese now? Why call them betrayers? Is it because of the news you read, on how the fall of BN is blamed on a Chinese tsunami?

        Then perhaps go on alternative media sources and read other view-points. It’s so important to not base our assumptions on one source coming from one side, but to go seek out others before forming a personal opinion on things. In the end, we may still agree with our original opinion, but at least we are now aware of other sides of the story.

        After reading other views and seeing calculations done by my own (mathematically-inclined) friends, my opinion is that this tsunami is not a Chinese one but a urban one. If you would like to read more I’m glad to provide some starting links here: and

        I understand at first glance, it’s easy to blame the fall on the loss of Chinese votes, just because there are more Chinese in the states that went to PR. But to subtly champion this knee-jerk reaction as a reason to hate the Chinese, nonetheless by a Prime Minister who himself has heralded the 1Malaysia concept, it is most unhealthy.

        Anyhow, I am writing more than I expected to write :) It is rather long! I will stop now and I’ll be happy to hear if you have any opinions on this.

        And also, for the record, if someone calls me a racist, I will definitely not be proud to say I am and will probably blast them off. I’m a Malaysian!

    2. the thing is,..the 1malaysia spirit is no longer viable since the chinese broke the spirit of friendship first..DSNajib offered a lot of goodies and friendship as well and what did he get? only craps coming from the mouths of these ingrates…so be reap what you sow..

    3. Dear Sue,

      Sorry you are sad. The next time your bunch of idiotic friends pass around the Kool-Aid, remember to ask them what is it going to achieve.

      I am Chinese. How is calling it a Chinese tsunami racist or playing the race card? Shall we call it a Chinese wave (Gelombang Cina)? Or shall we call it a Chinese spring? Will it be more palatable? Kalau masalahnya dengan perkataan Cina, panggil Yellow Fever saya pun ok juga.

      Pengundi Cina tolak MCA, syabas. Maka wajarlah Cabinet tak perlu lantik wakil hantu. How is that a punishment? I thought that is a well deserved consequence.

      1. Hi,

        Have a look at my reply to Tron, posted on May 7, 12.34pm. And if then you still like me to address the questions you asked, I’ll do so.


  51. Who’s racist ?

    1) Can a non-Malay join UMNO? – NO
    2) Can a non-Malay join DAP/PKR eaven PAS? – YES

    UMNO – for Malays
    MCA – for Chinese
    MIC – for Indians

    1. You conveniently omitting BN from the equation. Component parties in BN never or rarely contest under its own logo and consistently using BN’s dacing which consistently showing their kongsi spirit – to the extent of giving non Malay to contest in Majority Malay area.

      Opposition coalition has so far contested in the area they are strong with racially, despite the ‘front’ of non-race based secular party, non-race based Islamic party and a non-race based secular liberal democrat party. So even though anyone can enter any party in PR, when contesting, the factor of race still become deciding factor in fielding contestant.

    2. I’m an urban Muslim Malay, staunch BN supporter and fiercely pro Perkasa but I voted for 2 chinese candidates. So you’re calling me a racist?

      Because i refuse and reject the very existence of that ultra racist group DAP, I’m a racist?

      Grow up

    3. BN adalah parti perikatan dimana didalamnya ada UMNO MCA MIC..DAP bukan parti perkauman? habis tu dalam CEC kenapa tidak seorang pun melayu pegang jawatan teratas?? ..lepas tu undian salahkan excel…hhuh..PAS? takde pun orang bukan melayu pegang jawatan penting dalam PAS..BN pulak masih boleh berikan jawatan menteri kepada bukan melayu…so..siapa rasis ni? yang pasti semua kaum rasis kepada bangsanya..mulai GE13..aku kini jadi ultra rasis melayu..thank you DAP for making me one…

  52. 1) Can a non-Malay join UMNO ? – NO
    2) Can anyone join DAP/PKR (even PAS) ? – YES

    1. What do u call a cowboy that lead his herd to an alligator infested water…..??? Helen u also can try to answer maaaa….

      1. the answer to my question is ‘moron’

        just like leaders of political parties that lead its party to participate in a Election which he or they say to be rigged, full of fraud and to quote Ambiga “pru 13 will be the dirtiest of all Election”…. ( all this during the bersih campaign)

        PR should have threaten it with a BOIKOT, unless all their demand are met they will not participate…why not? i would….would nt U…..

        1- Boikot of and election big news for international media…
        2- SPR or Goverment will relent i dont think the want this kind of negative media for the country or themself…
        3- Now the question is WHY it was no done…?? it would have been a huge Public Relations scoop for PR..
        4- Is there any truth to all their allegations…..i wonder or is it just a propoganda machine at work just like now ….

        now if the leaders are moron what are the followers ??

    2. Again, you don’t get it!

      The thing is, UMNO ditubuhkan untuk org melayu. they are not hypocritical about it. They are what they claim they are. They don’t hide it, they don’t pretend to be anything else. But the thing is, UMNO is a part of a multiracial coalition. When i vote, i vote for BN, a multiracial coalition on PAPER and in PRACTICE. That’s why i have voted for people of different races/religion undr ONE banner.

      DAP on the other hand, is a multiracial party ON PAPER and on its inception but became an ultra Chinese party in practice under Kit Siang. Even one of the DAP founding fathers said so. You can market it all you want, but that is the reality of it! Kit siang and Gelang Patah anyone? guan eng? The day they run in a majority Malay constituency is the day i will believe that DAP is a multiracial party. Until then, they are a party that fights for ONLY one race…and now in DAP 3.0, one religion.

      PKR…don’t even go there! It is all about Anwar and his cronies. Those that oppose have no place in PKR. Zaid Ibrahim, anyone? The criteria is anyone who wants Anwar to become PM can join. What sort of a party is that? Multiracial…yes, but only fights for ONE man.

      As for PAS, as long as you believe in their brand of Islam and idolise Nik Aziz as next to God, then you may join. Who wants that?

      The best summary for all the Malaysia political party was given by this CHINESE blogger below:

      “BN has good products but poor packaging. PR has less impressive products but extremely good with packaging and advertising.”

    3. undi hantu go and tell this to LKS, LGE, HY and Zairil


      a) Has more than 400K Christian members of Kadazan Dusun Murut
      b) Ketua UMNO Bahagian Penampang, Datuk John Ambrose is a Christian
      c) Has more than 60K Siamese under their leader Pengerusi Persatuan Siam Malaysia, Charem Intrachat, a Buddhist, an UMNO member, their very first Senator
      d) Indian Muslims members
      e) KIMMA associate member to UMNO
      f) It is an open secret among UMNO members that anak angkat cina adopted by Malay families and given Malay name and customs can be found to be UMNO members and nobody bat an eyelids. Unlike DAP, UMNO don’t cash in on this the way LGE did on roping in Zairil

      undi hantu thank you for asking

      1. re: Umno’s 60,000 ethnic Siamese members

        That’s more than the total number of MCA members who voted BN

    4. 1) ‘Can a non-Malay join UMNO? – NO’ ‘undi hantu’, for your info there are thousands of Malaysian Siamese who are UMNO members or supporters, in Kedah and Perlis especially, but also Kelantan and Perak. They are Buddhist, not Muslims. I believe many native pribumi East Malaysians also do join.

  53. As for now the parliment seat:-
    PAS-21/73 PKR-30/99 dap-38/51 = 89

    hypothetically if pru 13 scenario like this:-
    PAS-32/73 PKR-33/99 dap-47/51 = 112

    Will Chinese voters (PR) still want malay to be PM?
    Will PR malay ok with it?

    1. PAS’s win of 21 seats out of the 73 that it contested gives the party as success rate of 29%.

      PKR’s win of 30 seats out of the 99 that it contested gives the party as success rate of 30%.

      DAP’s win of 38 seats out of the 51 that it contested gives the party as success rate of 75%.

      When the three of them get together, we can guess which one is the most domineering.

      1. Perak – In Election 2008, DAP won all 18 seats it contested. PKR took seven while PAS won six. Guess who was made the MB ?

        Helen, instead of harping on other party’s business why don’t you share your thoughts on (your own) MCA crisis ? Thank you.

        1. Kalau tak tahu Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri Perak, tapi nak bertanding and calling yourself a true blue Malaysian, then susah, very big time susah. This will only breed the myopic, selfish and arrogant being like undi hantu and gangs!

        2. You must be new. Afaik Helen has been predicting MCA and Gerakan demise long before GE13, complete with the list of enablers.

        3. Guess who made a big fuss even when it was shown that Malay MB is required under state constitution?

        4. Undi hantu,
          DAP Chinese tak leh because of state const. PKR…heh time calon serkap jarang je…..tak da quality punya adun….Nizar an engineer was the better one of the lot….kalau tak silap saya la….but u can google it up….

      2. It is interesting to see Chinese and malay feedback from pakatoon. Will bintang tiga willingly give PM spot to AI/HA while they’re the dominion factor? I’m preety sure Karpal, lks and lge would be tempted. It just prove the theory bintang tiga also can be PM..

        1. It is all for a show, of course AI is still leading the PR. It is not time yet, they (LKS, LGE and KS) are aiming for the real McCoy. Unlike sell out AI, who is grabbing to whatever shit thrown at him. Despicable!

          Constitutionally speaking anyone can become a Prime Minister, am I wrong here?

  54. Tahniah BN/UMNO. Btw i think Zack is not a Melayu, rather a worried Chinese:-)

    1. Spot on lebihcinadaricina, I thought so too. The BM is quite good though, but still very detectable to native speakers.

      But good try zack!

  55. Also, Barisan Nasional retains power with only 46.5% of the popular vote with 133 parliamentary seats, while the Opposition garnered 50.3% but only managed 89 parliamentary seats.

    What logic is this? The majority have lost? Only in Malaysia lah.

    BN actually lost la but in the “spirit of democracy” they are declared winner due to “gerrymandering” albeit further allegations of phantom votings, money politics, additional ballots etc.

    The world is watching.

    1. Yeah only in Malaysia we have idiots like you, only in Malaysia!
      Go and read la about our electoral system, bangang!!!

    2. can i entertain your logic in a simpler way..? say you win a badminton game..21-19,5-21,21-10…who do you think won the game? even if we total the popular votes of the PR..that will not do..our electoral votes doesn’t work that way…as for your allegation about the phantom voters..additional any proofs? if not..go whine till you go crazy in tanjong rambutan muahahaha

  56. In Raub a Malay Dap candidate won against chinese BN candidate.

    what u make of that?

  57. This Anwar really sore loser. DAPsters pun terima and the PASsters too. So Anwar wanna buat protest at Stadium Kelana Jehovah. Donno Jehovah wanna help or not? Ask the temple. It worked for Ugly Bald Betty.

  58. The way I (and even my Chink wife) see it, the Chinese have exploited BN’s neoliberal rule for all it’s worth for the last 56 years and have now dropped BN like a sucked orange simply because they want more and BN will not give them the dominance they dream about. Their inherent greed is unremitting. Reconciliation would be a wasteful exercise in stupidity. BN should be as pragmatic as the pro-PR Chinese and try to woo PAS instead to reinvent itself as a Malay-Muslim-moderate Chinese-Indian based coalition. They’d be virtually indestructible. Of course, they’d have to dispense with the Islamic state/hudud crap if they want minority participation. I’d like to see the look on the faces of those pro-PR, Jerusubang-IslandGladeite, Tokong worshiping, Malay/Islam-Indian bashing sonsabitches then. So would my wife.

  59. Dear Helen,




    BN MUSLIM MEMBERS >>>>>>>> = 112

    PR MUSLIM MEMBERS >>>>>>>> = 37

    TOTAL MUSLIM MEMBERS >>>>> = 149

    2/3rd MAJORITY>>>>>>>>>>>>>> = 148

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